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Zimbra  connector  update  –  Outlook     How  to  update  Zimbra  connector  for  Outlook?

    This   article   provides   the   steps   to   update   Zimbra   Connector   for   Outlook   (ZCO)   for   Microsoft  Outlook  Users.     As   part   of   Email   system   upgrade   last   Thursday   15   Nov   2012,   Outlook   users   will   be   prompted   for   latest   connector   update,   this   update   takes   around   2   minutes,   IT   Department   recommends   users   to   perform   the   update   of   the   connector   using   the   below  instructions.     Step1:  When  you  launch  Outlook,  below  window  will  popup  asking  you  if  you  want   to  upgrade    

   Step2:  Please  Click  “Upgrade”  &  Downloading  status  will  appear.    


  Step3:  When  download  Finishes.  It  will  ask  you  to  exit  and  Install  upgrade  (Click  on   “Exit  Outlook  &  Upgrade”).  


Step4:   Outlook   will   exit   and   the   Installation   window   will   pop   up   (Click   “Next”   And   Accept  the  Agreement)     Step5:  After  Agreement  Click  “Next”  on  the  confirmation  Installation  Window:     Step6:  Click  “Finish”  When  the  Installation  Ends.     .  Restart  Outlook  Application.

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