Population distribution and density at a global and local scale

Command terms o Analyze: asks students to respond with a closely argued and detailed examination of a particular topic, pattern or process o Describe: asks students to give a portrayal of a given situation. It is a neutral request to present a detailed picture of a given situation, event, pattern, process or feature o Explain: this directs students to describe clearly, and give reasons for a concept, process, patter, relationship or idea Focus o Understand the global distribution of population o An in-depth case study of one country Terms o Population distribution: where people live o Densely populated, moderately populated and sparsely populated o Spatial variation: changes in conditions over areas Key factors When describing a spatial variation, you must know the o Environmental factors o Economic factors o Historical factors o Cultural factors o Political factors Annotated map o Use a sharp pencil o A title that describes what you are trying to explain o A key, a scale (if necessary) and a compass rose or north point

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