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epic alaitoc
epic alaitoc

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ALAITOC CRAFTWORLD ARMY LIST <<<Insert background for Alaitoc Craftworld.

Special rules and unit datasheets can be found in the Biel-Tan list, except where noted otherwise below. >>> NEW ALAITOC CRAFTWORLD UNITS Alaitoc Pathfinders Type Infantry Weapon Shuriken Pistols Speed 15cm Range (15cm) Armour 5+ Close Combat 6+ Firepower Small Arms AP5+ Notes Firefight 5+

Long Rifles 30cm Notes: Scout, Sniper, Teleport Using The Army List

The following army list allows you to field an Eldar army that is based on a force from Alaitoc Craftworld. Eldar formations come in two types main types: warhosts and troupes. Each warhost you include in the army allows you to field any three troupes. Although you can only take a troupe if you first take a warhost, they are treated as separate independent formations during a battle and do not have to move around together. Eldar aircraft, spacecraft and Titans may support the warhosts and troupes in the army. Up to a third of the points available to the army may be spent on these formations. In addition to these formations, an Eldar army may include up to one Avatar, one Autarch, and one Wraithgate. The cost of all formations is included in the army list. Some formations are allowed to take ‘upgrades’ that add extra units at an additional cost. Any such upgrades that are taken count as part of the formation that they are taken as an upgrade for, and may not operate independently. SPECIAL RULE <<<Box Out>>> May Not Garrison The Eldar are a highly mobile army, and rarely has enough forces to try to take and hold ground. Because of this, instead of maintaining a heavily garrisoned front line, it will usually rely on a screen of scout and war walkers to warn it of the approach of any enemy forces. Meanwhile the bulk of the highly mobile Eldar army will be held back in reserve, where it will be ready to move quickly to any threatened sector. This tactic allows the Eldar to hold large areas of ground with relatively few troops. To represent these tactics, formations containing only Alaitoc Pathfinders, Eldar Rangers and/or War Walkers are allowed to garrison objectives in the Grand Tournament game scenario. Alaitoc Ranger Warhost containing Falcons
may not garrison.

SPECIAL RULE <<<Box Out>>> Alaitoc Falcons The contact between Alaitoc and their Rangers who left the Craftworld remain closer than other Craftworlds. Because of this Alaitoc often provide Falcons to assist their Rangers. Falcons in an Alaitoc army may transport Eldar Rangers.

or Storm Serpent (or any combination) for 250 points each ELDAR SPACECRAFT. Each Wave Serpent taken costs +50 points. Night Spinner Troupe: Three Eldar Night Spinners for 175 points. War Engines and Aircraft. Swooping Hawks. or three War Walkers. If you choose to take this option then you must take exactly enough transport vehicles to carry the units that require transport. Dark Reapers. All units apart from Swooping Hawks and Shining Spears may be transported in Wave Serpents an/or Falcons if desired.ELDAR ALAITOC CRAFTWORLD ARMY LIST Alaitoc armies have a strategy rating of 4+. Engine of Vaul Troupe: Up to three Scorpion. Aspect Warrior Troupe: Four aspect warrior units for 150 points or Six aspect warriors for 225 points. chosen from the following list: Dire Avengers. Fire Prism Troupe: Three Eldar Fire Prisms for 250 points. or alternatively. In addition the formation may include: 3 Support Weapon Platforms for +50 points 3 Wraithguard units for +150 points 3 Wraithlords for +175 points Alternatively. Revenants. In addition the may include up to 1 Exarch character upgrades for +25 points each. If this option is taken then the formation is not allowed to take any other upgrades ALAITOC RANGER WARHOST: 200 points An Alaitoc Ranger Warhost consists of four Eldar Ranger units plus either four more Eldar Rangers. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wraithgates are one of the smallest type of webway portal. and armoured vehicle units that have walker ability. Striking Scorpions. light vehicles. the formation or four may be transported in four Falcons for an additional +150 points. At the start of any turn (including the first) they may be set up on the table within 15cms of a Farseer (this represents the Farseer summoning the Avatar to the battlefield). Avatars. Alaitoc Pathfinder Troupe: Four Alaitoc Pathfinders for 200 points. TROUPES: cost varies The army may include up to three troupes chosen from the following list may be taken for each Alaitoc Ranger or Guardian Warhost included in the army. and may only be used by formations made up exclusively of infantry. 0-1 Autarch: 75 points You may add an Autarch character to any Aspect Warrior stand for +75 pts. Warp Spiders. Cobra. 0-1 Eldar Spacecraft: One Wraithship for 150 points. Falcon Troupe: Five Eldar Falcons for 250 points. Howling Banshees. Fire Dragons. Note that if there are no Farseers in play then the Avatar may not be used (as there will not be a Farseer that can summon them). WAR ENGINES & AIRCRAFT: cost varies Up to a third of the armies points may be spent on Spacecraft. Up to three Guardians may be replaced with Heavy Weapon Platforms at no additional cost in points. without any spare transport spaces being ‘left over’. or one Dragonship for 300 points 0-1 Warlock Titan: One Warlock Titan for 850 points Phantom Titan: One Phantom Titan for 750 points each Revenant Titans: Two Revenant Titans for 650 points Night Wings: Three Nightwing fighters for 300 points Phoenix Bombers: Three Phoenicx Bombers for 400 points Vampire: One Vampire for 200 points . and each Falcon taken costs +65 points. It may not be attacked or destroyed. War Walker Troupe: Six Eldar War Walkers for 200 points Windrider Troupe: Six Jetbikes for 200 points. The Wraithgate functions both as a webway portal and as an objective for rules purposes. This does not replace an exarch. Shining Spears. Once the Avatar has left they may not return. Any number of Jetbikes may be replaced with Vypers at no additional cost. Up to two Falcons may be replaced with Firestorms at no additional cost. ELDAR GUARDIAN WARHOST: 150 points An Eldar Warhost consists of one Farseer unit and seven Guardian units. Aspect Warriors. 0-1 AVATAR: free One Avatar. Phantom Titans and Warlock Titans have an initiative rating of 1+. 0-1 WRAITHGATE: 50 points The Eldar player may choose to replace one of the Objective markers in his half of the table with a Wraithgate at a cost of 50 points. the formation may be mounted in four Wave Serpents for +200 points. In the End Phase of the turn the Avatar returns to the Webway and is removed from play. All other formations have an initiative rating of 2+ . In Grand Tournament games the Avatar must start off the table. formations that include any other type of unit may not use a Wraithgate to enter play.

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