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TOOLS FOR SOCIODEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT NAME: (optional)_____________________________________________ AGE: (Please choose) 25 years old and less 26-34 years old 35-44 years old 45 and above SEX/GENDER Male Female CIVIL STATUS Single Married Widow Other, please specify POSITION/ PROFESSIONAL STATUS Staff Midwife Staff Nurse Head Nurse Supervisor Physician Other, please specify __________________________

HIGHEST EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT ____________________________________________________ POST GRADUATE STUDIES ________________________________________ SEMINAR ATTENDED RELATED TO BREASTFEEDING MANAGEMENT: __________________________________________________

2 Achievement of Goals 2. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center Philippines to the policies of Republic Act terms of: 2. The hospital follows the principle of breast milk first and foremost 7.3 Availability of Policy Instruction: Please place a check mark ( ) on the space provided for the answer.PROBLEM NO. 5 4 3 2 1 Highly complied Moderately complied Complied Less complied Not complied RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO PROGRAM 5 INDICATORS 1. 2 What is the compliance level at Dr. The hospital empowers the mothers to successful breastfeeding 3. The hospital uphold the right of infant for breast milk 6. protect and support rooming-in and breastfeeding practices 2. The hospital uphold the right of mother to know about breast milk 5. Hospital promote. The hospital does not maintain a nursery for normal new born 4 3 2 1 . The hospital do not accept free supply of milk formula 4.1 Program 2.

4. The hospital has define maternal and newborn services. The hospital has the continuous monitoring and sustenance to health workers. visible to all. The hospital has strategic and operational planning 3. 6. Implementing policy posted in strategic places in the hospital institution.A. Hospital celebrate occasions connected to the mandate. The hospital securing commitment from all health facilities to implement fully the policy through consultation. The hospital has local and national studies. 5. 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 . Distribution of policy to personnel involve in this implementation. 7. 2. 2. 3. Regular monitoring of the sustenance of the mandate. Strict enforcement of R. meeting and conferences. The hospital complies with standard of the mandate.RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO ACHIEVEMENT OF GOALS 5 INDICATORS 1. The hospital is building capabilities Of mother support group and mother counseling to raise awareness and support. 7600 4. RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO AVAILABILITY OF POLICY 5 INDICATORS 1. 8. 9. EBM is included in the training of the health workers.

3 What is the degree of administrative support in implementation of the Republic Act 7600 in terms of: 3. Nursery for Normal Baby 4. Breastfeeding Room 4 3 2 1 . 8. Rooming-in Facilities 2.2 Hospital Equipment and Supplies 3.3 Materials Instruction: Please place a check mark ( ) on the space provided for the answer. Poster of Bottle feeding PROBLEM NO. 5 4 3 2 1 Always Often Sometimes Seldom Rare RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO PHYSICAL FACILITIES 5 INDICATORS 1.1 Physical Facilities 3.5. Information Dissemination 6. Poster / Pamphlets of Rooming-in and Breastfeeding. Nursery for Special Baby 3. Distribution of materials regarding the program 7.

Tips on Breastfeeding 4. Availability of Breast pump 4.5. Prenatal Clinic 7. Distribution of material regarding the program to the different unit: OB Rooming-in Unit Corridor Prenatal Clinic OPD Nursery 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 . Availability of Feeding bottle solely for EBM RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO MATERIAL 5 INDICATORS 1. Provided breast milk and storage 2. Pumping Room RESPONDENT ASSESSMENT OF REPUBLIC ACT 7600 IN REGARDS TO HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 5 INDICATORS 1. Lactation Management Clinic 6. Availability of Refrigerator solely for expressed breast milk 3. Poster on Bottle Feeding 3. Poster / Pamphlets of MFB 2.

Health provider should foster the establishment of breastfeeding support group and refer mother to them. Health provider to understand fully the objective of the Executive Order 51 that aims to encourage mother to breastfeed and not to sort breast milk substitute. comics and other instruction and educational materials. Health provider should have special training of Breastfeeding Management.PROBLEM NO. Health provider should have initiative on dissemination of information regarding breastfeeding . Health provider believes that the hospital should have a written policy on the Republic Act 7600. 4 What recommendation do respondents offer to have effective implementation of the Republic Act 7600? Instruction: Please check ( ) 15 out of 20 suggestions. Health provider should understand the preventive effect of human milk to the baby. which you believe can offer to have an effective implementation of the Republic Act 7600. leaflet. • • • • • • • . Health provider should fully understand how to implement the program within the institution . • • Health provider assigned in Breastfeeding Hospital should have a sufficient knowledge of the program. The hospital should have a handouts.

Health provider help mother initiative breastfeeding within an hour of birth. Health provider should teach mother on how breastfeed their infants . 7600. The hospital deserves the merit for implementing a MBFHI program. Health provider provides mother with more opportunity to practice and improve the mothering skills in relaxed surrounding . Hospital should aim to deserve the merit as MBFHI in Implementing fully R. • • • • • • • • • . Health provider should be capable of building not only good name of their profession but their voluntary service in providing help in mother’s knowledge for feeding and caring for her baby. Rooming-in facilities should be available in the institution. Health provider should understand their role in the implementation of R. Health provider should provide lectures on how to maintain lactation even when they are separated from their infants. Health provider gives a very positive influence on mother’s decision to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. which is obviously shown in their health care service.A.A.• • The hospital should prepare a parent educational plan early as in prenatal. 7600.

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