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Tech DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2008 Eighth Semester Textile Technology ( Fashion Technology ) FT 1014- VISUAL MERCHANDISING ( Regulation 2004) Time: Three hours Maximum :100 marks Part A - ( 10*2= 20 marks ) 1. State the significance of fashion in garment industry. 2. What is the role of environment in fashion. 3. What do you mean merchandising? 4. State the role of consumers in merchandising. 5. Give the importance of visual display. 6. Mention the short comings of fashion merchandising. 7. How do you define the retail environment. 8. State the few optimising technique used for apparel assortments. 9. What do you mean by assortment planning? 10. State the uses of printing in assortment planning.

PART B - ( 5*16 = 80 marks ) 11 (a). Briefly discuss about the nature of fashion and fashion business with respect to apparel industry. (b). Critically analyse the role of various segments in fashion industry. 12 (a). Explain in detail , the role of merchandiser in garment industry. (b). Briefly discuss the various types of merchandising and product presentation. 13 (a). Briefly discuss the various techniques adopted for fashion communication. (b). Explain in detail the role of 3-D visual merchandising system in apparel assortments. 14 (a). State and explain the concepts behind the optimisation of apparel assortments. (b). Critically compare the visual merchandising system with fashion merchandising system. 15. (a). Briefly discuss the concept behind the visual data management in assortment planning. (b). State and explain the use of visualization and printing in assortment planning.