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81 x Q (m3/s) x H (m) kW .Q H Water Power =9.

Hydraulic Turbines Water (Energy/Power) Mechanical (Energy/Power) Electrical (Energy/Power) Turbine Generator .

Classification of HPP .

even during dry weather. for irrigation and for recreational activities such as boating and fishing.Clean.Advantages of Hydroelectricity .Hydro reservoirs can also be used to control flooding. . . . . . renewable and Cheap.Flowing water is free and reliable.Seasonal changes in water supply are fairly predictable.Small-scale HPP (for small communities) is simple and inexpensive. .The water stored in the reservoir provides a continuous supply.

most sites for large dams are already used). (In Egypt.Disadvantages of Hydroelectricity . .Few sites are found for building large dams.Large dams are expensive and slow to build. . (The sites left are mostly in the far north). (over ten years between the decision and electricity flows).

Weight of water ( 9800 N/m³) Q= Water Flow Rate m3/s. H= Head Difference (m) • Turbine Output Power : Po =ηt * Pw kW • ηt = Turbine Overall Efficiency (up to 96%) .• Water Power: Pw =w Q H kW W = Sp.