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Timber is become a good construction material and used as an alternative building material because of its characteristics despite of the other materials like steel, cement and stone and brick. Factors like strength and stability can be achieved by proper seasoning and treatments to the timber. As the report pointed in details timber can be used for construction purposes such as:
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For heavy construction works like columns, trusses, piles. For light construction works like doors, windows, flooring and roofing. For other permanent works like for railway sleepers, fencing poles, electric poles and gates. For temporary works in construction like scaffolding, centering, shoring and strutting, packing of materials.

For decorative works like showcases and furniture.

Timber has some pros and cons like: Pros:
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Timber can be easily cut and saw Can be easily joined with carpentry tools. Compared with weight it has more strength than other materials. Can be used for load bearing and non load bearing structures. Alterations can be easily made

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If not preserved well it likely to crack or wrap. Likely to decay. Requires regular maintenance. It is not fire resistance.