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Jane Eyre decided to return to Thornfield, because some days ago she had heard the voice of Mr.

Rochester calling her. On the way to Thornfield, she left her things at a wayside inn and then she continued her way. When she came to where Thornfield stood, she saw a blackened ruin. She felt a great emptiness in her heart. She went back to the wayside inn where she hoped to get some answers. The innkeeper told Jane that Mrs Rochester had been mad and one day in a fit of madness had attacked Mr Rochester and set fire to the house. Nobody had been able to put out the fire and Mrs Rochester had died. As for Mr Rochester, he went all around the house, getting the servants out safely. He was the last person alive in the house when the stairs collapsed. He was caught in the fire, but escaped. He didn’t die but he became blind and then he was living like an invalid with old John and his wife in Ferndean. So Jane decided to go to Ferndean, and old manor house in the middle of a wood. She approached the old house and knocked the door. And old woman answered it and Jane told her that she wanted to see her master, Mr Rochester. The old woman told Jane that Mr Rochester would see no-one these days, but she was welcome to come in out of the rain and have something warm to eat and drink before she continued her journey. She gave Jane a warm drink and began preparing a tray for her master. Jane took the tray and went into the parlour where Mr Rochester sitting in an armchair near the fire. Pilot his dog was at his feet and jumped out, wagging his tail when he saw her. Mr Rochester asked who that is. Jane spoke and he recognized her voiceJane Eyre told him that she would stay with her forever and she loved him more than before They married quietly and lived quietly at Ferndean with old John and Mary. Adele attended a school nearby and they saw her often. About two years later, the sight of Mr Rochester was returning and by the time his son was born, he was able to see that his firstborn had the same brown eyes as he did. Diana and Mary Rivers are married, and St John became a missionary and is now living in India. He never married but has found the happiness he looked for in his work for the church.