its internal communication parameters accordingly.

It allows In Touch to be connected to any Digiplex control panel as well as any Spectra control panel V2.0 or higher. If connecting the APR-ADM2 to a Digiplex control panel, refer to the Digiplex APR-ADM2 Reference & Installation Manual.

To access the In Touch programming mode: STEP 1: Press the [ENTER] key STEP 2: Enter your [INSTALLER CODE] STEP 3: Enter 3-digit section [SECTION] you wish to program. STEP 4: Enter the required data The module can also be programmed using the WinLoad Software. Refer to WinLoad’s Online Help for more information on programming with WinLoad.

The Voice-Assisted Arm/Disarm Bus Module allows the user to arm or disarm their Spectra security system as well as activate or deactivate In Touch’s PGM from any telephone. The APR-ADM2 uses detailed voice prompts to guide the user. Due to the Autopanel Recognition feature, the In Touch can be connected to either the Spectra (V2.0 or higher) or Digiplex control panels.




Section [575] The value (001 to 255, 000 = disabled) programmed in section [575] represents the number of rings the APR-ADM2 will wait before picking-up the line. If the line is not answered after the number of programmed rings, In Touch will answer the call. Be sure to program APR-ADM2’s number of rings to be less than the number of rings programmed in the Spectra control panel or enter 000 as the number of rings for the Spectra.

Operating Voltage: Current Consumption: Power Consumption: PGM Outputs: Operating Temperature: Compatible Telephone: Compatibility: 9 - 15VDC Typical: 70mA Maximum: 105mA (with PGM enabled) 1 Watt 1 form “C” relay rated @ 125V, 5A receptive load 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) DTMF (Touch-tone) Any Spectra control panel V2.0 or higher

Section [576] If In Touch uses a telephone line that uses an answering machine or service, the Answering Machine Override must be programmed. The value (010 to 255 seconds, 000 = disabled) programmed in section [576] represents the delay period that APR-ADM2 will wait between the first and second call. The user calls the In Touch, hangs-up, and then calls back within the value programmed in section [576]. If the APR-ADM2 is called back within the programmed delay period, the bus module will override the answering machine or service by picking-up the line on the first ring.

The APR-ADM2 is connected to Spectra’s communication bus. Connect the four terminals labeled “12VDC”, “GND”, “GRN”, and “YEL“ of the In Touch module to the corresponding terminals of the Spectra control panel as shown in Figure 1. Connect In Touch’s “RING” terminal to Spectra’s “R1” terminal and the “TIP” terminal of the APR-ADM2 to the “T1” terminal of the Spectra control panel as shown in Figure 1. If the house-hold telephone is sharing the telephone line with Spectra and In Touch, connect the house-hold telephone to the “R-1” and “T-1” terminals of the APR-ADM2 as shown in Figure 1. Connect In Touch’s PGM as shown in Figure 2. If the control panel is configured to report Arming and Disarming events and if the APR-ADM2 and control panel share the same telephone line, the user’s call will be interrupted during use.

Section [577] When the PGM is activated by a user, the value (001 to 255, 000 = No Timer) programmed in section [577] determines the time that APR-ADM2’s PGM will remain activated. Once the time value set in section [577] has elapsed, the PGM will deactivate. If a value of 000 is entered into section [577], the PGM will remain activated until it is manually deactivated by the user. Option [4] in section [578] determines whether the PGM Timer programmed in section [577] is in seconds or minutes.

Section [578] - option [1] This option determines whether the stand-alone code that the user enters to access the In Touch will be 4 digits in length or 6 digits in length. If section [578] option [1] is off, the stand-alone code will be

This is a feature that allows In Touch to be used with either Spectra or Digiplex. When connected to the bus, the APR-ADM2 will automatically detect which system it is connected to and adjust

the code will become 123412. If option [4] in section [578] is on. PGM OUTPUT Section [578] . For example. Figure 1: Installing the In Touch .option [2] If the Spectra control panel is partitioned. enable section [578] option [2]. If section [578] option [1] is on. the APR-ADM2’s PGM output is enabled and can be used. If the stand-alone code is changed from 4 digits to 6 digits.set to 6 digits in length. If the Spectra control panel is not partitioned. if the access code is 1234 and you switch to six digits. In Touch will add the last two digits by using the first two digits. Figure 2: Installing In Touch’s PGM PARTITION SYSTEM ON SPECTRA Section [578] .option [4] This option determines whether the PGM Timer will be in seconds or minutes. If option [4] in section [578] is off. disable section [578] option [2]. PGM TIME BASE SELECTION Section [578] . If option [3] in section [578] is off. the PGM Timer will be in minutes. In Touch’s PGM output is disabled and cannot be used. the standalone code will be set to 4 digits in length. It is important that this is done correctly so that the APR-ADM2 module and the Spectra control panel can communicate properly.option [3] If option [3] in section [578] is on. the PGM Timer will be in seconds.

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