MAY 4, 2013

Today during Shabbat time we added a new element to our traditions: we each shared someone to whom we wanted to send a blessing, and then “WHOOSH!” - we sent the blessing out. Here is who we blessed today:

My mom.

My grandpa and my dad because they’re not feeling so good and my grandma’s dad because he died.

My mom because she’s sick.

My dad because he’s sick.

Hard at Work
Students were hard at work today constructing the pieces of the mini Torahs that they will take home at the end of the year. Creative methods were found to build and decorate the pieces. The children used markers, felt and aluminum foil to decorate the Torah’s clothing. It was exciting to watch the children as they began their work as soon as they entered the classroom and maintained their focus throughout our time together. We can’t wait to see the mini Torahs when they’re complete!

My mom because she’s sick

My cousin Yona and Aunt Rachel- to have a safe trip on the red eye.

My mom and my dad. My mom’s knee isn’t feeling so great.

Figuring out which Hebrew letters spell Israel based on the sounds each letter makes and the sounds they heard in “Yisrael.”

We used Hebrew SMASH TYPE letters to spell Yisrael: Yud-Sin-Resh-Alef-Lamed

Pouring glue, coloring, cutting, and crimping foil...what a day!


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