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Published by: Phan Dinh Hung on May 06, 2013
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2009 년 1 월 NEW TOEIC 예상문제 Part 5 / 6

101. Our output has increased recently, due in part to a rise in productivity ----- the purchase of newer machinery. (A) as soon as (B) following (C) next (D) in advance 102. Mr. Robinson rose from hotel bellboy to shift manager in just two years because he was so cordial and ----- to guests' needs. (A) response (B) responsive (C) responsible (D) responsibility 103. We will ----- start carrying a product line of maternity clothing aimed at young women who want to remain fashionable and stylish during their pregnancy. (A) recently (B) already (C) soon (D) still 104. Both of the floor tile patterns were designed with great care, so please be ----- that whichever you choose will bring years of satisfaction. (A) assure (B) assuring (C) assured (D) assurance 105. This letter should be ----- to Mr. O'Donnel for his revision and approval. (A) received (B) forwarded (C) contacted (D) examined 106. ---- of receipt is required for this and all other further correspondence. (A) Predicament (B) Completion (C) Acknowledgement (D) Combination 107. Inventory control and receiving have become much more ----- since we put both areas under the control of a single department. (A) manageable (B) manageably (C) managing (D) manage 108. All guests are requested to be ----- dressed for the reception ceremony. (A) formal (B) formally (C) formalness (D) formalize 109. The unusually bad weather makes it impossible ----- resort guests to go para gliding or scuba diving. (A) by (B) with (C) to (D) for 110. Because he had implemented orderly and sensible systems, when the CEO took an extended leave of absence, the company flourished on its -----. (A) alone (B) solo (C) single

(A) invited (B) nominated (C) attended (D) addressed 115.relate to some athletic activity likely to appeal to our target market of teenaged sports enthusiasts.of negotiation-skills training courses will succeed. (A) reference (B) series (C) compliance (D) response 2 . (A) another (B) each (C) other (D) each other 113. The audience was ----. (A) Profit (B) Profits (C) Profitable (D) Profitably 114. Taylor. ----. (A) shipment (B) to ship (C) shipping (D) shipped 120. whose research is highly admired. Please enter log-in name and password whenever ----. Though we do not offer gambling like many other resorts do. our other amusements and scenery continue to ----. Free Nomad`s travel bag did not sell well this quarter. Because of improving ---. all participants in a ----. names ----. A new packaging system is now in place and we should be capable of ----. (A) economy (B) economic (C) economically (D) economize 118. (A) to ask (B) asking (C) were asked (D) asked 117.conditions. home ownership is expected to increase across all sectors. (A) attraction (B) attractive (C) attract (D) attracting 112. visitors must wear a hard hat and ----protective clothing.(D) own 111. ----. In keeping with our brand image.in the past four months have almost diminished and are not expected to rise in the near future.many guests. (A) Although (B) Even if (C) Since (D) As if 119.goods several hours faster than before. It is expected that with hard work and dedication.by the prominent Dr.to do so.it was more expensive than the competitor's products on the market. (A) idea (B) idealize (C) ideal (D) ideally 116. When touring the construction site.

The flight information ----. Jones retired two months ago. (A) include (B) are included (C) including (D) includes 123. a local supermarket has a designated playing room marked with a ----. (A) conducted (B) connected (C) contained (D) confirmed 122. (A) they (B) them (C) their (D) themselves 128. (A) arrange (B) arrangements (C) arranging (D) arranged 130.121. tranquilizing beach. The position of Morale Officer has remained ----. seating ----. Recreational facilities within walking distance of the Burkstone Hotel ----. is a popular vacation sport for American tourists.for staff. we decided to release the funds necessary to redesign all work areas to make the office more ----. (A) clear (B) cleared (C) clearing (D) clearly 124.projections of this year's sales figures have already been exceeded with a month still remaining.improved version of the old model. (A) is known (B) was known (C) known (D) knowing 3 . ----. Cancun. At our annual board meeting. The Halco Group hasn't yet come up with ----. (A) comfort (B) comforters (C) comfortable (D) comfortably 127. Getaway Travel can hold ----. however.since Mr.for its beautiful. (A) Initial (B) Immediate (C) Outgoing (D) Growing 126.will be made on a first-come.in this reservation slip indicates that the flight is tomorrow and not today. For customers shopping with children.for seats on most airlines for up to 24 hours. firstserved basis. (A) reservations (B) reserving (C) reserved (D) reserve 129. ----.visible sign. Conference organizers will make every effort to satisfy participants' requests.a swimming beach and a park with sports fields and picnic tables. (A) unlicensed (B) unoccupied (C) located (D) suppressed 125.

A friendly personality and a courteous behavior ----.for less aggressive language. The recent bankruptcy of one of the ----appliance companies has had a direct effect on the nation's economy. 4 .to work by either train or automobile was given as a reason. (A) leader (B) led (C) leadership (D) leading 140.for the receptionist position. The Chief Financial Officer argued ----that the company must abandon its ambitious expansion plans for at least one more year. Make sure that all of the signed letters have been put into envelopes ----. (A) charge (B) responsibility (C) expense (D) communication 138. You should be able to assemble this computer desk easily ----. (A) commute (B) competition (C) reference (D) accusation 139. (A) from (B) by (C) with (D) at 134.to the last year's. (A) persuasion (B) persuasive (C) persuasively (D) persuaded 132.131.being mailed out by this afternoon. (A) essential (B) responsible (C) unpredictable (D) interim 133.following step-bystep instructions. (A) are requiring (B) are required (C) should require (D) will require 136. The fact that many workers have a long and expensive ----. The recently released version of Eastward's software for detecting computer viruses is far ----. (A) before (B) through (C) amid (D) for 137. (A) better (B) superior (C) advanced (D) improved Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.part of business that determines longevity of a firm. Consumer behavior is one very ----. They changed the campaign slogan when surveys of voting women revealed a strong ----. even though the company was already paying for group transportation to the meeting site. I took a cab to the meeting at my own -----. (A) preference (B) relation (C) structure (D) perception 135.

we will revert to 142.by overnight 141. Dean’s Department Store ----. (A) satisfaction (B) satisfactory (C) satisfying (D) satisfied This express shipping procedure should allow us to process the backlog of orders generated by the increased media exposure with regard to the Midland situation. We. (A) reason (B) reasons (C) reasonable (D) reasonably 5 . Inc. Questions 144-146 refer to the following announcement.the community 144. continue to deal directly with your normal contacts. to our exchange terminals ----. We work hard to provide our customers with the latest fashions at the most ----145. (A) at which time (B) that (C) in time for (D) depending on our normal shipping guidelines. (A) is serving (B) had served (C) will be serving (D) has been serving since 1902. will bear this additional cost as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure customer -----. 143. If you have questions about arrival dates on your orders. not our customers. This new procedure will continue through the end of August.Dear customer. all shipments by Surety. We want you to know we truly value you as a customer. Effective May 20. (A) handled (B) were handled (C) have handled (D) will be handled express. ----.

Please rest assured that we have investigated your complaint and that the person concerned will be severely reprimanded. Dear Mrs. these policies have been revised to accommodate the changing times. Cash refunds require a cash register receipt and all clothing tags must be intact and attached to the garments. (A) Accordingly (B) However (C) Despite (D) Unlike you will only be credited for the current price of the item. We regret any inconvenience the new return policy may create. (A) complaints (B) complaining (C) will complain (D) complained about the conduct of one of our employees. However. Thank you for your cooperation. Clothing must be returned within 30 days to be eligible for a cash refund. Refunds after 30 days will be made in the form of merchandise exchange only. Please accept our ----. Zenger Thank you for your letter of December 21. (A) you (B) yours (C) your own (D) yourself that it will never happen again. (A) sincere (B) sincerity (C) sincerest (D) sincerely this situation may have caused ----. a receipt is not required. both men’s and women’s. We are announcing a new return policy on all apparel. we have offered flexibility in our return policy. ----147. For an exchange. 146.and be assured 149. Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. In the past. -----.prices.apologies for any distress 148. 6 .

Any company considering this individual for employment has my most enthusiastic recommendation. (A) While (B) Until (C) During (D) If unique ability to identify and solve problems. B 109. he is destined to achieve new heights in his career. D 7 . C 104. C 107. one that can be of great value to any company utilizing his services. he has displayed a 151. C 105.his tenure of employment. He has been instrumental in the streamlining our accounting department. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This will confirm that Jonathan Deering has been employed by Electro Corp. He is loyal and always places the welfare of the company above all else. (A) approximately (B) completely (C) accidently (D) exceedingly ----. His long hours and his patience with employees under him and with management make him an ideal employee. B 102. D 110. 150. ANSWER 101.four years. he can certainly count on re-employment with our firm. and set new records for his future employer. for ----. Yours Sincerely Questions 150-152 refer to the following reference letter.Thank you also for bringing this matter to our attention. should the opportunity arise. ----. B 106. B 103. (A) That (B) So (C) Although (D) If indication. If available. His experience in the accounting and finance area has been a valuable asset. as he did here. We place great importance on the conduct of our employees and your complaint will give us the opportunity to remedy any problem that may exist.his performance here is any 152. A 108.

C 121. A 148. C 122. B 145. A 8 . C 129. C 140. C 119. C 116. D 124. C 112. A 152. A 146. C 131. D 151. C 128. B 143. D 113. B 150. A 135. D 133. B 139. B 118. B 127. D 126. C 147. D 125. A 142. C 136. A 138. A 132. C 141. B 134. A 144. A 114.111. D 115. A 120. C 137. B 130. D 149. B 123. B 117.

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