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Tarot, Handbook for the Journeyman Eileen Connolly

Tarot, Handbook for the Journeyman Eileen Connolly


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The second book in Connolly's series. This book covers complex topics not seen in other Tarot books. The spread Rahdue's Wheel is discussed at length.
The second book in Connolly's series. This book covers complex topics not seen in other Tarot books. The spread Rahdue's Wheel is discussed at length.

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Published by: jwcrawley on May 04, 2013
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Copyright @ 7987 by Eileen Connolly All rights reserved. in care of the publisher. October1987 10 9 87 6 Printedin the United States of America . who may quote brief passages in connection with a review. provided written permission is granted by the author. Smith No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of the publisher. except by a reviewer. study and teaching by the author. FIRST EDITION A NEWCASTLE BOOK First printing. The interpretations of the Tarot presentedin this volume have been developed over many years of research. The term and concept." is solely proprietary with the author and appears in this book for the first time anywhere. ISBN 0-87877-124-7 Illustrated by Peter Paul Connolly Edited by Douglas Menville Cover/Book Design by Riley K. "Connolly Conjunctions. All letters of inquiry should be addressedto the author. The material in this book may be used for class teaching. EileenConnolly.

Also. which I intend to presentin the next volume in this series. . I would like to express my respect and appreciationto Doug Menville. my youngestson. a musicianand a talentedman. who has traveledfar with me and has been a sourceof true inspirationon the Royal Road of Tarot. He and I are currently collaboratingon The Connolly Tarot Deck. an artist.ACKNOIA/I. my editor.EDGMENTS I appreciate the patienceand contributionsof PeterPaul Connolly.Tarot: The Handbookfor the Master.

.With love to my Grandchildren All the world and back again Micaela Oliver Alexander Gabriel Neil Emily and so on.

167 17'1. 7L 99 117 ..CONTENTS List of Charts List of Exercises Preface Introduction SECTIONI ChapterL Beginning the Journeyman Path Chapter2 LevelChanges SECTION II Chapter 3 Connolly Conjunctions Chapter 4 Working with Crystals Chapter 5 Preparation for Reading viii ix xi xiii 3 15 35 53 6! SECTIONIII Chapter6 Tarot Spreads: Extensions of the CelticCross and Block (ll): Time Spreads Chapter7 Tarot Spreads (III): Esoteric .. Chapter8 Tarot Spreads Spreads SECTIONIV Chapter9 Choiceand Change. 175 1-79 789 .. Chapter13 End and Beginning. .. Chapter 10 A Spiritual Oasis Chapter 11 The SandalphonSpread Chapter12 The Journeyman's Initiation .

..52 153 754 156 1. Ojas Key Spread Triadic Celtic Spread Akashic Reference Celtic Clock EsotericCalendar: Part One Esoteric Calendar: Part Two Esoteric Calendar: Part Three EsotericCalendar: Part Four Aura Spread Karmic Path Rahdue'sWheel: Inner Wheel Rahdue'sWheel: Center Wheel Rahdue'sWheel: Outer Wheel Rahdue'sWheel: Dagim Block Rahdue'sWheel: Pillar of Taleh Rahdue'sWheel: Pillar of Shor Rahdue'sWheel: Malkuth Block Rahdue'sWheel: Complete Victorian Fan vlu 54 59 60 74 77 92 102 I09 111 I72 113 118 127 I32 133 734 I49 'J.59 . .. . ..LIST OF CHARTS Chart 1 Chart 2 Chart 3 Chart 4 Chart 5 Chart 6 Chart 7 Chart 8 Chart 9 Chart 10 Chart 11 Chart 12 Chart 13 Chart 14 Chart 15 Chart 16 Chart 77 Chart 18 Chart 19 Chart 20 Chart 21 Chart 22 Clear Quartz Crystal Study with the Crystal Divination with the Crystal: Journeyman andClient.

LIST OF EXERCISES Exercise1 Exercise2 Level of Tranquility . The Journeyman'sOasis: Meditation 7 \72 tx .

you are ready for the next stageof your questfor knowledge-as a journeyman. as well as a vital continuity of comprehension. Therefore. I recalled my early years of Tarot study. I will be making references to my first book throughout. It will provide you with a knowledge of your basic tools for this study. This includes the individual card interpretations for the Major and Minor Arcana. this feeling of anticipation was seldomjustified.Tarot: A Neu Handbook for the Apprenfice. quoting chapter and page numbers. to avoid doing that here. In planning the Journeyman'spath. I found that usually too much of the first study overlapped the second-l was spendingtoo much time rereading things I already knew.PREFACE Beforeyou can proceedwith the study of Tarot at the Journeyman level. you will need to refer to the first book in this series. you must have the basicknowledge of the Apprentice. xl . That book has much basicand essential knowledge which must be absorbedby the student before venturing upon the Journeyman path. As we continue down the path of the Journeymannow. to facilitate a continuing in-depth study. which is still available from the publisher of the presentvolume. How anxiousI was to continue where we had left off! But unfortunately. I rememberedhow thrilled and excitedI becamewhen one of my favorite authors brought out a new book. Once you have mastered the basicsof the Apprentice level.

so that the Journeyman Handbook becomesnot only a source of learning but a friend you can relate to on a very personal level. When he has done so. The next volume in this serieswill be for the Tarot Master. students and readers all over the world who have found my first book useful.L986 xllt . I hope you will find the present volume equally helpful in your study of Tarot. Upon reaching a certain level of competence. Once the Journeymanbeginsto work and practice his skill. He has servedhis apprenticeshipand is now qualified to work at his skill or trade. It is during this period of persistence of study that the Journeyman begins to experiencethe desire to perfect his skill.INTRODUCTION Our work now begins at the Journeyman level. An Apprentice is a beginner. I would like to express my sincereappreciationto teachers. he will have earnedthe title of Master. someone who is prepared to learn a skill or craft. EileenConnolly California. he then and application developshis craft.the Apprentice becomesa Journeyman.I would like you to feel that once again I am teachingyou personally. so that you will be ready to go on to the higheststage. You will learn to coordinate your studiesbetween the Apprentice and Journeyman levels in this volume.


. MIND BOXES To facilitateyour understanding of this process. if you have never worked with the cards before and have no consciousknowledge of esotericsymbolism.etc. information is immediately recordedin a higher level of your mind called the superconscious. Sometimes it may be difficult to retrievea past name.you must realizethat each time you use the Tarot cards. This is done without your realizingit. let's imagine that our minds are composedof three levels. you activate a mental probe from your consciousmind (Box 1) which directs energy through various activity patterns stored in the brain until it finds the right memory. event. stackedon top of one another: Boxl Consciouslevel Subconscious Level SuperconsciousLevel Box2 Box 3 - When you need certain information.or boxes.CHAPTER 1 PATH BEGINNINGTHE JOURNEYMAN As a Tarot Journeyman. But with awareness comesthe realization that the way to learn the esotericlanguageof symbology is through the superconscious mind and not the conscious.or rational mind. when .

It is not an intellectualundertaking: the brightest studentwith the highestIQ can often fail to master the languageof Tarot. said that the secretof life itself is containedwithin this higher level of Memories of past lives are stored here also. the symbols. it will continue its probe until it locatesit. This explainswhy many people are not particularly successful with Tarot or any other esotericstudy.stored on a higher level. its reactionto the symbols is quite different. cious (Box 2) then beginsto transmit interpretationsof the symbols to the consciouslevel (Box 1). AND THE SUPERCONSCIOUS THE CONSCIOUS is often neglected. but it may appear so to the conscious. consciousness. The hidden mystical information is immediately interpreted and recordedfor future reference.But it is not really equippedto do so. and consequently. it is usedto judging and reasoning according to the logic of its everyday understanding. It has been The third box. the superconscious. just as a computer storesdata in its memory banks. because normal learning patterns are not applicable. This esoteric information is not necessarily more complex.4 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JoURNEYMAN you want it. however.The superconscious. When the Tarot cards are first handled. A baby storesinfor- . This is probably becausethe consciousmind is trying to analyzethe esotericdata containedwithin the images. has no suchrestrictions. both seen and unseen. THE KEYTO THE SUPERCONSCIOUS What preventsyou from having direct access to your superconscious mind and recognizingthe unseenimmediately?The answer is Box 2-the subconscious mind.contained The subconswithin the cardsare first absorbedinto the superconscious. but if Box 1 knows that the information is stored somewhere in the brain's memory banks.The seriousstudent must acceptthe fact that esoterics require a reversalof the acceptedmethods of study. With the Tarot. It is the need to knout that determinesthe speedof recall. This level acts as a buffer betweenthe two planesof reality-conscious and superconscious.rational mind. looking at the pictures can be quite overwhelming.

It must be satisfiedthat 1. Mere basicintellectualcuriosity is not enough! There must be balance in Box 1 plus a sincereneed for higher learning before admittance to Box 3 can be gained. you must begin in earnestto clear out superfluousand negativedata stored in your subconscious. We call this memory. The subconscious level (Box 2) is capableof storing the information for recall. You must first have the conscious (Box desire 1) to reach the higher level. But once this is accomplished. you must learn to erasenegativememory patterns. even though it is different from what you are accustomedto. Box2 will not release this key unlessit receivesthe correct message from the consciousmind. The key to unlocking the treasuresof the superconscious is found inside Box 2.habits and fears. This can be considereda natural safety factor. the subconscious mind.This is done . Beforethe superconscious will release its data. the superconscious (Box 3) will not release the information it has stored.The subconscious releases the information to the consciousmind later. This desirewill activate energies in Box 2. 2. it must have two piecesof information. you cannot reach your superconsciousmind directly. then.you will come to realize that if (Box 2) is storing unnecessary your subconscious information or thought patterns that are not conducive to higher energies. and it is from Box 2 that you can reach Box 3. you have to relax and accept the initial learningprogram.BEGINNING THE JOURNEYMAN PATH 5 mation in its subconscious mind because it cannot deal with the data receivedby the consciousmind. Unfortunately. This level has yet to be developedto a useful stage. when it can be understoodand utilized by the growing child.To gain access to Box 3. The consciouslevel (Box 1) is able to cope with and assimilate the desired knowledge. To achievethis. You cannot go from Box L to Box 3 without going through Box 2.you will experience delight and satisfactionin discoveringhow easy it is to utilize your higher mind when the correct procedure is followed. DEALING WITH THE SUBCONSCIOUS As you progressin your studies. Like a child on his first day of school.

There is a simple remedy for the problem.This is the idealtime to erase vivid on the conscious become negativityand get rid of it onceand for all. Depression triesto rid itself Box2 patterns. but too often we forceit we cannotor will not faceit. conscious FOROVERLOAD THE REMEDY You don't have to continue to be trapped in this unpleasantcycle. as the subconscious relivingnegative into the conscious up negative material of the overloadby bringingthe mind.6 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN known to desires in a conscious manner. Many peoplerefuseto dealwith the realitiesof life and their reacan be sonsfor storingso much negativedata. selectively and stores and unwanted. reject themand shovethembackup into your 2. causingfurther pain and distress. is like a taperecorder.so that Box L can makethese Box 2. it will only continueto mind. Complete the following exer- .When Box 2 in our subconscious minds that is useless negativeberetention.It recordseverythingnonThe subconscious All of us havemuchstored it asmemorypatterns. because back down into the subconscious is futile and canhavesevere Forcing backpainful memorypatterns If you refuse to let go and attemptto returnthem to Box repercussions. this creates overloaded with negative becomes level which affect our attitude and havior patternson the conscious and illnessare often the resultsof daily approachto life. A sure sign of a Box 2 overload is when the memory patterns this level. Someof thesereasons Pastrelationships Failures Hurts Childhood problems Disappointments Careersetbacks Financialcrises Traumas.

the superconscious for information stored there. Continue to breathe deeply. lungs. Be content to experience the exercise. 2 . recite the following prayer: I give my mind and body-past.knowing that in doing so this remedy is allowing you to release all obstacles between you and your personalhappiness. Amen. but imagine that you are now breathing through your feet.to the perfect love of God. When you feel totally relaxed and at peace. As you releaseyour breath. Make sure your clothing is loose and unrestricting.May all those yet to come be blessed. After you have cleared away the negative memory patterns in your you'll be able to use it to access subconscious. 3 . The obiect of the exerciseis to rid yourself of unwanted and unpleasant memory patterns and to prepare yourself for your journey to the higher consciousness.BEGINNING THE JOURNEYMAN PATH 7 cise at least once a day until you arrive at the level of tranquility you desire. Breathe deeply. slowly touching all the vital organs: heart. 7 . presentand future. ankles and calves. Start at your toesand consciously work upward through the legs. 5 . Unplug the telephone and lock the door to ensure that you are not disturbed. feel all negativity flowing away from you. Do not concentrateon any particular thought or memory. 4 . Beginby relaxing your body. Feelthe vital energy circulate and rise up throughout your body. Exercise L: Levelof Tranquility 1. . As the energy rises through your body. You may enjoy lighting a candle to help createa mood of tranquility. allow it to penetrate the abdomen. neck and head. 6 . May all those who have crossedmy lifepath be blessed. Feel the relaxing energy flow through your feet. Allow yourself a minimum of L5 minutes to be alone and practice this remedy. I am The I am.

we smile and say it's exactly how speakinggibberish. situations and personsinvolved. It is thereit feels.Such a reading can be quite accurateand informative as to time. This information should be masteredat the Apprentice level and will give you a solid base for the readingsyou perform. it is expressing exceptthe baby's mother. your client is not always going to be your mother! As with any language. to the baby. Without a thorough grounding in fundamentals. allowing it superconscious.disapproval. The Keywords of the cards are part of the learning processand are intended to trigger the energy that penetratesthe subconsciousand finds its true source of reference in the superconscious. interest. When you are able to read the cards fluently.you cannot go into fine detail in a reading. then. In the language of Tarot you should feel free to use your own methods of interpretation.personal expressionis important' We all love. This. have our own individual ways of expressing etc. to add depth and guidance. Once you as Apprentice have the stored knowledge of the Tarot and have becomeused to accessing you can extract all kinds of facts from it. so that what you offer your clients is not gibberish.only no one understands fore imperative that you learn the basic languageof Tarot well. but this interpretation must come from a solid foundation of prior knowledge and experience. For example. KEYWORDS DO NOT A READING MAKE. When ababy makesits first attempt to talk. After all.8 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN OF TAROT THE BASICLANGUAGE Difficulties arisewhen the student becomestoo eagerto begin reading the cards and cannot be bothered to learn the basic languageof Tarot. and there is a tendency to try to "fill in the gaps" with material from the conscious mind. which can make the reading questionable. but the Journeyman must go beyond this point to learn the association of symbolin Chapter 3) and to Conjunctions (to be discussed ogy with reference the preciseyet spontaneous ability to selectspreadsaccordingly. so that you may freely access subconscious and apply its information to your readings. you will not feel any within the concern over or have difficulty understanding the message of basic language the mastered spread.However. is the initial task of the Journeyman:to clear out your the superconscious mind.Keywords are intended to assistyou in analyzing and connectingthe Tarot cards. You will graduate from .

especiallyof a negativenature. I (the Apprentice Handbook). "How to Read the Cards. it might be well for you to review the material in Chapter L0 of the ApprenticeHandbook. Remember that when you consult the Tarot you are requestinginformation and guidancefrom a higher level. Don't feel as if you've failed the client if you receiveinformation that doesnot appearrelevant to his question. it is a good idea to bathe prior to a consultation. Lighting a candlecan also help to maintain the atmosphereat a calm. it is necessary for you to eliminate any negativity you may be experiencingbefore the reading begins. I would suggestthat you meditate as well. After you have completed the preliminary proceduresand selected the type of spreadthat seems best for the situation.Give your client time to wind down from the busy outsideworld. means "Vol. Your function is merely that of a channel to bring this material to consciousness. How often has this happenedto you? You must be careful to eliminate any selfinvolved attitudes or opinions. if time permits.This being so. At this point. if possible. positive level. according to the cards that are turned up. The atmosphereyou preparewill act as an amplifier on the spiritual level." for example.BEGINNING THE JOURNEYMAN PATH 9 Apprentice to Journeyman by improving your skills and learning to practice all aspectsof Tarot with depth and accurracy. you must interpret the messagecarefully and accurately." and in Chapter 11. Chapter 5."* When your client arrives. pages 24 and 25.thereforewe eachemit a particular vibratory frequency." . and then to interpret whatever you receive. To remove negativevibrations. You may find that *From now on. Having receiveda particular question from your client does not necessarily mean that you will receivethe desiredanswer. it will be as follows: "l/5/24-25. whenever I refer to material in the Apprentice book. ask him to relax for a few minutes in a separateroom. This will help you to touch in upon the client's real need and separate it from other distracting (and often negative)vibrations. THE JOURNEYMAN'S PREPARATION FORA READING We are all human beings. "Stepsto Divination. suggest that he focus on the intendedquestion while relaxing.

you must select .readings that drag on and on without any focal point tend to becomeboring and useless. Never be tempted to commencea reading if you do not have sufficient time to reach a satisfactoryconclusion.Continue your readingwith confidence.Be preparedto work within a certain time span. This is acceptableonly when you are seekingesoteric guidancein an in-depth reading using the Major Arcana deck. thus doing your best for your client. Many studentslike to associate themselves with a card from the Major Arcana. it is essential that you be able to recognizethe client within the spread.too much meansit will be overdone. see:I/3/29-37. etc. then you becomethe client. When baking a cake.Not until you becomea gourmet cook will you be able to just throw anything together and come up with somethingfantastic! So to becomea proficient Journeymanreader. Always maintain a professional attitude: preparefor eachreading and concentrateon your client'sneed. not only must you have the correct ingredientsin the correct amount. If you do things the right way.10 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE toURNEyMAN the reading will touch upon matters important to him that have nothing to do with the current questionasked. but how they are mixed together is very important. work. Equally important is the baking time: too little meansthe cake will be underdone. The client may becomeimpatient and lose concentration. Likewise. the right things will happen.) Card that best represents If your question involves other people in your life. RECOCNIZINGTHE CLIENTIN THE SPREAD Before the cards are arrangedinto any spread. you must selecta Court Card to representyourself. (Mundane readingsare for questionsdealingwith your everyday life. If you are reading for yourself. For mundane readingsusing the full Tarot deck. For details of how to selectthe Court you.The client is the person who is seekingthe wisdom of the Tarot. and inevitably you will lose track of the original questionand purpose of the reading.knowing that whatever the cardsrevealwill be a complete and satisfactoryanswer for the real needsof your client. you must stick to certain basic rules and requirementswhich are essentialin ensuring the resultsvou wish to achieve.

Using thesecards will greatly increaseyour skill as a Journeyman. As the client describes the personalities and physical qualitiesof the people involved.and your interpretationswill be guided by their actual placementin the spread.Keep in mind that it is not possibleto decipherall the relationships your client may considerimportant. Her brother is an established .let's say that your question specificallyinvolves 1. you can come to grips with who and what the questionis really about. Therefore. As an example. Your mother. but this time for someoneelseas client. VERIFICATION CARDS After you have selected appropriate cards for your client and those question. Before you begin the reading. The card you chooseto representyourself should be included in the deck and shuffledin the normal way along with all the other cards. For example. they are called VERIFICATION CARDS. you will be able to mentally determinethe appropriate Court Cards for each of them. decide which three Court Cards best representthesethree people. Let's supposeshe is a young woman whose problem concernsa small family business which professional her mother startedlast year. Yourself 2. The sameprocedureapplieswhen you are working with another person. And the inclusion of Court Cards to representothers involved in the question will add still more precision and clarity. involved in his wheneverthesecards turn up in the reading. it is essential to talk to him about theserelationships before the reading. let's use the same three family relationshipsas before. then when thesecards turn up in the reading. By doing this. Your brother 3. you will understandwho is who and how they relate in the given situation.BEGINNING THE IOURNEYMAN PATH 11 Court Cards to represent them as well. yourself in the reading will add balanceand accuracyto Representing your work and will help immenselyin clarifying the final conclusion.

A senseof indecisioncould either solidify or nullify the influence of this crowning Verification. 6. Your client informs you that the three of them have had severalmeetings.but have been totally unable to decideupon the best way to combine their energiesto make the business expand and prosper. This is what crosses A Verification Card crossingPosition 1 should alert you as to whether the family member represented has a positive or negative influence in the situation. This is the basisof the situation. 2. Your client's contribution is her creative talents. . 3. Client's brother-KNIGHT OF PENTACLES 3. This is what crowns you and could come into being. Client'smother-QUEEN OF CUPS.L2 TARoT-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JoURNEYMAN who has contributed money and investedin the business. 4. Using a Celtic Spread. 1. This is behind you. or in the processof leaving. you for good or bad. This is beforevou. 5. A Verification Card in this position would indicate that the personconcernedis obviously the focus as far as the other two family membersare concerned. A Verification Card located here may imply that one of the family members has recently applied a measureof influence which is no longer as forceful. you have chosenthe following Verification Cards. Client-QUEEN OF WANDS 2. The family member in this position has already exerteda great deal of influence and has perhaps instigatedthe idea that the businessneedsto grow. This is what coversyou. Supposethat from talking to her. The problem seemsto be a lack of direction. lay out the cards: 1. A Fifth Position Verification Card may indicatethat the family members are very much aware of the ideas and suggestions being presented.

BEGINNING THE JOURNEYMAN PATH 13 Identifying a Verification Card in Position 6 is of the utmost importance. nevertheless.you should be able to get a good idea of how shefeelsabout the situation. your own positive feelings. tax accountant or lawyer. A Verification Card in Position 10 revealswhich family member of presentcircumwill take the lead in the situation. KNIGHT OF PENTACLES and QUEEN OF CUPS which appear in the reading will have to do with other people not directly involved in the client'squestion. your own negativefeelings. OTHER COURT CARDS Other Court Cards besidesthe QUEEN OF WANDS. be in charge. strong indication of a future problem with this person. They may be other family membersor friends. but are not have varying degrees as important to the reading as the main three Verification Cards. This represents Your client is presently directing support toward the family member in this position. At this point in the reading. This represents Your client's attitude toward a family member is exposedin Position 7. 8 . so it can be very helpful to you to have a Verification here. 7 . 1 0 . Using the Verification method will alleviate the need to blindly guessat the identity of Court Cards as they turn up. This in turn will containedwithin the on the nature of the message help you concentrate . Such people would obviously of influence on the businesssituation. It is clear that this family member has yet to play his or her part. This represents that the family member concerned A Verification here suggests has strong feelingsabout the situation and should be encouraged to discussthem openly with your client to clear the air. or perhapsa bank loan officer. The client may or may not be aware of his or her there is a feelings toward this family member. the feelingsof others around you. Regardless it is clear that the personin Position 10 will eventually stances. 9 . This is the outcome.

. They can help your client to understandnot only his own personal attitude toward the given situationbut also the attitudesand energies of thosearound him.When usedcorrectly for divination they can be warm and friendly faces urgingyou on to the real purposeat hand.14 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JoURNEYMAN or obstacles to spread.Court Cards neednot be considered challenges be overcomein a reading.

Whenever they appear in a reading. for example: A new partner A person conducting a job interview A karmic relationship yet to manifest A future confrontation. Court Cards are just like people:somewe know. you will learn that the Court Cardsservemore As you progress. the Court Cards represent the client and also other people involved in the client's lifepath. However. they are called VERIFICATION CARDS. a Court Card can appear in a reading representing a person who is not even known to the client. thanonepurpose in your readings. relationships and experiences.and by doing so you will seethat the Court Cards can-like the ACES-represent SEEN OR UNSEEN KNOWN OR UNKNOWN Becoming thoroughlyfamiliarwith the Court Cardswill allow you The the flexibility of interpretation they demandof the Journeyman.2 CHAPTER LEVELCHANGES As we have seen. One Court Carddoesnot necessarily As a matterof fact: equalone interpretation. somewe love and otherscan appearto adviseus of future contacts. This list can easily be extended. 15 .

and the Journeymanwill soon learn to use it with easeto expresshis knowledge fluently. within the spreadwill help you decide whether this event will be positive or negative. your client will usually react emotionally. girl or child of either sex Indicate that a meaningful event is about to affect the client's situation Help determine how and when this new event will occur. SWORDS or PENTACLES. whether of WANDS. as follows: PAGE OF WANDS A definite possibility of a new developInformation ment in work or business.is the bearer of news concerning change for your client. so can the Tarot cards. according to its position in the spread Indicate the type of event. Just as words can be used in many different ways. CUPS. dependingon the rest of the reading. THE PAGES One of the most significant of all the Court Cards is the PAGE. and cause . The way in which the client will be affectedby this new event and its nature is depictedby the Bearerof the News. Tarot is a language. the PAGE. PAGE OF CUPS PAGEOF SWORDS vibrationthat will deA swift-moving quick from your client mand decisions This him to act immediately. according to its SUIT.76 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN ANY ONECOURT CARDCAN GIVEMORETHAN ONEMESSAGEOR PIECEOF INFORMATION. Upon receiptof this information. THESEPIECES OF INFORMATIONMAY BE ENTIRELY UNRELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. This card. This event could be either good or bad. The PAGE can Represent a young boy.

either mentally. (Warning: One Pentacle card does not indicate an inheritance!) Study the spread as a whole carefully to determine what this Bearer brings. seenor unseen. This is what crosses you for good or bad. rememberto considereach individual card both singularly and collectively. This is behind you. As you begin to read and interpret the spread for your client. but it may signify an overwhelming experience. 3. this is comparable to a musician learning to play the piano with both hands. Your client has already been given the Seedof the Level Change -known or unknown. but will affect him. giving him a clear picture of his new LEVEL CHANGE: a transition from one level of the client's lifepath to another.L E V E LC H A N G E S 1 7 action has not necessarilybeen instigated by the client himself. 4. This is the basis of the situation. This is what covers you. Pay specialattention to the PAGE in any of the ten positions: 1. A PAGE crossingis an experiencethat your client may not feel ready for! Determine Card 1 and you will understand the right approach. It could be complementary to his covering card. so it is advisable to be patient and explain the whole reading to him carefully. . A PAGE in this location gives you a positive direction toward interpretation. Here you can seehow the client has developed the Seedof the change. The true nature and possible resultsof this energy should become evident as the reading progresses. At the Journeymanlevel. PAGE OF PENTACLES Look with care toward the client's material welfare. He may or may not understandhis presentsituation. 2. spiritually or physically-or all three. Your client is in the processof experiencingnew conditions in his life. or in the processof leaving.

then. The result of the reading. As you analyze the spread as a whole. This represents the feelingsof others around you. This represents your own positive feelings. A PACE here may indicate that some difficulty existsbecause the client feelsinsecure about becominginvolved in new situations. it should become obvious whether or not the changehas already taken place. Now you are on solid ground. You have the client'sfull cooperation in acceptingthe Seedfrom the PAGE. prepare your client for new endeavorsby explaining what the PAGE is offering. This represents your own negativefeelings. 6. then the position of the PAGE in the spread can show whether the Seedof changehas beenplanted and when it is likely to causethe changeto occur. As you read the spread. This is before you. 9. Be alert to discoverwhy other people involved in the new situation wish the client to look in the direction of the PAGE. THE SEEDOF CHANGE The PAGES bring the resultsof changeto the client. 10. This is what crowns you and could come into being. 7. 8. As the PACE follows the TEN TEN represents the Level Change The PAGE brings the Seedof what is to come Or shows the Seedthat has already beenplanted as a result of the Level Change that the TEN enforces. is to advise the client of the new cycle beginning in some area of his life. Encouragethe client to acceptnew and developing situations and to eliminate any doubt or apprehensionregarding them.If not.18 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR rHE IoURNEvMAN 5. This is the outcome. .

accordingto your ability. You must take time and exercise understand the depth and sensitivity involved here. as you are not limited by the position of the PAGE in the spread. the PAGE must have appearedin PositionsL through 4 of the previous spread. keep in mind that you are conducting a probe. Now say firmly: THIS IS WHAT COVERS THE SEED THE PAGE BRINGS. This is what covers the Seedthe PAGE brings. 3. 2. say instead: THIS IS WHAT COVERED THE SEEDTHE PAGE BROUGHT.LEVEL CHANGES T9 Openingthe PAGE Using discretion and a positive attitude will help your client to better understandthe message of the PAGE in his reading. Selectthe PAGE to be opened. Place the PAGE in the center of the table. 5. (Note: In order to accomplishthe Opening correctly. In order to accomplish this. exactly like Celtic Positions1 and 2 in a normal spread. To understandand penetratethe Seedthat the PAGE brings. Begin the OPENING in Celtic Spreadform. 4. the PAGE must have appearedin Positions5 through 10 of the previous spread. . seekinginformation regarding the PAGE's Seed. Selectthe ACE of the same suit. so you have to be patienceto fully ready for anything. ) As you continue the spreadin the normal way. 6. You are in fact "splitting the Seed". this will show the client what to expectin fine detail. Opening the PAGE is like opening Pandora's Box-you never know whether what flies out will be good or bad. Cross the PAGE with the ACE. Place your first card on the mini-Celtic Cross formed by the PAGE and ACE. proceedwith a new Celtic Spreadas follows: 1. If you wish to examine what event the PAGE has already brought into the client's lifepath. Precrwc rnr PACES 1. Your option is open.

makea firm statement asyou openand revealthe contentof the Seed. This represents PAGE brings. This is what crosses the Seed the PAGEbrings. it is also an indicator of change. 8. . This is the basisof the Seed the PAGEbrings. Change is often nothing more result than the of our previous efforts coming to fruition.they may also indicate that there will be a seriesof changes. This is beforethe Seed the PAGEbrings. this would indicatethat the situationin the Openingis currentlytaking place.it can be unexpected and even disconcerting. This is behind the Seedthe PAGE brings. 6. We Keep in mind that changedoes not necessarily experience changein our lives every day. your own positive feelings towardthe Seed the 9. This is what crownsthe Seed the PAGE brings. especiallyif we have some preparation for it. your own negative 7. 10. mean trauma.It to know this. shouldhelp the clientconsiderably SEVENS When a SEVEN of any suit appears in the spread. This represents the feelings of othersaroundyou concerning the Seed the PAGE brings. Of course.If no Time Cardsappearin the spread. This is the outcomeof the Seed the PAGE brings. 4. saying: 3.At thispoint you havea total of four cardsformingtwo mini-Celtic ConCrosses.but we can usually take it in stride. The number of SEVENSappearingin the spreadwill indicate the intensity of the change. With eachcard. 5. Look for the Timing Sequence at this point (see: l/Lz/233-242). tinue with the CelticSpread.20 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN 2.Rememberthat The nature of that changeis determinedby the SUIT of the SEVEN plus the content of the reading as a whole. This represents feelings toward the Seed the PAGE brings.

The Seedthat the PAGE brings is the beginning of a new cycle.LEVEL CHANGES 27 (Note: Any Conjunctions which include a SEVEN also signal change. This time it comesas a result of the manifestationof the TEN. Here is what the TENS signify when they appear in the client's initial reading: . a catalyst which will eventually force the Level Change.so before he makes any further decisions in the matter he may wish to reconsider his plans. Rememberalso that the TEN is not itself a card of change-it is a transition card. The Seedthe PAGE brings is not surroundedby the mystery or excitement of the FIRST ACE. THETENIS THEEXPERIENCE PRIOR TO THELEVEL CFTANGE. AFTER THETEN. much power is involved.Conjunctions will be discussed in Chapter 3. The PAGE will then advise you of what area of life or in what form it will appear. YOU WILLRECOGNIZETHE TYPE OFLEVEL CHANGE TO EXPECT BY THENATURE OF THE SEED. you are exposedto the karmic nature of the change. Your client now has the opportunity to observeall that has happened. forcing a Level Changein the client'slife. sincethe Tarot deck doesnot have an eleventhcard. If a MAJOR ARCANA card follows the TEN.THEPAGE THENBRINGS THESEED.) TENS TENS represent a transition from one level to another. and the client cannot experience anything beyond the TEN. and regardless of the Suit identification. But rememberto reassure him that such a changeneed not be heavy or negative. this time he receivesthe Seedfrom the PAGE as a result of his past experiences. Now the ACE is being offered to the client on a different level. THE PAGEIDENTIFIES THE NATURE OF THE NEW EXPERIENCE TO BE EXPECTED AS A RESULT OF THE LEVEL CHANGE.

A TEN here meansthat the situation has not yet materialized. 5. A TEN in this position has already had its impact: the event in questionhas already happened. This is before you. you for good or bad. which may be either conflicting or complementaryto eachother. 7. 3. Card 10 (the outcome) is strongly related to Card 6. 2. This is the basisof the situation. . 6. your own negativefeelings. he may be overly confident. The TEN in this position indicateswhat has already occurred.you should be able to recognize that your client has already created the pattern of his future. and the resultsmay not be what he expects. This is what crosses The client may be under two entirely different vibrations. This represents Card 7 revealsthe fears and apprehensions of the client. On the other hand. This is behind you. This is what covers you.22 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN Placingthe TENS 1.Cards L and 4 will give you an idea of what type of situation your client has been involved in and whether or not the experience has been beneficial. Study this card carefully and it will help provide a balanced reading. This is what crowns you and could come into being.Take care in reading the TEN in this position: it shows exactly how your client feelsand what he expects. Consider Card 1 in determining whether the TEN is exerting a positive or negativeinfluence. If he is expectingsomethingwonderful.but this is not necessarily what will happen. then perhapshe is also afraid it won't happen. or in the processof leaving. your client is experiencing its force now. When the first card is a TEN. Analyze the whole reading: considerwhat this crowning TEN may bring into your client'slife and counselhim accordingly. By consideringthe vibratory connectionbetweenthesetwo cards. 4.

L E V E LC H A N G E S 2 3 8 . The success of your client's Level Change could depend very heavily on his support system. only an analysisof the whole reading will show whether his attitude toward the TEN is the correct one.It may be that he doesnot need outside support. When the spreadcontainsone or more TENS. This is the outcome. 1 0 . then you are reading the time of your client's transitional Level Change.but most people are not so independent. Again. your client is undergoing or has undergonemore than one transitional change.This would account for any apparent indecisionor confusion he may be experiencing. This represents the feelingsof others around you. 9 . your own positive feelings. Multiple Level Changes The situation of the TEN followed by the PAGE has no time a number thereforeit is possiblefor the client to experience sequence. whether it is positive or negative. he should be verv interested in the information this TEN provides. This represents When the TEN appearsin this position. it meansthat the client feelsvery strongly about it. but so would someonesufferingemotional pain from a relationship break.A TEN in this position clearly advises him that a transition from one level of his life to another is to be expected. or that he does not realize his own inner strength. The Journeyman must now considerhow the client could be in the processof experiencingseveralLevel Changesat the same time. Be realisticin interpretingthe TEN. but no PAGES.dependingon the positions of the TENS in the spread. of Level Changesof differing naturesin any one time period. A person winand does not necessarily the transitionalLevel Change ning the Lottery would have experienced of the TEN. to let your sensitivity flow with the vibratory energies .In any case. The Tenth Card indicates the final outcome of your client's question. If two or more TENS appear in the spread. This aspectof Tarotology requiresstudy and concentrationand the ability of tiansition. Rememberthat it is a catalyst have a negativeconnotation.

A secondPAGE will solidify the secondTEN. If there are more TENS than PAGES.If you have one PAGE. and so on. by inheriting a deal of money from his relatives and (b) being in the processof obtaining a divorce. the client has not yet fully experienced the force of the Level Change. I have already given you two guide lists-the Placingof the PAGES and the TENS. he will solidify the first TEN to appear in the spread. this brings in the new Seed.For example. being aware that there are many possiblevariations of connection. The more you practice. Monr Tuau Orvr TEN rN rHE Spnrep Again.Its location indicates zohenthe Level Change occurred. (a) great for example. You must connect them at this stageof the reading. First considerthe position of the TEN in the spread. the more you will becomeaware of the various possibilities. If there is no PAGE following the TEN. The first PAGE located will solidify with the first TEN in the spread.if the first TEN is in Position 3 and there is another TEN in Positions4 through 10. 2.24 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN A client might be experiencing two levelsof changesimultaneously. the placementof the TENS will guide you (seethe Celtic Placing of the TENS given previously in this chapter). Observe whether the TEN is followed bv a PAGE. 3. or will occur. Now hereis a list that will help give you continuity and an improved understandingof Level Changes: ONrv ONr TEN rN rHE Spnpeo 1. Solidifying the Level Change The basic approach to making the Level Changesolid and concrete for the client is to fully comprehendthe positions of the Key symbolsthe TEN and the PAGE. the PAGE solidifiesthe TEN in Position 3. if so. . you can be sure that the client is undergoingseveral Level Changes.

The KNIGHT has the energy to activate the initial growth of the Seed. the the force of the Level Changeand is now client has already experienced in the processof receiving the Seedsof new endeavorsbrought in by the PAGES. Over and above the regular reading.or preliminary results. for it demonstrates This could be considered ous circle of life.then you will immediately . THE KNICHTS of his suit.movement. propelling him into an unoutcomeor resultof this situationwill decidedsituation.of the Seed.Consider him carefully.It is from the Seed itself and the measureof understandingyou gain from it that you may begin to determinethe true nature of the KNIGHT. This emotional level must be read over and above the regular interpretation. KNIGHTS often depict the emotional reactions. results. with the KNIGHT's Action. This is because need for a new beginning. Often the ACE will bring the client right back to the in completing his original start of his dilemma if he has not succeeded his force to such a degreethat karmic goal. be idenThe identity or suit of the KNIGHT need not necessarily tical to that of the PAGE who gives him the Seed. When the KNIGHT exercises the client's lifepath completely changes.Thereforeyou cannot consider them to representthe conclusiveoutcome of a situation. feel his moods: the atmospherearound him is vibrant but he has not yet reachedthe maturity of the QUEEN or KINC.His force activatesthe client. as set forth in the Apprenthe tice Handbook (see:I/3/29-37).The conclusive the KNICHT instibe found in any ACE that follows. the same suits as have to be of PAGES do not necessarily When one or more PAGES are found in the spreadwith no TENS. in the gatesa form of action that will result the continukarmic. An undefined time period separates Seedfrom the emotional level of the KNIGHT. although the force they createcan often be thought of in that way. are all associated appearance. the TENS. the KNIGHT reactson an emotional leuel Regardless to the Seedbrought by the PAGE.LEVEL CHANGES 25 SouorrrcarroN oF rHe PAGES The PAGES bring in a new Seed formed by past experiences.

The ACE represents a new cycle of eventsentering the client'slife. Represents the transition from one level to another. unlessthe secondACE follows the KNIGHT. the new Seed. insteadof the first ACE. the secondACE will be activated and begin to grow. or revealsthe Seed of what has already been planted as a result of the Level Change enforcedby the TEN. you should be ready for his appearancein this spread.If an ACE appearsin the samereading as that of Opening the Seed the PAGE brings. let's review the relationshipsamong the cards we have discussed so far: SEVEN Indicatessome form of change.26 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN recognizethis changein the new Seed.At this point in time. There is no time sequence from the birth of the Seedto the action of the KNIGHT. there is no time sequence from the KNIGHT to the secondSeedhe creates. Reactson an emotional level to the Seed the PAGE brings.dependingon spread position. contained by this ACE. which is found in the ACE that follows him. Beforeproceedingfurther. likewise. When this ACE follows the KNIGHT. it limits his energy to a maximum cycle of nine weeks. becomesactivated. thus commencing a new cycle. His presence will indicate the type of energy your client can expect. After opening the Seedthe KNIGHT brings. beginning a new life cycle and closing the emotional cycle that was brought in by the KNIGHT. TEN PAGE KNIGHT ACE (L) ACE (2) . Bringsthe Seedof what is to come. Now you can seethat the KNIGHT's energy createsa secondSeed. this will limit the KNICHT's energy to a maximum time cycle of nine uteeks. You will begin to realizehow the client actually createsthis secondSeed while experiencingthe force of the KNIGHT. This is the Seedthe PAGE brings. After nine weeks.

but the KNIGHT's purpose is beneficial and will be clarified. allowing him to becomemore expressive. there is a tendency for the of securclient to feel trapped. Decisions are made without much thought. And once the client has severedhimself from the negative situation.New situations seemto come from nowhere. The client feelsthe needto createa new beginningor venture into new fields of endeavor. KNIGHT OF CUPS KNIGHTOF SWORDS Faith can overcome fear through the energy of this KNIGHT.LEvELcHANGEs 27 Emotional Energies of the KNIGHTS KNIGHTOF WANDS This KNIGHT often affectsthe client's businessor working life. rising to the emotional level of the situation. His sense ity is threatenedby a conflicting desire . and the client experiences mysterious feelings of inner direction. His particular energy is forceful in that it makes the client feel compelled to make sudden relating to important aspects decisions of his living and working conditions. This sometimes causes the client inner conflict. support on the emotional level is always available from this KNIGHT. He brings a high frequency of energy which tendsto lift the client into an exciting. he will feel somewhat trapped. His lifestyle and relationshipswiden. exhilaratingstate. The KNIGHT can releasehim. KNIGHT OF PENTACLES Here also. Unless the a confining or client is willing to release suffocatingsituation.

Observethis spreadto seeif an ACE follows experienced in any position. no matter how unpleasantthe circumstances. To go beyond this level and understandwhat follows.) Be aware that the emotional level of this KNIGHT will be by the client. this would indicate that your client is presently undergoingan experience on an emotional level brought by a previous KNIGHT. This will be the secondSeedand will open up the future activity to be expected. Take the-KNIGHT and commencea new Celtic Spread.This KNIGHT expands hidden horizonsfor the client. Openingthe KNIGHT Representing the emotional level. fear at the emotional level is a powerful force and can causethe client to want to hold on to the secure and the known. If no ACE follows. Still. the Journeymanwill have no difficulty in determiningwhich particular emotional level the client is experiencing. we must look for the secondACE. The KNIGHTyou areopening must have appearedin a previous Celtic Spread. saying with the first card: THE THISIS WHAT COVERS THE KNIGHTAND REVEALS (Note: EMOTIONAL CHALLENGE. and it is unwise to resist when the higher consciousness repeatedlytries to motivate one to better things. This can be a difficult decisionwhen the status quo seemssecure. the KNIGHT urgesthe client to release himself from the past and go on to new and unknown goals. By learning to understand the emotional levels of all the KNIGHTS. THE QUEENS The QUEEN can representany of the following: .28 TARor-THE HANDBooK FOR THE JOURNEYMAN and need to move on.

Your client may appear once or twice more in the samespread. For example.the KING OF WANDS could easily play a prominent part in her reading. Likewise. It is essential to be flexible when interpreting the QUEEN. . This is because the KINGS respresent authority. Do not limit yourself or be afraid to recognizethe female influence that surrounds all the QUEENS. you will of coursechooseaccording to the correspondingsex. Therefore. Court Card interpretationsis essential THE KINGS The KINGS exert a substantialinfluence on the client's lifepath.Studying the flexibility of to a completeand precisereading.The client may not always recognizewho the KING is in a reading. Whether this influenceis positive or negativewill eventually be determined by the entire spread.a creativeman with exceptionaltalent in interior design and melancholycould very well and who tendsto be moody. This duality is quite separate from the physical sexuality of male and female. sensitive be represented in his reading by the QUEEN OF PENTACLES.if you are reading for a man. you When selecta Verification Card for your client.L E V E LC H A N G E S 2 9 The client A particular attitude or characteristic adoptedby the client in a certain situation Another woman A vibratory power or influence (either positive or negative). you must realize that the QUEEN may not necessarilybe referring to a woman here. but to the female energies of the man.Yin and Yang.Her skills may be outstanding and far superior to any male in her company. but bear in mind the needfor flexibility with the remaining Court Cards. Consider the power and energy that motivates a woman to attain a position in top management. IA/henyou understandthe Universal Law you realizethat both men and women have elementsof the opposite sex in their mental and emotional constitutions. but this authority is not always in the form of an individual. This power can come directly from an individual or a representative or establishment acting on behalf of a woman in authority.depending upon the suit of the QUEEN.

You ask your client if he recognizes this KING as the manager. the manageris warm and understanding. If you forget the basicsand try to build your knowledge and experience . For example.your client could be experiencinga difficult time at work with a female supervisor. the KING representsthe authority delegated through the supervisor by the manager.30 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN The KING representsthe uhole situation. depending upon and judged by the suit.He would never say and do the things the supervisor does. because you know that the supervisor is a female and your client has told you that the managerdoes not have the characteristicsof the KING you have described. This person may be acting without the direct knowledge of upper management. This power can come directly from an individual. "oh.This situation could result in a KING appearingin your client's spread. perhaps the KING OF SWORDS. The key to unlocking and understandingthe Court Cards is the realizationthat you must learn the basic nature of each Court Family. The KING can representhimself in two ways: (a) As a mature male with personality traits identified according to the suit he represents. and the KING should be thought of as signifying the male aspectof the authority of the female supervisor. This authority is not always shown as a male. but the disagreement is considered by both parties to be within the boundaries of the supervisor'sauthority as specifiedby management." You could becomeconfusedat this point. This authority can come directly from an individual or from an establishment acting on behalf of this individual. Remember that the KING representsthe vibratory power-the essence-of authority. representativeor establishment acting on behalf of an individual in authority. The KING represents authority. 3. To sum up the KINGS: 1. Bear in mind that whomever the individual delegates his authority through will not necessarily be identified by a Court Card in the spread. (b) As a vibratory power (positive or negative). but the client replies. 2. no.So in the above example.

your readingswill gain tremendously in depth. this can only result in disaster.making it impossible for the Journeyman to progressfurther. Make sure you have a firm foundation in Tarot basicsand you will then find it comparatively easy to understandthe esotericinterpretationsof the Court Cards. clarity and precision.LEVEL CHANGES 31 on weak foundations. Once you have absorbedand can understand the various functions of each member of the Court Card Family. .

il NOII)ES .

I mentioned briefly the (see:I/5/70). | / 9 / 1.63-207) for you are ready to explore in more detail the proceduresnecessary will make combination reading. which concernsadditional interpretationsof cardswhen they are near or next to other cards. This chart gives you a glimpse into the more complex and profound nature of the Tarot in its relationshipsto the other occult studiesand sciences. VAU. However. HE. I / 6 / 77-76. and learning to use the Conjunctions this much easierfor you. A Conjunction allows increaseddepth and improved continuity in a reading. Conjunctions emphasizethe nature and content of the MAIOR . In this chapter we will venture further into this procedureand explore a variation of combination reading which I call the CONNOLLY CONIUNCTIONS. They will adviseyou of the way in which your client may respond to the wisdom contained in the reading. I emphasizedan individual interpretation for eachcard. which is divided into four groups correspondingto the four charactersof the TETRAGRAMMATON.3 CHAPTER CONNOLLYCONIUNCTIONS In the Apprentice Handbook. ARCANA (see:I / 4 / 39 -58. HE. Following process called DIVINATION IN DEPTH this. As a journeyman. These combinations provide a much greater depth when analyzing a spread. It is intended to be read oaer and aboue the initial interpretation of the cards and offers the reader an opportunity to achieve deeper insights and a more comprehensiveapproach to the client's questions. and this JJ . the ancientHebrew name for God: YOD. in Chapter 5 (see:l/5/63-70) you have the COMPARISON CHART.

RECOGNIZINGA CON]UNCTION A Conjunction is a combination of two specificcards in a spread. In using Conjunctions.and a thoughtful interpretationof Conjunctionsmay help considerably in allowing you to emphathizewith the client'ssensitivityin particular areas.ata providing you with deeperinsight.shuffling and the request for higher guidancethat the cards are subconsciously placedin a given relationship. PROACH TO THE SITUATION WILLDIFFER.THIS WILL ALSOREFLECT BUT THE APTHE CLIENT'S EXPERIENCE. The client usually reacts to the Tarot wisdom in an emotional fashion. A . This will go far toward creating an atmospherein which he can experiencemuch-appreciatedunderstanding and encouragement. THIS DETERMINES THE MANNER IN WHICH THE CLIENT WILL EXPE- RIENCE THE CON]UNCTION. so pay particular attention to which cardsfollow which. MrNORCONIUNCTTONS There are two types of Conjunctions. for it is during the initial processof concentration. You might think of them as extra layersof information through which you can reachinto greaterdepths. MINOR and MAJOR.Divination in Depth and Conjunctions are to be consideredas extra d. But always give priority to the original. SEVENor NINE appearsconsecutively with anyMAJOR ARCANA card. When any TWO. individual interpretation.36 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN information will assist you greatly in counseling him in a positive manner. IF THE MINOR CARD PRECEDES THE MAJOR. The order of the sequence is extremelyimportant.rememberthat eachTarot card must be read and interpreted individually before attempting further analysis. THREE. you have a Conjunction. IF THE MAJORCARDPRECEDES THE MINOR.

Take into account the emotional balanceof your client and how he may chooseto deal with the energies of the Minor card. THREE.Do not try to connect the Conjunctions with each other.SEVEN (a total of 16 possible is placed immediately Minor Arcanacards) before composed here any Major Arcanacard. Then turn your attention to the Conjunctions to enhanceand deepenyour reading. until you feel you have a complete understandingof the message contained within its cards. I recommend that the whole spread be analyzed first.If the CelticSpread of ten cards. By attemptingto connectthe Conjunctions. eventssignified by the appearance More than one Coniunction may appear in a spread. By considering his positive or negative attitudes. for each one relatesto a different situation in the client'slife. .you may overlook the importance of uhy there are more than one. Minor Conjunctions: are the possible combinations creating CARDS t and2: CARDS2 and 3: CARDS3 and 4: CARDS4 and 5: CARDS5 and 6: CARDS6 andT: CARDS 7 and8: CARDS8 and 9: CARDS9 and 10: CARDl CARD2 CARD3 CARD4 CARD5 CARD6 CARDT CARDs CARDg : : : : : : : : : MINOR/CARD2 MINOR/CARD3 MINOR/CARD4 MINOR/CARDS MINOR/CARD6 MINOR/CARD7 MINOR/CARD8 MINOR/CARD9 MINOR/CARDlO MAIon MAJOR MAIOR MAIOR MAIOR MAIOR MAIOR MA]OR MAJOR Minor preceding Major : MINOR CON]UNCTION Beginning a Cycle A Minor Conjunction in a spreadsignifies the beginning of a cycle of some kind for the client. The Minor card precedingthe Major will advise you of what he will have to experiencebefore the impact of the Major card. Now let's take a closerlook at the different kinds of Minor Conjunctions possible. you can anticipate his understandingof his old cycle and his probable reaction to the new cycle of of the Minor Conjunction.coNNoLLYCONIUNCTTONS 37 Minor Conjunction or NINE occurs whenany TWO.In this case each one must be interpretedseparately.

the energy of the TWO can be responsible for activating the client toward the energiesof another person.the TWO presents challenges. During this time period the client could very possibly undergo severalminor crises:fluctuations of emotion. As a result of this challenge. new approach required TWO OF PENTACLES Necessityto maintain harmony The Apprentice may see a pattern of similarity in the above TWOS. whether immediately or after a delay. Remember to inform him that there may be a delay. but the Journeyman must extend his vision and understanding beyond this to the realization that the influence of the TWO will eventually bring another person into the picture. In its positive aspect. he may feel his individuality is being challenged. it may also cause the rejection of a person in the client'slife. relationships. Considerationmust be given to the client'squestionplus all the cards that form the spread. working conditions. Because the client's self-imageis very much involved here.38 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN The TWO Minor Conjunction A TWO precedinga Major card provides a specifiedtime period before the client will be exposedto the higher vibrations of the Major's influence. possible contract Total harmony and understanding Stalemate. before for the client this occurs.This could signalan important learning process which will occur. etc. TWO OF WANDS TWO OF CUPS TWO OF SWORDS Negotiation. without sufficient consideration of all the factors involved. However. he may accept or reject his presentvibrational environment too easily.The TWO carriesstrong energies which penetratethe ego and demand realistic attitudes toward the true situations facing the client. It calls for stamina and forces the client to re-evaluaterelationships. Essentially. or waiting period. when the power . partnership.The TWO may help him break down any resistancehe may have to the solution of his problem. We can see the actual transition of the TWO as it seemsto oppose itself through the sequence and identity of its suit.

The resulting energy of the following Major Arcana card should solidify this new strength. Whenever time is to be consideredin a spread. (For individual interpretations of the TWO. he should be prepared for new opportunities. 127. creating a completely new endeavor and senseof purpose. It will be an ideal period in which to gain strength through new understanding. TWO OF CUPS: TWO WEEKS The next two weeks should bring about a cycle of satisfaction and harmony. If he showsnegativetendencies. see:I/7 /79. to be open and willing to listen. Tell him to avoid being opinionated and inflexible. he can delay the culmination of the harmony brought in by the TWO.)This is also true for the THREE. but not to feel threatened. mic way. The challengeof this Conjunction appearsto affect the lifepath of the client in a karof awareness and sensitivity. Tell him to make spacefor sharedprosperity. Individual interpretationsare always necessary when analyzing any of these Minor cards not part of a Minor Coniunction. a positive approach can acceleratethe timing sequence.The emotional level of your client will determine how he avails himself of the power of the TWO. this may delay the timing sequence. During this time your client will receive insight and inspiration. TWO OF WANDS : TWO DAYS Advise your client to focus on personaland businessrelationships. LL7. negotiationsand possiblenew ioint ventures.On the other hand. If he has feelingsof obstinacy or fear. for with the right attitude his personal input into any joint venture will be valued and successful. 9I. TrurNc Sseuprscrs FoRrHE TWO The timing sequence for the TWO is only relevant when it appears as part o[ IheTWOMINOR CONIL]NCTION.coNNoLLYCONJUNCTTONS 39 of the TWO is absorbed and activated between the two parties concerned. During thesetwo days. He should be ready to give a second chance to people and jdea+ aJJow Jot the mjstakes oJ others and Ey nol Io dwell on the past. indicating a greater sense . SEVEN and NINE. the reader must take into account the attitude of the client.

You may think of the THREE as a factor resulting from the independent action of the Seed. It is surroundedby a vibrant energythat will be . whether positive or negative. The Major Arcana card following will open the door to success in about two months. business or himself.followed by the challengeof the TWO.he will find that many new conditions have already been established in his life. The THREE acts as a continual reminder of what the client has or has not accomplished. The THREE is almost a declarationof independence!It is a form of self-expression. The Major Arcana card in this Conjunction will shed light on what may be expectedin the near future. It is from this point on that new decisionswill have to be made as a consequence of past actions. as is the correct handling of his affairs and holding on to what he feelswill be beneficial for the future. the THREE registers the client's progressto date. : TWO MONTHS TWO OF PENTACLES The vibratoryforceof theTWO OF PENTACLES Conjunction occurs when your client has already experiencedthe start of an exhilarating cycle. Now is the time for him to recognizethe value of patienceand persistence. you must tune in to the energy of the THREE cycle.40 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN TWO OF SWORDS: FOUR WEEKS your client to reconsiderhis presentpath. yet still bound by the outer cycles of destiny and karma. No longer are you dealingwith the unseenand the unknown. now is the time-during the next four weeks-to make some new plans. The THREEMinor Conjunction To study the THREE MINOR CONIUNCTION. If situations Encourage in his life are at a standstill.Advise your client to try to use this period for a re-evaluationof his situation and encouragehim to look clearly at all aspectsof it. As he reflectson recent past events. A sense of values is important. Arriving now at the conclusionof an inner cycle. These two months are essentiallya waiting period that requiresboth attributes. Your client may feel locked into a certain situation involving family. Another aspectof this Conjunction is immobility and the inability to seethings in perspective.

you can immediately perceivethat he has been painstaking in his efforts. In approximately three days he will receivefurther guidancefrom the Major Arcana card that follows. your client may feel a senseof loss and future direction.You can help him explore previous cirin order to locate the Seed. you seedisappointment. He is not alone. not fearful. Changing ideas and plans is not advisable. This Conjunction encouragesthe client to stabilizehimself. If you sense hesitancyfrom your client. cumstances excitementand anticipation. lonelinessand lethargy.He may be called upon to adjust.If he is experiencingelation. but this does not mean letting go of his original plans.During the next three weeks his presentefforts will be completed. it can disconnecthim . depending on how successful past feels been. The worst is over! The emotional level of the client plays a big part here. to hold fast and be ready. you must assumethat he is now suffering from the misuseor misunderstandingof his previous cycles. Not much time will elapsebetween the changing cycles! Prepareyour client for new conditions in lifestyle and thinking which will occur as a result of his previous efforts. THREE OF CUPS: THREE WEEKS A new pattern of energies is enteringyour client'scycle of destiny. Although he may still feel the impact. words and deeds. Allow time for the presentenergy to subside.coNNoLLYCONIUNCTTONS 47 or unsuccessful the felt in different ways. Although there is a time period of approximately three weeks for the development and conclusion of the presentcycle. client his efforts have The client will have to make some type of adjustmentto adapt himself to existing conditions because he has instigatedthis energy by his past thoughts. Trurxc Sreurrucr FoRrHE THREE THREE OF WANDS : THREE DAYS Assure your client that now is the time to be confident. the present cycle is now in the processof leaving. advise him that this could delay exactly what he is waiting for. THREE OF SWORDS: SIXWEEKS With this Conjunction. be sure that your client is aware of possiblesudden activity causinga total changein his outlook and plans. however. If.

you may be able to shedtremendous light on your client's path. THREE OF PENTACLES : THREE MONTHS Much is going on in the life of your client: varied activitiesand a sense of impending triumph. He may still feel that he is in the centerof the hurricane. The SEVEN Minor Conjunction The SEVEN MINOR CONJUNCTION gives the client a cycle of exceptional depth and sensitivitywith which to discoverand accepthis future courseof action. for a choice will be offered and it is vital that the client give much thought and considerationto it. Common sense plus the energies of the incoming Major Arcana card will help support and sustainhis presentsenseof achievement. Other people will play prominent parts in his life during this period. he may not yet be fully aware of his new energy. But thesevibrations of insecuritycan be dispelledonce you have demonstrateda sensitivity and a desireto be helpful to your client.42 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN from his normal reasoningability. Look at the Major Arcana card following and try to show him what to expect. When the client is ready and able to make his choice. there is a sense of excitementand anticipation. He must not let himself be overwhelmed. All of the Journeyman's skill and patiencewill be calledupon to reachinto and sharethe client'sfeelings at this point.During the next threemonths he will have to adjust to fulfill his path of destiny. Through compassionand your comprehension of the Major Arcana card following the THREE.Allow your own sensitivity to reachout and touch upon his problem.for control is essential. He should avoid overspendingand keep his senseof equilibrium. Using the correct approach is extremelyimportant. try to help him reach his true level of higher consciousness so that he can arrive at his desireddestination. I always think of a crossroads with this Conjunction. The client should adherestrictly to the message contained in his SEVEN Conjunction. . When counseling your client. All previous efforts will be recognized and he will receivesome form of acknowledgmentor award. for you must realizethat often the client has deepand disturbing doubts about the future. If your client has only recently begun this high cycle.

he should experience extendedopportunities. Don't associate the SEVENand its needfor choicewith negativity. this will help to prepare and inform him of what to expect. Remember-the only negativeresult of choice is making the wrong one! TrvrNc SreurucE FoRrHE SEVEN EACH OF THE SEVENS IS CONTAINED AND ACTIVATED WITHINA SEVEN-DAY PERIOD. SEVEN OF SWORDS : SEVEN DAYS When locatedin a Conjunction. You can help erasethesebarriers by discussinghis past intentions. he should be encouraged to expand his thoughts beyond his presentsituation. must be eliminated. to understandhow it evolved and why. DAYS SEVEN OF WANDS: SEVEN The next sevendays may createan atmosphereof tensionor pressure for your client. In doing so. it is a time to adjust to and fully acceptthe present situation. helping to crystallizehis goals and analyzing with him what may or may not be feasible. SEVEN OF CUPS : SEVEN DAYS As your client entersthis seven-dayperiod.coNNoLLYCONIUNCTTONS 43 It is not unusual for a client to feel a senseof loss and be unable to make a decisionabout pursuing any new courseof action. the rapid vibratory energy of the .The client should usethis time to contemplate the incoming Major Arcana energy. But he should not assumea negativeattitude because of this. Many choicescan be invigorating and bring in fresh life energies. emotional or otherwise. Your attitude toward the SEVENcan determinethe measure of strengthyour client receivesfrom the reading. Any barriers. Try to motivate your client to move ahead-his future direction will becomeclear when the Major Arcana card following the SEVEN is activated. He should concentrate intenselyon his goal to enlargehis vision. THISPERIOD MAY BEEXTENDED ACCORDING TO THEPOSITIVE OR SHORTENED ATTITUDE OR NEGATIVE OF THE CLIENT. Consider these seven days as a time during which the SEVEN is activating the anticipatedchange.

but the NINE will release tern of energy and begin to prepare him for the incoming cycle. The following Major card will be of the utmost importance in guiding him toward his new goal. The next sevendays should bring him results. He should avoid self-pity and look in a new and positive direction. but rather affords a period of time for the client to assess his efforts to date. you must counsel him to be patient. But the cycle will be beneficialand the resultswill be in accordancewith the effort investedpreviously by the client.The ditions alreadyestablished NINE attempts to complete and end this old cycle.which has becomeas comfortable as an old pair of shoes. which is why the client feels insecure.You must assurehim that the NINE doesnot mean severance with the past. . The NINE Minor Conjunction The NINE MINOR CONIUNCTION initiates a new balance of events. alerting the client to the real nucleusof his problem. It causes nings of things. There is a strong indication that so far he has done the right things and applied the right kind of effort. creatinga reaction to conduring the process of the previouscycle. You may discoverthat your client is reluctant to let go of this old familiar cycle of energy.to go back to the beginences of the cycle.he should use the time to continue planning for the new situation.44 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN SEVEN OF SWORDS demonstratesitself. Emotional considerationsmust no longer be permitted to affect his decision-making.your client may tend to feel a disturbing sense of insecurity. The NINE acts as a stimulus. Other personsmay become involved in this new cycle of change. some may already be involved. Consequently. SEVEN OF PENTACLES : SEVEN DAYS The seven-dayperiod in this Conjunction will help your client arrive at the right decision. The conclusivepower of the NINE draws together all the experithe client to reflect. He may condemn or congratulatehimself on how he this patcoped with the eventsof that cycle.If money is involved.Thesenext seven days are vital in helping him to re-evaluate his presentsituation and adjust to the new cycle.

It is at this time that the force of the NINE will affect him.final signatures.for it is not a simple matter of good or bad. This is an essentialpart of the NINE's function. perhapsanxiously awaiting final answers. The other side of the coin would reveal total dissatisfaction.It is in this waiting that the client recognizes the final results of his past cycle and reconciles himself with them. The NINE then helps him to determine the nature of the incoming cycle and how best to approach it. regret and fear of the final results. TrrrarNc SseurNcr FoRrHE NINE EACH OF THE NINES ENERGIZESIN IDENTICAL FREQUENCIES. he will be in a stateof anticipation. .disappointment. It will begin to break down all resisting forces.At this point the client will realizewhat is happening as a result of his efforts during the presentcycle. Delving into the NINE. the NINE is the messenger. BOTH IN NATURE AND TIMINC. or disappointment and regret and a desirefor things to changerapidly. otherwise the client will continue making the samemistakesand never arrive at his new goals. the NINE utaits. along with a reluctanceto let go of them. along with a sense of completion and fulfillment. you must realize that it is the NINE that brings the power to release the client! As the NINE releases it also alerts the client to his past behavior patterns and provides a clear picture of his past endeavors.the satisfactory conclusion of a seriesof previous commitments. producing feelingsof joy and anticipation.whether positive or negative.Ifyour client is anticipating certain results. STAGE ONE Within NINE DAYS the effectof the NINE becomes evident. THE NINE IS ACTIVATED IN TWO STAGES.coNNoLLYCONIUNCTTONS 45 If the past cycle has been a successful one for the client. Negativity can also bring realization and acceptanceof how things really are. Regardlessof what it brings or whether the client'sattitude is positive or negative. The NINE should always be thought of as a card of release. The Journeyman must have a good understanding of the NINE influence.

for there is a very good chancethat with a little extra effort he may reach his goal. NINE OF SWORDS : 9 DAYS. followed by 79 DAYS : 28 DAYS your Completion is the key word in this Coniunction. Tell him not to give up at this stage. release and complete its influence. followed by 19 DAYS : 28 DAYS The closing of an undesirablecycle is signaledby this Conjunction. Either way. It may also indicate an unwillingnessto let go of undesirablecircumstancespresently dominant on the lifepath. the NINE takes a total of 28 DAYS to begin. Motivate your client toward the incoming cycle and help him to seewhat lessons the past and offer him a he has learned. (Having a calendarhandy can be very useful when dealing with Conjunctions. Help the client recognizeany resistingforces and assurehim that he still has time to do what needsto be done. the client will experience his first tasteof joy and satisfaction. followed by 19 DAYS : 28 DAYS Success and happinessare imminent with this beautiful Conjunction! To ensurethis outcomeand help your client seethe way in which it will manifestrequiresthat the Journeymanlearn to interpret the Major and Minor Conjunctions accurately.Encouragehim to release .46 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN STAGE TWO Within 19 DAYS the new cycle commences! This period time begins after the nine days of Stage One. As you continueto delineatethe client'sNINE Conjunction. NINE OF WANDS : 9 DAYS.)Therefore. Encourage client to finish what he has started. Within a period of nine days. the Journeymanshould be aware of the message the NINE brings and work with the client to help him acceptthe responsibilities and rewards of the new cycle. The Conjunctionwill determinethe type of activity the client may expectduring the remainder of this time period of the NINE-the following 28 days. try to decide whether the NINE has come to reward his past efforts or to demolish preconceivedideas that were not beneficial to his lifepath. A little discretion and perseverancemay very well make him triumphant! NINE OF CUPS : 9 DAYS.

but misery and depressionfrom brooding over it can delay the timing sequence of the new cycle. Nothing can changewhat has already happened.dissatisfied. here are the possiblecombinations for creating Major Conjunctions: CARDS 7 and2: CARDS2 and 3: CARDS3 and 4: CARDS 4 and 5: CARDS5 and 6: CARDS6 and7: CARDS 7 and 8: CARDS 8 and 9: CARDS9 and 10: CARD 1 CARD 2 CARD 3 CARD 4 CARD 5 CARD 6 CARD 7 CARD 8 CARD 9 : : : : : : : : : MAJOR/CARD 2 MAJOR/CARD J : MAIOR/CARD 4 : MAJOR/CARD 5 : MAJOR/CARD 6 : MAJOR/CARD 7 : MAJOR/CARD 8 : MAJOR/CARD 9 : MAJOR/CARD 10 : MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR MINOR Major preceding Minor : MAJOR CONJUNCTION . The positiue aspectof this Conjunction is that it is now leaving! NINE OF PENTACLES : : 28 DAYS 9 DAYS. or whether it comes from the feeling of anticipation that a Minor Conjunction can cause. SEVEN or NINE. Usually you'll find that nothing is right and nothing is wrong! Your client may feel incomplete. never look back unlessit is to learn from the past.coNNoLLYCONIUNCTTONS 47 brighter vision of the future. you will eliminate the mystery in your client's mind and make his future path clear. LETTING GO is the healingremedy of a NINE Conjunction.Here the Journeymanshould carefully consider the true nature of the NINE: determine what the reading is really about. If you do this with care and skill. THREE. consideringthe client'soriginal question. followed by 79 DAYS This Conjunction will probably be the most difficult to analyze. In the Celtic Spread composed of ten cards. MAJORCONJUNCTIONS A Major Conjunction occurs when any Major Arcana card is placed first in a sequenceof ttuo folloued by any TWO.but he may not know what. The key to this Conjunction is to first establish whether the client'sdilemma is the result of a Major Conjunction. lacking something.

If you keep them separatein your mind. and their procedures are totally different from each other. You cannot ignore this aspectof Conjunctions. You should neaer forecasta precisenumber of days for an event to occur! This is becausealthough you may feel you have read the client'semotional level accuratelyat the time of the reading. They simply signify different kinds of energy. recognizein a spreadby the sequence COMPLETINGTHE CONIUNCTION Time Time in a Conjunction is strongly affectedby the client'sattitude. Theseenergies will then activate the following Minor to completethe Major Conjunction. The Major Arcana card indicates clearly that he will experiencethe effect of the Conjunction within a specifiedtime period. As with the Minor Conjunction. Together they indicate the beginningsand endingsof cyclesin the client'slifepath. The time can be prolonged if the client has a negative attitude. or shortened if positive. his atti- . The present cycle is about to end and the new cycle will commence after the client has moved from the influence of the following Minor card. so it is especiallyimportant to be open and sympatheticto your client'sdilemma and to observe his approach and attitude. emotional and spiritual attitudes-his overall balance-will affect the actual time period involved in activating the Conjunction'senergies. the client'smental. A Major Conjunction signifiesthe ending of a cycle for the client. A Major Conjunction is not more powerful or effectivethan a Minor. you will find them easy to learn and easy to in which they fall. so the client will experience the impact of the higher vibrations first.48 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN Endinga Cycle In a Major Conjunction the Major Arcana card precedes the Minor. It is important to note here that the names"Major" and "Minor" do not imply that one Conjunction has more or lessimpact than the other.


tude could changeeither way shortly afterward, thus altering the time factor accordingly. So it is always wiser to give your client only an approximafe time period.

Release from the past is brought about by the NINE. As we travel our lifepath, we have free will in our choices,and the NINE provides the circumstances in which we are able to make them. But because of insecurity,misunderstanding or faulty vision, your client may choosenot to deal with the release that the NINE offers. If so, the natural law of the universetakes over and his free will is relinquished; he must accept the results of whatever happensto him. Relinquishing control is an automaticsignalto othersto assume it! Herein lies the danger of losing personalfreedom and allowing others to manipulateand control your destiny. You cannot escape the consequencesof your lack of choice by refusing to make it. Whatever you put out into the universe, whether active or passive, will return to you-and you may not always be pleasedwith the form it takes! New cycles cannot begin on the energy level desired if the old energy has not been released. the past, we To regain control and release must be aware of the changingcycles:know when to completean event and when to let go and make a fresh start. Both Major and Minor Conjunctionscan help considerablyin showing your client what to do and when to do it. The Journeymanwill find that they repay fervent study.

The four ACES are the SEASON CARDS when they appear in the Celtic Spreadin Positions5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (see:I/72/233-242). When any ACE appearsin any of thesepositions, it is bringing you a specific timing period that is very important to your client'sreading.The appearance of a SeasonCard becomesthe priority timing factor. Furthermore, if you have any Conjunctions, either Major or Minor, in any of the above positions plus Position 70, they are negatedby an ACE in any of thesepositions in the same reading.




However, even with an ACE, Conjunctions are still applicableif they are found in any of the following three positions: Position 1-Cards I and 2 Position 2-Cards 2 and 3 Position 3-Cards 3 and 4 Even if you decide not to use the ACE as a Seasontime factor, rememberthat it will still cancelout any Conjunctions that appear in Positions5 through 9. However, you may always feel free to interpret of SeasonCards, if the former are found in Conjunctions, regardless Positions1 through 4. timing card, When you have decidedto usethe ACE as a Seasonal 9, the 5 through in Positions and you find tusoor more ACES located following rules apply: 1. Only one ACE is used as the SeasonCard. 2. The SeasonCard is always the first ACE appearingin Positions 5 through 9. 3. Any ACE following the first one in Positions5 through 9 may be read in the normal way. Remember that the client's attitude affects the timing sequence Cards,just as it doeswith Conjunctions. when you are using the Season In addition to a positive attitude shorteningthe time factor and a negative one extendingit, if the client is having difficulty understandingor an oncoming opportunity, this could also affect the timing recognizing possiblyslowing it down and causinga disappointingdelay. sequence, When time is a considerationin a reading, you must rememberthat you are dealing with an esotericconcept: time in the abstract is not in alignment with time as you perceiveit. It can be shortnecessarily ened or lengthenedaccordingto the vibratory energy surrounding the weather is affected client, in much the sameway as our local seasonal by overall global conditions. mind is precise Man monitors his own time. The superconscious with regard to the individual's karmic destiny. His original intent initially createsthe momentum of his earth life. It is only when his soul is confined within the limits of the body and he feelslimited by his seeming inability to prosper that his original balance of time is altered.

c o N N o L L Y C O N I U N C T T O N S5 1

When a time period is indicatedby a Conjunction, it may or may not mean an actual number of days. Your client could receivethe Seed, and the first recognition of this Seedwould be found in the Major card of the Conjunction. The actuality of any event takesplace in its initial conception, so in dealing with any given time span, you must consider the whole, which consistsof a beginning, a middle and an end. We have a tendency to assumethat the results of a Seedare actually only the commencement;an event may already be under way, or even completed, before we recognizeit. With your newly developinglevel of sensitivity, you will learn to recognizewhen somethinggood or bad has taken root. If your client doesnot recognize the incoming vibration of a Conjunction, you must assumethat you are dealingwith the Seed.The energyis not lessened, however, just because the event is not seen.If what is indicatedis positive, then the remainder of the reading, as interpretedsensitivelyand accuratelyby the reader,will help the client to receivewhat is coming in the right frame of mind, so that he can benefit from the future. On the other hand, if what is seenis not beneficial,the Journeywhich are blocking man can help the client remove the circumstances him from receiving the positive aspectsof the new cycle.

When used properly and with respect. mental and spiritual bodies. In esoteric law the crystal symbolizes Total one-ness with God. With its unique healing qualities. you will find that a powerful tool for opening your higher consciousness to the esotericenergiesof the Tarot is the QUARTZ CRYSTAL. It can also bring added depth and clarity to a reading. the crystal can provide soothing. Its energies can be utilized whether or not you understand how and why they operate. My many years of study have proven to me the efficacy of the crysare quite potent and tal when properly usedwith the Tarot. Self and the universe Purity Stability and balance Merging with the Higher Consciousness. . mind The presence of a crystal at your readingsalertsthe superconscious providing proper to its wisfor access and helps createthe atmosphere dom and information. so that but its energies assistin expandingyour level of consciousness your intuitive abilitiesof interpretationwill be enhancedand sharpened. beneficial energiesto our physical.the crystal becomesa vital assistantin study and divination. whether for yourself or others.CHAPTER 4 WORKINGWITH CRYSTALS At the Journeyman level. Not only will the crystal aid in the actual spreadingof Tarot cards.

This is because destruction. it will help considerablyin the actual learning process. Try to imagine a nearly perfect civilization on this planet.The crystal absorbsinformation and is capableof monitoring it so that your consciousmind can retrieve it when neededfrom the superconscious. when health. one in which all the secrets of the universehad been revealed. much misery and was causing knowledge misusedterribly. joy. During this time the use of crystalsby both science and religion was commonplace. Esotericmethods of communication were as simple then as using the telephoneis to us today. The structure of higher knowledge was known and sharedall over the world-and beyond. CLEAR QUARTZCRYSTAL cnanr 1 ANCIENTCRYSTALS The original knowledgeof crystal usehas beenremoved from the that consciousness of Man for many thousandsof years. Now imagine further a time when science and religion were one. when healers healed the mind and spirit as well as the body.Where man was able to relate with total opennessto all of life. Hold this idea. .Man existed in a state of spiritual and intellectual growth which approachedperfection. abundanceand peacewere readily availableto all.54 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN Further.

and that is why there are no concreterecordedhistoriesof vanished civilizations." We believethis because the "experts"are constantly telling us so-and because we want to believeit. It is. today's scientists have not yet discoveredthe true potential of the energy locked inside the quartz crystal. but that really doesn't matter. My purpose is to stimulate you as Journeymanto useyour own mind to considerthe possibilities. This is because the averagemind works only at the conscious "We level. of coursenot-I would consider that to be presumptuouson my part. CRYSTAL ENERGY Crystals had many functions in past millennia. suchas Atlantis? No.By comparison.lasersand many scientific and technical areas. so it is very important for you who have crystals to know the correct method of using them and protecting them from outside influences. to urge you to open your higher levelsof consciousness and arrive at your own conclusionson any issue. the energy of the crystal works regardlessof whether or not we believein it. It's not hard to understandwhy the concept of a higher and more successful civilization which once existedand then disappeared without a trace cannot be acceptedby most people today. Apparently the higher law intends it to be this way. So it must be true. Fortunately. Am I writing this to convince you of the existence of a previous superiorcivilization. along with our presentposition and level of esotericability. our present-dayapplicationsof crystalsare quite limited. including sources of energy for transportation and other uses. however. Although they have utilized crystalsin electronicequipment.whether past. it will help you understandthe true history of mankind. are now living in the 20th century.WORKING WITH CRYSTALS 55 Now. at the most progressiveand advanced level of civilization ever achieved on this planet. presentor future. But is it? The minute you are able to open your mind and contact your higher consciousness. . healing and divination (crystallomancy).transmittersand receivers. watches. this may be extremelydifficult for some of you to believe. industrial applications. greatly affectedby the vibrations of the human aura. which says. weaponry.

and your decisionto make a crystal part of your application will be a wise one. make sure you're not in a hurry and can take the time to use sensitivity in your selection'An excellentvariety of crystalscan be found at gem and rock shops. a natural clear quartz crystal. Do not allow yourself to go beyond the required procedures.56 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN Visualize. called rock crystal.often at museums and certain gift shops. Take the time to try a number of them. ChoosingYour Crystal When purchasinga crystal. pattern. You may feel more comfortable with one crystal than another.It can transmithuman to energyand has its own frequency upon the personand his energy. is what you should . If you do decideto use a crystal in your study and readings. This is how the crystalworks-it is a bridge The crystalis extremelysensitive betweenthe levelsof consciousness. close your eyes and try to feel its energiesand how they harmonize with your own. Discipline and study will provide accessto your spiritual goals. processwill be accelerated Although you may be attractedto other types and colors of quattz. Hold each one in your hand. we are concerned here only with its use as an adjunct to the Tarot. Eachcrystal gives off its own esotericfrequency. There are many excellent books on the other usesof crystalsand gemstones-in particular. general attitudeand stateof emotional CRYSTAL THE ]OURNEYMAN'S Although there are many ways to use a crystal. The crystal will provide a welcome boost of esotericenergy and help createcontinuity and sensitivity in divination. The trick is to find one that "feels"right to you.if you will.closeyour eyesand seeit vividly in your mind.but how and when it works depends balance.you should follow a few simple rules. With the right crystal. for healing-and I urge you to look into them. It takestime to study and energy to practice. The correct use of a crystal supports your inner self and aligns your Personalenergy with that of the universe. a beautifulcrystalbridge. you will find that meditation and even your normal thinking and enhanced.

Now hold the crystal under the cold running tap while visualizinga beautiful natural waterfall which flows into a moving river.so although it may be very beautiful. Your only concern is the actual energy containedwithin the crystal. only by its energy content and its feeling of "rightness"for you. Your friends cannot decide which crystal is best for you. point to the south) and exposeit to natural sunlight for a minimum of two hours. Obviously.Try to be as calm and balancedas possiblewhen choosingit: selecta time when there are few people in the shopping area and go by yourself. plain crystal. be sure it's for the right reason-how it feels. When you have completedthis visualization (make it as vivid as possible and hold it for a few minutes).keep this crystal only for Tarot use and do nor use it for any other purpose. take the crystal in your right hand . You won't be using it for crystal-gazing (scrying). When you are attracted to one crystal.WORKING WITH CRYSTALS 57 choose. CleansingYour Crystal This is a simple procedure. Whether or not you can actually seethrough it doesn'tmatter. so if you selectone for Tarot work.not how it looks. You needto be alone so that you can concentrateon your own feelingsand the energy from the crystal. The prettiestor biggestcrystal is not always the best! What makes the crystal right for you is how you feel after holding it for awhile. Thereafter. Fill your bathroom sink half full of cold water. you may chooseone of theseto be your Tarot crystal. The beautiful clarity often found in the polished quartz crystal is not necessaryfor your Tarot tool. you already feel comfortable with thesecrystals.All that is required is for you to place the crystal in a NORTH-SOUTH position (baseto the north.Selecta rough. follow the sameproceduresto prepareit as if you had purchasedit new. Personalizing Your Crystal This procedureis also simple. If you already have crystals for healing or meditation purposes. it is also usually much more expensive.

To keep the crystal ready for daily use. If you have a quiet spot in a garden. Store it in a quiet area of your house.Before using it again. do so in the north-south position. Put the crystal beneaththe earth at sunset. it is not necessary to cover it with earth. in a quiet place where it can receivesunlight. This can be done for any length of time you wish. When you useit.Then place the crystal in a north-south position and leave it exposedto direct sunlight for a minimum of two hours. as when energizingit. you can purchasea bag of rich soil. then replaceit in the earth box or bowl in the east-westposition. . dig a shallow hole in the earth outside. If not. This way.place the crystal in the hole in a north-south position and cover it up. simply recreatethe waterfall visualization in your mind within one hour of sunrise. but with a minimum of 24 hours.point to the west). If you keep your crystal like this. put it in a container and bury the crystal in this. appliances. Merely place it in the east-westposition. It might be a good idea to have two crystals eventually. If you are not carrying it frequently from place to place. Storingand Energizing Your Crystal To store or energizeyour crystal. Protecting Your Crystal The best protection for your crystal is earth. place it in the soil in an EAST-WEST position (baseto the east. etc. on a white cloth or towel and let it dry naturally. this is ideal.58 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN and be awareof its purity. For protection of a crystal usedoften. you do not needto usethe waterfall visualizationbefore each use-it will always be ready for use.then remove it for use at sunrise. at any one time you can always be energizing one of the crystals used with your readings. away from electricalequipment. you can place it in a box or bowl of earth. Thenplacethe crystalto the right of thesink.

as it does in the north-south position. The addition of the crystal now amplifies the energy and gives you increasedsensitivitv and awareness. When the crystal is placed with its base to the east and its point to the west. This allows the crystal'senergy to flow continuously in its natural polarity. it retains and maintains energywithin itself and does not radiate a flow. Positioning Your Crystal Refer to the proper seatingprocedure inl/10/212.WORKING WITH CRYSTALS 59 UsingYour Crystal The correct method of directing the crystal's energy is to place the root or base to the north and the point to the south. EAST A ffi WEST v cuenr 2 .

the point SOUTH (see Chart 2). sit in the WEST position. facing EAST. and the point SOUTH. This will provide the correct flow of energy for the reading.60 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN Srupv eup RreprNGFoRYounsprr When studying and reading the cards for yourself. The base is pointing NORTH. place the crystal on the table belout the spread. RsaprNc FoRA Crrnrqr When reading the cards for a client. again aligned NORTH-SOUTH. SOUTH I NORT CHART v . facing your client in the SOUTH position. aligned NORTH-SOUTH. This time. toward your client (seeChart 3). Put the crystal on the table aboae your work. the base NORTH. sit in the NORTH position. toward you.

.Some spreadsare simple and some are rather complex. a "spread" is a particular formation of Tarot Cards for the purpose of obtainspreadout in a definite order and sequence ing either mundane or esoteric guidance or insight into a specific problem or question. I suggestyou review I/7/70-72. getting into areasof karmic responsibilityand other advancedconcepts. In the next threechapters seling which will give you much more latia numberof additionalspreads. questions in greater depthand detail. providesadequate informationin the areaof counEachof these spreads quite I will introduce it is structured for. As you know.and the nature of the inquiry determines to select. tude in probingthe client's 61. / 2L9-232. I / 10/ 2L7-277 and I / 1'1. LEARNINC THE SPREADS In the Apprentice Handbookthereare threespreads: CelticCross CelticBlock Predictive Manteia. There are many different spreadswhich can be which usedby the Journeyman.CHAPTER 5 PREPAT{ATION FORREADING Before you begin this chapter.

clamps. Learning different spreadsis not easywithout actual practice. PROPER PROCEDURES As you advancealong the Journeymanpath.it would be pointlessto use Rahdue's Wheel when the client'squestionis as simple and mundane as. Think of the various spreadsas tools to assistyou in widening the horizons of your abilities with the cards. Your goal is to learn what each one has to offer.Every detail is consideredimportant in meaningful divination. When studying the spreads. The Journeyman should develop the skill to know when to open a situation up and expandinto a more explicit spread. so that you can choosethe one most appropriate to your client and his particular question. you should become more concernedwith using the correct proceduresin your study and readings. so you must learn to make proper use of the tools available to you. but that doesn'tmean he knows every word in the dictionary! What he does know is how to use it to find what he needsto know. "Will my mother come to dinner on Thursday evening?" Try to classifythe Tarot spreads.Think of them also as booksthe tools of the scholar-special reference books for a specialsubject.usekey words to remind you of which area a particular spread is best for. The scholarmay use a dictionary for reference. such as the crystal mentioned in the previous chapter.For example.62 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNExMAN The Journeymanshould be familiar with many different types of spreads. . forcepsand other surgical instruments.learn to know What they can reveal to you Which specificareasthey cover The levels of depth they offer When to use them and when not to use them That you are privileged to use them. and the various spreads. As a surgeonlearns to usehis scalpels.for each one has its own specificpurpose.

They tend to become boring and the client may lose track of his original question. The more you learn. Imagine that it is a book." I have also witnessedseveral spreadslaid out inside of an hour. the longer it will take for you to feel you have reacheda satisfactoryconclusion to a reading. Put your thumb on the lower right corner of the "page" (card). Speed is not one of your goals as a Journeyman. . you should be completely comfortable with the basic facility of the Celtic Cross. Although deceptivelysimple in form. Spreadingthe Cards Placethe Tarot deck on the table before you.Your goals are depth and sensitivity to the cards and to your client's needs.and the bridge betweenknowing and not knowing is the desireto learn.PREPARATION FOR READING 63 Be aware that the higher wisdom is always availableto the serious seeker. THE CELTIC CROSS SPREAD The ancientCeltic CrossSpreadis a good startingpoint. A proper study of the Tarot takes time and patience. This is not the right approach.you might as well also believein instant motherhood or instant heart surgery! I have seenstudentscompletethe "sixminute marathon Celtic Cross Spread. your client and the cards on the spiritual level. If you actually believethis is possible. Attention to detail and proper proceduresare what make a good Journeyman. It should be thought of as your basictool.It is endless. this spreadhas a unique ability to exposethe known and the unknown. "lnstant Tarot" is a wonderful concept to the averageperson.basedon what the Celtic Spreadhas revealed. Don't begin a reading if you don't have ample time to completeit. but also keep in mind that readingsthat drag on too long are not good either.You should feel no restrictionsat this level. The preparationbefore a readingis very important: the atmosphere you create will act as an amplifier for the energiesof yourself. From thereyou can extendinto more complex spreadsto cover the areasneeded. the seenand the unseen.

The Fifth Card By this time you should be thoroughly familiar with the layout of the Celtic Cross Spreadfrom your work with the Apprentice Handbook (see I/111222-226). This card is not a forecast card! It representsthe esotericenergy surrounding the client at the time of the reading. four fingers will be on top of the picture. The Fifth Card then indicatesthe possibleresults that may be expectedbecauseof the circumstances and vibrations occurring at this time. Even if the client's attitude is positive. He feels he did well and expectsto get the job. It is important for you to look closelyat the situation and attempt to analyze its true meaning. so be aware of its "negatively . But before we proceed to the study of more advancedspreads. ideas. As you place each card on the table. it doesn't necessarily follow that it is the correct one.I would like to emphasize four of the ten card positions in the Celtic Cross. it may mean that the client has the wrong attitude or approach concerning the person. she doesn't receive the increase. 7.but the cards in Positions 6. If the Fifth Card is positiue in its aspect.64 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN Now. But he doesn't. Shefeelsher work is above average. turning your hand to the left (counterclockwise). He will be very surprised if she suddenly leaves him! 2. This energy is the result of thoughts. The first of thesepositions is the FIFTH CARD: THIS IS WHAT CROI\AIS AND COULD COME INTO BEING. persons or situation involved in his question. You should puy particular attention to them as they appear. but has come to take her love for granted. allow your four fingers to grip the other side.. A man may love a woman very much. Your client may have just had an interview for a job. 8 and 10 are negatiue. It can be misleading. A woman may expectto receivea raise in salary. For example: L. 3. From theseexamplesyou can seethe type of positive energy given by the Fifth Card. However.actions. that have already been expressed. etc.

If you readit out to him this way accusatory and allows it sounds a little less negativity"). 7.It the clientto be more expansive . 7. The Fifth Card has a non-fixed aspect. The Fifth Card allows you to get in touch with your client'semotional level and reflects the true feelings of those involved. 8 and 10 arealso positiue. Rememberthat the Fifth Card is only the result of vibrations already existing in the client's lifepath and is not a card of prophecy.PREPARATION FOR READING 65 positive" aspectwhen it is followed by negativecardsin Positions6. If the Fifth Card is negatiueand Cards 6. 8 and 10 arepositiz:e. youwill find that the energies have alreadv been activated. 7. sionor possible in his thinkingabout the situation. Finally. By the attitudes and approachesof other people involved in the client's situation. 8 and 10. There is a strong indication that your client needsto take a more positive attitude toward the situation. By the client's own attitude and approach. this indicatesthat the client'sattitude and approach to the question are correct for him. if the Fifth Card is negatiaeand Cards 6. you have an indication that the client is not in tune with what is happening around him. The conditions createdby thesefeelings may be either supportive of or opposed to your client. If the Fifth Card is positiaeand Cards 6. ("This your apprehenrepresents it. The Seventh Card The next important card in the Celtic Spreadis the SEVENTH I YOUR OWN NEGATIVEFEELINGS. I have seenstudents who were baffled by this type of energy pattern. CARD: THIS REPRESENTS the that you read this card as the one that represents would suggest negativitytoward or his possible client's apprehension abouta situation.7. 2. I and 10 are contained in the Fifth Card also negatiue. He should be encouragedto take another look at his situation or at any person or personsinvolved in it.It can be activated in two ways: 1.

Explain to him that the only thing By analyzstandingin the way of its fruition is his own apprehension. and their powerpositive. we The way this power is usedaffectsthe levelsof joy and satisfaction achieve. ing all the other cardsin the spreadyou will obtain a clearerpicture of what this important event is and how it is likely to come to passin your client'slife. the next step is to look carefully at Card 9. it becomes your job to counsel your client to correct his attitude toward the manifestation of the event he desires. try to deal with the client'simmediIt is obvious that they are in someway causinga barrier ate obstacles.if a NINE OF CUPS appearsas Card 7. this emphasizesthe positive attitude of the client. The Ninth Card YOUR OWN POSITIVE ThC NINTH CARD:THISREPRESENTS you It helps Spread. If Cards 5 and 9 areboth positiue. these opposing energies could very well be activated by his own fear of them! Thoughts are living things on their own level. deep inside he is aware of opposingenergies that could prevent it from happening. For example. Turning up a positiuecard in betweenyour client and what he desires. Even though he feels the need for it strongly.Ironically. 7.66 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR rHE IoURNEYMAN also allows you more latitude and offers more insight in interpretation. you may feel confusedby a negative aspecthere.8 and 10. what you might call a negatiueposition tells you that the client is not fully convincedof the possibility of the desiredevent occurring. . you may wonder how such a beneficentcard could representapprehension or negativity. When a card is located in the SeventhPosition and the client is anxious for an event to occur. So when a positive card appearsin the SeventhPosition. Once you have examinedthe Fifth Card and its connection with Cards 6.negativeor neutral-plays a significantpart in our daily lives. fortifying or nullifying the strength contained in Card 5. As you analyzethe situation. cardin theCeltic is thethirdimportant FEELINGS analyzethe situation further.

PREPARATION FOR READING 67 If Card 5 is negatiueand Card 9 is positioe. your client is experiencing a possible karmic influence in the present situation. C A R D s : M A J O R / C A R D 9 :M A J O R If both cards are Major. 2. 3 .we must also considerthe four possible combinations in this position of MAJOR and MINOR cards: 1. CARD5: MINOR/CARD9 : MINOR If both cards are Minor.it is the TENTH Card which will determinethe outcome. If Cards 5 and 9 are both negatiae. this could indicate that the client is presentlyexperiencing a negativecondition that will probably clear up very soon. CARD5: MAJOR/CARD9: MINOR In all probability your client will direct his energiestoward the Fifth Card.this probably means that the client's attitude toward the person. 4. The Tenth Card At the end of the spreadlies the TENTH CARD: THIS IS THE . When thesetwo positions have Major cards. you can determine whether the situation is positive or negativeby the nature of the cards themselves and by an analysisof the remaining eight cards in the spread. personsor situation concernedwill changesoon. If Card 5 is positiue and Card 9 is negatioe. This will alter the client'sentirepoint of view. In addition to the above relationships. In this case.this emphasizes the negative attitude of the client. CARD5: MINOR/CARD9:MAJOR Your client will tend to lean toward the vibratory force of Card 9. the client is not experiencinga great deal of stressat this time. The positive influenceof the Ninth Card will then becomeactivated and take chargeof the situation to the client's benefit. You would then devote extra attention to the reading to determinehow the client can learn to appreciatethe circumstances now taking place.

How many and what type of Conjunctions have appeared? 10. Is the spreaddominated by one particular suit? 3. 9. Is it positive or negative? (if any)betweenCards 8. Is the spreadbalancedby an even distribution of all suits? 2. 6.ask yourself the following questionswhile touching the cards and feeling the energies contained within the spread: 1. Are they positive or negative? 7. 8. Is there an unusual number of Court Cards? 4. Often you will find that the Tenth Card comes as somethingof a surprise. this indicatesthe needfor a further in-depth reading with the Major deck. Which Court Card representsthe client? 5.9 and 10.apparently totally unrelated to the rest of the spread! This happenswhen the outcome is also A neu) beginningthe start of a new cvcle for the client. .68 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN OUTCOME. CHECKLIST CELTIC CROSS Before you attempt to analyzeyour Celtic Spread. Check the Third Card-it will give you the basisor foundation of the situation. 7. It is the result and sum total of the vibrations of all the other cards in the spread. 7 and 10. What are the Major-Minor relationships 5 and 9? 9. Make a note of Cards 5. Note the relationship of Card 5 to Cards6. Are there four or more cards of the Major Arcana present?If so.


CHAPTER 6 OF THE EXTENSIONS TAROT SPREADS: AND BLOCK CROSS CETTIC In this section. 77 . We will consider thesein detail in the following two chapters.you of spreadswhich should be studied will discovertwo other categories with great diligenceat the Journeymanlevel.But although thesesix additional spreadsare used to expand the information given in the original spread. Great flexibility comes from the ability to familiarize yourself with the many Tarot spreads available.The first category. Mastering the correct proceduresand use of spreadsis a prerequisite to the Master level. can be thought of as extensions Celtic Block Spreads. separateexistences FORTHE IOURNEYMAN SPREADS In addition to the Celtic Cross and Block extension spreads.I'll be introducing you to 15 new spreads. which will be covered in this of the familiar Celtic Crossand chapter. and the knowledge of the best one to use in any given situation. they are also independentin their own right.divided into three categories. much as a river may have branchesand tributaries originating from the main body of water but also having of their own as streams and rivulets. They are TIME SPREADS and ESOTERIC SPREADS.

Some page for each day studentslike to usea large diary that has a separate of the year. you may wish to include in your Here are some of the categories Journal: 1.72 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN THE JOURNEYMAN'S JOURNAL As an Apprentice.Your Journal will also show you how the different spreadswork and why. This Journal will be a record of your personal lifepath. Your original question 3. but in addition you should createa third reference for yourself: a JOURNAL. Time of day 2.you should continue to maintain thesetwo tools. Reflectionback over its pageswill show you your emotional highs and lows during the past weeks. you learned how to set up and keep a DAILY RECORD BOOK (see:I/'1. Keep the sameinformation for eachadditional spreadyou useas for the Opening Spread. Remember. Interpretation of the next spread And so on. The next spread you lay out (to seekfurther information on your original question) 7. Treat it with respectand be faithful about making daily entries. months or year. Name of your Opening Spread (the first spreadused) 4. and you will be able to seemore clearly what motivates or blocks you in many areas of your life. Entries are made daily on personalreadings. in which to record your progressin more detail and depth./12-13)and TAROT LOG (see:l/4/55-58). From this knowledge you will gain more empathy and understanding for thoseyou counsel.as clearly and conciselyas possible. . As a Journeyman. Additional notes 6. goalsand The Journalwill contain the essence of your innermost desires. These two referencesare invaluable for keeping records of your readings and meditations accurateand available at all times. feelingsand will serveas a record of your progressalong the Journeyman path. Interpretation of the Opening Spread 5.this Journal is your book-your psychic and spiritual diary.

unlocking different Doors for your client. 2. The card itself remains the samecard. while positions their mean another.much as you adapt to different climates in various parts of personality. thus giving a broader view into this specificarea. or Door. but as it travels within the structured form of the spread it adapts to the various conditions it encounters.Keep in mind that the cards themselves mean one thing. is one in a structure of ten. Each position. This provides three cardsfocusingin on one position. and it is your job to be able to interpret the meaningof eachKey as it falls into each position. can be the Key to opening many different Doors. The samecard. THE OJASKEY SPREAD The OJAS KEY SPREAD provides additional information beyond that gained from the original Celtic Cross Spread. it would have an entirely different connotation. His approach toward the situation opened by the Ojas Key can be clarified and examined.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 73 KEYSAND DOORS As you advancealong the Journeymanpath. It is the positioning of the cards that createsthe personalizedmessage the client receives. by which both positive and negativeattitudes can be identified by the number the client gives you. The CORONA SCALE is established. you are analyzing that card according to that position. . and you must know what the DOORS reveal to you once you have opened them. It revealsand opens a specificarea of the Celtic Cross in two ways: 1. the country without changingyour essential then. CARDS : KEYS DOORS POSITIONS : You needa thorough knowledge of the KEYS to open the DOORS. When you place a card in a particular position. you should come to direct your concentration more toward the positions of the cards in the spread. If that samecard turned up in another position. The position of the Ojas Key is openedby two extra cards.

4 . put down three cards when you come to Card 6.you will always have a total of ttoeluecards (regularcard plus two extra cards)insteadof the usual ten. The procedureis as follows: 1 . The position with the three cards is the Ojas Key itself. Likewise. rEE r E E E E r cnRnr 4 . or in the process of leaving"). This number will determinethe actual Ojas Key. When using the Ojas Key Spread. etc. upon reaching Position 4 ("This is behind you. Start to spreadthe cards. put down three cards instead of the usual one. etc. Say your client choosesthe number 4. ask him to give you a number from 7 through 10.74 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR rHE IouRNEyMAN The Ojas Key gives you further insight and depth into the client's questionby concentratinghis energies and your own directly on the subject.When the client returns the deck after shuffling. 3 .. Complete the preliminary procedures. Decideby the nature of the client'squery whether more information is neededand that the Ojas Key is appropriate as an extensionof his Celtic Cross Spread. if your client chooses 6. 2 . and here you will find the answersyou are looking for.

loving Creative. understanding Powerful. bad judgment Disinterested. self-pitying Thus. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 POSITIVE Determined. with this added information. compassionate Accomplished.unreliable Angry. disorganized Irresponsible. destructive Withdrawn. dominant NEGATIVE Selfish. You will of courseseeboth positive and negativepossibilitiestogether. able Outgoing. unsociable Lazy. . Numerical divination is an additional and advancedaspectof Tarotology. depressed Loss. concerned Wise. reliable Versatile.using the same number the client chooses for the Ojas Key. argumentative Careless. your client with the hypothetical number 4 can be seen to have a practical and reliable approach toward his problem.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 75 The CoronaScale As an additional clarification of the client's attitude toward the situation.egotistical Uncaring.as we all vacillate between thesetwo extremes. III). which may aid him greatly in solving it.It is an excellent spreadfor delving into areasnot readily accessible to the client's consciousmind. THE TRIADICCEL|ICSPREAD This spreadmay be usedfor obtaining a deeperlevel of understanding into hidden or complexsituations. the CORONA SCALE can also be determined.unconcerned Introverted. Here are the positive and negativeattributes of the numbers that make up the Corona Scale: NO. expressive Practical. you should have no difficulty in determining which extremeis dominant and to what degree. ambitious Cooperative. The source of this theory is rooted in the ancient doctrinesof the Cabala. I will develop this area more fully in the Master Handbook (Vol.regardingthe situation under discussion.flexible Harmonious. Numbers becomeKeys providing another dimensionof interpretation to the Tarotologist.But by using your speciallydevelopedsensitivity and awareness.

When reading this spread it is extremely important that each individual Triad be clearly understood before you go on to analyzethe next one. as it can open the Pandora'sBox of what's really going on deep inside you. Have the client write down his question. repeat the question and visualize a gold isosceles triangle (all three sidesequal.it is to allow you to understandhou and znhyeventsoccur.The baseshould lie from the outside edgeof the eyebrow over the nose to the outside edge of the other eyebrow. . you will be placing three csrds. apex upward) over the client's third eye (the spot just above and directly betweenthe client'seyes). dealingwith the past. for a total number of 30. Seewhether The there is much contrast in the short period of time it represents. You will be following the form of the Celtic CrossSpread. The Triadic Spreadis not used to forecastevents.but insteadof placingone card in each position. will give a good indication of the client's presentvibratory level. presentand future. First Position THIS IS WHAT COVERS THE QUESTION. Have him verbalize the question exactly as toritten. 4. Undoubtedly you will glean some information relating to the client'sfuture activities. Placethe cards as shown in Chart 5. The procedureis as follows: 1. Card 1: Covers the immediate past Card 2: Covers the present Card 3: Covers the immediatefuture This first Triad. While the cards are being shuffled.76 rARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN The TRIADIC CELTIC SPREAD is also excellentwhen reading for yourself. Each Triad (three cards) contains the essence required to reveal the circumstances involved in the situation under study. 2. 3.but detailsof a forthcoming aspect will be revealed only from the information receivedfrom the nucleusof the Triadic Spread.

Concentrateon the client's question. Card 4: Crosses Card 1 Card 5: Crosses Card2 Card 6: Crosses Card 3 . In addition. SecondPosition THIS IS WHAT CROSSES THE QUESTIONFOR GOOD OR BAD. the immediate past may also affect the immediate future.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 77 EEE 0 EA E aeE EE @@a EEE CHART 5 @ @ immediatepast will definitely be affectingthe present.the presentwill similarly be affectingthe immediatefuture. This will help you focus in and sense the vibratory levels of thesefirst three cards. visualizing the Gold Triad over his third eye.

This Third Triad will take you to the source of esoteric wisdom. the root of the matter. In recognizing the importance of the Third Triad you can gain a whole new perspective by careful analysis. you now have further insight from the crossingcards. 5 and 6 over Cards I. At each Triadic level throughout the spread. It clearsaway any mystery surrounding the reading. it revealsthe client'sreason for asking the question. revealing its cause. with the a Hebraic term meaning "chariot. With your knowledge of the three situations representedby the first three cards." in particular associated "divine chariot" of Ezekiel's vision. from which you will return with knowledge and insights to counselyour client on his problem. Third Position THISISTHEBASIS OFTHESITUATION. Card 7 Card 8 Card 9 In every Celtic Spread. I refer to the Third Card in any Celtic reading as the Merkauah. you will seehow this Third Triad givesvision into the real intent of your question. This energy will focus directly on the situation.You must be able to recognizethis causeand avoid dealingwith its effects.It not only takesyou behind the client'squestion. It takes you to the foundation.78 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN Having laid cards4.2 and 3 respectively. principle of karma here. When you do this spread for yourself.repeat the client'soriginal questionwhile visualizing the Gold Triad over his third eye area. You are concernedwith the cause-and-effect but only with the causeat this point. Here you have a Triad within a Triad-a mystical energy point. you have formed the Second Triad. .this Third Position holds much of the truth.

with As all esoteric timing principles. January11. you must be able to recognize it and counsel Patrick on how bestto follow it. it was activatedon the day he was laid off-January 6-so a total of six days you can see hasalreadyexpired.you must be alert to the timing factor.observing Conjunctionsthat appearplus what is crowning and might comeinto being(FifthPosition). The duration of the card in the Fourth Position is approximatelyten days.be awarethat time is prolonged or reduced according to the emotional balance of the client. This is behindyou. Here's an example: Sayyou arereading for a clientnamedPatrick.Therefore. 2. in readingPatrick'sspread that he has another four days before this particular vibration is complete. Or in the process of leaving. know that it is not for an indefinite etc. any You shouldthenfollow throughthe spread carefully.. LastWednesday. fanuary6.Is it something Patrickshouldavoid. stable.The dateis Monday. Patricktellsyou his problemand you first recognize the basisof the situationin the Merkavahand thenin the FourthPosition.He will experience these for approximately conditions ten days more before a changeis likely to occur. Note that the statement made by the FourthCard is actuallytwo statements: 1. or is a new opportunityopeningup for him? Eachcardfrom the fourth on is creating a path.ORIN THEPROCESS OFLEAVING. The samegoesfor negative conditions-they are likely to changefor the better within ten days. .successful. Card 10 Card 11 Card 12 With the Fourth Position. The approximate durationof time associated with the FourthCard in any simpleCeltic Spreadis ten days. period.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSS AND BLOCK 79 FourthPosition THISIS BEHIND YOU. he was laid off work. If you find that your clientis experiencing conditions that aresatisyou factory.

you could have various situations or possibilities presentedby the three crowning cards: 1. Remember that while all three cards can very well pertain to the sameissue. but have a nonfixed aspect. Your skill as a Journeymanis to determineat this point which cards refer to each other and which are independent. Fifth Position THIS IS WHAT CROWNS YOU AND COULD COME INTO BEING. These three cards expand the time factor by three and presenta much broader view of the situation. Depending upon the complexity of the client's reading. either positive or negative. this would indicate that powerful vibrations. and eachof the cards represents a ten-day timing factor. This forceful energycannot be ignored: you must useyour skill to help your client utilize it in the best . If you find that the Triadic Spreadis opening up more than one situation (regardless of the client'soriginal question). as it is made up of crowning cards. If the spreadis concentratedin one particular area and all three cards are complementary to one another.are now surrounding your client.then eachtiming card of approximately ten days must be consideredas separatefrom the others. The Fourth Triad is laid out to the left of the first three (seeChart 5).life has a way of making us deal with more than one situation at a time. extending the time period to approximately 30 days! It may be that each of the timing factors is triggeredoff by the one before it.The energy containedin this crowning position reflects the vibratory energy surrounding your client at this time and reveals the type of energy he is feeling. Card 13 Card 14 Card 15 The Fifth Triad is laid out above the first three (seeChart 5).80 TARoI-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN The difference between the simple Celtic Spread and the Triadic Spreadis that within each position is a Triad. They are not forecastcards.

Taking into accountthe personality of your client as well as the initial purpose of the readingwill help you decidehow to anticipatethe client'sreaction to the crowning energy. or does each card continue from the other? Don't feel overwhelmed if you are confronted with what appearto be conflicting vibra- . Sixth Position THIS IS BEFOREYOU. So. positive and negative. upon reaching the Sixth Position you have six cards to consider-three from the Sixth plus three from the Tenth Position. This crowning energyis well within his aura at the time of the reading. As you look at the Sixth Triad. 2. as there is a positive relationship between these two positions. are you seeing three separate events. If it is not beneficial to his lifepath. Both Triads are advising you of future situationsthat are now forming as a result of past and future circumstances.you must help him redirect his course in order to avoid trouble. Some people thrive on varying levels of energy. so your guidance at this stage is extremely crucial. others find it very difficult to cope with them. Crowning energy has a natural tendency to become thought energy and createchanges in the subject's thinking. 29 and 30). Rememberto continue to visualizethe Gold Triad over the client'sthird eye. Card 16 Card 77 Card 18 The Sixth Triad and all remaining Triads are laid out to the right of the first three (seeChart 5). Always carefully considerboth aspectsof this energy. If all three crowning cards are independentof one another.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 81 way possible. The Sixth Triad must be interpretedin connectionwith the Tenth Triad (Cards 28. so it may be that your client is already showing signsof its impact. you may seea personwho is extremelybusy or perhapsquite confused.

in-depth view of your client. you will find a thread of similarity woven throughout the spread.then you will know how to interpret it. You will needto determinewhether the two Triads are in harmony or discord. Life is often that way. You may need to refer to them when you reach the Tenth Position. Another possibility is that perhapsmore than one situation is ahead by the nature of each for your client. If the Triad is absolutely separated card and its suit.If you seethat each Triad is solidified.82 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN tions here. If the crowning energy does seemto be opposing the positive influenceof the Sixth Card.one may affect a personalrelationship and the third could be financial in nature. or do they complement each other and solidify the Triadic message? If the Triads refer to individual situations. If what is before your client in the Sixth Position has a positiae connotation. Is there much conflict. you must again check the crowning energy. If what is before him in the Sixth Position has a negatiueconnotation. Take your time and make notes if and when necessary. You may even discoverthat all the cards merge and form a solid Celtic Cross. or does it merely representthe client'sfailure to recognizebeneficialvibrations that are currently affectinghim? Does he lack the motivation to recognizeand utilize the positive crowning energy?You must considerall thesequestions as you interpret the spread. and if through interpretation you find that each card within the Triad is focusedon the sameissue.For example. One may refer to a careerdecision. . The purposeof the Triadic Spreadis to give you a realistic. then you could arrive at this conclusion. This can only make your client feel comfortable when he seesyour methodical and obviously sincerely involved approachto the reading. look back at the crowning energyof the Fifth Position to see the whether it could prevent or impede your client from experiencing situation expressed in Position 6. in order to study its connection with the Sixth. Each of these situations differ: one may be negativeand two may be positive.is the Sixth Card a result of negative crowning energy. then you should warn your client that he may experiencea possible loss unless he changeshis presentattitude.

Not until you have a tn'. but he may admit to feeling apprehensive and insecure.TAROTSPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTICCROSS AND BLOCK 83 Seventh Position THISREPRESENTS YOUR OWNNEGATIVE FEELINGS. Overt fear is obvious and has reasonbehind it. Some of its signs are hesitation. continually manifestingnegativeenergywhich poisons the normal thinking process.But hidden fear is insidiousand debilitating. you will encounter a vibration that could be known or unknown. doubt and failure to participate or contribute. Consider what you seein this position as private information. the client may not be feeling negative regarding the given situation.Hesitation may be thought of as caution. Hidden fears can often be detectedthrough apprehension. idea of the spreadas a whole should you delve very far into the SeventhPosition. then you are dealing with a hidden fear. or at leastaccepted. then you will be able to determine with more accuracywhether or not the card is in opposition to your client. but you should make him understandthat such feelingscan block his progress. Eighth Position THIS REPRESENTS THE FEELINGSOF OTHERS AROUND YOU. Card 22 Card 23 Card 24 .This does not necessarilymean that he will not attain his goal. but if this caution is not responsive to reasonor trial. seenor unseen. As you attempt to open the Door of Position 7.It becomesan obsession that colors every point of view.by the client. it can be dealt with and overcome. Card 19 Card 20 Card 2L With the Seventh Triad.

6. 4. office co-workers. interpretationis not as difficult as it might seem. A secondcard in the Triad could representa person who may be either in opposition to or agreementwith your client. Two of the three cards may imply support.84 rARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN In the Celtic CrossSpreadyou would interpret the Eighth Position accordingto whether the client'squestion involves another person. The third card could represent the opinionsof family members.then Card 8 will help you seethe other person'spoint of view. All three cardscould indicatestrengthand support from a group of people. the Eighth Position offers the following possibilities: 1.Using this spreadexpandsyour ability to read in more detail.Unlike the Celtic Cross. disagreement 3. The vibrations of this Eighth Triad are subtleand varied. a group of close friends.Let me remind you again that note-taking is an invaluable habit to cultivate. you are dealingwith threecardsin the Eighth Position. 7. however.Considerthe Eighth Position as a well . 2. All three cards could indicate tremendous support coming from only one person. If not. if you give yourself sufficienttime to study the situationand if you are able to mentally review the previous cardsand positions. When working with the Triadic Celtic Spread. The third card could be another person either supporting or opposing your client. But with the proper concentrationand knowledgeof the cards.you now have multiple choices. All three cardscould exposeand solidify a strong objection from one person or a group of people. then you can obtain insight as to how other people feel about the client and about the situation with which the question deals. This can be avoided. Dependingon the actual cards. If it does. etc. which givesyou two choices. but it also allows more chances for error. but with a slight differenceof opinion coming from one person. One of the three cards could representthe attitude or concern of a person very close to your client. 5.however. thus either supporting the client along with the first person or in with the client and the first person.

Card 25 Card 26 Card 27 of theNinth Triad is similarto that of Card9 in the Interpretation exceptthat with threecards. Ninth Position THIS REPRESENTS YOUR OWN POSITIVEFEELINGS. What you seemay enlightenhim as to what is happening behind the scenes. This is not to discountthe value of other people'svibratory input. With applied skill and knowledge. it. up to this point. represents theclient's Haven'tyou sometimes to an experience. to want is to desire belieuing: No matterhow ardentlyyour clientmay it will materialize.waiting for somethingto occur. nonsupportive and perhaps even noncommital energies. Spread 9. Doubt and lack of confidence achieve . for his hasthe beliefthat it is impossible positivelynegative. but uthat they conbehavior patternsand reflectnot necessarily sider the situation to be. between wanting and the difference It's importantto understand is to be absolutely to believe something. containing supportive.Theseenergiesare the result of other people's what is. if you encounter confused You may become is far morecomplex.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 85 of wisdom. card.everythingin the reading if he a goodflow of positivevibrations. you can often release a lot of tension in your client by the information you draw from the Eighth Triad. which in Position OF SWORDS. You may find the Eighth Triad very helpful in shedding light on what might have remained an undisclosedarea of outside opinion hidden from your client. reaction a positiuenegatiue positive in an unpleasant situation? felt firm and Your client may be anxious. this doesnot meanhe has the confidence can often delayresults. Although everythingin the client'smanner.the Triadic Celtic Celtic CrossSpread.suchas theTHREE a negatiae that we canhave positiue but remember feelings.increasinghis understanding of the situation and offering him knowledge of the support and opposition of certain people around him. may indicate goals is being he to materialize. confident that he will desire a thing.

Here are some things to consider: L. for example.you turn up the NINE OF CUPS in this position.If.) Tenth Position THIS IS THE OUTCOME.Ask yourself thesetwo questions: outcome. Is the crowning energy (Position5) compatiblewith your client's outlook? 6. does a possibly negatizse 1.) 7. Rememberthat the Fifth Position cards have a nonfixed aspect:the crowning position is a reflection and revealsthe type of energy your client is presentlyexperiencing. What are the time factors involved? 4. What is the outcome? (Hold off on any definite conclusions about the Ninth Position until vou have dealt the final Triad-Position 10. What is beforeyour client?(CheckPosition6. Does the result depend on others? 3. If the Tenth Triad exposes it have any connectionwith the crowning energy? . How does the rest of the spreadlook? 5. Beforeyou attempt to finalize the reading. Although it is an exciting card.86 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN Like Position 8. even though this is a beneficial card. you cannot automaticlaly assumethat the client'swish will come true.ask yourself whether or not the Tenth Triad cards are in agreementor opposition with the crowning Triad of Position 5. Card 28 Card 29 Card 30 Approaching the Tenth and final Triad of this spreadbrings you to a point of decisionwhich becomesthe basisof your conclusionabout the client'squery. the Ninth Position has subtle undertones. Is your client being realistic? 2. you must take into account many aspectsof your client's query in interpreting it.

Can you offer further guidanceto your client? It is particularly important to pay attention to question4. This could be of tremendousassistance in helping to prepare your client for what is to come. Is the conclusionsatisfactoryto him? 3. you may very well be able to help changeyour client'soutcome. Is the Tenth Triad a result of the foundation laid in Position 3? 5. For example.The outcome of Position 10 may be the completion of a cycle . When you have reached your final analysis of the spread. This would give you away of calculating the possibletime period from the crowning energy to the actual outcome card.Well. the weather was fine. Our ability to make choicesis our free will. If you feel that your client is heading for a negative situation because of the crowning energy. Does he anticipate the resultsyou see? 4. he heard a weatherforecastthat warned of a possiblesnowstorm. you can help eliminate thesenegative thoughts by explaining the situation to him in detail and guiding him toward a more positive and substantialoutcome. Your client may be presently experiencinga life cycle that cannot be changed. How did the client arrive at this point? 2. you should be able to answer the following questions: 1. the result can be seenin the Tenth Triad. When he bought his camping equipment. and that free will can influenceour fate. If the Tenth Triad exposes a possiblypositiue outcome. Cards 6. If this pattern is allowed to manifest. we will inevitably suffer the consequences of our actions. the rest of this story could be a disaster!If we chooseto ingore warnings. When he made this decision.but he looked at the beautiful sunshineand decidedthat snow was impossible. above. 7.perhapsthe crowning energyindicatesthat your client has decidedto camp out in the woods. Allow your sensitivity to tell you whether or not theseenergies will be beneficialto your client. doesit have any connectionwith the crowning energy? If a time factor is involved. 8. Freewill.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLocK 87 2. Destiny is flexible-it can be changedby circumstances and by our decisions regardingit.9 and 10 following the crowning energywill alert you to the expectedpattern of energies.

you can be asor about to experience a major event sured that the client is experiencing in his life. The Karmic Crossroadis a combination of the following cards found in a Celtic Cross Spread: 1. ANY TWO REMAINING CARDS This spread hasEIGHT Key Cards:threeMajor Arcanacardsplus five Minorsof any onesuit. 3. THREEMAJOR ARCANA CARDS : 3 5 2 10 2. 5. For example. You will need to determinewhen it was seeded.whenyou see they shouldbe readwith care. All three cards in each Triad may combine to give an explicit reading concentratedin one vital area. The Tenth Triad may portray the results of one or more situations within your client's lifepath.and the remainder of the spread should indicate the type of progressyour client has made to date. THE KARMIC CROSSROAD SPREAD The KARMIC CROSSROAD may be locatedin any Celtic Cross Spread.88 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN seeded and begun in Position 3. The Tenth Triad is the anticipated result or resultsof one or more patterns of eventsfound in the reading as a whole. 2. You will have to examinecarefully the various threads woven throughout this Tarot tapestry.Wheneveryou find the formula for this spread.The remaining importantif they are eitherof the following: are to be considered . 4.you may discoverfrom one card in the Third Triad (the basis) the information you needto formulate your conclusionabout the Tenth Triad (outcome). To sum up the Triadic Celtic Spread: 1. Eightis a powerfulnumber. FIVEMINOR ARCANA CARDSOF THE SAME SUIT : : 3. of cardsin a spread. to a maximum of three. The use of this spreadcan cover one or more situations. Each of the three cards in the First Triad may offer separate interpretationsand give a triple reading. this combination two cards These eightcardscanfall into any position.

The nature of such a message may be strongly associated with the client'spresentlifepath. showing you the nature of a past-lifeexperience. An additional Minor Arcana card of the same suit as the five above also stresses the karmic message found in the spread.If you find them. Any additional Major Arcana card increases the strength of the karmic content of the reading. A Key Card. Your Journeymanskill in guidanceis called upon here. Karmic energy is now activated and the client should already be feeling its influence. 2. This position is not a fixed aspect. but explain that the opening of a Karmic Crossroadoften resultsin a very clear reading. and that the knowledge and understandinggained from this unique spreadcan be the answer he is really searchingfor. Beforeyou begin to interpret the Celtic Cross Spread. By analyzingthis energyyou will understand far more clearly why your client is seekingthe wisdom of the Tarot for his question.look carefully for the cards that make up a Karmic Crossroad.All interpretations are seenin the light of karmic conditions which are creatingan impact on the normal vibratory forcessurroundingthe client. The requiredminimum of threeMajor cardscontainsa certainpattern of interpretation depending on the positions in which they are placed as you lay out the spread. whichever seemsright to him. explain to your client that it will be beneficialfor him to have the Karmic Crossroadinterpretedrather than continuing with the originalquery at this time. Card 4: Card 5: .This will help you to recognizethe reasonfor and purpose of the Karmic CrossroadSpread A Major card here revealswhat has or will commence the releaseor learning pattern of past karma.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 89 1. Positionsof the Major Arcana Card 1: Card 2: Card 3: Indicates that the client has arrived at the Karmic Crossroad in his lifepath. Offer your client the choice. Each position contains an area of energy similar to a chakra or vortex which influencesthe interpretations of all three Major cards.so the client must work for or against it.

This is your client's reality. etc. which your client actually feels. When you interpret this card you are in fact telling him about his own sensitivity-what he feelsand thinks about certain peopleand situations. [t outlineswhat may be experienced karmic path in the future. Take into considerationthe vibrations of Position 5. Card 10: The outcome of the Karmic CrossroadSpreadmust be read with the utmost care. but rememberthat your client may be feelingposiabout the situation.90 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN Card 6: Here is where you should seethe karmic lesson.This gives you a total of eight to work with so far. You may need to consider whether the client's impressionsare based on actual fact or rooted in past insecurity.Be aware that what may appear to situation may in fact be negative! be an acceptable Again we have a subtle change in interpretation. Here you will find a slight differencein the normal pattern of interpretation:A Major card in Position 7 exposes from the client. which is not a fixed aspect. evident or invisible. tiuely negatiue Card 7: Card 8: Card 9. rumors. A a force either Major card in the Eighth Position suggests good or bad. any positiveattitudeor direcA Major card heredenotes tion. .for a Major card in this position is consideredan active karon the mic symbol. The Five Minor Cards Any five Minor Arcana cards of the samesuit will combine with any three Major cards to produce the Karmic Crossroads. or opposingenergies you to the resisting You must understandthe wisdom containedin the particular Major card that falls in this position and be able to explain what is or will be obstructing your client's progressat present. whether his beliefs are actually true or false.

Cut each of thesetwo stacksand take one card each from the secondand third stacks. The Akashic Reference In the unlikely but possibleevent that all of the ten cards are either Major Arcana cards or Minor cardsof the samesuit. proceedas follows: 1. One of the Equity cards is a Major Arcana card. 2. This Equity can be broken and the power of the eight cards extendedif: 1. now the Guidance Card. They are known as the EQUITY SYMBOLS-Ihe yin and the yang. Place a card from the DAATH PACK (see: I/t7/227) over the remaining Equity Card. The Eleventh Card will give you an immediateinterpretation. One of the Equity cards is of the same suit as the five Minor cards already laid out. This now gives the spreada total of elevencards.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 9']. The motivating force that extendsthe Equity createsa sense The breaking of the Equity indicatesthat the karmic frequencyis now activated. 2. The Equity no longer exists! If one of the two Equity cards is absorbed into one of the two categories above. you now need an EleuenthCard. Cut the Daath Pack into two stacks (seeChart 6). of urgency. this leavesone card not so integrated.This remaining card now becomesthe GUIDANCE CARD. . The Eleventh Card If the Karmic Crossroad Spreadreachesthe point where you have you have absorbedone of the two to establisha GuidanceCard because Equity Cards into the spreadfor karmic interpretation. The Equity Cards The remaining two cards can be either Minors of any suit or Majors. wherever it may appear.amplifying your focus and providing the emphasisyou need for the Guidance Card.

92 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN 3. It may appear that certain situations and relationships that we encounter in our lives are not justified. These two cards become the AKASHIC REFERENCE.all experiencesare the results of Seedsplanted In this life In a previous lifetime Known and unknown Seenand unseen. This principle standsbehind the karmic law of causeand effect. !! F THE SHADOW SPREAD According to ancient tradition. nevertheless. It must be referred to as you interpret each individual card in the spread. CEEE O Takea cardoff the second and third stacks. everything in the universe has a positive and negativeaspect(yin and yang). cnenr 6 Thesetuso @ Akashic Ref erence. . The Akashic Referencethen becomesthe focal point of the entire reading. AKASHICREFERENCE !!!! O Cut the deck @ Take the tuo stacks and cut into four.

.as it is basedon the structureand nature of the Cabala (or Kabbalah. a "shadow" of that spread.)However.TAROT SPREADS: EXTENSIONS OF THE CELTIC CROSSAND BLOCK 93 All our actions. Eachstatement the differencelies in the statements should be said aloud.past or present. 2. When we experiencea traumatic situation. as briefly as possible. no matter how we try to prevent it. But there are times when tragedy or sadness seemto descendupon us with no warning and no apparent reason.as the card is laid . from the Hebrew Qabbalah). thoughts and deeds. This knowledge helps us understand why certain things happen to us and realizethat each of us is a significantpart of the universe. we desperatelytry to determinewhy it happened. (ln a sense. Ask your client to write down his question on a pieceof paper. Relationship problems keep repeating themselves with various people.you should selectthe SHADOW SPREAD. and in analyzing our own behavior patterns we try to learn to avoid the sameproblems in the future.in the following format: "WHAT AC- TION CAUSED ?. and you can determinethat the causeof his problem may lie in unfinished karmic business. In certain areasof endeavor. we can account for many of the mistakeswe make. If your client has this type of situation to deal with.which is the Crown' Reaches PILLAR OF IUDGMENT : FEMININE/NEGATIVE/YIN PILLAR OF MERCY : MASCULINE/POSITIVE/YANG RIGHT PILLAR : Before you lay out this spread. A pattern seemsto form.It should be used only for a very specificquestion of this nature. do the following: 1. This spread is so named because it analyzes the Seed that has created the present circumstance.Obviously.or "Tree of Life" (see:I/6/74). The Shadow Spreadis very powerful in determining the causes of eventsresulting from hidden Seeds. it seemsthat we are doomed to fail before we start. The basicstructure of the CabalisticTree restson three pillars: CENTRAL PILLAR LEFTPILLAR : : PILLAR OF MILDNESS : BALANCE AND UNITY to the Kether. firmly and with concentration. Placethe paper in the center of the table and begin the spread by laying the first card over the paper.contribute to the totality of the balance in which we exist. The ten cards are laid down exactly as in the Celtic Cross Spread. they can be considered made with eachcard.

THIS WAS CROSSING YOU FOR GOOD OR BAD. 2: CATd Card 3: 4: CATd Card 5: CATd 6: Card 8: Card 9: Card 10: THIS WAS YOUR POSITIVEENERGYAT THAT TIME. so the TENTH CARD: THIS IS WHAT COVEREDYOU AT THAT TIME.Eachof the ten cardsare Keys to unlock this past situation.94 rARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN down. If the spreadcontains THE HERMIT or IUSTICEor anV of the ACES. With continual to openyour esoteric vision and bring up importantkarmic informa- . practice. you will soondevelop the ability or another.The clientmay not recognize this it occurred in a pastlife of which he hasno recall. THIS IS WHAT COVEREDYOU AT THAT TIME. thenyou with a situationwhoseseed was plantedsometime during are dealing this lifetime. THIS IS HOW OTHERSREACTED. whetherit be in the client'schildhood. Allow your sensitivity with the Tarot symbols and you to merge whetherin this life shouldfeelthe circumstances that formedthe Seed. should definitelv reveal the Seed of the event concerned. Here are the Shadow Statements: CATd1: THIS IS THE ORICINAL RESULTOF PAST ACTION. THIS WAS YOUR BASICREASONAND ROOT OF THE SITUATION. Imagine each statementas a window which will give light and vision into past situations.youth or previousadult experiences.but at all. THIS IS WHAT CROWNEDYOU AT THAT TIME. THIS WAS YOUR NEGATIVEFEELINGS. THIS WAS BEFORE YOU.JUSTICE nor any ACESappear. because to his question.Each card will open up a wide vista. CATdT: THIS WAS THE ENERGY BEHINDYOU. nevertheless. thereis whereyou shouldlook for answers If neitherTHE HERMIT. exposing events hitherto unknown to the client.thenthesituation is definitely rootedin theclient's karma.This means that the originalSeed was plantedin an entirelydifferentrelationshipor situationin a pastlifetime.



tion for your clients. Touching upon past-life memory is not as difficult as you may think: the formation of spreadsin themselves are potent Keys to the higher consciousness. I advise you to practice the Shadow Spread on yourself before attempting to read for others. This will give you confidencein your ability to interpret the karmic past correctly and uncover previous Seeds which have grown into presentsituations. When reading the Shadow Spread for yourself, personalize the Shadow Statements in this wav:

Card 1: Card 2: Card 3: Card 4: Card5: Card 6: Card 7: Card 8: Card 9: Card 10:


The REFLECTION SPREAD is to be used in opening the Shadow Spread.If more detail and clarity of the readingis desired,you may take the last (Tenth) card from the Shadow Spread and place it over the client'swritten question. Shuffle the cards once more, and placing the First Card over the last card from the previous spread,continue to lay out a new Celtic Cross Spread. The Reflection Spread can be used regardless of whether the Shadow Spreadrefersto a Seedin this life or a past one. The purpose here is to magnify and clarify the actual eventsand circumstances that




causedthe client to ask his original question.As you interpret the Reflection Spread, you will seethat it is read like the regular Celtic Cross, exceptthat your concentrationis focusedon the result of the preuious Shadow Spread.

This spreadis used as a continuation of the Celtic Block Spread (see:I/\7/227-228), as you are in the actual processof placing the cards. It is used when you are analyzing the spread step by step, as opposed to laying down the entire spread and interpreting it as a whole. The decision to use the TAU CROSS SPREAD dependslargely on the nature of the client'squestion.The Tau Crossis the "Cross of Confusion," so as you form the Celtic Block you are able to open up any area of confusion instantly by placing a card from the Daath Pack across the card in question. As you may form only one Tau Cross, it is imperative that you anticipate in advance the area within the Celtic Block that needsopening. This is where your Journeymanskill in listeningcarefully to your client comesinto play. Don't assumethat he knows what he wants, but listen to the real message he is giving you. Be ready to usethe Tau Cross to clarify the exact area of his confusion. The Tau Cross Spreadis formed in the following manner: 1. While laying out the Celtic Block Spread,keep the client'squestion firmly in mind and observeany area of reaction from him. basis, and if there seems Analyze each card on a step-by-step to be any confusion in your interpretation of a card, stop and do not place a card in the next position. 2. Take the Daath Pack and cut the deck to the left, saying: I ASK FOR WISDOM IN FORMING THE TAU CROSS. 3. Now take the card from the divided Daath Pack and cross it over the card in question. 4. Put the two halves of vour divided Daath Pack back into position. 5. Continue with the Celtic Block formation.



6. If you need further depth of interpretation, remove the Cross of Confusion and place it in the center of the table. 7. Reshufflethe deck, concentratingon the question that created the need to form the Tau Cross. 8. Proceedto form a Celtic Cross Spread,placing the First Card over the Crossof Confusion.The SecondCard then crosses the first, so that now you have tu:o crosses, one on top of the other. 9. Using thesetwo crosses as the nucleusof your new spread,continue to lay out the Celtic Cross Spread. Rememberthat this spreadis formed over the Crossof Confusion, so it will be opening up and revealing the causeof the confusion. As you proceedwith the Celtic Cross,say the following statements over each card: Card 1: Card?: Card 3: Card 4: CATd5: THIS IS WHAT COVERS THE TAU CROSS. THIS IS WHAT CROSSESTHE TAU CROSS. THIS IS THE BASIS AND ROOT OF THE TAU CROSS. THIS IS BEHIND THE TAU CROSS. THIS IS WHAT CROWNS THE TAU CROSS AND


you The Tau Crossis an excellent spread for self-readings because know exactly whereyour own confusion lies.Thus,usingtheTau Cross becomes your skills an interesting tool for self-study: while perfecting as a Journeyman you are alsoinvestigating your of any areas life that are in needof clarification.

This will give you a record of how important your emotional balanceis concerningany kind of time forecast. TIME SPREADS INDEX 1.CHAPTER 7 (II): TIME SPREADS TAROT SPREADS This chapterdealswith five spreadsyou can usefor mundane questions in which a time period needsto be clarified or established. elation or depression.is for answersto seriousquestionson a continuing basis. while. as time is a valuable esoterictool in dealing with clients. and one. WEEKLY CYCLE 4. the Oracle Spread. ORACLE 99 DAILYTIMING (24HOURS) DAILYTIMING (24HOURS) WEEKLY TIMING (7 DAYS) MONTHLYTIMING (28DAYS) ANSWERS . They deal with time periodsranging from daily to monthly. or keep it separately. You may want to keep this Time Log as part of your Journal. CELTICCLOCK 2. you will learn how time fluctuatesaccording to your levels of anticipation or Practicein this area is well worth apprehension.By performing Time Spreads for yourself. ESOTERIC CALENDAR 5. TRIAD FOR THE DAY 3. In doing Time Spreads for yourself. it would be a good idea to keep a TIME LOG for future reference.

Visualize the face of a clock. But much can be learned from the CELTIC CLOCK. Formation of the Spread Follow these steps in laying out the Celtic Clock Spread: 1. The placementof the three cards and their relationship to one another will tune you in to the event you are forecasting. . A.M. 3.M. ztsithin a 24-hour period. There is a limit of forecasttime available with this spread.100 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN THE CELIIC CLOCK SPREAD This daily timing spread is quite simple and requires only three cards. concentratingon the event and the time it will take place. This is an ideal spread when considering the following types of situations: Job interviews Important meetingswith individuals or groups Legal situations Medical situations Any important event for which you have prior knowledge of the timing arrangement. Shuffle the cards. 2.so that you can prepare yourself or your client for the unexpected. so don't allow its apparent simplicity to misleadyou.This spread directs energy into the time zone you request. so focus your concentrationon any time. or P. P)ace the First Card on the )tour lsee Chart 2. A brief period of concentration beforehand can increasethe power of the condensedcapsuleof information about a future event you will be looking for.. Preparationfor the Spread I would recommendlighting a candle a few minutes prior to laying out the spread.

It can be of considerable . they give a greaterdepth to the interpretation. When you have two MAIOR ARCANA cards in the Celtic Clock. He wants to know whether he will get the raise. Catd2 would way between2 and 3 (because be placed in the half-hour position (6). supposeyour client has a salary review at work tomorrow afternoon at2:30. The Third Card-the EsotericBalancing Tool-acts as a bridge betweenthe two timing cardson the faceof the clock. Placethe Third Card in one of the following positions: (a) Past-Top Left Position (b) Present-ToP Center Position (c) Future-Top Right Position This Third Card is the ESOTERIC BALANCING TOOL. 6. From the cards that turn up. this time focusing directly on the message receivedfrom the Celtic Clock Spread. If you feel the need for more information regardingthe event.Your First Card would then be placed in the clock position halfof the half-hour involved). It is thereto help you understandhow the other two cards are consolidated' As an example. espeon an hourly basisfor each day. considerthe relationPast/Present/Future ship among the three cards. Place the SecondCard on the minute' 5. Whether elaborateor plain and simple. and the additional visual will be appreciatedby your clients' TRIAD FOR THE DAY SPREAD This beautiful Triadic spreadis used for the Wisdom of the Day. you should have a very good idea whether or not your client's review will be favorable. continue the reading by laying out a Celtic Cross Spread.You may find that you wish to draw a clock face using poster board or cloth. and the Third Card would be placedin the Future Position above them (seeChart 7). Although not for longterm forecasting.it is exceptionalin its strength help. it can be an excellenttiming tool. After placingthe first two cardsin the timing positions(like the hands on a clock) and the Third Card in the appropriate Position above them.rARor spREADS(lt): rtvr sPREADS 101 4. The Celtic Clock can be very helpful on a daily basis.


To derive the greatest benefit from the TRIAD FOR THE DAY SPREAD. A message concerningthe third four hours of the day given by the combination of all three cards. 2.2:00 p. v r . 2 : 0 0 p . t o 6 : 0 0r . A message Formation of the Spread Lay out the Triad for the Day Spreadlike this: 1. v .Be sure to note this information in your Time Log or Journal. v . If you do the Triad for the Day before 10:00 A. STACK ONE (on the right) will cover the time period from 10:00a. When you feel ready. 6:00 p. . Thus.6 : 0 0p . 4.M. STACK THREE (on the left) will cover the time period from 6 : 0 0 r . Shuffle the cards and prepare in the normal way. v .t"t.to 2:00 p.v. A messageconcerning the second four hours of the day 3. the Triad for the Day gives you four piecesof information: 1.(lr): rrrrarspREADs103 TARorspREADs cially when you are going through a bad period of your life: it can help sustainyou and assistyou in keeping your balancethroughout the day. forming three stacks. A message concerningthe first four hours of the day 2.Ivt. Choosing the same time each morning also helps in forecasting when you may expectdaily events to occur. r r a .t o L 0 : 0 0p . cut the deck from right to left. STACK TWO (in the middle) will cover the time period from 2 : 0 0p .r"r. u . concentrating on the Wisdom for the Day. before going to school. work or becominginvolved in any other daily activity.Then turn over the top card on each stack. ..M. Observe how your daily pattern changesand how this spread advisesyou of thesechanges. you should use it early in the morning. 4. 5.t"t. -10:00 p. your spread will fall into the following time periods: 10:00A. . 3..

He may want to discuss during his day-those eventscould very well have an important bearing on his query.to be used solely with this spread. Unlike the 12-hour reading. With a client.especially when looking back into the month's activities. here the cards have no particular individual time frames. Consider all three cards together.You can quickly recognizewhat kind of a day your client has had up to the what has happened time of his visit with you. up to the time of the reading. Consider all three cards separately. If you wish to read forward for the next 24 hours following the reading. you may do so. you may want to read beyond the 12-hour period given above. He may want to ask about a particular meetinghe had that morning. You now have the Triad for the Day: wisdom for threefour-hour time periods plus for the entire 12-hour period. using the time frames of the l-2-hour reading . Studentsinterestedin Astrology can also enioy this spreadby using an astrological calendar giving the planetary aspectsfor each day.104 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN 6. Calendarfor the Day Another excellentreference. The three cards on thesestackssolidify and from combined interpretation you can discernthe eventsof the preceding 24-hour period. you can easily seea pattern forming which will be of great interest. Knowing how to correlatethe Tarot aspects with the astrologicalones will add considerabledepth to your daily readings. Using the same three cards. or he may be feeling a bit apprehensiveabout an upcoming appointment. 7. By noting down the three cards each day.is a monthly calendar. it is possibleto extend the readingto cover the preceding24-hour period. as well as the following 24-hour period. Reading 24-Hour Periods The Triad for the Day is a good way to open a consultation. Simply disregard the time frame used above and divide the deck into three stacksas before.

(rr): rrrrarspREADS TARorspREADs 105 given previously. For the succeeding12-hour period, merely take another card from each stack, which will give you the next three fourhour periods, for a total of 24. Spendingsome time with this spread will prove helpful to your studies.In your Journal or Time Log, record what you feel will occur during the next 24-hour time period, using the three four-hour time segments. Then check the events on the following day by reading all three cards as a combination for the previous 24 hours. This will improve your perception and understandingof how to relate daily mundane activities to the Wisdom of the Tarot.

The WEEKLY CYCLE SPREAD givesyour client helpful and accurguidance ate for the week. It can help prepare him for the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of day-to-day life and assisthim in differentiatingbetweennormal everyday aggravationsand important events that demand his immediate attention. This spreadis useful whenevera client has a busy week ahead,with many decisionsto make, perhaps in different areasof his life. By listenyou will be able to detering carefully to what the client is requestinS, mine when to use this spread for the optimum effect. Covering the entire week with the Weekly Cycle Spreadand then being prepared to open any one card for any one day will be of tremendous benefit to your client. This daily card may confirm situationsthat have already presentedthemselvesin the Weekly Cycle. This will provide you with more fine detail regardingthe situation and enhance your overall view. Let me stress again the needfor note-taking. Especiallyon a weekly basis,a client who is inundated with all kinds of information may feel at a loss if he does not have a reference.But don't allow the client to take notes during the reading, as this can distract both of you. Take your own notes, and then after the reading allow the client to ask more questionsand take notes for his own use.




Formatron of the Spread
Lay out the Weekly Cycle Spreadlike this: 1. Shuffle the cards in the normal manner, concentratingon the client'squestion.If you are requesting the Wisdom of the Tarot for yourself or a client, concentrateon this. 2. Cut the deck into three stacksfrom right to left. 3. Now place sevencards from right to left. DAY ONE is the First Card, DAY TWO the Second, and so on until you have all the sevendays of the forthsevencards laid out, representing coming week. DAY SEVENwill be the card in position farthest to the left. 4. Placethe remainderof the deck in the Daath position to the left of the card for DAY SEVEN. 5. Analyzeeachcard separately,starting with the First Card, DAY ONE (today). 6. Moving from right to left, analyze each daily card carefully before proceedingto the next. 7. After you have completed reading all sevencards, if the client requiresmore detail for any one day, you may electto open that duy. 8. Look to seeif you can connect the days by recognizinga thread or theme of similarlity running through them. 9. Be aware of continuity: do the cardsharmonize,or do they seem at odds with one another? 10. If any one card is totally out of characterwith the others,your client may be about to experience a suddenchangeon that day. L1.. Maior Arcana cards should receivespecialattention. When they appear they give added emphasisto that particular day. They should be your first choice of the days to open. If your client prefersto open another day, try to convincehim of the imporof the depth and tanceof openingthe Major card days because significanceof the information they can reveal.

(rr): rrvr spREADsL07 TARorspREADs

The purpose of this spread is to examine the vibratory conditions you may expect during an extendedperiod of time encompassing a month. This unique spreadfunctions on a 28-DAY MONTH, calledan ESOTERICMONTH. It beginswith the first day of the month and goes through the 28th. Then on the 29th day a Triad is formed which encompasses any or all of the remaining days in that calendarmonth (29, 30, 31). The ESOTERIC CALENDAR SPREAD must be made within a specifictime period, preferably the last seuendays of the month before the month you will be reading for. This gives you a choice of seven days: for example,you may read for the month of August on any day from July 25-37.If the spread is conducted before or after this time period, it will createa reading that is inaccurateand not in harmony with the client. This is an excellentspreadfor a client who wishes to plan ahead a month at a time and can help him considerablyon a day-to-day basis.

Preparationfor the Spread
The format for this spread may seem complex at first, but it is actuallyvery easyto follow (seeCharts8, 9, 70, 11). You will needtime and patienceto perfectyour useof this spread,but you will find the time investedwell worth while. During the hour before the reading try to focus on the coming month. Imagine a vast area of free and untouchedtime. Think of it as there and enioy the a meadow. Venture into this meadow, plant Seeds fresh, unspoiled beauty of the place. Keep your vibrations high and positive. Do not go beyond any fenceor gate you may see-keep within your month. Lift your head to the a specifiedarea, which represents your face. Only good things are here glory of God and feel the sun on in your meadow; it is your place, for your spiritual comfort and joy. Your reasonfor being here is to seewhat lies before you. If you seeno specificconnectionwith anything in your daily life, merely enjoy being in all your endeavors. here and anticipatejoy and success known and unknown, seen In your meadow you will leave Seeds and unseen.Accept the will of your Heavenly Father and realizethat

Shuffle the cards in the normal manner. Keep questionsto a minimum-no more than three. One day you will enter your meadow for a future you planted month and you will seeand touch the resultsof the Seeds previously. Rememberthat the client'semotional balancewill be reflected in the reading and may affect the timing sequence. but eventually it will. 2. Work from right to left. Proceed as follows: 1. All cards are placed FACE UP. Amen. as follows: PARTONE PART TWO : : TCARDS 28 CARDS : PARTTHREE PARTFOUR : 3CARDS CARDS 42 CARDS Total Panr Onr The first part of the spread dealswith the last sevendays of the month prior to the coming month. as this is a large spread and requiresa lot of space. disregardingthe actual day of the month. Formation of the Spread This spreadcan be used only once for the coming month. Concentrateon the coming month. 4. The Esoteric Calendar Spread has FOUR PARTS. 6. 3. each with a different number of cards. 7.assumethe last sevendays of the month are: . Have pencil and paper ready to make notes. This doesnot mean the last weekyou must considerthe days however they fall. For example.108 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN what you plant may not necessarily flower during the coming month. Make sureyou have sufficienttable room for the cards. 5.

Friday 5. Tuesday 2. rEEErEr cHanr 8 . Part one of the readingwill cover the time period of Tuesday throughMonday. ftrecasting events for Sundayand Monday. Eachof these cardsgivesyou the atmo_ spheresurrounding your client during theselast sevendays of the month. on the tableimmediatelybeforeyou placesevencards.TARor spREADs (rr): rrvr spREADs l}g 1.working from right to left (see Chart g). Monday You may conductyour spread on any of the abovedays. Saturday 6. Thursday 4. Sunday 7.If your choice of day is saturday. Wednesday 3. It will disclose pastsituations from Tuesday up to the time of the readingon saturday. PARTONE Last 7 Days of Previous Month.then it will probe forward and cover the remainderof the seven-day period.

and it always has 28 days. Do not place any further cards until you have analyzed these28. Thesefirst sevencards representthe first seven days of the coming month. In thesefirst sevencards you will seewhat is happeningin the client'slife at the presenttime and be better able to interpret the whole picture when you come to connect the entire spread together. working again from right to (see left Chart 9). Your analysis is not limited. Card 1 : Card 2 : Card 3 : 1st of the month 2nd of the month 3rd of the month and so on. Penr Two In this part of the spread you always lay out 28 cards. Since each row represents sevendays. you may decideto read for the seven-dayperiod as a whole first.Try the spreadfor yourself first and then you will have an idea of how much time to allot when reading for a client. then focus on a particular day. Start with Card 1 on the top row and work toward the left. Make four rows of sevencards each. when you begin to with the first sevencards will be of great assistance interpret the month ahead. through the 28th. . Now you have 28 cards arrangedin four rows of seveneach. Don't be confused by the actual number of days in the month-the Esoteric Month is what concernsyou. but it does require a considerable amount of time to fully digest.110 TARoI-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN Card 1 : Card 2 : Card 3 : Card 4 : Card 5 : Card 6 : Card 7 : 22nd of the month 23rd of the month 24th of the month 25th of the month 26th of the month 27th of the month 28th of the month Taking time and care This list is always the same-it never changes.

if the month has31 days. the extra29th day of Februaryis covered by the threecardsof Part Three. In the case of a leapyear.If thereare only 30 days.for the next month to follow.which normally has 28 days.the cardscoverthe 29th and 30th. Thus. This is a Triad which always coversthe last threedaysof the month as shownon the calendar after the28th day. Placethe threecardsto the left of the other 28. known and unknown.Within thisTriad is the Seed.the threecardscoverthe 29th. in a Triad above the Daath(see Chart10). February.(u): rrrrls spREADs 111 TARor spREADs PART TWO TEEEEET ETEEEEE EEEEEEE EE@EEE A !!!!!I! cnenr 9 Penr TsnEE Part Three has only three cards.30thand 3Lst. is fully coveredby Part One of the spread. seen and unseen. .This occursonly oncein every four years.

Each one solidifies one of the four sevenday periods. beginning with Card 1 on the right and ending with Card 4 on the left (seeChart 11).1L2 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN PART THREE ! ! EA ! ! ! Panr Foun !!!!!! !!!!!! !T!T!T !!!!!! !!!!!! cnenr 10 Part Four has four cards. These last four cards are placed above the solid block of 28 cards. bringing together all activities occurring during the entire 28-day period. Card 1 : Card 2 : WEEK ONE (DAYS I-T) WEEK TWO (DAYS B-I4) Card3 : WEEKTHREE (DAYSrs-zr) Card4 : WEEKFOUR(DAYS22-28\ .

you will be amazedby its accuracyand intensity. PART FOUR EEEE D! DDDDD!D T !!!!!! ! !D!!!! ?aaUh cnanr 11 ! !!!!!! ! !!!!!! . After you have studied the EsotericCalendar spread for awhile. It revealsthe correct path to be taken during the coming month and covers such a large span of time that I recommend leaving it open and in place for study and reference during the coming month.(rr): rrnar spREADs113 TARorspREADs From the solidification Cards you can detect the thread of your client'sactivity during any particular week. This is a good reasonfor having severaldecks of cards available to work with. Eachcard is the ruling force of energy during the seven-day period it represents.It will open that period and highlight its nature and content.

Your mind must be elevatedand your desirefor knowledge and wisdom sincere. to specificquestionswhich may or may not involve periods of time. Prayer or meditation will help to open your higher consciousness and prepare you to receivethe wisdom of the Oracle. respectand positive energy. as do the It is for obtaining definiteanswers other Time Spreads already described. Formation of the Spread This spreaddoesnot deal with any definite time period. eachquestionbeing signedby the client (or yourself). In this busy world we may not be able to get out of bed an hour before sunriseor schedulean hour before sunsetto consult this Oracle. Preparation for the Spread The Tarot deck used for the Oracle should be kept covered with silk. A candle should be lit to enhancethe vibratory tone of the atmosphere. The constant need for answersto serious questionscreated this powerful ORACLE SPREAD.Your approach should be spiritual. Questions should be prepared in advance and written separatelyon individual piecesof paper. Here is the layout: . either wrapped or kept in a specialplace with a silk covering.I have endeavoredto restatethem for you in modern terms so that anyone may practice them today with the same efficacy as in times past. nevertheless.174 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN THE ORACLESPREAD The tradition of the old Tarot scholarswas to consult this ancient Oracle only at certain time periods-sunrise and sunset. Like many of the other occult teachings.This restriction may seem overly formal to us today. we should respectthe ancient traditions for the wisdom they have handed down. and its proper usedemandsa high degree of study. as with all forms of divination. but we can appreciatethe ancient spiritual principles involved. The written questionsshould be placed next to the Oracle deck and the candlefor a minimum of one hour before sunriseor sunset.

creating eight stacks.You should practice all . Repeat the entire procedure for each of the other questions asked. place it on the table and cut it into four stacksfrom right to left. 3 . 6 . concentratingon the written words. using the Celtic Cross Spread. Now turn over each of the four stacks you have selectedto reveal the answer to the question. If you need to go into further depth. Take one piece of paper on which you or your client have written a question and signed it. 4 . USINGTHE TIME SPREADS now availableto you. making a total of twelve stacks. Cut each of the four stacksagain. Concentrating on your question.if any. State the question aloud.place them togetherinto one stack and put this stack to your right. with intenseconcentration. When you have analyzedand understood the messageof the four cards. take the Oracle deck from your right side and acknowledge the wisdom received. 1 0 . pick up the four stacks. Cut the secondrow of four stacksonce more. 5 . Upon completion of the Celtic Cross Spread. 9 . Completethe readingby cutting the Oracle deck once and taking one card. 7 . you can With the selectionof Time Spreads approach your readingswith added confidence. take the other stack from you have received the Daath and proceedto open the message from the Oracle. 2 . 1 1 . selectany four stacks from among the twelve. 8 . Placeit next to the candle while you shuffle the cards slowly.(rr): rrvr spREADs115 TARorspREADs 1 . When you feel the vibrations in the deck. 72. This card will representthe force of spiritual energy that will help you attain the answer to your question. Pick up the remaining eight stacks in any order and put this stack in the Daath position.

Learning to use them effectively will require much practice and dedication. As a result. past lives and karmic relationships.Ordinary Time Spreadsand extensions of the Celtic Cross and Block such as the Karmic Crossroads(seeChapter 6) can offer some knowledge of esoteric questions. regarding spiritual values. 117 .8 CHAPTER (III): ESOTERIC TAROT SPREADS SPREADS In this chapter you will find four spreadswhich are particularly effectivein dealingwith questionsof a more seriousnature.but the EsotericSpreadsare far more powerful in this regard. I have known studentsto study EsotericSpreadsfor a week or more at a time. but the resultswill more than repay your efforts. You should make your client aware of this fact and be certain he is prepared for a reading of this depth. The nature of the information revealed is much too important to be dispensedin a half-realizedfashion. this spreadexposes the vibrational energies the client'saura at the time of the reading. It is important to practice thesespreadson yourself extensively before using them for clients. THE AURA SPREAD of As the title implies. I recommendusing your third deck of cardsfor practicingthesespreads and leaving them open for extensivestudy and contemplation. the content of the reading tends to be quite personal.

b E E E E cuanr 12 E E E a . particularly for probing your own inner self. This is because when you touch upon a specificarea with the AURA SPREAD. the nature of the card will give you a strong indication of the client's emotional attitude here. If you are a practicing Tarotologist with an established clientele. You will find that it will soon becomean integralpart of your study. you'll find that this spreadcan saveyou time and unnecessary questions and emotional examination.L18 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN With this spreadyou can penetratethe protective barrier of the ego and zoom directly into the troubled area of the psyche.

(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs 119 TARor spREADs Formation of the Spread This spreadrequires18 cards laid out in the pattern shown in Chart 12. You are sharing the client's logical view of or approach to his situation.They are contributed by all thoseinvolved in the client'slife-at home. Sometimesyou will encounter a stalemate condition in which he is unable to move forward.Your client will have trouble making decisionswithout consideringtheseoutside influences. as this will be coveredlater in the spread. What he feelshe can or cannot do and how his actions or lack of them may affect other people and important situationsin his life can paralyzehis thoughts and actions. which crosseachother. work or in other relationships. Card 3: . but we have reachedcrossedswords. Here we seethe client's internal dilemma: he tries to justify his own thoughts. If you can talk to the client prior to the reading you may already be aware of some of the mental concerns and conflicts which thesefirst two cards confirm. Card 2: INTERNAL CONFLICT With the SecondCard we are still on the mental level.They are a part of his life and his dilemma. which cause your client to feel certain obligations toward them. THE CONTRIBUTING FORCES Card 3 can revealinfluences both invited and uninvited. desirableand undesirable. Try to avoid any intrusion on his emotionallevelat this point. Another aspectof this position can show obstinancyor self-righteousness.Direct your focus toward the client'sthinking process and don't be surprisedif you detecta coldnessor detachmenthere. The influencesare actually the opinions of others. Here is what the cards represent: Card 1: MENTALCONCERNS The First Card covers the client'smental state. Moral issuesare also found in the combination of Cards 1 and 2.




Card 4:

At this point in the reading you must try to determine whether your client has a port of refuge or whether he is floundering in a storm. Can he expectrescueor is he doomed to continued turmoil? What kind of security feelingsdoes your client have? If he has strong feelings of insecurity, it may be wise to explore thesein detail. Are they real or imaginary? Are they serious or superficial? How do they affect his life and actions?You may find that he is operating with a senseof false security, be it in a relationship, businesssituation, or whatever. Strange as it may seem, this often happens out of desperation and an unwillingness to face reality. When there is nothing left for a client, he may turn to a nonexistent security and evolve an imaginary support system. Gradually, he loses his senseof balance and, graspinghis make-believereality, may sink into serious trouble.

Card 5:

Here you are exposing the emotional level on which your client basedhis original concern. Perhapshe was challengedby someoneor some situation, or perhaps he only imagined a challengewhere none existed.Don't make the mistake at this point of assumingthat foundations built on emotion are always insecure;some emotional foundations have supported relationshipsfor a lifetime. Emotional reactions are often shaky and untrustworthy, but emotional decisionsbasedon common sense can be very substantial.What can be unreliable and insubstantialare decisionsmade on the basis of the emotion of fear. This position allows you access to the emotional conditions that createdvour client's concernsin Position 1.

Card 6:

THE NEXT 24 HOURS you will see your thedirection Withinthistimeperiod
client will take. This position in the spreadgives light on what might be a complex situation. Considerwhat has already taken placeand why. Discoverwhether or

(rrr): EsorrRrcspREADs72'J, rARor spREADs not your client is in command of the situation. The energies around this card are of a very high esotericfrequency, and your client will feel them within 24 hours of the reading. If you do not have a positive vibration in Position 6, determinewhether or not your client is responsible.It could be that his destiny is to confront the incoming vibrations and deal with them once and for all to eliminate this disturbing level of experience. But if you sense that this is not the case,counselyour client as to how he may avoid the unjust situation you seeforming. Or you may seeyour client about to make an unwise move as the result of unwarrantedfear. Try to steerhim away from a possiblemistake. But if the card in this position is positive, offer him encouragement and hope.

Card 7:

POWER OF THE EGO In this position you will be confronted with the new shape of your client's ego. New becausethe last five positions have opened up an area which will begin to change. Card 7 offers you a strong overview of your client'sfeelingof self. You can now begin to seewhether he is going to go backward and surrenderto the original situation or whether he is willing to apply himself to a forward move. Do you recognizestrength in new decisionsor simply a reinforced ego unable to proceed? INSIGHT INTO HOME AND/OR WORK PATTERNS Don't confusethis position with any of the others. Here you are presented with factual situations-what is actually taking place in your client's life as opposed to wishes, suppositionsand apprehensions. Look at the situation objectively-you have the ability to extend your vision beyond that of your client. Try to determine if there is harmony betweenhis home and work. Are his relationshipscompatible with what you see? We're not looking to make changesat this point, but just to determineexactly what is going on and what it means to your client. Card 8 should give you insight

Card 8:




into understandingboth his advantages and his liabilities. Card 9: TIME CYCLE Within an EsotericMonth (28 days) the card in Position your client from 9 must be activated! In order to release his presentdilemma, you must understandthe lessonof 9, with its strong karmic undertones.It denotesthe ending of old cycles;if release doesnot occur, then the old cycle will reinstateitself and take your client for another ride! A positive card in this position can indicate the conclusion of a longterm karmic lesson.You can tell this by the apparentpromise or reward bestowedby the Ninth Card. But beware of overconfidence, which can negatethesepositive energies. When he has accepted your and learnedhis karmic lesson, client will be free to start a new cycle. THE CONCLUSION OF THE TEN In this position the total sums of both mental and emotional energiescome together, creating a new center, a nucleusfor beginningfuture endeavors.From this point your client will begin his new cycle. Solidify all that you have seen-help your client open up at this point and clarify any uncertaintieshe may have. Try to give him motivation and help him visualizewhat he really wants in life.

Card L0:

Beforeproceedingfurther with the Aura Spread,you should have achieveda level of satisfactionfor your client. This is the time to clargo back and simplify the flow of energy. ify, to recap, and if necessary over Do this by starting with Card 1 and continuing through to Card 10. Connecteachinterpretation, so that the client can seeclearly the pattern that runs throughout the reading. After the first ten cards you will seea Level Change for your client (seeChapter 2). As you continue the readingwith the final eight cards, you will presentvarious aspects of his personality to him and show him how they can help or hinder him on his new path. The secondpart of the Aura Spreadlooks toward the immediate the past (Card future, whose eventswill begin when the client releases

Gradually at first. It may be that your client still needsto experiencea variety of situations to complete old karma. As you help him face these mental challenges from his past. If he is willing to move forward. by letting go of past experiences.the client will begin to expandhis future horizons. It may be a road he has previously been afraid to take. This new strengthwill come as a result of inner recogntion:personality traits that have been submerged are being allowed to find their proper places. PATH TO THE FUTURE This card is a road sign pointing toward the client's future direction. by CATd72: Card L3: .(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs123 TARorspREADs 9). In forecastingfor your client. Look for in this card that will give him hope and the message confidence and the vision to seehis future path clearly. you must be aware of this fine balanceand the stability neededby the client to maintain it. but one that must be recognizedand accepted by your client.can either attract or reiect both positive and negativeenergies. don't always expectto find a positive card in this position. and others will see it too. However. he will soon begin to seethe difference in himself. he will seehis path widen at this point. The magnetic power of the human aura. spirituality and love. but on it he will find the good things in life: purpose. HIDDEN PERSONALITY WEAKNESSES This is another delicate area. Acceptancecan bring release. it will becomeeasier for him to let go and move forward. with which this spreadis concerned.In adjustingto this new strength. Weakness simply means insufficient strength. But give him confidence that ultimately. your client is now ready to experiment with his new strength. revealing the potential for future ioy and satisfaction. CATd11: MENTAL CHALLENGE FROM THE PAST This card provides a plunge into the client'spast! It is necessary at this point to probe this area to bring to the surfacethe client's challenges and the mental struggle that accompaniesthem.

CATd14: KARMIC CHALLENGE FROM THE PAST Whatever this challengeis. of being vulnerable. But once thesefearful people do decide to risk.this does not mean thev are not avail- Card 1s: Card 16: . your client brought it with him into this life as a part of his kirmic heritage. and he may fight to keep it there if it is threatened with exposure. Whenever a client is frustrated. and when they do find a satisfactoryrelationship. they become happier than they could ever have imaginedbeing. he will be able to forge aheadon a new and brighter path. our vision narrows. So it is with the revelation and acceptanceof karmic challenges." This is a fear of risking.but his caution may have preventedhim from acceptingand taking advantageof them. this vulnerable spot is often thought of as a weakness.\24 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN paying off old debts and learning the lessonshe has chosento learn. Here the client's opportunities and potential are clearly revealed. We tend to feel that if things are too easy they can't be good for us. How many people have you talked to who say they are "afraid to fall in love"? They are afraid of a close relationship becausethey "don't want to be hurt. so we ignore them. Often it is deeply hidden. this is a sign that his higher self knows he should be expanding his ideas and actions. when we recognize theseopportunitiesand potential. Explain to your client that the secretis realizing that things are easy when you use your natural talent and ability. UNDISCLOSED FACTORS This card divulges things that have been hidden from your client-situations.but it can actually be a strength. Ironically. OVERLOOKED OPPORTUNITIES AND POTENTIAL There are no secrets at this level.Unfortunately. people and opportunities not yet within his vision. Falling in love is a good example. Although thesethings are undisclosed.

but if you guide your client gently into this dark corner. no matter how comfortable someof them may seem. Explain what he may expecton his Prosperity Path and the joy it can bring him. It should be used after meditation and of purpose.(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs I25 TARor spREADs able to your client. ready to take charge of his lifepath and freed from the burdens of the past. Make experiences sure he not only seesthe picture but knows what he must do to take advantageof the good things that lie before him. It is not for mundane questions. which will illuminate the unknown and bring about the response he is seeking. Card18: WHAT TO LEAVEBEHIND The final card in the Aura Spread gives an indication of how your client can leave behind everything that is not conducive to his future happiness.Going on does not mean hanging on! To prosper. Card17 PROSPERITY PATH This card revealsthe path your client should be on! You have both traveled quite a distanceto reach this position. It may require effort to discover them. Draw upon his past in discussinghis present situation. freed from the encumberances the past. they will not happen. with a sincereseriousness but gives insight as to how your everyday lifepath compares with the . Encourage to feel the positive vibrations of this card in his heart and to move foward with confidenceand anticipation. he will quickly respond by creating his own light. But be careful not to paint too rosy a picture-always be realistic in your interpretation. THE KARMIC PATH SPREAD This Esoteric Spread takes you deeperinto the realms of karma and can cover any period of time. and the rapport betweenyou should be excellent by now.Explain to your client that if he does not create him changes in his life. he must be prepared of for new experiences.

As you lay each card down. you still lay out sevencards.Placethe first sevencards in a row from right to left. Formation of the Spread 1 .126 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR THE JoURNEvMAN requirements of your personalkarma. June21 through June27). Prepareand shuffle the cards in the usual way. 2 . . Seuenis the maximum number of days you may read for.You may also ask about a future time or times. Write down the date or datesfor which you are seekingthe Wisdom of the Tarot. 3 . It can tell you what you have to deal with on a day-by-day basis and how it relates to your worldly obligations. If you anticipate a difficult period ahead.g. Be specific(e. 4 . L7 and 18. write down that date. july 3 and 4 and August 16.They will help you evaluateyour progressalong this esotericpath. but they can cover any period of time. make the following statement THIS IS WHAT COVERS MY KARMIC PATH ]UNE AIOUd: 21st THROUGH IUNE 27th (substituteyour actual dates). The experiences found on the KARMIC PATH are thoseyou will encounterduring the period of time you request. or any similar combination of dates up to a total of seven. this spread can help you understandwhat's behind it. you may ask about June21 and 22. A serious approach and an open mind will enlightenyour receptivity to the wisdom this spread can offer. You will use L4 cards in this spread. The information you obtain can help you cope and understand why things are as they are when consideringrelationshipsor contemplating major decisionsin your life. A candle will enhancethe spiritual atmosphere. Meditate for awhile before commencingthe spread. Your surroundingsshould be peacefuland comfortable. That is. Preparationfor the Spread Choosea quiet time for this spread-a time when you will not be disturbed. If you are asking for only one day.. Even if you are only asking about one or two days.

Then.) JUNE 7.(021 bbbbbbb csenr 13 .(ru): rsoreRlc spREADsL27 TARorspREADs 5. you may feel free to use this spread for your clients. 165. This is becauseit is such an excellent tool for self-examinationand assistance in seriousmatters. Chart13. working once more from right to left. cut the remaining cards in the Daath once. crosseachcard and as you do so make the following statementeach time: THIS IS 21stTHROUGH WHAT CROSSES MY KARMICPATHJLINE (See your actual 27th(substitute dates). The seven crosses before you will reveal wisdom about your Karmic Path for the date or dates specified. When each of the seven cards is crossed. After laying down the first sevencards. Note that I have describedthe Karmic Path Spread as though you are doing it for yourself. 6. After you have practiced alone and feel comfortable with it.place the deck in the Daath position while you analyzeyour Karmic Path.

uhy good or bad relationships. Why tragediesand traumas. The music you hear and the level of your performancedependson you. we usually settlefor somethinglike. This spreadcan be thought of as a major musical composition. If you feel restricted.A word of caution here: Do not use this spreadfor anyone elseuntil you have used it for yourself and become thoroughly familiar with it. .128 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN RAHDUE'S WHEEL Now we come to the largestand most complex of all the spreads. a magnificent spreadthat has never before been presentedin print. There'sa reason for everything that happensto you-this alone should spur you on to investigatethose reasons. uhy illnesses? Because the answersto thesequestionsare not readily available. Your personalexperience with it will give you an idea of its power and depth and of what is involved in terms of personalacceptance and possiblereadjustmentin thinking and action. unable to probe your higher consciousnessthrough meditation. "Well. but more importantly. This spreadwill help you releasehidden past memory patterns and gain accessto your inner wisdom. Many things happen in our lives which create a deep desire to understandwhy. To conduct this wonderful mystical symphony you must be aware that every move is vital. it's yourlife. The effect of thesecombinations forms a rigid structure which exposes for the purpose of divination the various aspects of any one life experience at one moment in time. Time and rhythm are expertly interpretedby the conductor-you. You are the conductor of your life and each area of it will be activatedby your direction.You willprobably come to use it as a continual reference. try Rahdue'sWheel.each section in perfect harmony with all the others. RAHDUE'S WHEEL is an in-depth spread composed of several mystical combinations. the Journeyman." Yes. wheels within wheels. It will take time and patienceto learn and analyze. a huge orchestrationof separatevibratory instruments. that's life. but I can promise that you will find the resultsmost rewarding.The higher self retains all the knowledge in this area. it islife.

25 : CARDS27 .. SOLIDIFIER 3 4. DAGIM BLOCK 2. . OUTERWHEEL : CARDS 1.You may want to keep it handy during your spreadfor easy referenceuntil you have committed it to memory. SOLIDIFIER 4 5.48 SOLIDIFIER 4 CARDS70 78 NO SOLIDIFIER 18 CARDS) TWO PILLARS(e CARDS EACH : 1.58 SOLIDIFIER 5 6 CARDS60 . MALKUTHBLOCK : 18 CARDS) CARDS 40 .12 : CARDS14 .(rrr): rsoreRrc spREADs 129 TARor spREADs Componentsof Rahdue'sWheel (12CARDS THREE WHEELS EACH : 36 CARDS) 1. CENTER WHEEL : 3. SOLIDIFIER 1 2. SHOR PILLAR (on the left) THREEWHEELS SIX SOLIDIFIERS TWO BLOCKS TWO PILLARS : CARDS50 . SOLIDIFIER 6 CARD 13 CARD 26 CARD 39 CARD 49 CARD 59 CARD 69 the INNERWHEEL Solidifies Solidifiesthe CENTERWHEEL Solidifiesthe OUTER WHEEL Solidifies the DAGIM BLOCK Solidifiesthe TALEH PILLAR Solidifiesthe SHOR PILLAR TWO BLOCKS(9 CARDS EACH : : 1. SOLIDIFIER 5 6. SOLIDIFIER 2 3.38 : PRESENT FUTURE IMMEDIATE PAST (6 CARDS) SIX SOLIDIFIERS 1. INNERWHEEL : 2.68 SOLIDIFIER (36 CARDS) ( 6 CARDS) (18 CARDS) (18 CARDS) 78 CARDS Total Here is a list of what the various componentsof Rahdue'sWheel represent. TALEH PILLAR (on the right) 2.

Some of my studentshave designeda simple format on large poster board for the spreadingprocedure.130 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN 1.38 CARD 39 CARDS 40 .48 CARD 49 CARDS 50 .This would eliminate the need for memorizing the pattern. OUTER WHEEL 6. (See '1.4-2I. SOLIDIFIER 2 5. TALEH PILLAR 10. especially when working with clients. Note that I have used the abbreviation "SF" for SolidiCharts fier in thesecharts. You may wish to practice the formation of the various componentsbefore attempting a seriousreading. seasoneddeck (see:l/'1. SOLIDIFIER 1 3.25 CARD 26 CARDS 27 . SOLIDIFIER 4 9. INNERWHEEL 2. SHORPILLAR 12. CENTERWHEEL 4. so you will need a full.78 PRESENT LIFE ACTIVITY DIRECTION (asa result of present life activity) FUTURELIFEACTIVITY (afterSolidifier 1) DIRECTION (into the future) IMMEDIATE PAST ACTIVITY RESULTS OF PAST ACTIVITY IMMEDIATE PAST LIFE KEY FOR PRESENT LIFE PAST-LIFE RELATIONSHIPS KEY TO KNOWLEDGE PAST-LIFE EXPERIENCE KEY TO OPEN ANSWERSTO PREPAREDQUESTIONS (Note:The MALKUTH BLOCK hasno Solidifier. DAGIM BLOCK 8.68 CARD 69 CARDS 70 . SOLIDIFIER 5 11./9) and a large table surface or floor spaceto lay out the cards. SOLIDIFIER 6 13.) .) Preparation for the Spread This is one of the few spreadsthat usesevery card in the deck. MALKUTH BLOCK CARDS L _ 72 CARD 13 CARDS 14 . SOLIDIFIER 3 7.58 CARD 59 CARDS 60 .

Thesequestionswill remain secretuntil you reach the last part of Rahdue'sWheel. mental and spiritual healing. Imagine a clock face. I now extendthis blessingto all thosein need. Finally. feel the golden energy flowing through your arm into the card. With Thy help. .Pick them up in any order and replacethem back into one deck.Amen. and he may ask as many as nine questions.(ril): rsorrRrc spREADs131 TARorspREADs Have writing paper handy for note-taking and be sure you are thoroughly familiar with the card interpretations(see:I/ 7-9 / 77-207). Continue in this manner. May the light open my mind and purify my spirit.Each time you place a card. 2. Formation of the Spread Before we go into a detailed study of Rahdue'sWheel. . the Malkuth Block. Place the First Card in the one o'clock position (seeChart 14). IzVhen readingfor a client.if he has that many seriousthings concerninghim. Shuffle the cards gently but thoroughly. Cut the cards into four stacks. here are some generalrules for laying out the spread: 1. This light will penetrateand give physical. 3. Dear Father. ask him to write down any specificquespiecesof paper. The following is a prayer you may wish to use at this time: I reach into the centerof my being. All thesethings I ask to come from the center of my being so that all who passmy way will receiveThy Heavenly Blessing. I ask that the divine light flow from my body constantly. ending up at72 o'clock. and plenty of time! Selecta time when you are feeling balancedand at peace. placing the first twelve cardsin a clock formation. you will need a gold candle . He neednot show them tions he may have on separate to you. You are in the CENTER of your spread. 4. Visualize yourself surrounded by gold light. I pray for the light of God to illuminate my soul.Light the gold candleand spendsome time in prayer or meditation. concentratingon the GOLDEN LIGHT at the center of your being.May Thy holy spirit remain within me so that I may be a constant sourceof light.

This card will give you the confirmation needed for your interpretation of the INNER WHEEL. SOLIDIFIER 1. 6 . you will find it difficult to coordinate the entire reading. Place the deck in the Daath position and do not go on to the next wheel until you have thoroughly understood this one. Then add the Thirteenth Card. .132 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN RAHDUE'S WHEEL InnerWheel E E] CHART 14 Study each card well as you lay it down. Each segmentcovers a specific area and the cards you p)ace in that area are to ana)yze circumstancesonly in that particular area. 5 . directly under CardtZ. as it representsa different area of your PRESENTlifepath. If you do not do this.

go on to construct the CENTER WHEEL around it (seeChart 15). How you are feeling today may not be how you will feel tomorrow. in the INNER your inner self in the PRESENT. or how you felt yesterday. and it representsyour inner self in the IMMEDIATE PAST in the OUTER WHEEL. After you have analyzedthe INNER WHEEL. s csanr 15 . 8 . that samecard represents your inner self in the FUTURE.(1il): rSOrrRrC SPREADS L33 TAROTSPREADS 7 . Card 1 representsyour inner self. The areascovered in the INNER WHEEL are identical to thosein the CENTER WHEEL and OUTER WHEEL. So although the area of interpretation is the same in all three wheels. In the WHEEL it represents CENTER WHEEL. Each of the twelve positions has its own area of interpretation in your life. After this wheel RAHDUE'S WHEEL Wheel Center 0 ttE. your emotional levels may be different. For example.


you are immediately confronted with a serious aspect. philosophy Background. interpret the entire Rahdue's Wheel as a single majesticwhole. After the wheelsare complete.rNrn Wnmr (Canos 7 . Now let's explore the 13 componentsof Rahdue'sWheel in detail. karmic path Security and relationships Plans. The vibrations of this card reveal what is happeningnow and how it feels!Whether this is positive or negative is not important-it is occurring becauseyour client .proceedto construct the DAGIM BLOCK (seeChart 17). the PILLAR OF TALEH (seeChart 18). concerns Partners.T2): PRESENTLrrr Acrrvrrv Card 1: Card 2: Card 3: Card 4: Card 5: Card 6: CardT: Card 8: Card 9: Card 10: Card 11: Card 72: Inner self. the PILLAR OF SHOR (see Chart 19) and the MALKUTH BLOCK (seeChart 20). known only on the subconscious level The Inner Wheel covers the general lifepath of your client in the present.(rrr): rSOrrRrC SPREADS 135 TAROT SPREADS has been analyzed. home Hopes. After you have analyzedeach of these separately. Card 1: INNER SELF.pleasures Health. ideas. parents.loved ones The Mystic Symbol-portrays potential gains Distance. desires. 9. conclude the wheels with the OUTER WHEEL (seeChart 16).KARMIC PATH As you place the first card of Rahdue'sWheel. travel Karmic Amplitude-life's work True desirefor self and others Hidden vibrations.Each of the 12 cards represents a definite area of that lifepath and must be analyzedwith great care. Ir. 1.

IDEAS. parents and home situation? You may encounterstrong feelingsand some resistance in this position: your client may have a chip on his .PHILOSOPHY Finding a positive element in Position 3 is a good sign. There are many levelsof security which can be revealedby this card. Of course this can createtrouble for the client if the relationshipis not a secureor harmonious one. Dreams cannot mature until we provide the substance to build a foundation for them. Card 4: BACKGROUND. This is the differencebetweena dream and a plan. When your client has a plan for his dream. The card will give you insight into the internal effect of this cycle on him. HOME Does the client show evidence of receiving support from these areas?Has he been held back or helped ahead by his background. Card 3: PLANS. he has discovered the material to build that foundation. Card 3 should be full of information and inspiration. Use tact-and be sympathetic. for regardless of what turns up elsewhere.a positive your attitude from client provides an excellentfoundation on which to build or repair on any other level. You will always find a dream-and you may find many unfulfilled dreams. for many people considerthis area to be a private one. career. From this vantagepoint you can seewhere your client'ssense of security comesfrom. Card 2 will tell you what it is. etc. Great sensitivity is required here. PARENTS. Card 2: SECURITY AND RELATIONSHIPS The secondcard opensup another sensitivearea. money. Don't be disturbed for him-this may very well be a wonderful period for your client.136 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN has to undergo this karmic condition at this point in time. It all hinges on what your client considerssecurity to mean to him: it could be love.success. Don't be surprisedif a Court Card turns up here: many people relinquish personal security by investing it in a relationship. health. some more clearly than others.

It may be that Card 4 will reveala situationthat cannot be controlled by your client. We are all affectedto some degreeby our background and parental upbringing. Here is another revealing facet of the client: what he really wants. Pressure from various concernsin your client'slife can affect his . in this case. but once we recognizethe barriers we have built as a result of them.help him seeand understand it and how it may be affecting his current lifepath. but if you find here a desire to improve his situation and hope for accomplishing this. great sensitivity is called for. Card 6: HEALTH. you are morally bound to aduisehim to seea doctor immediatelyl Health concernsneedprofessional attention and care. hopes for and enjoys.(uI): rsorrRlc spREADs137 TARorspREADs in these shoulder as a result of negative experiences areasand may use them as an excusenot to allow himself to prosper.PLEASURES A positive card in the Fifth Position can help dispel any negativity you may have found in Card 4.you will know that you're dealingwith a balanced person. CONCERNS Your initial approach in this position is to verify that in fact your client has a concern about something. Help him explore whether or not he is being realistic in his desires. we have a choice to come to terms with them and forge any ahead. I always advise a person who is ill to seek the advice of a physician. old fears and resentments Again. You might encountera situation in which your client is locked into a nonproductive job or relationship. Although I am a great believer in the power of spiritual healing.It is your job here to help your client releasp he may have and move on. if so. try to get him to facereality and look for a better path. DESIRES. and if you seethat he enjoys life regardless. share his dream and encouragehim. Card 5: HOPES. If you discover that he is under any stressregarding his health. Sometimesall that is neededis a little support and enthusiasmto stimulate needful changeand future improvement. If not.

By helping him discoverwhat thesepressures are. you may help him to release and thus enable him to help himself feel better. Is he standing alone.great lonelinessand depression and a lack of motivation in any area. tread carefully and analyze your client'ssupport system. Encourage your client to open up and discuss theseconcerns. wife. But without this emotional boost. etc. Concernsother than health may be revealedat other points in this spread.this will help you spot them when they appear in the spread. The focus here is on close relationships.138 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN health. A person who enjoys such support displays a confidence that can be seenin all aspectsof his life and which expandshis horizons. .businesspartners. what is causingthem and how they are affecting some of his concerns him. even housework. Card 7: LOVEDONES PARTNERS. By discoveringa link from Position 6 to another position. it is not emotionally healthy. However. The loss of a closerelationship can trigger a stagnating unhappiness. so new relationshipsshould be formed as soon as the initial period of loss has passed. this can be a good thing. you may be able to offer your client assistance and important knowledge about his problems. or is he supported comfortably by his friends and loved ones?Sympatheticand discerning counselat this point can do a world of good. some people are able to overcome this negativity by transferring the emotional energy of a loss to another area of activity. children. Compatible energiesflowing among people in close relationshipsgive added strength to their endeavorsand become a support system on the emotional level. relatives. can becomethe focus. you may seethe brightesttalent subdued. Concentration on sports. For the immediate need.As you study Card7. but over a prolonged period.Whatever is happening in your client's world is affected by his attachmentto his family. so be alert as you proceed. a career. We all need to expressand share ourselveswith other people.

0 . It may be that your client needsto go to a certain place for a certain reason of which he is not aware.but usually for the best. If your client has no travel plans. Although it can be negative. You should read this card as a positive contribution to the reading as a whole: its esotericconnotation implies that the client is about to experience some credit due on his karmic account!Good things are now imminent: he should be encouragedto persistin any positive endeavor. for the journey need not be a long one. For example. These three cards all have an elementof karmic inheritance derived from their placement relative to the Cabala (see:I/6/74).perhaps he has been using the telephone for important businessor emotional concerns. Card 8 usually offers a positive aspectthat is evident on the client's lifepath at the present time. TRAVEL Card 9 indicatespossibletravel in connectionwith personal expansion or prosperity. Position. Let the client feel your enthusiasmabout Card 8 and he may open up and ask pertinent questions. The Mystic Symbol can in the Eighth support bring in the unexpected. WORK Card 10: KARMICAMPLITUDE-LIFE'S of the the KARMICAMPLITUDE contains Card1.(TII): ESOTTRIC SPREADS 139 TAROT SPREADS Card 8: POTENTIAL THE MYSTIC SYMBOL_PORTRAYS GAINS SYMBOL.or should do so. Explore this with him: perhapshe has been thinking of calling someone. if he is iob-hunting. asarethe Card8 is knownasTHEMYSTIC other two cards found in the "8 o'clock" position in the Center and Outer Wheels (Cards 2I and 34). Card 9: DISTANCE.This which will find will alert you to his needsand desires. this card will explore the possibilitiesand advise accordingly. Or it may show that a family member or friend who lives some distanceaway needsto get in contact with your client. this is not important.following the guidanceof the Eighth Position. Procrastination can delay or even eliminate the good energiesof this card.

what is he doing about it? Is he content to go on with no real purpose. or is he willing to open his mind to new possibilities? All thesequestionsare involved in the Tenth Position. but if they are antithetical to our lifestyleand obligations.we may allow them to get out of hand. The Seedcontained in this card. as do the other two cards found in the . The purposeof the EleventhPosition is to help your client recognizehis own true desire and whether it is beneficial or detrimentalto his best interests and thoseof his loved ones." Every action we take is either for ourselvesor for another. you may need to help him go inward to discover the hidden .known and unknown. or is he waiting for an opportunity to do so? Is he satisfiedwith his accomplishmentsto date? If not. we have a strong Iikelihood of achieving them. but it is there! What you should try to bring out here is a clarification of what your client may or may not expect from his contribution to his present life.as revealedby Card 11.10 o'clock" position in the Center and Outer Wheels (Cards 23 and 36). At this point. we are listlesssouls. if our desiresare in harmony with our lifepath.. You should explore this area in depth with your client. Inner control and balanceare the guidesof our "true desire. this can nullify his sensitivity and paralyzeany potential action. This is a tremendousresponsibility that cannot be ignored or treated lightly. It may be buried deeply within his subconscious. What karma has he earned?Has he expressed his talents. touchesupon and revealsyour client's original intention. KNOWN ONLY ON Card 72 THE SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL If your client is constantly denying his true desire. Card 11: TRUE DESIRE FOR SELF AND OTHERS The emphasishere is on "true": if we are devoid of sincere desire. in order to make him aware of his own presentlevel of satisfactionwith his achievements and his life. HIDDEN VIBRATIONS.140 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN client. seenand unseen.

(rrr): rsoreRrcspREADs141 TARorspREADs vibrations that are close to his consciousness but not perceptibleto him. Card 13 becomesthe first Solidifier and is placed inside the wheel at the apexpoint. so you must gently guide him into himself. but you cannot do it for him. Through your own sensitivity to his feelings. Crxrrn Wnrn The titles of the next 12 cards are identical to those of the first72. for it advisesthe client that a new cycle is about to begin. Card 12 conveysto your sensitivityexactly what is presently hidden from your client. 2. Take the time to open up this area and help him seewhat is hidden deepwithin his own consciousness. which opens a new wheel. you'll know that another person will be playing a prominent part in the client's life soon. An ACE as a Solidifier is significantalso. Encouragehim to be aware of his inner strengthand to hear and understand the message in the Twelfth Position. . The Solidifierconfirms the reading to this point: it is your Key to the Inner Wheel.you can point the way. He must explore himself and come to realizethat his inner voice will speak to him if he will only be still and listen.25): FUTURE LIrr Acrtvrrv (Canps '1. but your client may not know how. substantiatingthe information receivedfrom the previous twelve cards. The position interpretations are the same. You can do this by meditation. and the cards are laid out in the same clock-facepattern as with the Inner Wheel (seeChart 15). Card 13 can be thought of as a bouncing board to the next level-your client'sfuture prospects. It also links you with Card 74. Sorrorprrn1 (Clno 13): DrnrcuoN (ns e Resurr or PRESENT Lrrr Acrrvrry) You have now completed the Inner Wheel with the first twelve cards.4 3. . Further information on thesesituations will be found in the Center Wheel. just below Card12 (seeChart 1a). Often things that go wrong in life could be avoided if we would only listen to that small voice. dealing with future activity. But now you will be relating them to your client's future activities. If the Solidifier is a Court Card.

The beauty of the wheel pattern is that it allows you to arrangethe cards so that you can easily keep track of this process. readingfor the future. as shown in Chart 16. which are read in conjunction with the information gained from Cards 8 and 10 in the Inner Wheel. reading for the immediate past. beneath and to the right of the First Solidifer (Card 13).) 4. the Card number and the cardpositionwill be different: for example. 5. Now you are reading for the immediate past of your client (maximum of 28 days).no 39): Resurrsor PAST AcrtvtrY When you have completed the third and final wheel. in the Outer Wheel. relative to thesesame hopes. take Card 5: In the Inner Wheel. the Fifth Position (Card 31) will take you back to his recentpast. Solidifier 3 will confirm all that is containedin the Outer Wheel. Card 15 in Position 2. For example. the hopes. (Note: Don't be confusedby the fact that from now on. desiresand pleasures and the likelihood of his achievingthem. place Card 39 inside the Inner Wheel. . Solidifier2 will confirm all that is containedin the Center Wheel and solidifies the client's activities for the next three months. Now. place Card 26 inside the Inner Wheel. in the Center Wheel. Souprurn 3 (C. and so on.742 TARor-rHE HANDBooK FoR rHE IoURNEvMAN except for PositionsI and 10 (Mystic Symbol and Karmic Amplitude). Ournn WHrn (Cnnns 27-38): IMMEDIATE PAST Lrrr Acrtvlrv Complete the Outer Wheel. 6. beneathand to the left of the First Solidifier (Card 13). You will now be able to seehow the past pattern of events has brought your client to his present situation. Card L4 is still in Position 1. laying out the next L2 cards around the outside of the other two wheels. Souprprn 2 (Cnno 26): Drnecrror (Iuro rsr FUTURE) When you have completedthe secondwheel. you read the present of your client. desiresand pleasures Fifth Position (Card 18) gave you his future hopes. Rahdue'sWheel doesnot forecastbeyond that point in time. desiresand pleasures.e.

To expressthe essence is the desireof your higher self. More of your true self exists. mental and spiritual.They measure the growth elementformed by the amount of karmic endeavor you have put and are putting into your presentlife circumstance.colors beyond your imagination forming a permanent image on your spiritual record. The act causesthe image. The result of this image being clouded and unable to radiate of its creation its glory is suffering and despair. Your perfectedbeing is a combination of all that you are. The two positions therefore becomecontinuous points of reference. than the small portion of "reality" you call your life. physical. Thesememory patternsform your own personal AKASHIC RECORD. the precision of the Cabalistic structure of the spread is expanded to allow the energy flow to extend outward. It is from this point that you control your higher self. Each time you take a spiritual step. .There are wheel-like esotericvortices that absorb and retain the memory patterns of your original intent. brilliant color. yet it must contend with blockageand negativity generatedby its very source. the image remains forever.(rrr): rSOrrRrC SPREADS 143 TAROTSPREADS Tnr Mvsuc Syunol eNp Kanurc Aururupr Before we go on to Part 7 of Rahdue'sWheel. Think of Positions8 and 10 as chakrasin full. the Dagim Block. we need to delve a little more deeply into the secrets of the two most important cards in all three wheels:thosein Position 8 (THE MYSTIC SYMBOL) and Position 10 (KARMIC AMPLITUDE): THEMYSTICSYMBOL Wheel Position 88 8 8 21 34 Card INNER CENTER OUTER KARMIC AMPLITUDE INNER CENTER OUTER 10 10 10 10 23 36 At thesetwo points.unknown to you. the chakrasexplodeinto maiesticluminescence.

meditate on the Keys. you should conduct Rahdue'sWheel four times a year. Betweenspreads.)Meditation using your six Akashic Keys in this way will be good practice in maintaining your balance. Through the Mystic Sy*bols and the Karmic Amplitude cards. The senary (six) structure will give you support and help dissolve old nega- .and 23 from Center Wheel OCTOBER Meditate on Cards 8 and 10 from Inner Wheel Conduct Rahdue'sWheel NOVEMBER DECEMBER IANUARY Meditate on Cards 34 and 36 from Outer Wheel Meditate on Cards 2l and 23 from Center Wheel Meditate on Cards 8 and 10 from Inner Wheel Conduct Rahdue'sWheel And so on.L44 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN As you proceedwith your studies. they are called the AKASHIC KEYS. Taken together.you will experience the increased depth and capability of your symbols. a typical year's schedule might look like this: TANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY IUNE Conduct Rahdue's Wheel Meditate on Cards 34 and 36 from Outer Wheel Meditate on Cards 2I and 23 from Center Wheel Meditate on Cards 8 and 10 from Inner Wheel Conduct Rahdue'sWheel Meditate on Cards 34 and 36 from Outer Wheel Meditate on Cards 21 and 23 from Center Wheel Meditate on Cards 8 and 10 from Inner Wheel Conduct Rahdue's Wheel ruLY AUGUST Meditate on Cards 34 and 36 from Outer Wheel SEPTEMBER Meditate on Cards 2l. either for yourself or (after becomingthoroughly familiar with it through self-reading) for clients. you will uncover levelsof divination hitherto unknown to you. Meditation on all six of thesecards can help you achieve your highest level as a Journeyman. Thus. To get the most out of meditation on the Akashic Keys. (Note that the reoerseorder of the wheels listed above is correct for your meditations. Six is the symbol of justice and also standsfor physical health in the spread. They will become a collection of potent Keys to your higher consciousness.

but they continually bicker and quarrel over many things. Each time they quarrel they feel this has to be the end of the relationship. Each time they do this. the results of this card will be beneficial. Your higher self will be continually energizedby this meditation and provide you with deeperand clearerinsightsin your readingsand in your daily life. Card27 would show youhou he could releasehimself from this debilitating relationship. Karmic forcesare at work here to break down existingpatterns and help the client move forward. (Center Wheel-FUTURE): THE MYSTIC SYMBOL-RESULT OF THE HARVEST Whatever the client'scircumstances may be. he can turn his life around completely. but it just goeson and on. the situation gets more emotional. If you were using Rahdue's Wheelfor Bill. He will be open to the experience of a new and exciting cycle of energy. Be considerate Card 27 .Bill and Janeare strongly attachedto eachother.Even if there is the severance of a relationship. You should find yourself happier and in better overall health as old. but his karmic inheritanceis offering him release. then kiss and make up.If he does take the advice of the Eighth Position card. this must still be considereda positive influencefor the future.Avail yourself of these unique senary vibrations throughout the year and the wisdom and gainedwill put you well on the road to Master status spiritual progress as a studentof Tarot. the times between making up becomelonger and more bitter. Suppose is locked into a stormy relationshipwith a girl named Jane. tired patterns are discarded.(ru): rsorrRrc spREADs145 TARorspREADS tivity. Now here are the position interpretationsof the six cards as they appear in the three wheels: Card 8 (Inner Wheel-PRESENT): THE MYSTIC SYMBOL-PORTRAYS POTENTIAL CAINS We have already discussed the Inner Wheel meaning of Card 8 (seepage 139). so that he can receivehis karmic you have a client namedBill who inheritance. He may not take the opportunity.

in theEighth Position of the Outer Wheel.) Card 10 (lnner Wheel-PRESENT) : KARMIC AMPLITUDE-LIFE'S WORK the Inner Wheel meaningof We have already discussed Card L0 (seepage 139). for you are given insight into a recent occurrenceinvolving another person or personswith whom your client was meant to sharea particular situation. (The remainingdays of any month-2g. The mystical Eighth Position is not necessarilytraumatic. which in this caseis the Center Wheel-Card 26. So the date you chooseto make the spreadis important. This is a fascinating aspect. and the following Solidifier will confirm it.Take time to breathe it in. It will add clarity to the reading. 30. So if you wish to receive the benefit of the entire EsotericMonth. It can be very difficult to break familiar but destructivelife patterns. it might be better to conduct your reading on or after March 28. the immediate past activity will have occurred sometimebetweenMarch 1 and the present(March 14).The 28-day period begins on the first of euery month and endsat midnight on the 28th of that month. Card 34 (Outer WheeI-IMMEDIATE PAST): THE MYSTIC SYMBOL-KARMA SHARED placed ThethirdMysticSymbol.31-are accountedfor by the Solidifier of the previous wheel. You must learn to work with the 28-day period of the EsotericMonth: it does not start wheneveryou decideto conduct the spread. How recent is the "immediate past"? If you do a spread on March 14. for it is this date that determines the question. the resistingforce is the challengeof karma. It brings good things: it is like a breath of fresh air in all three wheels.146 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN and empathizewith your client when dealingwith such delicate matters. (Center Wheel-FUTURE) : KARMIC AMPLITUDE-SOURCE OF SATISFACTION Card 23 . relates to events already established during the previous 28 days.

remind him that if we continually do the samethings over and over. unlessyou feel supremelyconfident of your Journeyman skill. you will find guidancein Card 23. you can use the EsotericMonth time sequence as with Card 34 in Position 8. it's up to you to help him choosethe one that is best for him.(ur): rsorrRrc spREADs147 TARorspREADS This card should be thought of as a rescuecard! By understandinghow to use it. It is not wise to use the 28day period when trying to forecast for your client. Give yourself more leeway and use the full three-month period allowed by Rahdue'sWheel. .There may be many alternativesopen to him. If you detect frustration. the card itself should tell you the nature of this change. Was it significantenough to causeyour client much concern?Has he been able to adjust to the new relate to his situation yet? How do the circumstances give you further karma? The rest of the spread may insight.Although your client may feelhe was involved in a negative situation last month. lack of direction. disharmony. Much dependson how your client is handling his past and present situations. the sameresultswill occur every time. Your client has experiencedan adjustment of some sort relating to his karma. you should delve into it more deeply to determinethe actual nature of the event. Anyone who is seriousenough to participate in a spreadas lengthy as Rahdue'sWheel should be prepared to make adjustmentsin his lifepath to avoid repeatingthe samemistakes. If you feel that your client has not yet recognized or removed any obstaclesthat may be holding him back. Card 36 (Outer WheeI-IMMEDIATE PAST): KARMIC AMPLITUDE-ADIUSTMENT RELATING TO KARMA This card focuseson the immediatepast activitiesof the client. you can show your client how to achievehis own level of satisfaction. You will have a period of approximately 12 weeks for what you see in the spread to materializefor your client.

PlaceCards 40 through 48 in a straight line from right to left (seeChart 17) centeredbeneaththe Wheel. Because of the intensity of her emotions and the questionssheasks. Thesesamepeopleare now a part of the client'spresentlifepath. the Dagim Block will show this. then the next time you make the spread. there is no time sequence involved. the sameis true. Dncrv Brocr (Cenps 40-48): IMMEDIATE PAST LIFE The Dagim Block is the nearestof the two blocks to the Wheel. exceptthat the identifying cardsare KINGS. use either QUEENS or KINGS. If you are reading the Dagim Block for a female. and you can also check on the accuracyof your forecasts. Say you have a client named Angela who is engagedto be married.you decideto do Rahdue'sWheel. In the 29th year. follow the above proceduresfor PAGES. remember that each card is revealingan actual situationfrom the immediatepast life. The information we derive from thesenine cards only presentsthe patand another-the karmic terns of similarity between one life experience pattern. Keepinga separate Journal just for readingsof Rahdue'sWheel is a good idea and will give you a clear and concisereference.thesenine cards are read as a block. the first QUEEN your client in her immediate past life. Court cards play a large part in analyzing this block. As you begin to interpret the Dagim Block. Make notesof your karmic progressand you your will develop ability to understandpast-life situations. If you are readingfor a male. This block contains information regarding the client's immediate past life. in this spread they representpeople only. She is filled with excitementand joy and comes to you for a reading. Here you can see the advantageof reading Rahdue'sWheel every three months: if the client's presentsituation does not changeduring the interim period.748 rARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN 7. The Dagim Block will focus directly into an immediate past-life situation that is releuant to a present situation. When you analyze the Dagim Block. you . If your client of either sexhas not yet reached his or her 29th birthday. Other that appearsrepresents QUEENS or Court Cards that follow representother people in that lifetime. Unlike the structuredpattern of the three wheels. There are many interesting aspectsto record. Don't think of the Dagim Block as a negativepart of the spread.

She has a chanceto do it right this time! RAHDUE'S WHEEL DagimBlock @ ee@aea @ea cnenr 17 8.In the strengthof Taleh is held the memory of relationships from our past liaes. How she handled things then and how she will handle them now are two different choices. It solidifieshis intendedkarmic patterns.These memories are carefullypreserved to remind the higherconsciousness which were beneficialand which were harmful. From this . Terun PrrraR(Canns 50-58): PAST-LIFE RnerroNsHrps To the right of Rahdue's Wheelstands the Pillar of Taleh. but if the previous experience turned out badly. you can advise her to be careful with the present one and avoid the pitfalls of the past.(lrr): rsorrRrc spREADs749 TARorspREADs find that in her immediate past life Angela experiencedthe same situation.BeforeanalyzingSolidifier4 be sure you havegrasped all the informationin the DagimBlock.This cardis placedjust to the left of Card 48. Souprrrn4 (Cann49): Krv ro PRESENT Lrer The FourthSolidifier is the Key to the client's present life. 9.

. relationthe focus is on the peopleassociated ships that are relevant to those in this life. Placeit just to the left of Card 58. of people-those we have known tain a good number of both categories before. love. storehouse befriend in this lifetime. The nine cards in the Taleh Pillar are laid out in a column to the right of the Wheel. not euery good or bad relationshipshould be considered karmic. exceptthat with the client'spast life. his question might be. solidifying all the information that you extract from the Taleh Pillar. Of course. Don't be disappointedif you are happily married and no Court bonds.150 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN you may learn who you are destinedto meet again. answerswill probably be found in the Taleh Pillar. "ls this a karmic reaction?"If you do a reading during the time of the concern. and those we haven't. It that meansthat the cards are indicating a re-creationof past experiences initiated a significantrelationship. beginningwith Card 50 at the bottom and ending with Card 58 at the top (seeChart 18). In this lifetime we will meet many new souls who Usually.lovers and friends in this life may have taken other roles in your previous life. That samebond will soon become evident in this life. even being the opposite sex! Your presentson might have been your sisterin a past li[e. We are constantly creatingnew karma in our attempts to settle up with the old. your mother might have been a closemale friend. are "soul-mate" Cardsturn up here. Be flexible and understandthat we all play many different parts in many different lives. who is not to be a part of your life this timeand why. If your client is presentlyconcernedabout a certain family member's attitude toward some situation. our lives conhave never before been a part of our experience. Thesereincarnationalfacts are the rudiments of Rahdue'sWheel. The Taleh Pillar works exactly like the Dagim Block. 10. If no Court Cards appearin the Pillar of Taleh. and so on. this doesnot mean that you have had no significant relationshipsin your last past life. Souorrrcn 5 (Cenp 59): Ksv ro KNowrrocr This Fifth solidifier gives you the Key to knowledge.Not all good relationships Parents.

When a person asks himself. When reading for a ciient.a talentedman can self-destruct it has all been done before-in another life. In the strengthof Shor is held the memory of experience from our past liaes. regardless signifiesthat the female will find her soul mate. 11. been at work. the Karmic Seedretains the CAUSE. Some people never discoverwhy they are stuck in certain ruts. beginningwith Card 60 at the bottom and ending with Card 68 at the top (seeChart 19). for many of our actions in this It is this Causethat is responsible life. We createdthis Causeand the result is now containedin the karmic memory. A QUEEN Solidifier signifiesthat the male will find his soul mate. Repeated upon reachRelationshipscan dissolve. A KING Solidifier for the Pillar of Taleh. This memory is known as the KARMIC SEED. Another fact to be aware of is that there is more than one Karmic SeedlAt the time of the reading you will be shown which Seedis relevant to the present situation and why. Snon Prnen (Canps 60-68): PAST-LIFEExrrntrNcr To the left of Rahdue'sWheel stands the Pillar of Shor.Deciding which message You will have already interpretedover sixty cards. The Pillar of Shor will show you hous the Karmic Seeddeueloped. consolidates and refersonly to past-liferelationshipsthat are relevant to the present. even destructive. Studying the Pillar of Shor can be quite therapeutic:discovering the original reason that createdthe Karmic Seedcan prevent you from experiencingit all over again. Seed.by now you should have a good handle on the reading and a good idea of what this pillar contains. or ushatis happeningin your life at this time that is relatedto the Karmic has been revealedshould not be difficult. his . You must read the cards of the Shor Pillar as a singleunit: individual card interpretationscome after you have the completepicture. The Solidifier confirms. the Karmic Seedhas patterns can be very harmful. why they make the samemistakesover and over. "Why do I do the same stupid thing over and over? Won't I ever learn?". You can be of enormous help to yourself and your clientswith the Shor Pillar.TAROT SPREADS (III): ESOTERIC SPREADS 151 of his suit. The nine cards in the Shor Pillar are laid out in a column to the left of the Wheel. ing a certain level of success.

L52 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN E E RAHDUE'S WHEEL Pillarof Taleh E a E a a e @ CHART 18 .

(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs 153 TARor SpREADS a CHART 19 E @ @ @ @ @ @ @ RAHDUE'S WHEEL Pillarof Shor .

It should be placed to the right of Card 68.) RAHDUE'S WHEEL Malkuth Block @TETEEEEE cnanr 20 .L54 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN presentlife situation will give you the clue you needto tell which Seed is the important one. Marxurn Brocx (Canns7Q-78):Axswrns ro Pnrpenro QursrroNs The Malkuth Block is the final component of Rahdue'sWheel.r This Solidifier holds the lessonof the Pillar of Shor. you may get the entire picture from the Pillar of Shor. Sorrorprrn 6 (Cano 69): Kev ro Oprr. If much trauma is involved. Card 69 is the Key to open the client'sconsciousness and seewhy things are as they are. 13. (Note that Card 74 is directly under Card 32 of the Outer Wheel. 12. It is laid out in a straight line beneaththe Dagim Block from right to left (seeChart 20). Use this Solidifier as a light to shine on hidden reasonsand past experiences.your client will already have undegonethe experience.how it was causedand why. If the pillar revealshow the Seeddeveloped. so you must explain to him what has happened.

They do not pertain to the reading and leaving them face down retains the original energy of the spread.place them face doun. finish your interpretationand answercompletelybeforeproceedingto the next question.only now that you have reachedthe Malkuth Block are you ready for them. uhen only one question is asked. (lf readingfor yourself. the secondby Card77. say each question aloud.Any cards that have not been used are /eft face down and are not to be read. all nine cards in the Malkuth Block are turned ouer. until you have answeredall the questions. and so on acrossthe block. if readingfor yourself)may ask a total of nine questions. in working with Rahdue's Wheel. that the number 9 appearsfrequently in its components. but it is not advisablefor you to tell your clients this. Each card is analyzed completely in turn before going to the next. A Word About Nine You may have noticed.you can look for connectionsamong them.This is no accident. you break the esotericstructure of the entire spread. Eachof the cardsin the Malkuth Block will answera specificquestion. Your client may feel that he has to come up with nine important questions.but they can be important mundane ones concerningany aspectof his life.one for eachcard. . This block is not for frivolous questions. When all the cards are revealed. working from right to left.You need not know what your client'squestionsare beforehand. Thesequestionsmust have been written down before you began the spread(see"Preparationfor the Spread. The first questionis answeredby Card 70. However. one at a time."pages130-131). or they can relate to karmic matters.when he only needsone or two things clarified. Your client (or you. You have completedRahdue's Wheel (seeChart 21).(ru): rsorrRrcspREADs TARorspREADS 155 When placing theselast nine cards of the spread. Notice that you have come to the end of the full Tarot deck: there is no Solidifier for the Malkuth Block. Have your client ask eachquestionverbally.) Consider only one question at a time. If you turn them over. This block is not read nor the cards revealeduntil you have completed your interpretation of Cards 1 through 69.


In concludingour study of Rahdue'sWheel. By now you should be aware of the singular propertiesof the number 9. We will go further into the mystical influence of numbers and how they relate to the Tarot in the next volume in this series:Tarot: The Handbook for the Master.57 rARor spREADs Nine is a potent number in divination. The Ennead. When 9 is multiplied by other numbers. it produces a remarkable mathematicalprogression: r 2 3 4 s 6 7 91827364ss463728190 8 910 The top line shows numbers 1 to 10. keep in mind that no aspectof it should be considerednegative. there are three more Solidifiersoutside the wheels.is 3+6+0 : 9. I think of Rahdue's Wheel as an esoteric It brings piecesof areas within the various layers of consciousness. Nine is the sign of the circumference of every circle (wheel). there are three Solidifiers inside the wheels. each "spoke" contains three cards.. becauseit contains 360 degreesand of nine things or persons. Half the numbers of this progression representthe numbers of the other half in inverseorder.Upon completing it you will be able to appreciate the magnificent combination of balancesand seehow your client relates X-ray: it exposes to eachlevel. Once we know and acceptthis purpose we can find perfect peacewithin ourselves.8 27 36 45 : 9 90 81 72 63 54: 135:1*3*5:9 360:3*6*0:9 99 99 99 99 99:495:419*'5:18:9 Nine is the completion of man. known and unknown. . and all add up ultimately to 9: '1. its final result is always 9 or a number divisible by 9. the bottom line shows the results when each number is multiplied by 9.In shedding light on thesedark cornerswe find that there is nothing to feareverything has a purpose. experience together. We see9 reflectedthroughout the componentsof Rahdue'sWheel: there are three wheels (9 is the squareof 3). seenand unseen. When multiplied by itself or any other number.(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs]. and each of the Blocks and Pillars contains nine cards.an aggregate the first square of an odd number. There are no good or bad parts of this spread.

Don't be discouragedif you find yourself in such a situation. this anotherangle. Formation of the Spread You will be usinga total of forty-four cardsin this spread.158 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN THE VICTORIAN FAN SPREAD The VICTORIAN FAN is usedwhen there are problems concerning three persons.Then ask him to cut the cardsthreetimes. Seeif you can get him to look at the problem from his attitude. Relationships among people are often complicated:emotions become dominant and because certain situations are taken for granted. visualizingall three peopleconcerned in the issue(includinghimself). You may be faced with relationship triangles that are almost impossibleto solve unlessthe people involved are willing to budge on some issue. his mother-in-law and your client A doctor. his patient and your client A child. then a third person intrudes The boss. involving: Two people in a good relationship.all you can do is relate exactly what the Wisdom of the Tarot offers. his teacherand your client A realtor. I'm sureyou can think of many more situationsinvolving threepeople. a buyer and your client.visualizing eachpersonin turn. a fellow worker and your client A husband. This will at leastgive your client an extended vision of what is really happeningor what has actually occurred. simply offer your client sympathy and understandingand the best counselyou can.Often if one of the threepeoplechanges will solve the problem. Have your client shuffle the deck in the normal way. If each of the three parties feelstotally justified in his or her position and refusesto change.You can only do so much-the rest is up to him and the other two people involved. like this: . the true reasonsfor problems are obscured.Here are a few typical situations.


9. 13. BROWN. WHITE. THIS REPRESENTS MR. WHITE is client. The First Card covers all three people involved. 10. 19. Card 2: Card 3: Card 4: . 6. The cards are laid out in a fan-shapedpattern of three columns (see Chart 22). REPRESENTS SECONDCUT: Visualize yourselfand say: THIS REPRESENTS ME. your MR. THIS REPRESENTS MR.Study it carefully: doesit complementthe first card or negateits qualities? This must be firmly decidedin your mind before going on to the next card. For the purposes of this study I will identify three hypotheticalpeople:MR. all the cards in the lefthand column will representMR. 75. Each column will representone of the three people involved in the situation. continue to do so with the statement for each card. 22. 24. WHITE and MS. 78. Each person is represented by a total of ten cards. THIS IS WHAT CROSSESTHE TRIANGLE. You are now ready to commencethe spread. Card 1: THIS IS WHAT COVERS THE TRIANGLE. BROWN. 25. 12. 27. As you place the card down. say the above statementaloud with firm conviction. THIRD CUT: Visualize the third personand say: THIS (nameof person). It shows the generalnature of the situation. 76. 27 and 30). From now on.160 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE TouRNEyMAN Visualize thefirst personand say: THIS (nameof person). All ten cards in the center column representhim (Cards 4. REPRESENTS FIRST CUT: Ask your client to replace the three stacks into one deck in any order he wishes. MR. BROWN (Cards 3. 7. 28 and 31). The SecondCard is crossedover the First and can be eitherpositive or negativein aspect. GREEN.

or evenstupid. WHITE/MS. 20.14: THIS IS THE INTENTION OF MR. Cards'15. keepin mind theconcern of eachpersonand how it may affect their next step. All ten cardsin the right-handcolumn represent the '14. Remember that an intentionis not an action!Thereare both good and bad intentions. You will understand why he feels ashe does asyou observe and analyze the two outside columns. Do you feelthe intentions arepositive? Will they contribute toward solving the problem?Considerthese questions as theypertainto your client's interests. Perhaps the stress of the situationis causing someone generous to take a stepthat is careless. WHITE'SIMMEDIATE CONCERN. Card LL: THIS IS THE NEXT STEPOF MS. (Cards third person 5. GREEN. BROWN/ MR. Cards12.26. WHITE. 8. This statement for all takesus back to the beginning threepeople. Card 6: Card7: CATd 8: Card 9: Card L0: THIS IS THE NEXT STEPOF MR. THIS IS THE NEXT STEPOF MR.S IMMEDIATE CONCERN. L0and 11 do not appear to be consecutive to Cards6.13. 23. GREEN. WHITE/MS. readfurther into the spread.7 and8 respectively. 17. THIS IS MS. BROWN/ MR. so beforeyou decide whetherthe intentionsof thesepeopleare likely to manifest. GREEN.If Cards9.It is from this point that the whole thing for gaininginsight developed.29 and 32). BROWN. THIS IS MR. unexpected. it couldbe that the nextstepis beingtakenwithout too muchthought. As you placethe lastthreecards.you will feelhis sensitivity.17: THIS IS HOW IT BEGANFORMR. 77.(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs 161 TARor spREADs Card 5: THIS REPRESENTS MS. These cardsareexcellent . As you move down the centercolumn.L6. BROWN'SIMMEDIATE CONCERN. GREEN. GREEN. THIS IS MR.

a vulnerable area often causedby doubt or insecurity. but there is a choice. but don't be surprisedif your client doesn't recognize its beginnings. There is always somethingyou can do.L62 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN into the situation. GREEN. 25. This seventh statement may present the only choice your client has. 23: THIS IS A POSSIBLECHOICE OF MR. He may have an entirely different idea of how the issue commenced. WHITE/MS.292 THIS REPRESENTS GREEN. 20: THISIS THE APPREHENSION GREEN. if this is so. All these things can influence people. Sometimesit appearsthat choicesin a closely knit situation are quite limited or nonexistent. GREEN. What you chooseto do may not be what you'd like to do. etc.Influential vibrations of all sort can affect decision-making. You cannot escapekarma. THE KARMIC LESSON Cards27. WHITE/MS. L9. WHITE/MS. His question at this point might be. BROWN/MR. 22. A triangle of confusion is caused by each of the people involved unwittingly reacting to their karmic heritage. Yet their individual . which may help eliminate anxiety. 28. Cards 24. "Do I belong in this situation and do I want to remain part of it?" Cards21.but fortunately this is not true. The eighth statementadds color to the spread. both consciouslyand unconsciously.26: THIS IS THE INFLUENCE AROUND MR. how other people react to them. OF MR. assurehim that it's the best one. strengthening or weakening their approach and attitude. Cards18. This can help your client in two ways: it allows him to seeclearly into the situation. OF MR. of the touches on the weakspots Thesixthstatement triangle. BROWN/MR. WHITE/MS. BROWN/MR. BROWN/MR. especiallyconcerningyourself. Each of the three people is influenced by what is around them: how they perceivethings to be. and it shows him how he stands with respect to the overall situation.

. but concernonly the situation itself. CATd33: CATd34: THIS IS WHAT COVERS THE SITUATION DURING THE NEXT 11 DAYS. You will have an extremely powerful group of symbols which are to be interpreted as they are given. Cards 30. presentingyour client with a pattern of events covering what is important to his lifepath during that period. The Fan also covers the next 11 days. If your client needsanother reading before the time period is up. They do not cover and cross the client or either of the other two people. but are read from right to left as a separate reading.then it may be used again. Within this time eachof the peopleconcernedmay expectthe resultsof his or her Tenth Card. days have passed. Cards 33 and 34 are placedbeneaththe centercolumn of the pattern and solidify all that you have read up to this point. chooseanother spread.32: THISREPRESENTS THEOUTCOME OF MR.31. They are laid out from left to right. Cards 35-44: FAN SEQUENCE The last ten cards are placeddown like a fan (seeChart 22) and are read entirely for the client. WHITE/MS. But the mere fact that the karmic lessonsfor all three are revealedin this spreadmeansthat they are affecting the issuein some way. Because of this time you should not repeat this spread until 11 sequence. No questionsare askedat this point and there are no position titles for thesecards. THIS IS WHAT CROSSES THE SITUATION DURINGTHE NEXT11 DAYS.(rrr): rsorrRrc spREADs163 TARorspREADs karmas may have nothing to do with the other people in the situation. projecting into the next 11 days. BROIAAtr/MR. GREEN. This final statementcovers a period of 1L days.


and as Journeyman you must understand this difference thoroughly in order to illuminate your readingsand make them accurateand helpful. This is not true-they are actually quite different. Here. For some reason many people seem to have difficulty in interpreting thesetwo symbols.9 CHAPTER CHOICEAND CHANGE At this point I would like to clear up some misunderstandings that I encounterfrequently concerningtwo of the Major Arcana cards: THE FOOL and DEATH. LO/ . other people will be affected by this choice. You should be extremelyempatheticwith your client when this situation arisesand handle the matter delicately. they seemto feel that their energiesare similar. somethingthat will affect him seriously. and your client must considerthis aspectas well as the consequences to himself. it meansthat he must make a major choicein his life. is the differencebetween the two cards: THE FOOL : : DEATH MAIOR CHOICE MATOR CHANGE THE FOOL When THE FOOL appearsin your client's spread. Inevitably. in four words.for it is often a difficult task to make a maior decision.

This is not a choice like "What should I have for dinnerT" or "Should I call Brenda?"We are dealing with a major choice here. There is always a sense of fear when we think of the unknown. They exist to stressthe need to stop and think. known and unknown. so here is where your skills as a Journeymancome into play. one that will have a great impact on your client. in its own way. if he refuses to make it. .bring the client answersthat will be helpful to him and aid him in understandingand making his choice. worried about its effects. nothing will changein your client's life. When the choiceis made. and so on. it doesn't mean that death or disaster are imminent-it is a card of transition. as it seemsso forbidding. People are often afraid to make a major choice.L68 TARoI-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN Until this choicehas beenmade. The choice he brings is one that can change your client's life. clarity and strength of purpose are the gifts of THE FOOL. There is no casualinterpretation for anyMajor Arcana card. Opportunities seenand unseen. will probably never manifest. understood and acted upon. You must make it clear to them that when this card turns up.It symbolizesthe fact that amajor changeis due in the person'slife. things could even get worse! Putting off the choice will only complicate any issue. The correct spread will. under your skillful and caring guidance. There is sometimesan elementof fear associated with THE FOOL. but not to be feared.you too must make a choice:you must choosethe correct spread for the client's situation at this time. DEATH This Major Arcana card is often misunderstood. Thus. can be a guide to happinessand prosperity if its messageis correctly interpreted. he will have no foundation upon which to build for the future. so your task is to counselyour client to act upon the choice as soon as possible. Each of them. In fact. especiallyby clients.delay affects the natural personal cycle adversely. it is a card to be taken seriously.THE FOOL is not to be ignored. whether it is the right one. he will be looking at different goals. As you listen to your client'sproblem or question.

DEATH brings the kind of change we associatewith karma. .fear of making the wrong decision. But it's like going to the dentist: once you summon up the courageto have the aching tooth pulled. are what hold us back. what keep us from enjoying life as it could and should be. Fear of the consequences of change. Analyze the spreadwith great care and sensitivity to determinethe nature of the changeyour client can expect.you will also be able to seethe nature of the circumstances surrounding the changeand advise your client accordingly.CHOICE AND CHANGE 769 WhereasTHE FOOL advisesthe client that he must make a choice in some matter of importance. You will find that this is seldom a surprise-the client is usually aware that some sort of change is imminent. DEATH indicates a change that will occur regardless of the client'sactions or lack of them. a major changemust be acceptedby the client. Here your job is to reassureyour client that the change will probably be for the better and to help him acceptand preparefor it. Rememberthat a major choice must be made by the client.he is given power and is able to overcome any fears he may have regarding their effects. level with him and reassure him that the changewill be a beneficial one. there will be powerful support for him on a higher level to assisthim through the time of transition and bring into view the rewards of the change. and your client may resistit strongly. When a person acceptsa major choiceor change. Be sureyou understand thoroughly and are able to communicatethem to your the differences client. Choiceand changeare distinctly different. you wonder why you waited and sufferedso long. But if you can work with him and convince him to accept it. When DEATH appearsin the spread.Don't be mysteriousor evasive.

youwilluseonlytheMAI]RARCANA deck.."ist'alitewhitelightaroundandwithinyou' AllowtheHolySpirittobewithyou.Gentlybutfirmlyshufflethe cards. . is it touches this point.FeelPeace. yt' cross the desert can fill your heart with to look forward to this iaily meditation which here is the water of spiritup.relaxandlightacandleifyouwish. A. Now of the vibrations around your become solid. Chooseaquiettimeoftheday.loveanddivineunderstanding. Createapeacefulatmosphereforyourself. a beautiful feeling of spiritual freedom 171. and knowledge. An oasisis a fertile of learning. until it becomes it will feel as though it has of energy connectingthe two points.10 CHAPTER OASIS A SPIRITUAL you have now arrived at a level in your )ourneyman study at the Tarot on a daily basis' which you can benefit from the wisdom of with a beautiful daily mediIn this chapter I would like to presentyou tationexercisethatyouwillcometolookuponasaspiritualoasisamid placewith water' located the desertof esotericstudy. you witl feel a clearing will surround you and body.. . you will come in a burning desert. The water you find you to face the mundane tasks ality and it will refresh and rejuvenate of everyday life.u.Forthis*"ditutio.oyorrrbrow'Thelinekeepsreversingbackandforthbetweenthetwo one strong white line points.Asyoushuffle. moving faster and faster. light-divine energyNow visualize a pencil-thin line of white down to the center of from your inner eye (between your eyebrows) it reversesand goesback up your solar plexus.

touch the Tarot deck and say: I COME TO THE OASIS FOR WISDOM AND GUIDANCE. THISISYOUR LESSON FORTHEDAY-YOUR SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT FROMTHE]OURNEYMAN'S OASIS. Leaving the cards face down. Do not turn the cards over. 2. 8. Take a card from eachstack and lay it face down before you. 3. 6. Now turn over the card you have chosenand place it directly in front of you. Exercise 2: The Journeyman's Oasis 1. When you feel ready to acceptyour spiritual wisdom for the day. 4. 9. recombine the three stacks into one deck. using your left hand.You will be connectedwith the Holy Spirit. IN LOVE. with your left (Daath) hand selectone of the three cards. AMEN. Touch eachone gently with your left hand. Concentrateon your card for the day.172 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEyMAN remain with you as you perform the following exercise. Then place the Daath pack firmly to your left. I NOW SEEK MY GUIDANCE FOR THIS DAY (or FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS). 7. 5. Then cut it once and place the two cards you have not chosen back into the deck without turning them over.saying: FIRST STACK SECOND STACK THIRD STACK IN TRUTH. Spend some time and become lost in the purity and wonder of the esotericsymbolism . IN LIGHT. Now cut the deck to the left into three stacks. saying: I HAVE TOUCHED UPON KNOWLEDGE AND HIDDEN WISDOM. Now using your highest level of sensitivity. FOR MY SOL]L IS IN NEED OF SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT.

A SPIRITUAL OASIS ]. become aware of forms and shapes. With your inner eye concentrate on the formation of the Major symbol behind you. If you seewater. 10. Be full of joy. then moving around either side of your body.73 it contains. Experience all that is happening. As you do this. Understand what it means to you and why you have receivedthis particular symbol from the Oasis. feel the abundanceflowing directly from Heaven. Feeleverything around you come to life. Hear the birds singing. Smell the flowers. breathe the fresh air. As you leave the healing waters. When you are ready to return to the physical world. bathe in it and heal your physical. BE STILL . As the image becomes clearer. Participate. L6. 1 3 . Feelthe white light behind you. Visualize a mirror reflection of the symbol behind you. L4. feel movement around you.Look at the background: let your higher sensitivity help you fill it in with color and life until it is as vivid as the foreground figure. L2. BECOME THE CENTER OF THIS MA]OR SYMBOL. is truly 1 5 . Seethe colors breaking out of the beautiful white light. Touch the esotericsymbols you see. 1 1 . LOOK . 17. Feelyour feet firmly planted on the ground. hear the music. ask questions and you will receive the highest wisdom and guidance. Now closeyour eyesand hold a mental image of your Major symbol in your mind.Speakfreely with the characterin your card. explore a bit into the distance-beyond the trees. This experience yours and you belong here. mental and spiritual bodies. become aware of white light. for this is your place.STILL WITH GOD. 18. first coming from the centerof your solar plexus. This is your gift from the Journeyman's Oasis. give thanks for the blessings received.SOUL STILL . Feelthe healing qualitiespenetrateall that you are and know yourself to be.

card over the meditation card. 2. you I suggest usea tape recorderto record the steps. Placeyour card of meditationbeforeyou.Do not reshuffle.Do this slowly. allowing time for you to fully experience and savor eachstep. 1. . 1 9 . which is your Lessonfor the Day. alert. Take a moment to give thanksfor this exquisite 20. 4. YOUR LESSON FORTHE DAY After your meditation at the Oasis. Make detailed notesin your Journalof your experience and the knowledgeyou have received.\74 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN BEFORE YOU. To enableyou to fully enjoy the Journeyman's Oasismeditation. meditation. refreshed and full of energy. 3. Your spreadwill open the meditation card and give you guidance for the day. Take the deckfrom the Daath position. Now beginto form the spread placingthe first of your choice. STEPFORWARD and you will be back in your room.This way you can concentrate fully on the meditationitselfwithout worrying about trying to remember what you are supposed to do next..prepare to studyyour Lesson for the Day.

fa. you are dealing with at least two different vibratory forces. without the accompanying detail of a complex spread. as it must be extractedfrom a series of "if's. (See:l/6/74. the "string" createsa harmonic reaction of many notes. you are dealing with quite a network of energies. I/J .). Wheneveryou have a situation in which more than one person is involved (which is often). Many people are in a hurry today. re. In this caseyou may try the spread I am going to describe in this chapter." As I worked on the Cabalisticstructure of the Tarot. If many people are involved. I could see that the connection between the First Sephira. and a mere yes-or-noanswer may not be possible. and many questionscan be answeredsatisfactorily with a simple yes or no. which is specifically for "yes-or-no" questions.CHAPTER 11 THE SANDALPHONSPREAD There may often be times when you feel that a long spreadis not necessary for a question posed by a client or yourself. etc. Malkuth. could be compared to the string of a great musical instrument. The nature of Tarot is to give wisdom with guidance. with do at either end. mi.) Beginningwith do.Asking for a simple yes or no is like paying a state-of-the-art computer hundreds of dollars a minute to add 2 and 2. Kether-the Crown-and the Tenth Sephira. Each time you touch any of the other Sephiroth. the notes go in ascending order (do. Such a simple answeris not always easyto obtain from the Tarot cards. Using a yes-or-nospreadis like listening only to the final note and completely ignoring the preceding harmonics.

Use the Sandalphon deck only for yes-or-no answers. 2.176 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE JouRNEyMAN So considercarefully whether the question you or your client have deserves a yes-or-no answer and whether it is ready for such an answer. Sandalphonis one of the Chiefs of the Cabalisticangels. Regardless of how busy you may be. 4. Take the first and secondstacksand shuffle them together. I have seenmany suggested ways of obtaining a yes or no. Cut the deck into four stacks. (This is the only time you use this type of shuffle with Tarot cards. you should definitely acquire a separateTarot deck and keep it for use only as a Sandalphondeck.) .placing them from left to right. however. Prepareyour Sandalphondeck in the usual manner (see:I/7/810). FORMATIONOF THE SPREAD 1. Another way is simply to wrap the deck in greensilk cloth. If you consult the cards frequently for this type of answer. 3. THE SANDALPHON SPREAD will provide you with a satisfactoryanswer. the first method is preferable. 5.Las Vegasstyle. but none of them are always satisfactory. PARTTWO GIVESTHE REASON FOR THE ANSWER. Take the third and fourth stacksand do the samewith them. This is because the continual vibratory disturbancesabsorbedby a regular seasoned deck would be highly detrimental to your Sandalphon readings and would tend to fragment its energies. The best way to keep it is to put the cards in a clear glassbowl or container with a green cloth laid loosely over the top.and this spreadis dedicated to him and draws upon his grace. Now repeat the shuffle with the two stacksyou have created from the four. The Sandalphon Spreadis in two parts: PARTONE GIVESTHE YES-OR-NO ANSWER. your approach must be one of respect. I believe you will find that if you approach it with consideration and sincerity. This type of shuffle will reversesome of the cards.

10. your answeris a possible possible NO. readingwith the Sandalphon to Lydia. seventy-seven 1L. Gather up the remaining seventy-four cards and place them to the right. 9. 8. YES. May my work with and studyof Sandalphon I dedicate and the other angels. of Sandalphon sheenjoy the companionship . When you come to the last card (Card 78).THE SANDALPHONSPREAD 177 6. Now using your sensitivity. two are right sideup. Now form seuenlines of eleuencards. Place your left hand on the deck and visualize a beautiful forest-greenvibration around you. Now placethe Sandalphon threecardsand say: THROUGH THE WISDOM OF THE ANGEL SANDALPHON I WILL LEARN THE REASON FOR MY ANSWER. place it in the Daath position. Your answer will dependupon how many of them are RIGHT SIDEUP. saying: MY NEED TO THE ANGEL SANDALPHON. face doun. your answeris YES. 12. your answeris a cardfrom theDaathbeneathyour 14. your answeris NO. Now readthe threecardsfrom right to left. 7. two are facedown. Card 1 is placed in the far top right-hand position. all threeare facedown. Place both hands palms down on the spread and say: MAY THE ANGEL SANDALPHON HEAR MY NEED. 15. If If If If all threeare right sideup. Place the cards from right to left. select any three cards from the laid out. Then cut the deck once. Placethe three cards you have chosenbefore you. solidifyingyour card. 13. to the left of the bottom row. starting the first line at the top. left to right. Placethem next to your Daath card.

for there are no members. It is simply a promise to God to maintain your own personalintegrity in mattersconcerningall who seek your counsel. rebirth into self-knowledge and an understanding of the higher conIn India initiateswere calledDuijas.CHAPTER 12 THE IOURNEYMAN'S INITIATION Now that you are approachingthe completion of your Journeyman studieswith the Tarot. a spiritual declaration to honor your own actions. no committees. Initiation is a spiritual and intellectual rebirth of the power of the soul. 779 . It is a declaration of the desire within yourself to be honorable. society. Self-initiation is the most difficult kind. love and light. he went through the Initiation ceremony required by that particular group. [f he passedthe ceremony he was honored as member of his brotherhood. to be worthy of your gifts. etc." meaning Throughout the centuriesInitiation has been practiced in many different cultures. an established The Tarot Journeymanbelongsto no particular group.no rules to follow. which is a Sanskritword sciousness. When a member of an esoteric society was deemed sufficiently prepared. Your Initiation must be administeredby yourself. to walk in truth. "twice-born. trustworthy and sincerein all aspectsof your life and to recognize the responsibility of calling yourself a IOURNEYMAN OF THE TAROT. Self-initiation is a personal commitment to yourself and to God. and to give this samelove and light to all those you meet on your lifepath. you are ready to take the stepsof the Initiate.

3. You will need a white candle. clap your hands three times and say: IT IS NOW O'CLOCK AND I AM READY TO COMMENCE MY STEPS TOWARD INITIATION.Try to pick a time when you will not be disturbed. Afterward. A white candle with matchesor lighter 3. Taking the SevenSteps 1. Place these items on the table. Perhapsyou have a birthday coming up. Selectyour first day with care. Have the following items ready: 1. The path of the Initiate is sevenfold: there are sevenstepsyou must take. or some other day that holds significance for you. Now light the candle and say the Prayer of Invocation (see: I/10/274). Clap your hands again three times and say: THIS IS MY FIRST STEP. Placeyour left hand over the Tarot deck and say: .choosethe sametime each day for the steps. one on eachof sevendays. 2. which can be used throughout the sevendays.180 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN SEVENSTEPS TOWARD INITIATION Sevenis a mystic number. to prepare yourself for Initiation. At the time you have electedto begin. Take a relaxing bath. Preparation for the Seven Steps If possible. wear loose clothing. This would be a good day to begin your sevensteps. as it will always be a special day for you. Your copy of Tarot: A Neu Handbook for the Apprentice. A table covered with white cloth or paper 2. so that you are comfortable. A deck of Tarot cards 4.

6. Uy'hen three cards back into the deck and shuffle it. BRINGING JOY TO ALL THOSEI MEETALONG THE WAY. Clap your hands three times. J. starting with the stack on the left. 4 . Cut the deck once and take the top card. IN LOVE.Placeboth handsover the deckand say: . Turn over the top card of each stack. saying: IN TRUTH. given to you on these three levels. your card backinto the centerof the deck. Cut the Tarot deck to the left into three stacks. LIGHT AND UNDERSTANDING SO THAT I MAY FOLLOW MY LIFEPATH. Hold this card up to your inner eyeand say: THIS SYMBOL INDICATESTHE DIRECTION TOWARD MY NEXT STEP.Shufflethe 1 3 . IN LIGHT. 1 0 . Leave the candle burning as you study the Wisdom of the you understand what has been revealed.THE IOURNEYMAN. Write down what each messagemeans to you. AS I EXTINGUISH MY CANDLE I PRAY THAT THE LIGHT WTTHIN THIS SYMBOLWILL SHOW ME THE WAY DURING THE NEXT 24 HOURS. Clap your handsthreetimesand say: LET THE LIGHT OF THIS SYMBOL GUIDE ME ON MY THE FLAMEOF PATH OF INITIATION. place the Tarot. Now study the message 7.Clap your handsthreetimes. 1 1 . 8. 9. 12.S INITIATION 181 AS I TAKETHISFIRSTSTEP TOWARDINITIATION I SINBLESS ME WITH CERELY ASK FORHIGHER GUIDANCE. Now blow out the candle. Replace cardsagain.

scarf energy and is a token or any other red material. THE INITIATION CEREMONY Preparationfor Initiation When you feel you are ready.. Two chairs. Three glasses of water 6.782 rARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IouRNEyMAN I HAVE SOUGHTWISDOM ON MY PATH TO INITIATION AND I ACCEPTTHE GUIDANCE GIVEN. A pen and writing paper 5. . etc. the secondSunday of each month. . one for you and one to representthe Daath position. Hereafter. A table covered with white cloth or paper 2. it will be known as your MASTER DAY and will always be. 4. The day you choose for your Initiation Ceremony will not be thought of as a calendar day. A pink flower or flowers . On the seatof the Daath chair place a red cushion. say: THIS IS MY SECOND STEP and AS I TAKE THIS SECOND STEP . AMEN. Every month. Red represents of love and strength. This sameprocedure is to be followed for the next sezten days using the Major Arcana deck only. this particular day will be your Master Day. Rememberto changethe number of the stepfor eachday (i. for the secondday. the third Tuesday of eachmonth. When you have completedthe sevensteps. comfortable clothing.I HAVE PLACEDTHE SYMBOLTO MY INNEREYEAND WILL FOLLOWTHE LIGHT THAT NOW SURROUNDS ME. Have the following items ready: 1. Make sure you will not be disturbed. preparefor your Initiation by bathing before the ceremonyand wearing loose. the first Friday of each month. A pink candle with matchesor lighter 3.e. for example.you are ready to conduct your Initiation. and so on).

6. IT SHALL BECOMEA AND LOVE. 3.Holding it in your hand. 4. AS I SIPFROM IT. coin and knife should be silver or silvery in appearance. 9. Now you are ready to begin your Initiation Ceremony. Placethe THREE OF CUPS to the right on the table. 7. knife). Placethe flowers and the glasses of water on the right side of the table. One with a pearl handle is ideal. Initiation 1. Place the pink candle on the left side of the table. CUP BRIMMING WITH HAPPINESS . say: WITHIN THE THIMBLE ARE THE SEEDS OF LOVE AND COMPASSTON. Place the Journeymantools on the silver tray (twig. Place the tray front and center on the table.THE JOURNEYMAN. Now arrange these items as follows: 1. Pick up the thimble. for the pearl represents the seedof wisdom.S INITIATION 183 7. The twig should be cut just prior to the ceremony. coin. 2. The knife can be a small fruit knife or penknife. A silver or silvery-looking tray. Two Tarot cards: THREE OF CUPS and THE EMPRESS 8. thimble. Four Journeymantools: (a) A freshly cut twig (b) A thimble (c) A coin (d) A small knife The thimble. Beginby clappingyour handssix times. PlaceTHE EMPRESSto the Daath (left) on the table. thus: THREE-FOUR (pause) FIVE-SIX ONE-TWO (pause) 2. Have a copy of your ceremony directionsimmediately before you. 5. Place the Daath chair to the left of your chair.




Setthe middleglass backdown on the table. of Anticipation. . YOUR INITIATION IS COMPLETED. AS I LOOK BEFORE ME I RECOGNIZE THEOPPORTUNITIESTHAT AREMINE AND YETTO COME. YOU ARE NOW A IOURNEYMAN. Settheglass backdown on the table. Drink all the waterin the Glass 23.Thentakethe glass on theright. hold it up andsay: I TAKETHIS CUPOF IOY AND DRINK IN CELEBRATION.THE JOURNEYMAN'STNTTIATTON 187 22.

so no matter what obstacleshe may encounter. can no longer feel the warmth and security of the village below. Now that you have this knowledge. Only of the right stepsto take intenseconcentrationand a sharp awareness will bring you safely to the top. Climbing the mountain is comparatively easy in the early stages. . He is always there to guide the Journeyman up the mountain on his quest to reach the top. the Journeymanmust keep his vision ever upward. There is still sunshineand people can still be seenbelow. At the foot of the mountain stands THE HERMIT.As you set your foot on this stretchof the Royal Road of Tarot. If the Journeymanlooks down as he climbs he will lose sight of THE HERMIT'S light.for they are well establishedin your higher consciousness. the colder it becomes. Your Apprenticeship is behind you and a new and exciting beginning lies before you.The Journeymanmust raisehis consciousnesseven higher to seethe peak towering above him. You still have much to study and absorb as you steadily increase your skills as a Journeyman. where it ends. waiting with his lantern lit. you must prove it to yourself and others by practicing it with wisdom and love. which are the various spreadsyou have studied during the course of this volume. you are now free from the basic theories and rudiments of your studies. you will seethat it points to the foot of a maiestic mountain. But the higher limited and you Your vision becomes you climb.CHAPTER 13 END AND BEGINNING As a full-fledged Journeyman. Like a graduate of a university. you are now in command of your tools.

when we meet again in the third volume of Tarot. The Journeymanmust wear his Pain. The cobbler must also wear shoes. The Master must know of our needs. The ]ourneyman must wear his wisdom. The baker must also eat bread. He must study and never be still. We will climb together. The ploughman must also wear britches.You can always turn around and go back down.Who would know if you decided to of the difficulties you encounter?Who would return to the basebecause YOU WOULD. The Journeymanmust practice his skill. When his countenanceshows clearly his craft.l hope to seeyou ready and waiting at the foot of the mountain to begin your final climb. The Journeymanmust wear his knowledge. The Journeymanmust seekfor light. care? The way to the top of the mountain is the Path of the Master. Or you can remain dedicated and persistentand finally reach the peak in triumph! The choice is always yours and no one else's. Until he is baker or tailor. Until he is Master and knows it. His love in our eyes we must show. Prepareyourself and meet me there. The tailor must also wear clothes. He must resist the urging to talk.190 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEYMAN During this climb. Then "Master" will now be his name. . He must study into the night. The ]ourneyman must wear them and walk. you will be facedwith constantchoices. Until he is ploughman or cobbler.

sensitivity and intuition' Ancientsymbolsweredesignedtoleadthehigherconsciousness of form and reason' They into esotericareaswithout the restrictions vibrations.CONNOLLY'S EILEEN MYSTICAL FOCHAADAMS exciting form of The MYSTICAL FOCHAADAMS are a new and guidance through the divination which can reveal esotericwisdom and Connolly. lecinterpretations of the symbols portrayed. but rather as a modern based on your higher cover.d *-uk" meaningful decisions and being Throwing the Mystical Fochaadams level of consciousness.Hebrew and Tibetan: FO CHAA DAMS Fohat Chabad Yidams of cosmic electricity Essence Wisdom.-the Mystical Fochaadams tool to help you disof mere fortune-telling. author. etc. InIgT rh" numed them with a from two languages. thus opening were intended to trigger the student'shigher 797 . analyze ur. has spent years researching mystical word derived unique system. Eileen and developing this turer and teacher. preparedtorecognizefuturetrendsastheresultsofpresentactivities will greatly enhanceyour will lead you into areasof interpretation that esotericskill. reasonand intuition Phenomenalprojections of a person's inherent energy Numerology' AstrolLike many other forms of divination-Tarot' as a means are not to be considered ogy.

allowing emotion in its purest form to reach and stimulate the higher senses directly.They are simple to use and can reveal the past. basedon your own personal level of sensitivity. consist of a beautiful esotericthrow Your Mystical Fochaadams cloth and a collection of unique updated symbols on a group of throwing pieces.792 TARor-THE HANDBooK FoR THE IoURNEvMAN his awarenessto areasof philosophy hitherto unknown to him. Like the Tarot. Words can often obliterate the vast knowledgecontainedin symbology. Box 6248 Oxnard. esoterictools and discoveran oracle of hitherto unsuspected For wholesaleand retail information. You will find them an invaluable addition to your dimensions.business. financial matters. Various images and shapesformed the languagesof the ancients. presentand future with amazing accuracy. have been used by many different cultures. Working with symbols eliminates the need for words as such. was the key to mastering the whole system. Master the and you will always have a friend. etc. The Mystical Fochaadamsallow accessinto the world of esoteric wisdom and can give you the ability to understandand make useof this wisdom. answering questionsregarding relationships. like words. The discovery of how certain symbols. Mystical Fochaadams they can be used both for yourself or with clients. The Mystical Fochaadamsenhanceand complement other divination systems:they can confirm and clarify many areasof interest opened by the Tarot. CA 93031 .O. write to: Stone Circle Productions P.

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