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ABC Model

(trigger behavior)

(human performance)

(either reinforce or punish behavior)


Definitions: Activators: A person.they don’t control it. place. thing or event that happens before a behavior takes place that encourages you to perform that behavior. Activators only set the stage for behavior or performance . 2 .

Some examples of activators 3 .

acting.Definitions: Behavior: Any directly measurable thing that a person does. and performing physical functions. 4 . including speaking.

Some examples of behavior: 5 .

Consequences increase or decrease the probability that the behaviors will occur again in the future. 6 .Definitions: Consequences: Events that follow behaviors.

Some example of Consequences: 7 .

8 .

.Consequences need to be .. Soon vs Delayed Certain vs Uncertain Personal vs Organizational Positive vs Negative .

Why is one sign often ignored. the other one often followed? 10 .