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Excellent magazine about UFOs and aliens, and the people who investigate them.
Physical Theories of UFOs
J. Allen Hynek's Famous List
Colin Bennett
Mythological thinking
If you're interested in UFOs you'll like this mag.

Excellent magazine about UFOs and aliens, and the people who investigate them.
Physical Theories of UFOs
J. Allen Hynek's Famous List
Colin Bennett
Mythological thinking
If you're interested in UFOs you'll like this mag.

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Psychic Theories of UFOs: Updating Hynek’s Famous List










Colin Bennett: Mythological thinking is the

most powerful and most ancient means of communicating with the collective unconscious.

Face to Face with the Alien Presence: And It Speaks!
Issue # 144
$5.99 US/CAN

Vol. 23 No. 3

“.... You have read The Book of the Damned by Charles Fort. You recall that after all the strange anomalies he had collected, his logic and his reason led him to only one conclusion: -- that the people of Planet Earth were someone else’s property --- And now you know who your owners are.”

A dramatic Feature Film based on accounts that many believe to be true Filmed on location at Mt. Shasta, in the nearby lava caverns and in the lost Lemurian city of Nan Madol Learn Ancient Secrets from the Avatars on Mt. Shasta as delivered by modern Spiritual Masters 2012 and Planet X .... A Prophecy of Doom from the Fallen Angel Samyaza See Dero Death Rays in action and learn the darkest secrets of the Cavern World Climb to the Mystic Summit of Spiritual Light and descend into the Demonic Realm of Darkness

BEYOND LEMURIA will challenge your conceptions of Human History and Reality Itself

Maelstrom Press Presents A C.H.S. Production

Created and Written by Poke Runyon, Directed by Gregory Jednack, Filmed and Edited by Mitch Lieding. Starring Merrick Rees Hamer, Cristofer Sanders, Ed Fitch and Emily Trempe, with Lon Milo Duquette as Hermes Trismegistus and Paul Clark as the Master Jesus. Screenplay based on A Dweller on Two Planets by Frederick Spencer Oliver and The Shaver Mystery in Amazing Stories by Richard S. Shaver. Executive Producer: Poke Runyon ---- DVD Widescreen Format. Running Time: 120 minutes. Extras include Scene Selection Menu, Audio Commentary Track and an Eight Page Booklet Wisdom of the Avatars of Mt. Shasta. www.beyondlemuria.com $19.95 from Amazon.com © 2007 by The Church of the Hermetic Sciences, Inc. -- All Rights Reserved


on BEN Sky Digital 184 throughout the U. CA 90295. Colin Bennett.com Jerry Pippin’s Adventures in Internet Broadcasting Featuring Guest Personalities. the Esoteric. PO Box 11013. 800 356-9193.. Elvis. & Europe .net EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Nancy Birnes webmaster@ufomag.com FOUNDER Vicki Ecker vecker1@comcast.S. Bryant. Nancy Birnes Vicki Ecker CIRCULATION General Circulation Rider Circulation Services ADVERTISING 19640 Pacific Coast Highway. Sam Willey. All rights reserved. Nick Redfern. Larry W. POSTMASTER Send address changes to UFO. Dr. UFO Magazine regrets that no responsibility can be accepted for unsolicited material. Dirk Vander Ploeg. 3 UFO [ ISSN # 1043-1233 ] USPS # 007-068 UFO Magazine is published monthly: 8055 West Manchester Ave. Suite 310. Stephen McCrory. and the Internet’s number one source for current UFO information. CA 90293 • Printed in U. Kira Raa. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus.K. CA 90291 and additional mailing offices.A. Memories of the 20th Century. Balthaser. Jeremy Vaeni. William J.. David Biedny. Adam Gorightly. Vol. submissions. Stanton Friedman. • Periodicals postage paid at Venice. Inc. Advertising: Jay Eisenberg. George Earley COLUMNISTS Arlan Andrews. CA 90295 or call 310 306-5667 Printed at Rodgers & McDonald. Don Ecker. Old Time Radio Shows. Subscription Department. and will become the property of the magazine. William Lawler. Lesley Gunter. addressed envelope is included. which cannot be returned unless a stamped. Mike Good. Send information. advertisements do not constitute endorsement by the magazine or its publishers.. Larry Dicken. George Noory. Birnes. PO Box 11013. 4 April 2008 UFO . 23.com April 2008. not just when we broadcast it! tune in: www. PO Box 11013. Birnes.com ART DIRECTOR Robert McAuley bob@ufomag. the UFO-Files Show. Marina del Rey. Guy Pellicola. CA 90295 or email: subscriptions@ufomag. Alfred Lehmberg. Marina del Rey. CA 90046 323 344-1200 • 323 258-0626 Fax DIRECTORS Jay Eisenberg Radio for the twenty-first century! Listen when you want.net DISTRIBUTION Rider Circulation Services 1324 Cypress Avenue. Sonia Rinaldi Airing on the America One Network in the U.com Opinions and factual statements expressed herein are the responsibility of authors and are not necessarily endorsed or verified by this magazine. California 90745 Copyright © 2004–2008 UFO Global Media Inc. Sean Casteel. and now streaming worldwide on the web to millions of viewers! Now in Our 7th Year! www. Carson. or write UFO Magazine. Jerry Pippin. and art to UFO Editorial. Malibu. CA 90265 Toll Free: 800 356-9193 310 317-8716 • FAX 310 571-0307 jepub@att. Questions regarding your subscription call 310 306-5667. Birnes bill@ufomag. Los Angeles. Nancy Birnes. Playa del Rey. Farah Yurdözü CONTRIBUTING WRITERS William J. Marina del Rey.S. Timothy Beckley. Kate Mucci.. Rick Troppman. The UFO name is a registered trademark of UFO Magazine. 1020 E 230th St. George Earley. Sri Ram Kaa. Vicki Ecker. No.com CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Sean Casteel.jerrypippin.UFO M A G A Z I N E ® EDITORIAL PUBLISHER William J. Dennis G. Regan Lee.outtheretv. the Paranormal.


UFO M A G A Z I N E ® Volume 23 • Number 3 columns 8 10 12 14 16 17 18 21 22 24 26 28 30 32 35 36 38 74 Publisher’s Note: William J. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus Audi Alteram Partem: Willim J. II Rick’s UFO Picks: Rick Troppman . Lawler. Balthaser Vaenian Abductions: Jeremy Vaeni Coast to Coast AM: George Noory Alien in the Attic: Farah Yurdözü Beyond the Dial: Lesley Gunter 21st Century News: Dr. Friedman An Alien View: Alfred Lehmberg Bryant’s UFO View: Larry W. Birnes Outside the Box: Mike Good Rocket Scientist: Stanton T. Bryant Behind the Lens: Guy Pellicola Arlan’s Arcanae: Arlan Andrews Out There: Kate Mucci Inner Space: Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa The Orange Orb: Regan Lee Truthseeking: Dennis G.

UFO M A G A Z I N E ® April 2008 features 40 Aliens Out of Whole Cloth? by Sonia Rinaldi 43 Putting the Noise Back into the System by Colin Bennett 52 The Man on Brown Mountain by Timothy Green Beckley 62 An Interview With David Flynn by Sean Casteel toons 9 15 29 66 71 John Egerton X-Man Ted Wallace Valenya Bonnie Jean Hamilton .

‘dark?’ ” “Dark. they give over fifty reasons for not disclosing the existence of the continued on page 68 UFO April 2008 . hanging right up there in the sky. looking at this object that Colonel X said was a reverse-engineered flying saucer that’s hovering high above some Air Force base. never. “As soon as you left the thing turned on again. The U community will never get the secret.” “What do you mean. UFO triggers something.” I argue. the folks from the academic and scientific community—and even some from the periphery of the UFO community—when brought in and asked about disclosure.” Worse. Is it a flying saucer? No. The larger point my friend is making is that regardless of who or what company is in possession of a UFO. Guess it’s a UFO for want of any other name. Never. more like a flying wedge. “What happened?” 8 “The damn thing’s gone dark. “They would know. We can see it on video. no. though. But they intercepted your email message. Never. So. the real ones. What’s its propulsion? That’s an even bigger secret. and turned it off. Case in point: We’re out in Las Vegas with Jim Sanders. I asked for the umpteenth time: Why not bring in some real heavyweights from outside the intel community? Again.” I say. It was one of our typical conversations. We don’t know what’s keeping it up there motionless. Truth or misinformation? My friend says it’s a representation of the truth to some extent. They’ve been trying to get a handle on the propulsion system for all fifty years they’ve had the object. And it’s lit up like a theater marquee. For example. it looked like it was being lowered. author of The Downing of TWA Flight 800 (Kensington. I hear screaming from the folks at the telescope. It’s not a satellite or a meteorite and it’s not moving like a plane. The point is we found it. “They had you spotted. of course. Is it a flying saucer? We don’t know. no. Birnes Talking with a friend this morning who has deep roots into one of the many three-letter agencies that even deny their own existence to themselves. I must admit that I’m thrilled at our discovery. this time about trying to get him to write a novel about his experiences. but we’ve locked onto it with our three-chip telescopic camera. Sound something like the Bob Lazar story? You bet. It was one of ours.” And that’s what I mean when I say that UFO triggers something. “Just change the names. We can do a novel about it. change the letters. take the drawing of the alleged ARV. I’m trying to get him to write a novel about UFOs. but it triggers something. You can never write it because you’re in the U community. they just can’t get to the science behind the propulsion and navigation system. Where did they get it from? That’s a secret. They could read your guys’ license plates. A high-altitude observation platform and don’t ask me what keeps it up because even if I knew I would never tell you.” he says. I can help you write it. “No. There is a vehicle that industry has tried to reproduce but. No kidding. and never. but it’s in a spot in the heavens where there are no stars or planets.The U-Word and the Black World by William J. “Yes. the answer was that every time they tried. like in someone turned the lights off. knew who you were. 1997). And this goes on and on for another session until finally it gets to where it always ends: the U word.” he says. “That was no flying saucer. the ones that private industry really does have somewhere out in the high desert. there is at least one out there. ever. “We found the UFO. “Well let’s pack it in for the night. but it’s a novel. the one place where the information will not be released is in the UFO community. have said. I walk inside a nearby restaurant to text Nancy back at the magazine to tell her of our discovery. change the places.” he says. He can’t even say the letters U-F-O over the phone because in the paranoid world of special-access black ops. And later that night we get a call from Jim Sanders. “Never happen. The story is laced with such paranoia that even mentioning the word UFO is enough to drive away everyone even though the story about the UFO we actually do have has been circulating around the periphery of the community for years.” Text message goes through my Blackberry to her computer and I go back outside. and just turned it off. Let’s get it on UFO Hunters. know about Sanders. I don’t know what it triggers. right? They don’t know. try as they might.” So we dismantle the telescope and strike the lights and the camera and head back to the hotel. the socalled alien reproduction vehicle.” So I call my three-letter friend the next day.” Just before it went dark. folks. Dark negative energy. Whoever was controlling it lowered it and turned it off.

Editor: On page 17 of the November 2007 (Vol. The conclusion is that this effect is the result of a microwave-type form of energy exposure. a mathematical design which is used to calculate complex measurements dealing with chaos theory. as a long-time reader of UFO Magazine and a former member of both NICAP and APRO back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. rather than buried in the back pages. A resident of St. on a clear sunny day nothing unusual was seen 500 feet above the Wiltshire countryside. If Nick Pope is truly under the impression that all 100 percent crop circles are hoaxes. A guard and a second pilot would later shrink its time of creation down to just fifteen minutes. I asked him about crop circles. I have not been in or investigated any crop circles. please allow me to highly recommend one of the best. Stonehenge. Before I close. Arkansas. The route would entail flying over one of the world’s most visited Neolithic monuments. Louis County. and Illinois. Missouri is retired scientist Joann Scarpellini. 12.m. UFO Excellent investigations. Bob Soetebier St. There is no doubt that some crop circles are fakes or hoaxes. many genuine cases of real crop-circle cases that have been well-investigated over the years. aligned to the same magnetic flux points as the prehistoric monument across the road. Personally. Vaeni states. Missouri April 2008 9 . However. 2001) by Eltjo Haselhoff. Louis. Forty five minutes later his passenger drove past Stonehenge and noticed that cars had come to a standstill. 2) publish fewer New Age loose-nut articles and columns. both in the field and in the lab. with people getting out to look at something spectacular now lying in the field next door. She has. of crop circles and the affected plants and soils have been performed by Nancy Talbot and John Levengood. in part: “I got to hang out with Nick Pope a couple of weeks ago at the X-Conference. among others. how it is known! Otherwise. Their scientific investigations have been able to show that many of the real crop circles result in plants with blown or pitted nodes. if not the best. keep up the good work. and 3) give us more solid bolts of what’s known and even more importantly. com/2qwwq5 where a photo of the crop circle can also be seen: “A few weeks later pilot Rod Taylor was ferrying a passenger in his tiny Cessna. made more than a few field investigations of crop circles in Missouri. He told me he investigated them and they are all fakes. both of whom are former Illinois MUFON state directors. PhD. The following paragraph excerpt is taken from http://tinyurl. the Julia Set formation consisting of 149 circles in total which appeared in 1996 in broad daylight in a documented period of less than 45 minutes within sight of Stonehenge.” Before going any further. in cooperation with Nancy Talbot’s organization. Many of these same plants also have abnormally elongated nodes. “It was a representation of the computergenerated Julia Set. I do know folks who have. The same is the case with Forest Crawford and Dave Marler. 11) issue of UFO Magazine Jeremy Vaeni discusses “Crop Circles in a Nut Shell” in his monthly column installment. then sadly he is either misinformed or disinformed. Since Nick Pope is a native of England. there are many. At 5 p. and as someone who has had his share of real UFO sightings.” Vaeni goes on to say that Pope indicated that the so-called hoaxers perform in collusion with the farmers on whose land these fakes then appear. No. Haselhoff is a former laser physicist who worked at Los Alamos Labs. And now here it was. where he presumably investigated crop circles. book on the subject: The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends (Frog Books. But. I would like to implore you to: 1) place “Rick’s [Troppman] UFO Picks” well-done monthly reports near the front of the magazine. Joann reports many of these same anomalous effects in the crop circles she has investigated. embedded in a pristine sea of wheat without a mark—149 circles. it defies credulity for him not to be aware of the following amazing example of a huge crop circle.

the momentary actualization of a truly global singularity of consciousness was summarily kicked to the curb by our fearful leaders. 2002) is full of big words. … To be truly new. PhD is a man with an incredibly elegant mind. And thus. April 2008 . His book Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs (Bear & Company. not a mathematician!” The author states that this book was inspired by the Twin Towers tragedy of 9/11. are you listening? UFO We are marching along to John Phillip Sousa while the cosmos is grooving to Coltrane. I’m an artist. it manages to squeeze pretty much all of the fun out of the machinations of your basic crime or detective story.Time For Change by Mike Good Have you seen the TV detective show called Numbers? The basic premise of the show is that a mathematical wiz kid solves criminal cases by taking the factual bits of information generated by his brother—the detective—and uses them as factors in mathematical equations. That small window of emotional empathy and. simply falls apart. It is about as convincing as Donald Trump’s hairdo. I can appreciate the amazing mental and intuitive agility of this man. until we decide it is time to lift the needle and move on to something better. He is clearly a brilliant man and a very deep thinker. Fortunately for me. when I see rows of numbers and complex diagrams my vision starts 10 to get fuzzy. Unfortunately. We are like a record player with the needle stuck in that very last groove next to the label. complex mathematical constructs and makes them look like child’s play. temporal. You better put on your thinking cap and grab your slide rule before you crack the cover of this weighty tome. At least on TV. the mental gymnastics of turning arbitrary human behaviors into the defined factors necessary to make the premise work are so questionable that the whole premise. That warm and fuzzy feeling just did not fit in with their plans. I have often said. … In fact. I am just a pinhead with limited math skills and an even more limited attention span when faced with the same. most people wouldn’t recognize the new paradigm if it ran into them on the street.” Hallelujah. As he says: “A new paradigm has been awaiting humanity ever since the notion of new paradigms was first raised. The idea is that our protagonist is such a genius that he can solve crimes in this labyrinthine manner via the practical application of his awesome math skills. What you have here is spiritual growth and social analysis for the pocket-protector set. Hey world. Too bad our leaders decided that the proper response was just a whole steaming pile of the same crap that created those tensions in the first place. such a paradigm could hardly be expected to arise from traditional fields of thought or methods of research. into infinity. We are set to play that same pop and hiss over and over again. But our man Argüelles here is nothing if not an optimist. But. more importantly. the spontaneous outpouring of heartfelt sympathy and magnanimity that followed “the Inevitable Event. It is a wonder to behold. was squandered just as certainly as my boyhood allowance. Jim. It seems that the human race is devoid of leadership with the intuition to recognize that a new vision for our future was what this tragedy really called for.” as Argüelles calls it. I usually lose interest in the whole process before I am forced to reach for the aspirin bottle. Bottom line: Math and crime or detective stories don’t mix. both practically and logically. What’s more. José Argüelles. This is because people’s consciousness and perceptions are basically set and unexamined. He creates these beautiful. Brother! You are speaking my language now. “Damn it. It is safe to say that this was a wake-up call for all of us. mathematical graphs. and geometric analyses of concepts of spiritual. they make it look easier than it is for me to explain! Well. and psychosocial development.

working for the betterment of humanity. we become more conscious of time. According to Argüelles.” So. so the work must be done at the grassroots level by people who see their duty to our future.And moving on is what this book is all about. He said that time doesn’t exist. Are we freakin’ crazy? You bet! Well. creating a magnetic instability between primal crystalline and vital organic processes. He even submitted a proposal before the United Nations concerning the replacement of our present Gregorian calendar with his new 13:20 model. In his book Gods and Devils From Outer Space (Lancer. into a global technosphere: the sum product of industrial mechanization of its biological functions. It is clear that our leaders are illequipped for such a necessary change in consciousness. To do this we have to remove the brainwashed ideas that we have about time from our minds. As we grow older. 1973) author Eric Norman reports an encounter with a space alien thus: “Contactees are frequently asked about the time … [the alien] said that we should learn to handle time correctly.” Yeah. Ne’er the twain shall meet. Our present civilization is on a collision course with destiny and the resulting impact. Then he goes on to say. And according to Argüelles. and whenever they do accidentally cross paths.” So. we are limited and enslaved by our concepts of time. will not be pretty. Since his proposal suggested that the calendar change take place in 2004. the only playing we will be doing in the future is our harps at the pearly gates. While I will grant that spiritual developcontinued on page 66 April 2008 11 . or a child. We need a lot more people like him on this planet. We lose this innocence. If our leaders and the soulless corporations that control them do not learn to play nice with humanity and the planet. His people have the ability to distort time as we know it by speeding it up. our faulty thinking about time has created an unbalanced illusion which is ultimately destructive and detrimental to our well-being. Are we really surprised? Jose Argüelles has his heart in the right place. A little baby. the results suck big time. the human species transforms its artificial construct. I am on the same page as Argüelles. September 9. We time-corrupted ninnies are on the express train to nowheresville. Staying the course is simply not an option anymore. the technosphere runs counter to the laws of the biosphere. one which is UFO more in sync with the natural rhythms of the planet. A day can seem as if it is forever—and it is. civilization. except for thoughtful individuals like Argüelles. “Phenomena such as global warming and overpopulation are symptomatic of the technospheric disruption of the natural order of the biosphere. But it is not a book for everybody. It is serious as a heart attack. I thank the cosmos for people like José Argüelles. It ain’t no disco either. materialist technological mindset does not jibe with the natural jazzy rhythms of the planet. 2001 was one of those times. that is quite a mouthful. We are marching along to John Phillip Sousa while the cosmos is grooving to Coltrane. He manages to distill the basic premise behind the book pretty much as simply as it ever gets: “Through an error in time. fiddling while the world burns down around us. it is clear that his ministrations fell on deaf ears. when it comes. Because of human adaptation to the irregular mechanized 12:60 timing frequency. A minute will seem like an hour. does not have any concept of time. In plain English what he is saying is that our technologically oriented civilization is out of sync with the natural rhythms of the earth because we have used a faulty system for organizing our ideas about time. slowing it down or stopping it. This ain’t no party. like Nero. His book is a masterpiece of intellectual and intuitive insights for people with the mind to tackle it. His crusade for a global paradigm shift is clearly very sincere and heartfelt. Our psychotic civilization is. we are in big trouble because our rational.

It never happened.C. It was primarily the work of a consultant—still unnamed—who really did not seem very knowledgeable about historical ufology.K. Think of the Iranian Air Force jet encounter with a UFO in September 1976 with the frightening fact that the UFO was able to turn off military systems on board the chasing airplanes. We know from Jim McDonald’s review of some of these files in the 1960s that case after case was very poorly invesUFO April 2008 . of the MoD UFO desk. 12 Klass’s explanations had been quantitatively demolished by atmospheric physicist Dr.MoD Breakthrough by Stanton Friedman Over the years there have been a number of instances in which very optimistic claims have been made predicting the revelation of top-secret government materials about UFOs. I have learned not to be very optimistic about important government releases of UFO information. but one past comment suggested that there were perhaps a hundred pages per file. 14 or the Congressional Hearings on UFOs held by the House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics on July 29. or UFOs attacking and destroying interceptors. Way back in 1979 The Washington Whispers column in U. Although completed in 2000. but that was before the relatively recent establishment of a Freedom of Information procedure in the U. The 92 microfilm reels of the Blue Book files have been available at the National Archives in Maryland since the mid 1970s. There has been quite a bit of discussion amongst the U. was only spending perhaps a day per week on UFO-related activities as opposed to being a full-time UFO investigator. It was admitted that some very early files had been destroyed after five years. on November 12. It had indeed been classified. James E. It is certain that file and report and case and page are not synonymous. This was during the Carter administration. Other rumors have been put forth. he paid a lot of attention to plasma explanations for UFOs despite the fact. it was not released until 2006. One point that is clear about the current release is that it will be slow—over a three-year period—and done primarily to save MoD personnel the time currently being spent responding to Freedom of Information requests for UFO information. Names of witnesses have been redacted. It would appear from their comments that they really don’t believe that exciting materials are being withheld. McDonald. Andy Roberts. What was finally posted was a collection of reports that had been around for some time. There was so much interest that the site went down in two hours. In December 2007 there was quite a lot of fanfare about the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Great Britain releasing all their UFO files supposedly—including top-secret material— according to the news media. aircraft attacking UFOs. They had not been highly classified. may also be involved. There was no indication of the inclusion of top-secret material relating to crashed saucers. The author had seemingly not been aware of even largescale unclassified American studies such as Project Blue Book Special Report No. ufologists as to just what this means. that much attention had been paid to these by UFO debunker the late Philip Klass and by the University of Colorado study many years ago. not top secret. There was plenty of indication at the National Press Club press conference in Washington. It is interesting to me that the people taking most of the credit for getting the MoD to release materials are the same ones who pushed for release of the Condign report. Apparently there are more requests for this information than for information about any other topic. and Gary Anthony. The press reports suggest there will be 160 files dating back to perhaps the 1970s. 1969. They always seem to bring up the fact that Nick Pope. In 2007 there was a big noise about supposedly top-secret official French government UFO reports being posted on a government website. After all. Readers may recall the big fuss about the British Condign report.S. Dave Clarke. D. although his published work wasn’t noted by the Condign author either.K. Another skeptic. of which he was apparently unaware. It is not clear how many pages are in each file. the Blue Book report included information on twenty-five times as many cases as investigated by the University of Colorado. but as British Eyes Only secret. The unknown author actually claimed that the Condign Report was the only other governmentsponsored UFO study in English besides the Condon report. For example. News and World Report indicated there would soon be a major release of UFO material. 2007 that military UFO-related activities are generally closely held. No country would want to reveal details of such encounters lest they give ideas to their enemies. They consisted almost entirely of French civilian-sighting files derived mainly from investigations by the gendarmerie and not official military records. Their names are Joe McGonagle.

As might have been expected. and tapes directly: UFORI. But the U. Surely there are procedures for We also know from the October 20.00 including shipping. He has been referred to as the real Fox Mulder of X-Files Furthermore.stantonfriedsecret UFO documents were withheld. or. Houlton.com or via email: fsphys@rogers. just as Project Blue Book people gal push by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) for the didn’t have a need to know for sightings which could affect CIA UFO files. Or observations from Eighteen were from the National Security Agency. books. An FBI memo long ago said that is not aware of any really high security information in the the Army and Navy and Air Force consider the subject of MOD files. $165. British Ministry of Defense will come clean any more than These were submitted using Communications Instructions the U. Nor are couldn’t release. The CIA’s own eleven topStanton Friedman can be contacted at www. In toring their skies for foreign intrusions which. None were classified higher than secret. rial. more recent years researchers Brad Sparks and other mem. and under the withholding plenty of UFO materiguidance of an experienced astrologer. At least we can prove they are Learn astrology at home. None were releasable because of sources and methods conFurthermore. By British law this means that they they actually found 239 UFO documents. charge for any copies of all materials.S. not the benefit of the taxpayers paying their salaries.astrologers. and there will be delays in inforbelieve it or not. These spy satellites over Britain or any place else. cent of the material in these docufor each of the 3 sections.S. lease at some later time.know for that information. radar-visual cases. they were so heavily censored with Wite-Out that one could read only a line or two per page. The www. The finally a court-ordered search was done by the NSA in re. the CIA released about 900 pages of mate.MoD will. We have known for a long time that people paper articles about UFOs which the Russians had the day in government usually work for the benefit of the governthey were published. papers. press abstracts of Eastern European news. of course. Can one really believe that 98 peronly $415. ment. Twenty-three of the 79 were from the CIA. do we? UFO in response to my request. purchased individually. Upon appeal. ments is sources-and-methods inAFA is your ultimate source for astrology books! formation? I can’t. the National Archives. at that time there apparently will be a page tained therein. there were very few top-secret reports that fame. When There appears to be another complication as well. government has. Blue Book wasn’t on the distribution list. UFO desk man for three years a number of years back.com.tigated and that so-called explanations were often absurd.00 including shipping. Nick Pope worked as the MoD’s for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS) forms. I fiman. We know that there have been Tempe AZ 85283 close relationships between Ameri480-838-1751 Fax 480-838-8293 can and British armed forces in Toll Free 1-888-301-7630 general and intelligence agencies Visit our New Web-Site in particular for many decades. life will be It took me two years to get about a dozen which had been. I must ask: Where is all American Federation of Astrologers the post-1980 material? 6535 S Rural Rd. press has not gone after the censored material.have to include those of uncorrelated targets such as high bers of Project 1947 have reevaluated loads of these files. I have no idea why they weren’t immediately released Don’t learn much from history. made simpler for the MoD.1969 memo from USAF sharing at the highest levels? General Carroll Bolender that UFO reports which could efThe point here is that I have no reason to expect that the fect national security were not part of the Blue Book system. multiple-witness. The SuperStar Course is als. In short. PO Box 958. When the CIA finally responded to the le.mation release. and of these all predate 1980. It is also not clear whether he even had a need to UFOs top secret. It would appear from comments he has made that he have ever been disclosed. at your own pace. ME 04730-0958 Many years later the NSA finally released 160 top-secret UMBRA UFO documents.com NSA has listening posts in the U.K. Also. generally speaking. performance flying saucers. or order his nally received portions of four of them—three years later. were top-secret Code Word and were not released. They were very heavily censored with black ink. be releasing its UFO files to sponse to a CAUS Freedom of Information Act legal suit. They listed 79 Crashed saucers and battles between interceptors and flydocuments from a total of several other agencies which they ing saucers are hardly likely to be made available.national security. of which 79 were need not release any information now that is slated for refrom other agencies. Both countries are certainly moni- SuperStar Course in Astrology UFO April 2008 13 .

and Credibility in the Postmodern Age by Alfred Lehmberg Is ufology irrationally impeded? Oddly. what strange mechanisms force our cultural authority to work so furiously. Additionally. institutions. illegitimately dismissed. individually. and psychopathic individuals. it would seem. otherwise? Consider. Indeed. Indeed. all of the aforementioned are reflected in a vacuously prosecuted. and wrongfully discredited conspiracy to deceive with regard to UFOs. Culture: Risking Validity. coupled. fatuously ridiculed. as filled with ambitious starts as it is. Relevancy. that there is no bang for all the publicized flash. I’m not alone. to give intelligent. it never seems to lift off and go anywhere. I submit that there is a well-funded and inordinately steady push from uphill against disclosure. all the preceding funded by trillions of our unaccounted dollars. apparently. A most conservative beginner’s introductory guide to UFOs is an abundant source or citation of same. reader? Why invalidate and provide for the easy denigration of a mainstream media desperately needed to keep us properly informed. with the senselessly moribund inattentions of its corrupt corporate media machine. undignified. Why is that? What keeps ufology in its giggle-factor limbo? What banishes UFOs to the realm of tabloid magazines and the reflex derisions of. quality documentaries. lettered. These include articles print and electronic. and a thorough ufological review most network sweeps weeks. is it not a betrayal unconscionable in both definitions of that word? Unscrupulous and unreasonable? Why provide for the ready denigration of agencies. ufology remains disqualified. unaccountable agencies. and I further submit that this resistance is obvious and welldocumented. hiding? What do they feel UFO April 2008 . as compelling as it is. what disqualifies its respect? What’s undignified and nonscientific about it? What denies the reality of millions of people with the dismissively insulting analysis that they’re misinformed. a denizen of flakes and freaks. it is profusely reflected in the suspicious activities of black-box institutions. misleading. and informed consent—even support—in the sane conduct of a viable and efficacious human society shooting for the stars? Does the conjectured betrayal by society just outlined somehow qualify this cultural illogic. Plainly. though. current uberklasskurtxian apologists James McGaha or Michael Shermer when the actuality of UFOs seems otherwise so assured? By reflex mainstream definition. It remains. to discredit itself? What are they. or mentally ill? The forces arrayed against the ufoAl Lehmberg logical are mighty.Ufological Obstacles. and denied. rational. and intelligent persons. and so then able. and criminal activity proposed as a controlling interest’s insistence that media be a front for naught but spun-crap and intelligence insult? I suspect it must. say. Though. Burned and shy. popular podcasts. and governments needed to survive a tumultuous and unsettled 21st Century looming before us? Is this remotely a best practice. This now-revealed and suspicious resistance by the authorities—an ironic resistance as opponent-validating as it is self-disqualifying—is abundantly reflected by the paid cadre 14 of busy imps at the Committee for Sceptical Inquiry (CSI). I won’t quibble. Finally. of course. all through multiple categories of evidentiary actuality. pathology. What explains this surprising lack of progression where all progression seems so indicated. as abundantly evidenced as it is. Why? Why risk the betrayal of public trust that this inexplicable official behavior must eventually generate? Moreover. Ufology has been stuck in neutral for the last sixty years for all the valiant attempts to steer it into the conscious mainstream by professional. it is ponderously reflected in the dismissive and patronizing attitudes of the hijacked status quo.

ones. they’ll work overtime to clutter up the inordinately strange. if I may digress. because they change everything. and able. When has this ever been more apparent manipulators. to camouflage some. Especially if the highly strange be so willing to risk their validity. We only have See? The deceitfulness. because they change everything. while vitamin and mineral supplementations undeniably required by human beings are furiously invalidated and so. if there are consequences.invalidated with the appearance of the UFO. Especially if the highly strange So. slavering between the stars— A last self-involved crystal but religious fundamentalists sphere of Aristotle is righand just-business corporate teously shattered at long. diseased. I’m betting. reader. so blameless stockholders. relevancy. The point? If culture lies and denies about the everyday. crass elitists. Actually. is plain as spots and apples. to the highest bidder. Get over it. UFO April 2008 15 .a new brand. We’re used to deceitfulness. especially petrated by aliens and merely replacing the former human if there are consequences. fiends. We’ve been the subjects of master human ironically. at the root of much of the chronic disease of this 21st century. programmers. dishonesty. An alien view demands a report from deceitfulness. Espeto maintain their ridiculous charade. And please. what? This is even assuming that full disclosure is some new No apologies. perArt by XMan secuted. our grand civi.deserve perhaps. and controllers for centuries. literally. good reader. that these powers that be are duplicitous and obfus. continued on page 68 and then we’re penalized. is found in working our way back to a center we’d Too. and double-dealing we to take a short walk in the prosaic to see it all stand revealed talked about a moment ago become outmoded.knew who they are and could point them out to us today. cating is easily demonstrable in everyday life. Dwight Eisenhower fuscating. from attention deficit disorder to cancer and heart disease and beyond. cause it is teasingly pushed into our faces on the one hand. turies. Let’s try Revealed is the shame of dishonesty concerning sex be. and made lunatic for indulging in it on the other. reader. These powers that be are deliberately duplicitous and ob. and allegedly ported finally. plus long last. really. double-dealing. ity. someday. Who? You and me. and double-dealing. and so a study of injustice. React as you must. Sorry. Revealed is the shameful double-dealing regarding even our physical well-being as hazardous pharmaceuticals and toxic food substances are indorsed and celebrated.they have to hide? What’s the real agenda? That they seem to invalidates their standard. only aping incompetence to hide their real activ. after all. and for the self-involved shame that our culture. The fun. dishonesty.do? The sooner we’re saved. And you know lization. outdated. The sooner you been burning bad gas on any level you care to name for cen.cially. Revealed is the shame regarding justice systems only availConsider. really is. what’s wrong with UFOs? Everything reader. dishonesty.please challenge me on who they are. Earth is moved other authoritarian monsters from the center of creation beholden only to the shamewhere it began and transless. very convenient and coveted status quo. and credibility implicates them in the commission of their crime. We’ve to an inauspicious periphery. nameless. what’s wrong with UFOs? erful nation on earth is hijacked by—not an alien menace Everything reader. please. frankly. than now? Let’s sample a new variety of same if so required. if the highly strange interferes with their thing. but one perdistance even. This becomes increasingly apparent as the most powSo. Especially if this highly strange complicates their program. deservedly.

For about four minutes Tom proceeded to explain how. it was rebroadcasted the very next evening. VA 22302. Tom concluded his revelation by emphasizing his credibility. Bassett would make sure to protect any such sources’ confidentiality. Maryland. Ever the energetic. For his part. E-mail: overtci@cavtel. and leaked documents.’s Union Station en route to a nationwide tour. Normally. The show’s highlight came during the listeners’ call-in portion in the second hour. Let’s hope that Steve Bassett will be sitting next to engineer George Noory and that a commemorative plaque will be displayed upon the engine’s side bearing the message: In honor of all those UFO-coverup whistleblowers who. They deserve to be duly analyzed and recorded for exopolitical posterity. As the Disclosure Train leaves Washington. particularly the recent official UFO records disclosure occurring in England and France. all of whom eventually were processed through the Aero Medical Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. You may reach him via snail-mail at 3518 Martha Custis Drive. plus one live entity. Steve Bassett’s insightful comment comes at a pivotal time in the so-called UFO-ET-disclosure movement. impressed by Bassett’s seriousness. Tom opened his heart and his sketchy recollection for the sake of greater worldwide UFO awareness. and articulate guest. tonight. Tom could offer no significant detail about that alien-to-earthling conversation. carving out a ten-year-long niche for himself as a key figure in trying to end what he calls the government and media embargo on UFO truth. Bassett updated Coast’s several million listeners on the progress of his congressional lobbying efforts via the Paradigm Research Group’s X-PPAC (www. noting that a former USAF chief of staff had attended his retirement ceremony at the Pentagon. New Mexico crash-landing and retrieval of two flying saucers. In an authoritative voice seeming to come from an octogenarian. An early caller named Tom dropped a disclosure bombshell. Of course. Bassett quickly urged Tom to write down as much as he could recall about the content and circumstances of Tom’s revelation. and track record. as a former USAF lieutenant colonel and a retired AF Headquarters civilian—GS-14.S. whenever a person takes it upon him or her self to weaken the UFO-ET truth embargo. Stephen G. even if some of the sources decide to make their releases posthumous. D. in their courage. Noory had reinvited Bassett on to Coast to discuss the latter’s latest projects and prospects.net April 2008 UFO .C. 2008 during the syndicated talk show Coast-to-Coast AM. Bassett is no stranger to the media-interview circuit. knowledgeable. hosted by UFO Magazine columnist George Noory. I am reminded of the Freedom Train of the 1950s as it rumbled through our communities to display such historical icons as the Declaration of Independence.C.paradigmresearchgroup. cryptic snailmailed letters. Tom recounted his second-hand knowledge that 16 the Army Air Force had retrieved three dead Grays from the Roswellian wreckage. the truth being. Bassett Indeed. Alexandria. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. or can be threatened to occur. Bassett explained. of course.org) and on the speakers line-up for the group’s annual X-Conference. Of course. totaling 31 years of service—he’d become privy to some of the artifacts from 1947’s Roswell. The setting for Bassett’s profundity was his two-hour appearance on February 12. For it was broadcast far and wide and in some radio markets. refused to accept their government’s theft of history from its citizenry. D. scheduled for April 18–20 in Gaithersburg. sincerity. Ohio. War College graduate Tom went on to reveal that the fourth Gray. as it was being treated for a crash-related injury. Virginia’s facility of the old National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). He well knows that various governmental reprisals can occur. Bryant continues to welcome deathbed confessions from prospective UFO-coverup whistleblowers. that some of the world’s reported UFO encounters represent hardware from elsewhere. and patriotism. Bryant These people [UFO-coverup whistleblowers] are living history. UFO-coverup whistleblowers prefer to share their first and secondhand accounts with third parties via anonymous phone calls.” UFO Larry W.. But he did add that the more nearly intact saucer had ended up in the Langley Air Force Base. Receipt of such behind-the-scenes accounts now seems to be nearly routine. but. the precursor of the U. wisdom. including WMAL-630 AM in Washington. had succeeded in telepathically communicating with a couple of USAF personnel expressly summoned to its bedside.The Disclosure Train Is Leaving the Station by Larry W.

The difference between trash and treasure. Bad lighting. We cannot see ultraviolet light with our naked eyes. we must start by considering how photography works. A picture is made when light passes through a camera lens and is exposed to an imaging surface. There are many other forms of energy out there. but cameras record more than that. or charge-coupled device. The expansion of consumer photography thanks to digital technology and a slow but significant increase in public awareness of the significance of orbs are helping to bring this phenomenon to the forefront of public curiosity and scientific review. Visible light is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Both film and digital photography record light in the visual spectrum. Of these. An analysis of the photographic process and rival explanations reveals that the most likely cause of those strange spots in an image is the presence of an organized energy form. millions are deleted because they are poor quality. the surface is a piece of plastic coated with chemicals. but cameras record ultraviolet wavelengths. it is energy. soft focus. Visible light is radiation and. In the case of film. In digital photography the imaging surface is a light-sensitive electronic surface called a CCD. is the wisdom to know the difference. however. more fundamentally.What Are Those Orbs? by Guy Pellicola Over a billion photographic images are created in America every single day. Some cameras can continued on page 67 UFO April 2008 17 . or those strange white spots are reasons why many people push the delete button. How many priceless images of unique energy manifestations have been destroyed because people were unaware of what they held in their hands? The debate on the nature and cause of orbs is one of the most fascinating areas of analysis of our time. Cameras are designed to record visible light. To understand what causes orbs.

body position. smell. 1976) the late Dr. Hynek. Such theories arise among ufologists attempting to account for all of the seemingly bizarre. In The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (NTC/Contemporary Publishing.” In the last half century other researchers have tended to similar conclusions. and impossible events associated with UFO reports. muscle con18 Psychic Experiences Of the First Kind (PE1K): psychic experience.” trol. alien origin Of the Fourth Kind (SE4K): sensory experience. Psychic Experience This type of experience is one in which the human brain processes information that does not derive from the known human senses. irrational.Psychic Theories of UFOs by Arlan Andrews Frustration in identifying a UFO or finding a crashed one or even capturing the imagination and support of the conventional scientific community seems to have given rise to much of the new direction in ufology since the 1980s. he didn’t like it. A psychic construct is further defined as an aggregation of matter or energy formed by unknown processes not known in conventional science. Allen Hynek. psychic Construct. psychic construct. as well as secondary perceptions such as temperature. human origin Of the Third Kind (PE3K): psychic experience. Sensory Experiences Of the First Kind (SE1K): sensory experience. J. alien origin Of the Fourth Kind (PE4K): psychic experience. UFO TABLE I April 2008 . Jacobs in the proceedings of the 1976 CUFOS conference: “It seems absurd to have to construct another universe as home for UFOs. internal origin Of the Second Kind (PE2K): psychic experience. and hearing. depending upon the construction and the origin of the events. Psychic theories of UFOs attempt to offer explanations for UFO experiences in terms of phenomena not accepted as a part of conventional science. natural origin Now. pressure. former Project Blue Book consultant and director of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) said. to compare the multitudes of psychic theories of UFOs. vibration. human origin Of the Third Kind (SE3K): sensory experience. in which case they may very well be real. balance. A sensory event is one that gives rise to the stimuli to which the known senses respond. These definitions rule out the possibility of instrumentation measurements within the range of existing equipment. taste. natural origin TABLE I New Encounters. … A second way is to assume that they are parapsychological. as far as is known. Hynek. Tables I and II subdivide the two types of UFO experiences into specific categories. touch. psychic construct.” The opposing view is stated by David M. physical construct Of the Second Kind (SE2K): sensory experience. psychic construct. Such an event involves the possibility of measurement by instrumentation and of physical effects upon the environment. and other known physiological responses. In the manner of the close-encounter classifications first defined by Dr. Nonetheless. “There are two senses in which people think UFOs are psychic—one view is that they are created by mental or unconscious projections. time duration. I propose a standard classification system based upon the two basic kinds of UFO experiences. the late author Sir Arthur C. Clarke speculated that “if they come from other planets. let’s look at each of the new categories in detail. psychic construct. psychic construct. In the May 1953 issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. it is fairly certain they are not spaceships … they will be something very much more sophisticated. New Theories I once discussed my new system with Dr. but they are conforming to a different set of laws. A psychic event is an event that gives rise to stimuli to which the psychic senses respond. Sensory Experience This type of experience is one in which the human brain processes information deriving from the recognized human senses of sight. It seems equally absurd to create an alternate reality or fourth dimension when we do not even know … what comprises the nature of reality.

Our Haunted Planet (Fawcett. Charles Fort wrote about similarsounding theories in The Book of the Damned (Horace Liveright. needing no superior intelligence to trigger them. A modern look at SE4K comes from Michael A. they may be classified as “real”. but it is not clear if he spoke of psychic origins. … It also. 1975). see The Mothman Prophecies (Saturday Review Press. which is hollow and contains an inner sun. which simply states that UFOs are nuts-and-bolts mechanical constructions built and piloted by beings from other planets or planetary systems. Hollow Earth by Dianne Robbins Telepathic messages from advanced civilizations that live in peace and harmony in the center of our Earth.DianneRobbins. 1919) well before the era of modern ufology.com Messages from the SENSORY EXPERIENCES OF THE FOURTH KIND (SE4K) Sensory experiences of naturally occurring psychic events are seldom theorized. Part of Keel’s take involves “programming” radiation from space that directs the activities of the human race. explains the totality of religious miracles as well as ghosts. John Keel theorizes these intelligences. SENSORY EXPERIENCES OF THE THIRD KIND (SE3K) Sensory experiences of events psychically created by alien intelligences are among the most common theories of psychic UFOs. 1975). After classifying Fortean phenomena across the United States into UFO April 2008 19 . They also may include atmospheric and celestial phenomena that are misinterpreted by some witnesses. with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state. CA 96094 USA phone: 585 802-4530 website: www. in Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers (Regnery. Lafrenière in their 1977 book Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events (Nelson-Hall). 1969). to order. naturally. and portions of The Eighth Tower (Dutton. Jacques Vallee. Because SE1K respond to scientific measurement by instrumentation.” However. he goes on to refute this theory with another of his own—see category PE3K. 1971). Persinger and Gyslaine F. and this is the mechanism by which UFO events are generated.SENSORY EXPERIENCES OF THE FIRST KIND (SE1K) In this category fall all of the nonpsychic theories of UFO experience. The boundary between SE3K and SE1K may change as time goes on. primarily the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). SENSORY EXPERIENCES OF THE SECOND KIND (SE2K) The sensory experience of an event psychically constructed by human minds occurs in the literature of parapsychology and may be one explanation for some UFOs. send $20 plus $5 s/h to Box 825 Weed. mentions a possible hypothetical “medium in which human dreams can be implemented. What we now consider psychic may one day be common technology and science.

there is no evidence that any useful data has ever been received from any of the Space Brothers that would help mankind understand technology or science any better. We will briefly outline some of these aspects of psychic UFOs. although meaningful to that person. the authors speculate that the interactions of stellar gravity shock waves and various natural electric and magnetic fields of the earth produce UFOs and other strange happenings. primarily because the informational content in the messages is the usual: Man must repent and stop nuclear testing. Some of their other explanations are discussed in PE2K. hallucinations. heat. One such event is the 1917 Fatima. under the earth’s surface. Budd Hopkins. The following sections represent an overview of the major theories that attempt to explain UFOs in terms of phenomena still outside conventional science. Psychic Origin of UFOs The often inexplicable actions of UFOs has led to the most serious theories of the psychic nature of the objects themselves. sounds. from telepathic communication to out-of-body travels. 1947).types of events.” Then he concludes: “A hundred or a thousand such theories could be enumerated at very little expense. 1975). as prophesied by the woman. and aliens in the 1970s and culminated in mass suicide and murder in 1997 when the comet Hale-Bopp passed through the solar system. which would be simultaneously perceptible to groups of independent witnesses. March/ April 1964). drug experiences. as witness the fate of the Heaven’s Gate cult which originated with supposed telepathic contact between Bo and Peep.” they state that the UFO mystery is primarily symbolic. The dazzling lights. or the information is a collection of religious exhortations. Thus. real tragedy can result. vibrations. tastes. Distant Encounters Scientific ufologists have long since refused to take any claims of such mind communication very seriously. From the viewpoint of ufology and Antonio Ribera in “What Happened at Fatima?” (Flying Saucer Review. the manifestation of unusual events is produced by these perturbations acting upon the human system.” Again. Theorists have exhausted nearly every conceivable relationship that may exist among mankind and every other sentient being in all of time and space. there may have been actual creation of anomalous artifacts.” and that “We could also imagine that for centuries some superior intelligence has been projecting into our environment … various artificial objects whose creation is a pure form of art. Dr. and other delusions fall into this category. or in other dimensions. and others since the 1980s. In this manner psychic humans may experience the psychic creations of other humans. so-called abductees after Betty and Barney Hill are experiencing PE1K phenomena. these events are not “real”. these authors feel that the psychic component of the collective unconscious creates psychic events that are perceptible to those psychic senses. and inputs to all the other senses make it not surprising that latent or subtle psychic senses would also be affected. global warming. The intelligences are postulated to be on other planets. and UFOs. Hynek’s views of psychic UFOs were discussed earlier. The phenomena reported are generated internally to the witness and. they are at best quasi-physical. that the objective manifestations are psychic creations of the human brain “existing only temporarily. for example. is the largest grouping under psychic theories of UFOs. Although such claims may seem amusing and harmless. and then later.000 persons. See William Thomas Walsh. timing of events. fossils. Our Lady of Fatima (Macmillan. This would include all of the incidents and speculations reported in the works of Whitley Strieber. This explanation has been put forth by most of the UFO debunkers. is replete with reports of communication with humans now living in another plane of existence. it appears as if most. or more recently. In their “Laws of ParaUFOlogy. both a PE3K and a SE3K occurred. In their view. cannot be perceived by others by any means known. in other times. In other words. animals. The first category (PE1K) can be considered psychological. and geographical location. psychic perception of psychic events created by aliens. altered states of consciousness. Thus. and every continued on page 66 UFO PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES OF THE FIRST KIND (PE1K) The reported intensities and varieties of UFO-produced sensory effects swamp the normal human senses. Because of the lack of any physical evidence whatsoever to date. The Two. 20 April 2008 . The spiritualist literature. paralysis. loss of memory. a brilliant disk broke through clouds and dried the clothing of a rain-soaked crowd of at least 50. PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES OF THE SECOND KIND (PE2K) Psychic perception of psychic events created by human intelligence accounts for a wide range of experiences. hypnosis. His colleague Jacques Vallee in Passport to Magonia further speculates that UFOs could be explained “if we could hypothesize mental entities. Portugal experience: Shepherd children saw and spoke to a woman in a glowing ball of light. Such experiences must be accounted for in any UFO theory. A less spiritual view of PE2K is taken by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark in The Unidentified: Notes Toward Solving the UFO Mystery (Warner. PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES OF THE THIRD KIND (PE3K) This category. smells. if not all. dreams. to psychic readings. to haunting investigations and most other areas of parapsychology. Telepathic Contact with Extraterrestrials. To date.

Still others do not see these current events as something to be concerned about because everything is in divine and perfect order. the rulers would have no one to rule. there are no coincidences. making it impossible to ask him what he or his extraterrestrial visitor would think about the state of the planet right now. Some see it as nothing more than the natural course of events. in which humans originated. and it also explains the ongoing conditions here. miscreant human beings from his home universe were banished here millennia ago. is it too late to get back to paradise. Ray has since passed away. and famine seem to be the order of the day. Whew! What a ride! All this excitement leads me to think about the possible reasons for this current state of affairs. Since the beginning of recorded history. pronounced Ehm. suffering. According to EHMR. but the keys to the kingdom are kept secret. I suppose there’s something to be said for each point of view. much as the English sent prisoners to Australia to get them out of England in the eighteenth century. Ray was drawn to a spot on the highway near Area 51 in Nevada. misery. wars. I remembered something said by our very first guest on Out There TV. the second of two severe winter storms has just wreaked havoc on the Midwest and Northeast. As I write this in mid-January 2008. EHMR’s revelation would also explain the myths perpetuated in several cultures of being cast out of paradise only to forever search for a way back. and perhaps it is during those times and in those places that some of the ancestors of those original exiles remember the reason they’re on earth and figure out a way to transcend their situation.Prison Planet by Kate Mucci There is Chinese curse that some say is a Buddhist blessing that goes. Somewhere up there where God sits in judgment is our heavenly home. Some see it as a punishment for man’s depravity and wickedness—everyone’s but their own. where he was met by a being he came to know as EHMR. They were told that they could get back home. “May you live in interesting times. friends. kindness. and this is all happening to help us shift into some sublime dimension where everyone is equal and there is no suffering. I think. gold has soared to over $900 an ounce. If the ancestors of so-called intelligent life on this planet were in fact evil outcasts from another universe. much like inmates in a prison. several tornadoes touched down in Alabama last week. The true nature of the soul. a contactee by the name of Ray Holm. Occasionally there are short periods and isolated locales where peace.” Well. resulting in a lockdown of the prison. it seems that lesser-evolved bullies from the next cell block always throw a wrench into the works. to be guarded at all costs. of course. This being claimed to be from another universe. for if most of the humans on the earth understood the truth and transcended this time and place. These humans of various races were UFO sent to earth from many different planets in that universe and left to make it on their own. our reason for being here on earth and so much more is known by some. determined solely by the movement of our solar system through the Milky Way. and prosperity became the norm. they would also have to overcome their evil ways and rehabilitate at the soul level. but they would not only have to survive physically. That seems as reasonable an explanation as any other I’ve heard for the appearance of humans on the planet. and everyone has to start over again. a unique perspective on Earth. Unfortunately. the American dollar has dived into the Marianas Trench. but his would have been. Perhaps this is where the idea of heaven became entrenched in the human psyche. 2008. and the never-ending occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan threatens to plunge the planet into World War Three. of course. one very far away. The question is. this year we are either cursed or blessed beyond our wildest dreams. In a story reminiscent of the impulse experienced by the contactees in the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. it’s no wonder we’re always fighting and jockeying for position. but while I was considering the possibilities over the last few days. continued on page 66 21 April 2008 . to get back home? Will the planet self-destruct before we rehabilitate ourselves? EHMR told Ray that some humans have the knowledge to enable this transition but have used it to their own advantage while keeping the rest of humanity ignorant and enslaved.

it is out there.COM 22 April 2008 UFO . The irony of this experience is that it may bring you to the brink of stopping the search or entering into the realm of apathy. dollars. together with is wife Nancy has literally spent the majority of their lives researching. sharing. “Don’t take anything for granted” is a powerful axiom designed to disempower our inner knowing while empowering the status quo. here you are actually reading UFO magazine and taking the time to go deeper into the complex and often fascinating question of life beyond our tiny little third rock from the sun. Bill. you will support those who are supporting your ability to do more. In that war there are many unsung heroes who are holding the energy of doing … everyday. our lives. So what exactly is apathy? According to our dictionaries it is lack of enthusiasm or energy.COM Email Jim at UFO SHOWS@YAHOO. This apathy often extends to our work. and our beliefs. say more. and manpower being expended on your behalf to further support the truth of this issue? Which issue? Yes. What if you chose to replace the don’t with a do? Then what happens? Suddenly you do make waves and perhaps you do speak out loud. right now. how often have you heard: Don’t make waves. Perhaps the greater question is: What else are you actually doing in your day-to-day life to support the amazing amount of energy. the do’s. Sound familiar? Along with being the publisher of this magazine. It silently creeps up out of nowhere to quietly claim what is left of our inner knowing or true sanity. Or. Often it is easier to consider the don’ts vs.Apathy and the UFO by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa OK. Throughout this process they have The Cutting Edge TV Show Produced & Hosted by Jim Rodger Co-Hosted by Kyle Dayton UFOs•Ancient Mysteries• Frontier Science•Paranormal CHECK OUT OUR $ 12 BLOW OUT SALE ON ALL OUR DVDs Watch us free! Check out our website And WWW. and yes. Bill Birnes. and hunting the truth. It is the greater truth or recognition that we have become apathetic toward just about everything in our world. lack of interest in anything or the absence of any wish to do anything. For example. let’s name some names. You already know some of them.UFOSHOWS. Then what? Our apathy has empowered a don’t society. At least the don’t list seems clearer to many. time. and be more? Our world is faced with many wars and yet the war for dominion of your thoughts is by far the greatest one. Many of us often find ourselves questioning our sanity. The action word here is do. What if you decided that you do believe in yourself? What if you were action-oriented and made the decision that starting today. This truth goes well beyond the ever so valuable and highly sought after scientific evidence of other worldly space craft and beings. and may often have friends who question it too. don’t speak out loud? These common belief patterns are ways of being that many adapt.

It is your choice to do or not to do that is paramount for us all today and tomorrow. and UFO Hunters.com April 2008 23 . and that we will not go quietly away and be dismissed by those who chose to keep a status quo of ignorance based upon misinformation. Another very important person that you already know is looking in you in the mirror. and may you do something with it! UFO Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are considered foremost authorities on 2012.com. the message that we are not crazy. This is a passionate outreach for you to go deeply within your own center and to call forth without doubt your ability to do something. you! Whatever your beliefs about UFOs. the greater truth is that this is a perfect example of a simple way to send a clear message to those who want to keep you in the apathetic don’t mode. may you find yours. the collective unconscious • Increase memory retention and learning capacity • Become more charismatic and attractive by using our RI techniques Remote Influencing Remote Viewing Combo Call: 1 888 748-8386 Visit: www. you can immediately support yourself by trusting yourself. and to let it begin with self trust. They have recently begun to regularly visit Guatemala and their current book 2012: Atlantean Revelations is available at bookstores everywhere. We all must do something … anything. we can come forward to do more ourselves. A great victory. or spirits. and it does not matter how big or small it is. aliens. are you taking the moment to watch UFO Hunters on the History Channel? How many others have you encouraged to do the same? When was the last time you encouraged your friends to really read this magazine? While you may want to read this article as a way to simply promote Bill. and from that space all the secrets of the universe will gladly reveal themselves because you have made it safe to do so. When we are able to remember and trust that the power first begins with ourselves and loosen the leash of those who seek to prevent us from coming forward with intelligent and comprehensive information that can be honestly evaluated and acted upon. we encourage you to share UFO your knowing and be the change you are seeking. One way to support those who do for all of us who perhaps don’t is to pass the word on to others. We are rapidly reaching a boiling point on our planet that far surpasses just the issue of extraterrestrial life. Yet. Nancy. The success of disinformation is based solely on the ability to get you to doubt yourself. we take back our dominion and reinstate our self-trust.selfascension.miraculously held onto their integrity and ability to do in the midst of those who consistently tell them they can’t. From this space of self-respect. but until then. Now as one of the stars of UFO Hunters. although that is part of the show. Next month we will share with you our recent extraordinary adventures in Guatemala including our encounters with ancient Mayan high priests.probablefuture. If this month’s column feels like a soap box to you. Through this one simple gesture. When we can really allow ourselves the recognition that here is someone who is modeling how to do. Ah yes. For example. and intuit casino games and lotteries • Make the right business and life decisions • Draw information from the library of the universe. the greater energy of support comes forward. and one that loses all steam when you move into a doing mode. Academy of Remote Viewing Remote Influencing Thought and Reality • As seen on TV shows: Sightings and the real X-Files • • Become the Ultimate Space/Time Travel Machine • • Taught by Former Intelligence Operative • Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Teach YOU to Powerfully: • Influence the thoughts of others • Create reality to your highest desire • Erase emotional scars and painful memories • Reprogram your subconscious • Create an inpenetrable energy shield which blocks any attempts to control your mind by others • Heal yourself of any ailment using high energy field vibratory thoughts • Rejuvenate and reprogram your biology • View any target in space/time • Successfully trade stocks and commodities. Any step to do something is a positive step. It does and will only begin with you. Join them as they tour the country at a city near you by visiting www. and Archangelic communication. Bill is taking his passion to the small screen to further do his best to bring forth to the world the evidence of extraterrestrial contact that goes beyond the scientific. to keep the consistent message to our media and our world in full view. A powerful force when combined with the ability to manipulate truth for a contrived outcome. perhaps there is an air of guilty as charged. we will be off the soapbox. their absolute knowing and first-hand encounters with aliens and the light show over Lake Atitlan that forced us to fully trust what we know without any doubt. We are all participants! We are all able to make important choices each and every day regarding our future and our ability to secure the truth from the powers that be. Yes. ghosts. we are committed to doing something to awaken the mass consciousness from the apathetic view that you are somehow a bystander and not a participant. and go to the appearances tab. we know that there is life outside of the earth. Atlantis.

of course. The seance was conducted by a well-known medium at the time. strands of golden hair cascading gently over her beautiful. but there are a few. my vision was directed to a gnarled () old tree overlooking the antediluvian hills. … In the main it seemed to be constructed of some sort of translucent materials. When you find the great jewel of love in your heart. An almost invisible “ladder” extended from the ship to the earth. Try to make every word a word of love. During one session at 24 Dana writes about Diane’s visitation in the church: I had never attended a materialization seance before. Thanks to Greg Bishop for the photo and info. It’s interesting Diane said she came from Venus. delicate in charm and manner. Once aboard. Diane gave many messages on love to Dana Howard: Child of Earth … try to listen through space for the voice of one who has not forgotten. beauty. Diane: She Came From Venus (1956). These messages were typical of what the contactees of that era received: messages of the importance of spiritual growth. Reverend Bertie Lillie Candler. and gem-studded. and I never saw her again. a beautiful eight-foot tall female figure appeared before the congregation. she changed her appearance from the eight-foot-tall being to a more human-like five-foot-tall being. Howard follows Diane into a flying saucer: … a beautiful rocket-shaped ship suspended in mid-air about three hundred feet from the earth. California. As my April 2008 UFO . Diane the Venusian appeared for the second time during a seance at the Church of the Divine Light in Los Angeles. transformation of both body and psyche. The church is still there. fleshly being. added a wistful something to all her other charms. the Earthborn Venusian (1959) among others. the good and the noble in every soul you meet. I’m reminded here of some parallels to Marian apparitions. It is the morning and the evening star. and love. Since that time. is the planet representing the female sex. present at the time.The Mystical Encounters of Dana Howard by Regan Lee There aren’t as many female contactees of the Golden Age of UFOs as there are male. and my inquiring mind asked all sorts of questions. Dana Howard. The female entity said she was the same Diane from the planet Venus that Dana had met sixteen years ago. To do so. describes the materialization: I saw a rising glow of phosphorescence. She was definitely different from the other “spirit” manifestations. slightly olive-tinted shoulders. fertility. prophetic eyes. and Vesta. but trimmed in gold. is to love and be loved. it is now Los Angeles Filipino Baptist Church. One unusual thing about Howard’s experience was that her encounters began in 1939! She was visited by a female Venusian who called herself Diane: Still wrapped in the warm intoxication of the spirit. One was Dana Howard. a breath of love. Over the Threshold (1957). and eventual life on Venus. Try to make every breath. In 1955. sixteen years after the first encounter. and I obediently followed the radiant being up the filmy stairs without questioning. Make every act an act of love. Her head was radiant with a crown of fire. After Diane appeared. Leaning casually against the grotesque trunk was a woman being of unsurpassed loveliness. the church led by Reverend Chandler. my sacrosanct companion vanished. you will find also. The strange mystic light flooding her dark. because Venus. a solid. It was very tall at first. Dana Howard was definitely one of the more prolific contactees. Dana had been receiving telepathic messages from Diane. but out of this phosphorescent substance a form began to manifest itself. as you walk down the streets of life. who wrote about her encounters in My Flight to Venus (1954).

She called for DANA. Overwhelmed with emotion I could not choke back. and she wrote several books and gave several lectures on her encounters. “I am Diane.cerebral atoms whirled with curiosity toward the close of the meeting the “little white church” seemed to me. As strange as they are. “I AM DIANE. It was truly a marvelous thing to be present and see for myself such a wonderful personality. 837 South Parkview Street. Standing like a sylph-like goddess. made a report that many of her skywatchers or fellow Observation Corps members saw “four strange ships seen high in the desert skies during the week of Diane’s visitation. Church of Divine Light. Were they victims of government mind control or some kind of shamanic. Nevada. Los Angeles. a solid. I COME FROM VENUS. attended a materialization seance at the Church of Divine Light. and disappeared before their eyes. beings and craft were witnessed by more than just the contactee. Daniel Fry often published her writings or announcements of workshops in his newsletter Understanding. fleshly being came. It was very tall at first. I was the one who got up and verified your statements concerning the visit of Diane. and you will recall when you spoke at the Pyramid Church in Alhambra the following Sunday after the visit. made no sound. fleshly being.” Since I was sitting next to the draped-off place I greeted this beautiful one asking: “With whom do you wish to speak?” She replied softly: “I wish to speak with Dana. California … the medium being Reverend Bertie Lillie Candler of Florida.” Another witness talks of her experience: On April 29. the rich tones of her voice vibrated through the little church. a Mrs. The Desert The deserts of the American southwest­ —California. Dana Howard’s experiences affected her deeply. For example. There were many other witnesses that day who also wrote letters confirming their experience. Other sightings by witnesses took place at Desert Hot Springs in California over several days. or liminal experiences? Or were they really visited by excontinued on page 67 UFO April 2008 25 . Howard shared her experiences with other contactees and visited Giant Rock in California. Barbara MacDonald. Maude Haas. delicate in charm and manner. these are only two of many.” These ships were reported as having portholes. witness Lucile Points. Gladys Campbell and my friend Mrs. rather hesitantly at first. 1955 the writer. and New Mexico—have been the stage for encounters between the contactees and aliens. While I did not recognize her instantly. We’ll probably never know exactly what it was that happened to the contactees in that era. standing only inches away from the manifestation. I am more than happy to give an account of what I witnessed to the best of my recollection. I went up to her. Giant Rock was a meeting place for contactees and home for contactee George Van Tassel. then saying. Photo of the current incarnation of the courtesy Greg Bishop. Witnesses Dana Howard’s experiences were witnessed by others. a civilian agency affiliated with the Air Force. She was definitely different from the other “spirit” manifestations. I knew there was something quaintly familiar about her. one of the foremost materialization mediums of this country.” who was present at the seance. mystical. Dana Howard’s experiences were no different. but out of this phosphorescent substance a form began to manifest itself. a member of the Ground Observation Corps. traveled at great speed. I come from Venus. Mrs. electrified with a powerful vibration. and I know you must be very humble and gratified to have the facts that you brought before the public in your book My Flight to Venus substantiated in such an unexpected manner. wrote: A beautiful. and bowing low in greeting to the twenty-seven persons present. This is an interesting point because we can’t so easily brush off these experiences as the delusions of a single individual. Then some ten or twelve feet from the draped-off area where Reverend Candler was in deep trance I saw a rising glow of phosphorescence.

Sometimes it comes from the witnesses themselves. After finally being captured. Garrett’s troubles increased because of his gamUFO April 2008 . and a man slow at paying his debts. still a characteristic of ranchers in the southwest United States today. Mack’s uncle. became well known over the years. and around midnight on July 14. or in some cases from a spouse. Many of his escapades have been exaggerated over the years in books and films. As with the 1947 Roswell Incident. which he subBilly the Kid sequently did. Such is the account I stumbled on recently while doing a radio interview when I was asked if I could verify some information I had never heard before. and over the years I’ve enjoyed looking into other interests of fellow researchers when not doing UFO research. and other non-UFO-related accomplishments. His marriages were also controversial affairs. As sheriff. he apparently tried to remain that gentle person. a child. but there is no doubt that he was a wanted man. the ranch foreman on the Foster ranch near Corona. his interrogation by the military. a gambler. In my opinion. Everyone who is familiar with the 1947 Roswell Incident of course recognizes the name Mack Brazel. “Quien es?” (Who is it?). about 80 miles north of Roswell. About the time of the Lincoln County War. Although Garrett is best known for killing Billy the Kid. Depending on what can be researched about Garrett. putting an end to his young outlaw life.Roswell Witness Related to the Old West by Dennis Balthaser One never knows what information will show up or where the information will come from when doing UFO research. and trying to earn a living in the 1940s. By all accounts Mack appears to have been a gentle man. he was a vicious and ruthless killer in the New Mexico Territory during the 1800s. and successfully escaped. but I can’t pass up sharing it. only to have the Kid shoot two of Garrett’s deputies while escaping. Finding a side story not related to a UFO case can also be interesting. the Kid shot his way out of the second floor Lincoln County jail on April 28. 1881 Garrett was sitting beside a bed talking to Maxwell when the Kid stepped through the doorway. this time at Fort Sumner. also contains controversy. During the late 1800s two names emerged which are forever remembered in the annals of the Old West: Billy the 26 Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. the uncle of Mack Brazel. his primary responsibility was to track down Billy the Kid. Garrett became sheriff with strong support from cattle baron John Chisum. the story I will share about Jesse “Wayne” Brazel. and the unwanted notoriety. New Mexico— about 47 miles west of Roswell— killing Sheriff Pat Garrett’s deputies Bob Ollinger and James Bell. Enter Wayne Brazel. The in-depth interview Wendy Connors and I did several years ago with Walter Haut revealed his childhood in Chicago. In 1947 he found the debris scattered across his pasture. better known as Billy the Kid. those little tidbits of information give a better overview of the person. and it sometimes reveals things not otherwise known. but didn’t recognize him in the darkness. Garrett tracked down Billy the Kid again. Instead. 1881 in Lincoln. The legend of William H. Bonney. many think he was one of the most contradictory men in the history of the American West. he is also accused of being a woman-chaser. his involvement in World War II with the 509th bomb wing. he drew his revolver and hoarsely whispered. Garrett fired and shot Billy the Kid dead. away from his family a lot while in charge of the ranch. a drinker. Apparently such was not the case with Mack’s uncle Wayne back in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the Wild West was still controlled by the six-shooter. After the Roswell Incident. He saw Garrett sitting there. The Kid was hiding at the house of land baron Pete Maxwell. or another person somehow related or acquainted with the witness. As the years passed by. locking him up in the Lincoln County jail.

The other account says that while the two were arguing. when law and order were much different than today. a relative of Miller’s. carrying his folding shotgun in his right hand and turning his back on Brazel. 1908. was interested in buying Garrett’s Bear Canyon Ranch in southern New Mexico. due to poor maintenance of the cemetery.Wayne Brazel bling. Billy the Kid is buried at Ft. he—Garrett— Sheriff Pat Garrett that Roswell witness Mack Brazel’s uncle Wayne is included. Then Brazel raised the price and Miller told Garrett the deal was off since he didn’t have that kind of money.truthseekeratroswell. As for Wayne Brazel. UFO Dennis G. but I couldn’t pass up the fact UFO April 2008 27 . at the Odd Fellows cemetery on March 5. Pat Garrett was buried in Las Cruces. Garrett and Brazel began arguing about the goats and Garrett said. Garrett and Carl Anderson.” From here on there are two accounts of what took place next. New Mexico where he met his end. and offered Garrett $3. Miller. Websites: www. Sumner. The next day. 1909 Brazel’s case went before a twelve-man jury that took 15 minutes to reach a verdict of self defense.net. It is unknown where he moved after selling the property. New Mexico a few years after killing Garrett. he met his own demise from a handgun. James P. So a little over a quarter century after Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid. who was on horseback. In the 1950s. gizapyramid.000 for the ranch. Garrett’s son had his father’s remains reinterred at the Masonic Cemetery across the street. hoping the reader will enjoy this return to the old wild West near Roswell in the late 1800s and early 1900s.200 goats. and a member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. When confronted. During the negotiations Garrett informed Miller that a “goat man” named Wayne Brazel leased a portion of the ranch and would have to be evicted. and there is much controversy over whether the grave actually contains the remains of the Kid. “It didn’t make any difference whether Brazel moved off of the property or not. he married and obtained a small ranch west of Lordsburg.com Email: truthskr@roswell. When his wife died in 1913 he sold the property and disappeared from the public record. 1908. Garrett reached under the buggy seat to retrieve his shotgun and Brazel shot him. and loss of allies. set out for Las Cruces in a buggy and caught up with Brazel. February 29. who shot him twice in the back of the head. and his exact date of death is unknown.50 a head for his 1. Fourteen months later on April 19. Brazel refused to leave unless he was paid $3. Balthaser is a MUFON field investigator.com and www. who had a reputation as a murderer. drinking. would get him off the ranch somehow. One account says that Garrett climbed out of the buggy and stepped to the rear of it to relieve himself. but believed to have Mack Brazel been around 1915. Miller agreed. There are other accounts of who shot Pat Garrett for other reasons and in other places.

which he unveiled at the conference. Imagine they’re real and you’ve found their planet and they’re branching out into space. environmental. for this here written column I want to focus on something serious and seriously good that came out of it: historian Richard Dolan. after all. Imagine that they are marching toward either oblivion or an evolutionary leap and didn’t know which road to choose. Call them alien. We are. What interests me in Richard Dolan taking up this topic is that he knows what I’m about to say is true: The main reason we can’t tell if these are good people or evil people abducting us is because we are not fully actualized human beings and so the very question of good and evil—the question that’s been with us since the beginning—is kind of … dare I say … meaningless? Good and evil may not apply. or appear to be.valiens. rich. We know they haven’t eaten us yet.Praise for Dickie Dolan by Jeremy Vaeni I attended the first annual Atlantic City UFO conference this year and while in podcasting about it for the Culture of Contact show at http://blog. We know that some abductees have positive experiences—or interpret them that way—and some have negative. author of the seminal UFOs and the National Security State (Keyhole Publishing. and Dolan lays it out nicely: We know that they are telepathic. a planet densely populated with organisms and humans are a complex. You might just take an interest. call them cryptoterrestrial. They may not even be completely divorced from one another. and amazing species in our own right. Dolan says we don’t give ourselves enough credit for being interesting. with the caveat that we will necessarily have to deal with ourselves first. We know they drive cool cars. We know they’re interested in humans. I suppose he’s right. But let’s concentrate less on what we don’t know and more on what we do. it’s testimony-based. We’d prefer to be the good people and let the aliens be the evil ones or betUFO UFOs 101 DVD The UFOs 101 DVD ships on a “Name Your Own Price” donation basis. So what do we know? It’s brief. is turning his keen intellectual gaze on the nature of the occupants of UFOs. Imagine that they’ve progressed more in the last hundred years than in the last five thousand. how many of you have ever played a video game series called The SIMS? How addictive is that game? And that’s just monitoring the lives of computer graphic people who speak gobbledygook.com I harp on the comical aspects of the weekend. and I agree it’s time to do that. We know they are creating hybrids. “And why not?” asks Dolan. This is Dolan’s take. call them whatever you wish. and we rarely consider them. They may not exist at all outside of the human bubble. We know they’ve warned us about possible coming catastrophes: nuclear. Or mail a check or money order to ARHQ PO Box 0794 Roswell NM 88202-0794 28 April 2008 . As evidence. There is no suggested minimum (or maximum!) Simply donate whatever you wish to receive this informative Audio/Video lecture on DVD. 2000). There are lots of possibilities to consider. We know they fiddle with us medically.

riddles. it’s him. He isn’t all about compiling government documents—not that that’s an easy task or one I’m taking lightly.com/aliens. available from Kynegion House and as an ebook at Filament Book Club. achievement. they. available online at www. a person we can trust to tell it like it is. I also learned at the conference that David Biedny once mistook a fish tie for salmon and ate it anyway. He’s looking. All of our hard work. At least. I’m saying he’s got more to his repertoire. genuine curiosity.ter than us or our moral equals. mysteries. Dolan. Had we suffered the ego death first. metaphorical is the wrong way to go. Maybe it will leap out of the data intuition cocktail he’s preparing to drink. that’s equally telling. one simple substitute sacrifice of mass suicide for individual ego death.” “They are us. we might not be wondering who these aliens are anymore. one simple push of a button militarily.authorsden. Finally.com UFO April 2008 29 . he knows the strength of the argument.” Don’t give me: “They are our space brothers. in fact. Unfortunately. the probability of it. Why? Because he doesn’t have his answer and he’s not looking for it.” “They live in a subspace van down by the river. Don’t give me nuts and bolts: “They’re just like us but grayer.twallacedesign.com/ Art by T ed Wallace: www. and the ability to sift through raw data just sat down and considered everything anew. What do we know about us? I have been crying this since I first came on the scene in 2003. Wrong first question. UFO Jeremy Vaeni is the author of I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land. Oh. period. they … What do we know about them? No. Right? Is this not how we divide it in our heads and conversations and in our fears? What if it’s irrelevant? What if for thousands of years we’ve been wrong in how we think about fundamental issues? I mean the very act of thinking itself.” “They created us in a lab. gets this. all of this would be a moot point and. perhaps it will present itself. If anyone is qualified to ponder it. But those are other stories for another column. Do we not ponder good and evil so that we can form an image to react to? How real is that? What if our entire approach to thought needs to be revised? I submit to you that we humans tend to want to solve problems. Paolo Harris is with child—my child—and Reptilian overlords control the fate of New York City. Dolan knows this.” “They are our alien overlords. ethical clarity.” “They own us. pure science—all of it can swing right back into apes-in-trees mode with one simple lack of action environmentally. valiens. His website is http://blog. This is why for all of our social and technological advancements. and it’s about damn time someone with genuine intellect. we can always just blow them up in the end or sign them away to the political action of the moment. bless his heart. If there’s an answer.” They. Maybe not and if not. and so on out in the world as a metaphorical way of dealing with what’s lacking inside. and the DVD No One’s Watching: An Abductee’s Story.

that they are extraterrestrials. Somehow. or even a car’s ignition system. Michael’s story. flexing is muscles to keep Michael from revealing too much. found it too disturbing. The first. there is an interaction between the object and the environment. or that they are not of this dimension or this time? To push the envelope a bit. just outside Cleveland. where aliens. tv/2007/02/06/lake-erie-fantastic-ufo-video/ concern the Lake Erie videos that witness Michael Lee Hill has posted on the web at www. He wondered whether some outside entity was monitoring his interview with the television network. In a Close Encounter of the Second Kind. What the Brazilian experimenters report is that they are receiving strange images in the snow of a television carrier signal. They had initially picked up an audio signal from the entities that they called the Senders. wanting to communicate with scientists on earth. and a Fifth Kind in which communication or contact occurs between an entity and the witness. he lists a Close Encounter of the First Kind as one in which the witness sees a UFO at a distance of 600 yards or less. Had the object monitored the team’s email traffic to protect itself? Did it note the team’s presence and react to it when it intercepted the text message? Does this constitute the kind of electrical interference that Hynek characterized as a Close Encounter of the Second Kind? Then there is the phenomenon that’s taking place in Brazil. I was astonished when I read about this group’s very eerie reception and the images that turned up on their television and computer screens. a kind of platform hanging motionless in the sky. “We are not like you. who has been interviewed on television. If they tune the TV to a station that is not broadcasting. the witness actually observes creatures or beings. Michael. television sets.youtube. I’ve come across two fascinating instances of Close Encounters of the Second Kind that are really intriguing. For example. Just then. Remember the scene in the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the UFO causes the electrical system in Richard Dreyfuss’s truck to shut down and the railroad warning lights at the trestle to go haywire? In an actual Close Encounter of the Third Kind. which folks can find on the internet at www. The folks in Brazil are reporting something very similar. and then the contact group took it many steps further. Something very similar happened to the crew from UFO Magazine when they were filming a strange object in the skies over Las Vegas. Allen Hynek’s taxonomy of types of UFO contact. the object came back up and turned on its lights. in which the Senders say. they can interact with the image and see the interaction on their computer screens. the observed craft might cause some kind of interference with electrical devices such as radios. only to come back the instant the interview was completed. the image on the computer screen morphed into odd images of the subjects. They wondered if this was the result of the subjects interacting with the entities in the television signal. J. for the History Channel. the contactees began to ask UFO April 2008 . helped the scientists create a kind of television that received their signal.” Does that mean they are not human beings. the object went black and one of the observers said that through the telescope he could see the object descending and maneuvering out of sight. tells the incredible story of one interview in which his television signal was actually shut down during the interview.Close Encounters of the Second Kind by George Noory In Dr.com/watch?v=9QZxsM8xWFA. through the fuzz and static they receive they can see an image. After the team shut down the scope and left the area. The Brazilian contact group began experiments with the television signal in which they invited subjects to go on computer camera in front of the television screen. Maybe it was the inhabitants of the craft he had been videotaping or maybe it was the government itself. After they had located the object just after dusk and had confirmed from an online star map that interfaced with the three-chip telescopic cam30 era that there were no celestial bodies in that region of the sky. but with no interaction with the craft. When they turn their own computer camera on the screen and stand in front of the television screen. goes way beyond his videotaping glowing objects over Lake Erie. where a group of experimenters are discovering something strange in the carrier signal that their television receives. and simply shut it down. Sound strange? It gets even stranger. Ohio. they text messaged back to the office that they had the object and were photographing it. in which there is an actual abduction. In later years ufologists have investigated Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.ufonews. It reminded me of the 1955 movie This Island Earth. as he has described it.

com. The contactors are describing this phenomenon as communication with some extraterrestrial source. Whenever you read this. Let’s assume. make a date with your TV to turn it on to a blank channel where there’s a pure carrier signal. However. The result. this source seems to be able to ferret out a lot about the subjects and even traverse the bounds of time to determine how the subjects will look years in the future. Could it be that somewhere hidden in the snow of our television carrier signals are important messages from ETs or other kinds of beings? Might thought images travel through time or through dimensions on carrier signals that are like electronic highways? Maybe it’s worth our turning on the TV set and staring at a blank station for a while to see what images you might be able to see. And let’s take their word for it that it’s the signal itself and the receptivity of the person watching that snow that may make all the difference.questions of the Senders and to have different subjects submit themselves to what the Senders were suggesting. please grab your camera or whatever digital device you have that takes photos and grab one for us. Send it to me and give me a call on the radio. available at www. Then give yourself an hour. and I’m assuming that these images are real and that the experimenters are not playing any tricks. Stare at the snow and see what you see. One can also speculate that these Senders are some sort of disembodied spirits who can materialize themselves on the waves of a television signal almost like disappearing ink turning brown on a piece of paper held over a light bulb. If we do that. is a startling set of images in which one subject is connected to the image of his deceased father while another subject is aged right before he camera into how she will look like as an older woman. UFO April 2008 31 . cowritten with UFO Magazine’s publisher William J. Then the results really got interesting. If nothing happens. even if it means turning off the cable or the dish for a while to get a straight transmission. UFO George Noory is America’s top nighttime radio talk-show personality as host of the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM on the Premiere Radio Network. just for argument’s sake. Is this something you’d like to try? Let’s set up an experiment. that there’s something to these Close Encounters of the Second Kind that the folks in Brazil have stumbled into. maybe an image. it seems that the Senders were apparently able to pick up the images from the television camera that the contactors were using and morph the images of the subjects into what they would look like years into the future. then let’s experiment. is Worker in the Light (Forge. His book. They were also able to connect the images of subjects to their own ancestors. From the different frames that they posted on the web. so be it. My lines are always open. But if you get something. 2006). Birnes.Amazon. Remember the lemon-juice code from all the way back in the 1950s? The contactors say they are a long way from figuring out where these mysterious images are coming from or why they are receiving them in Brazil.

His real name is Mustafa. he also looked backwards to the distant past. a revolutionary. He was a very successful military commander. founder of the modern Turkish Republic. To history he is known as Atatürk. and a historian. But this awareness became official thanks to Atatürk. UFO April 2008 . Atatürk was truly a forward-thinking man. he earned it. A mighty hero. And believe me. And he was extremely interested in ancient civilizations.Atatürk and the Turks’ Original Land: The Lost Continent Mu by Farah Yurdözü I confess to having a crush on someone. where it started gaining attention after the year 2000. Easter. and to me one of the most important of them was that he was the first exopolitician. Augustus Le Plongeon in the nineteenth century and James Churchward in the 1930s became the first scholars to do detailed research about Mu. but Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was looking for something more than mythology to uncover our nation’s real history. He was well aware of our oral and written traditions of the Sky People. Mu people were very peaceful. Mu’s civilization was quite different from that of the other famous lost continent. A real man. Churchward translated the ancient Nacaal writings which were found in Mexico and published three books about the lost continent. And in a way dear to UFO and metaphysicsminded people. while Atlanteans used their advanced technology in negative and destructive ways. our world really needs such galactic diplomacy today and in the future. Today it is believed that some Pacific islands such as Hawaii. Exopolitics is a fairly new concept in United States. The kind of guy that gets a sexy nickname: The Blond Wolf. Atlantis. Of one his goals was to discover the real origin of the 32 Turkish nations. a world famous politician. to the extraterrestrial origins of humans. Aztec. my hero is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. According to his books. and Tonga are the remains of Mu. Like many modern Turkish people. In my opinion. One of his areas of interest was ancient civilizations and the lost continent Mu. Nacaal brought an advanced civilization to Mu both spiritually and scientifically. Is it a coincidence that the peaceful. Mu was founded by a very sophisticated race called Nacaal. He was a man of many firsts. and the Uygur Turks were founded by the survivors of Mu. Hopi. We have seen how the existence of other worlds is accepted in Turkey. Fiji. freeing the country from years of European invasion and dominance. but the continent was destroyed by natural disasters and sank into the ocean. who established the Turkish Republic in 1923.000 years ago. pacific Mu continent was located in the Pacific (“peaceful”) Ocean? Maybe not. which was located in the Pacific Ocean 12. the Nacaal race was of extraterrestrial origin. The goal of exopolitics is to create a bridge between the extraterrestrial presence and the earthbound political world. Many ancient civilizations like the Mayan. According to ancient texts. a writer.

Before Islam was accepted as the official religion of my country. But both races kept the motherland’s language. The other group came to North and Central America and founded the Mayan civilization. ancient Turks used to be Shamanic just like Native Indians of North. one group of its survivors came to central Asia and became the ancestors and founders of the Turkish nation. years of research and great dedication. He established the young Turkish Republic based on a democracy. in 1935 Atatürk sent historians and language experts to Mexico to conduct detailed research on Mayan culture based on the Mu writings. which was a perfect democracy—12. symbolism. They have a remarkable physical and social resemblance to Native American Indian races. and in so doing he was very much inspired by the governmental system of Mu. And as happens to many public figures who dare to look beyond the normal sphere of political thought. rituals.000 years before the United States. but their religious beliefs. Atatürk was the first president who looked for the roots of a nation in the mysteries of history. art. After thousands of pages of translations. as we have just seen in a previous column. it may have cost him his life. He was obviously far ahead of his time with his unique view and philosophy. social and spiritual life.. Shamanic Turks still exist. Some of the original texts with Atatürk’s handwritten notes are still preserved in the government’s national archives. Not only the language. This is because the two ancient languages came from the same source: Mu. and mysteries. and they keep their ancient beliefs alive. today in many parts of Central Asia. In fact. This can be seen in the similarities between the two cultures. and South America. which he had translated into Turkish. UFO April 2008 33 . The universal language of symbolism in Turkish and North and South American tribes was based on cosmic belief. and music had much in common. he is the first exopolitician. Atatürk became the first world leader to see the extraterrestrial origin of his own people. Central. Inspired by the books.Atatürk was very much impressed by Churchward’s books. His theory of the common origin of Turks and Native Indian tribes is now considered a historical fact. With his pioneer vision and investigations. Intense investigation revealed something surprising: Ancient Mayan and Turkish languages had a remarkable similarity. philosophy. Atatürk settled on an interesting theory: After the continent Mu was destroyed. Atatürk’s personal notes on MU texts.

His medical reports clearly show the symptoms of a long-term poisoning. UFO Farah Yurdözü is a UFO/paranormal writer and program producer at the Jerry Pippin Show. in the present day some alien abductions start with the appearance of a wolf. right on the money. Decorative? Yes. The wolf is still accepted as a noble. So why is Atatürk called the Blond Wolf? Atatürk’s vision was not limited to his people’s roots in Mu. And after Atatürk’s death. edited by Richard Day Gore and available at www.Paying the Price for His Beliefs Recently. Can you imagine a world leader standing on the floor of the United Nations and declaring such a belief today? Even though we live in an age of space travel. even though there is no real evidence of this. I am confident that this was in fact a very clear and direct message about our origin. Folkloric? Yes. But knowing Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. although he hadn’t shown any symptoms of a severe liver problem. but still they came and still they gave him more medicines.farahstarot.lulu. The wolf was a very important animal and a mystical symbol for ancient Turks. he started to develop various physical conditions which weakened his nervous system.com and www. Her newest book is Confessions of a Turkish Ufologist. his Mu files were sealed and some of his Mu-related personal notes and reports were lost. as they would say in America. The answer could lie in the fact that the symptoms of Atatürk’s poisoning started just before he was going to reveal his Mu theories. The abductee may see a wolf at the beginning or at the end of the abduction case.com/content/825837 Her websites: www. I can easily picture a politician who states such beliefs sharing a similar fate with the Blond Wolf. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk embraced this many decades ago. The evidence is just as strong. He finally died. Obviously. sixty-nine years after his death.farahyurdozu. By whom? Why? Above: Turkish Sirius symbols. liver failure caused his death. such as its powerful wolf symbolism. He also knew very well our nation’s folkloric beliefs. Turkish and European doctors tried different medical treatments. Between 1937 until his death in November of 1938.com 34 April 2008 UFO . They believed that they were created by the wolves. Interestingly. Thousands of years ago. ancient Turkish tribal leaders had similar experiences … and a new nation was born. He put his beliefs. a shocking rumor has caused much speculation among his followers: Atatürk was slowly poisoned and killed by his enemies. if not stronger. protective animal and a spiritual guide in the Turki s h world today. In his early days as ruler of the new Turkish Republic. But each new medicine that was given to him made his situation worse. He complained that doctors were being sent to treat him whom he had not authorized. Atatürk’s detractors have tried to discredit him by saying that he drank himself to death. They gave him drugs which had terrible adverse effects. No autopsy was performed on his body. that he was murdered. His unexpected and sudden death created a deep sorrow over the county. Atatürk had a wolf and a Sirius star depicted on the country’s paper money. some dark forces didn’t want him to disclose one of the world’s biggest and most significant secrets. and according to official reports. Since then. Center & Below: Turkish symbols that originated from Mu.

Are you interested in other sorts of strange phenomena. UFO You are the national director of ICAR.net/beyond. I love the Sci Fi Channel’s show Ghost Hunters and the TAPS crew uses very good methods to prove their work. During the past few years she has had more time to devote to these interests. but just recently the individual agreed to be on my show in January. and I continued on when Joe Montaldo took over as host.homestead. I’m just following in the footsteps of women like Leslie Kean. so to speak. Lesley: How did you become interested in ufology? Dee: I found a copy of Flying Saucers—Serious Business (Lyle Stuart. April 2008 35 . Archives are found at http://paranormalradionetwork. I also filled in for Joe a few times as host. After that I was hooked. I never even thought about it like that. Do you feel being one of the few women with an internet UFO and paranormal-related show has any advantages or disadvantages compared to the male-hosted shows? I don’t really see any advantages or disadvantages at all.com. Are there any dream guests that you would like to have on your show but haven’t had the chance yet? There was one. Dee is also the national director of the International Community for Alien Research (ICAR). You can find out more about her by visiting her blog The Debris Field at http://thedebrisfield. There sometimes seems to be very little attention paid to abduction and contact research lately so I am always happy to come across groups and individuals who are pursuing it.com/. what types? All of my shows are UFO-related but that doesn’t mean that I’m not into other phenomena. Then in 2007 Joe decided to start up the UFO Paranormal Radio Network.com/EyeToTheSky_ Home. The contactee movement of the 1950s and ’60s is when the idea that only crazy people see aliens and UFOs started. I noticed most of your shows are about UFOs. ICAR sounds like a very useful group for abductees and contactees. David Sereda. Last July at the 60th Anniversary conference in Roswell. New Mexico. I have been following his work for many years and would love to talk with him about his CSIstyle team he’s been working on for the study of the contact phenomena. Peter Robbins. and many other superb ufology guests. A complete list of links to shows in this column are at www. The first year was with Jim Hickman as host. Abductees and contactees are seen by mainstream ufology as a dirty little secret. Rob Simone. She has been interested in UFOs and other strange phenomenon since she was a child. Had you been involved in radio before. but my number-one passion is ufology. 1966) by Frank Edwards when I was 10.Dee Andrew On the Case by Lesley Gunter Dee Andrew is the host of the weekly radio show Eye to the Sky.binnallofamerica. Email Lesley with questions or comments at lesleyinnm@gmail. Cryptozoology is another subject that I find very interesting. Dee Andrew is the host of the weekly radio show Eye to the Sky at http://eyetothesky. and that is Bill Chalker of Australia.html. Some past guests have included Stanton Friedman. I consider myself more of a historian of UFO-related phenomena. Joe Montaldo. I had been looking for contact information on for several years to get him on Joe Montaldo’s show. To be honest. My personal goal is to educate the public about the field of ufology in general. I don’t consider myself an expert on the abduction or contact phenomenon. He is Dr.blogspot.com. Onto the interview. along with out-of-place artifacts. and if so. UFO Lesley Gunter lives in Albuquerque. Paola Harris. Ted Phillips. It’s the stigma of people like George Adamski and Spaceship Ruthie that gives contactees the most problems. So now that means I have to work harder to get the next name on my list to agree to do my program. Farah Yurdözü. and what made you decide to start doing an internet radio show? I started out as just an admin in the chat room for Wake Up USA: A UFO Study on Paltalk in 2001.org. I have had a couple of ghost experiences myself. and Jenny Randles. We want to bring it out of the closet. What are their goals? ICAR’s main purpose is abduction and contact research. We are working towards showing that contactees are everyday people with everyday lives. thedebrisfield. to show that it happens to people from all walks of life. New Mexico Joe talked me into doing my own show. I covered the 2004 Ancient of Days conference for Wake Up and was a guest on the first hour of one of the shows. and you can find out more about that at http://icar1. and he did analysis of the STS-48 shuttle mission to show that what NASA says is going on in the video isn’t what is shown. or reading her weekly column Grey Matters at www. Jack Kasher. a really fabulous show with lots of very interesting guests giving their take on ufology.com.

C. and discovered the intensity of this growing genre in conspiracy theories. when I began to assemble my new book. United Symbolism of America: Deciphering Hidden Meanings in America's Most Familiar Art. and as colonization progressed. If you’ve seen their compelling slideshows where they flip through dozens of corporate logos resembling the eye in the triangle over the pyramid. national symbolism is key to the wellbeing of any society.Hidden Clues in the Symbols of Our Nation by Robert R. The Statue of Liberty follows centuries of tradition in this country of representing America as an allegorical female. It has always been my contention that embracing a healthy. I also attempt a deeper interpretation of our national symbols using a humanistic psychological and archetypal approach. 2008). the Liberty Bell did not crack on the 4th of July 1776. Deconstructing these conspiracy myths is just a fraction of what we present in this book. collective. the god of commerce and communication. The fundamentalist-conspiratorialists who dominate the web have concluded that a group they describe as Illuminati Masonic Satan worshipers are in control of world events. more svelte Indian princess. but has always turned to face peace in the more powerful heraldic position. D. I was surprised. and blue in the flag. and 36 the eagle on the Great Seal never turned its head to face the arrows. savage Indian queen riding an alligator.. The American goddess in these renderings was a voluptuous. beside myself. for example. and thus I felt compelled to present a defense against this smear campaign. Not only are they mistranslating the Great Seal. the goddess of wisdom or Mercury. and I believe that an attack on our symbols from within is more dangerous than many people realize. As the Revolution approached she evolved again into a classical goddess. We also enjoyed taking a closer look at some of the best-known legends about our symbols and revealing their historical hits and misses. This nation was founded to be a nation of freedom to allow the liberty to practice any religion at all. she evolved into a lighter-skinned. and even the Liberty Bell. Don’t let anyone tell you that America was founded to be a Christian nation. with popular emphasis on the neoclassical toga-clad goddess known as the American Liberty or Columbia. too. did not design the American flag. the torch in the right hand of the Statue of Liberty. As soon as Europeans discovered this country they depicted it as a woman in their artwork and on the illustrated corners around their maps. are doing so to prove an unusual conclusion. I have made a lifetime of defending and collecting American symbols. Architecture and Logos (New Page Books. The non-Christian symbols of goddesses and pyramids that our founders selected to represent us imply that they associated with t h e power of the goddess. Not to be overlooked. the eagle. UFO April 2008 . you might be shocked at what you found. We look at the meanings behind the red. Rather than speculators on treasure maps. as they have been doing for decades and as we’ve covered in previous columns in this magazine. and often we see her overshadowed by Minerva. and other interpretable characteristics of Americana. Hieronimus If you went home after watching one of Disney’s National Treasure films and surfed the web for hidden meanings in American symbols. The Statue of Liberty: An American Goddess Have you ever wondered why there is a 150-foot pagan statue in New York Harbor? If so. most writers speculating on American symbolism. the astrological symbolism in the architecture of Washington. but now they are also going after the Statue of Liberty. Betsy Ross. white. you might understand how millions of people everywhere are beginning to believe that America’s Founding Fathers were actually satanists. From this historical basis. however. you may have already discovered that this goddess is by no means unique in the iconography of America.

There is no historical documentation to suggest the Illuminati ever used a symbol remotely like this. rather than the Roman goddess Libertas. compassion. This movie is based on the very real Skull and Bones secret society of Yale University. by the Middle Dutch and Middle German words belle. but this specious claim along with incorrect translations of the Latin mottoes have been repeated so many times that it is now a firmly established urban legend. They call them the Illuminati and believe they infiltrated America through the Revolutionary-generation Freemasons. The clinching proof for the fundamentalist-conspiratorialists regarding a reason to fear the Liberty Bell is a fictional 1960s made-for-TV movie starring Glenn Ford called The Brotherhood of the Bell. but they managed. The word bell in English traces its origins back to Old English as influenced UFO April 2008 . The most often-repeated. they claim the Reverse of the Great Seal proves there is a mysterious group of Them controlling the world behind the scenes. or the derivative name Beelzebub (Ba’al Zebub). Although the vast majority of Americans revere the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of liberty. their argument completely ignores the etymological history of both words bell and Bel. As usual. They wanted to be taken seriously in the eyes of Europe. Here is David Icke on the Liberty Bell in his book The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World (David Icke Books. Ba’al was a popular name for several deities among the Semitic peoples and is mentioned in the Bible as a false god.” and “Baal Zebub” to Lord of the Flies. is the strong influence of classical Greek and Roman mythology as the accepted and expected tradition in heraldic and medallic art. The torch she holds is defamed as a phallic symbol or a crude joke that we are controlled by these illuminated ones. The Eye and the Triangle. they claim that the historical Illuminati used a symbol like this pyramid with an eye. novels. historically inaccurate attack is that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French Freemasons to the American Freemasons. In that regard. and the story is just what the fundamentalist-conspiratorialists are looking for to link anything symbolic to the devil. According to the fundamentalistconspiratorialists. and comic books. or Semiramis. there is nothing unusual in their use of the goddess. The Phoenician language is about sound. with a ProtoIndo-European base behl.of course. These same writers have concluded that Protestantism is the only true faith and that Catholicism is secretly a pagan mother-goddess cult. symbolic language of the reptile-Aryans is the sound of a word.” This seemingly outrageous interpretation of the Liberty Bell is cut and pasted all over the web today. meaning a bellowing or rutting sound as a deer or dog would make. this statue is actually based on older goddesses like Isis. the name was picked up by Christians as another way of referring to Satan. the subject of my doctoral dissertation. Though our founders disagreed on a lot. Ishtar. and integral to the secret. and Whose Eye Is It Anyway? I take particular offense when I see the misuse and misrepresentation of the pyramid and the eye in the triangle. Bel or Ba’al. anti-Masons have dissected her for clues to secret messages. and refuge for homeless people fleeing tyranny. continued on page 69 37 Even the Liberty Bell is Called a Symbol of the Illuminati It is a very long stretch for the fundamentalist-conspiratorialists to find a satanic link to the Liberty Bell. the fundamentalist-conspiratorialists have attacked her as a symbol to fear and despise. They play their sounds-like semantics game and decided the evil Founding Fathers picked a bell as a symbol because they secretly intended for Americans to venerate the ancient Babylonian god known as Bel. 1999): “Where was the American War of ‘Independence’ orchestrated from? Philadelphia and there you will still find the Liberty Bell—symbol of Bel. Basing their argument on misinformation concocted from bits of old anti-Jewish conspiracy hoaxes mixed with characters from fictional games. Because there is a strong Masonic connection to this monument. She is also attacked because she is a symbol of light and as such is allegedly making a statement that the Illuminati or “illuminated ones” control this country. not spelling. the Sun god of the Phoenicians and the Aryans. and they tried to strictly observe all the rules of protocol in their official documents and designs. translates to “lord” or “master. all agreed that they wanted to look acceptable. on the other hand. just like the name Lucifer. Citing no reference sources. or Ba’al. When Milton described Beelzebub in his Paradise Lost as one of the original fallen angels. The fundamentalist-conspiratorialists base a large measure of their attack on American symbols on this one in particular.

which is quoted directly from the Constitutional Convention. thus making us truly That the president must embrace and toil for these values is found in the fact that every president-elect must take the following oath. Evidence of this is found in the examples of Jimmy Carter. Article II. I explained the importance of these truths and how acceptance of them is integral to disclosure in my last column in the March 2008 issue (Vol. and the principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constittion. Now is a good time to address this topic with the primaries in full swing and the national party conventions looming on the horizon. 2). and Bill Clinton. No. then he must by extension logically accept the foundations for American self-government as found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. But what about the other side? I believe that an equally rational and eloquent case can be made as to why certain Republican candidates would be more likely to engage in disclosure. Ronald Reagan. UFO 38 April 2008 . He has no basis or right to demand anything of his government. Each of these men expressed an interest in UFOs both before and during his presidency. since without natural law the government is not subordinate to him. This is the case because the natural-law philosophy is the only school of thought which declares that our individual rights are inviolable. Yet even when they were in the supposedly most powerful position in the world. 1787. the rule of law that all individuals are sovereign persons with the exclusive right to self-determination. preserve. then he certainly cannot or will not engage in disclosure.” In order to become president of the United States an individual must swear under oath that he will be loyal t o and do everything within his power to propagate the Constitution and the ideas and values found in that document. No. and believe me. 23. If one does not accept these principles then he has no footing or basis for the argument that he has a right to know the truth. 7) of UFO Magazine Stephen Bassett discussed the ET Ticket in his column Exopolitics. This is an important topic and I applaud him for his analysis. but instead he is subordinate to the government. If an individual truly believes that the people in general have a right to know the truth about UFOs and paranormal phenomena … then he must logically accept the ideals of natural law and the individual right to selfdetermination. In examining the candidates for their likeliness to engage in disclosure and thus determining their worthiness to hold public office. would be the candidate most likely to engage in UFO disclosure. The reason for this is that these are the only two governing documents in the world that are founded upon natural law. specifically Clinton or Richardson. I am no fan of today’s Republicans! Shouldn’t that perspective be heard as well? free individuals with the right to self-determination. I surmise that if a president cannot or will not keep his word on something as basic as his oath of office. I will evaluate them based on how well they embrace the principles of natural law.” The following excerpt summarizes the importance of these values. and will to the best of my ability. Bassett discussed why he believed a Democrat. This in turn is what makes governments legally and morally subordinate to the people they govern. which includes the ideas and values described above. 22. Lawler II In my inaugural column two issues ago I stated: In the July 2007 issue (Vol.The Other ET Ticket by William J. … In addition. protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I do not think it is important whether a candidate has expressed a belief or position on UFOs and other phenomena. Clause 8: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully e x ecute the Office of the President of the United States. Section 1. if the individual accepts the natural-law philosophy. “Why Natural Law and the Constitution are Essential for Ufology and Forteanism.

Keep in mind that it may be detrimental for a campaign to discuss aliens and UFOs due to the ridicule which may be heaped upon it by the mainstream press. This could mean the death of ufology when the state decides that young children will be trained to believe that such ideas are ridiculous as a part of the state-mandated curriculum. Thought crimes punish individuals for their opinions or intellectual positions. a sampling of issues will provide a strong indication of where an applicant stands philosophically. Keep in mind that this is not the same as criminal intent. Due to space limitations I will only evaluate the applicants who meet the following criteria: First. Also. hang our heads in shame. do you throw their jersey in the trash? Of course not! So why in the world would you not vote for your candidate of choice just because the talking heads on the boob tube and the petty pens in the propaganda papers tell you that he is not a viable candidate? To do so is to allow yourself to be manipulated. If your preferred candidate is not included. It is not my intention to exclude a particular person or ideology from this discussion. UFO Her vote against legislation that would prevent courts from hearing cases in which a manufacturer is being sued because of the way in which a third party uses its product clearly demonstrates contempt for the rule of law. those who have been able to garner enough support so that his or her name appears on the ballots of at least half of the states. What will happen when MUFON is sued because an over-zealous individual obtains their Field Investigator’s Guide and trespasses on private property so as conduct a thorough investigation? Clinton’s support for so-called hate-crimes legislation is an Orwellian attack on individual sovereignty in that people should not be punished for their thoughts. No matter what the odds are against your favorite team. Clinton’s vote to allow the president to go to war without a Congressional Declaration of War was an illegal abdication of her Constitutional duty. regardless of their merits. people like Clinton cannot be counted on. If alien influences are working to infiltrate our halls of power. what is important is an individual’s dedication to Constitutional principles and his intestinal fortitude to maintain that dedication. She supports big continued on page 72 39 April 2008 . To be sure. A crime is a crime regardless of what the offender was thinking. if it appeared as if a disclosure candidate had won an election. Will David Icke and his followers one day be prosecuted for committing hate crimes because they discriminated against entities that they consider reptilian in nature? Her willingness to further entrench us in the United Nations and other world-government schemes is a direct attack on our Declaration of Independence. It does not make sense to discuss individuals who are no longer seeking the job. and leave the playground. the state should not be funding such a trend. At the very least. Hillary Clinton Clinton’s Pre-K for All program is a violation of natural law in that it is unnatural for an entity other than the family to mold a child during the formative years when personality and values are essentially set. since their candidacy is now a moot point. that would leave the Powers That Be plenty of time to take extra steps to hide the truth from the future president.none of them engaged in even an iota of disclosure. and disclosure. Senator Hillary Clinton’s platform represents the epitome of the cradle-to-grave socialist nanny state. Failure to fulfill her oath of office is indicative of a lack of integrity and a sign of her willingness to do what is political expedient. However. Society is a complex and deeply intertwined system of parts.org. For ease of reference. With these points in mind it may behoove a disclosure candidate to keep his views on ufology and Forteanism to himself. I also do not have enough space to perform an exhaustive analysis of each applicant on every issue. it will be much easier for them to impose their will on us through a central governing body then it would be with many sovereign states. and second. information on each of the candidates’ positions is taken from their prospective campaign web sites and OnTheIssues. All four of the following applicants have their name on the ballot in all fifty states. We need to acknowledge that the perception of viable candidates is often a false paradigm thrust upon us by the mainstream media and the handful of power elites who control that media. Unless disclosure suddenly becomes politically popular. Fortean phenomena. I will demonstrate how individual and seemingly unrelated issues are tied in with each other and to the issues of UFOs. Just because the mainstream media guffaws at UFOs and other Fortean issues like a bunch of immature adolescents does not mean that we in the UFO and Fortean community are going to admit defeat. please accept my apologies. those who are actively seeking office at the time of this writing.

UFO 40 April 2008 Aliens Out of UFO . a man not only made contact with the spirit of his father.618. messages. who analyzed these image for Rinaldi. In essence. but the beings generated an image of the man on the PC monitor that showed what he would look like as an older person far in the future.618 turns up as the result of the measurement of the distance between one’s belly button and one’s feet. in fact. as Rinaldi describes it. you have the measurement of the person from his or her belly button to the person’s feet. and this has been going on through repeated experiments for over five years.618. perhaps. In other words. She believes that the images she is seeing are real because the number that is used to determine the points on the image is the same number that determines measurements on our bodies. Rinaldi says. For Sonia. She is also trying o build a phonemic alphabet for deciphering the sound that’s buried in the transmission she receives. She has determined that all of the points of the image are actually multipliers of what’s known as a Phi number. might have the ability to see all time as a continuum. says that the number 1. As Sonia’s various reports indicate. she calculates the various points of interest on the image by measuring the multipliers of the distance between the points. This number also determines the measurement of one’s fingers. and thus project what they see into our present. the extraterrestrials are signaling to us mathematically. If that’s so. Rinaldi does not stop at just establishing the basis for her images. these different perceptions can result in near blood feuds. according to Brazilian paranormal researcher Sonia Rinaldi is know where to look or know how to find them by deciphering the images in the television snow. she has been experimenting with different human subjects by putting them in front of the monitor and focusing a digital camera on them and then piping the image from that digital camera into a PC monitor. As her explanations of how she gets her images demonstrate. In her own words. All you have to do. without even realizing it? Maybe there really is no real concealment of ETs or extradimensional beings because they exist in the patterns of photons that you receive in-between channels. Then. far from being only limited to this time and place. a coincidence. How can you tell which is which when different people have different perceptions? In our UFO community. in one case. this was an exciting revelation because she interpreted it to mean that these beings. 1. even as you change the channels on your television set. she says. if it is. a number which she says is everywhere in nature. there is active intervention on the part of the receiver to interpret the signal. For example. Photo analysis expert Silvia Rossoni. which is premised on the claim that images of interdimensional beings are showing up in her television signal which she decodes in such a way as to see a mathematical relationship between different points on her screen. allows the beings communicating through the carrier signal to recognize the human subjects and to comment on aspects of the subjects’ lives. she has to first collect the images on an empty television station. Numbers also turn up as results when dividing the number of petals in a flower or the length and breadth of a tree leaf. This may well be the case with Rinaldi’s research. Rinaldi writes that she is thrilled at the prospect at having made contact with creatures not of this dimension who can span time and space. as the images show. sometimes the phenomenon is in the perception of the beholder and not intrinsic to the phenomenon itself. between different groups of beings. and who can contemplate what the possibilities of this communication might be. If you divide the height of a person by the number 1. you are scanning through all kinds of communication. Strange coincidence. using a set of measurements that seem to be universal in their application. Like the experiences and reports of many people who see and photograph glowing orbs. This. extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings are talking to her.What if alien communication is taking place all the time and not just from UFOs but within very conventional channels using traditional methods? What if. then why do they turn up in the images Rinaldi can see in an empty carrier signal? Her answer is that this number itself is kind of a recognition symbol.

This is how we receive the images. The best way to provide photons is using an empty channel from a TV or a piece of colorful cloth so once the contact is established.Whole Cloth? Sonia Rinaldi Sonia Rinaldi has been researching paranormal phenomena for almost twenty years. plus CDs with phonemes and different materials that provide photons in order to be manipulated by beings from other dimensions. She has won many international awards for her work with instrumental transcommunication and is leading projects on extraterrestrial communications along with her team. The sentences are a result of phoneme manipulation in real time. The Extraterrestrial Images After many years of working with the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials through ITC. and it seems that the extraterrestrials need us to provide some kind of audible material so that they can manipulate it as they do with the photons. Basically. software for viewing videos. We have a CD recorded with phonemes that don’t mean anything. and we use the recording technique to make contact to the station. it’s possible to hear sentences that were not on the CD before. This is when the manifestations start to happen. That’s how the voice starts to come out. or the National Agency of Transcommunicators. When we hear the contacts that we have recorded. a video camera. the camera starts to film the creations over cloth or over the reflex of an empty TV channel. we use the computer. She is also the founder of Agência Nacional de Transcomunicadores (ANT). Instrumental Transcommunication: What Is It? Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is a technique that allows us to make contact with other dimensions through electronic equipment. In many years of research we have realized that extraterrestrials use photons to create images and make themselves visible to us. We UFO April 2008 41 . They also communicate through voice. we have finally managed to prove that these images come from another dimension and that the extraterrestrials send us images under a specific pattern. software for voice recording. It seems that the beings communicate to us through a station that is similar to a radio station.

This is how we know that these images are not the result of random creation of the photon screen from the empty TV channel or the colorful piece of cloth but the result of photonic manipulation by intelligent beings. which is a Phi number. Silvia Rossoni. The Phi number in Extraterrestrial Images These are some of the images we have received through ITC that shows that the images of extraterrestrials also obey this pattern of proportion. It is clear that these beings want to emphasize that they have different abilities than ours and a superior science. and studies have just started. In many many other things in nature. 55 and so on petals. Now it is our task to develop better conditions and technology to receive communications more adequate to their technology and observe from our side new phenomena and possibilities never before dreamed by mankind. The Phi number is also present in the tree leaves: the proportion of the quantity of leaves in the top of the tree compared to the quantity of leaves in the bottom of it.618 Conclusion The Phi number or 1. they seem to point out that a communication with unknown entities from unknown origin might be possible.gathered fifty images and had them analyzed by an expert. which is precisely the nose line.618.083 divided by 1. the Phi number is always there. On the right. the contour for study was done by the architect Silvia Rossoni.618 is everywhere in nature.942 which is precisely the mouth line. For example.618 we will have the measure from umbilicus to feet. but they can speak as well. 5. 8. dividing the height of a person by 1. 13. The fact that the images obey this proportion and that the cameras catch the images in real time in thirty frames per second rigorously calculated under mathematical patterns excludes the possibility of random transmission. 21.618 will point to the line of knees. height of nose to chin: 3. in human body proportions. Phi is also present in the number of petals of all flowers: there will always be either 3. These phenomena are only five years old. Phi determines the size of the bones of our fingers. 42 April 2008 UFO . the phi number: On the left.618 = 1. They make it clear that they want to keep contact with earth once and for all in a permanent way. one frame of the paranormal video received.142 divided by 1.142. The PHI number: 1. the measure of our waist divided by 1. The analysis proved that they have the same face proportion: 1. an image was created over cloth. follow the calculus: height of eyes to chin: 5. 34. They transmit not only through images. All in all. in this case.618 = 3. in the middle.

it is surprising that a dwindling number of ufologists strive with might and main to demonstrate in a very singular way that the Pentagon bureaucracy created the MJ-12 papers. Charles Fort. but that nothing is unreal: that all phenomena are approximations one way or the other between realness and unrealness. we have no means of knowing how far this penetration has been effective. confusions regarding image. Given this situation.n . P A aly l g u o C l n o a rgo Uf Ca We are not realists. If such vehicles contained intelligent live biological entities existing in some kind of active social order. For example. We have to assume also that alien cultural levels will be in complex interaction with quite separate alien cultural levels. events which according to relativity happened long ago are described almost universally as happening in real time—whatever that means—in turn. symbol. We are not idealists. Like purgatory. Such confusions abound. Distortions of the same ilk include certain UFO communities talking about existing full relationships with alien intergalactic 43 Prologue The Saucers That Did Not Crash If there have been UFO crashes. Australia. Wild Talents by Colin Bennett to differing planes of psychosocial formulation within different species in space-time and cultural development. C. We are intermediatists—that nothing is real. Therefore we do not know what games may have been played by aliens and are still being played. As we shall see in the following examination of cargo cults. We also have to assume that each one of such levels will be in turn relatively time-shifted in overall development. then it is reasonable to assume that there have been successful landings. alien level A will be interacting with alien level B. a e m t ris r o me F n d u r n s e a n d . It could be said that this is the equivalent to South Pacific cargo-cult tribes in 1920s believing that Christ had a thriving cargo business in Sydney. and so on. o o fC f e m i t l o s e o sis t B y. the universal use of the present tense in all cosmological discussions is a similar distortion. D. Given such a theatre of multiple interactions. and metaphor will abound due UFO April 2008 . Major cultural elements are formed around such often comic distortions. I think. then human culture has been contaminated by ideas and actions not formed by human consciousness.

and stars. see my Adamski biography Looking for Orthon: The Story of George Adamski. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald. On this level. however. films and science fiction do not show the alien in anything like such a sophisticated focus. Scientific propaganda has of course managed to identify myth with lies. If our own digital electronic development wiped out such vintage instrumentation very quickly. the First Flying Saucer Contactee. all ready for a primetime interview in which he will explain everything beyond the sun. crime. multiple deceptions will be the order of the day. 2001). we gave to Third World countries the hand-cranked $100 computer. 1997) could indeed be a pattern of inscrutable alien gameplay instead of merely hot air from the Pentagon. The chance is that some intelligent active process is guessing. “plain facts” being a metaphor derived from early Protestant work-ethic cultures of a most earthy kind. such things as the MJ-12 papers and the claims of Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. downright frauds. Powerful myths are not that easy to create. goodness only knows what changes any alien culture has gone through. It is not likely that aliens will appear with a row of pens in their top pockets offering us the plain facts of the situation. with very few exceptions such as The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) starring Dave Bowie. For better or for worse.N. we ourselves have done to others what aliens may be doing to us. Perhaps the best argument for the claims of Colonel Corso is that by accident—Roswell circuitry. instrumentation is pure cultural theatre.communities as if they were describing a session at the U. she. but they do not stick. The control panels seen by both George Adamski and Betty and Barney Hill had slider potentiometers. which is universal throughout the animal kingdom. If we do see such things coming from the open hatch of a landed saucer. we should run for our lives before such deceptions bite our heads off. Adamski’s control panels were pure Flash Gordon. The control panels seen by Betty and Barney were more up-to-date. and analogue displays. and anarchist techno-fun such as SERPO and CHAD are more than plentiful in ufology. we can expect waste. Sim- ple lies. Because of technical and economic limitations. Corso in The Day After Roswell (Pocket Books. quite outdated at the time of Adamski’s contact. is an expression of something created deep in the collective unconscious long before any performance script is ready for enactment. Such hardly quite-right mechanical inaccuracies in terms of phase-shifted technological eras could well be the key UFO 44 April 2008 . and How He Changed the World (Paraview Press. whereas mythological thinking is the most powerful and most ancient means of communicating with the collective unconscious. A myth. the John DeLorean of Old Ufology. Like MJ-12. such people are now of permanent remembrance in Western culture. playing games with rough approximations.S. and all the ranges of frustrated ambition that define the human species. In expressing such belief and ideas. Colonel Corso created a powerful modern techno-myth. but still about to fade into history at the time of their abduction. have entered the unconscious. or design—the $100 computer. arguments based on simple fact versus fictional differentiation mean very little. as did George Adamski and the major contactees of the 1950s. Neither will aliens come exuding astral light from their navels. It is absolutely of no use to believe in alien existence on one hand and not believe in alien plans and activities on the other. Contact will be no mean event. Some authors even claim that aliens are running the U. or in the form of a good smooth UFO Scout such as Carl Sagan. As well as play. Concerning contact. or it is a B-feature monster or nothing at all. Generally speaking. government. which is as good a piece of downtown cargo as any. Now if we accept for a moment that there may be the tiniest shred of truth about such ideas. moon. just like some movie stars. as narratives and scripts and personalities. large manual switches. He. then in the light of what has been said previously about cultural contamination. Adamski and the contactees. other authors are on first-name terms with aliens while others claim to know the names given to the once-alive aliens in Area 51. mechanical categories of true or false do not apply. inefficiency from the alien. To assume that any of our suggested alien levels will be respectable images of what we consider to be the best of ourselves is the height of bourgeois scientific confidence. in which the alien is viewed with some pathos and psychological complexity.. Certainly they will not be using analogue high-impedance voltmeter displays! In this respect.

to the abduction scenarios. They may well be tricks set up by aliens playing guessing games and often not guessing correctly. In this respect, MJ-12 could be a rather naff Matrix joke with which to set a thousand human hares achasing for pure amusement. Mechanical science is ill-equipped to deal with humour, entertainment, and such cultural deceptions; it sees the alien as a clever scientist, a bourgeois affectation if ever there was. Evolution is a dangerous and troublesome process with endless mistakes and blind alleys within it. All is hazard and uncertainty. There will be areas into which aliens have not ventured, areas in which they have failed, if only because any biomechanical framework lives and dies by risky and experimental systems analysis. This may involve guessing-games as how to trick system A into thinking it is system B in order to penetrate system C in order to rob its identity. This means that a living process can control and change an evolving agenda in the manner of phishing. Both the alien transistor and MJ-12 may fall into this category as stage-set signals for manoeuvres beyond our mental horizons. Certainly aliens will live and die by images rather than the objective facts of the human military-industrial world. Frequently, we ourselves use both our science and technology for such entertainment and guessing-games. In this area we ourselves become exhausted, careless, forgetful, and very often bored and angry. Our media and advertising programs control us in this way. There is no reason to think that aliens will avoid this mental consumerism, and they may be using ourselves as pawns in all kinds of software modelling involving many levels of belief manipulation. Even in our own world, honest mistakes—never mind cheating and criminal activity—cause much confusion. Attempts to cover up misbehavior and crime make the situation even more complex with respect to what aliens may be doing to us, and what in turn we may be doing to them, if only boring them stiff in turn, which could be conceived as a null game. We have also to consider what is the alien equivalent to our own experience of the rapid obsolescence of technology. Military, media, and domestic sectors are now somewhat reflective of one another’s technological requirements. There is already much confusion in regard to the definition of a weapon. In the techgnosis frame, a weapon may vary from a tank to a TV program. The whole mass-suggestion complex of consumerUFO

ism and advertising could indeed be considered as weaponry in the sense that changed minds are far more useful than battlefield corpses. As distinct from a corpse, the changed mind can make more films, images, narratives, and scripted adventures in the manner of a metaphysical hatchery. A human being as such a program-absorbing meme-breeder, is far more useful alive than dead.

Mistakes, Morons, and Mars
Whether tying a shoelace or causing intercontinental war, life is always going wrong. This chronic instability is a cause of lifesaving humor to the human race, without which human beings would be mere ticks on a biological clock. Humor can make every single one of us look absolutely ridiculous. We are so chastened in order to be mentally re-birthed. There is absolutely no need to think that alien culture will be, or is, any different. They may slip on banana-skins and be as comically outrageous as are many human beings. To lay therefore a straight line on aliens is as dangerous as assuming they are all equally intelligent and all po-faced as is any serious researcher. The thought that aliens might not be completely intent on giving us spiritual enlightenment or even know what such a thing is will come as a relief to some earthlings but not to others. That any alien indeed might be even more ridiculous than ourselves is a thought accepted by almost nobody at all, especially those dour commissars of Old Ufology with rows of pens in their top pockets who talk about reality as it were a set of production statistics from Walter Ulbricht’s rusty-industrial East Germany. It may turn out that a laugh from Britney Spears is considered by aliens to be far more significant and important than any database from an over-earnest industrial class. We must prepare ourselves to consider that contact may be intellectually disappointing in this respect. 45

April 2008

In this sense, the films Morons from Outer Space (1985), the TV series Alf (1986-1990), Alien from LA (1988), Mars Attacks (1996), and Gremlins (1984) are probably better at expressing what contact may mean than Old Ufologists stuck with the factversus-fiction battles within their old mechanical-industrial selves. Daft-as-a-brush events of course are not allowed within the bourgeois-scientific spectrum, since the universe—and hence God—could not possibly be silly. Sensible footwear is the order of the day within ultraconservative Victorian Station Masters of a ufological yesteryear. In that the characters of these cartoon films are already in our heads and impossible to remove, the aliens are here already. The aliens are a process. Their images in our heads are already networking and there is nothing we can do about it. At the moment they are neither fact nor fiction, but liminal. We know they are coming. We are expecting them. Like Plato’s cave-shadows, reality is a moveable feast along a scale of psychosocial allowances, ranging between the limits of absolute fact and absolute fiction. In this sense we must drop the idea of absolute mechanical distinctions and look at highly unstable media forms representing new concepts of matter and information. Such memes are becoming the quasi-material base of our burgeoning Entertainment State, where, for better or for worse, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are far more important than the coke-oven statistics of yesteryear. Jung’s words in Memories, Dreams, Reflections (Vintage Books, 1965) come to mind concerning media: “The symbol becomes intercalated into the cycle of corporeal changes.” In Old ufology however, media does not appear to have arrived. The result is that apart from Corso, Roswell is usually investigated as some kind of traffic accident.

confronts us with absurdity. As an increasingly common experience, it is a holistic flux of culture, society, media, and yes, God forbid! our Entertainment State. In this respect, Old Ufology must be deconstructed from bottom to top. It must transfer from boiler-house analyses to a new age where transcendental experiences, defined as things which transcend the common fact, are seen to consist of holistic components. In these elements, all information is media, and both language and culture are constellated as advertising systems. In such systems, objective solidity is the most perfect prime-time performance of all. All of these reference frames and psychosocial screens are essentially elaborate, fuzzy play systems. Alien contact will certainly entail meeting a multiple display of such systems. Scientists, who are absolutely hopeless when faced with humour, absurdity, or raw human experience, do not understand that in this respect, the idea of Truth in terms of hard-wired practicality will be almost meaningless as it regards alien mentality, or indeed any other mentality. The system-noise of trash, waste, and fantasies is functional in such essentially anarchic multimedia systems. However, Mind conceived as a terrible mess and not as a set of grocer’s rules is not a politically correct view. Isolated from a holistic context, the UFO experience is meaningless. However, that trading world, from which almost all practical scientists come, wants what it has bought and paid for: a stable order of things. Very few good Protestant scientists would enjoy finding themselves investigating the ass-end of a declining Howdy Do-Dee show. If we consider such a noisy holistic view in terms of a cargocult model, then we shall not only get any human/alien interface in a better perspective, we will also get our first idea of how such an interface with alien intelligence might function.

The Alien Is Fuzzy
As just one anomaly amongst anomalies, the UFO experience 46

The very first ships to enter the Pacific were soon full of dead men. Quite lost, becalmed, torn apart by storms, wasted by disease, the crews of such primitive wooden ships stood no chance against the savage moods of the seemingly limitless Pacific. Their bones, planking, spars, and shredded sails washed up on countless beaches, meeting the UFO

Part 1 Me Dream Time Cargo Now

April 2008

wondering gaze of natives whose tribal life had been static for thousands of years. This is a good model of we now call contact between communities whose cultures were thousands of years apart. The curiosity, the misunderstanding, the lack of a framework of interpretation all contributed to the fear of what to natives were perplexing abstractions. These are typical reactions within what we ourselves now call the UFO experience. There are now catalogues of thousands of such experiences in the last fifty years alone, and all of them exhibit similar kinds of native reactions in a modern context. Thus, the first experience of what we now call contact between human communities on very different time scales of culture and technology was one of almost complete fragmentation. It is unlikely that natives saw any kind of significance regarding what curiosities may have been noticed and picked up from the shore. A few may have wondered about a curiously shaped iron fragment, a piece of turned and slotted wood, or a shredded fragment of woven rope, just as we wonder about Dr. Roger Leir’s alleged alien implants. According to Corso, this is the way in which we came across transistors. They were detritus from the Roswell wreckage. By analogy, this is a very strong argument which put ourselves in the native position. Those South Pacific islanders who first saw live men as distinct from dead were in for a surprise. The ships that entered these distant waters were exclusively pirate vessels crewed by criminals fleeing from Western navies for every reason under the sun. They could not enter ports, they had no supply lines, they were forever on the run, and they used desperate and murderous methods to survive. The first reaction of natives at seeing such desperados—both white and black—pulling ashore in long boats was violence, mainly sponsored by panic and fear. The crews, racked by scurvy, dysentery, and starvation, were desperate for water, vegetables, and fruit. According to 1719 voyager George Shelvoke, the crews soon worked out a scheme to ensure safe landing. They fashioned fantastic masks and clothing, got into boats fully armed, and screaming and howling like banshees, they made for shore. Such men were anything but holy beings come to offer the natives the glory of their Western culture and the holiness of their heart’s affections. We can imagine a mad cook, a psychopathic bosun, a halfdead coxswain, a murdering mate, and a few young palsied matelots with scrofula, fleas, and sore bottoms. The alien equivalent is to such a menagerie defies imagination! Terrified at seeing such things, entire villages fled UFO

into the bush to create fantastic stories of magical beings with incredible devices voyaging in wondrously rigged ships. Thus were created legends of the space ships of demons, space not being so much in the sky, but instead represented by the limitless and quite impenetrable horizon. At times, gift-offerings of food and fresh water were left for the gods, and natives took good note that these were eagerly consumed before the holy ones sailed away into the far horizon, with not a few captured slaves—men, women, and children— aboard. There were also a considerable number of dead bodies left behind, bodies of both the pirates and those natives who had ventured too close to the aliens. Such men and ships were not to return for centuries, leaving natives with mysteries beyond all conception. That the gods in their highly sophisticated ships appeared to be somewhat desperate, ragged, quite lost, and even frightened was baffling to natives. That some were also sick and ill and obviously limited in many other respects illustrated the differences between time, image, and technological achievement. The same questions are asked today: If the aliens could do one thing so well, why not another? Such mysteries were profound. Nothing made sense. Thus primitive people, quite naked under the sun; without the wheel, tools, writing, and with a very crude language, experienced therefore the full dimension of UFO mythology in terms of culture shock: abductions, fantastic appearances, disreputable and often murderous behavior, and a technology which appeared to be quite magical on one hand and quite useless on another. In the native mind such experiences were impossible to grasp and define in terms of any kind of unified field.

Fractals in Collision
Before the modern phase of continuous contact, daily experience had been pretty unchanged. Scores—perhaps hundreds— of years had passed by between visitations. The event of contact

April 2008


perienced any kind of exactly repeatable sequence of any kind, in either nature or life. In addition they heard the crackle of radios and early recorded sound on portable wind-up gramophones.

Media Interpreting Media
We have only to extrapolate the Corso and Adamski stories alone into this framework of multiple confusions to see how the whole mess was soon lit up with awe and religious fervor. The projected cargo fantasies of the natives piled misinterpretations piled upon misconceptions and became integrated into holy tribal ancestral architecture rather like the Christian Orders of Angels. That the cargo-gods had a similar tribal architecture themselves was a nice consideration heavily masked by the alien-gods material success. In this respect, this situation is not described adequately by the simple equations of fact transforming into fantasy. The cargo culture might indeed be in the grip of untold fantasies, but then so were the young Western sailors of the time in terms of the mass media they had begun to absorb: films, advertising, radio shows, and burgeoning consumerism. This two-state transfer makes for a very interesting alchemical analogy. In this situation, we have junk systems transforming into other junk systems. This unique mental traffic replaces all thought of the fact-versus-fiction axis of the old analogue world. The idea of a religion founded on junk in the mental gut is a frightening concept to many people of religious convictions in the West. Could our own so-called enlightenment have been inspired by alien detritus, some of which might have given a few last feeble bleeps before fading away to the last Reject Store in the sky? Could this kind of mutual image-absorption be an historical process still active?

became therefore like a newspaper under heavy rain: bits of stories disintegrated rapidly, the interrelation of the textual fabric became increasingly disorganised, the gaps in stories filled by guesses, dreaming, and imagination. Continuous sustained contact between the two World Wars was yet another experience. It destroyed all native ideas of time as conceived: Time became a dramatic continuum full of spectacular events, staged within what appeared to be within an endless sequence of profound stimulations and excitements beyond all compass. This was an experience of many Matrix fractals in collision; again, rather like the absurd elements within the modern UFO experience. After the World War I, the first iron-hulled steamships arrived in the South Pacific. Lit from stem to stern by electric light, making a great noise, and pouring white steam from huge funnels, this must have been a tremendous experience for natives and was equivalent to seeing a sudden change in the technology of the gods, whose traditional sailing ships of course were very different to the steamers. In return for work unloading ships, natives were given knives, axes, nails, and cloth in addition to new food plants. These gifts from the gods became cargo, if only because the crews of ships were heard to use this word many times. It was quickly noticed that whilst the visitors got unlimited cargo, the natives got very little, and only in return for back-breaking physical labor. Since natives had no idea of any kind of a resources spectrum, cargo appeared to come in great quantities from nowhere. It was therefore magical. Reinforcing the idea of magic were stills and shaky frames from cameras. For the first time, the natives saw themselves at work and play. Immediately, the interpretation was that they were seeing themselves in other dimensions of existence. This was a belief which whites found surprisingly difficult to deny or explain! The repeatable runs of film-frames also caused much philosophical speculation as regards time, space, and technology. As we shall see in the case of canned food, the natives had not ex48

Rehearsals of Rehearsals
We can build yet another level of complexity into our model. In the 1950s many of the sons and daughters of the servicemen of World War II got involved in the New Age movement. This meant that they were as interested in aboriginal native perception of things as the cargo cult societies were interested in our own mysterious thought processes. This New Age generation rejected their own culture based in the main on those products of scientific rationalism which conversely were so magical to the cargo cults. There was—and still is—intriguing symmetry here. Natives were anxious to leave their junk behind; the New Agers were anxious to pick it up, gaze at it in wonder searching for spiritual inspiration. Two eyes gazed therefore at their own junk in wonder; two seeing eyes trying to perceive the secrets of the other’s cargo. Did the lost spirituality become for New Agers their own cargo? To answer these questions, we have to deconstruct the entire theory of Intelligent Deign. How many such seeing eyes of this type exist beyond the natives, humanity, and aliens themselves is a good question. Since the values of our own Western society are now a limitless, media-play of little worth, does our own junk in turn fascinate some alien? In this sense Old ufology based on simple mechanical differentiation of fact from fiction is useless in the face of such interactive metaphysical and cultural complexity. UFO

April 2008

For the U. buildings. American land. sea. they had certain ranges of differences when opened. and air units used many islands in the South Pacific as temporary bases. parad o x i c a l l y. Great numbers of almost identical things was a new concept to them. Many islands were abandoned. Flanking items of rusty military equipment were tins of old U. Seen also through the estranged perspectives of deterioration were cars and aircraft. Most of these obscure island tribes were forgotten after 1945. Yet. rather like Catholic wafers. and base junk of any and every kind. On festive occasions a few of these cans were opened and the contents placed upon tongues. military. and canteen litter. and clothing of a time predating the World War II. preparing themselves for the great battles of Okinawa. Each unit of previous experience has character. That this homely cartoon life had already disappeared from mainstream U. military. Many tribes had fashioned whole and complete new religions based on their very brief experience of contact with the U. and clothing stocks. But early on in the war. An exhausted world was preoccupied with building an entirely new future. and soup. such was the demand that prewar canned stock with colored labels had to be issued. as had indeed every grain of sand on the shore. including abandoned food. Natives kept these stained and torn visions of an inconceivable paradise as glimpses into other dimensions. The savage fight for Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands was a typical battle. Left to rust was faulty equipment that was not worth repairing. 49 Part 2 Is You Receiving Me? During the fast and furious island-hopping campaign against the Japanese in World War II. fruit. which in some cases. as did the Japanese. What they found in many cases was quite astonishing.S. Often these frenzied activities offered only the briefest of encounters with very primitive native populations who could do nothing but gaze on in wonder as a carrier task force emerged from the dawn.S.were broken radio and radar sets that they hoped would burst into life some day because of their prayers. Vast amounts of material were left behind. t h o u g h each of these tins might be identical on the outside. not even the young American troops could recall. parts of crashed and damaged aircraft.S. accommodation.S. the type of food content was usually printed directly onto the cans. sausages. and a unique self indeed. Thus was formed a kind of participation mystique between the natives and the characters and fragments of cartoon lives seen on the cans. On the altars of such churches UFO April 2008 . Hence these images of a life lost even to the manufacturers entered the native unconscious as an eternal present. the harassed U. The U. the supplies and men taken off rapidly in ships and transport aircraft. and tank landing craft hit the beach with scores of aircraft screaming overhead. a face. never to return. Taiwan. forces did not have the time nor the inclination to clean up all kinds of waste and rubbish from workshop. culture was hardly explainable to natives. They had built churches of old aircraft-parts that they regarded as holy relics left by the gods. Interest in the culture of these islands revived when in the late 1960s fascinating reports from missionaries and a new generation of young anthropologists began to arrive from the West. Each individual leaf on a tree had a certain character. forces moved on quickly.S. together with the date. The often-garish graphics showed a prewar America. and Iwo-Jima. rations. This was their first encounter with what we can define as a product range as distinct from a singular thing. The Coming of the Product Natives were very much impressed by the military rations they were given in return for manual labour. bridges.S. The almost identical physical proportions of such cans also aroused great curiosity amongst the natives. Such labels soon rotted off the rusting piles of emptied cans. fuel.

In this sense. carburetors. as well as vales of tears and grief regarding the living and the dead. only to get up again and head for the refreshment tent! UFO Fractal Aeroplanes: the Forms of Time April 2008 . whose adventures are still running in our heads as we read and speak. let us imagine that as part of our film a great naval task force appears offshore to land Marines. simply because now 50 Part 3 The Film Crews Arrive However. Already. killing the pilot whose ancestors might well have happened to have flown the original planes in the original situation over the very same island? What measurements are possible here? What time. Suppose our islander knows of a long-forgotten B-29 buried deep in the bush. in another form of time they represent ever-evolving adventures in the head? Further possible confusions abound as the fractals of perception open. his mind would be like a smashed telephone exchange. These shapes and sounds are therefore direct routes back to the almost-past of Western technological culture. The chauvinist/racist assumption is that only the primitives are confused. Can we be objective with tears in our eyes before the vast hosts of the dead? Consider: A cargo-cult believer wakes up one morning in 2008 to see a film company on a beach shooting a dogfight between a F-51 Mustang fighter and a F-47 Thunderbolt. and undercarriages. and the dead fall to the beach. models made. What would he make of our concepts of fact and fiction and infinite scaling of Sartre’s being and nothingness in between? Supposing one of our mock-mock aeroplanes were to develop engine trouble and crash to the ground. never mind agriculture or primitive navigation. without metaphysics or theology. the situation as described is becoming symbolically rather complicated for an observer who has not yet invented the wheel. As well as being finite things. whether he likes it not. Seen in terms of cultural time-differentials. The four aircraft mentioned are already subliminal filmstrips within the Western imagination. the content of the cans represented sustenance and pleasure—the very essence of the subtle magic of cargo whose long-vanished product chain was organized by a transactional mystique just as incomprehensible to most young Westerners of the time as it was to natives. We cannot rid ourselves of such flying machines and their background any more than we can rid ourselves of James Bond or Charlie Chaplin. rudders. and suppose the film-company carpenters built parts of a fuselage of a mock B-29 for this supposed war film before his very eyes. They trail social psychology. such machines are therefore major historical elements. almost no scientists or historians conceive of media. Such aircraft would inevitably be re-builds. Let us suppose that blanks of varying dramatic power are fired. discoveries. is going to have such aircraft in the head as operational software. Our holistic life threads right back through these aircraft and these mighty struggles to the Industrial Revolution via the development of engines. dreams will be dreamed indeed of battles long ago way before a spoon is lifted to the mouth. These classic planes would be on hire either from private owners or from the equally private Confederate Air Force of the United States. and technology. Those of a scientific disposition in particular think of certainties. Now let us suppose this combat represents a fight between a Japanese Zero and a Douglas Avenger. Not many historians make models of cultural confusions. Each newborn child. forward progress in time. Amongst countless other magical configurations. science. there are very few actual Zeros or Avengers in flying condition. kits will be sold. and what measuring rods? Next.The link between uniform faceless precision and sets of different limitless variety was a strange enigma. Our simple situation is becoming symbolically rather complex with regard to how we structure the real. As far as ufology is concerned. what clocks. propellers. cultural misinterpretation and the necessary confusions therein should therefore be modelled in preference to simple mechanical facts versus fictions. consumerism. Here are imitations within imitations fighting yet other imitations. even the military-industrialcomplex can be seen in terms of a cosmos whose mythological time is very different to time conceived as a mere mechanical sequence of days and hours. fashioned from many parts of wrecked World War II aircraft plus modern parts built from original blueprints. how would our native conceive of such socio-historical-technological scaling. indeed? Mentally. with all its complex history and its many dimensions? How could we explain that though the aircraft mentioned are now static in one form of time. and science itself in the West as operational mythologies very similar to cargo-cult thinking.

like the old gods. due to internal differences of class. experience is a matter of having to work and organise that wondermanagement system called explanations. he would also have to deal with the idea of accurate falsehoods manoeuvring between different sets of commercial trickery whose authenticity has to be real in order to generate that abstraction called paper money.What a pickle out native philosopher would be in! He would hear radios. as well. Supposing our observed UFO above is from alien level A. I think they will understand. However. They will leave a layer of detritus over that left by the American forces over sixty-four years ago. When the mistakes of level A are compounded with the mistakes of alien level B and summed to infinity with succeeding levels. but his observer is alive. and he would see many men as black indeed as himself. UFO UFO April 2008 51 . that the world of the imagination is the only world that counts. He would not know that what he was seeing was part of a system organized to produce and supply a series of artificial images without which almost all battery-fed human beings in the West would suffer withdrawal symptoms. We ourselves and the alien live in a mythological continuum just as much as do our primitive islanders. like Shakespeare’s Prospero. Consciousness is pure theatre without end. although injured. he will not know where the hoaxes start and the associated advertisements finish. and almost-dead? What if an enterprising film director decided to film the entire confused scene complete with the still-blazing wreckage of the mock aircraft? How would our curious native deal with these levels of pseudo-illusions which turn fact into fiction and vice versa? Alone. he would not know that the whole dimension was a stage set. is surrounded by varying levels of pantomime. That we in turn might be worshipping a preserved version of someone else’s sugar-plumb fairy is a sobering thought indeed. When we meet extraterrestrial aliens. The happy smiling Betty Grable-style housewives of 1943 with steaming apple pies in their innocent hands will have been replaced by svelte young women who appear to be offering us a lot more than cans of preserved strawberries. Only the advertisements on the labels of the discarded tins will be laughing. and information that travels in straight. As media stars. What would our native think of crude fact and fiction separations then. consciousness and culture become something rather like the manifold life on an old garden wall. Like ourselves. they too are struggling to get to the same objective. Supposing now a UFO flies overhead. There is of course going to be alien level B or C. and intelligence. we will be in exactly the same position. the mockdead. our native islander. bless him. However. This is what holistic means. because in all likelihood he will equate the UFO with the Mustang and the Thunderbolt just as the dead pilot was actually shot down by the mock-Zero. The double trick is that the film crew themselves do not understand such paths in any case. Western society has its own cargo dreamtime called intellectual consumerism. Let us imagine that our native sees himself imagining and wondering and questioning on the many flat-screen monitors within the film unit. If we build further into our model a theory of fallibilities and mistakes. he would smell fuel. This is the true Matrix. This kind of thinking is suitable to an age of media where every single stage of perception is rooted—some say contaminated— in wall-to wall performances for which there is no possible offswitch. perhaps back in the thatched huts. and ourselves. the islander. Supposing the pilot is killed. Like ourselves indeed. Perhaps for both the alien. and the situation becomes completely liminal. The body of the pilot and his injured observer on a stretcher are both put momentarily alongside plastic models of dead and apparently severely injured Marines on stretchers. then we have a reasonable degree of sophistication emerging involving a model of alien/human interaction. Departure Eventually of course. outputs. hardwired lines such as trains and wires s t r u n g between poles. Explanations help us to get some sleep at night. Many cases have occurred in which islanders have asked Western folk to explain things. This is that pantomime of facts and fictions and many things in between struggling upwards to get to that media Valhalla called Prime Time. who won’t be bothered much. Now supposing one of the film aircraft actually crashed near where the film shooting is taking place. When this is attempted they are suspicious and think they are being lied to. our film crew. as has happened. the tribal seer is laughing his head off. The film crew are now in the position of our native. In the morning they are gone. he would see women. will sail away never to return. with large and small robots everywhere moving between the living. and surely we do not blame them! O n e thing is certain: We have to discard many of our late Vi c t o r i a n ideas rooted in inputs. If any aliens are reading this. Perhaps he knows. education.

Warren When the Sci Fi Channel taped a pilot with Coast to Coast AM’s host George Noory. planning to use the video for an ongoing series titled Our Alien Planet. As you can see. loosely based on the book that I coauthored with Sean Casteel recently and which is available through Filament Books or directly from said coauthor.BrownMountainLights. He is a one-man workhorse and deserves untold credit for his continuing research and his ability to reach a public fascinated by his determination to probe the heart of the unknown. I decided to set up a camera. Josh became interested in stories of the 52 fleeting lights when he was still quite young. SpeakingOfStrange. Readers are invited to check out his websites www. he has authored six others. a research team he assembled for the sake of his numerous paranormal investigations. host of Speaking of Strange. CNN. Warren.com and www. including Haunted Asheville (Shadowbox. Josh is one of my best all-time paranormal buddies. Recently. Recently. 1996) and How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide (Fireside. hitting several cities. UFO April 2008 . North Carolina. ABC. at age 13 he wrote his first book. For example. a phenomenon that has attracted intense attention for decades. Josh showed up in my New York City penthouse pad while on assignment to shoot a super-secret motion picture project. In fact. NBC and CBS networks and affiliates He is also the founder of the League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained Phenomena Research (LEMUR).com. To be honest. The show also has a huge internet fan base that allows it to be heard over hill and dale. we covered a variety of subjects. We can share a beer—I drink rum or vodka myself—a corned-beef sandwich and shoot the breeze for hours. Warren started doing everything when he was knee-high to a tadpole. the program has become the most listened-to in its prime-time slot. 2003). but I focused most of my attention on Josh’s investigation of the Brown Mountain Lights. He has worked with the Discovery Channel. he hopped onto the lecture circuit with Jim Marrs and Nick Redfern. Because of Josh’s unique vocal talents and his ability to find the best bizarre stories of the week. the Travel Channel. having produced the 2001 feature Inbred Rednecks and the short Night in a Haunted House. and has developed sensitive electronic equipment to attempt to validate his and the team’s findings.The Man on B Joshua P. a popular radio show heard every Saturday night for three hours on WWNC in Asheville. Since then. He wisely picked North Carolina’s prodigal son Joshua P. Josh always seems to have fresh ideas and a public willing and eager to hear what he has to say. He is also an independent film maker. Noory knew he had to pick an excellent guest or two in order to sell the show.

It’s a team of people who have various backgrounds and we all go together to places where something strange has been reported and divide the task of gathering data and try to determine if indeed there is something we can measure or document that is inexplicable. So you and I met in the bar. and we talked B-movies. Beckley: Now. So when I really started taking it seriously is when I started UFO Interview by Timothy Green Beckley my team LEMUR. So Josh. So far outside of Syracuse that we can’t even tell you what the name of the town was. And we’re going to interview you for our continuing series of videos called Our Alien Planet. And because of that. Warren: So it seemed natural to eventually compile them together into a book. Warren: Oh. and my first article came out around Halloween. by admitting to these experiences. and I was so impressed by that that I said I want to come back to this house with as many cameras as I can find and not leave until I shoot some of this. Sort of poltergeist-type activity. a lot to lose. I got a job working for the local newspaper. no one had ever written a book of actual ghost stories. Beckley: There you go. there are at least two or three that stand out in my mind. it was held in a little catering hall. And Josh. you and I actually met under somewhat peculiar circumstances that had nothing to do with the paranormal. and few people attended. not realizing that you were one of the greatest parapsychologists and UFO researchers. You hear the meter squeal as it picks up some electromagnetic field. And here we are now at nineteen or twenty. so it must be a melting pot of the upstate New York area. and then the meter actually moves. how did you become a ghost hunter? Warren: Well. what is the case that was most convincing. And it was a sweltering day. I interviewed a chief of police and judges and doctors. I started by writing fictional ghost stories and other spooky tales when I was just a teenager. broadcast every Saturday night on the internet and on radio station— Warren: [Imitates radio announcer voice:] News Radio 570. a tri-field natural EM meter sitting in the corner of the room. that proves to you that there was something paranormal going on? Warren: Well. I saw a little ceramic dove hanging on the wall more or less explode off of the wall. Beckley: Of course. and I certainly did not know that you were a ghost hunter until I found you many months later in a used book store. and we ended up getting some footage which is actually freely available on our website of a meter that weighs about a pound. fifteen years old. there was a great response. In fact. it seemed natural to write a story about places in the area that are supposedly haunted. they had no idea. But anyway. I’ve been a guest on the show on and off over the years and it’s a wonderful program. We both also make movies. All the pieces hit the floor. the first time I ever saw something that really struck me in an impressive way was objects flying off walls at a house in South Carolina. people who had nothing to gain and if anything. Of course. a kind of B-movie festival held outside of Syracuse. the famed ghost hunter and expert on the Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina and host of Speaking of Strange. Warren. For example. You and I are B-movie makers. I started out too when I was thirteen. right in front of me. Isn’t that weird? Beckley: So we missed an opportunity to talk about all this stuff. and the more I interviewed people who had experienced the paranormal. so when some of these articles came out. And you have made a movie that you’re proud of called Inbred Rednecks. And oddly enough. about fourteen. Warren: At the time. So. The team went back. I’m proud of it? Beckley: And we were both at a horror conference. telling me about other places I should investigate. WWNC. I think that President Clinton went to that same town about two weeks later. People really enjoyed them. Although surprisingly enough. which stands for the League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained Phenomena Research. if I remember. sending me letters. And we did. the Talk of the Mountains.n Brown Mountain Beckley: We are speaking with Joshua P. 53 April 2008 . the more convinced I became that maybe there was something more to all of the stories rather than some just purely subjective experience like an hallucination or their imagination. Beckley: And little did they know that you were fifteen. Warren: Yeah. started calling me.

I would say I’ve been to between five hundred and a thousand places that are supposedly haunted. Beckley: That kind of sounds like the UFO that supposedly landed in Bentwaters. I was actually about to leave. So the second time I was at her house.” She left and called me.” So I had my digital camera around my neck. You have ghostly ships. but my definition of a ghost is some paranormal aspect of a physical form and/or mental presence that appears to exist apart from the original physical form. In other cases. two perpendicular lines of motion. It was amazing. Warren: Well.or some might say was knocked. And it wasn’t until it began to dim that I realized. and I snapped a photograph of this form just before it disappeared. I need to take a picture. really. And when I withdrew my hand. it sort of popped back into place. Sometimes it would look to her more distinctly like a human. which has some sort of swirls and curls. So that was impressive. I guess that’s the question. an imprint. I was in the attic of a house. she woke up at 4:30 in the morning and this thing was in the bed with her. And that word appears is integral. I touched a ghost. For example. I was just face to face with this thing. it could be something that is a remnant of the past. It was very cold in the middle. So I don’t know that that was the spirit of a dead person. Beckley: Well. because I should have had all my meters up there taking—but no. and it made the hair stand up on the back of my hand. I was completely mesmerized. I was up in the attic with another researcher. forward and then up on its side. So she started seeing this thing appearing in her bedroom. it had panels. She even called 911 the first time she saw this figure. “Screw this! I’m getting out of here. Warren: Yeah. Now. Beckley: Well. and when my hand broke the surface of this mist. She was going back and forth debating whether or not something could be done to stop the activity. and it was three-dimensional. it had facets almost like a gem. Finally. Beckley: We’re talking more about something that looks like an object rather than a disembodied spirit. Do you know the case in England? A very famous case where the military— Warren: Yeah. How did you touch the ghost? Warren: Since this is the only time that I’ve ever seen something like this. and that’s when I agreed to come and investigate her house. because again I was just mesmerized. as well as the horses pulling them. the glowing thing. thinking that someone had broken into her house. and it frightened her and she wanted to move. The young lady who lived there contacted me because she had been seeing this misty form floating around the house. So she said. we’d been up there for a little while. Was this what we would call a disembodied spirit? Is a ghost a disembodied spirit? Not necessarily. the facets kind of shifted and rippled a little bit around my hand. and I’ll never forget—one thing that was so strange about it—was that unlike smoke. and he and I were about three feet away from each other. Beckley: You touched it? Warren: Yeah. I’ve never seen a structure quite like it. I don’t know that there is necessarily a way that you can get rid of a ghost. although maybe you did at the time. “Oh. And the other researcher said. “Josh. stage coaches. So it started to dim after about twenty or thirty seconds. We were looking at this from two opposite sides. but still you can see it. And I was actually in retrospect wasting valuable time. look!” I turned around. So I reached out and touched it. So I don’t have a photo that shows it as distinctly as it looked to us. we have ghosts of inanimate objects as well. let’s not run away from this so quickly. but I think the number one would have to be the one and only time I have actually seen an apparitional form with my naked eyes. because it shows you that you might not always be able to differentiate seeing a ghost from a hallucination. Or in some cases it could simply be an atmoUFO April 2008 . Both of us were. my Gosh. It was a patch that was maybe two to three feet. I’d like to go and study that case a little more now that you mention that possible connection. and was even able to touch it. These flat panels that were still sort of 54 shifting around. And right there between us was this blue-gray mist. I’m just there to try to understand as much as possible about the activity. I am not a ghost buster or an exorcist. just floating in the air. So I reached out to touch it.

the operators of the UFOs understand how to manipulate matter and energy. But how did you first find out about the Brown Mountain Lights? 55 April 2008 . They don’t want to talk about it because they say. And these phenomena seem to be good examples of rare glimpses of things that we might someday master technologically ourselves. we have to understand what happens to the human body being subjected to those kinds of forces for that period of time. And learning more about what a human is and how a human is composed in space/time and how that can be affected by traveling through space/time in extreme ways all relate to these questions of exactly what is reality. I guess you would call it. Have you seen evidence of that? Warren: I’ve seen it in books. he had boxes full of giant crystals which were used as some energizing device or something by the aliens. So you can sort of see a connection there between understanding more about UFOs and understanding ghosts. or had a base at least. we think of it according to that definition. then it seems perfectly reasonable that they have done so and may even be controlling us to some extent to the benefit of their future world. if they do indeed demonstrate some of the qualities that people talk about—attaining very high speeds. beginning thousands of years ago. I was down there myself many years ago with Jim Moseley and Allen Greenfield and quite a few other individuals. whether or not they themselves are conscious or being operated by conscious beings. Beckley: So it’s time travel? Warren: I think there’s a great possibility that we’re looking at some time travel here. There’s an interesting connection there between UFOs and ghosts because whatever these UFOs are. or sort of materializing and then vanishing—whatever they are or wherever they’re from. you could say. So once you go down that road. And to convince us of the truth of his stories. Certainly. UFOs could be considered ghosts. You’re the world’s leading authority on the Brown Mountain Lights. yes. of course. which is a phenomenon that’s been seen for hundreds of years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. well. and a little man under the counter. well. But that still doesn’t mean that it’s not the case.spheric phenomenon that isn’t understood. But Ralph claimed that he was in contact on a regular basis with the beings who resided. but one might make the case that we are being controlled by people from the future and there’s nothing we can do about it. Beckley: I guess this is also a ghostly phenomenon. They probably are here. Or some people theorize that there may be proof of time travelers going back into the ancient past. then we can safely presume they probably have done so. Okay. Because at some level. So for the time being. And if indeed those are valid fossils. we don’t know whether he was a pygmy or something from another planet. Beckley: So UFOs could be ghosts by your definition? Warren: Absolutely. then something comparable to a human. I would say ghostly. if we send men to Mars using linear propulsion and a linear path. I know that Brad Steiger has UFO written a lot about some of the fossilized tennis shoe prints or spark plugs that are found in layers of rock. the only other question is will it ever be possible for a human to actually time travel into the past? And if not a human. And we staked out the Brown Mountain Lights. For one thing. so be it. and it’s just too convenient. We didn’t see too much that was strange—maybe one flash of light off in the woods which may or may not have been a Brown Mountain Light. And that’s frustrating for a lot of people. Beckley: Now there is archeological evidence that either some other race occupied the planet at some time in the distant past. Maybe it’s sort of a paranoid mindset. what’s the point? If people from the future are coming back into the past. or at least they have been here and may even be manipulating events now to the benefit of their future world. anything is possible. then you can explain everything that way. Because if you can master using matter and energy enough to utilize it for a vehicle. For all we know. Because if ever. So knowing that time travel is feasible. ever in the infinite future some intelligent being is going to figure out how to time-travel back into the past. whether they came from another dimension or another planet. as well as considering that even with basic space travel. It seems almost like at every locale of this nature you always find one or two individuals who have some interesting story to tell. before there were supposed to be humans being here. Because religion is the earliest form of government. Or perhaps by himself to entice people to buy his little booklet for a buck and a quarter and a bottle of Diet Coke. So if indeed beings are ever going to learn how to travel into the past. the Bible and all of these other ancient texts may have actually been written by future time travelers who were trying to change our morals and ethics in some way. a little shack. the physicality of the manifestation is irrelevant. inside the mountain. But we did have the opportunity to meet with this gentleman who was the local contactee by the name of Ralph Lael who had a little convenience store. then also that applies perhaps to understanding more about what a human is and whether or not there are aspects of ourselves that can still remain once this physical layer is shed. We know that time is a flexible thing and that a clock in your basement runs slower than a clock in your attic because the one in your basement is closer to the earth’s gravitational field. then I think it is a wonderful example of the fact that we may reach a point when people are frequently traveling back thousands of years ago. we know that time travel is possible.

just came blazing past him and almost ran over him. or most of the lights that are considered Brown Mountain Lights. I’ve also talked to other people. And even at Wiseman’s View. I was talking to a hiker who told me that one day he was out walking around and saw something shining in the nearby field. In fact. So it’s almost like in some cases. that might be some motivation for the government. even. who have told me about weird military activity that may or may not be related to the lights. there was a popular bluegrass song that was sung in the 1950s. some kind of all-terrain vehicle. I’d always heard legends growing up regarding the Brown Mountain Lights. And so when I was around twelve or thirteen. He said. And he said. it’s certainly a bit much for coincidence. Recently there is a private group of people who have done a festival for the past couple of years. I also know for a fact that the military has been working on using plasma for weapons for quite some time. It’s kind of odd. there is a local cafeteria there that claims that once in a while they get these big contracts to feed hundreds of men who are related to the military. And so it may be that the military learned a long time ago that Brown Mountain was producing plasmas and has been studying them and nature in order to determine the best way to condense it into some sort of technology. There must have been some hole. especially when you consider that I’ve talked to a lot of people there. but not at the overlook that I usually go to—the 181 Overlook. I talked to a hunter who told me that he was way out in the middle of the woods. they intentionally do not talk about it. “Where did this thing come from?” And he walked a little farther down the trail and the trail and the roadway ended. a Brown Mountain Lights festival.Warren: Well. They never say what it’s for and they never see where it goes. He thought it must have gone inside the mountain. my team and I concluded that the lights are most likely.” My father. and he noticed that it had been painted shut. Texas with the Marfa Lights. having lived in western North Carolina my whole life. Here’s another good one. but he just thought that was odd. I tried to get the tourism commission to work with me one time about maybe a festival or something. So. locals. And all of a sudden this government vehicle. They say that it inspires vandalism. but he noticed that at the spot where he thought something was shining. thought he was pretty much alone. And all they do is show up with a couple of trucks of all this food. he said the gate had recently been painted. sort of a hit in our region. Because he didn’t get the impression it was going to fly away or dematerialize. Supposedly there’s a plaque somewhere on the parkway that has been recently put up. there is a plaque that has all the mountains there and points out the names of the mountains and there’s nothing related to the Brown Mountain Lights on this plaque. he couldn’t find out what was shining. 2001. Which is odd. something metallic. when he finally worked his way back to the gate for the road. but the world of officialdom doesn’t really want to acknowledge much about the lights. and they meet some MPs at a gate and give them the food. my parents took me and my sister over to the overlook. He could tell that the gate had not been opened. “Where did it go? Where did it come from?” Then. But the types of stories I’m talking about are stories from hunters. are likely plasmas which are being naturally produced by the mountain. Of course. He couldn’t tell how deep it went. Beckley: Is that plaque still there? Warren: No. And when he made his way over to the spot. he realized there was a lot of light in the area of the field where he had earlier seen this strange shiny spot. let me start by saying that after fifteen years of Camping on Brown Mountain to study the Lights. So he went back over there UFO 56 April 2008 . because I have talked to some of the people in Burk County before about putting more signs up. But they were not interested in doing that. Because the mountain has some special geologic and atmospheric conditions. because I heard they were doing that in Marfa. he used to talk about it quite a bit because he liked the song. For example. called “The Ballad of the Brown Mountain Lights. I’ll give you some examples. camping up there and getting permits from the forest service and bringing all kinds of scientists up there. but they don’t want to. there was a little hole in the ground. So this vehicle appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared. So later that evening when he was about to go back home. But if not.

They were shooting at something else at that same spot. On To say that they’re a plasma doesn’t necessarily imply that the other hand. I’ve seen the lights numerous times. for example. He thought.lowed the lights and whenever they get to where they think ma theory that you speak of is that I’ve talked to a number of they’re going to be close to them. that someone sees the lights like that. So if there was a plasma coming from the I just want to make one more comment about the lights having ground there. It may be that—well. Beckley: Was this in the daytime? Warren: Well. I don’t know. as well. And they were examining something at this particular spot. But a plasma that appears in the daytime phenomena. imagination—maybe there are UFOs that are coming to Brown I talked to one guy who said he touched a light. it shouldn’t be. Now I’ve never seen something at that spot. And he turned and hauled ass. if you produces so much energy it also triggers other more paranormal believe that the earth itself is an intelligent. years. the shooting was happening at night. And it’s possible that the military sees that as a conflict if that’s indeed true. And one would assume that plasma is Warren: Well. it was about the size of a basketball or a little larger and that it plays into the dynamics of their craft. But how that relates to all these military have seen a light close up. then it would certainly be each other.That would appear to be some intelligence beyond— hind these balls of light. And he walked Beckley: Ralph Lael was right. “Huh! This is weird. If you’re standing I’ve blinked lights at them and all that and I’ve never gotten a between each of them. and I UFO April 2008 57 . They must be looking at what I was looking at earlier. and for all I know they were shooting at aliens. and they describe what appears to be an intelligence be. First off. if there were one. patterns and correlations could be gleaned from it.and now all of these government At Wiseman's View. it might also look like a shin. It may be when you have a place that naturally tion of our physical composition. So. Beckley: I know people who have claimed that they have folBeckley: The only thing that takes me away from the plas. That’s just a descripall the activity. He said they weren’t shooting at him. which could be explained by plasmas having an more complex than anything we know how to understand. And so there may be an alien presence there him. So I would need to see that to try to see what then vice-versa. the light will suddenly appear people there back in my travels and on the telephone over the behind them or would move without seeming to have moved. So I don’t know if maybe someone is seeing the lights is actually rematerializing in a different position or something and reading something into that. But we can’t be sure that they don’t have intelligence. that doesn’t mean it accounts for a solid means they have no intelligence.intelligence.and one of them will dim while the other one brightens and teractive behavior. because if you are walking in an not intelligent. because they also are utilizing these natural forces. but it definitely also contributes to the electrical part. electromagnetic field that naturally balances off other fields. with their headlights turned on. area where you have these layers that are discharging the enWarren: No. He didn’t think they even knew he was there. living thing. maneuver in a certain way—because the lights do interact with because if they have intelligence. like a fairy or a form of some sort. you might have two lights never seen personally what I would consider an intelligent in. But let’s just say—use our anything like that. We have video footage of this happening. and I’ve through the layer. it seems like it can actually transfer as well. He said it was the most terrifying racket he had ever heard. you might think that one single light response. just because many of these lights manifest in they have no intelligence any more than saying that a human is a form that we call plasma. I have some thoughts on that ergy creating the plasmas. He said Mountain. Beckley: Were they shooting at a plasma? Warren: I don’t know why they would shoot a plasma. and then he said all of a sudden three or four people just let loose with machine guns. overlooking Brown Mountian vehicles were in a big formation.” And he started to walk over and ask them. hovering about three feet over the ground. it depends. It did not discharge Warren: Maybe. can reflect sunlight. and there is a little person inside people going ape-shit and firing all their guns off like that at of it. up and touched it and it shocked him. I have talked to people who have sworn that they ing metallic object.

In fact. to see it. oh. And there is a greater temperature difference between night and day in the fall than at other times of year. brownmountainlights. when I met him in person one time and asked him to debate this in a gentlemanly way. there actually are a lot of scientists who are interested. And once you get to the point where you can kind of predict when something is going to happen.com. Beckley: Now why do you think that there seems to be such a negative attitude among the scientific community or an attempt to sweep all this under the carpet? Because if it were true. for example. so why should I trust them? It’s a matter of putting the blinders on. but then he’ll go around otherwise and say to people that we didn’t know what we’re talking about. And I want people to go and take the same equipment that we used and go there and see for themselves and document it for themselves. he wouldn’t do it. However. I say. It’s in the public domain. Also.” There were all these condescending remarks made about me and about our organization. go to this house on this street at this time on this date and Old Man Withers will come from the closet. it produces the activity. Warren: And I tend to think that the earth is a living thing. would this not tell us a little bit more about our planet. I think it’s just the people who don’t want to go out and do what we have done for themselves. at this point in time. you have a handful of people out there usually who know very little about the phenomenon and don’t want to take it seriously just because for so many years it was called ghosts. there are no Brown Mountain Lights. You don’t have to take my word for it. Every piece of equipment. yeah. that’s when you’re getting close to really solving the mystery. I’ve gone up there. the leaves are off the trees in the fall and you have better visibility. Dan Canton from Appalachian State University was always the guy that the newspapers would go to and have that one fellow who’s going to say that everything we say is bullshit. We made the cover of a science journal. And almost like he has discovered this stuff. 58 And so for the longest time he said. And our work has been applauded by the Navy Physics Laboratory. you know. at least some aspect that does bear consciousness. You’re better off if you go looking for them in late October or early November because it seems that at night when the mountain cools and contracts. They find that it’s easier to simply say. every date we went up there. what the conditions were. So. “Here is this report of exactly what we did. And all of the variables involved in something like this—what we think is a natural phenomenon on Brown Mountain—makes it difficult to tell with 100 percent certainty. Tim. The four factors right now are number one: time of year. This is a meaUFO April 2008 . In fact. When it comes to ghosts. with a physicist from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. sort of do actually— Beckley: That’s the concept of the book we did: Our Alien Planet. well. He won’t ask me any questions when I give him the opportunity. I don’t know of anybody who can really intelligently debate the fact that these are not possibly plasmas. Or there’s a story about it being a slave searching for his master because the master never came back. The Brown Mountain Lights—we’re quite good—but it’s still a very complicated system because of Mother Nature. but I think it certainly is possible that we’ll reach that point. Number two is if the KP Index is a five or above. if we ever get to the point where I can tell you. So it may very well be some aspect of the earth trying to communicate. what we found. as well. so to speak. These were spirits of Native Americans who were battling. One guy who was a critic of ours for a long time named Dr. we’ve given it to the world. it’s a little bit frustrating that there are people who—I don’t ask anybody to believe me. It’s just an old ghost story.” Because for fifteen years we took meticulous notes. “Oh.” Then that’s when you’ll know that ghosts are truly real. Beckley: So are you able to predict? A ghost or any of those manifestations? Warren: Oh. All of this is free on our website. Now even he has begun telling people that he thinks there’s a good chance that these are plasmas like ball lighting. It’s all about being able to predict when these things are going to appear. Science is designed to help us solve the simplest problems first. Or if not communicating. these guys are just ghost hunters. And he agrees that they’re also plasmas. supposedly. our environment? And intelligence and matter and physics and so on? Warren: Well. “All right.Hosting Speaking of Strange at 570 WWNC. We’ve come up with four different factors that will help you predict when the lights can be seen. They call that balance.

it’s available. because we demonstrated something in a laboratory when we knew what all the variables were. That’s right. I’m going to be taking more trips. Because it may be that we are never going to be satisfied by just getting some random field that moves through at the same time someone reports something weird. Warren: Yup. We have a guy who is creating a box for us that has 100 LEDs. And the LEDs range from infrared through the visible spectrum into ultraviolet. not just by triggering hallucinations. I think I would have heard about it by now. And then lastly: if there happens to be an excessive amount of carbon in the air from camp fires or even a forest fire. are relatively inexpensive to produce. I’ve spent fifteen years out there collecting a lot of field data and I’m now ready to sit down and adapt that information to experiments. a documentary. fifty who say they’ve seen something ghostly and fifty who say they have not and test their eyes and see specifically what frequency ranges they’re seeing and try to determine if there is some consistency there in those who have or have not seen a ghost. I’m going to go to some islands that I’ve never been to in the Caribbean investigating pirate ghosts. Then we’re going UFO to take a hundred people. Beckley: Let’s end this by talking about your current projects.surement of how disturbed the earth’s magnetosphere is. If they’ve been done. You could expand it to any of these strange things that people observe. you’ll see a little indicator there with that information. Those are the best four things for the time being. and now I want other people to reproduce it so they can verify it themselves and hopefully use it to learn even more. That’s what we did with Brown Mountain. Because at most you can say. April 2008 59 . but it just takes time and effort and access to the right people. What’s next? Warren: I probably am not ready to talk about this new movie that I’m shooting right now. I guess just in summary. but also trying to determine if the human is capable of documenting these things that cannot otherwise be measured with a little box that beeps and has lights on it. but no one knows exactly what to do from that point on. And also. We eventually created a plasma chamber and reproduced a phenomenon like the Brown Mountain Lights on a miniature scale. UFO Producing plasmas in the lab with Charles Yost. So we have to know more about how these fields are affecting people. if you go to the website. We have some experiments that are very simple but have just never been done. The time when I saw them the most prominently was when there was a big forest fire that was a few miles down the road. if it’s during or just after a rainy period. one thing that I think is really important is to take more of the stuff that we have learned in the field for so many years and apply it to laboratory experiments. The extra carbon in the air seems to act as a fuel to help create the lights. that was really interesting. We can’t explain it. but I am working on an independent production. just the section in the middle. Our work again is out there. Beckley: You could throw in a few UFO observers too. the rain water that goes through the mountain seems to build up some of these charges. Trustworthy people. And I will say that it has to do with religion and some of the strange things associated with religion. And that’s why we earned the cover of the science journal. That’s something that has not been done much in this field. 2004. In the coming year. Third. So there are many experiments like that that are simple. I’d like to take some of these people who call themselves ghost hunters. I have a whole list of experiments that I want to do because I see all the field data just keep piling up and piling up and finally I’m ready to start doing more with it. wow. And then you learn more about how we perceive these things. So you shouldn’t be able to see the LEDs on either end. regardless of whether you see them on TV or it’s the guy down the street and ask him what is an electromagnetic field? How does that little box that you have in your hand actually work? I think you would be surprised at how few people can tell you what an electromagnetic field is after they’ve been sitting there talking about getting strange electromagnetic field readings. We need to do more basic elementary stuff in terms of educating people about how to use the equipment as well as exploring how these things can be sensed by humans in addition to the equipment.

I refer to this section of the book as I outline what we knew about the Brown Mountain phenomena at the time while Joshua updates the enigma in our recent interview. others who have lived near Brown Mountain for as many as 75 years seem to think that there is something even more odd and peculiar than spirits at work in the valley below. JWM has a keen sense of humor and has himself been in the trenches longer than anyone else around today. I would have been in my late teens at the time and just venturing out on the road to hobnob with UFO witnesses and get my feet wet in the Cinderella world of flying saucers. butting into each other and bouncing like big basketballs. My traveling companion—actually he drove those many miles from our base in New Jersey—was James W. long before the white man had reached the shores of America. another teen ufologist of the period who has remained with his ear against the wall. as most legends do. It seems that the two tribes had a big battle hundreds of years ago which killed just about all the men of the two tribes. whom we shall talk about in a minute. and actually that’s not far off the mark since it was the mid-1960s. two of these lights approached out of the valley. listened to the radio where we could get reception. Apparently. a bimonthly newsstand publication. weaving up and down over the trees on Brown Mountain. Various legends have sprung up about the origin of the lights. I would imagine. space aliens. I could not help but recall my own investigation of the Brown Mountain Lights. Allen was the first to come up with an alternative reality theory for the origin of UFOs and has authored over the years such works as Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts (Illuminet Press. I wrote my experiences up at the time for one of Brad Steiger’s books as well as for my column in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers From Outer Space. perhaps going back as far as 1200. One has it that the lights are caused by the spirits of the Cherokee and Catawba braves searching the valley for their maiden lovers. According to Paul Rose. The hills of North Carolina are a job to navigate. Rose bases his opinion that they are intelligently controlled on the fact that he has seen them fighting. in greater numbers and brighter than ever before. He has also tracked them at speeds of almost one hundred miles per hour. It seems like half a century ago. 1994) and The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (Luxor Press. He claims that on one particular night in the late 1950s. This led Rose to the conclusion that these lights are highly radioactive. all bridges were knocked out and roads were too muddy to enable cars to pass. because within the last several years at least a half dozen Indian graves have been found in the area nearby. to some the most disliked man in the field. approached a tower he had built for the purpose of watching them over the trees and climbed to within feet of his position. and no doubt spoke of all things ufological. Moseley. the back roads are bumpy and winding. Somewhere along the line before hitting Brown Mountain we teamed up with Atlanta’s Allen Greenfield. Actually. At the time it was thought that the lights might have been caused by the headlights on locomotives running through a nearby valley. during one rough spring. and other otherworldly oddities. 60 April 2008 UFO . However. 2005). Out of all the people living in the area. who accompanied us to a secret lookout point despite the 10-degree weather and the falling snow.The Brown M by Timothy Green Beckley It is said that here for several hundred years. His first sighting came when he was just a youth in about 1916. they may be something from outer space. which details the history and legends of the lights. and another fellow. Yet the Brown Mountain lights were seen. people have reported seeing strange lights which appear to roam about the mountain peaks without any apparent source. 1997). We laughed. seems to have gotten closer to the lights than anyone else. Tim Beckley with Betty Hill While chitchatting with Joshua Warren. more so in those days. Rose. this legend does have some basis in fact. However. when excitement was at an all-time high. The next day he and a friend who had been with him both became violently ill. The latter is reprinted as part of my book Strange Saga (Global Communications.

Whether you believe or disbelieve what I have told you is of no importance.” enabling him to see for what seemed to be miles. the walls made of crystal “as clear as glass. After this form of communicating had been established. We perish in your atmosphere or sunlight. Venus is completely surrounded by water vapor about 150 miles above its surface. he got within one hundred feet of a light that had risen up from a large hole in the ground. While on Venus. Notice that the crystal is as pure as your air. he was introduced to men who were said to have been direct descendants of the people from the planet Pewam. but live on Pethine. there is no danger here. Lael returned to the rock.” UFO Jim Moseley 61 UFO April 2008 . and months later. so are the Brown Mountain Lights. A half hour later. which is a planet of pure crystal as you see surrounding you. Pewam is now the waste of the asteroids which lie between Mars and Jupiter. One is a rather attractive woman named Noma who is quite beautifully dressed in a bra and panties set. We live on Venus. Lael started his own investigation.” In October of 1962. “Do not fear. a “gas we absorb from the light you see around us. Arriving two days later on Earth’s sister planet. others began popping up along the mountainside in a smaller valley below. Lael discovered that by asking the lights questions. He ran for Congress in 1948 and lost by a few thousand votes. One came so close. entered and was offered a ride to Venus—which he accepted. Lael is shown what appear to be newsreels of the destruction of Pewam as well as scenes going on back on earth. they all took off into the timber and disappeared from Lael’s view. Suddenly a voice said. Several expeditions. Deciding that the only way to uncover the source of these lights was to go into the almost impassable mountain area itself. Lael claims not only to have seen the lights up close but to have communicated with them on numerous occasions as well. the first light had been joined by as many as twenty more. that Lael felt he could have read a book by it. he was led to a room about eight feet square. they would answer by either moving up and down for yes or back and forth for no. Within ten or fifteen minutes. He now operates The Outer Space Rock Shop Museum on Highway 181 just outside Morganton.” The voice continued by saying that Lael has been chosen to tell the people of Earth about their true history: that man was created on another planet named Pewam. Shortly after. which our ancestors destroyed. who was born in Alexander County on a small hillside farm in 1909. Ralph Lael told us that “there are many things I have seen and heard that I cannot reveal here because of my obligations to the Brown Mountain Lights. Shortly after midnight. one of the lights led Lael to a door which leads inside of Brown Mountain. Although unbelievable as this story may seem. within ten feet. Once inside.n Mountain Lights Another old-time resident of the Brown Mountain area is Ralph Lael. You and others who have read these things should have more brotherly love for the people of Earth and those of the whole universe. The voices explained that they are not earthbound beings and cannot eat or drink.

5) called “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event. In addition to the corroborating evidence of early man in these sources. Flynn has discovered what he believes to be a widespread swath of manmade glyphs in Bolivia that predate commonly accepted theories of just when mankind took his earliest steps and became something truly human. Flynn was invited to speak at conferences around the country. and other ancient legends suggested that mankind had existed for tens of thousands of years prior to 6. 20.” Flynn used that research as the basis of his first book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars (Thunder Publishers. After its publication. including one for UFO Magazine in November 2005 (Vol.C. These epics were divided by world cataclysms that nearly erased all traces of their existence apart from legend and megalithic sites scattered around the globe. No.” He has also appeared on Coast To Coast AM Was 62 April 2008 UFO . “The Sumerian and Egyptians’ kings lists. the second by semidivine godmen. they also described three successive periods of world rule: the first by gods.” he said. and the third by men-kings.An Inte ancient man visited by UFO occupants he believed were gods? Did those same UFO occupants help early man create his first civilizations? The belief in what is sometimes called the ancient-astronaut theory of UFOs has recently been given new supportive evidence by an author and researcher named David Flynn. Using recent satellite photos obtained on the internet. Greek history. He has since written several articles. Flynn has been studying ancient history and its many mythological systems since the early 1990s.000 B. I found records of advanced civilizations existing far earlier than what is considered to be the case by mainstream archeology. “and the various deities representing the planet in civilization-founding myths. “I began researching the connection between the planet Mars. 2002).

” After closer study. Flynn could only see a resolution of about fifteen meters for one pixel. is nearly identical to many of the geoglyphs. “It was apparent that the features on the ground were extensive and very complex. there are miles of random lines crossing each other. “can be seen in the megalith carvings at Tiahuanaco. Using an online site called Google Earth. One design in particular. 63 by Sean Casteel UFO April 2008 . the more I realized that the majority of these features had nothing to do with farming. “The best correlation of pre-Incan art with the geoglyph designs. the closer I looked. These do not correspond with any farming technique known to have been employed by the Incas. “These rendered the topography with extreme clarity. a plateau in the Andes Mountains range over two miles above sea level. especially those that were carved into the sterile bedrock of mountains and hills. The new project began in August 2007 when Flynn was looking at satellite images over the area of Tiahuanaco to see if the layout of the temple complex there bore any resemblance to the Temple of Solomon. “At first. Some extend for tens of miles into hills or radiate from central hubs. “In the desert approximately 120 miles south of Lake Titicaca. the next step for Flynn was to determine just what he was seeing etched into the earth there. the headdress array on the image of Viracocha on the Gate of the Sun.New Evidence of Ancient Astronauts Found In Bolivia terview With David Flynn and numerous other radio programs. the newly discovered designs seemed to echo pre-Incan art and religious symbols. these seemed to be remnants of agricultural activity. “However. He soon discovered that new images of the area with a resolution of five meters per pixel had been uploaded to the program from Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation’s Quick Bird satellite. spiraling and forming abstract mosaic patterns.” Having obtained workable images. covering a swath roughly 300 miles north to south by 70 miles east to west on the Alti Plano.” he said.” Flynn explained.” Flynn said.

was inherited by the Incas from cultures that existed for many thousands of years before them. located near the Pacific Coast in Peru. “The Nazca lines.” he said. or world change. “has been centered over the ancient site of Tenochitlan. and plowing. “No living thing survived. This pattern is seen in various forms on the tops of hills with mounds terminating at their bases. “At a site called Ku-e-lap in a remote location in Northern Peru. over three miles above sea level. When the waters subsided. Ceques were sightlines radiating from cities or geologic features on the landscape on which holy sites. over two miles above sea level.” Flynn said. It would require thousands of people over hundreds of years in air so thin that modern-day visitors require supplemental oxygen to stave off altitude sickness if they linger in the area for more than a few days. who were said to be a tall people with very fair hair.000 square miles. They were created by excavation of bedrock—in places 20 feet wide and at least 10 feet deep—over entire hills. a source Flynn draws upon. It is still in use by Bolivians and Peruvians to this day. transformation. This site was built by the Cha-cha-poyan. “This word can also mean extreme changes in space/time.” he continued. “The Incas knew of this culture and reported that they arrived during a time of pacha-chuti. In this regard. The Inca recreation story is consistent with the Genesis 6 flood epic. where Viracocha began to create the people and nations of the region. There is no evidence suggesting where these people came from. each terminating in a circle. up to 20.” he said. Because the geoglyphs seem to correspond in many ways to the designs etched into the colossal blocks of Tiahuanaco.” The new Bolivian glyphs. the features were created as both a warning and a legacy.” When asked whether any of this has a direct link to the UFOs of our time. Given that the glyphs found in the more recent satellite photos are manmade and intended to carry religious meaning. It was said that during the dividing points of ages. Was it perhaps from fear of the gods? “This remains the most difficult question to answer. except Manco Capac and a woman who remained in a box. A sonqo was a sacred place on the landscape described as representing the founders of civilization. who explained its origin from many thousands of years before their culture came into being. are at a low altitude. also display characteristics that differ greatly from their better-known counterpart.” Flynn said. The Spanish conquistadors wrote of the rainbow standard of the Incas. “though covering hundreds of miles. let alone an undertaking of such magnitude. according to author Victor Von Hagen. This feat was accomplished at very high altitude. just what sort of gods were those ancients trying to placate or communicate with? The answer can perhaps only come through more study of the local mythology. The religious symbols include a stepped geometric design called the tocapu. Peru. were carved. the disc would be activated when the sun rose in the center of David Flynn April 2008 UFO . “so remote that the only road was built a mere 35 years ago. where Mexico City is today.000-feet mark. there is an enormous wall speculated to be built of three times more material than Egypt’s largest pyramid. as in an overturning of the earth.“Viracocha’s head is surrounded by a series of what may be rays. while similar in some ways to the famous Nazca lines in Peru. Flynn responded with an interesting bit of apocalyptic prophecy. There are also rectangular and zigzag motifs on the Sun Gate that are imitated in geoglyphs excavated into the bedrock of mountainsides. A huanaca was where an ancestor was transformed into a natural feature. They were scratched superficially into the desert floor. which represented the primordial earth rising out of a world flood. “The legends connected with the builders of Tiahuanaco explain that the city was erected in response to knowledge of an impending global flood. makes existence itself very difficult for human beings. and he appeared at the end of a world deluge in which all the races of men and created things perished when the waters rose above the highest mountain peaks in the world. usually an outcropping of rock. the wind carried them to Tiahuanaco. or Cloud People. The Mayan and Aztec cultures shared many similar legends of creation and world cataclysm with the Incan and pre-Incan civilizations.” This incredible height. But the Bolivian designs cover a far greater area. There are even traces of geoglyphs at the 16.” The religious meaning of the glyphs. In the Inca civilization founding myth. seen in the clouds 64 at the end of the flood. a new era. was adopted as the standard for the civilizations of the Andes. it may be that the information being conveyed by both focuses on the episodic nature of a catastrophe that destroyed it. according to Flynn. “The greatest UFO flap in modern times. the first Inca was named Manco Capac. One Inca myth in particular involves a golden disc that hung in the temple at Cusco. or huacas. Flynn believes that the original creators of the glyphs must have felt an urgent sense of mission to do what they did. A rainbow.

“This is the same message that many researchers in Mexico have derived from the huge increase of UFO activity in the area. “although this information may surface with ongoing research. Flynn has not encountered any resistance to his new discovery. 1843) Prescott recorded the succession of many civilizations that preceded the Incas.” he said. his conclusions have gained momentum with the work of some very reputable modern scholars.” he said. “When the Spanish asked the local Incas about the ruins of the city.” So far. during this time. It is speculated that the former types were modified by cultures in homage to a previously ruling human subspecies that exhibited this feature naturally.com Casteel is the author of UFOs. from the heavens before the destruction of the earth and the rebirth of civilization.” UFO IN UFO April 2008 65 . In a book called History of the Conquest of Peru With a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas (Harper & Brothers. “by the practice of headbinding of infants.” UFO Sean Casteel’s website is located at www. The state of preservation is in many cases extremely high.” And another nugget of myth is relevant here as well. as well as in private collections in both countries. skulls belonging to what may have been an early race of giants have also been discovered. The Remnants Of A Race Of Giants the same part of Bolivia where David Flynn has uncovered the ancient geoglyphs left behind by some unknown prehistoric culture. the underwater cities discovered off of Cuba. “These stories combine the ideas of divine intervention from the heavens for humanity during the time of global change. the disc was taken to Lake Titicaca where it was hidden in a temple under the water. “Because this find is so recent. “the astronomical information of the Mayans.000 years old. “they learned that ‘giants’ built the city in a single night and that the stones were moved into place using the sound of trumpets. all of which are available at his website. the warriors of the god Viracocha would return from heaven to establish the rebirth of civilization. the calendar stone of the Mayans shows the end of the present age arriving in 2012. The geoglyphs are. Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming.” Flynn explained. “Archeologists report that Peru and Bolivia have the greatest number of ancient burial sites of any place on Earth. Prophecy and the End of Time. and those that are much more ancient and massive. and The Excluded Books of the Bible. dry climate.the Milky Way and distribute a pure energy of life and thought from the sun to the whole world. Many of those human remains that have been uncovered there are mummified due to the cold. elongated skulls among these mummies are very common and exist in two types. who he says wrote the first comprehensive history of the fall of the Incas. The work of Arthur Posnansky in the 1920s was dismissed out of hand by most historians because of his conclusion that Tiahuanaco was at least 13. When Pizarro and his soldiers arrived in Peru. Japan and India—they’ve all opened up the possibility that mankind has existed far longer than mainstream historians have maintained. “The geology of the Giza plateau. and Filament Books. awaiting the next global cataclysm.com. The recovery of mummified fetuses in these regions with prenatal elongation of the crania show that the deformity existed apart from head-binding practices. I believe.” Flynn said. I have not received any arguments as to the existence of the geoglyphs as something unique and incredibly ancient. “and probably not yet examined by academia. Similarly. “Those that have been artificially produced.” he added. “I have not come across any studies of Carbon-14 dating on these skulls. Peru.” Flynn said.” Enormous. “Both examples can be found in the Bolivian museum in La Paz and in the Inca museum in Cusco. or the Quetzacoatl of the Aztecs. at Amazon.seancasteel.” he said. just another part of this ancient puzzle. “All these cultures maintained that the first civilization was one of giants created by Viracocha. However. The Mayans predicted the return of their god Kukulcan.” Flynn feels that historical precedent is definitely on his side. Flynn made reference to historian William Prescott. “Also.

virtual reality.outtheretv. cormorants. Can we rehabilitate in time? Do we stay here and endure endless suffering or get off this rock and go home? Whether that is a physical place or merely a state of mind. we can insure that these interesting times truly are a blessing. eleven tiny finches. iconoclast. a weekly program airing nationwide on the America One Network and worldwide on the web. UFO Kate Mucci is cohost and producer of Out There Television. cranes. I mean no offence to Argüelles here. A professional engineer by trade.Outside the Box continued from page 11 Arlan’s Arcanae continued from page 20 ment for the highly cerebral must be an essential part of any comprehensive global rescue plan. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that most humans. environmental engineering.com. biotech. and gluttony while the poorest on the planet are enslaved by starvation and war. I don’t know. continued from page 21 Out There PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES OF THE FOURTH KIND (PE4K) Psychic perception of naturally occurring psychic events form several of the “low-probability explanations” for anomalous events in the previously quoted work of Persinger and Lafrenière. and rocketry. herons. Perturbations of the electromagnetic fields of the earth could also produce psychic manifestations among humans. Sr. gladly hand over their power to the priests and the politicians. After reviewing all these theories about psychic aspects of UFOs. Speculations are endless and so far at least. “Can I have more please?” A whole lot more! UFO Mike Good is an artist. The geopsyche arises when a uniformity of thought or belief happens among humans and the resulting fears and neuroses modulate the behavior of the race. He writes to maintain sanity in a world weirder than Charles Fort ever imagined. making it ever more difficult to escape this prison planet.Publish America. com. does call for accommodating historical accounts of apparitions. and cosmic curmudgeon. Caution: Preconcieved notions may be lampooned. is much like the Numbers TV show. for me. They keep Westerners under control with mindless entertainment and the culture of consumption. writer. But. and UFOs to prevent us from finding its physical location. and flocks of itinerant seagulls. Arlan Andrews. saying that “the mechanisms that have generated these various beliefs are identical” and presumably of psychic origin. I thank Argüelles for his noble efforts. and modern UFO appearances. If we accept the responsibility and embrace our power. artifacts. math and spiritual development simply do not mix. The reader’s mindset is subject to change without notice. homeland security. he has dabbled professionally in many areas.” UFO Dr. 66 April 2008 UFO . it does not really offer much practical succor for the rest of us. but one thing seems certain. As Oliver Twist put it. manufacturing. Long may his holy crusade continue. taxation. but this book. however. in their desire to avoid responsibility. He aims to open minds and expand consciousness by playfully poking a stick into the cage of conventional thinking. I can only caution readers to consider what Clark said over fifty years ago: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. lives next to a canal on an island with his wife. Another of John Keel’s theories from The Eighth Tower is that a senile supercomputer left over from an ancient age produces psychic manifestations of monsters. Just don’t believe everything you Google about him. and roseate spoonbills. For us knuckle dragging. including nanotechnology. See www. nineteenth-century airships. two small dogs. The changes on the earth are coming faster and more ferociously. Ray Holm’s book The Range of Reality: The Secret of UFOs (2005) is available at www. the Celtic fairy faiths.” His own version of psychic UFOs. unproductive. one of them could serve as the basis for a very nice new myth or religion. mathematically challenged types. they present the concept of a geopsyche. Postulating an interactive relationship between the natural energy fields of the earth and the living creatures on it. But time is running out.

or a fleck of paint falling from the ceiling can cause an image defect that looks like an orb. Just send a blank email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.com Photo of church courtesy Greg Bishop. A camera defect will generally cause the same artifact in every picture. or ghosts of human lives past. particles large enough to create an orb-like effect are too large and too heavy to stay suspended in the air on their own. there is a possibility that the effect is caused by a camera flash hitting physical elements in the atmosphere such as snow or rain. author of Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz. a projected form of energy.html Daniel Fry: http://danielfry. this may be evidence that they leave fingerprints of their presence despite their best efforts to hide. light flares and camera errors. If analysis can eliminate particulates. so the potential is there for a camera to see something that we cannot if we are lucky enough to snap the shutter in the right place at the right time. spiritual forms.com Notes: Dana Howard: www. If the photo was taken (1) outside with (2) a flash. much like static you might hear from a power cord next to a baby monitor. The argument for camera defect is generally not applicable.com Camera Error An orb might be caused by camera error such as debris on the lens or inside the camera body. Free-falling particulate such as snowflakes. Once a month you’ll find a little gift in your email box.blogspot. much like a Doppler shift. but light flares usually have telltale characteristics such as manifestation as a line of light or as a series of spots in a line across the image. perhaps their appearance in photos is intentional. if they are ghosts of human lives past. and three-dimensional appearance. It is possible that a light flare from a window or table lamp is the cause of some orbs. or it may be that there are characteristics unique to a few cameras or isolated lots of film stock that can record the energy. a way of saying. The Orange Orb continued from page 25 traterrestrials. and broadcast television programming. that many orb photographs are compelling evidence of organized energy forms among us. Orb effects can sometimes be caused by an insect. UFO Subscribe to The OrangeOrb Newsletter. You may have seen images in which the sun causes a line of light across an image or a series of spots in a line. much like an X-ray. and media effects at the university level. Orbs are Energy The most plausible cause of many orb images is the recording of an organized energy form. If contextual factors point to a cause other than particulate then we must look to alternative explanations. with blog highlights.net/rune/divenus2. YouTube UFO stuff. If no camera flash is used. National Security. Common dust will not create orbs. which is. or if the presence of the unique radiation interferes with proper function of the camera. It may be that these forms are rare in their presence. Photographic manifestations are a representation of radiation. although heavy dust can. My website: www. In making the determination of whether orbs are simply a camera flash reflecting off of particulate. they do not fully exclude all other radiation. and this is not what is happening in most cases. just as they said they were? Whatever is was that happened. They usually UFO April 2008 67 . We can ascertain with a great deal of certainty. Night-vision photography works this way.galactic-server. a defective imaging chip. Generally. Orbs of interest are often semitransparent with variation in size. retro flying-saucer flashes from the past. and more! It’s MIB-free and safe to use. And we are all familiar with X-ray radiation. Light Flares Another possible explanation for some orbs is that they are light flares from a bright light source outside of the camera’s field of view. corporate. “We are here. The confluence of variables that leads to an orb image is complex. 2005) and blogger master of UFO Mystic : www. We do not yet know if the radiation emitted by the forms is recorded by the camera. There are wonderful examples of interior photographs in which orbs are remarkably situated and captured with an aura or shape not indicated by water vapor. raindrops.orangeorb. but this potential cause can be easily confirmed or eliminated.Behind the Lens continued from page 17 record infrared energy and translate this nonvisible radiation into a photographic image. His production credits include educational. it is valuable to consider contextual factors. While regular cameras are designed to optimize recording of the visual spectrum. It could also be that the energy form changes the very nature of the visual light as it passes to the camera. UFO Guy Pellicola teaches video production. This artifact is caused when the sun or other bright light source comes into a camera lens at a sharp angle. based on the way cameras work and the elimination of rival explanations. This composition is inconsistent with most published examples of orbs. something profound happened to these contactees. ufomystic. of course. If they are extraterrestrials attempting to stay hidden. and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth (Paraview Pocket Books.” in the only voice they have. we can generally eliminate particulate as the cause. Rival Explanations for Orbs Particulate One explanation of orbs is that they are simply camera flashes bouncing off of particulate matter in the air. the only other possible explanation is that the orbs are genuine energy manifestations. He is the author of a recently published textbook on video and camera production techniques. which can be captured on film and translated into an image we can view with our naked eyes. or a defective processor. profound enough that they were compelled to share their experiences with the world. They could be extraterrestrial observers seeking to stay hidden from view. film studies. have the characteristics of something out there in front of the camera. shading. The exact nature of these energy forms is still an open question.

right? Seriously. We have experience with this. MD 21117 Voice Mail: 410-356-4852 68 April 2008 UFO . Baltimore. If someone says he or she has found something. And this was over thirty years ago. nibbling around the edges of rumors. it’s not aliens sowing vast tracts with depleted uranium. I am at the very center of it. Attractive alternatives exist. Trust me. a juvenile-delinquent race. Maybe Lou Dobbs will get the word because he is considered a reputable source. Who are the people behind this mission to reverse engineer whatever can be reverse engineered from this object? All my friend would say is: “investors.21stCenturyRadio. of course. real big people with a lot at stake. But the very nature of our community is that anyone who has a secret keeps that secret. the state. It is for this reason that our community will be the very last to know. http://www. without question. Hey. what relief has humanity shown to same? Perhaps Marvin gets a better deal from alien head-eaters. the Pentagon’s statement to Alfred Webre all the way back in 1977 when they shut down his exopolitics project inside the Carter administration: The Pentagon had a policy that there were no UFOs and thus could not allow any one of its contractors to allocate any budgetary resources for anything having to do with UFOs. someone else will slime it as a hoax even before anyone can truly analyze it. of a ufological reality is the gestalt realization that some perceivable someone or some thing— some indefatigable other—doesn’t have to answer to the metaphorical likes of current occupant George Walker Bush or his deputy tyrant Big Dick Cheney. WVIE 1370 AM. Early in the history of North America individuals we’re severely castigated for comparing seventeenth culture to local indigenous culture. http://www. Baltimore. but the huge amount of money behind the research and the very taint of UFO disclosure will frighten the big money away and the turtle’s head will go right back into its shell even as our world’s climate spirals itself into a meltdown. So the truth is out there all right. Next month. We will continue to speculate. Sincerely. cooperative effort to decipher the mysteries of this object. at any rate. well. Hence. and secret keepers. and traditional family. God. blog: http://alienviewgroup. Baltimore and Future Talk with Zohara Hieronimus Sundays 10PM-12AM Eastern. reader. This is the very nature of the threat they impose. Example? Consider: Aliens are of decided alternate appeal to. Those who are called in to comment on the objet always say leave it alone. convenient mores. I suspect that if aliens were here to subjugate and dominate in the traditional sense.An Alien View continued from page 15 Publisher’s Note continued from page 8 Moreover. so as not to single anyone out. then all that our so-called leadership would have to do is give us a hint of that reality like it does with regard to the threat of fundamentalist Islam or nonscheduled drugs. finding the former wanting and the latter preferable and so joining up with the latter. Website: www. Do you see it at last? What’s wrong with UFOs? UFOs are the purest of pure seditions as I began to suggest last issue. men more comfortable officiating guns. eh? Apart from all that. community. and entitlements just like we have already sacrificed for the war on terror or the war on drugs.” What investors? Heavyweights. but attentive to UFOs and their ancillaries because inattention seems unintelligent. They’re not beholden to the unequally applied laws. but to offer the individual an attractive alternative to the current status quo very likely deserving them. But if it ever comes out in any UFO publication. unprogressive. as some folks have suggested. WCBM 680 AM. UFO Alfred Lehmberg is a retired military aviator and failed public-school teacher. Maybe news will come out in the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal. Are On the Radio! 21st Century Radio® with Dr. The myth of blissful ignorance. Bob Hieronimus Sundays 8-10 PM Eastern. the essence of their capacity for change: not to invade or depose and subjugate.AlienView. and the huge piles of oily blood money precipitating from those things than they are investigating and exposing a right­ eous and progressive ufology. and out there in some very public places. convergent. and occluded sensibilities of humankind. a humanity typified by South Park’s Starvin’ Marvin. scheduled drugs.net. say. Aliens are a clear challenge. UFO Hieronimus & Co. when it knows better.com Clear View with Zohara Hieronimus Sundays 3-5 PM Eastern. no matter what the ultimate cause of that meltdown and even as the UFO band plays on. Dances With Wolves.com. you begin to see. secret keeping. object even though. WVIE 1370AM. This is a source of extreme discomfort for George and Dick and their shadow handlers who are. Read on. imaginable of our rights. and we would sign on for the most draconian reductions. and unbrave. blogspot. to the sense of loyalty and allegiance the individual is supposed to feel towards. benefits. consider this.ClearViewRadio. There’s the rub. email: alienview@adelphia. their star-faring or dimension-hopping capability precludes the necessity for any respect shown us socalled first-worlders. Your acceptance. Journal for $30 (5 issues on an irregular publication schedule): PO Box 648. Owings Mills. and doubledealing. many current energy and environmental problems could be solved by a concerted. remiss and indictable for its infant ways. for example.com Subscribe to the Hieronimus & Co. It may be that the aggregate individual prefers that new deceitfulness. you can be sure it will be this one.net. dishonesty. Public figures for whom any UFO connection would be deadly. forsaking the older human variety.

S. above left: The single eye was a well-established artistic convention for the Revolutionary generation seen on Colonial money like this 1778 $40 bill showing the single eye with rays of light coming from it over a circle of eightpointed stars and an altar. Print Collection. Page 37. 2008.” The Statue of Liberty or the Goddess America was based mostly on the Roman Goddess Libertas. apparently the miserably stupid populace. Astor. middle. I believe our world will become a better. along with 9/11. I applaud the questing and questioning public and indeed see it as our duty as Americans to question the official position on everything. Our founders intended that our symbols inspire us to defend liberty with eternal vigilance.C. Available in all Barnes and Noble stores nationwide or toll-free: 1-800-227-3371. however. Liberty as a Symbol That Can Unify Us This book will no doubt confound conspiracy theorists. For more untold stories behind the Liberty Bell. Page 37. and the discovery of the Reverse of the Great Seal—all three related to the feminine archetype. The old AOL logo is one of the most commonly seen in the fundamentalistconspiratorialists’ presentations “proving” the Illuminati are in control of this country. the New York Public Library. and the design of Washington D. emphasizing partnership. Courtesy of Independence National Historical Park. UFO Article prepared by Laura Cortner. I’m not about to say that groups of powerful people don’t meet in secret to try to manipulate world events. It immediately meant God to them and specifically the Trinitarian Christian God. the Betsy Ross legend. the flag. above right: An early use of the Liberty Bell as a symbolic device from 1852. As this trend continues. Lenox and Tilden Foundations. This page. Here America is wearing Minerva's helmet and holding a liberty pole and cap. or order United Symbolism of America. the subject of this periodical is a perfect example. Our way of dominating the earth is speeding us to a complete environmental crisis. but we the people of America have the ability to convince our leaders to shift out of the old mindset. and the universal appeal of geometric shapes like these—and their resemblance to the letters “A” and “O”—explain their popularity in corporate logos. Focusing on these uplifting symbols during this election year can shift our collective unconscious toward the values of enlightenment. more compassionate place to live. and cooperation. before the Liberty-Bell nickname was common. The Statue of Liberty is based on the very popular motif from the Revolutionary period. All Rights Reserved. as in this example from the Aachen Cathedral in Aachen. These symbols are meant to condition us. check the website www. conservation. Unfortunately. to accept the coming antichrist or the New World Order. It is a symbol commonly found in churches. I believe that really does happen. The radiant eye in the triangle was an easy symbol for Americans and Europeans to translate. we can activate our collective political will. top. symbol of Mercury for commerce and communication. New Page Books. Used with permission. Wallach Division of Art.com. Prints and Photographs. the Great Seal. AOL and the AOL triangle logo are registered trademarks of AOL. western Germany. Overhead is the caduceus. One reason for optimism is the increasing number of women taking positions of leadership in government and industry. the Vatican. We are living in a moment in time where a distinct paradigm shift is necessary. to drag the honorable Great Seal of the U.. Miriam and Ira D. the eagle.21st Century News continued from page 37 The fundamentalist-conspiratorialists today insist the socalled Illuminati are sprinkling eyes and triangles and pentagrams all over logos and public designs in order to leave clues to their existence. Captions: Page 36. LLC. and the cover-ups of various cancer cures. though she was often supported by Minerva and Mercury. Women have proven abilities in nurturing. This page. bottom. endearing it more to the human heart. It is unfair and unnecessary. All the symbols they chose encourage unity of the states and responsibility of the individual. and we must allow them to nurture our planet back to wholeness. By taking a deeper look at the symbols we all take for granted and learning their intended meanings and historical usages. What I recommend to everyone worried about a New World Order run by either the Illuminati. in part because of its crack. impending climate change. the Statue of Liberty. The bell became popular nationwide. but at the same time I hope it will also inspire budding political activists. or the global corporations is to get out there in your neighborhood and volunteer your service to your fellow man. The Illuminati never used a pyramid or an eye symbol. seen here in a 1789 engraving entitled “America Trampling on Oppression. © 2007 AOL LLC. or our other unifying symbols into this debate. Women’s rights in this country synchronistically followed the birth of the Statue of UFO April 2008 69 . Your best weapon in any situation is a heart filled with compassion. And official conspiracies abound. Liberty.UnitedSymbolismofAmerica.


Nick Begich (Government Mind Control) Disc 2 Dean Haglund (X-Files) John Rhodes (Reptilians) William Henry (Mary. the Illuminator) Jordan Maxwell (Magic of Hollywood) G&R Book Store (Inside Look with Bret Lueder) All donations are welcome and appreciated! Journalist and UFO Magazine Contributor Bret Lueder presents the Esoteric Guide to the Bay Area UFO Expo Volume I. This 2-disc set has over three hours of information-packed footage and is currently available only through www. And don’t forget to ask about other donation packages which include not just the Esoteric Guide but other lecture DVDs. Meet Your Speaker Banquet tickets and Expo passes.com with a $30 donation plus shipping and handling. Or call event organizer and founder Victoria Jack directly at (209) 836-4281. .Visit the cutting edge of UFO research and support one of the countries’biggest and best UFO events by getting your copy of the Esoteric Guide to the Bay Area UFO Expo. Volume I Disc 1 Peter Robbins (The Bentwaters Incident) Stanton Friedman (The Cosmic Watergate) Rob Simone (Islamic Ufology) Joseph Earnest Martin (Tarot) James Gilliland (Contact in Washington State) Dr. among other things! All donations will help to support the future production of the Bay Area UFO Expo.thebayareaufoexpo. This is a collection of 11 interview segments all done on location at the 2006 Bay Area UFO Expo held in Santa Clara September 16-17th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

One can only wonder how long it will be before the government starts to intercept the communication of UFO and disclosure groups and media. which is a threat to all freedom movements. No. which is lying by omission. I charge that Obama knows this. As an educator I can definitively state that the term age-appropriate is very subjective and based more on personal development and family values than any particular curriculum or pedagogy. Will the false specter of an alien invasion be used to achieve this? Obama’s nonconstructivist view of the Constitution as a socalled living document is a direct attack on the Constitution. Disclosure and the truth are not likely to occur in a corporatist global government with a police state environment and the attendant centralized powers and bureaucracy that would come with such a scenario. the government does this on a daily basis and then commands us to pay the interests on the deficit spending. McCain’s vote for the ill-named Patriot Act demonstrates his contempt for the Constitution. 23. Of course. 1) of UFO Magazine. His desire to strengthen NATO is a backdoor method to weakening our sovereignty and further eroding the Declaration of Independence. for example. individuals wishing to communicate with other beings by raising their consciousness through the use of various chemical stimulants face prison sentences and seizure of their private property. Corporatism. If we refuse. one glaring example is that the act allows the government to see a list of all materials viewed at or checked out of a library. Since we are told that the Soviet Union no longer exists and is no longer a threat why are we expanding NATO? Such a force will require a threat in order to justify its existence. His willingness to vote for unbalanced budgets while paying lip service to deficit spending is a slap in the face to the rule of law. Because of positions like these. Simply put. The problems with the act are too numerous to list here. This type of attack on our freedoms may perhaps be the most insidious and dangerous. and global dominance are the mainstays of McCain’s vision for the future. Perhaps that letter you emailed to UFO Magazine is not quite as private and anonymous as you thought it was. including disclosure movements here and abroad. and therefore it should have full authority to not only run every aspect of your life but to also to limit which information you are exposed to. This kind of state is in no way conducive to disclosure by the government. however. McCain’s push to increase criminal penalties for victimless crimes and to increase the number of prisons in this country attacks each American’s right to self-determination. 1998) or viewed any disclosure websites at your local library. NATO is merely an arm of the United Nations.Audi Alteram Partem continued from page 39 Barrack Obama Obama’s insistence that age-appropriate sex education be provided to all children starting at age five is a direct assault on natural law. For a good introduction to this topic I recommend “Aliens From Inner Space” by Mike Good in his column Outside the Box in the January/February 2008 issue (Vol. Instead of using force to foist a socialist-nanny state upon us Obama wants to subtly mold us. we go to jail and our property is seized. all of this is for your own good. Our republic cannot be maintained if we insist on being an empire. empire building. which is an organization which arguably brings us closer to a one-world government everyday. Under this theory of government the big brother state knows what is better for you than you do. This may lead to a manufactured threat. yet fails to mention it. the recognition of our right to petition the government for a redress of grievances concerning disclosure. 72 April 2008 UFO . Domination of foreign lands only encourages centralized power. In fact. If you or I write a check for money that we do not have we face criminal prosecution.1 I hope none of you have checked out The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning (Omnigraphics. His admittance that the government coverage would be mandatory for children violates familial sovereignty. In this type of state the people have been dumbed down to the point that they government and a bigger brother who is well-armed to back it up. Without the Constitution there is no enumeration or specific legal recognition of our rights. John McCain McCain’s support for torture euphemistically referred to as enhanced interrogation techniques attacks natural law at its core. Senator Barrack Obama’s platform is one of social engineering and psychological and social manipulation. Exposing children to such material outside of the family environment leads to preoccupation with base thoughts and serves as a modern-day bread and circuses. However. Keep in mind that the purpose of NATO was to ward off an attack by the Soviet Union. What will happen when the government-reimbursed doctors decide that children who are being taught to believe in UFOs are being emotionally and psychologically abused by their parents? In addition. This in turn develops a person who is not interested in deeper issues such as government accountability and disclosure. His insistence on developing a world empire through military interventionism shows a pattern of disdain for the Declaration of Independence. If torture is OK as long as it is for the utilitarian greater good. How long will it be before the government uses the IRS to go after disclosure and UFO groups so as to intimidate and put them out of business? Obama’s push for universal health care flies in the face of individual sovereignty. a historical study of economic principals demonstrates that forced adult membership in the government’s health plan will eventually have to occur in order for the plan to work long-term. then what policies will be instituted in order to prevent disclosure from occurring if it is deemed necessary for the greater social good? His vote to grant immunity to phone companies for their illegal actions in colluding with the government to listen in on America’s phone conversations proves his contempt for the rule of law. if the Constitution does not say what it means and mean what is says then it is a useless document with no inherent values or concrete principals. Only parents have the right to decide when and how their children will be educated about sex. it is anchored in principles that support secrecy and rule by the elite. Senator John McCain’s platform is a dressed-up version of the Bush legacy. cronyism.

2008 from www. Retrieved December 31. Resources—Quotes.com/issues/.” UFO Lt. Lawler II. 1916). please keep this thought from Sir Edmund Burke with you: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. 2007 from www. including the events of high strangeness that occur on an almost daily basis. UFO April 2008 73 . Issues.com/ issues/.org/default. Retrieved April 1. Congressman Ron Paul’s platform stands for smaller government.com References 1. Issues. (Ret. (1916). He may be reached at lawlerwilliam@hotmail. The federal government should not be imposing its values on families and local communities.com/ scripts/getcase. Retrieved April 1. When the state requires an internal passport to move within the country this leaves room for select individuals to be harassed.johnmccain.barackobama.htm Brushaber v. demands library’s records. Paul’s opposition to a national ID card is a major support for individual sovereignty. 2008 from www. No two communities have the same educational needs and desires. The whole concept of government accountability and a duty to engage in disclosure will not even exist. This most certainly would happen to those traveling to UFO and disclosure conferences. 2008.ronpaul2008.josephsoninstitute. less bureaucracy.lp. 240 U. Union Pacific Railroad. (2007).pl?court=US&vol=240&invol=1 Josephson Institute of Ethics.htm Hillary for President. Army and the Pennsylvania National Guard. Retrieved April 1. Candidates. M. The IRS and its illegal tax creates an economic burden that distracts many people from what is going on in the world.) William J. (2005). Issues. There is no law that requires the individual person to pay a personal income tax. Retrieved April 1. the masses will not have the intelligence or the training needed in order to fight for and regain their lost rights. Retrieved April 1. 2008 from http://www. Yet. Eric. Retrieved April 1. Vol. including respect for those who support disclosure and government accountability for Fortean phenomena. A respect for other people’s freedoms will reflect a respect for our own citizenry.ontheissues. The United States Supreme Court has declared this even after passage of the Sixteenth Amendment (Brushaber v. 2008 from www.com/. He has both his private and public school teaching certifications and is currently teaching high school history.S.org. the IRS uses force to extort people into paying this nonexistent tax. org/quotes/quotegoodevil.com/issues/ Ron Paul Paul’s push to get the federal government’s nose out of education. If the Constitution is followed and obeyed. As you decide whether or not you will be involved in the political process and if so to what degree and which rights you will exercise. 2008.are not even aware that their rights have been lost. The New York Times. Issues. Such a scenario makes cover-ups and excessive secrecy difficult while causing disclosure to be inevitable. Lichtblau. FBI. 1. Obama ’08. William served for 12 years as both an enlisted man and as a commissioned officer in military intelligence in the U. Education is a very personal process through which values are passed on from families to their children. As such. and mathematics. education should be exclusively under state and local control so that individual communities can decide what is best for themselves. 2008 from www. an authority which is not granted to it by the Constitution is a reflection of his dedication to natural law. His continued efforts to untangle the United States from foreign alliances and to cease military actions against nations that have committed no harm to our country is a reaffirmation of our Declaration of Independence by respecting the independence of other nations. from http://caselaw.html OnTheIssues. Retrieved April 1. Union Pacific Railroad. Even if the realization that rights have been lost does occur.com/2005/08/26/politics/26patriot.Ed holds a Masters Degree in Secondary Education-History and Social Studies. and a BA in History and Social Studies.findlaw. from www. RonPaul2008.S. Paul’s belief in limited Constitutional government and his strict constructionist voting record shows his respect for his oath of office and the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The right to move about freely within one’s own country without being accosted by agents of the state asking you for your papers is fundamental to individual sovereignty. Individual freedom and local self-rule make for an extremely responsive government. and our country keeping its nose out of the affairs of other nations.hillaryclinton. social studies. strengthening of states’ rights.nytimes. using Patriot Act. Paul’s efforts to eliminate the IRS and the collection of the personal income tax demonstrate his dedication to the rule of law. McCain. This includes the decision to teach about extraterrestrial life forms and other phenomena. then the government will have no choice but to be responsive to the desires of the American People and their demand for disclosure.

I have never previously UFO April 2008 . It also seemed to be at about the same altitude that a commercial aircraft normally flies while at cruising altitude. I was looking up towards the moon. To open things up. The crafts remained visible to the naked eye for about five minutes before disappearing. About the witnesses: I am a 47-year-old marketing executive and creative consultant to the motion picture industry. In other words. The duration of the sighting was about 4 to 5 minutes. For about four or five minutes they leisurely moved around and on occasion become completely stationary. Many of you who have been kind enough to write to me have been asking me to report some more recent activity once in a while. The sightings occurred at approximately 4:30 p. and film from a major university in southern California. From that distance. I am an FAA licensed pilot certified to fly single-engine aircraft. suspended in mid-air like a helicopter. and I am also planning some expeditions of a different sort this year. and age has nothing to do with it. in the afternoon. I would estimate the size of the craft to be similar in size to a small-to-medium-sized commercial aircraft. when I spotted an elongated boomerang or triangular-shaped craft flying in a southwest direction. While watching the unidentified craft for a minute or so.m. At first the object appeared to be flying in a straight line like a normal aircraft. California Formation of Three Craft Spotted Over Palm Springs On Sunday. and you know what that means: Yes! Spring is near! Every time March rolls around. My partner is also 47 years old and has postgraduate degrees in political science and art history from a prestigious and internationally recognized university. I hold a BA degree in radio. Palm Springs. California. However. I have a report which was turned in by a very credible witness of three boomerang craft exhibiting some rather strange properties. 2008. 2007 over Palm Springs. We were in the downtown area of Palm Springs when the sighting occurred.The Current Crop of Sightings by Rick Troppman It is March. I noticed that it started to move in ways that normal aircraft do not. 74 All of the sudden two other identical craft came into view in close relative proximity to the fist craft. It slowly came to a stop. since the vernal equinox or first day of spring occurs this year at 5:58 UTC. so I am going to get right into it. California at about 4:30 p. approximately 25 to 35 thousand feet. That’s when I pointed it out to my partner. television. I choose cases to report here that are high quality. This sighting occurred November 18. I am planning a couple of camping expeditions this year and I might even write about it here if things go as well as I am anticipating. Once the objects reached their center-point destination. November 18. they flew with the curvature to one side. The craft then moved around its location sluggishly and in what appeared to be a somewhat erratic fashion. which was clearly visible to me at that hour. Another unusual attribute of the crafts was that although they were shaped like a boomerang.m. *** The strange thing about the preceding report is the way the craft flew seemingly sideways. 2007 my partner and I observed three UFOs flying high in the late afternoon sky over Palm Springs. It should be noted that the sky at that time of day was perfectly clear with exceptional visibility. Each craft was identical in size and shape to one another. Of course on all my camping trips I always keep my eyes peeled for UFOs. And as well it should. March 20th. The three objects began to slowly wobble towards a center point. As most of you have figured out by now. This month I am going to give you some of the latest reports available at the time of this writing. But this month I have a bumper crop of UFO reports. the objects flew sideways. I was the first to notice something unusual. they vanished from sight. I am going to break up this trend a little bit to give you some of the more recent reports. it always brings with it a severe case of spring fever for me. who saw the object as clearly as I had.

During that time of observation they travelled through an arc of view of approximately 110 degrees. one on each corner of the craft.m. I quickly ran to the street to see where it went. very large. I did not have the opportunity to pick up my camera inside the house. with the oft-reported three white lights. It was then that the object’s shape became more visible due to the distant city lights. The object made no sound and had no lights. but I had a sighting myself around 1980 in mid-August at about 10:30 p. They left no contrails behind them.m. However. and because of their relatively high speed. The linear movement was characterized by a sort of zigzag swaying from side to side. maybe 300 feet or so. the object was no longer visible to me. The sighting occurred last November 18. *** This next report of another V-Shaped object also occurred in November 2007. I looked up and saw the following. *** Next up: A classic triangular craft over Monterey. this thing flew sideways.m. Over the next hour. It was approximately an inch long on all sides to the naked eye.reported this until now.. 75 April 2008 . I was standing outside in the garden looking roughly eastwards when I observed a loose formation of five or six shining identical spheres heading from the southeast towards the northwest. After passing over the crest of the house roof. and it was traveling in a semi-linear path due northeast. 2007 at 8:30 p. After continuing on its southerly direction a few more seconds. there was an increase in high. But I am sure there were at least five of them. 2007 at just after noon and had a short duration of about 20 seconds. I thought I would go outside for a smoke. with no clouds and with virtually unlimited visibility. But the odd thing about it. The formation was visible for approximately 25 seconds. Formation of Several Spheres Over Brussels I have always been interested in the UFO phenomenon. They had no information on what it could have been and no records of any other phone calls explaining the event. blue. Belgium. The object was brownish in color and dark. and the duration of this event was reported to be about 15 seconds at around 9:30 p. I decided to notify local police to report my experience. During the observation the group travelled at an elevation of approximately 50 degrees above the horizon. It was a V-shaped object heading due south at a slow speed. The next interesting report is out of Brussels. and similar to the above report is this: This thing did not fly like a well-thrown Joe Montana spiral pass. It looked to be very. Although very cold. on the 16th of that month. Some contrails of aircraft. in that the side of its football shape was first. The craft was spotted over Lowell.. under darkened skies. triangular craft moving very silently and smoothly over Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey.m. Monterey. At exactly 12:05 p. it was clearly offset against the clear night sky. This was until today. California. Mysterious and Silent VShaped UFO Spotted It was a clear night with no clouds. since reflections and birds can betray the human eye so easily. I was so fixed on this phenomenon that I simply forgot to count the number of spheres. of a football-shaped object that flew across the sky from south to north. I have also always been skeptical about observations of spheres during day or night time. This object was not flying particularly fast and was plainly visible. overtaking each other with brisk accelerations and then slowing down again and with brisk changing of directions over about 10 to 15 degrees deviation from the group’s heading before regaining the general track. so no detail was visible with the exception of its football shape. After much debate with another friend this morning. The sky was perfectly clear. rather than the tip as one would expect. The length of the football-shaped object was approximately comparable to the diameter of a nickel at arm’s length. but their movements were very erratic. After only 2 to 5 seconds of saying hello.m. The spheres were reflecting the sunlight at their backsides—sun side—as if they were made up of polished aluminum or other similar shiny substance. Arkansas. The object didn’t have any lights on it and was lit only by the lights of Seattle. California on November 14. Although the object was dark. The formation itself stayed together within a field of view of approximately 25 degrees. as well as the aircraft themselves were clearly visible at high cruising altitude. I made a phone call to a friend of mine. Over the past two weeks my brother and I had been trying to find a comet that was supposedly viewable in the northeast sky. The sun was shining in the southern noontime sky and a light surface wind was coming from the northeast.and lowflying identifiable flying objects­ —aircraft—in the area. Quite to the contrary. just after noontime. I witnessed a black. UFO Classic Triangular UFO Glides Over Monterey At approximately 8:30 p. California Its movement was almost like that of a glider. While having my smoke. It had three distinct and steady white lights at the tip of each corner and seemed to be at a high altitude.

I agree with the reporting party: You guys ain’t from ’round here. The back side of the flashing lights came to a vertical-type flashing configuration. Then about ten minutes later. even disappearing and reappearing.m. It was alarming and caught me off guard. and changing direction. We never heard any noise from the craft! They headed west towards Abilene. there were many reports stating that it was one craft only. 2007 I was driving from Eldorado. I am a pilot and have been flying for thirty years and have never seen anything like this. after which the craft was gone. *** Along with the above report. but they appeared to be going slowly. but I could make out their shape against the background. Texas in early January 2008. I slowed down to look toward the west. I spotted a small airplane near San Angelo. local time. a brief sighting which occurred in the afternoon of November 9. Texas. stopping. They moved erratically. The flight duration lasted about three minutes. maybe the size of a car. They were traveling one in front of the other. changing in brightness. They were headed east towards South Fort Worth. but they were not as high as the height of a cell tower which was located on the right.000 mph. It was about 1:30 p. 2008 at 6:15 p. I was traveling 70 miles per hour. here comes the craft again with two jets chasing them. UFO April 2008 . I suddenly became aware of two disks or possibly cigarshaped objects traveling west only a few feet above the height of the tree. but it still looked like a bird when I got close. I became aware of them on the right side of the road and could see them crossing over the road in front of me. Texas Stephenville. but as I got closer and it got further. I could see two wispy white clouds high above to my right.m. November 9. Texas. are yah? Next up. 2007 near Eldorado. Central Standard Time. Texas to Christoval. it continued to look like a small plane. They persisted for approximately 45 minutes. They pulsated. They were golden-orange in color and pulsated.000 to 3. The road turned a bit to the right and was at a higher altitude than where I was currently. ascending. Eldorado. although this might have been due to a fog layer across Monterey Bay. The rest of the trip I kept looking at other things trying to justify that I had really seen them. and was estimated to be a mile in length and a half-mile in width. Ahead in the Jets Chase Huge UFO Over Texas On January 8. I could not see them again on the left side of the road. I was driving north on Highway 277 near the old Pave Paws governmental radar facility. it was like that of a glider.500 feet and heading west toward Stephenville. Their estimated speed was about 2. but I was the only one at that moment traveling northbound. my friends and I were watching the sunset when we noticed several strobes. The front two strobes were about a half-mile apart and the back strobes were approximately one mile in back of the front strobes. They almost looked invisible. descending. It seemed forever until I arrived to the top of the small hill. Again. Texas The strobes made several changes of flash patterns and configurations. This report is out of Stephenville. The craft is not from around these parts! 76 distance I could plainly see one large tree on the left side of the road. I spotted a big Texas vulture. I spotted a jet across the sky with the white streak behind it but as I got closer. *** The next sighting report is apparently one of many reports that came in at that time of an event that was widely reported in the media. where the tree was. The jets were unable to catch the UFO and went off into the distance at full throttle. I also fly several times a week in the area. There was plenty of traffic heading south. They were not very big. Texas at about 4. and it was a very clear blue sky.000 feet. They were the color of the white clouds nearby. trailing off in the same strange motion it had displayed.I witnessed it for approximately 10 seconds before it was out of sight. it still looked like a jet. or flashing lights coming from the east at about 3. Texas.m. Then there were two separate vertical flames about a quarter-mile apart for several seconds. Later that night a friend and I witnessed what seemed to be four or maybe six orbs over the course of an hour. Texas at around 1:30 p. Two UFOs Spotted Slowly Crossing Over Road Friday.

But seriously. Low. In my best judgment.m. hear Jerry read more of my picks on the great weekly UFO Files Report Show: www. the sky is our window on infinity. a dramatic sighting out of San Jose. It was dark out.ufopicks. Perhaps they were very large round kites that got away from someone who was testing them out. don’t forget to look up into the sky. California Satisfied with the idea of some new kite invention that went astray. so the exact shape was hard to determine.m. when I was leaving work to go home. perhaps. We travel this road daily and have never seen an airplane in that area of the sky before. Eventually we could not see it any more because we kept driving. Before getting in I looked upward once more. I would estimate that the diameter of these twin disks. But there was hardly any wind at all. It then stopped abruptly and hovered. Time will tell! *** Now that’s the ticket! Nerds are behind the UFO phenomenon. And finally. there are loads of very strong evidence available that suggests that what many of these people are witnessing is technology that has originated off planet. And all the while. They appeared to be very dark in color. Certainly not any conUFO ventional airplanes. on the 7th. However. *** Thank you to the reporting witness for that one. They glided over the two-story building where I work. just in time to see the two diskshaped objects begin tumbling through the air and then occasionally spinning around each other at a very rapid rate of acceleration and then flying in opposite direction of each other. low in the sky. All one needs to do is look through the evidence that is readily available for anyone to examine. As I was going around toward the driver’s side of my car. I was trying hard to make sense of what I was seeing. I would put the height of these objects at the same height you would see most small planes fly. could have been between 9 to 11 feet. 2007. whenever you step outside.com. The last few seconds of this sighting convinced me that these objects were controlled by some kind of advanced technology because of the unusual accelerations and maneuvers of these objects.com April 2008 77 . and at a very high rate of speed. somewhere in Edina. Aerobatic Disks Reported Over California It was around 5:20 p. Despite the crazy tumbling. We watched it hover for several minutes as we traveled away from it. UFO If you have an experience or know of someone who has and you want to report it to me. As usual. I unlocked and opened my car door. But it appeared to be a saucer with a row of lights toward the bottom. The saucer traveled north by northeast at a very high rate of speed and low in the sky. You just never know what you will see out there in the wild blue yonder. Just remember. this was a complete shock to me. so we estimate that it was a couple miles away from us. *** I am guessing that the Pave Paws Radar Facility may have had something to do with why those craft were lurking in the area. The size of the craft in the sky from where we were on the ground seemed a little bigger than a quarter but smaller than a tennis ball. they were not birds and not balloons. thank you to Peter Davenport and his National UFO Reporting Center at www. “What is keeping them afloat and moving along steadily without much wind?” I thought. traveling west to east and making no audible noise that I could hear over the sound of traffic nearby. The two disks were gliding side by side with only what seemed like a yard or two of space between them. a big thanks goes out to you the reader of this fine magazine. The aircraft was too low and too fast to be a typical airplane. It was almost like I was not supposed to have noticed them. I happened to look upward at the sky.jerrypippin. My website: www. Possibly. Minnesota got in on the November 2007 UFO activity action with the next report. California of a couple of highly maneuverable disks occurring November 7. That about does it for yet another month. a new generation of nerd working on a special project for a start-up company may be behind this. They did not move any faster than if you were watching a bird fly against the wind. they still maintained a steady course in an easterly direction.com. rapid acceleration and spinning around each other. which was now setting on the horizon. if at ground level.com for the fine reports in this months article. Humans are most likely responsible for at least some of the really unknown reports received these past several years. Fast-Flying UFO Pauses to Take in the View My husband and I were driving west on Highway 62 from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie when we saw an aircraft traveling horizontally. but it appeared to me like they thought they were hidden as they traveled slowly across the road. Edina. not reflecting any light from the sun. please email me at rick@ ufopicks. these disks avoided a collision as though there was some kind of invisible force field that kept them from hitting each other. San Jose.I do not know what I saw. We estimated that it was above Edina at the time. Obviously. occurring at 8:00 p. This sighting took place in no more than one minute before it passed out of view behind nearby trees. And also as usual.ufocenter. And as you know. It was then that I saw two round disks or saucer-shaped objects gliding through the air side by side. Airplanes usually are not in that area of the sky. that is as good a guess as any at this point.

com to order DOCUMENTARIES! by Mia Adams.95 US plus S&H For information: orders@ia-connections.95 + $3. FL 33338 $16.95 postpaid from Allegheny Press see Allegheny ad for address The Creature “Monsters of UFO” “The Incident at Kelly” Visit www. Ft. whose contacts with extraterrestrials and romance with a U. The hybrid shared knowledge of 13 species of Bigfoot on Earth. Nessie dates back to the days of the dinosaurs.com .worldoftheunknown. and transformation of planet Earth. This book contains important information about the future of the U. This is an extraordinary TRUE story about Mia. Included is a secret report written by the government agent outlining in detail the agendas of alien confederations on Earth and the special organized intelligence agencies’ networks created to deal with them. Yetis date back to the days after the Flood. PA 16413 Master Psychics Crystal: 1-866-571-1111 Valerie: 1-877-852-8255 Eve: 1-888-237-2263 Lola (Spanish): 1-800-966-6806 Past.S. most ancient races on Earth. “An excellent book for everyone to read. communicated with a Bigfoot hybrid. Present.95 S/H Koti.” $19. mysterious results.95 POSTPAID Allegheny Press Box 220 Elgin. an ET. Future Personal Experiences With Bigfoot $9. Lauderdale..UFOs Out of the Black Cover-ups and Conspiracies 256 pages $14.. government intelligence agent yield provocative questions and shocking. 13 species of Nessie.95 + $2 S/H Credit Card Orders toll free 1-800-247-6553 $16. THE EXCYLEs EXCELTA PUBLISHING PO Box 4530.S.

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