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Debate Flow: UoO DM vs Washburn AD

Debate Flow: UoO DM vs Washburn AD

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Flow of a recorded debate round.
Flow of a recorded debate round.

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Published by: Brandon James Fletcher on May 05, 2013
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Prior question on procedural level, impact to compettiive equitiy. Use and abuse of fiat, no access to critic. Impact calculous proves abuse story 2.Fiat means no access to K or DA rounds, abuse in debate round.





More limiting checks this back and run politics link to solve back for the affirmative. MG offense is bad No limits. Key to limits to identifying ground. Cant get ofense without it.Limits most is best 4. prep time is important for the LOC. a. LOC is only way to grant strategies not overspecification and rooted in literature basis.GROUnd checks this back. specifity is needed for this. and then negative needs to win . Aff explosion of ground is worse than negative implosion of ground. Pic ground solves back. even if you crush predictability you would get ground with new counterplan. no meet.Can pic out of judges A. C) Ground: Ospec worse 1. with the critic of decisions. Cant pic out of judges. Aff gets to challenge framework. rulings normal means Specify which judges vote for affirmative case. kill ground. Crushes speech unique in this predictability situation D) erre out of negative strategy. Best internal link to limite debate.LOC MGC MOC A) specifiy judging voting We meet. any nuimber of combination of judges and advantages 3. skewed advantages to judges LOC is most important choosed. A2 predictability: 1. 2.

. No counter interpretation or we meet with normal means 2. no compete with competitng interpretations which forces you to look at entire standards debate.Outwigh on interpretation. MOC arguments are impact turned by the PMR No offense to limits answered better. and extrapolate use of fiat to spike out of critic. No standards for why this is true. win clear in round abuse Concede that you erre negative on theory. Ground is true. get pic ground and uniqueness ground. Fiat proves abuse:! 1. Specify. Aff chooses the framwork. LOC is the most important speech.can choose to not answer this question. force you to look at every specific standards.POIs always check a. cant pic out of anything under aff interpretation and no access to DA Voting issue for competing interpretation Reasonability.Reason why they don’t access to critic.

Guaruntees links to advnatages and then negative has to guess what are the uniqueness and links to DAs Prior question to affirmative 1. .2.Sets framework and thesis for the debate round.

Explode limits with affirmative specifiyin.Ground based. No limits. Negative should be able to choose which judges do what with literature. aff would choose their DA. meaning that this is the only predictable ground.g infinite regression offense with ground and limits arguments CP ground is still eliminated when aff chooses 3. CP and ruling and then affirmative would chose the best one jacking them from the best arguments negative would walys lose 1. Negative gets fiat in this interpretaion. literature allows negative to choose. negative always loses. infinite combination of judges. ground with this. . meaning negative interp is stupid. Can choose with the aff framework with the infinite ground. Infinite ground with overspecifiying. lITERATURE means that Negative always gets negative gets access to access to CP and DA their arguments with this. 2.LOR PMR Normal means is predictable ground.

No reason why this argument matters.Give specific in round abuse. like voting on a potential DA Negative still gets fiat in both interpretation. .

PMC Plan: US Supreme Court rule inf avor of rodney gant in gant v arizona Ruling is normal means and ruled on grounds of 4th ammendment Background: 1. Excludes an entire group based on how they are born over race 2. right to privacy is always battled B) abandon rights of privacy is a tipping point where it is abandonedd Racism exists because of state. uniqueness cuts in direction of the affirmative.Leads to property and structural dehumanization. privacy is not exiplicit meaning that there is nothing preventing searches LOC MGC ADV: A) 4th amendment is battled now.Issue is of credible threat for cops to search your cars. put someone as the other. no agency or society . make state do less step in right direction C) Ruling in favor of this means that violent and credible threats is eliminated D) Justifies racial profiling of individuals which means that this is only way that people can do racial profililing and set legal precident E) Racism causes dehumanizations.

this is a slippery slope to killing them G) Privacy is the mandatory starting point to tyranny and dictatership and normalizes violence and no value to life H) Solvency: Guaruntee right to privacy and mandates right of privacy above all else before someone's right to person.F) creates a teleological precedent where people cant be arbitrarily killed. Pragmatism is only way to stolve . No uniquenss without a pragmatic step Solvency of the case. only way to solve racism without state solvency and aciton.




LOC MGC Fiat allows education. udnerstanding workings of the state and see cracks and fissuers. representative democracy No eliminate rep systems.Ontology is a prior question. Fiat allows roleplaying. MOC Framework: Cross apply. Iraq proves 3. B.better revolutionaries.Aff imagines the existence of the big other Imagine state as a good actor. utilization of fiat meaning that we pretend to be the supreme court .better policy makers later on C.Bad method leads to bad policy. state is key in squo. no knoweldge of action.Endorsement grants legitimacy meaning that It is a prior question 2. understand how it acts. genocide is inevitable 1. fiat is best way to change.Symbolism frames political violence. 9/11 proves 4.Debate should be open to without the state. cant seprate plan from ontological perspective Links: 1. Movement becomes corrupted without state. Aff solves a a liberatory narratives better scenario 1.

3. Biggest weapons detirmines who does what 4. invisible and more exclusive key manifistation of state power Only system with diplomacy. only prevent weapons is state. and decides state norms stop war 5. totalizing view of passivity. Ruling of decision allows success point allows new micrpolitics No movement withoiut state movement. no solvency without the state of the affirmative Impacts: 1. legal system is a facist state power. coercion is far worse. creation of an enemy that we cant see but still endlessly attack State is inevtibale. demobalizes people because we assume that the state has dealth with the problem because the supreme court has already solved it Fiat is good.Aff assumes that the state is the only thing that can act to solve racism. exclusive legalistic language that excludes people. Triggers argument.Agency to paternal figureheads which guts our agency.Imagine value to life only from the lens of the state and supreme court Without state. we need to recognize that we have agency to frame external Fiat distance self from philosophies. State has launch codes only learn how to stop state without it .2. the state 2.20th century atrocitiy justified by biopolitical imagination and iodea of an unhuman iother to jsutify violence and realism.Supreme court is bad. debate is an activity to discuss utility of government to solve movements.

4. Biodiversity is necessary for solving extinction 7. Justify and create real violence. neg frameowrk only for value to life. Supremem court regulates resources. Big other preserves itself through this. Articifial uniqueness and arbitary inflation of impact arguments . pursuit of resources. 360 bombs dropped in bagdad in an hour because we don’t challnege power. Demarcates the bounderies of our Free speech zones is GOP existnece. Ecocide is inevitable. mobalize populations for violence and extirmination. stop any speech 8. demobalizes us from checking caopitalsim State allows specalization. Allows value to life. Govenrment solve capitalism stop ecodestruction and technology 6.3. physical restraint on our agency Alt: Vote Negative to imagine the big other does not exist Solve: Illegitimte ground. regulation of free have militia outside doors speech in zones. uniquness for critical argument. people do different things over hunter gathering. do not privlage ethical systems that divest agency 5.

Signifies a key political stance and this privaleges idea through the ballot. 3. things we say and way that we say them have transformative value.1.Requires voting negative. moots 1nc the most important speech.Affirmation of critic itself.Demistify big other because we imagine the big other does not exist. 2. Severence. 4. metaforic condensation rearangment. . aff assumes supreme court is a good actor.



LOC MGC State is inevitabel: A. exploitation is inevitalbe witohut state. states break down and reofrm b.Build tech to decrease C02. deserts with temp rises MOC .Survive. specalize create governemnt systems c. people rely on government and others to survive state for efficiency is inevitable Good: A. makes indentured servants are illegal C. US military rolls over world. strong destroy week in aff framework. only way to do it is state power Causes extinction. no more state Solve Eco: 1.keep captialism from killing people through reuglation B.






1AC i/l suck ass impacts need terminalization explain why drug plan bad 1NC 2AC .

2NC .

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