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Reverse Wikipedia Asinine Cult

Reverse Wikipedia Asinine Cult

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on May 05, 2013
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Reverse Pyramid and the Cult of the Asinine


On General Idiotocracy and its own Reverse Roots


Integral Astrological Solution 13 + 13 = 26



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A’aTz ChIIM The reverse Tree of Life sets the asinine as chief: in other words, it is the worst that get prominent. Someone marked this system as idiotocracy, thus affirming the rule of the asinine over the matrix and thus material world. The Vedic tree of life has its roots in heaven. What does it mean? Genuine noumena and sound concepts rule versus amateurish guesswork like Wikipedia, popular gossip and modern poll-based dictionaries (sic). DEMO5 VS MOBIO Obviously, someone appended “democracy” to the rule of anybody, nobody and bio-mob. That biomass votes (sic) a meaning of a Greek word (sic bis) in order to produce a completely irrelevant, useless and totally obsolete “online dictionary” is morbid: the Greek demos were not illiterate fools. Nowhere in the definition of democracy will one find that the unqualified have their way. ZODIAC – AN EXAMPLE The Wikipedia page about the zodiac is an example in disinformation as marked by random amateurish guesswork representing totally irrelevant mess. Completely disoriented people assumed that they have the right to intervene within a field which flickers coruscant as universes apart from their own league. It is stated – and this must be new – that there are 13 zodiacal stations. Does this mean 13 ascendants? The answer must be that the ascent is irrelevant, since they don’t know how to calculate it at all! Imagine a bunch of fools who can’t calculate an astrological ascendant and you have Wikipedia for the modern – already heavily confused - teen.

EX DVCIS To censer is to give expert opinion. They twist words for you and call it dictionary. Even moderation, education or censorship has been irreversibly misinterpreted. Meditation was made to mean its own opposite – meditation is non-thinking! Education is the opposite of imposing set knowledge into one! MODERATE DEMONCRACY The moderator is understood as adequately informed censer. In the real world, disinformation flows freely, while information is blocked. This is produced by appointing completely random moderators who know nothing of the subject at hand but know how to block information. These are called gatekeepers or matrix agents: the more asinine it gets, the more of them. Whole legions of robots were recently programmed in order to block and wipe out relevant material. In order to find something relevant on the Internet, one must ask one’s own grandfather, since amateurish garbage like modern “search machines: will yield said garbage first – thus hiding relevant rest – providing rare survival of relevant data to this day. The chaos started already with Windows 95 when everyone was online. Then came Windows 98 where relevance was abandoned to mass cacophony. Nowadays with the advent of social networks and Wikipedia, information is impossible to find since blocked, deleted and wiped out by moderators and robots. Democracy was clearly misunderstood completely, much according to twisting the meaning of the words to their own opposite. THE CULT OF THE ASS Is there an ass-adoring society that we can call asinine or do we refer to all of the 6 666 666 666? There might be one, in fact. A woman born with Ophiuchus ascendant gets adored for her behind in a state as born with Serpens Cauda ascendant. Now, the rear of a

serpent may point at the adoration of the behind, the reverse or twisted behind like that of a rattlesnake. Said state of course having no idea of one’s own ascendant may worship derrière nevertheless. After all, it is the stars that determine; not human lack of knowledge. An “astrologer” will drop dead exactly by the stars, not by one’s own calculi – if any; and that’s five minutes – by memory – calculation in a child or five seconds in a toddler. Amazingly, animals like said rattlesnake don’t make any zodiacal errors at all: only humans do. That, without any excuse, must be marked as asinine, indeed. SCVTVM KIDS Human beings have no respect for their progeny. In the Bible, there is a commandment to respect the son, one’s own son and sons in general. Even an astronomer will pass faux zodiacal signs unto their own progeny. Mark it well that Alixe was born with ascendant and Moon in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. Her Juno is in Scutum with Pluto sitting on the statal ascendant in Serpens Cauda.



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