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WHAT IS EVIL? Unconsciousness is evil. To act unconsciously is evil. And what is virtue? To act consciously is virtue.

Pythagoras never gives any morality to the world; no real sage has ever given any morality to the world. From real wisdom has come always only one voice: Become more alert in whatsoever you are doing. In private or in public, function consciously, act consciously. OSHO Philosophia Perennis Vol 1, Ch #6: Logos: Power: Necessity am in Buddha Hall

What is GOOD and what is EVIL? As far as conventions in the world are concerned they have all grown out of the unconscious mind of man. The real criterion of good and evil is only one -- and that is possible if you are fully conscious: ONLY THE FULLY AWAKENED AND ENLIGHTENED PERSON KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS BAD. And how does he know it? THE ENLIGHTENED PERSON CANNOT DO ANYTHING BAD; that is just impossible for him. So that which is impossible for the enlightened man to do is bad, and that which he enjoys doing is good. Except that, all other criteria are arbitrary. HUMANITY WILL KNOW WHAT IS GOOD AND BAD ONLY WHEN MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE AWAKENED. In your deep sleep and unconsciousness, you cannot decide what is good and what is bad; you simply carry the old heritage. OSHO Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance Ch #6: Prologue part 6 am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium