Monday, May 06, 2013

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B e l l i n g h a m , W A - In the world of pop culture entertainment, actor, director, and award winning author William B Davis is a familiar name. As part of VikingCon 2013 a cultural convention being held at the Western Washington University on May 11, he will be featured as the keynote speaker, and panelist addressing audience members that are interested in discussions about society and culture in the comic industry.

“Science fiction is a genre that has given me great opportunities as an actor. Working on X-files and now Continuum has given me some insight into how audiences react to this type of television and the concepts behind its popularity. I look forward to discussing the cultural implications in an academic setting,” says Davis, who will be on the Science Fiction Through the Ages panel with Professor Doug Park from the WWU.

The conference will take place on Western’s campus in Bellingham, WA on Saturday, May 11th, and will include 8 panels with comic/gaming/television industry professionals covering topics from across all areas of the comic world, a featured keynote speaker (William B. Davis, The X-Files) for VIP ticket holders, and an exclusive Exhibition Hall featuring local and regional creators, retailers, and WWU clubs.

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T o r e g i s t e r v i s i t For more about William B Davis visit:


T o b o o k a n i nte r v ie w w it h W il l i a m B D a v i s c o nt a c t: Rachel Sentes, Publicist, 604-366-7846 gal-friday publicity

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