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H¢fÐm 2013

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pÇf¡cL, j¡pL¡h¡¢l/ 1m¡ ®j 2013


AfZÑ¡ l¡u−Q±d¤l£, p¤−co·¡ Qœ²haÑ£, ¢hc¤Év
i–¡Q¡kÑ, QÇf¡L¢m BCu¤h, fœ−mM¡ ®Q±d¤l£


q¡¢l−u k¡Ju¡ ®R−m−hm¡l Øjª¢a−jc¤l Ef¡MÉ¡e
Bh−c−l h¡¢s (12)
¢hc¤Év i–¡Q¡kÑ


L¢ha¡l S¾j
H ®j±p¤j ®q¡L fm¡n ®j±p¤j

°j−œu£ j¤−M¡f¡dÉ¡u
Al¦Z m¡¢qs£ jS¤jc¡l
¢hc¤Év i–¡Q¡kÑ


¢g−l −cM¡ (2) (¢eh¾d)
®N¡V¡LaL N−è¡ (NÒf)
f§¢ZÑj¡l l¡−a (NÒf)

QÇf¡L¢m BCu¤h
p¤Na i–¡Q¡kÑÉ
ü¡a£ f¡−lM


j¡C−Lm ®fV¡l¢e¢V-l ¢h¢Qœ ü¡−cl d¡l¡h¡¢qL ïj−Z¡f¡MÉ¡e
AÉ¡mh¡VÑ h¡h¤l XÊ¡Ci¡l£ (30)
Ae¤h¡c: ®N±aj hp¤ (AmwLlZ: Ai£L hp¤)
(4bÑ M™, 18n f¢l−µRc: h¡c¤s X¡e¡ J hÊþp¤−a¡/ ¢àa£u¡wn)
ea¤e d¡l¡h¡¢qL : plp A¿¹l‰ j¡SÑ¡l-L¡¢qe£
Lj¢m'l Lb¡ (1)

fÐc£f f¡−lM



Dear Pradeep-da,
… I was going to ask Champa about her article on the special trip to Bangaldesh and then I
received the latest copy of Maskabari (containing that very article). It is so nice to see these articles.
Finally, after all these months I have my first Bangla article about the search for the identity of
Nani Gopal Bose. I have used Google's transliteration to create the files. I am sending you both the
original and the pdf version. Please let me know if you need it in any other format∗.
This is my first Bangla article.... Please let me know your opinion# and please let me know if you
think this will be of interest for the readers.
Thank you so much for Maskabari !

AfZÑ¡ l¡u−Q±d¤l£, B−j¢lL¡/ 7C H¢fÐm 2013
j¡pL¡h¡¢l 32 pwMÉ¡u fÐb−jC eSl L¡sm W¡L¥j¡l 1934 p¡−ml IX-Hl h¡wm¡ fÐnÀfœz HC fÐnÀfœ¢Vl
I¢aq¡¢pL j§mÉ p¢aÉC Af¢l−juz L¡lZ Cwl¡¢S−a Hje h¡wm¡ fÐnÀfœ ®k q−a f¡−l ®p d¡lZ¡C ®a¡ ¢Rm e¡z Bl
a¡l f¡n¡f¡¢n ¢hÊ¢Vn l¡S−aÄ ¢nr¡e£¢a−a p¡−qh Bj−ml ®k fÐhm fÐi¡h, a¡J ¢hmrZ Øfø q−u EWm Bj¡l ®Q¡−Mz
h¡wm¡ fÐh¾d lQe¡l ¢houV¡J ®k Cwl¡¢S−a ®mM¡ – H HL Ai¡he£u OVe¡ −kez HLV¡ m¡i qmz HLV¡ ea¤e në ®nM¡
qmz A¢id¡−e ®c−M ¢em¡j "fæN' j¡−e p¡fz hs−cl L¡−R n¤−e¢R, ®p pj−u hËþ−cnJ Bj¡−cl p¡−bC k¤š² ¢Rmz
fÐnÀf−œ Cwl¡¢Sl h¡q¤mÉ a¡lJ HLV¡ L¡lZ q−a f¡−l ¢Le¡ – a¡ AhnÉ Bj¡l p¢WL S¡e¡ ®eCz "j¡pL¡h¡¢l'
HlLjC AfÐb¡Na ¢hou ¢ehÑ¡Qe L−l ü¡−c-N−¾d A¢àa£u q−u b¡L¥L Bj¡−cl L¡−Rz deÉh¡c Ai£Lh¡h¤−Lz deÉh¡c
pÇf¡cL jn¡C−Lz
p¤−co·¡ Qœ²ha£Ñ, LmL¡a¡/ 15C H¢fÐm 2013
j¡QÑ j¡−pl "j¡pL¡h¡¢l'−a (32 ew pwMÉ¡) LmÉ¡Z£ hp¤l "g¢VLc¡' NÒfV¡ j−e L¢l−u ¢cm HlLjC ¢LR¤ Q¢l−œl
Lb¡z HCph Q¢l−œl¡ A−eL ¢h−noZ h−u −hs¡u, −kje "d−jÑl oy¡s', "N¤X gl e¡¢bw' CaÉ¡¢c CaÉ¡¢cz j−e f−s k¡u
"h¤−s¡' j¡j¡−Lz
qu−a¡ "¢fe¡C'−cl j−a¡ ph¤S j−e Hl¡ ®lM¡f¡a L−l ; ¢L¿¹¤ "¢fe¡C'−cl pw‘¡u Hl¡ A−eL L¡S Ll−mJ,
ab¡L¢ba p¡j¡¢SL pw‘¡l ¢e¢l−M ®pN¤−m¡ ®L¡−e¡ L¡SC euz HCph "N¤X gl e¡¢bw' Q¢l−œl¡ f¢lh¡−ll fСu ph
pcpÉ-pcpÉ¡−cl g¡Cglj¡n ®M−V −cuz ®L¡−e¡ assigned duty ®eC a¡−clz a¡C jkÑ¡c¡J ®eCz f¢lh¡−ll N¢™
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°ce¢¾ce S£h−el R¾c ®L−V k¡u, ah¤, jkÑ¡c¡ c§−l b¡L, p¡j¡eÉ ®pÀq-i¡−m¡h¡p¡J H−cl f¡n j¡s¡u e¡ ! pj¡−Sl
®h¡dqu HV¡C cÙ¹¤lz
a¡C, "h¤−s¡' j¡j¡−L e¡ q−m a¡yl c¡c¡-®h±¢c-i¡C−f¡l HL f¡-J Q−m e¡ ¢WLC ; h¡¢s−a A¢a¢b H−m "h¤−s¡' j¡j¡
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p−‰ f¢lQuf−hÑl a¡¢mL¡u "h¤−s¡' j¡j¡−cl e¡j b¡−L e¡z
j−e f−s k¡u "p¡−qh' ¢p−ej¡l Lb¡z e¡ji§¢jL¡u ¢R−me a¡fp f¡mz h¡¢slC ®R¡−V¡ ®R−mz fs¡n¤e¡l ®Q−u
g¥Vh−m ¢e−h¢cafСZz h−s¡−h±¢c Bl h¡h¡ R¡s¡ h¡¢L ph¡C Ml−Ql M¡a¡u ®g−m ¢c−u¢Rm p¡−qh−Lz ®h¡−el ¢h−ul
SeÉ i¡−m¡ f¡−œl p¾d¡e f¡Ju¡ −N−Rz h¡h¡ f−s−Re pjpÉ¡u, V¡L¡ ®S¡N¡s q−h ®L¡−›−L, ¢h−u L£ L−l q−hz
i¡−ul¡ pL−mC q¡a N¤¢V−u−Rz h¡h¡ h¡¢s h¾dL l¡M¡l Lb¡ i¡h−Rez ¢p−ej¡l ®no cª−nÉ V¡L¡l ®S¡N¡s qu, ¢h−uJ
quz p¡−qh aMe e¡¢pÑw−q¡−jl ®h−Xz ®h¡−el ¢h−ul V¡L¡ ®S¡N¡s Ll−a HLV¡ ¢LX¢e ¢c−u Ap¤Øb p¡−qhz
HC Q¢l−œl¡ ®h¡dqu Hi¡−hC h−m – "¢fe¡C, ®no fkÑ¿¹ HLV¡ ¢LR¤ L−l −cM¡−a f¡lm¡j, e¡ ®l ?'
¢hc¤Év i–¡Q¡kÑ, LmL¡a¡/ 17C H¢fÐm 2013

c¤−V¡ g¡CmC ¢WLW¡L fs¡ −N−Rz
ee£−N¡f¡m−L ¢e−u ®mM¡¢V ("¢gm¡−Xm¢gu¡l fÐbj h¡P¡¢ml ®M¡y−S') i¡−m¡ q−u−R, BN¡j£ pwMÉ¡u fÐL¡¢na q−hz Bj¡l
¢hnÄ¡p, ¢ho−ul A¢ieh−aÄ Hhw lQe¡l paa¡u fÐh¾d¢V "j¡pL¡h¡¢l'-l f¡WL−cl j−e AhnÉC BNÐq p’¡l Ll−hz
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