Rules: 1. All fonts name must be Times New Roman. 2. Font size from the chapter must be 12 3.

Chapter font size must be 24 4. line spacing must be 1.5 5. Page size must be left 1.5”,right-1.0”, top-1.0”, bottom-1.0” 6. Main Heading must be Upper case in 12 font size 7. Subheading must be Title Case in 12 font size with italic and numbering will be like if: 1. MAIN HEADIND i. First Sub Heading First Sub-Sub Heading: Second Sub-Sub Heading: ii. Second Subheading 2. SECOND MAIN HEADING 8. Report format must be in following point:                Reference Details: [1]. First Author, Second Author, Third Author, “ Paper Title Name”, Conference Name, Year, ISBN:0000, Val. No.:00000, Page No.0000, Copy Right Fist Page Certificate Certificate of approval Declaration Acknowledgement Abstract List of Figures List of Tables Introduction (Chapter-1) Basic Theory (Chapter-2) Problem Identification & Methodology (Chapter-3) Proposed Solution (Chapter-4) Result Analysis (Chapter-5) Conclusion & Future Work (Chapter-6) References

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