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Preserving Animal Specimen Using Liquid Preservatives


is the process by which a specimen is conserve and avoid its decomposition. .Preservation.

.is any agent or substances that hinder the decomposition process of a specimen.Preservative.

Liquid Preservative .

• to maintain the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a specimen that would be a an avenue for further study in the future. .Objectives and importance of preservation • representative type of specimen may be used as a reference for other work to consult in future.

The Preserving Agents .

Formaldehyde (Formalin). Advantages: • • • inexpensive readily available specimen almost never decay in agent used in the preservation of vertebrates specimen. .1.

• it requires a rust proof container.Disadvantages • has a very irritating odor • has a tendency to make specimen brittle. . • remove or fade the color of the specimen.

. Types of alcohol readily available in the market: Isoprophyl (70-90%) Ethyl alcohol .used mainly for preserving invertebrates specially Arthropods.highly flammable. -Safe to handle.2. Alcohol.

Receptacles .

such the specimen can be set straight. specially those who contain mud and leaf-litter samples -those who have thicker materials should be used.useful for large specimen.• Water-tight bottles-Plastic or glass . • Plastic bag.the container should be as tall as the size of the specimen/s . .

• Shallow tray. . it is used for fixing and setting specimen of reptiles and amphibians.maybe plastic or metal.

Steps for preservation of specimen .

1. Fixing 4. Euthanizing 2. Labeling 5. Storage . Injection or Slitting 3.

Euthanizing2.1. Injection and Slitting. limbs and tail either by injection or slitting. .liquid preservatives must be introduced into the body cavity.

.the specimen should be accompanied by certain data. Either attached directly on the receptacle are recorded in a notebook. 4. Labeling.3.While the specimens are still relaxed. they should be arranged in trays so they will harden in proper position. Fixing.

Storage.5.specimen should be stored in liquid preservative. .Proper storage of the receptacle should exercise for us to achieve long term preservation. The specimen should be submerged in the preservative properly. .

Preserving Mollusk Specimen .

Preserving Arthropods Specimen .

Preserving Amphibian Specimen .

Preserving Reptile Specimen .