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Lesson Planning Form for Differentiating Instruction Education 305

Teacher Rebekah Kreischer Grade level and theme5th- Independence from what? Thread/crossover History/ELA

I. Objectives What is the main focus of this lesson? Students will focus on the beginning of the colonies to understand the reasons for settling in America How does this lesson tie in to your Big Idea It sets the stage for the colonists to declare independence by explaining why they settled America. What are your objectives for this lesson? (As many as needed.) Indicate connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to only certain students write the name(s) of the student(s) to whom it applies. Indicate themes addressed in thread (ex-Geography-human environment interaction) 1) Students will be able to compare and contrast the three colonial regions. 2) Students will be able to explain why the colonists settled America. 3) Students will be able to locate the Middle Colonies, New England Colonies, and Southern Colonies on a map. Etc. II. Before you start Prerequisite knowledge and skills. 1. How to write 2. How to use a computer 3. How to research 4. How to read Formative: does the presentation accurately reflect the settlement of the region? Summative: do charts show different reasons for settlement as independences? Colonies Colonist Revolutionary War Revolution Settle(ment) King George III Region Paper Markers Crayons List of resources Poster board Chart for notes Project instructions Map of colonies 3 groups as evenly split as possible

Assessment (formative and summative)

Key vocabulary for this lesson

Materials-what materials (books, handouts, etc) do you need for this lesson and do you have them?

Do you need to set up your classroom in any special way for this lesson? If so, describe it.

III. The Plan Time Parts Motivation (Opening/ Introduction/ Engagement) Development

The description of (script for) the lesson, wherein you describe teacher activities and student activities 1. Schoolhouse Rock video a.


Students will be divided into three assigned groups


3. 4. 5. 1. Closure 2.

Each group will research a different region of colonies including: a. Why it was settled b. What current states make up this region c. What the regions economic staple was d. How the people in the region lived (jobs, basic daily lifestyle) e. Important people who lived in the region throughout the Revolutionary period Each group will create a presentation from the research gathered about their interpretation about the settlement and development of the region. Allow students to present their report a. Students should take notes on the other groups presentations Have students compare their notes on the chart with each other Come together as a class and combine individual charts to create one large chart on the differences between each region for classroom reference Allow about five to ten minutes for students to write in their Social Studies journal