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Nothing can hold back their flaming passion

Struggling with time management and physical exhaustion would never cease them from chasing after their dreams.

When he had to prepare for events like the TRCC reflections, he had to attend practices four to five times a week which ends at about 9.30pm. Marshall says It is very taxing. It takes a toll on your body, mind and soul. However, he states that his soul feels dead if he does not satisfies his mind with the passion and feels accomplished after completing every event. Moreover, Sabrina,17, who was in Hip Hop IG shares that she had to eventually quit her IG as it was too draining. During events like the Reflections, their IGs stayed up to 11 pm almost every day. Despite the current situation, she says that her passion has not been reverted. She would never give up on it and would continue dancing outside school when she is more free. For these three driven teenagers, chasing their passion is an important part of their lives and it is what it defines them. Hence they would never give up on it no matter what they have to go through.

Photo taken by Ji seon

Their lives are nothing like any other ordinary polytechnic students. These three students, Marshall, Sabrina and Evelyn, are technically juggling two distinct lives. Their passion makes them realise who they are. Evelyn Lim, a Sonic Arts Year two student at RP, started dancing when she was 13. She was inspired to take up dancing when she watched some overwhelming performances on television. She is currently the President of Modern Dance IG and is having a hard time studying and carrying out her duties as a President. She finds it hard to focus in the morning during class and has tons of workload weighing on her shoulder.

Dancers: Sabrina left and Marshall right.

When she took up a role as a production manager for Leaps dance when she was in year one, she even had gotten phone calls as early as 8 am from various staffs when teacher was talking. She then had to manage being a performer, president, production manager and a student taking the UTs all at the same time. As her daily grades are published, she is seeing a lot of Cs and her GPA has dropped from 3.2 to 3.0 as she took up the position. Another student, Marshall Lim, who is currently engaged in both drama IG and modern dance IG, shares that he has been late for more than 14 times last semester.