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Screenwriting Syllabus

Screenwriting Syllabus

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Syllabus MEDA – 312 Screenwriting

Fridays: 2:15to 4:35PM Instructor: Erik Fauske Office Hours: by appointment Contact: 503- 701-3084 (cell) Campus Email: erikfauske@pacificu.edu Personal Email: erikfauske@hotmail.com Website: www.erikfauske.com Required Textbooks: “The Writer’s Journey – Mythic Structure For Writers” (3rd Ed. 2007) Author: Christopher Vogler ISBN: 978-1-932907-36-0 (available at Pacific bookstore) “On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director” Author: Alexander Mackendrick - Faber & Faber - 1st Ed 2005 ISBN-10: 0571211258 (available at Pacific bookstore and Library) Course Description: This course is an introduction to the art and craft of screenwriting, focusing on the dominant screenplay format of the motion picture industry. Students explore styles, formatting, development of character, arcs and relationships through the creation of a 15 to 20 - page screenplay. Lectures, film screenings, textbook readings, as well as an on-line component for written assignments are geared toward exploring the principles of dramatic writing for the screen. Storytelling for the screen begins here. Outcomes/ Objectives: This course will give the students the opportunity to do the following: - Story development and the principles of classic mythic story structure - Character development - Create Beat sheets and Screenplay prep: Treatment, Outlines, Exercises - Professional Screenwriting formatting and templates - Critical analysis of film structure and screenwriting using the principles of the Hero’s Journey The Work: - On-line Written Assignments - Film Breakdowns - Comprehension Exam - Script: First Draft - Script: Critiques - Script: Final Draft - Textbook Readings

Grade Breakdown: Final Script Draft Script Draft Script Critique Written Assignments Comprehension Exam Film Breakdowns Attendance/ Participation The Work The Script: The completion of a 15 to 20 page Script will be the final goal! The script will be crafted throughout the entire term going through the many stages of development including concept, characters, outlines, loglines, Beat sheets, scenes, genre, plot, conflict development, dialogue, subtext, and format. Students will submit a first draft and a final re-write. Scripts are to be professionally formatted. On Line Written Assignments: Blackboard: http://blackboard.pacificu.edu We will be using Pacific’s on line system to turn in written assignments and participate in critiques. Use your pacific student id and “log in password” to sign in. Students will be required to post their assignments as well as post a response on other student’s work. Due dates for written material and homework will be the day before class. Screenwriting is a writer’s craft that needs development. Each and every week a written assignment will be due. The written assignments will be part of your development of your Final Script. Meeting deadlines is absolutely crucial for a successful grade. During the submission of First Draft Scripts, students are required to critique their fellow students work. Screenings: We will be viewing a variety of films, and breaking down the structure of these stories. Students will be required to “Spine” the films as well as map the Hero’s journey. Submissions will be turned in via Blackboard. Comprehension Exam/ Textbook Readings/ Class Handouts: The class textbooks are an invaluable resource for storytelling principles. Students are expected to keep up with the reading and use the textbook as a guide in developing their screenplays. Handouts concerning the lesson plans will be available via Blackboard. The exam will be from the textbook readings and lesson plan outlines. 25% 15% 5% 20% 15% 10% 10%

Attendance/ Participation: Attendance is extremely important. For the first unexcused absence you will lose 3 points from your total grade. For any additional absences you will lose 5 points off your total grade per absence. Call or email ahead of time if you anticipate an absence. I expect students to be vocally and mentally engaged in class. As a group we will review and critique screenplays. I expect thoughtful and professional feedback from students. Software: Final Draft 7 software is HIGHLY encouraged for this class. Academic versions are available through www.academicsuperstore.com . The Media Lab in Walter Hall will have 5 stations loaded with the software. This is the software we will use for formatting and review in class. Students can also utilize Microsoft word. Handouts will be distributed for working with that software. http://celtx.com/ Celtx is an acceptable program for submission, however we will not review this software in class. Notes: Media Lab: Students who need access to the media lab after hours will need to contact Campus Public Safety – 503-352-2230 Academic Misconduct Statement: Pacific University has no tolerance for academic misconduct. It is university policy that all acts of misconduct be reported to the Dean’s Office. Sanctions that may be imposed for such misconduct range from an “F” for the assignment, an “F” for the course, and suspension or dismissal from the university. Forms of academic misconduct include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, tampering with grades, forging signatures, and using electronic information resources in violation of acceptable use policies. Statement of Disability: Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Edna K. Gehring, Director of Learning Support Services for Students with Disabilities, at ext. 2107 or gehringe@pacificu.edu. She will meet with such students, review the documentation of their disabilities, and discuss the services Pacific offers and any required ADA accommodations for specific courses.

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