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NTM Assignment 2

1. What is plasma? How it can be generated non-thermally. Write about its mechanism of metal removal. 2. What is the need for going dual gas system? Make a neat sketch of dual gas plasma torch machining process. 3. “The formation of KERF and DROSS is more in Plasma spray than Oxy-gas spraying ”. Discuss the above statement with the help of neat diagram 4. Discuss about the parameters that govern the performance of plasma. 5. List the general guidelines for designing the torch and safety precautions for plasma arc machining 6. Discuss about the applications of plasma jets in manufacturing industry. Can it be applied to any service industry? 7. Show that Rmin30L/C in EDM process. 8. Explain with neat sketch machining process of EDM. Also discuss the effect of HAZ 9. In an EDM operation employing R.C.circuit, Discuss the effects of –Resistance, Gap setting, - Capacitance on metal removal rate. Is it possible to replace RC circuit during the process? 10. How flushing can done in EDM process. list down the requirements of die electric 11. Discuss the advantages of EDM as compared to other non-conventional methods with regard to: Metal Removal Rate, Accuracy, and Surface Finish 12. Explain with neat sketch EDG and travel wire EDM [refer production technology by HMT) 13. Discuss with neat sketch theoretical analysis of RC circuit for MRR.