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Suggested BBS Process

• Plan - Determine Behaviors That Have
Greatest Loss Impact; Identify Team Who Will Define & Design BBS Process • Do - Implement BBS Observation Process & Collect Data • Check - Ensure BBS Process Has Been Effectively Implemented • Act - Learn and Continual Improvement


and 3)employees are willing to work with management to minimize the risk of injury 2 .Management Support 1)employees must believe that management is committed to safety. 2)management demonstrates this commitment by ensuring that facilities are properly maintained.

What is the role of managers and supervisors? Supervisors’ and managers’ is responsible for supporting the process by conducting safety observation in the same way as other employees. 3 .

Feedback is essential because maintaining any behavior change requires frequent. 4 . . and positive feedback. objective.Observations provide the objective data that make behavioral feedback uniquely effective. .Observation and Feedback are the basis of the entire system.

Reduce accidental equipment damage 3. Improve participation 2.Benefits of an Observation and Feedback Process 1. Reduce downtime 4. Increase in positive reinforcement for safe behavior 5 . Reduce costs 5. Improved housekeeping 6.

Improved communications 9.7.Reduction in unsafe conditions/improved ergonomics 11. Improved data gathering and trending 8.Improved safety awareness 6 . More/better improvement suggestions 10.

Keys to Success: • Meaningful Employee Empowerment • Designing a Well Planned and Supported BBS Process • Managing BBS Process with Integrity 7 .

Obstacles To Success: • Poorly Maintained Facilities • Top-down Management Practices • Poor Planning/Execution • Inadequate Training 8 .

Shift a person’s attitude in the right direction and behavior will follow. 9 .

you’ll get what you always got!” W. Edwards Deming 10 .Why Do We Need to Change? “If you do what you’ve always done.