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59529669 PMP Question Bank

59529669 PMP Question Bank

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PMP Question Bank

1. You are a project manager working on a project to market a new product. The deliverables of the project have been established, and the project work has begun. A contract to deliver the deliverables has been signed. The customer who has signed the contract has telephoned you to request additional work to be done on the project. This work will affect the budget but not the schedule of the project. This project has a high priority with your company. What should you so next? a. Do what the customer asks you to do and add the additional requirements to the original contract b. Refuse the request and send a memo to your management explaining the situation c. Respond to the customer’s request by explaining the change procedure and askin g that he or she submit a request for change d. Arrange to meet with the project team to discuss this change

2. You are the project manager for a high visibility project. The margin on this project is low, and it is extremely important that the cost estimates for the work on the project be accurate. While reviewing the cost estimates for this project you notice that one of the cost estimates for an element in the WBS is 10% higher than two previous projects for very similar work. What should you do? a. Accept the estimate because you trust all of the people on your project team, and they are responsible for estimates b. Reduce the estimate and add the additional budget to the management reserve c. Ask the person responsible for the estimate to explain the difference and bring supporting information to you d. Reduce the estimate and add the additional budget to the contingency reserve

3. You are managing a project in a foreign country. In this country there is a normal practice for business people to exchange gifts when very large contracts, such as the one you are working on, are signed. The gift is of a greater value than your company’s policy for gift exchange will allow. You have given a gift of similar value to the customer’s representative already. What should you do? a. Take the gift b. Contact your company’s management and seek for assistance c. Refuse the gift graciously, explaining your company’s policy d. Ask the customer’s representative to give the gift to your manager.

4. You are the manager of a research group that is developing a new chemical material. You hire a person from a competing company who has a great deal of expertise in this area. The person contributes greatly to the progress of your project. During conversation with the person you determine that many of this person’s ideas were developed by the competing company. What do you do? a. Tell the person that he or she should not mention that the ideas came from another company b. Sign a nondisclosure agreement with this person before he or she leaves your company c. Accept the new ideas d. Investigate the employee for security reasons

5. You are managing a project that is in process. A large and unexpected problem occurs that will cause a delay in the schedule in excess of the contingency schedule for the project. What should you do? a. Look at other tasks in the schedule and see which ones should be reduced to allow time for this problem to be worked b. Reduce testing on the completed tasks c. Require mandatory overtime for the project team d. Speak to the stakeholders about getting additional time and budget for the project

6. You are the project manager for a large project. Some members of the project team have come to you and asked that they be permitted to work on a flexible schedule. Some of the other team members feel that it is important that all team members be on site at all times unless they are absent for business reasons. What should you do? a. Turn down the request for flexible time schedules b. Accept the request for flexible time schedules c. Arrange a meeting of the project team members and allow them to decide d. Discuss this problem with your manager and act on the results of the meeting

7. You are the project manager for a project that has high visibility. Your manager wants you to prepare a presentation for him to present at a conference. Most of the material in the presentation will be facts that are the results of your project. Your manager intends to present the material under his own name. Your name will not appear. What should you do? a. Refuse to work on the presentation unless you are listed as a coauthor b. Do the work as you were told by your manager c. Present your own presentation d. Meet with your manager’s manager and discuss the problem

8. You are managing a project and the customer’s engineer visits your facility on an inspection and general getting acquainted tour. During the tour they make the comment

that the parts that are being designed should be in stainless steel instead of plain steel with enamel. What should you do? a. Authorize the change in design to your engineers b. Continue with the present design c. Speak to the visiting engineers and discuss having an informal meeting between your engineers and the visiting engineers d. Ask the visiting engineers to submit a change proposal to the change system

9. Which of the following is the example of a conflict of interest? a. You are the fourth cousin of a vendor supplying parts to a project in your company b. You are the owner of a company that is supplying parts to a project that you are managing c. You receive a gift from a supplier of parts for your project d. A supplier tells you sensitive information, in confidence that allows you to select another supplier for your project

10. You are the project manager for a large project that is completed on time and on budget. The customer and all of the stakeholders are pleased with the results. As a direct result of the successful completion of the project, your manager approves a bonus of $25,000 for you. There are fifteen members of the project team. One of the people in the project team has been a very low contributor to the project; the other fourteen have all been above standard. What should you do with the money? a. Keep the money yourself; you deserve it. And the manager gave it to you b. Divide the money equally among all the team members c. Ask the team members how they would divide the money d. Divide the money equally among the team members except for the substandard team member

11. One of the members of your project team comes to you and says that he heard that one of the suppliers to the project had given a substantial gift to one of the project team members in hopes that the team member would favor his company with a purchase order. The company was favored with a purchase order for the parts. What should you do? a. Talk to the person and get him or her to give back the gift b. Investigate the matter completely c. Cancel the purchase order with the supplier d. Meet with your manager and discuss the problem

12. Decomposing the major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components to provide better control is called: a. Scope planning b. Scope definition c. Scope base lining d. Scope verification

13. Any numbering system that is used to monitor project costs by category such as labor, supplies, or materials, for example, is called a. Chart of accounts b. Work breakdown structure c. Universal accounting standard d. Standard accounting practices

14. A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a: a. Team member b. Customer c. Stakeholder d. Supporter

21. A project manager makes a narrative description of the work that must be done for her project. This is called a: a. Project plan b. Control chart c. Statement of work d. Project objective

22. An example of scope verification is: a. Reviewing the performance of an installed software module b. managing changes to the project schedule c. decomposing the WBS to a work package level d. performing a benefit-cost analysis to determine if we should proceed

23. The process of establishing clear and achievable objectives, measuring their achievement, and adjusting performance in accordance with the results of the measurement is called a. Strategic planning b. Contingency planning c. Detailed planning d. Management by objectives 24. Configuration management is: a. Used to ensure that the description of the project product is correct and complete b. The creation of work breakdown structure c. The set of procedures developed to ensure that project design criteria are met d. A mechanism to track budget and schedule variances

25. A project manager is employed by a construction company and is responsible for the furnishing of the completed building. One of the first things that the project manager for this project should do is to write a: a. Work breakdown structure b. Budget baseline c. Project charter d. Project plan

26. A project manager is creating a work breakdown structure for her project. In the work break down structure, the lowest level of the breakdown for the project manager is called : a. Activity b. Task c. Work package d. Cost account 27. A project manager is reviewing the scope of the project and the scope baseline of the project. This includes which of the following? a. The original project schedule, budget, and scope b. The original project description and project charter c. The original scope of the project plus or minus any scope changes d. The current budget of the project 28. A project manager has just become the manager of a project. The document that recognizes the existence of the project is called: a. The statement of work b. The project assignment c. The project charter d. The product description 29. A project manager is reviewing the work breakdown structure for her project. The WBS of the project represents: a. All the tangible items that must be delivered to the client b. All the work that must be completed for the project c. The work that must be performed by the project team d. All the activities of the project 30. A manager who manages a group of related projects is called a: a. Project manager b. Project expediter c. Program coordinator d. Program manager 31. A new project has begun. The project charter has been written and the project manager has been assigned. The project manager is preparing the work breakdown structure for the project. The WBS is typically used for: a. Explaining the scope of the project relevant to the client b. The basis for organizing and defining the total scope of the project

c. The expected value of the project completion date is May 30. Projectized organization b. planning. The logical relationship between tasks in the project 32. Program 35. Initiating b. The project goals and objectives c. Showing the resource conflicts that exist in the project d. A project manager has been asked by the client to meet the promise date of the project. Which of the following is true about progress report? a. what is the standard deviation of the duration of the activities on the critical path? Assume a five-day workweek. They must be produced by the project manager 34. The project definition 36. Strong matrix organization c. Balanced matrix organization 37. During the course of the project it is important that the stakeholders be informed of the progress of the project. They are generally considered to be overkill on very small projects c. She decides that based on the PERT calculations she can promise a delivery date of June 30. During the life of a project. Set of project objectives d. A project manager works in a company favoring the weakest authority for the project manager the type of organization that holds the project manager to be the weakest is: a. The project charter d. execution. Project c. Project charter b. They allow stakeholders to judge the performance of the project according to its plan b. The project manager uses the program evaluation and review technique to evaluate the project schedule. the project will go through several phases – initiating. Executing d. and closeout. One of the reports that is frequently used is a progress report. The coordinated undertaking of interrelated activities directed toward a specific goal that has finite period of performance is a: a. Closeout 33. Planning c. . Which phase of the project is likely to have the greatest amount of its funding spent? a. They require the use of earned value reports d. If the project manager is willing to accept a 5% probability that the project will be delivered later than June 30. The document that is proof of upper management’s commitment to the project and gives the authority to manage the project to the project manager is called: a. The project manager analyzes the schedule before promising a date to the customer. The project plan b. Weak matrix organization d.

$125. The project manager will do the WBS to the detail level of which of the following? a. One month 38.000 b.000. The project schedule is reviewed. A project manager is managing a project that has reached the end of planning phase. In a very large project having a budget of $5 million and a project team of over one hundred persons. Work package 41. A project manager is managing a project. The date for this milestone is which of the following? a. A project is proposed to a customer.000 . The customer requests that one of the milestones of the project be completed by a certain date. $110. Constraint d. What is the current budget for the project? a. Summary activity c.500 40. The work breakdown structure is agreed to as well.000 and the cost of investigating them prior to their approval was $2. Fifteen days c. Consideration b.a. the project manager constructs a work breakdown structure. The original scope baseline of the project was budgeted at $100. Activity c. Ten days b. Price and schedule for delivery are agreed upon. WBS element d. The work scope has been agreed to and definitive cost estimates have been completed for the project.000 b.000 d. $117. Since work on the project started there have been seventeen authorized and approved changes to the project.000 d. The total estimated cost of the project is $100. $119.000. One-half month d. The changes have a value of $17. $114.500 c.000 c. $100.500. $175. Task b. and it is found that the expected completion date for this milestone is considerably earlier that the date requested by the customer. It is reasonable to expect that the project will not cost over which of the following value? a. $100. Suggestion 39.

7 c. The project is a rush job. and the contractor has agreed to schedule the work on a single shift basis but will work seven days per week until the job is done. A B D F H c. May 10 b. 8 44. How long is the project in days? a. What day in May will activity D have for its early finish date? a. 6 b. May 13 b. May 11 c. A C G H d. A B E D F H 46. A B E G H b. The project is to begin on May 1. 42. May 12 d. 8 d. May 14 47. What is the free float for activity D? a. 0 d. May 5 43. 6 b. Eighteen . Twenty-one d. What is the late start for activity F? a. Twenty c. What is the critical path of the project? a.A schedule was developed for a project to install windows in an apartment building. 0 45. What is the free float for activity F? a. May 6 c. May 7 d. Nineteen b. 7 c.

what is the effect on the project completion date? a. 0. May 2 c. Precedence diagram d. Which of the following is true? a. No change to project completion date c. two of the activities that might be of concern would be roasting the turkey and baking the sweet potatoes. The critical path is the list of activities that have critical risks associated with them 62. 1. Activity on arrow network diagram b. the person assigned to the task was 75% complete. Reduce the over utilization of resources d. 1. The critical path is the list of activities that have zero float d. Gantt chart 52. Instead. May 1 b. If a project manager were to make Thanksgiving dinner. Increases three days 50. May 5 d. Increases two days d.33 d. May 4 49. the project manager was only able to assign one person to this task. Reduce the time needed to do the project b. May 7 b. what type of relationship should he or she use in the schedule between these two activities? a. The critical path is the path through the network that has the highest total duration b. Finish – finish b. May 4 51. At the endof two weeks. May 6 c. May 3 d. What is the cost performance index? a. . Increase the total time necessary to do all the tasks c. full time. The critical path is the path with the least amount of free float c. What is the early finish date for activity A? a. Start – start c. A task was scheduled to use two persons. Resource leveling will generally: a.75 b. and take two weeks to complete. Reduce resources to the lowest skill that is possible 63.48.5 . If there is a delay in activity F of six days. The above diagram is called: a. Start – finish 61. Finish – start d. What is the early start for activity F? a. Increases one day b. In order to ensure that these two items will be finished cooking and will come out of the oven at the same time.5 c. Network diagram c.

PERT analysis b. Analogous c. and how many miles the car will go on a gallon of gasoline. Parametric d. Definitive b. A project manager wants to make a trip to California by car. Zero d. Four 65. Analogous c. task one and two have been completed on schedule. whereas the precedence diagramming method (PDM) is a probabilistic method c. the current price of gasoline. the project manager is performing what kind of estimate? a. Parametric d. and PDM. The project manager knows how many miles it will be to drive to California. GERT analysis c. The project schedule is not used to determine: a. Critical path method 66. The project manager knows someone who has made this trip before.64. Two b. Which of the following is considered to be a simulation technique? a. precedence diagramming method) of the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling is: a. whereas the arrow diagramming method (ADM) is a probabilistic method d. Occasional changes to the activity listing c. Precedence diagramming method (PDM) is a deterministic method. Precedence diagramming method (PDM) is a more accurate method 67. A project manager wants to make a trip to California by car.1. As of today. The project’s budget 68. One c. The main difference between the two types (ADM. Each has one day of total float. How many days of float remain in the schedule of these tasks? a. The start and finish dates of the activities b. The total float of the activities d. Each task has a finish-start relationship with the next task. arrow diagramming method. By multiplying the cost of fuel reported by the other person by 1. Five tasks are scheduled to be completed in sequence. Quantitative 69. Monte Carlo analysis d. This person has a similar car to the one that the project manager has. From this information he or she can calculate the estimated cost of the gasoline for the trip. The distance that the project manager will travel is 10% farther than the other person’s trip. Quantitative . and the person has kept good records on the money spent for fuel on the trip. Arrow diagramming method (ADM) is a deterministic method. This is a form of what kind of estimating technique? a. Definitive b. Placement of the activity on the logic diagram line b.

The project manager has determined that the team will use the PERT technique to evaluate the project’s completion date. and most likely estimates that the team has already made.0 c. 35.25 to 29.42 55.6 b. 32. The diagram shows nine activities and the table shows the optimistic.797 0. 5. Using the formula: Present value = S/(1+i)n where i is the interest rate in percentage. the following table is produced: Periods 10% 12% 14% 1 0.28 to 30. and S is the starting amount. What is the expected value of the number of days to complete the project? a.769 .48 d.826 0. 14. 34.6 81. 22. 3.39 c.877 2 0. n isthe number of periods. 2. 2.893 0.In a project to install concrete sewer lines there is a lot of uncertainty as to how long the durations should be for the tasks involved. Which of the following ranges of time for the impletion of the project best describes this probability of being correct? a.36 b. It is desirable to make an estimate that has a greater than 95% chance of being correct. 33. 48 54. pessimistic.3 d.3 b. What is the expected value of the duration for activity B? a. 47. 53.909 0.31 to 31.8 c.0 d.39 to 33.

$3900.000 83.621 0.3 4 5 0.000 c.000 86.500 3 5.777 c. The figure shown in the table are cumulative. 1. A project manager is using the earned value reporting method to manage his project. What is the cost performance index for week 4? a.000 2 3.683 0. 0. No other work is reported to becomplete during week 5. Lifecycle costing: a.000 b. $3122.000 d. Is a federal government accounting method c. Thefollowing table shows the data collected to date.000 .000 4 7.000 6. What is the schedule performance index for week 3? a.000 7. 36% 82. 0. It will require $500 to fix the problem and make this workacceptable. During week 5 it is found that some of the work that was reported complete in week 2was considered unacceptable.000 5 13.500 85. 20.712 0. 1. 7. Is a method of including all of the cost associated with the project over its entire life b. Week PV AC EV 1 1.000 9. Is a method of predicting the life of a project d.286 d. 7.751 0.519 Based on the table. The work is scheduled to be done in week 6.000 1. The plan is for the project to be complete aftereight weeks.200 b.000 2. 1. 1. what is the value of an annual income flow of $1.000 2. $3497. 1.597 0.000 8 20.300 each year overthe next three years at 12%? a.592 0.833 c.250 84. 1.636 0.675 0.00 c.000 d. The earned value report shows data collected for the first four weeks of the project.000 6 17. 5.60 b.000 1. What is the EV for week 5? a.000 5.00 d.000 7 19. 9.000 b. Is a method of evaluating projects when they are complete The following table and description refer to questions 83 through 89. What is the BAC for the project during week 4? a.

but the contractor has agreed to do the work of replacing them. What is the schedule variance in week 2? a. The project involves designing a number of software modules that are very similar. Estimate at completion and planned value d.000 c. 25. Reduce AV by $4. 9. and planned value b. During the project one of the tasks. 500 b.000 b. earned value. maple trees should have been planted. and actual cost c. According to the cost figures that have been collected the first unit required 100 person-hours to design and test. Budget at completion. The calculation of the EAC assumes that: a. The second unit required 90 person-hours to design and test. 15.000 d. Unfortunately fort he contractor.555 c. 17. How many . Average unit cost decreases as more units are produces c. and it was completed two weeks ago. The planned value for this task was $4. -2.000 89. Make no changes since the vendor has agreed to fix the problem 93. What action should be taken on the earned value report? a. Reduce PV by $4. was completed. 2. 5. actual cost. Cost decreases as production rates increase b. -1.000. What factors need to be known in order to be able to calculate the ETC? a. Reduce EV by $4.000 c. -500 d. A project manager is considering applying learning curve theory to his project. 0 b. The schedule performance index will remain the same for the remaining part of the project b. The cost performance index will remain the same for the remaining part of the project c.000 c.717 90.000 88.000 87.b.000 b. A construction company is being measured by the earned value reporting method. Materials become cheaper when they are purchased in bulk d. Estimate at completion and actual cost 92. The EAC will continuously increase for the remaining portion of the project 91.740 d.500 c. What is the EAC at week 4? a. installing ten elm trees. The customer insists that maple trees be planted and that the elm trees be removed. 7. Laborers become more productive because of technological advances 94.000 d.000 d. As of this time the elm trees are still in the ground. Learning curve theory emphasize that in producing many goods: a. What is the cost variance for week 4? a. Budget at completion. The BAC will be different by the end of the project d. 20. 1. 6.

Invoice the client for all quality improvements b. X d. Quality control c. The project manager should: a. This is called: a.person-hours will the eighth module take to design and test? a. A project manager is managing a large project and must consider the application of a quality management plan. Each of the five parts is measured and the dimension is recorded on the work sheet. The process whereby he identifies the variables that have the most influence on the project by holding all the variables constant and changing one at a time is called: a. Design of an experiment c. 90 b. The difference between the highest and lowest measured dimension of the five parts is plotted on the control chart. 73 d. The process required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken include all activities of the overall management function that determines the quality policy. quality assurance. As part of the control a sample of five parts is taken from the manufacturing process each hour of operation. One of the critical factors in such a plan is the cost of implementing the plan. Stakeholders 98. within the quality system. The procurement manager c. Upper management d. Quality management 96. objectives. The project manager b. System integration d. Decisions as to the types of projects that should be accomplished and strategic plans as to the quality of the projects that are required should be the decision of which of the following? a. 100 c. Implement quality improvements as long as the benefits outweigh the costs d. This is called which of the following values? a. Stakeholders 97. Procurement manager c. X bar . and quality improvement. R b. A project manager has discovered a problem and is trying to determine the cause. and responsibilities and implements them by means such as quality planning. Output processing 100. According to Deming and Juran most of the quality problems that exist are due to a defect or failure in processes that are controlled by: a. Implement the highest quality possible regardless of cost c. Project manager b. 172 95. Quality planning d. Quality assurance b. Upper management d. quality control. R bar c. Rely on upper management to determine the quality budget 99. A control chart is being used to control a manufacturing process. Product correlation b.

The client is interested in knowing how the company will be able to meet the quality needs of the project. Quality control 102. Costs must all be passed onto the customer 104. Quality control manager c. Cause and effect diagram b. For example. He should use which of the following quality tools? a. The totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs is the definition for: a. Quality assurance c. General manager b. A large project is being worked on by a large company. both disciplines recognize the importance of: a. Quality d. and a description of the defect. Pareto diagram d. Modern quality management b. Quality critical path 106. Chief designer 103. Quality assurance manager d. The report comes with defects listed chronologically as they occurred. Check sheet d. Completion in the shortest possible time frame b. One of the fundamental tenets of quality management is that quality: a. The quality manager of a company wishes to analyze the data that is coming to him in the form of a list of defects that have occurred in the shipping department. Statistical measurements c. She list all the possible defects on a sheet of paper and asks the inspector to make a mark each time one of the listed defects is found. A category or rank given to products that have the same functional use but different technical characteristics is called the product’s: a. Quality b. The manager would like to determine which of the defects should be corrected first according to the frequency of the defect occurring. Grade d. the cost of the repair necessary to correct each defect. Must exceed customer expectation b. Random sampling 107. This is an example of using which of the following quality tools? a. Functional characteristics c.101. Sampling inspection c. Making a maximum profit . In order to satisfy this request of the client the project manager arranges a meeting between the client and the: a. Technical characteristics 105. The project management team should be aware that modern quality management complements modern project management. Is planned in and not inspected in c. Will increase cost d. A project manager from the quality control area is trying to categorize the number of mistakes that are made in the area that paints the right front fender of the Mercedes 560 SL. the person involved. Scatter diagram b.

Fishtank diagram c. and the dimension is recorded on the work sheet. The project manager has decided to hold a meeting to discuss the process of making the parts. Having lower cost than competitor d. Control average 111. In a manufacturing process that is being controlled by control charts there are variables occurring that will affect the process output. As part of the control a sample of five years is taken from the manufacturing process each hour of operation. Each of the branches breaks the cause down into more and more detail. quality checklists. Another important result of using control charts is: a. Inputs to quality assurance d. Scatter diagram 112. In this operation the inspector takes the printed circuit assembly and puts it into a fixture. Pareto diagram b. This is an example of: a. operational definitions. Work results. Outputs from quality assurance 110. The inspector records the readings on the three digital readouts on his inspection report. This diagram is called a: a. One of the important advantages of using control charts in managing a production operation is that the control chart tells you when to take corrective action on the process being controlled. Uncommon causes c. The fixture is part of the testing machine that has three digital readouts. X bar c. A project manager for the quality department is trying to solve a problem with a machine that makes die cast aluminum parts that are used in automobiles. Outputs from quality control c. The control chart identifies the special causes b. Attribute inspection b. Special causes d. Common causes b. These parts are frequently made with defects. As the manager of the production department where electrical circuits are being made you observe the inspection station where the completed printed circuit assemblies are being inspected. Variations in the process that are considered to be normal process variables are called: a. Sample average d. X b. Each of the five parts is measured. Process control 113. This is called which of the following values? a. The average of the five parts is plotted on the control chart.c. Variable inspection c. A control chart is being used to control a manufacturing process. Inputs to quality control b. Cause and effect diagram d. Customer satisfaction 108. Random causes 109. and the management plan are: a. Sampling inspection d. The control chart tells you when you should not take corrective action . He creates a diagram that has branches that show the possible causes of the problems.

Project orientation d. Multifunctional teams are easy to form . The primary benefits of meeting quality requirements are: a. Greater than one 118. Stable organizational structure c. a. What are the major advantages of the functional type of organization? a. Cost and delays are reduced. resources. Cost and delays are reduced. design. Provides the project team and stakeholders with standards. Kamban b. production improves. According to the ideas behind modern quality management. By hiring ISO certification consultants to point out quality deficient areas 115. The control chart shows who is responsible for the defects 114. cost to customers goes up. production improves. The project scope d. Is a managerial process that defines the organization. In small incremental steps c. This is called: a. and profits go up d. In large steps through detailed study of problems and then implemented as comprehensive solutions when they are funded b. External stakeholders 119. production improves. market share increases. Deming cycle 116. When the quality management discipline is implemented. By assignment of permanent quality improvement teams d. Project quality assurance: a.c. The WBS c. and profits go up c. quality improvements should be made: a. market share increases. The quality management plan provides input to __________________ and addresses quality control. capital expenditures go down. Cost and delays are reduced. the benefits to costs ratio should at least be: a. Unable to be evaluated b. market share increases. The overall project plan b. The control chart shows how much the defects are costing d. Includes policing the conformance of the project team to specs b. PDCA d. Single point of contact for the customer b. and quality improvement. and profits go up b. Of little importance d. and profits are maintained 117. Less than one c. Cost and delays are reduced. The Japanese developed a method of modern quality management that relies on continuing small improvements involving everyone from the top management to the lowest level worker in the organization. and objectives of quality management d. by which the project performance is measured c. quality assurance. Provide confidence that the project will satisfy relevant quality standards 120. Kaizen c.

A company has signed a contract for new work that is different from work that it has done before. Matrix organization d.121. The manager of a large corporation wants to sign a contract to build a nuclear power plant in Botswana several thousand miles away from the home office. coaching. The company’s strategic plan calls for much of this kind of work in the future. Disciplinary. Cost management d. Which of the following is not a characteristic that the project manager should use in selecting the team members? a. Project office 125. Team building. Risk management b. She collects the resumes and past performance reviews for the potential team members and discusses each with their functional manager. Pure project organization 124. matrix. Previous experience b. it is called a: a. A project manager is responsible for all that goes on in the project. Project management office . if the organization maintains many of the characteristic of the functional organization and the project managers are considered more like project coordinators or expediters. One of the most important duties that the project manage can perform is the function of: a. Directing. Project team d. The project manager’s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order: a. In matrix management organizations. Personal interest d. Weak matrix d. What type of organization will be best for managing this project? a. The project will take several years to build and test. Strong matrix b. participative b. Project office c. Contractor organization c. Matrix organization d. Pure project organization 123. Project team c. responsibility assignment d. supporting. Functional organization b. Matrix organization b. Integration 127. The type of organization that this suggest is a: a. autocratic. Personal characteristics c. Projectized. team development. Salary 126. The organization that is a formalized structure directed toward the support of the project community within the organization is called: a. Contractor organization c. It is important that it be able to bring the correct shared resources together to work on different parts of the contract. delegating 122. Quality management c. Functional organization b. functional c. A project manager is selecting team members for her project team.

assignment of a personal staff assistant b. The project manager of a project is concerned with managing cost and improving morale and is also concerned about notifying other project managers when individuals from his project team will be available to work on other projects. Matrix organization b. One of the characteristics of a good listener is that he or she: a. In order to achieve the most long lasting resolution to project conflicts. Problem solving b. Strong matrix b. Human resource department 129. Projectized 132. Herzberg divided motivation factors into two classes: satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Project team d. A conflict arises about the method to solve a difficult design problem. The problem is the responsibility of the: a. The project manager is seeking a method of resolving the conflict. Weak matrix c. Staffing plan d. Communications plan b. fringe benefit c. Examples of satisfiers are: a. Work satisfaction. The organization that is a formalized structure where the project teams and the project managers reside is called: a. Project office c. Project team b. The project lifecycle 134. Project manager c. Sense of personal achievement. Vacation time. The beginning and the end of the project is defined by: a. which of the following approached should be used? a. Project management office 130. Smoothing 131. On a project team one of the team members has a problem collecting on a medical insurance claim. Plush office space.128. The position of project expediter would be found in what kind of an organization? a. The team member comes to the project manager and explains the problem. The project plan b. performance-based salary raise d. This is best addressed in the project’s: a. work satisfaction 135. In a large organization a project expediter is being used to manage a project for an important client. The skill of listening involves more than just hearing the sounds. The project charter c. Functional d. Executive manager d. Withdrawal d. The team charter d. Compromise c. Project schedule 133. Work breakdown structure c. Finishes the speaker’s sentences .

High project team morale c. Creative problem solving c. Generally. Co-location of team members c. Project team meeting b. The project will last for five years and will have the product of producing a . One of the things that she can do to maximize the ability of the team to do this is: a. and to identify some of the potential problem areas. He decides that the best thing will be to arrange a meeting to solve the problem rather than solve the problem himself or by having one of the project team members solve it individually. This meeting is called a: a. A coffee machine and television were installed in the waiting room and the complaints went down. Greater customer satisfaction 137. Agrees with the speaker 136. A project manager is in need of a solution to a problem. Reduced project cost d. One of the mandatory things that she must have in order to have good team building is: a. Analytical problem solving d. Repeats some of the things said d. Goal setting meeting d. This is an example of: a. Cohabitation b. Establishment of clear negotiated goals d. Introduction meeting 140. Staffing plan d. to discuss the objectives and goals of the project. Work breakdown structure 141.b. The solution to the problem being less accurate c. Commitment from top level management b. Take good notes c. Smith-Carlisle method b. In depends on the specific problem 142. The group taking less time than one individual d. Co-location c. Project kick-off meeting c. this will result in: a. A project manager is concerned about team building on her project. The project manager of a new project wants to get things started in a positive way with the project team. A project manager will manage a large complicated project that is located in a remote part of Africa. The group taking more time than one individual b. An automotive oil change station was receiving complaints that service took too long. Input to performance appraisals b. The project manager wants the team members to get to know one another. Open discussion of poor individual performance 139. She wants to enhance the ability of the team to work together and perform as a team. to introduce the project team and the project manager to one another. Primary outputs from team development are: a. Decision analysis 138. A project manager is managing a project where there will be a number of persons working together.

Project human resources management is divided into which of the following? a. Functional organization 143. audio. maintain proper approvals. Tactile d. and tactile 146. and negotiation c. and team development b. Projectized organization d. culture. Audio and visual c. Strong matrix management structure b. and historical value d. ability to reconstruct why decisions were made. Culture and distance d. Language and knowledge b. change management. Which of the following is a good communication tools for the project manager to use? a. Distribution plan c. and knowledge 149. and labor relations 144. Major problems that delay the project completion date or budget targets c. communication. Timely communication. A key barrier to project team development is which of the following? a. Recruitment. which one is not part of the communication plan? a. In order to do this he has chosen to write a communication plan. Method for accessing information d. Team members who are accountable to both functional and project managers d. Visual. A project manager has many different ways of communicating. Team building. distance. Weak matrix management c. The best kind of organization for managing this project is: a. Distance c. Strong matrix management b. team building. Collection and filling structure b. Organization planning. A project manager wants to do as much as she can to help in developing her project team.nuclear reactor that will generate 900 megawatts of power at start-up. Formal training plans that cannot be implemented 145. Which of the following media can a communicator use to present information? a. Effective communication. labor relations. and procedural documentation 147. Language. Sending a videotape of the project progress to the client . Project organization structure 148. A project manager wants to handle communications well in his project. Visual b. and assuring proper disposal of sensitive documents b. Of the items listed below. Timely communication. collection of performance appraisal data. and personnel administration d. and communication cost control c. staff acquisition. The three principal interests in maintaining good document control are: a. Security. Leadership. Which of the following are filters that the receiver uses to filter messages? a.

The use of brainstorming as a communication technique encourages which of the following? a. Analytical results d. Oral c. The project manager should suggest a compromise between the two disagreeing team members 154. Which of the following techniques allows for the participants to be anonymous? a. Writing notes on a handheld computer d. Crawford slip 152. The disagreement was over a technical detail of the project. Assign someone to find out more factual information about the problem d. Cultural differences b. Educational differences d. Brainstorming b. These include all of the following except: a. During a project meeting a disagreement between two members of the project team began. Clairvoyant 153. Inputting a task into the project manager’s personal computer c. Nominal group c. In the communication model. Use of the scientific method 151. The person working on the problem verbally communicates to the manager that this correction to the problem will probably cost $1.b. A project manager has one member of the project team working on a critical problem. Verbal c. Nonverbal d. It is important that the conflicting opinion of the two team members be resolved as quickly as possible. Delphi technique d. The project manager was in attendance in the meeting. Formal .000. Which of the following is not a standard type of communication? a. Form letter d. communications between the sender and the receiver often are affected by communications barriers. Differences in motivation c. Putting the project budget into a spreadsheet 150. The project manager should make the decision right away to save time and not let the two disagreeing parties stay in disagreement very long b. What should the project manager do? a. Written b. End the meeting and give everyone a few days to cool off c. Lack of a communications device 155. Team building and convergent thinking b. It is even more important that the difference of opinion be resolve correctly. Divergent thinking c. Written b. Which form of communication should the project manager use to respond to the team member? a.

written. The representative from the management information systems department c. There are many ways to organize projects. Oral. Project expediter 160. Which of the following must the project manger do? a. A project manager is responsible for performance reporting. The human resources representative b. The communications department 157. The project manager should make every effort to make sure that the supplier is made aware of the risk after the contract is signed c. Nonverbal d.156. Which of the following is not one of the tools and techniques that the project manager can use for performance reporting? a. A project manager discovers that there is a part of the project that contains some risk. The persons involved with these projects have several titles that describe their management responsibilities. Oral b. and nonverbal 159. Performance reviews d. It has been found that the neck of the bicycle. The project manager d. Past project review 161. The project manager should make sure that the supplier understands the risk before the contract is signed d. where the steering bearing is located and the two supporting bars of the frame . Feedback b. In order to ensure that the communication will be understood as completely as possible. The project manager should assign a member of the project team to monitor the activity of the supplier to make sure that the supplier deals with the risk properly if it occurs 162. A project manager is faced with making a decision about a risk that the team has identified. Communication blockers c. Variance analysis b. Forcing 158. The project manager has a very complex communication to prepare for the program manager. The project manager should make certain that the project team does not reveal the risk to the supplier until the contract is signed b. Earned value reports c. Statements such as “It’s never been done before: or “It will cost a fortune” are examples of: a. Written c. Who is responsible for communications for the project team? a. Which of the following titles describes a person who has a primary responsibility for communications? a. The risk involves the design of a bicycle. His strategy with this risk is to subcontract the work to an outside supplier by using a firm fixed-price contract. what method of communication should be used? a. Conflict generators d. Project manager in a strong matrix environment c. Project manager in a weak matrix environment d. Project manager b.

000 166.000 0. The project recommends using the high temperature grease.500 a.000 b. Risk acceptance c. A risk has four possible outcomes. Risk rejection d. -$20. In the process of risk identification the project team has determined that there are risks that will probably happen that have not been identified or evaluated except by noting that other projects of this type have historically had a certain amount of risk discussed in the lessons learned of the project. In this case it is determined that the wheels will wear out much quicker in areas of heavy snow and ice because the salt will corrode the wheel bearings. Risk deflection 163. This will eliminate the risk from consideration. and it is determined that the carts themselves will be rusty and damaged at about the same time the wheel bearings begin to fail.4 -10. -$14. Using sealed bearing wheels will significantly increase cost. will corrode in a high salt environment. Management reserve d. A problem occurs in the design of a grocery cart. Increase the probability of a cost overruns d. The contingency budget will: a. Risk mitigation d. This technique is called: a. Risk deflection 164. Given the following information. Warning messages . A project manager observes that in one part of the project several activities are being completed late. They are called: a.500 c. The project has done its risk analysis.000 0. Reduce the probability of scope changes b.3 -7.2 -5.000 d.come together. Increase the probability of scope changes 165. Risk management fund b. If this takes place the neck may fail and injure the rider. Emergency fund 167. -$7. what is the expected value of this risk? Probability Result of Risk 0. By injecting the wheel bearings with a high temperature grease the life of the wheel bearings is increased considerably. These are early warnings of the risk that the project will be late in completion.1 +2. This project team should set aside money to handle these risks in which financial category? a. Risk acceptance b. The project team decides that the design of the bicycle should be modified by using corrosion resistant materials in the design of the neck. This is called: a. Risk avoidance b. All of these activities have several days of free float associated with them.500 0. Risk avoidance c. $7. Risk triggers b. Contingency budget c. Reduce the probability of cost overruns c.

c. $10.000 b. Risk forecasts d. The goals and objectives of the project c. Critical chain scheduling c. Contingency scheduling 172.000 and an associated probability of 10%. The most likely date and the expected value date will occur at the same time 169. The cost of the risk should it occur c. The project budget b. Schedule delay b. One of the risks she is reviewing has an impact of $25. 1/6 171. 1/3 b.000 d. $2. He then takes the time between the promise date and the most likely completion date and distributes it among the activities of the project schedule. Schedule risks 168. In probability theory. In a typical project the most likely date for the project will have which of the following relationships with the expected value for the project completion date? a. What is the expected value of this risk? a. $25. A project manager is looking at the risk associated with the project schedule. Buffering d. The effect of risk on schedule dates for the project creates an array of dates that are possible for project completion. Which of the following items would not be appropriate in describing a risk event? a. The risk is associated with an activity that is the predecessor to seven other activities in the schedule. $100. This process is called: a. Expected timing of the risk when it is expected to occur d. This creates float in the schedule. 11/36 c. Probability that the risk will occur b. Lessons learned from other similar projects d. The seven other activities have a budget of $75. the project manager decides to consider the risk and promise delivery later than the most likely project completion date. The monetary value of changes for similar projects . Both dates will have the same likelihood d.000 c. The client’s outsourcing method 173.500 170. A project manager and her project team are analyzing risk in their project.000. A project manager is reviewing the risks of her project. Realizing that if the risks occur the project will be delivered to the stakeholders late. All eight activities are on the critical path. A project manager wants to give some guidelines to the project team as to how risk events should be described. The most likely date will be later than the expected value date c. 1/36 d. The most likely date will be earlier than the expected value date b. One of the things that they might do to help identify potential risks or opportunities would be to review: a. what is the probability that if you roll two dice (cubes with consecutive numbers 1 to 6 on each of the six faces) you will have at least one 6? a.

A risk event in a project is something that can have an effect on the project: a. low-quality machine b. what is the critically index? a. neither a positive nor a negative effect 193. In the Monte Carlo technique. The client is present at the meeting. Start activities in the critical chains as early as possible d. The number of days the project will be late divided by the project duration b. For the better only. The result of the meeting is: a. Add buffer to the critical chains 179. Breakeven point will favor buying a machine that is too expensive for the work required c. 5% b. At the meeting several risks are identified and assigned to members of the project team for evaluation and quantification. 77% 180. The percent of time a given activity will be on the critical path c. If we assume that the project’s possible completion dates are normally distributed and we promise the client the most likely of the project’s possible completion dates. The percent of time an activity will be late d. For the worse. Start activities in the feeder chains as early as possible b. a positive or negative effect d. Money to offset missing schedule objectives c. He presents this as a justification for buying a new machine. Money to offset missing cost objectives b. Both better or worse. A project manager uses the breakeven point to justify his project. 10% c. Money to handle the effects of known risks in the project 177. a positive effect b. Breakeven point will favor buying a cheap. Forward buying will: a. Start activities in the feeder chains as late as possible c.174. Money to offset missing cost or schedule objectives d. a negative effect c. The machine may not be available because the justification method takes a long time to calcul 178. A project manager holds the first risk meeting of the project team. In managing the risk of the project schedule we are managing the risk that the project will not be delivered or completed on time. Decrease capital investment . 50% d. what is the probability that the project will be delivered late? a. General statements about risk for the project 175. What risk does the project manager run by using this technique to justify buying a new machine for his company? a. Expected value of the risk events b. The company may not have the funds to buy the machine in spite of the justification d. A list of potential risk events d. Goldratt’s critical chain theory says that in order to reduce risk in schedules we should: a. Strategies for the risk events c. Decrease storage cost b. Neither better nor worse. The management reserve for the project contains: a. The sum of the duration of the critical path activities divided by the project expected value for duration 176.

Purchasing b. Procurement leverage c. Contract negotiation 198. Which of the following would not be a part of the procurement management process? a. Request for proposal d. A competitor’s method of outsourcing . Request for information c. A project manager wants to subcontract part of the project. Illegal methods b. Request for bid 199. This part of the project is quite complicated. This is considered to be a: a. The project team has delivered a deliverable to the customer. The equivalent of cost-reimbursable contracts is frequently termed: a. Request for bid b. Release payment 197. Inspection d. Cost-plus contracts 196. The project team is considering whether to purchase a service or do it themselves. One of the items that should not be considered in their analysis is: a. The cost and availability of floor space at the team’s facility c. Selecting another seller d. Request for quotation c. Decrease transportation costs d. A buyer extends a formal invitation that contains a scope of work that seeks a response that will describe the methodology and results that will be provided to the buyer. Invitation to bid b. and the seller with the lowest bid is selected. Marketing 195. The bids are received and evaluated. The deliverable contains defects that are easily correctable. Fixed-price contracts c. The seller’s price b. Request for proposal d. Payment authorization c. Back charge d.c. Back-charge contracts b. There is a good relationship with the customer and the customer agrees to make the repairs and correct the defects on the item and invoice supplier for the work that was done. Decrease inventory 194. Request for information 200. and there are many ways that the work can be done. What method of request for seller responses should be used by the project team? a. This is called: a. The seller’s technical staff d. A project manager decides to go out for bids on some of the project work that must be done as part of the contract to do a project for another customer. The cost of the contract to the project can further be reduced by what action? a. Contract negotiations c. Bid cost reduction b. Progress payment contracts d.

More format written communication will be required. Variance Analysis D. 203. Performance reports will be more detailed. What is the critical path? A . During testing. 204. The project initiating document. Official communication channels will significantly increase. A significant portion of this aircraft will be designed by a subcontracting firm. What officially creates the project? A. Pareto Diagram B. The project manager overseeing this product's development can best use which tool to help prioritize the problems? A.201. How will this affect your communications management plan? A. You are the manager of an aircraft design project. Refer to the table. Order of Magnitude estimate 202. Start A B H I Finish . C. C. Control Chart C. B. B. The kickoff meeting. Start A B C I Finish B. The project charter. D. The statement of work. multiple defects were identified in a product. D. More formal verbal communication will be required.

All the work and only the work gets performed. C. D. 207. Start F G I Finish 205. Work gets performed in the right order and at the right time. The project plan should be all of the following EXCEPT: A. Your team is hard at work on their assigned project tasks when one team member discovers a risk that was not identified during risk planning. A formal document . C. Analyze performance. D. Look for ways to mitigate the risk. Assess the risk. B. The person or team doing the work. B. The project manager C. The activity duration estimates should be developed by: A. What is the FIRST thing to do? A. Update the risk management plan. B. Halt work on the project. C. Functional managers are allowed complete control over who is assigned and when.C. Senior management. 206. The Delphi technique is a way to: A. 209. D. The work authorization system makes sure that A. 208. Resolve conflict. B. Gather expert opinion. The customer. Start D E H I Finish D. Work is done completely and correctly D. Estimate durations.

Deliverables and performance reports. Project plan execution C. What will be the best source of help for you? A. but yo have very little experience in managing projects. Project communication. 212. C. Your original plan was to construct a building with six stories with each story costing $150. Your functional manager.B. Historical information. Your education. 214. the project has not gone as planned. D. Deliverables and work performance information D. However. B. Outputs of Direct and Manage Project Execution include: A. Corrective action is: A. C. earned value is $400. Distributed to stakeholders in accordance with the communications management plan C. 213. Fixing past anomalies B. You have been asked to take charge of project planning for a new project. Used to manage project execution. C. You on-the-job training.000. Approved by all project stakeholders. 2 months into the project. B. This was to be completed in 4 months. Project plan development B. What is the budget at completion? . Anything done to bring the project's future performance in like with the project management plan. Performance reports and requested changes. The majority of the project budget is expended on" A. An output of project plan execution. The responsibility of the change control board D. D. Deliverables and corrective action.000. Integrated change control D. 211. 210.

Authorize the change quickly to ensure that the schedule can truly remain unaffected. C. the scope management plan. B. 216. The project manager. The scope statement. Project Integration is primarily the responsibility of" A. . An end user has just requested a minor change to the project that will not impact the project schedule. Evaluate the impact of change on the other project constraints. C. respond? A. The project cost performance idex is 1. 218. How should you proceed? A. 600. the project manager. The project sponsor. B. How should you.000 D.5 The functionality was not included in the scope. 800. Deny the change to help prevent scope creep. 450. D. If a project manager is unsure who has the authority to approve changes in project scope. C. 217. Senior management.3 and the schedule performance index is 1. The customer. C.A. B. she should consult: A.000 C. B. Reject the deliverable because you are behind schedule. The sponsor. 900. D. D. Conform to the project scope and do not add the deliverable. One of your team member has discovered a way to add an extra deliverable to the project that will have minimal impact on the project schedule and cost.000 215. The project team. Deliver the extra work to the customer service since it will not increase their cost.000 B. Ask senior management for a decision.

242. He believes that his success can be explained by the fact that he makes all of the project decisions himself and then enforces those decisions with an iron hand. You overheard a causal conversation between two team members in which one confides to the other some problems he is having in completing his part of the project work. D. Jeff always delivers his projects on time and within budget. You realize that the work being discussed in on the project's critical path and that the information you overheard could mean a significant delay for the project. McGregor’s Theory X. Begin analyzing ways to compress the project schedule in anticipation of the potential delay.D. B. Kurt Lewin’s Force Field theory. what should you do? A. His management style is best described by A. Elizabeth Duffy’s Arousal Theory. Ask human resources for help in resolving the problem 241. B. C. 219. The project scope statement. D. C. The WBS and WBS dictionary. The project management plan. Project selection methods. D. B. B. Earned value analysis. . 220. C. Which one? A. Let the team member know that you heard his conversation and discuss the work problems with him immediately. Project management methodology C. One of the following items is not used in assessing the completion of the project scope. Expert judgment D. Ask a third team member to get involved immediately and encourage the two other team members to come to you with the delay. The product requirements. McGregor’s Theory Y. Which of the following tools is NOT used in initiating a project? A. Submit the change request to customer for approval.

an inspection list that is used when no evidence exists that the quality level of the product being submitted is better or worse than the specified quality level. Preferred dependencies C. bargaining with the seller concerning resources. D. a structured tool used to verify that a set of required steps has been performed. C. Availability assessment. B. Questions such as “What products are available in the marketplace” and “What is the current balance between supply and demand” are related to what input to procurement planning? A. Cost/benefit analysis. Mandatory dependencies B. C. A checklist is A. of clarifying and developing a mutual agreement on the responsibilities and authorities that will govern contract administration. 245. information and activities in order to come to terms that can be incorporated into the final contract. Developing the answers to questions such as “Who needs what information”. Communications planning B. External dependencies D. of clarifying and developing a mutual agreement on the structure and requirements of the contract. Scope planning 247. Hard logic is also known as A. Contract negotiation is the process A. Project plan execution D. Discretionary dependencies 244. a technical list of measured variables or counted data for decision making in a quality process review. D. . an ordered listing of quality items that must be verified before the quality control step is completed. in which parties with different interests reach an acceptable agreement through communication and compromise. 246.243. Information distribution C. B. B. “What form is appropriate” and “Who is responsible for its preparation” is part of which process? A.

B. recorded data concerning the results of inspection actions. Which process in integration management uses inputs from the largest number of of other PMBoK processes? A. Inspections are A. the revision is the result of an approved scope change.C. C. The cost baseline is usually not changed unless A. Develop Project Management Plan. B. Qualitative numbers A. activities undertaken to determine whether results conform to requirements. are ones that are measured by reference to a standard that is external to the system. B. 249. cannot be measured numerically. D. C. Direct and Manage Project Execution. C. cannot be meaningfully added together. Market conditions. 251. B. C. 248. D. Integrated Change Control. a statistical sampling and examination. D. D. the basis for the original cost estimate is found to be false and the project must be re-estimated. . significant cost deviations have been reported and it is desired to have future cost reports be based on an “as of” date. 250. Monitor and Control Project Work. the time baseline is also changed. Competitive fit analysis. performed during the manufacturing or repair cycle to help prevent defects from occurring. D. are less reliable than quantitative numbers.

the customer. B. In estimating the total amount of material resources required for a project you must first estimate the amount of waste to be expected. 255. The sources needed to meet stakeholder information needs should be identified. C. Parametric modeling D. Supporting detail 253. is in progress or is finished. Which of the following inputs to contract administration is not based on the seller’s work deliverables? A. You will most likely find this information in which process input? A. It is a source of learning rather than a basis for disciplinary warnings or actions. It is more costly than the design and planning work that would be necessary to prevent it. B. Historical information C.252. 254. Which of the following statements is not true about stakeholder analysis? A. senior management of the performing organization. . It is an unavoidable component of all project work. C. C. The analysis should consider methods and technologies suited to the project that will provide the information needed. D. 256. the project management team. D. It is a reflection of inadequate project planning. D. Reports on what work has been started. the project manager. The project plan is usually developed by A. Change requests. Care should be taken to include all information that may be of interest to one or more stakeholders. B. B. Which of the following is not true about error in project quality management? A. Resource requirements B. A methodical and logical view of the stakeholder’s information needs should be made.

To balance the portfolio among incremental and radical investments. Crashing B. These processes may identify deliverables missing from the WBS B. it provides important information about any technical issues that are relevant to procurement planning. To maximize the value of the portfolio by careful examination of candidate projects and exclusion of those no meeting strategic objectives. To ensure that the relationship between projects in the portfolio clearly reflects strategic objectives. Reports on cost. Inspection reports. D. C. These processes may result in WBS changes that require additional scope definition work. it is usually included in the Request for Proposal (RFP). Accelerating C. it is another term for the Statement of Work (SOW). B. schedule and technical performance. Objectives management 258. Which of the following is usually not considered a goal of portfolio management? A. These processes may identify inaccurate descriptions in the WBS C. the WBS provides the key input to these processes but is not part of any of its outputs. D. All of the following are true concerning the product description except A.C. 257. B. Doing activities in parallel that would normally be done sequentially in order to achieve project objectives or to deal with resource allocation problems is called A. Which of the following is not true about the relationship between the activity definition processes and the WBS? A. it describes the ultimate end product of the project. Fast Tracking D. To manage the effective and efficient use of resources. D. The MCQ 261-280 are invalid . 259. C. D. 260.

Remaining Duration 282. Calculate (2 + Worst) / Best D. Two Point Delphi Estimate. risk Monitor and Control? A. Calculate (Best + Worst) / 2 B. Expected Value = A. Time Quote Management . (Optimistic + (4 + Most Likely) + Pessimistic ) divided by 6 284. The Best and Worst Case effort calculation: A. (Optimistic + (4 X Most Likely) x Pessimistic ) divided by 6 D. risk response development. Total Quality Management D. none of the above 285. Remaining Duration unassisted D. Time Quality Managed B. Who is responsible for risk identification. Project Communications Management B. What does TQM stand for? A.281. Ready for Download Use C. Really Dumb User B. Three Point Statistical Estimating Formula Group. What does RDU stand for? A. Project Procurement Management D. (Optimistic + (4 X Most Likely) + Pessimistic ) x 6 B. Target Quality Management C. Project human resource Management C. Calculate (Best +2 ) / Worst C. (Optimistic + (4 X Most Likely) + Pessimistic ) divided by 6 C. Project Risk Management 283. risk quantification.

Who should be involved in the project planning phase? A. Project Chart C. B. The Project Manager. Both True and False D. True B. Designing a new transportation vehicle D. All of the Above 287. . Examples of Projects include: A. The smallest unit of time used in scheduling the project is known as: A. Temporary D. Time Measurement D. C. Implementing a new business procedure or process B. All of the Above 290. Duration 289. ________ means that every project has a definite beginning and a definite end. False C. Overall B. Calendar Unit B.286. Scope unit C. The customer. A. Constructing a building or facility C. 7. Neither true nor false 288. Projects are undertaken at all levels of the organization? A. The Sub-contractors/vendors.

292. 293. Customer acceptance. A reimbursement of allowable costs plus a fixed fee which is paid proportionately as the contract progresses. Studying project results. Talking with personnel.D. Project success depends on a no. The supplier with a fixed price for a delivered performance plus a predetermined fee for superior performance. D. The success of any project depends primarily on: A. D. 100% inspection. E. 291. including time. C. Customer compromise in defining its needs. . Acceptance sampling. 294. of interrelated factors. C. Variable lot inspection. C. Planning with top management. C. B. Which of the following is the most efficient means of product quality inspection: A. All of the above. B. A and C. B. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost (CPPC) contracts provide: A. Exceeding customer requirements through gold plating. D. cost and scope control. The project team members. Planning with their personnel. The successful project managers spend most of their time: A. Customer satisfaction. B. A reimbursement of allowable cost of services performed plus an agreed upon percentage of the estimated cost as profit. None of the above. D.

recognize and summary. Negotiations. Both A and B. B. All of the above. Investigates. blocker and closer. E. Conflict is caused by trouble makers. Resolved prior conflicts. The contemporary view of conflict is that: A. . Conflict should be avoided. 298. B. Pareto Analysis. Partnerships.295. C. D. C. Conflict of interest. Conflict is bad. D. A. 299. Control. cause and effect diagrams and flow charts are used in quality. B. 296. A condition which will lead an organization towards conflict is: A. 297. Problem-solving through different approaches. encourage and gate keeper. C. B. Learning and communication. clarifier and closer. B. Assurances. Planning. Investigates. Compromise. Initiate. Constructive Team Role includes : A. strong alliances and joint ventures. it is critical to establish a corporate culture that facilitates: A. Differentiation in organization C. In a multi-cultural environment. C. D. D. Verification.

Project justification. organizational responsibilities. B Contact your company’s management and seek for assistance 4. C Arrange a meeting of the project team members and allow them to decide 7. B and C. objectives. A. a project schedule. scope. E. objectives. available resources. detailed project schedules. procurement schedules. organizational apply. estimates. C Ask the person responsible for the estimate to explain the difference and bring supporting information to you 3. background. A Refuse to work on the presentation unless you are listed as a coauthor . and detailed procurement schedules responsibilities. Project justification. and any imitations that top management wants to apply. background. objectives. Conflict is often beneficial. and any limitations that top management wants to apply. estimates. A Look at other tasks in the schedule and see which ones should be reduced to allow time for this problem to be worked 6. Project scope. a project schedule. organizational responsibilities. C Respond to the customer’s request by explaining the change procedure and asking that he or she submit a request for change 2. background. available resources. responsibilities. a project schedule. procurement schedule. estimates. C Accept the new ideas 5. Answers: 1.D. In general a project charter covers: A. available resources. Project justification. objectives. D. scope. C. available resources. 300. and any limitations that top management wants to apply. scope. B.

C Program 19. A Chart of accounts 14. C Statement of work 22.8. D The bulk of the project budget will be spent in the execution phase 20. B Project 21. C Three years 16. C Stakeholder 15.D Management by objectives 24. B Less than the total cash flow without the net present value applied 18. B Scope definition 13.$50. A Reviewing the performance of an installed software module 23. B Investigate the matter completely 12. C Speak to the visiting engineers and discuss having an informal meeting between your engineers and the visiting engineers 9. B . C Ask the team members how they would divide the money 11.000 17.C The set of procedures developed to ensure that project design criteria are met 25. C Project charter . B You are the owner of a company that is supplying parts to a project that you are managing 10.

D Program manager 31.B Project 35. B All the work that must be completed for the project 30.C One-half month 38.C The project charter 36.500 40.D Work package 41. B The basis for organizing and defining the total scope of the project 32. C Work package 27.B $110.C Constraint 39. C Executing 33. A They allow stakeholders to judge the performance of the project according to its plan 34. B May 6 .C Weak matrix organization 37. C The original scope of the project plus or minus any scope changes 28.000 42.D $119.26. C The project charter 29.

B 7 44. A Finish – finish 53.A ABEGH 46. C May 12 47. C .28 to 30. A Making the project shorter by any economic means 59.39 55. C 32. B 2.3 54. B 34. D Fast tracking 58. A May 1 51. C May 5 49.43. D 0 45.166 57. C Precedence diagram 52. D The baseline schedule 60. B Twenty 48. B Gantt chart .8 56. B No change to project completion date 50.

B One 65.61. D The project’s budget 68. B Analogous 70. B Time-phased budget for the project 74.5 64. C Corrective action 77. C Monte Carlo analysis 66. C Reduce the over utilization of resources 63. A $10. A Placement of the activity on the logic diagram line 67. C The project budget should be increased by $10. C $0 72. C Parametric 69. C More accurate 71.000 76.000 73. D The BAC is equal to the EV . C The critical path is the list of activities that have zero float 62. C Life cycle cost 75. B 1.000 addition to the scope of the project 78. B The client has authorized a $10.

C 73 95.79. D Quality management 96.60 82. A Spending plan.777 84. and actual cost 92. B Budget at completion. C Implement quality improvements as long as the benefits outweigh the costs .740 90.000 88. A Is a method of including all of the cost associated with the project over its entire life 83. C -500 89. A $3122.500 87. C Upper management 98. B The cost performance index will remain the same for the remaining part of the project 91. C 25.200 85. C Upper management 97.250 81. B Average unit cost decreases as more units are produces 94. which is the plan for the flow of money to pay for the project 80.000 86. earned value.D 20.B 0.000 93.C $65. B -2. A 1. C Reduce EV by $4. B 6.

B Variable inspection 113. C Quality assurance manager 103. C Quality 102. market share increases. B Design of an experiment 100. C Grade 105. B Cost and delays are reduced. C Cause and effect diagram 112. A Inputs to quality control 110. C Pareto diagram 106. D Customer satisfaction 108. and profits go up . B The control chart tells you when you should not take corrective action 114. production improves. B Is planned in and not inspected in 104. B X bar 111.99. C Check sheet 107. B Kaizen 116. B In small incremental steps 115. A R 101. A Common causes 109.

D Provide confidence that the project will satisfy relevant quality standards 120. A Problem solving 131. delegating 122. C Staffing plan 133. B Stable organizational structure 121. D Greater than one 118. D Directing. D Sense of personal achievement. A The overall project plan 119. B Weak matrix 132.D Pure project organization 124.117. coaching. supporting. D Salary 126. B Project office 128. D Human resource department 129.C Weak matrix 125. work satisfaction . D The project lifecycle 134. D Project management office 130. D Integration 127. C Matrix organization 123.

D -$7.C The project manager should make sure that the supplier understands the risk before the contract is signed 162. D $2.135. A The most likely date will be earlier than the expected value date 169.500 170. A Risk triggers 168. B Creative problem solving 138. D The client’s outsourcing method . B Reduce the probability of cost overruns 165. B Project kick-off meeting 140.000 166. A Commitment from top level management 139. A Input to performance appraisals 137. C Buffering 172. B Co-location 161. C Risk mitigation 164. C Repeats some of the things said 136. C Management reserve 167. B 11/36 171. A Risk avoidance 163.

B Make or buy 190. C Project charter . C Both better or worse. A Increase risk 182. C Make sure that the supplier understands the risk before the contract is signed 189. C Lessons learned from other similar projects 174. B Only the negative risks 183. D Closeout 185. a positive or negative effect 181. D Add buffer to the critical chains 179. A Breakeven point will favor buying a cheap. C 50% 180. low-quality machine 178. B The statement of work 187. A The supplier will include an allowance for the risk in the contracted price 188.173. B Deflection 184. B The percent of time a given activity will be on the critical path 176. C Money to offset missing cost or schedule objectives 177. C A list of potential risk events 175. C Determine the critically index for an activity in the schedule 186.

D A competitor’s method of outsourcing 201.D Marketing 195. A 209. C 203. A 202. C . C Decrease transportation costs 194. C Back charge 197. D Cost-plus contracts 196. C 210. D 208. B 207. B 213. B 206. D Contract negotiation 198. D At the end of the blanket order.191. D Negotiating a change to the contract 192. prices are adjusted for the actual amount of material delivered 193.C Request for proposal 200. B 212. C 204.C Request for proposal 199. C 211. D 205.

224. C. “McGregor’s Theory X and Y” . B 240. A. C 232. D.214. intimidation and minimal involvement of the individual in work decisions. 223. 231. D. B 216. D 215. 227. D 218. C 235. B 237. B 241. C 219. A. D 239. Ward. 229. D. A 221. A. D 220. C. B 236. A 234. McGregor’s Theory X asserts that the average person dislikes work inherently and that ef fective management lies in threats. 230. A 238. C 233. B. A 217. 226. B. A. 222. 225. 228.

1] 247. and by whom. … [They] are also sometimes referred to as hard logic. the density of water in the two gallon container remains at 1.3] 255..9] 249.3. and normally he or she would delegate significant parts of the technical planning to the team specialists.2] 251.1] 248. [12.1] 254. B Change requests are an output of Contract Administration.1. B “Care should be taken to avoid wasting resources on unnecessary information or inappropriate technology. A According to the PMBOK.0] 243. D Senior management and the customer may be involved in some aspects of project planning (notably approval) but would not develop the project plan alone.3.242.” The standards are derived from the requirements as defined in the scope definition process. “Mandatory dependencies are those that are inherent in the nature of the work being done.1. [7.3.0] 250. For example. B Qualitative numbers may also be measured numerically. Resource requirements focuses on the “quantities for each element” rather than the specific question on waste percentage. C.” [12. It is an invitation for disaster for the project manager to develop the project plan without input from the team.5.1. [1. “An inspection is the examination of a work product to determine whether it conforms to standards. [4. D There is not necessarily a relationship between projects in a portfolio. B. used to verify that a set of required steps has been performed. A. 6.” [6. [6. Every planning process therefore potentially provides input to this process.2. [12. The procurement planning process must consider what products and services are available in the marketplace.1. wishes to make some change.1] 245. “The cost of preventing mistakes is always much less than the cost of correcting them…” [8.2.” [Glossary] 258. and under what terms and conditions.1.6. so the primary distinction between qualitative and quantitative numbers is that qualitative numbers cannot be meaningfully added together. B Parametric modeling and Supporting detail are not inputs to the cost estimating process.” The ’tipping’ word in this question that makes it false is “.3.2..2.2] 259.3] . [4. based on the work deliverables. A.0] 256. C Fast tracking is defined as “A specific project schedule compression technique that changes network logic to overlap phases [or activities] that would normally be done in sequence. how it will be given to them. Answer D is actually one of the goals of PROGRAM management. from whom.4] 244. The input is Approved Change Requests.” [7. Change requests will most often originate from the seller and only very rarely because the buyer. “A checklist is a structured tool.” [8. D.2.1. A. A. “Contract negotiation clarifies the structure and requirements of the contract so that mutua l agreement can be reached prior to signing the contract.1. “Budget updates are changes to an approved cost baseline. “Develop Project Management Plan” provides the integration function for all other processes in the planning group. C.1] 257.4.1. if two one gallon pails of water are poured into a two gallon container. These values are generally revised only in response to approved changes in project scope. D WBS updates are one of the critical outputs of the Activity Definition process. [5. [8.include ALL information…” [19.2.2] 253.3] 246.0 252. A. The product requirements are the basis for assessing the completion of the PRODUCT scope. “Communications planning involves determining the information and communication needs of the stakeholders: who needs what information. usually component-specific.3.1.” [10. when they will need it.

B 298. D 283. D 300. C 289. D .260. B 294. [12. C 286.1. B 284. A 290. D 287. E 291. C 296. A 295. A 288. A 297.2] 281. D 282. A 293.1. A 285. D 299. C 292. A The product description is generally broader that a statement of work.

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