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Asher Okin May 5th, 2013 CI 402 Assessment Plan There are many different forms of assessment that

I plan to use throughout the course of this unit. These assessments will be both formative and summative. I would like to rely more on formative than summative assessments because they allow me to modify my teaching on the spot if my students arent understanding the material, but I also realize that school and state standards might require me to have certain summative assessments in the unit. Some examples of formative assessments I would use are: Daily warm-ups Exit slips Think-pair-share discussion Small group discussion Problem resolution and justification Homework checks

I like the idea of formative assessments because it allows me to see where my students are in the course of their understanding. I can pinpoint misconceptions and change my lesson plans if need be to accommodate them. Formative assessments help me pace out the timing of everything the lesson, whether we need to slow down to further review a topic or if we can speed up because the students understand the material already. At the same time, formative assessment through discussions allows me to see where the understanding of each student is at based on

their answers and justifications. It allows me to work with those students more closely to address these mistakes instead of waiting to find out at the end of unit exam. Along with formative assessments, I will be using some summative assessments throughout my unit. These summative assessments include, but are not limited to: Unit exams Subject exams Weekly quizzes

These assessments allow for me to understand where the students understanding lies at the end of the unit or topic we covered. At this point it is a little late to go back and clarify any mistakes, but the school or state that I work in will require them. I think that summative assessments are a great way of checking for overall understanding of a topic and should be used to verify that the students are retaining the information that I am learning in my class. While formative assessments are useful in creating meaningful connections to the material summative assessments check for the overall understanding of that material. It gathers all of those connections and brings them to one place where we can give the students a grade for their effort. These grades are helpful for both the teacher and the student because it allows for both to get a better understanding on how the material is being understood. The students can then use that knowledge, especially in a class where exams and material are cumulative, and work to correct their mistakes in order to do better in the future.