Miles Lilly Professor Adams Eng.

2327 June 14, 2012

1. Discuss some strategy Murray develops to prove equality in education for women. In the assigned reading she does not explicitly address this issue, though she does say that the education of children want to emulate their mother. The example she gives she names Martesia. Martesia is a women with several children, she describes Martesia’s family as “a laudable kind of emulation, which never partakes of envy, save when virtue achknowlageth hue of vice”(Murray 1251). In a sense Murray seems to set up this character as the principle of virtue. Murray states, “She wishes also to implant in their young minds the most elevated opinion of her understanding”(Murray 1251). She goes on say, “they cannot be early impressed with the idea of her possessing superior abilities”(Murray 1251). If in fact this is about the education of women, it relegates the educational skills of women entirely to the domestic sphere. What it does is present a very strong image of women to the children. It also heightens the role of women due to the fact that she is the centerpiece of her children’s education. In the conclusion she states that the children “will undoubtedly rendered useful members of society, while her girls, continuing such auspices, cannot be other than worthy and amiable women.”(Murray 1252). In summation, due to Murray’s exaltation of the character Martesia, she crystalize the this character a model of knowledge and education for her children.

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