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====== "insight" happens on the anterior superior temporal gyrus on RIGHT side (so when data presented to left

eye, you get more insights) - surface marking - just abo ve the right ear.(more towards temple). Gamma waves erupt from that spot at that moment. About 1 second before that, there's a busrt of alpha waves at the back of the br ain (interestingly back of brain is visual processing area and alpha waves is kn own to reflect brain areas shutting down) [tip- so close eyes also] insight also related to creativity

Creativity Less white matter in brain means more creativity. More creative poeaple have some shutting down of pre-frontal cortex, allowing th em to take more 'risks'. Change your 'routines'. Don't 'focus' on the problem, just 'wonder around' it for solutions.- get up and take a walk, go swim etc. --> ie. reduce frontal lobe activity so insight/creat ivity can flow.

===== Here is a little exercise that helps me to stop thinking. It is called singing t he HU. You can do this exercise anywhere quietly in a crowd or voice it if alone . Basically I find a quiet place in the morning or in the evening (best times fo r me). I sit with my back straight or lie down; close my eyes and focus on my th ird eye, the place between the two eyebrows. Then I softly think of a nice exper ience and put my consciousness on that happy state and gently sing HUuuuuuuuu (p ronounced Hugh). I sing it repeatedly with my eyes gently closed. If a light app ears I surrender to the light and continue to empty all my worries into the ethe rs. I do this for about 10 to 20 minutes at each sitting. Then I go about my dai ly business or go to sleep if evening time. This way one surrenders the subjects of your thinking into the ethers and watch solutions unfold. Sometimes when I do this exercise in the evening, I would have a dream that would give me a solution to that which I was thinking about and wo rrying myself to death. Try it, don't take my word for it. I hope this helps. ====== Here is one really simple that works for me in a matter of seconds. Just sit in a comfortable position.

Imagine your thoughts are like words appearing on a blackboard. They are floatin g from one side to the other. Suddenly they start to slowly disappear into nothi ng. Then the blackboard also disappears and everything that is left is nothingne ss