Arranged Marriage: Human Crusader & Vampire Dissenter






A White



Christian was in Alice’s room trying to wake her up for breakfast again.
“Alice~” Christian called poking her cheek playfully. She stirred but still shoved her face back in her pillow. He pouted. “Alice~~~” he called again. Still no reply. An evil grin crept up his face. This should wake her up… He leaned closer to her ear. “Honey wakeup~~~” he whispered in her ear. Her eyes shot open and she slapped his face away. He rubbed his red cheek. “You’re too cruel…” he whimpered. “Shut the hell up! AND DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME HONEY EVER AGAIN!!!” --------------------------------------Salvador and Christopher were eating breakfast listening to Alice and Christian yelling at each other and a few occasional crashes from large items being thrown which they knew was probably Alice. The whimpers and girly screams were also probably from Christian. Salvador sighed. “They’re at it again…” he rubbed his forehead. Christopher strained a smile. “I’m happy your daughter’s here Salvador it’s always been so quiet here your daughter brought all the life here” “More like an uproar…” he sighed then his face lit up with joy. “I have a plan!” he leaned closer to Christopher and whispered his plan to Christopher. Christopher grinned for the first time. -----------------------------------------

“What the hell!!?” Alice saw a see of people in the ballroom. She glared at Christian. “Ey don’t look at me like that I didn’t invite them” he said glaring at her. Alice stomped to her father who was talking to Christopher. “Dad, what the hell is this!?” Salvador glared at her. “Be polite we have visitors!” he hissed at her. Christopher smiled. “Alice this is your engagement party” Alice’s mouth dropped. “No way! You said it was in January!” she yelled in disbelief. “Well we changed our minds” Salvador grinned. Alice glared at him and ran to Christian who was flirting like a retard with some girls. She slapped him in the back of the head and pulled him to the hallway. “Okay! Okay! What is it!?” he asked. “Do you know what kind of party this is!?” Alice asked him. Christian thought for a moment. “A cocktail party?” She slapped in the forehead. “Moron! This is an engagement party!!!” She hissed at him. He smiled. “Really!? Who’s getting married?” he said rubbing his forehead. “US!!!” she growled at him. “WHAT THIS IS OUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY!!?” He said in disbelief. “Yeah and we got to do something about it before they announce our marriage to our families!!!” “What do you have in mind?” he asked. “Let’s crash the party” she said as if it was as easy as touching your toes. “WHAT THE-HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO DO THAT!!!?” He asked. “Okay here’s the plan…” she whispered it in his ear. He grinned. “I’m in”

----------------------------------------Alice walked through the crowd acting normal, trying to blend in with the crowed. She saw her father right behind a ‘Flame-breathing acrobat’ She ran in between her father and the performer and waited for the performer to drink the wine. She tapped his back and jumped out of the way. The performer blew fire as he turned and set Salvador’s ass on fire!!! Alice and Christian were laughing at him as he ran in circle’s screaming. “AHH!!! MY ASS IS ON FIRE!!!! PUT ME OUT! PUT ME OUT!!!” Everyone in the crowed was laughing at this mishap. Alice then signaled Christian it was his turn. Christian grabbed the ice bucket they prepared and ran to Salvador putting on his best innocent look. “Don’t worry I’ll put it out!” he said trying not to giggle. He pulled Salvador’s pants and poured the ice inside. Christian then retreated back to Alice. Salvador screamed. “AHH!!! ITS FUCKING COLD!!!” He screamed running in circles again. Alice and Christian were laughing their asses off nearby. “Ey, Alice are you sure he won’t get frostbite on his ass!?” Christian managed to say as they laughed. “No I’m sure...I bet he’ll get it on his balls!!!” she laughed. “So you two are the master minds” They both stopped laughing and stared in horror at Christopher glaring at them. He smiled. “Since it’s Christmas I’ll let you go this time…but don’t do it again” he said. They smiled at him and made a run for it. ----------------------------------------------Alice and Christian were walking in the rose garden as the moon illuminated their path. “You’re dad is awesome I can’t believe he let us go after what we did!” Alice said happily as she skipped ahead of Christian spinning a bit on the way. “I know he always believed in forgive-and-forget from Jesus Christ” he said watching her. She looked back at him. “I wish my father was like that…” she smiled. “You’re father isn’t?” he asked her stopping next to her.

She looked down at the white roses blooming. “No, he would never forgive a mistake…” she said as her smiled faded. Something cold and wet fell on Christian’s nose. He looked up to see snow falling down on them. “Alice look up it’s snowing…” he said. She did as he said and smiled when she saw the snow falling. “It’s beautiful…” she said as her smile returned. Christian noticed an arch above them. I don’t remember this ever being here… He examined it and saw a familiar plant growing above them. “Mistletoe…” he mumbled. She looked at him. “What?” He pointed at the plant above them. “It’s a mistletoe…” She looked up curiously at the plant. “What’s the purpose of a mistletoe?” she asked. Christian felt his heart beat faster when he looked back at her. He barely took the time to notice how beautiful she is since they were always fighting and planning how to make each other’s lives miserable. She wasn’t pale but a beautiful white tone that shined in the moonlight and her long silkyblackhair glistened like running water matching her blood red eyes that sparkled every time you looked at it. Alice was still waiting for his answer as she examined the plant. Damn what’s taking him so long to answer the fuHe held her face causing her to look back at him. He leaned closer to her face. “This…” he pressed his lips against hers surprised she didn’t kick him in the balls or anything. Alice was surprised she didn’t kick him in the balls too she always knew that was her natural reflex butshe just returned the kiss enjoying the exploration in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his hands on her waist pulling her closer lengthening the kiss. They kissed for quite a while and broke it when they remembered they weren’t goldfishes and needed air. Christian rested his forehead against hers as they breathed heavily for air. I think I like the purpose… Alice thought.

Alice’s cheeks were rosy red that was her first kiss. “Is this what they call a ‘White Christmas’?” she asked him quietly. He chuckled and kissed her on the nose making her blush even more. “Yeah…but now is more than that...” he smiled and he pressed his lips angainst hers again.

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