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The last Tuesday we watch a movie called The Emperors club is a movie about a teacher that is really passionate

about his work, hes a teacher of history class. This movie is about a teacher dealing with a rebellious student. I think that the student is rebellious because his father didnt care about him and that he (the student) knew that it was because his father influence that he pass at school, so he didnt really need to study. Thats why the teacher tries to motivate him. He almost did it, but maybe because the student wanted to win he cheated on her competition, so in reality he didnt change. I think that the most important thing that we can learn about this movie is that some people dont change easily; people change only if they want to change. I learn that some people just want to win at all cost, probably to their fears, they dont want to lose, but in fact, cheat is to trick yourself, because youre not confident about your capacity.