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Project Profile

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Published by: coldplay_132 on Apr 04, 2009
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Project Profile

Rag Festival of Aurittro ‘04

Presented to:


To …………………………… …………………………… ……………………………

Subject: Sponsorship for Rag Festival of Batch '04, BUET Dear Sir, As a well-known name in business scenario your company has always kept its tie with various social activities. It is your reputation to participate any such event that has inspired Aurittro ‘04 to invite your attention. We the student of Batch '04 of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) are going to arrange our Rag festival in our campus premises. And we are going to make it diversified by different ceremonial activities in our premises brief of which are attached with this proposal. As a part of the extravaganza a grand program is going to be arranged in our premises. Batch '04 cordially hopes that for upholding such a colorful and gorgeous event your organization will come forward to sponsor this Grand Event. Your kind participation and sponsor will help us to make this program a huge success and at the same time will be great marketing campaign on your company’s behalf.

Sincerely yours, …………………… On behalf of Aurittro’04 BUET Dhaka-1000



BUET, the full name is Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It is the dream place of all the most meritorious student of the country. Though an extremely competitive examination the students get the chance to be admitted here. As a consequence the university provides the adroit people in engineering and technological arena in the country as well as the throughout the world.

Rag Festival


Rag Festival is a gorgeous festival that has been traditionally arranged by an individual batch. It is a colorful way to celebrate their mostly desired moment in this institution. This year, it is the turn for the students of Batch′ 04 to arrange the Rag Festival.




What makes us unique? That’s one question we often hear. While it’s rude to answer questions with questions, we generally question back: “What doesn’t?” With around 800 students from every departments of BUET, we have variety among us. And we have unity among us. We are every side of the coin - and there’s no flip side. Fraternity, unity and compassion bind us together. We’re going to organize our Rag Festival. With the unprecedented precedents we have set so far, this is going to be one show worth remembering!. We are determined to make it joyful and zealous by different activities in our campus premises such as distributing T-shirt, rally, games, lunch, get together, film festivals, cultural evening, dinner, concerts etc.



We have planned the three days of program with all the colors that we can dream of (But being practical, not a day dream!!!). Day wise schedule of the events are given below:
DAY- 1 Morning Hours Evening Hours DAY- 2 Morning Hours Evening Hours DAY-3 Morning Hours Evening Hours T-shirt (1) Distribution, Colorful Rally. T-shirt (2), Cultural Program, Dinner. T-shirt(3) Distribution, Sports Concert, Dinner. T-shirt(4) Distribution, Film show. Graduation Party.

Besides, the campus will be illuminated with lights of majestic colors every night throughout the festival. Place : BUET CAMPUS. Our proposed date: 24th 25th & 26th June, 2009.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR_______________________________
In a single word, what we are looking is your kind and valuable support. You could sponsor us on:
1. The entire three days program

2. Specific day activities (that have mentioned in details later) 3. Sponsor to the “title” of the entire festival(60% of the total cost) If you choose the second option, we have to look for some co-sponsors for the rest of the days and incase of the pick of the third option, we also have to look for co-sponsors though the “RAG FESTIVAL” title will go to you or your brand.

Day wise we can provide your brand at the followings:
Day Day-1 Day-2 Day-3 Events T-shirt Distribution, Colorful Rally. Cultural Program, Film show, Dinner Sports, Concert, Dinner. T-shirt Distribution, Film Show, Graduation Party. Area of branding


Banners, T-shirts, Caps, Side drop in the stage, Stage background, Rally banner, festoons. Banners, T-shirts, Caps, Prizes, Side drop in the stage, Stage background, Festoons. T-shirts, Sounds, Banner , Side drop in the stage, Stage background, Festoons.

IN ADDITION (Business Appreciation)___________________________

• We can provide you with attractive places where you can show and sell your • • Hyperlink to our Website.(www.batch04.com) • You can present any of your brand personalities at our stage program.
products. We can name the total event on your brand.


COLORFUL RALLY__________________________________________
The rally is one of the most striking events of the festival. The students launch a rally for expressing themselves as a definite "can do" and united batch. We roam, Hap, trot around the whole campus and make ourselves a show off batch with various types of songs, dances and typical jargons.
Details Banner, Festoon, Cap, Drums and other musical instruments. Total BDT




You are invited to sponsor T-shirts which we have decided to consider as a part of our level completion program. You can also provide the money required as an alternative. The proposed financial plan is given here:
Item Description 1.High collar, 4color, half sleeve 2. Round collar, 4color, half sleeve Volume 800 800 Cost 80/65/Total Cost 72,000/52,000/-

CULTURAL PROGRAM______________________________________
In the evening session, the students will perform a gorgeous cultural program. We will perform in various sections of this program. There will be dances, music, classics, fun, comedy show, short party, different types of songs, game show and so on, all performed by the local students. The proposed financial plan is given here:
Serial No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Details Stage Decoration Sound System & Lighting Projector Musicians Costumes Total= Cost 12,000/18,000/5,000/10,000/5,000/50,000/-

FILM FESTIVAL____________________________________________
We have decided to arrange a festival. We are warmly inviting you to sponsor the Rag Festival Film Show. The proposed financial plan is given here:
Serial No. 1. 2. 3. Total Item Projector with screen Sound System Poster & Festoons Cost 7,000/4,000/1,000/12,000/-

There will be some interesting sports (Cricket & Football) and game items (Indoor games) . The funny contents will enliven the joy for the students. Besides, some friendly matches will be held.
Serial No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Details Equipment Jersey(16 Teams 11 players each) Winning and Runner Up Prizes Medal For Each Player Banner and Festoons Total= Cost 10,000/35,200/(176*200)


GRADUATION PARTY:____________________________________
We have decided to arrange a Graduation Party. We are warmly inviting you to sponsor the Party. The proposed financial plan is given here:
Serial No. 1. 2. 3. Total Item Projector with screen Sound System with Djs Poster & Festoons Cost 7,000/25,000/2,000/34,000/-

MEGA CONCERT____________________________________________
Concert is the event that creates the outmost craze among the young generation. It is also true for the students of the hall. So we are warmly inviting you to sponsor the level completion “Mega Concert”. The proposed financial plan is given here:
Details Sound System, Stage, Lighting, Decoration & other expenses. Total= Cost 2,50,000/2,50,000/-

Proposed Bands:
1. Nagar Baul 2. Aurthohin 3. Artcell 4. Warfaze 5. Black 6. Sironamheen 7. Arbovirus 8. Power Serge 9. Yaatri 10. Mila

Remuneration of the bands: (in BDT)
1. Nagar Baul 2. Aurthohin 3. Artcell 4. Warfaze 5. Black 6. Sironamheen 7. Arbovirus 8. Power Serge 9. Yaatri 10. Mila Total Venue Date Program opening Duration – 2,80,000/– 80.000/--60,000/--80,000/--40,000/--30,000/--15,000/--15,000/--15,000/: 8,65,000 /: BUET Playground : 25th June’2009 : 4.p.m. : 6 hours


Details Grand Rally T-Shirts Cultural Program Film Festival Sports Graduation Party Concert Others

Cost 15,000/2,48,000/50,000/12,000/80,200/34,000/8,65,000/5,000/-

Grand Total


NOTE: The company or organization will get the following promotional privileges: 1. The company or organization will get the promotional facilities mentioned in the project profile of all types of partial sponsorship. 2. The company or organization will be permitted to set a booth of its own at a suitable place in campus for 5 days. 3. The company or organization will be permitted to hang their banner from gate to program place with lightings. 4. The company or organization will be given a floor for speech of 5 minutes at the pick time of the program. 5. The advertisement of the company or organization will be played in every break of the program in the projector.

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