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Homan W - The Scottish Rite and the Cerneau Wrong 1907 (1)

Homan W - The Scottish Rite and the Cerneau Wrong 1907 (1)

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Cerneau wrong
Cerneau wrong

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Published by: Massone Romano on May 06, 2013
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The Scottish Rite AND The CEiy^AU Wrong







Whatever may be said or written about the Cerneau or any so-called Scottish Rite Bodies in this territory, other than those acknowledging allegiance to the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, it is as unnecessary for us to go back of the Union of J 867, when the present Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America was formed by amalgamating the conflicting Supreme Councils theretofore existing, as it would be to go back of the conclusion of peace after the termination of the civil war to justify a merchant in declining to accept Confederate money in payment for merchandise to-day.




by William Homan, 33°, Active Member of the Supreme Council for the Northern Masoni^urisdiction of the United States of America, Deputy for the State of New York, Etc., Etc., Etc.

in this jurisdiction desiting to enjoy the advantages



of membership in 4° to 14°, Lodges of Perfection,
J 5° and 16°, Councils of Princes of Jerusalem, J 7°



Chapters of Rose Croix,


32°, Consistories,^

and the unquestioned right to visit subordinate bodies throughout the world, have only to follow the example set them by the following t

who have
been identified with the




from the time of
M.'. W.'.


L. Lewis, 33°:

John L. Lewis, John W. Simons,
FiNLAY M. King, John J. Crane, Clinton F. Paige, Robert D. Holmes, Stephen H. Johnson, Christopher G. Fo:c, Ellwood E. Thorne, James W. Husted, Edmund L. Judson, Charles Roome, Jesse B. Anthony, Horace S. Taylor, Benjamin Flagler,

Edward Simmons,

William A. Brodie, Frank R. Lawrence, John W. Vrooman, William Sherer, James Ten Eyck, Frederick A. Burnham, John Hodge, John Stewart, William A. Sutherland, Wright D. Pownall,

Edward M.L. Ehlers, Honorary, Charles W. Mead, Elbert Crandall, Frank H. Robinson, Townsend Scudder.

Please acknowledge receipt,



Yours, for the Rite,

Deputy for the State of New York,

West 97th




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Sovereign Grand Commander. Grand Secretary-General. AND GRAND COUNCIL OF PRINCES OF JERUSALEM.. 111. Samuel Crocker Lawrence. 111. A. N.'. N.. N.-. 33". Y.. 4° to J4°. 111. 33°.'.-f. Room 617. N. 33°.. OFFICERS: Milwaukee. Y. Wis. New York. T. They are the oldest workings Bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite in the World. THE FIRST DEPUTY GRAND INSPECTOR WAS APPOINTED INEFFABLE LODGE OF PERFECTION..'. P. Y.. P. at Albany. were chartered on December 20.. and are under the Jurisdiction of COUNCIL. 97th St.. M. Mass. and are preparing to celebrate the AND 16°. Y.. N. FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION.:. Hon. Grand Minister of State. 33". 111. U.'. 299 Broadway. Gen. 1769 1767.. of the Council of Princes of Jerusalem. Y. ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE' SUPREME COUNCIL FOR THE STA. .. Troy. Grand Lieutenant Commander. Deputy for the State of New York. 33°. William Homan.'.. whose Grand East is THE SUPREME at Boston. Chicago.WHEN WAS and JOSEPH CERNEAU A CHILD FOUR YEARS OLD. William Roman. N. S.'. . 1767. Y.TE pF NEW YORK. James Hodge Codding. 33° Syracuse.:. John Corson Smith.'. hoth anniversary OF THEIR EXISTENCE.'. New York. 33°. Buffalo... Hon. i W. the Degrees of the Lodge of Perfection. 111. Abel Gay Cook. Gen. 33° Arthur Mac Arthur. George William Millar. and in J 6°. Henry L Palmer. Mass. 33° Robert Cyrus Titus. 15° were conferred in the City of New York OCTOBER. 4° TO 15° 14°. 111. 111. Deputy New York. Medford. New York. 33''.

NOB EECOGNIZED BY US AS A MASON OF THE Al\tTENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH BITE IN ANY DEGBEE WHATEVEB.'. 33°. 1887. Office of the Secretary-General. and the one for the Northern Jurisdiction. BUT. In reply to your courteous request in your in stating that U. AND THAT NO ONE OF THE OBEDIENCE OF EITHEB WILL BE ADMITTED INTO ANY BODY OF OUB OBEDIENCE. Albert Pike. ELLIS. Secretary-General. Sov. Sovereign Grand Commander. ANCIENT AND RITE OF FREE-MASONRY. we have pleasure the only Supreme Councils we recognize as the legitimate rulers of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Bite for the United States of America. .'. ON THE CONTEABY. Grand Commander. S. DEEM THEM SPUBIOUS. M. and formerly by Illustrious Brother Josiah H. Drummond. by Illustrious Brother Henry L Palmer. for the Southern Jurisdiction.: Very Dear Brother: circular letter of 30th November.'. A.THE SCOTTISH BITE THE STATUS OF CERNEAUISM IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES THE DOORS OF FREEMASONRY CLOSED AGAINST ITS DUPES CANADA. 6th December. presided over. Ont. P. at present.. DOMINION OF CANADA. JOHN V. ACCEPTED SCOTTISH 33°. HUGH MUBBAY. presided over by yourself as Sovereign Grand Commander. SUPREME COUNCIL. 33°. of the 33°. 33°. Hamilton. and all others are held to be spurious and clandestine. AND ANY DIPLOMA OB PATENT ISSUED BY THEM AS WOBTHLESS. Supreme Council Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.. Esq. : HAILING THAT THE SO-CALLED CEBNEAU SUPEEME COUNCILS FBOM NEW YOBK WE DO NOT BECOGNIZE. are the one for the Southern Jurisdiction.

for Cuba. Uruguay. . AND PREVENTED THEIR VISITING ANY OF THEIR MASONIC BODIES Scotland. Central America. France and its Dependencies. Spain. and other Spanish West Indies. Ireland. Mexico (Grand Lodge of the Federal District). Argentine Republic. Brazil. Hungary. Portugal. The United States of Colombia. Tunis. Venezuela. Switzerland. Egypt. Belgium and the other countries subject to its Obedience. IN ADDITION TO WHICH THE FOLLOWING SUPREME COUNCILS REFUSED ALL RECOGNITION OF CERNEAUS. Chili. and the Dependencies of the British Crown. Republica Dominicana. United States of Mexico.THE CERNEAU WRONG 3 LETTERS OF THE SAME TENOR WERE WRITTEN FROM THE SUPREME COUNCILS OF England and Wales. Italy. Denmark (National Grand Lodge). Greece. Sweden and Norway (National Grand Lodge). Colon. Peru.

These illegitimate organizations seek patronage. Connecticut. Maryland. Colorado. except to observe the Constitutional requirement as to minifees of $84.4 THE SCOTTISH RITE THE GRAND LODGE OF ^ Ohio. Tennessee. Nebraska. District of Columbia. Idaho.00 20.00 10. Vermont Massachusetts. 4° to 14° Council of Princes. South Carolina. Alabama. Pennsylvania.oo i. South Dakota. Maine. And others have joined in the former decision of New York. Lodge of Perfection. North Carolina.00 $1. Georgia.00 20. and declared that these CERNEAU ORGANIZATIONS ARE A POISON to our system of Masonic government.00 to 32° 3000 $100. the fees and dues in the Subordinate Bodies are about the same as those in the City of New York. which are as follows mum Initiation Fees. — While there is no uniformity throughout the Jurisdiction. Annual Dues. Utah.00 i.00 10. California. say ten dollars. Minnesota.00.00 25. Louisiana. North Dakota. 15° and 16° Chapter of Rose Croix. 17° and 18° Consistory. and then unfortunates will have saved so much money. Kentucky. $50. and then disclose irregularity by further stating there will be a Union. Would either of the illegitimates ever have a candidate the fee the same as that of the Northern Supreme Council ? that their their were FEES AND DUES.00 .00 200 $5. Oregon. Florida.oo $10. Life Membership.00 Totals. icj" $25. Iowa. New Hampshire. stating they charge but a small sum. New Jersey.

all and (nry of (ho foregoing decUralion and pro'' cecdi^ofoor lUuatnoua Brother. o# (be'R:S. um u aadinvirlut of mf High Pan-era. I. S. and a jrwulUr by trade. are also. K-II. Acan im fofUir vf tlu hnl nwgniriij^ aiuf idam hatt tiftlUdJrmi Mamie Allium aldim our JariulleliBn . aiut liiihlji anli-mohiBic nndufl. aim. did wauiablutui. Tbal ill IboM lymbolio Drelhron. iladui* l^iilla.and publiah. E. lnii|ierlor day or. ()ie AND WISDOM. they iball bIm be pubtiabed over lb> two lleiiiiii>hcre«.~and alio of the Sump of the 33d. South CuoliM. abill leeonuneod and adopt for . R.. whelberof high or low degree. Willum-l&W. wbo hia aaanmed to hJmaelf the proletaien nf PrJofiplw and Drgren ornbich ha ia ignurani. Toid. K-II. ihal b/. &o. _ __.M > Slalea of Abi:neii. iocniah at onteuid Tor erer. dcclan. Depntim Grand Inlpecton Gsneral and Urwd lUialcu undir tliu old qiiiia. R. iodiridually. Sovereign Grand the 33d Degree.S. UTS.Bnil buLiremaCouooil ofloeSSd Degrie. fir hiuHlf u "Mot yolim. and totalis vtlimud by hu lul iartjimi impulwt. holding. Ao. C. Im bii luumioga Dograe. ifacrrt. Kcoalonied in Vt 11 fcnalDS nil UninillrrA. called Elul Ao. MITCHELL.eMhof(Iieni. ABIt.-f-. (/I Grud InipRlor Gnierd of l. on the Cih day of A Jflia Jtim Calf lit Ttnis. £. the only fav/uf t«dy er lh« klod id Ihe libitod Suwa (lUblub^oDibaSItt Mij. the lllua. ar« unworlby of Maaonie Conini union nth any regular Free Masona. MOl. Ite. 9Ctb day of the Gib nonlb.urvr GfUDnl of Ihe H.) . (From the Collection in the Library of 111. SorerEiKn Grand Inipaelor Gmetal of thd 33d Degree. acknoHlHlgi. Vlllibtmo. and further. £ie^ flu^ bat e deliTcred the preieni. liluatriuuiTniatunir Cenmloribe U. <ih1 wlileh ll rMagniH-dallodir iho irorlil: J. . opou luch (erma at our aforeaid llluittiona Tieaaucer Genvnit of Ihe II. its South Caraliui. Snvorei^n Grand Craeral of Ibo 33d Drgnv . are lieruby expelled from afon ereiy er any UwrolD^Tee or Masonic Society. be.lad. dctjlorer lo wbonn _ . IniptcliH' Gananl of . wboreiii ho aty Iw Aart^ta.anif /Iwnaoriginiilly est«6luibed in IbU eily. ia the Uiulcd Btitea ofAmtrlct. S. iCI|3. and dated thia 1 lib day of December. &e. mi lo [miaiit their dolDfc au* further miKiiii-'f^ and mailnue to d«luda sod impOH npoD olbQciriaa vortL]' BrMhron iiiia«f:iaiulad villi the Supreme Dsgreol oFFrM Mainurj : ( Gnod Intpcawr UarMrll of Iho ds^rw in ChulnfoD. put hia liauda la. of Amunea. I bar«by decUre. S. lignod niul ubIci]. a« well io my own oiuie. SoTereien Grand luapector Geuenl of tba 33d Degree.Ianu3ry. In tbe nseHiDd in bihalfat (he Suprema Grand Council. I'. JOSEPH CEHNKAU. eruih aod pobliih all auch cbanmcri. B.. and othara who bt*a been nivd by him and hia luodaM. aud otheri. J William Homan. and of thi< Suprema Council Dflha 33d Degree for ibe United Statea of America. 9M u fiCD.e 3M Urgno in Iha Umled warU. Unnd DiKniuiry ofBear of iho arvronid Supreme Council ot (J. legill/ wu the City of ChirloiloB. No. K-H.uid> JRneUBi by trade. aoeoiding to tha oxaist tenor of (bo lairi.a 33(1 In lAMr mini. . tod Grand Commandi-r for the U. P. tgMlM. in Ihal of ray aforeuid. la eoDttfuuL-iiEe ibarcof. in what lit or thn hare been call biaoi ibair &it*rvi^ Ukapwrof A. ill iiieli (oiposilii flnby. eiar aiDm bia anirol in Ibi* country fhim tlie Weat-Indiit. nmil ibey aballnuke Iheir peace nllh our ifijrexiid Orind Conncil.Miin!Knt. oJm mnrbmud rhat A* li nol ^. S. Ikul birliig prvTloady liktn iDcb BkCanlru MMdlnl^in t\X lucli ciuea j Jbaiin. and that nolaaa Ihay iball each of them.'. -l/2Vy-— JOSEPH CERNEAU'S EXPULSION FROM EVERY LAWFUL DEGREE OR MASONIC SOCIETY. . Ibjr Tirrilin-M« af Amutien. and at the apMJal le^ueat of BtJ Stipremu Cuuncil. E-ir. and lllustrieua Tri-onirer Ceneml of the Holy Euipire. iba amlanigDed. irAitA can (ifil lor Iba AwlAmr Zllilrial of (he Dulled Stiua of Amerin... Soaereign Grind Inipeetor General nf the SSd Drgrw. to CDliwi|uenae whereof. P.. Da UIHOTTA. Bopliil Vtidaly. P. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOT.rfad Kimi. IlO.. . JN. cillctl I Snabn anlr KemtUbirtf. aguoat a certain /ta^ Cainaan. hia bMBngoninalyiiupected. and Lieutenant Grind Commander fur (be U._i__ pmjiurfind psniitedio for M many yaan by Joaeph C . Grand Ceatelt ef At Sid. and in ray own offidil cipoeily. lo nblcb be bai not (ha linollcal claim or right fcbiloTn. 98J3. 6. We do lieiehT approve of. la in thai. R. Th«t wtwrwui r. ^c. Tillt. that parpoae. P R. Binlb-CarDlini. . and eiv)' of Ibem. ai beii^ the mJj LupVuI body in ^ ew-Y uric. at ('barleaton. and ihat ^niug rrfoind no uiuIiiiidd whiUocTU' from ihaiaid Jc«t^ Cttumi. and Powai. EmiauDl De IVtolid. loil aocoinplten in hia unlnrful dueUi. of SoTord^ Grand Inapectiin Genanl of (he 33d Demo.aiidartba Cbriauio aiiB. by the 4aih Degree 41 knmntci north JBiiiuda. thu Klat day orSepleruber. wd .'. Mi.nDua Tm>. &&. iherbfitre. U Viiu Mmaijut Jiu. Ubii Lm/. and noogsua Iham. P. Sic.^ hL Do La MUITA. lima' lh[i lut 'pruiff. RigbUud Pmogil<raa. M>iiliii.SS13. S.. sad al Atv tpttiai r/(unl.. JUS. M m w uddfotind. tha afortfaid and underdgnod. ludiTidualty coma forinrd. and llluiUriaa* Treainrer General of the Holy Empire in tlie UolUd Stale* of Amerita. a PrCnohnun.. al Ibii Cnnd East of New-Yoric CiEy. of AmErica^ FRFJIEIirCK DALCHO. E. GIVEN under uur hand* and aeala of ibo Grand Cniucil ofPrJuceaof the Royal Seoret. and bdag in doiy hound lo aup. puhluh aod daclan id the vrbale ai will in mjr uirn naoie. S. 813 33°. not iawc% any lAiii^ il oU a6<ml Ilii iMrlj-ilfrd i)^{m. JUS. Ihnt the aforepowers and pnTilegea which Deter have been Inwrully eonuniiled lo bun aiid JmaiA Crrrupii. DEUS MEUMQUE littinga in Charlratou. aait * ^j aftwiart nurf Wtrawrr.. Jttn. IJIVIOJI. niimn nf Krancb. and cDnG-m. &e &0. Ilia aforCMid Jntfli tVrnwn. S. S<Kirtig7i CnHif OnimniJir ef At liiriy. turn in iLb Vity at NkV-Yorli. B. Soath-Cuoluii. oelarfout GDoducl. La. iherefiirr. and Mibmil (bcmietret. 3. lit tl (1 COXTEIVTMEST.. and (heir pmeetdiogi appron-dofby m«. Bcalg. in the Uniied 5M(n of Amenea... wtd v. are hereby dcclaiipl irregular and nn^wful.to DEVS MEVa/QUE Ordo ab Chao. iic.=ii)iil. U. publiib cerlila lirialnl ptmplilEit. Ihal ntiaiutvr alauaia warJm or proccediagi he may luT* porJonned.. hereby declared aa (intawfiil. a KrcncbnuB hj binh. &o. K-H.m%in iniliridnKl af Ih. .iliird Uigrit sf At Vniud ililn bJ nd Dtmitmtt" ^c. in which llier nuiy hare bwn maired or uiniiiied. That being' deiemlued(oitop. or wbrrnonTer Jupcnwd and ibi( eocb. S.S. drrim and c«r(i/jf. .. • K-H. muter ny Hand and Uraod Seal of Pa. eapieu (heir aorran' and abhoman of auob unlawfiil. do Iwrcb. DE IT KNOWN AND REUEMBERCD. la impoatura. J[c. De U MOTTA. ic. E. foN. 1 da htwb. Soulb-Cvolina. and hia empaled to binVMlf and kc do. In CharlMion.

"I have no objection to your letting it be understood tliat I agree with you fully in relation to our attitude toward Cerneauism. -S.M. .'. in" the State of Xew York. U." Past Graxd ^Iaster of Masons (. Xortliern 3Iasonic Jurisdiction.-." "I can assure you that no countenance on my part will knowingly be given to a Brother who continues his relations with a Body which has long ceased to have any excuse for its existence.i . Council.\. 3. Willi.\m Hom. FRANK KURD ROBIXSOX.^°.Extracts Deputy of the Supreme from correspondence with 111.\x.-. W.

WROTE AS FOLLOWS : HoRXELLsviLLE. when the regular Northern Consistory was charging S65. What the condi- is here in relation to Cerneauism is the condition wherever the body has been organized for any length of time. . I can give you the names in this city of any number who went in. Unadilla. Y. ^Signed) for information and in FRANK H. MOST WORSHIPFUL FRANK HURD ROBINSON. X. and Grand Lodge NEAU BODY IT IN THIS STATE. T. body in connection with them felt as if he had been imposed upon. and the result was that a large number of our Masons joined this consistory. that prefers to wear a 33° badge and seems to be satisfied with his honors. it is nevertheless true that the regular Bodies with which thev affiliate. Whatever the past may be. PAST GRAND MASTER. Mr. Since that time a few individuals for mercenary or other reasons have continued to organize in various parts of the State Cerneau consistories for Invariably these consistories have been short-lived. and joined the recognized body. NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION. are the ones recognized as regular.. and afterward found they had made a mistake and joined the regular body. Northern Consistory was located forty miles from here. My dear Brother While it is true that the Grand Lodge of this State has taken no action one way or the other in relation to any organization outside of its own. NEW YORK. Whatever the merits of the origin of these two bodies may have been. tion I good faith.. If you will look in the literature of the Cerneau body. ROBINSON. and AXCIEXT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE. and almost all of its members were glad to get into the Northern Jurisdiction and repudiate the Cerneau body. repudiated it. they were consolidated in 1867. N. F. AND ANY ONE WHO GOES INTO WILL SOONER OR LATER REGRET IT. and has not had a meeting for years. you will see they claim I remember back several years ago when to have a consistory in this city. Fraternally yours. Grand Com: mandery. afterward learned their mistake.THE CERNEAV WROXG 1 IN REPLY TO A LETTER OF INQUIRY FROn A BROTHER RESIDING AT UNADILLA. such as our Grand Chapter. The of the State of Pennsylvania has issued I an edict against the understand several other States have also done so. but it died a natural death. and it was rather inconvenient to go there. assume that your letter was written to ine and have answered it accordingly. some one came here and offered to start a consistory and received members The at Si 5 each. THERE IS NO LONGER ANY EXCUSE FOR THE CERCerneau body. and everysmall fees.. I think there is just one man in this citv who received one of the Cerneau 33". and sooner or later begged to be admitted to the Northern Jurisdiction. M. and the Cerneaus in authority at that time renounced Cerneauism and consolidated with the Northern Jurisdiction. igo6. Y. Grand Council. May ii. I know a great many prominent Masons who w ere fooled with this Cerneauism.

EHLERS. : . and. Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge. EXTRACT FROM THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE COUNCIL OF DELIBERATION FOR THE STATE OF NEW YORK. L. I can not understand why Brethren will be induced to go into any of these cheap affairs. It soon died and has not had an existence for years.-. Y. William Homan. The following Past Qrand Masters were also M. M.. EDWARD M. New York. N. My dear Brother Homan I am perfectly Fraternally yours.-. W. made a characteristic address emphasizing his personal indorsement of and co- SUPREME COUNCIL FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION. Nearly all have gone into the regular body. ROBINSON. why they should patronize Cerneauism for $15. 1906. 33° 33° (Honorary) M. A great many Grand Lodges have issued edicts against Cerneauism. in response to the welcome extended by Illustrious William Homan. J906 MOST WORSHIPFUL TOWNSEND SCUDDER GRAND MASTER OF THE GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK was then introduced by Illustrious Robert Judson Kenworthy. Y. in attendance: JAMES TEN EYCK. and I presume that our Grand Lodge will do so in the not distant future. willing that you should quote me as believing that any of our Brethren who are induced to join the Cerneau body are being imposed upon.8 THE SCOTTISH RITE HoRNELLSviLLE. N. 33°.-. The Grand Master was received with the Battery and Honors. or why they should join Cruger's lodges for $5 but Barnum has well said that the American people enjoy being humbugged. Years ago such a body was started in this city. Mr. They will sooner or later discover their mistake. .-. and expressing the determination to operation with the continue the efforts begun along the lines of education to prevent any from being misled into unity with spurious. so-called Masonic Bodies. W.-. FRANK H. May 19. 33° W. . JOHN STEWART.

" In the following year. do less than to resist this invasion of its sovereignty". have continued to confer what they call Masonic Degrees upon persons who are not Master Masons." C VERMONT. Companions. should be stripped of all his rights and privileges as such Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge. that this was an invasion of the jurisdictional rights of the Grand Lodge. can not in self-respect. then the head of the Cerneau Council. or in the protection of her undoubted rights of supremacy. C. He further directed all Masters of Lodges not to admit as visitors any person claiming to be a Free and Accepted Mason.-. L. 111. On the 10th of June. J. until Grand Lodges finally interfered with a strong hand. in a letter to J. contrary to the resolution of this Grand Lodge adopted at its last Annual Communication." THE GRAND LODGE OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Under date of Washington. He further prohibited the use of Lodge Rooms by any Bodies of the Cerneau Rite. CROSS and satisfy our TO BE SEDUCED OR LED ASTRAY THROUGH FALSE HONORS OR Brethren. HASWELL. and I hope Vermont WE ARE NOT it may DENUNCIATIONS. J.THE GERNEAU WRONQ 9 THE CERNEAU SUPREME COUNCIL IN NEW YORK ESTABLISHED SEVERAL BLUE LODGES IN J853 and in Louisiana the Cerneau Supreme Council establislied a large number. ATWOOD and JEREMY THEIR ASSOCIATES in CERNEAUISM: " Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. In 1851. 1853. and all intercourse with them forbidden. such acts being strictly forbidden. GRAND HIGH PRIEST of the GRAND CHAPTER OF VERMONT. He furthet directed Lodges to include in the test administered to persons examined as visitors the statement by such visitor that he is not a member of the Cerneau Rite. and Sir Knights in The annexed document was issued. in which he declared that any Brother of this Jurisdiction continuing his membership in any Cerneau Body renders himself liable to suspension from all the rights and privileges of Masonry. the Grand Lodge of the State of New York declared that the evidence was undoubted that the Cerneau Supreme Council had established Blue Lodges and conferred the first three Degrees of Masonry. for REPUDIATED HENRY C. . Atwood. NATHAN B. Grand Master Walworth in his address said: "Lodges instituted by Henry C. that "This Body. that Henry Atwood. and that all persons who had received their degrees under such authority should be deemed clandestine. July 25. D. 1889. therefore. either in this or any other Masonic Jurisdiction. Gourgas. who is a member of the Cerneau Rite. 33°. that "Any Lodge in this (New York) jurisdiction which shall hold its meetings in the same room with any Lodge of irregular and clandestine Masons. subjects itself to the disciplinary action of the Grand Lodge. to work in the Scottish Rite. Grand Master Harrison DiNGMAN issued an edict.

Rupp. in which it was stated that the Lodge had been denounced to the Government. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania having in 1804 granted a SymboHc Lodge at the City of Havana. 1806. Cuba. either in this or any other Masonic Jurisdiction.) OFFICE OF THE R. cheats. and you are directed to include in the recognized and Imperative test which you administer to persons examined as visitors to your Lodge. Other States have taken action against clandestine and spurious bodies for.. (I desire to acknowledge my grateful appreciation to the late Brother George P. ETC.33°. A. arriving there in November. whenever a member of any such induces a Brother to unite with him. for his painstaking transcripts of the records of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania which follow. and defrauds" him. 5889. L. a copy of which was sent to (Here follows a copy of the edict. William Hom ax . Lodge No Whereas. and that he had gone to New York. the Lodge in 1807 made returns to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania." in which Joseph Cerneau was named as Master.) 1889. D. On the twenty-first day of January. we issued the following edict. NO MASON CONNECTED WITH ANY CERNEAU BODY ALLOWED TO VISIT ANY MASONIC LODGE IN THE STATE. To THE W. and Cerneau ordered to quit the Island. and 3rou well know what that raeans. 3'our Lodge: You are hereby further instructed not to admit as a visitor to your Lodge any person claiming to be a Free and Accepted 3Iason who is a member of any body of the said clandestine Cerneau Rite. THE GRAND MASTER OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF PENNSYLVANIA. Charter to a . he "wrongs. the statement by such visitor that he is not a member of a body acknowledging . M. A.10 THE SCOTTISH RITE THE GRAND LODGE OF PENNSYLVANIA OFFICIALLY DECLARES CERNEAUISM CLANDESTINE. CERNEAUS PROHIBITED FROM MEETING IN ANY ROOMS USED BY MASONIC LODGES. Librarian of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. W. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania acted with a full knowledge of all the facts when it later went on record against Cerxeau. called "Le Temple des Vertus Th^ologales.

You will have this edict audibly read in open Lodge at the first stated meeting after it is received. It also declared CERNEAU MASONRY WITHOUT LEGAL STATUS in that jurisdiction. the Commanderies. 5889. Teller. It is the most complete presentation of the law and history of the action of Grand Lodges on this question that has been issued. and I desire especially to call the attention of the officers of this Grand Lodge to it. A. (Signed) CLIFFORD P. and it ought to be in the hands of the officers and in all the libraries of our Masonic Bodies. THE GRAND LODGE OF COLORADO DECLARED THAT NO BODIES OTHER JHAN THOSE RECOGNIZED CAN BE CONSIDERED. MASONIC IN THE STATE In 1888 the Grand Lodge of Colorado declared to be regular and duly constituted bodies." THE GRAND MASTER OF ALABAMA NOTIFIES THE MASONS OF THAT STATE THAT THE CERNEAU BODIES ARE ILLEGAL AND UN-MASONIC In 1889 the Grand Master of Alabama issued a letter of warning to the of that State. L. and copied in full on the Minutes. Given under our hand and seal. at the City of Philadelphia. Grand Chapters and General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. Grand Commanderies and Grand Encampment of Knights Templar: the Supreme Councils of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions. on the subject of Grand Lodge Sovereignty and action against Cerneauism. In 1889 it declared that no bodies other than those recognized can be considered.THE CERNEAU WRONG 11 allegiance to the said Cerneau Rite which the R. At the session of the Grand Lodge of Colorado. in any sense. the Chapters. the Councils. 1889. IN ANY SENSE. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has officially declared clandestine. September 18-19. D. W. in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 1906. A. Grand and General Grand Councils of Royal and Select Masters. having first occupied the State and having continued in occupation up to that time. . entitled to exclusive jurisdiction. notifying them that the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction is the only legitimate power of the Scottish Rite in ILLEGAL BODIES Alabama. and whose members are therefore refused admission into any Lodge of Free — and Accepted Masons. who is a Thirty-third Degree Scottish Rite Mason and Deputy for the State of New York. the eleventh dav of May. THE GRAND LODGE OF DAKOTA DECLARES CERNEAU MASONRY "WITHOUT LEGAL STATUS IN THAT JURISDICTION In 1889 the Grand Lodge of Dakota declared the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction. and all subordinates. Grand Master. said: " I have availed myself of a work on this subject by Brother William Homan. Masonic in the State. held at Denver. and that Masons THE CERNEAU ARE AND UN-MASONIC. MacCALLA. Past Grand Master Henry M.

or else the Council of Deliberation." published. not made. Through identity of interest and research along similar Hnes. No." This and subsequent articles led to correspondence with many of the prominent Masonic students throughout the world. As Deputy of the Supreme Council for the State of New York and conservator of its interests. Very truly and fraternally yours.: I My Dear Sir and Illustrious Brother: relating to the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite have received your book and the Cerneauism and I think it is the best volume on that subject by far that has ever been prepared. and think the Fraternity are indebted to you for the other clandestine organizations. N. ought to see that this book is put into the hands of every Thirty-third in the country. Brother Fellows very generously encouraged my free use of his researches. FELLOWS. The trated in saying. and I availed myself of his reports in my book "The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. and we frequently exchanged opinions. AND FROM USING ANY OF ITS ESOTERIC CEREMONIES AS MASONIC CEREMONIES IN ANY OTHER BODY THAN THOSE IT SHALL HOLD TO BE MASONIC. As Judge Fellows was Chairman of the Committee on Jurisprudence of the Grand Lodge. I brought to the attention of the members of the Rite through the published Proceedings of the Council of Deliberation for igoi the subject of "Cerneaus and other Illegitimate Bodies. I was extremely gratified by the receipt of the following letter from him: Manchester. ****** J. valuable service in this behalf." was strikingly illus- my experience with Brother Fellows. H. and of the Grand Encampof Knights Templar of the United States of America. I think the Supreme Council. N. but you have a great deal more. i West 97th Street. and have collected a lot of documents and evidence concerning it. 1905 William Homan. ment and the Grand Commandery of New Hampshire. perhaps. and that which is valuable beyond measure. and it is put into very fine style. W. New York. the Grand Chapter..12 THE SCOTTISH RITE THE GRAND LODGE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE DECLARES THAT IT HAS THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO PROHIBIT THE MASONS OF ITS OBEDIENCE FROM PRACTISING AS MASONIC ANY OTHER RITES THAN THOSE WHICH IT DECLARES TO BE MASONIC. or can in any way disprove your conclusions. Brother Fellows and I became warmly attached to each other. 1905. "Friends are discovered. I do not see how any man or men can make an answer that will approach the subject. if it is possible. Y. 33° . and I thank you very much for my copy personally. May 9. Of course you know I had been over the subject a good deal.

Wednesday. where justice to all. zealous men. that can be placed above a Grand Lodge of Masons ? Need any one its deserved masonry has long since emerged from its esoteric charmeasure. and. among whom are restless spirits. but in a certain sense without power of enforcement. Second. too many of a turbulent and vicious character. May 20. which was accepted. or symbol of any kind as a masonic ceremony belonging is to craft will not falter in the performance of the important trust placed in its hands. at the Ninety-sixth Annual Communication. and the resolutions were unanimously adopted No rite is masonic except it be founded upon symbolic masonry. It numbers a vast body of active. simply places a brother beyond the pale of recognition. Their only penalties are separation from the fraternity. either express or implied. That this Grand Lodge declares its understanding of the law powers and authority over the craft within its jurisdiction to be First. Our laws are stringent. That has the power to determine what masonry is. masonry. . or made a part of the ceremonies. either absolute or qualified.) Brother Joseph W. and if the Grand Lodge has control over such ceremonies. Third. in the City of Concord. holding a front rank in the works of civilization. Fellows presented the following report of the Committee on Jurisprudence. held at Freemasons' Hall. The institution of acter. The institution of masonry with all its bright promises and glorious history must not yield to the encroachments of unworthy ambitions or stand indifferent to the selfish conduct of those who have been honored with its endorsement. and if no rite which is masonic can be worked without in some way and to some extent by the use of symbolic ceremonies. And we Lodge hold it to be sound law that the authority of the Grand complete over the members of its obedience in the use. Our government is one of moral forces only. in a masonic point of view. That it is it the supreme authority in masonry. practice. in a Far better build its for success our society to rely upon its moral forces. tempered with charity and administered with firmness and fidelity. wherein symbolic masonry is used. or teaching of any rite or degree containing any part. but for traffic are Willing to consort with spurious and clandestine combinations. and become one of the great and powerful influences of the world. The Grand Lodge must not and fear the action of the Grand Lodge unless he has disapprobation ? Is there any tribunal on earth. and powerless unless it can be brought home to the mind and conscience of the wrong-doer. sign.THE CERNEAU WRONG 13 (Extracts from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire. in relation to its Resolved. That it has the power to decide what masonic bodies are regular. of the Grand Lodge. we are sorry to admit. 1885. and upon the united support of a faithful brotherhood. then it follows that no rite masonic can be practised without the sanction. which. The greatest punishment is expulsion from the Order. word. shown.

Fellows. They were to be observed as the Magna Charta. a Lodge was struck from the rolls for disobedience in fraternizing with those whom the Grand Lodge deemed irregular. the Grand Lodge of England declared. and from using any of its esoteric ceremonies as masonic ceremonies in any other body than those it shall hold to be masonic. H. No line of separation was drawn between Craft Masons as such and as adherents to the higher degrees. Masons Resolved. full power and authority was lodged power the in the governing grand body. That this Grand Lodge affirms the well established doctrine that it is a violation of the jurisdictional rights of any Grand Lodge or any grand body for a foreign organization of the same grade or rite to establish subordinates within the jurisdiction of such grand body.14 THE SCOTTISH RITE Fourth. and all that were needed for the protection of the craft against impostors and unfaithful members. The Landmarks were a guaranty that it would not trample upon their rights. It was deemed to have absolute control over the fraternity." In 1755. It also declared "that all alterations must be for the good of masonry. W. . Committee. or its consent obtained. Woodman. which is the supreme power in masonry. That it has the power and authority to prohibit the of Its obedience from practising as masonic any other rites than those which it declares to be masonic. they were legitimate. but by universal consent. then rapidly increasing. GRAND LODGE SOVEREIGNTY THE GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND FORMED IN 17J7 all powers which the Subordinate Lodges formation all that were requisite for the convenience and efficiency of government. "that it is not in the of any man or body of men to make any alteration or innovation in body of masonry without the consent first obtained of the Grand Lodge. and it was said that the first three degrees only were pure masonry. E." and again that nothing could be "allowed to be added to masonry which was calculated to produce disorder and interfere with the harmony of the brethren. CUMNER. was deemed at that time to have ceded in its — The Grand Lodge was created as the sole governing body and power of the craft in all things masonic. but all other powers and prerogatives were ceded to and vested in the Grand Lodge. in obedience to the imperative demand. W. but. In 1723. and it is due as well to masonic comity as to the watchful care of our own rights that all attempts of such a nature should meet with stern disapproval of this Grand Lodge.'' There had been discussion about what was lawful. No limit was set upon its authority. N. J. if the Grand Lodge recognized the higher degrees.

or abrogating them. regulating." supreme in the exercise and there is no appeal from Chase. Oliver. those under the Great Priory of Ireland (Templar). the acknowledged Constitution. of all powers not specially reserved to the Lodges decisions. . in his Grand Lodge is the governing body over the individual brothers. Lodge Dictionary of Symbolic Masonry. and deciding all matters relative to the craft. It is necessarily . in alluding to the formation Grand Lodge of England: "The Grand Lodge became what it now is. Grand Lodge Mackey'S Encyclopaedia of Masonry contains the following: "A Is invested with power and authority over all the craft within its jurisdiction. says: "The craft in all their relations to the fraternity. those under the Supreme Council (33°). judicial. Province or State has exclusive jurisdiction within such territories. and Ancient Landmarks. after the charge a bounden dut}' to perform and their power is commensurate with the trust. says: "A Grand Lodge Is the supreme' masonic authority within its jurisdiction.THE CERNBAU WRONG 15 The Grand Lodge of Ireland." The degrees recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ireland are those under the Grand Chapter." etc. repealing. formed In 1728-9. and to its decrees implicit obedience must be paid by every Lodge and Mason situate within its control. and executive. The Grand Lodge is supreme over all affairs masonic. and altering. They have a sacred — subject. It has the inherent power of investigating." Macoy of a. and by numerous cit^^tions sustains the full and unlimited authority of the Grand Lodge. or to particular Lodges. able laws of the Order. the supreme tribunal and legislature of the craft within its jurisdiction. Simons's Masonic Jurisprudence says." Again: "A Grand Lodge is a body of Masons in whom is inalienably vested the government and superintendence of the fraternity of the within its its territorial jurisdiction.. Its powers are threefold: legislative. and he who seeks to cripple it strikes a blow at the safety of the fraternity. that the Grand says. all assemblies of Freemasons in Ireland under any title whatever purporting to be miasonic and not held by virtue of a warrant or constitution from the Grand Lodge or from one of the other masonic grand bodies recognized by and acting in masonic union with it. "The principle is now well settled. Thus it will be seen that in Ireland no degrees are tolerated or permitted save those recognized by the Grand Lodge. has for many years prohibited "as unlawful. In its legislative capacity it has the power of enacting laws and regulations for the government of the craft. in his Digest of Masonic Laws. or to Dr. There It is subject only to the unchangeis no masonic authority or power above it. It is the supreme court of appeals in all masonic cases. The various authorities have spoken in unmistakable terms upon this manner Grand Lodges have been erected in nearly every State of the Mother Grand Lodge.

and the prerogative of the Grand Lodge was co-extensive with the requirements of the fraternity. its prerogative of discipline it can prerogative of mercy can bring back Lockwood in his Masonic Law and Practice uses almost the same language in describing the power of the Grand Lodge. and showing its growth and application to be commensurate with the increase of the fraternity and the wants of each successive period of their history. Patton. and holding before them the law of the craft. deriving the first declaration of the principle from the so-called Gothic Constitution. Its powers were both inherent and yielded by the Subordinate Lodges. By its imperative duty to protect and preserve pure the institution of masonry.16 THE SCOTTISH RITE Mackey (before cited) claims that the germ of this principle of supreme authority took form as far back as the assembly said to ha-\'e taken place A. 926." in his Treatise Look. D. Grand Lodge is unquestioned in all of the craft. from which there no appeal. and faithful allegiance and implicit obedience are due to it from all Subordinate Lodges and individual Masons within its jurisdiction. Knights. Mayor or Sheriff. Prerogatives which had always been vested in the craft were by the thirty-nine regulations then adopted surrendered to the Grand Lodge so that the relative position of the Grand Lodge and its subordinates became different. speaking of Grand Lodge in 1 7 1 7 says The Grand Lodge was ' . interpret It things pertaining to the ' government is It has power to make laws and them for itself and its sub- ordinates." ." Steinbrenner says "All the Grand Lodges had been constituted upon the idea that they were the heads and managers of the craft. exact obedience in the most faithful manner." and tracing the history of Grand Lodges and their powers down to the date of his estimable manner as other authors: ernment says: work. he defined them in the same broad and unmistakable "It is the one supreme power In the govof the craft in all things masonic within its jurisdiction. : ' by the fraternity for the purpose of convenience in government. and by its to masonic society those whom it has seen fit to punish. impose the strictest penalties. but others were ceded. It holds a general supervisory control of the craft. to make new laws and confirm old ones. but when the union took place it gave them a supreme power to which all could look for a wise and successful government. Its powers are plenary and absolute except as they are limited by the ancient and immutable landmarks of freemasonry. Lords. The original powers were not modified. established in his the organization of the work on Freemasonry and its Jurisprudence. and that while the York Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge of All England and the : Grand Lodge of England were asserting control over the craft." can make or annihilate Lodges. and Squires. it brought about an unfortunate state of affairs to the detriment of the fraternity. Within its jurisdiction it is the supreme masonic authority. it has the prerogative to reach its votaries wherever found. "The authority ' of the upon the Laws and Practice of Masonic Trials. By It can expel or restore brethren. finding in the old York Constitution the declaration that "the General Assembly shall consist of Masters and Fellows.

In Hughan's Masonic Slcetches and Reprints. all bodies of the same grade or rite entering later. and authorized these Bodies to use the symbolic It declared that no other bodies than degrees as a basis for their system. or to base a system on the three symbolic degrees. and under restrictions and limitations. the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction. In this country it is well known that Lodges conferred the higher degrees to some extent. sometimes the Orders of Knighthood. are Masonic. THE GRAND LODGE OF UTAH In 1889 the Grand Lodge of Utah adopted a report of its Committee on Jurisprudence declaring the Grand Lodge in sympathy with the action of the Grand Lodge of Ohio and its Grand Master. unlawful. Grand and General Grand Councils of Royal and Select Masters. and the priestly Order. the Commanderies. and no question was made of their authority in the premises. THE GRAND LODGE OF MINNESOTA AUTHORIZES THE ANQENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE TO USE THE SYMBOLIC DEGREES AS A BASIS FOR THEIR SYSTEM In 1890 the Grand Lodge of Minnesota recognized the Chapters. . THE GRAND LODGE OF NEBRASKA In 1889 the Grand Lodge of Nebraska declared the first lawfully conIt also declared stituted body in the State entitled to exclusive jurisdiction. Grand and General Grand Chapters of Royal Arch Masons. and again warrants to confer the Red Cross. the Councils. or are entitled to use its esoteric ceremonies. the best of evidence is to be found upon the subject we are considering. THE GRAND LODGE OF SOUTH CAROLINA The Grand Lodge of South Carolina took similar action. Again we find the Grand Lodge authorizing the particular Lodge to confer degrees which are now classed as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. which attempts to exercise any of these rights and privileges irregular. These warrants were issued more in England than elsewhere. and its own Lodges. and the practice ceased only when the arrangement of the different grades began to receive attention. or perhaps the Royal Arch. have been regarded in the same manner. It will thus be seen that the power and authority of the Grand Lodge in all countries where the York Rite prevails from its origin. against the unrecognized bodies. Sometimes it is the Mark degree. the Grand Commandery and Grand Encampment of Knights Templar. but several have been discovered in Scotland and Ireland.THE CERNEAU WBONO 17 We find all through the books upon the history of masonry that charters were issued by Grand Lodges authorizing the conferring of the higher degrees in various ways. but it is conclusive to the point that Grand Lodges exercised the right to govern and control the higher degrees. those named. although of a collateral application. and its Subordinate Bodies. and it declared any body not named.

Director of Maine Central Railroad Company. Lieutenant-Commander Lawrence is one of tlie five survivors tlie Fifty-seven Honored Brethren who Consummated the Union of the Supreme Councils in 1867. etc. Militia. 1S62. 1895. etc. to July 31. Trustee of Public Library. Masonic Executive and Charity Trust.. i860. 1S69. 1862. of . and Italy. since Dec. V. Supreme Council. In active service from May i.. Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. First Mayor of the City of Medford. A.Gex. M..? Grand Master. and Member of Executive Committee. since 18S4. Fifth Regiment. 1893. January 2.. 1882. to August 20. President of the Eastern Railroad Company. Grand Commander. 1864. Grand Commandery of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Southern Masonic Jurisdiction. U.. Director of Boston and Maine Railroad. 33. 18S3. Mass. Brigadier-General. to January 5. from June 10. S. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Representative of the Supreme Council. SAMUEL LAWRENCE. Puissant Grand Lieutenant Commander. etc. Member Board of Directors. 1S88-97. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Commander. 1869. 1861. from August 2. Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. 1875-76. Grand Minister of State. Supreme Council Nortliern Masonic Jurisdiction. 1894-95. iSSi. Colonel. Since 1897. to June 10. Vol. and Member of Executive Committee. C. Mass. M. Commissioner of Sinking Fund. Member Board of Trustees.

P. namely: Whereas. in this jurisdiction who shall confer. may be expelled from all the rights and privileges of Masonry. The Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the United States. respectively. — Miscellaneous this Regulations. 1883. Boston. and is hable to expvilsion. not hereinbefore recognized or admitted. The General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States The Grand Royal Arch Chapters of the several States and Territories of the United States. under the provisions of this enactment. and the Commanderies tinder their jurisdiction. The Grand Commanderies of the several States and Territories of the United States. The General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the United States. and the Councils under their jurisdiction. and Members : of the Lodges throvighout the Jurisdiction Part Fifth Sect. *** + *** *** *i|t4i Sect. any so-called Masonic degree or degrees limited to Freemasons. it admits the following named organizations to be regular and duly constituted Masonic Bodies. 24. or assist in conferring. . Grand Lodge recognizes no degrees in Masonry except those conferred under the regulations of the GRAND LODGES of the various States and Territories of the United States and the Governments throughout the world. It will ** *** be seen that. municate. comor sell. Sovereign Grand Commanders. Brother who in any way compromises himself by connection with this forbidden traffic The regulation is guilty of un-Masonic conduct. of which Henry L Palmer and Albert Pike are M. Any Mason or solicit any one to receive or apply for.THE CERNEAU WRONG 19 ACTION OF THE GRAND LODGE OF MASSACHUSETTS AGAINST SPURIOUS RITES AND DEGREES AND IRREGULAR BODIES (CALLED MASONIC) GRAND LODGE OF MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF THE GRAND MASTER. The Grand Encampment of the United States. and the various Bodies under their jurisdiction: . To the WorshipfiU Masters. The Grand Councils of Royal and Select Masters of the several States and Territories of the United States. June 29. and the Ro3ral Arch Chapters and other Bodies under their jurisdiction. 35. communicating. Wardens. a. and whereas. or selling.

"That It is the right and duty of Grand Lodges. not because they are cheap." .20 THE SCOTTISH RITE was adopted after the most careful consideration. in their Masonic Sovereignty. and recommend that the same be approved by this Grand Lodge." THE GRAND LODGE OF FLORIDA IS ' ON RECORD AS FOLLOWS ON THE CERNEAU RITE THAT THE CERNEAU RITE HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED BY THE OTHER SUPREME COUNCILS OF THE WORLD AS THE LEGITIMATE BODY OF ANY JURISDICTION. Southern Jurisdiction. the Supreme Councils of the world as the legitimate Supreme Council of the Jurisdiction for the territory which it occupies. COMING IN WHATEVER NAME OR WHATEVER GUISE. William Homan. SAMUEL to C. discord. at a Communication held October presented an exhauswith the following opinion: "That it is the business and bounden duty of such Grand Lodges to guard their Subordinates against the introduction of causes of contention and 29. if not all. 1889. which includes the State of Florida. has been recognized by very nearly. and they will prefer that the pure stream of Masonry should run through the regular channels. to clearly designate and unmistakably define what Rites are recognized. that the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 33°. IMPOSTORS OR IMPOSITION. but because they open the door to privileges of priceless value. in fraternal intercourse with the Grand Lodge of Florida. so far as we have any knowledge or information. LAWRENCE. Nickerson. and TO PROTECT THE FRATERNITY AGAINST INJURY OR INVASION. it will prove a most valuable safeguard to the Institution one to which it may owe salvation in future years. and that men should seek the degrees.) THE GRAND LODGE OF GEORGIA The Committee on Jurisprudence tive report. and what Bodies are in alliance with them in the Great Fraternal Commonwealth of which the Symbolic Grand Bodies. concluding of the GRAND LODGE OF GEORGIA. and DO NOT FIND ' We believe the edict of the action of many other WE "In many of the Grand Lodge Jurisdictions. "We further find. Intelligent and well disposed Brethren will lend no countenance to any infraction of the Grand Constitutions. and is intended to promote tlie best welfare of the Fraternity. upon information believed to be reliable. forming the base. acknowledge my gratitude "to Past Grand jMaster encouragement and support in the preparation of this . Faithfully observed. constitute an important and essential part. Recording Grand Secretary. the Masons in those Jurisdictions who belong to the Cerneau Rite are not permitted to visit. (I desire for Lawrexce work. Grand Master to be in harmony with the Grand Lodges and all regularly organized Masonry in the world. Grand Master. a particular Lodge. Sereno D. its — Yours Attest:— fraternally.

to wit The Grand Lodges of Free and Accepted Masons and Territories. OR FOR RECEIVING SUCH DEGREES. . THE GRAND LODGE OF KENTUCKY RECOGNIZED THE SUPREME COUNCILS OF THE NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN JURISDICTIONS.THE GERNEAU WRONG 21 KENTUCKY. 1889. AND IN 1888 DECLARED ANY BODIES. of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. IN 1889 IT PROVIDED EXPULSION AS THE PENALTY FOR CONFERRING THE DEGREES BY BODIES DECLARED CLANDESTINE. and The Grand Councils Territories. and The Supreme Council. The General Grand Chapter States. CLANDESTINE AND FRAUDULENT. and The Grand Commanderies The Supreme Council. of the States and Territories. 33°. 1888. 33°. or under the authority of the following Masoiiic Bodies of the United and those of corresponding rank in foreign countries recognized by or in fraternal correspondence with this Grand Lodge.' " IN 1869. of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. of Royal and Select Masters of the United of Royal and Select Masters of the States and The Grand^Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States. and The Grand Chapters ritories. of the Several States of Royal Arch Masons of the United of Royal Arch Masons of the States and Ter- The General Grand Council States. The Grand Lodge of in the following terms: Kentucky clearly defines legitimate Freemasonry "Article i6 of the Constitution says: 'This Grand Lodge of Kentucky acknowledges no degree of Masonry or Order of Knighthood to be legitimate and genuine except those conferred by States of America. INVADING THE TERRITORY OF THE SUPREME COUNCILS RECOGNIZED BY THE GRAND LODGE.

Brethren subordinate to the authority of this Grand Lodge are still selling and conferring the Cerneau and other degrees pronounced to be irregular. shall be subject. IVLelish. This Grand Lodge at its Annual Communication in October. its Territories and Dependencies. AND OUGHT NOT TO BE COUNTENANCED OR RECOGNIZED IN ANY MANNER BY BRETHREN UNDER OBEDIENCE TO THIS GRAND LODGE. or assist any one to take or apply for said degrees. and unmasonic." and commonly called the " Cerneau Rite. District of Columbia.22 THE SCOTTISH RITE THE GRAND LODGE OF OHIO. It is. ILLEGAL. 33°. 1887. " At the Session of the Grand Lodge Grand Master reported: of Ohio held in 1889. for the above transcript from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge.) . I DO XOT HOLD . That any Mason subordinate to the authority of this Grand Lodge. who are members of "The Cerneau Bodies. ordered that hereafter Masters of Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ohio shall instruct all committees sent out to examine visitors to include in the test oath the following " FURTHER3I0RE. OR ALLEGIANCE TO. Kentucky. Past Grand Master of Ohio. Be it Resolved. who shall hereafter take. Iowa. the interdicted Body within a stated time or have charges preferred against them. AND UNMASONIC. or membership in. or be present at. and are thereby violating the laws of this Grand Body. or receive. Several Grand Lodges have gone still further. to expulsion from all the rights and privileges of Masonry." has been approved by similar action in the Grand Lodges of Pennsylvania." to renounce their allegiance to. and Whereas. (I William B. therefore. or communicate. BARS THE USE OF LODGE HALLS BY SO-CALLED CERNEAU BODIES. and require all Master Masons under their immediate jurisdictions." to be " irregular. THAT HAS BEEN DECLARED CLANT»ESTINE BY THE GRAND LODGE OF OHIO. CERNEAUS NOT ADMITTED AS VISITORS IN ANY SYMBOLIC LODGE. the I am confident that it will be gratifying to members of this Grand Lodge to know that the position taken by Ohio relative to the organization calling itself "The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the United States of America.MEMBERSHIP IX. declared the bodies calling themselves "The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the United States of America. illegal. their Territories and Dependencies. Colorado. and others. to Master Masons in this Jurisdiction. AND DECLARES THEM IRREGULAR. Whereas. desire to acknowledge my thanks to 111. Oregon. Dakota." and that they "ought not to be countenanced or recognized in any manner by brethren under obedience to this Grand Lodge". therefore. AXY CERNEAU OR OTHER BODY CLAIMING TO BE MASONIC. William Homan. 33°. Utah. after due trial under the Code. or any of them.

though I have reason to suspect that efforts will be made to introduce it. While our actions on all matters should be of a very conservative character. THE GRAND LODGE OF NORTH CAROLINA IS THE SOLE CUSTODIAN OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF SYMBOLIC MASONRY IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. clandestine and interfered with the legitimate jurisdiction of the established Grand Bodies in other States. who submitted the following report. J. Wills. IN OTHER JURISDICTIONS. an atheistic Grand Body: ." At the One Hundred and 13. W. which was read and adopted: i "The Committee. and J. THE GRAND LODGE OF NORTH CAROLINA ADOPTED THE FOLLOWING RESOLUTION IN 892 J BY A UNANIMOUS VOTE: " No Lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction shall recognize or hold communication with the Cerneau body or its members.THE CERXEAU WRONG 23 NORTH CAROLINA ON CERNEAUISM. in this instance. BEEN PRODUCTIVE OF DISCORD AND DISTURBING THE tion PEACE AND HARMONY OF THE CRAFT. It has given much trouble some of our sister jurisdictions. Gudger. Now that the Grand Lodge is in session. "Cerneauism has not yet made its appearance in this grand jurisdiction. in civil one (Iowa) going so far as to invoke more substantially enforce its establishment. Creasy. I have determined to interdict it. showsa rebellious spirit. R. it should. your Committee find that the organiza- known as THE CERNEAU BODY HAS. spoke as follows concerning Annual Communication. Grand Master Annual Address. And in Ohio it has gone so far as to set up a Grand Lodge of its own^ and impudently asked the Supreme Court of the State to decide that it waa an independent body. submit the following report and referred that part of the recommendation " Whereas. and a total disregard of the very fundamental principles of Masonry. and shall discountenance the establishment of any of its branches in this Jurisdiction." This subject was referred to a Committee consisting of Brothers A. in his CERNEAUISM. 1892. S. held January Hezekiah A. ter's to whom was Address relating to Grand MasCerneauism. Gaskill. " Whereas. I present the question to you for in consideration IN MY JUDGMENT. Such conduct is reprehensible in the extreme. "In the absence of Grand Lodge action. be firm and decided. After investigation. and. THIS GRAND LODGE SHOULD EMPHATICALLY CONDEMN IT. and has held communication with the Grand Orient of France. at Fifth the City of Raleigh. and IT the assistance of the courts to SHOULD BE MADE A MASONIC OFFENSE FOB ANY MASTER MASON TO JOIN THEM.

as the only true Masons. • . and to the institution in general. B/. 111. if we should become so lax in the performance of our duty that clandestine Masons should be able to fraternize with us. and have succeeded in enrolling in their ranks men who are entirely ignorant of the facts. .24 THE SCOTTISH RITE " Therefore. William Homan. when he is unable to conclusively prove his right to do so. Inspector-General for North Carolina. no stranger applying for the privilege of visitation should be admitted into any Lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction until he has first shown beyond question that he is a lawful Mason. * . No material injury can be done to the stranger who claims to be a Mason and desires to visit a Lodge. 33°. B.'." "I body of ( I TILER'S O/. J905. . Jr. and enjoy those benefits and privileges which belong to only those who have been lawfully made. Wills. A. . and honestly believe themselves It has frequently happened within the past two years that some of these clandestine Masons have attempted to visit our Lodges because of their belief that they were regular and entitled to do so. Andrews. so that the Craft in this Grand Jurisdiction might not be further imposed upon in this manner. CLANDESTINE MASONRY. and clandestine Lodges are springing up in almost every Grand The present promoters of clandestine Masonry are posing Jurisdiction. These considerations caused the Grand Secretary and myself to procure and forward to each Lodge a list of all lawful Lodges.' Arthur of the and of to M. Your Committee respectfully recommend the adoption of the following resolution: "NO LODGE IN THIS GRAND JURISDICTION SHALL RECOGNIZE OR HOLD COMMUNICATION WITH THE CERNEAU BODY OR ITS MEMBERS. W.'.'.) CONNECTICUT. tlie so-called CERNEAU SCOTTISH RITE. Cortland. nor can he justly complain if refused that privilege. and entitled to sit therein. E. to be lawful Masons. member of. 33°. SAFEGUARDS URGED AGAINST THE ADMISSION OF CLANDESTINE MASONS. EXTRACT FROM ANNUAL ADDRESS OF M W GEORGE PARSONS. GRAND MASTER OF CONNECTICUT.. but great injury might be done to the Lodge in question." desire to acknowledge my indebtedness for the foregoing to am not a any- 111. J. In good standing. To the above end. "Self-preservation is the first law of nature. in other cases it has been attempted by those who knew they were clandestine. or in communication with. 33°. J. Clandestine Masonry is rearing its serpent head in our midst as never before. of Grand Master Grand Council Royal and Select Masters North Carolina. JANUARY 18. its and shall discountenance the establishment of any of branches in this jurisdiction. I." and each Lodge owes a greater debt to itself and to the Fraternity at large than it does to the stranger who desires to visit it.

It is hereby declared that any Mason who is hereafter . spurious or clandestine. whether called the Rite of Memphis. and what bodies are fraudulent. admitted in this Jurisdiction into any other orders. or by any other name. The General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the several States and Territories of the United States. and the governments tliroughout the world. . DEFINED LEGITIMATE MASONIC BODIES. CLEARLY AND DECLARED I90J. THE GRAND LODGE OF LOUISIANA DECLARED THE CERNEAU SUPREME COUNCIL AND ALL BODIES HOLDING UNDER THEM ILLEGITIMATE In 1885 the Grand Lodge of Louisiana asserted its right to ascertain and declare what bodies claiming to be Masonic are really Masonic. as Masonic. THAT BRETHREN UNITING WITH OTHER BODIES CLAIMING TO BE MASONIC ARE ACTING UNMASONICALLY. Resolved. REGULAR AND DULY CONSTITUTED MASONIC BODIES. That this Grand Lodge recognizes no Degrees of Masonry except "those conferred under the regulations of the Grand Lodges of the various States and Territories of the United States. and the various bodies under their jurisdiction. and the Royal Arch Chapters and other bodies under their jurisdiction. In 1890 it declared the Cerneau Supreme Councils and all bodies holding under them illegitimate. Now. therefore. The General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States the Grand Royal Arch Chapters of the several States and Territories of the United States. The Grand Encampment of the United States the Grand Commanderies of the several States and Territories of the United States. 35a.THE CEBNEAU WRONa 25 IDAHO. and. and the Councils under their jurisdiction. Whereas. IN SEPTEMBER. It and dul)' constituted admits the following-named organizations to be regular Masonic Bodies. The Supreme Councils of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the United States. and against the advice and consent of this Grand Lodge. and not entitled to be recognized in any manner whatever. and the Commanderies under their jurisdiction. AND AGAINST THE ADVICE AND CONSENT OF THIS GRAND LODGE. is acting unmasonically. namely: . THE GRAND LODGE OF IDAHO.

to be DUTIES OF ARTICLE Section 3. William Homan.26 THE SCOTTISH RITE OREGON. and all intercourse with or recognition of them or any fessing to of them is prohibited. as reported by the Lodges of this jurisdiction. and The Active Inspector-General of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Oregon for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. are declared to be clandestine. 2 OF THE BY-LAWS. of Oregon. This Grand Lodge is the only source of authority. Ore. association. Paragraph 13. S. Xo Lodge shall recognize any body purporting Masonic body that is not recognized by this Grand Lodge. or dropped from the rolls. He shall quarter-yearly certify to of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Oregon. within the State of Oregon. Knights Templar. OF PROHIBITION. Master of Kadosh. The Grand Commander and the Grand Commandery. expelled. powers. Section 1. the names of all Master Masons suspended. parties. Section 5. and exercises exclusive jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to Ancient Craft Masonry in the State of Oregon. or dropped from the rolls. not derived from this Grand Lodge. or privileges in Ancient Craft ilasonry.Malcolm. ARTICLE a J2. expelled. Any organization. ARTICLE 9. 33°. (I desire to acknowledge my indebtedness to Illustrious P. Portland. or persons prohave any authority. 33°. and directs the Grand Secretary to certify to the Active Inspector-General of the Scottish Rite the names of all Master Masons suspended. The Grand High Priest GRAND SECRETARY.) . Section 2. The Grand Lodge of Oregon asserts exclusive jurisdiction and complete authority over 3Iasonry in that State. The following are extracts from the Constitution and By-laws Grand Lodge of Oregon: of the SOVEREIGNTY AND JURISDICTION.

receiving. and which admits none except Master Masons. ^:f." LEGISLATION HAD BY THE M. The Grand Lodge of Iowa is the sole proprietor of the whole system of Symbolic Masonry in the state of Iowa. We find that in 1888 the Grand Master of Pennsylvania issued an edict declaring it inconsistent with the duty of the brethren to seek or retain membership in the Cerneau organization. and styling itself "The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the United States of America.THE CERNEAU WRONG 27 THE GRAND LODGE OF IOWA LEGITIMATE VS. HELD JUNE 4-6. and its influences having spread and assumed such proportions as to make it seem to me a matter of duty to bring it to your attention. . are unaninaously agreed that this Grand Lodge has the undoubted power and the right to legislate upon this question. passed a resolution providing for the expulsion of any member taking. . after mature consideration. with a view of invoking such action as may serve to protect our subordinates. IOWA. I now do so. of a body claiming to be Masonic. We find that the Grand Lodge of Ohio." And by . and the brethren holding membership from the evil results which are likely to ensue. The Grand Lodges of South Carolina and Utah have taken action declaring themselves in sympathy with the action of the Grand Lodge of Ohio in this matter. their Territories and Dependencies. But the committee. in this jurisdiction. Symbolic Masonry is the foundation upon which Royal Arch Masons. I refer to the introduction and spread. Knights Templar. GRAND LODGE OF IOWA. 1 880 he communicated to the Masonic authorities of Iowa an order providing that "No Freemason of any Masonic jurisdiction who belongs to the Cerneau Rite is permitted to visit a subordinate lodge in the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. in 1888.^ The next inquiry question is. It is the only foundation upon which any Masonic structure can be erected in the state of Iowa." commonly known as the "Cerneau" body of that rite.-. and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons all rest.^^^ legislation. [Extract from Grand Master's Address. AT ITS 46TH ANNUAL COMMUNICATION. Grand . And that in April. is necessary to meet the It will be claimed by some of the brethren that this Grand Lodge has no power to legislate upon or deal with this question in an}' manner whatever. and to maintain and preserve that peace and harmony among the craft which should always characterize a fraternity founded upon the principles of brotherly love.] IMPENDING DANGER An element of discord and disturbance among tiie brethren having arisen in our midst. 1889. resolution of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. CLANDESTINE "SCOTTISH RITE MASONRY. or communicating the Cerneau or other degrees declared to be irregular. ^^:(: what if any.W. and providing that brethren who have or may associate therewith should be liable to penalties. the edicts of the Master are declared to have the authority of Masonic law. therein. AT SIOUX CITY. and upon all other questions that aflfect the welfare of this Grand Body or of the craft in Iowa.

simple. and easily understood. 20. A. yield a like obedience to its mandates. as set forth in this Edict. D. and each of you." Upon me.28 THE SCOTTISH RITE The Grand Lodge of Kentucky in 1888 adopted a regulation recognizing tlie Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction and of the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States. and regulations of the Grand Lodge. Knoxville. and impose upon you and me. emphatic. NOR DO WE FIND THAT ANY SUCH QRAND LODGE OR GRAND MASTER HAS TAKEN ANY ACTION TO PROHIBIT OR PREVENT THE CONFERRING OF THE SCOTTISH RITE DEGREES BY THE SUPREME COUNCILS OF EITHER THE SOUTHERN OR NORTHERN JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES. held at Sioux City. M. of all the Lodges within the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful. you. The constitution declares that all questions coming before the Grand Lodge for action shall be determined by a majority vote. the Grand Lodge of Iowa. was. The action had. and all the Masons of Iowa. & A. I. their statements are plain." The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1883 adopted a resolution admitting the Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Bite for the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the United States to be regular and duly constituted Masonic bodies. Office of the Grand Master. rules. WE DO NOT FIND THAT ANY QRAND LODGE OF THE UNITED STATES OR ELSEWHERE. is imposed the further duty of seeing that the laws and regulations of the Grand Lodge are duly and strictly enforced. determined by a very large majority vote. This Report and Resolutions give no uncertain sound. and A. LODGE OF IOWA. A. as the Chief Executive Officer of the Grand Lodge. and made a part of this Edict. by these resolutions. 1889. From these sworn duties none of us can swerve or turn aside without proving ourselves recreant to every trust. F. after a full and patient hearing and discussion. M. To THE Worshipful Masters. a duty that of implicit obedience. I shall not shirk the responsibility imposed upon me. when the law is made known to them. and also declared that "any bodies invading the territory of the Supreme Councils recognized by this Grand Lodge are clandestine and fraudulent. June A. will find a duly certified transcript of the action at its recent and findings of the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. OR ANY QRAND MASTER. HAS EVER RECOGNIZED THE CERNEAU BODY OF THE SCOTTISH RITE AS LEGITIMATE OR DULY CONSTITUTED. June 4-6 inst. under our solemn obligations to "Stand to and abide by all the laws. . F. Accompanying. GRAND EDICT NO. as your chosen Grand Master. Nor can I for a moment doubt that each and all of the Masons of Iowa will. Senior and Junior Wardens.

". I do hereby declare all such bodies of Cerneau Masons in Iowa irregularly. Under and by virtue of this law.-. illegally. and to report to me promptly every known violation thereof and your doings in the premises. and by virtue of the authority in me vested as your Grand Master. by the Masons of Iowa. by this Grand Lodge as having exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Iowa. & A/. 5889. at home or abroad. Given under my hand and seal. The Third Resolution forbids the conferring. To the end that all set forth. & A. Scottish Rite Masonry.] Grand Master. at my office in Knoxville. and command you to see that no such illegal bodies occupy the halls used and occupied by the Lodges of this Jurisdiction. upon you. have until the next Annual Communication of this Grand Lodge within which to withdraw and sever their connection with such Cerneau Bodies. 1889." and forbids them to occupy this Territorial Jurisdiction. A.'. to strictly enforce thrsfaw. let me fraternally and kindly advise each and all such to do so at once. Scottish Rite. And here let it be understood that this and all the provisions of these Resolutions apply to all non-afflliated as well as affiliated Masons residing in the Jurisdiction of Iowa. and unmasonically established this territory having been preoccupied by the bodies of the Rite of the "Supreme Council of the A. to be signed the members may be informed of the matters herein Order that this EDICT be audibly read in open lodge at the first meeting held after its receipt. as tending much to restore that peace and harmony so essential to the best interests of of Masonry in general and the Grand Lodge Iowa in particular. the executive officer of your Lodge. and returned to me by those who obey the law. At an early day blank certificates of "Withdrawal" will be forwarded. — I further forbid. it is my my indebtedness to 111.) . and the action taken by the Grand Lodge in the premises. As loyalty and obedience are among the fundamental tenets and the first lessons inculcated in Masonry. I shall expect from every Iowa Mason a hearty and cheerful compliance with this Edict. A. or received their degrees from any of its officers. (Signed) Jas. Bro/.*. Parvin for ( I desire to acknowledge Proceedings of Grand Lodge of Iowa from which above extracts were made. Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. While by the provision of the law (Resolution Fourth) all those who I And especially^enjoin prior to the close of the last session became members of any of the Cerneau bodies in Iowa. Scottish Rite. [Seal. this twentieth (20th) day of June. & A. from any body or member of the Cerneau organization. William Homan. L. 33°. or the taking. D.'. and now. and by virtue of the Fifth Resolution aforesaid." duly and officially recognized heretofore.". as proof of their compliance with the requirements of the Fourth Resolution aforesaid. Gamble. D. or the receiving of any of the degrees of said Cerneau body of the A.THE CERNEAU WRONG 29 By the second Resolution the Grand Lodge refused to recognize the " Cerneau Bodies of the A. or the communicating.

October 18. 1891. 1847. 33° SOVEKEIGX GRAND C'OMM.. Raised in Evening Star Lodge. Y. 75. 18SS. and 1906. Worshipful Master of Evening Star Lodge. elected September 17. Pa. No. 75. 1897. iSjg. 1846.. March 10. No. Hon. Born at Mount Pleasant. . V ) The " Grand Old Man " of Freemasonry. N. 1848. West Troy. N. 1819. and re-elected unanimously at the Triennial Sessions 1S82. 1900. 1845. 1903. 1841. 1885. henry L PALMER.\NI>EK OF THE SUPREME COUNCIL FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OP AMERICA.( ['y courtesy of the Scottish Rite Bodies of tlie Valley of Rochester. 1894.

of West Troy. 1871. Frosty. . N. Born at Mount Pleasant. and 1848. Sovereign Grand Commander ol the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. 1819. Wis. Grand Commander of the Grand Comniandery of Knights • Templar of Wisconsin. Illustrious Brother Henry L Palmer. and A. Pa. adoption His popularity with the Masonic Fraternity in the State of his may be judged by the remarkable record of official prominence there achieved Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin. The Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of New York for 1848 and 1849 contain the records of Worshipful Brother Palmer's impress upon the stirring events in those troublous times. 33°. 33° "Therefore my age is as a lusty winter. Y. Brother Palmer was Worshipful Master of Evening Star Lodge in 1845. M.THE CERNEAV WRONG 31 Hon.'' Having filled the highest official position in every branch of Freemasonry. but kindly. and he is the oldest living Past Master of any Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New York. may well be regarded after sixty-six years of uninterrupted Masonic activity as the foremost Freemason in the world to-day. To his clear head and loyalty was largely due the peace that the State of followed.. October 18. Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. 1853.. where as soon as he had reached his majority his application was presented for membership in Evening Star Lodge. 1841. 1847. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Wisconsin. 1846. HENRY L PALMER. 1865 to 1868. 1858 to 1865 inclusive. he removed to West Troy. Y. technically deprives him of official recognition as Dean of the Past Masters of the State of New York. in 1849... Brother Palmer was admitted to the Bar in the State of New York as a very young man. N. 1858 and 1859 Grand Master of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin in 1853 and 1864. from 1879 to the present time (1907). in which he was made a Master Mason on March 10. 75. His removal to Milwaukee. F.. 1852. No. and established himself in the practice of the law when he chose Milwaukee as his home in 1849. and 1872.

Chili. Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. Portugal. He was 1868. Switzerland. Scotland. Brazil. Italy. and 1873. Peru. and served as a member of the Wisconsin Assembly in 1853. etc. France. 1862. . of. and again in 1862. United States Colon for Cuba. Uruguay. i860. which he resigned to become President of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee. office GRAND COMMANDER PALMER IS ONE OF THE 5 SURVIVORS OF J THE FIFTY-SEVEN HONORED BRETHREN WHO CONSUMMATED THE UNION OF 867 WHEN THE PREVIOUSLY UNITED CERNEAU-RAYMOND COUNCIL WAS AMALGAMATED WITH THE SUPREME COUNCIL FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION ONE AND ONLY ONE GOVERNING BODY FORMING THE PRESENT SUPREME COUNCIL. Colombia. in 1874. Paraguay. Belgium. Canada. Venezuela. THE IN THIS TERRITORY THE SUPREME COUNCIL FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SUPREME COUNCILS OF THE ANQENT ACCEPTED IN SCOTTISH RITE RELATIONS OF AMITY WITH THE SUPREME COUNQL FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Argentine Republic.32 THE SCOTTISH RITE He became interested in politics. England. having served the company as a Trustee from 1858.. He was chosen Speaker of the Assembly in 1853. Wales. Wis. a member of the Wisconsin State Senate in 1867 and Brother Palmer was elected County Judge in 1873. Ireland. Mexico. Central America (Guatemala).

the Scottish Rite passed through exactly the same experiences as did the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. Judge John L. ship on the Masons As the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite draws for its membermade in Symbolic Lodges. the soul of honor. Grand Lodge Proper. between the theretofore existing Supreme Councils in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. and as most of the Brethren prominent in the Grand Lodge were also actively interit is ested in the Scottish Rite. Phillips Grand Lodge. kindly disposition. He was of a conciliatory. and a Freemason "Sans peur et sans reproche. which was split up into numerous conflicting Grand Lodges by continuous factional contentions from 1823 to 1858. St." under whose inspiration negotiations for the settlement of the between the various factions were brought to an honorable conclusion in 1858. 1867. broad-minded. when the present Grand Lodge of the State ol New York was formed. each of which claimed jurisdiction in this territory to the discomfiture of the other. Grand Lodge In 1856. FOR 33° THE NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the result of a solemn Treaty of Union entered into. In this respect. declining re-election in i860.THE CERNEAU WRONG 33 THE SUPREME COUNCIL. but natural that the differences originating in one branch should be carried into the other. differences . Country Grand Lodge. and Brother Lewis continued as Grand Master during 1858 and 1859. John's Grand Lodge. in May. Second St. John's Grand Lodge. City At different times these schismatic Grand Lodges were united with the regular Grand Lodge. when the Between those years there arose and flourished for a time The The The The The The Grand Lodge. present Grand Lodge was formed. Lewis became Grand Master of the of the State of New York.

eminently qualified him to act as peacemaker in the adjustment of the terms of an honorable consolidation of the conflicting Supreme Councils into one united Supreme Council. with its Grand East in the City of New York. Rite for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United The M. in bringing which Brother John L. by a solemn Treaty of Union between the Supreme Councils commanded by Edmund B. In 1867. I now quote from the ripe experience The PROCEEDINGS OF THE UNITED SUPREME COUNCIL. 1862. Van Rensselaer and John L. the Body taking the name of "The Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the United States of America. and Edward A. Bros. Grand Commander of that Supreme Council. Lewis had gained about the union of the schismatic St.34 THE SCOTTISH RITE On June 5.-. ^7. H. Brothers K. 1867 J Grand Inspectors General attached to the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction 33°." with Edmund as B. S. Lewis. its Territories and Dependencies. Commander then adStates of America.Sov. MAY 7. Hays and Edward A. of which Killian H. P. Simon W. and on June 16. Mass. Lewis. Honorary. Lewis. John's Grand Lodge with the regular Grand Lodge of the State of New York but a few years before.'. resigned. the last Grand Commanders of the two Supreme . being assembled in Council Chamber. 1863. and after taking the Oath of Fealty was declared Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of A. he was created an Inspector-General. . Peace negotiations had long been in progress between the Cerfor the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States. Van Rensselaer and John L. Van Rensselaer was Grand Commander.Gr. ministered the Oath of Fealty to 111. Thus the Cerneau Supreme Council was then merged beyond the power of any combination of lnspectors=Qeneral to revive it. Raymond. Robinson.. Illustrious brethren Sovereign "The introduced by 111. BOSTON.. he was crowned an Active Member of the newly united Cerneau°Rayniond Supreme Council. Illustrious Josiah H. Hays as Grand Commander. and was succeeded by John L. of the United States. K. which was formed February 7. Drummond was Councils heretofore claiming jurisdiction. 1863. Raymond Deputy Grand Commander. A. with its Grand East at neau-Raymond Council and the Supreme Council Boston. H.".

33°. through The The The The Grand Lodge of the State op New York. The expense was borne.THE CERNBAU WRONG Before taking the obligation. I had the distinguished honor to serve on the Monument Committee.-. and as a student of Masonic . 35 Bro. P. 111. Masonic Jurisdiction 1867. 33°. there is a memorial to Brother John L. and the very distinguished honors that had been conferred on him by the 111. Grand Commandery of the State of New York. LEWIS. Lewis addressed the Brethren. Com.-. 33°.'. Supreme Council.: Q. Grand Chapter of the 'State of New York. for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. The Great Masonic Peacemaker. and formation of the present Supreme Council.History I will ever regard the monument as a fitting memorial to As a member ILLUSTRIOUS BROTHER JQHN Would anybody dare propose of L." In the quiet little churchyard at Penn Yan. Brethren. and ROBINSON of which>he was the custodian by virtue to of being their direct successor. S. . of this enduring monument equal contributions of about $500 each. and to use his best efforts harmony and perpetuity. New York that the Grand Lodge of the State reconsider the negotiations resulting in the Union under which it now exists? Nobody has the right to question the validity of the results accomplished by practically the same individuals^ actuated by substantially the same motives.-. N. Y. M. of the Supreme Council. all of which he now with pleasure resigned. pledging himself henceforth for its know but the one governing Body for this Jurisdiction. giving them a account of his connection with the Rite. for the Northern of the United States of America in May.-.. Lewis. laying upon that Altar before which he was about to kneel.*.-. It is an obelisk of Barre thirty -three feet high. by granite. for an honorable peace in the of 1858 IT IS AN UNWARRANTED VIOLATION OF THE PRINCIPLE OF "RES ADJUDICATA" TO SUGGEST A REOPENING OF THE SUBJECT AT THIS OR ANY OTHER TIME IN THE FUTURE. all authority theretofore claimed by the Illustrious Brothers and the CERNEAU CLINTON ATWOOD RAYMOND HAYS. brief III.

for Belgium. 1895. Honorary Member of the Supreme Council. for the State of New York. 33°. 19. Honorary Member of the Supreme Council. September Deputy of the Supreme Council. 33®. for Brazil. Etc. for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America.Crowned Active Member for the of the Supreme Council. Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. 33°. Etc. Representative of the Supreme Council. 33**. Representative of the Supreme Council. for Mexico. 33°... . 33"*. Etc.

before which he was about to kneel. W. which also yielded its separate existence by that act of consolidation on the 7th of when February. giving them an account of his connection with the Rite. . John L. and M.THE CERNEAU WRONG 37 SUMMARY The Cerneau Council ceased to exist as a separate organization it united with the Raymond Body. After several years of negotiations between it and the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. was Grand Commander. amalgamation The highest Tribunal had passed upon the question before the terms were finally agreed to by the parties at interest. and the very distinguished honors that had been conferred on him. of these Supreme Councils was accomplished on May 17. all of which he now with pleasure resigned. before assuming the Oath of Fealty to the United Supreme Council. ^i''. all authority . AN UNWARRANTED VIOLATION OF THE PRINCIPLE OF " RE5 ADJUDICATA" TO SUGGEST A REOPENING OF THE SUBJECT AT THIS OR ANY OTHER TIME IN THE IT IS FUTURE. eminent as a Judge. of which Illustrious Brother Killian H. honored as a Mason. theretofore claimed by the Illustrious Brothers CERNEAU CLINTON ATWOOD RAYMOND HAYS of and ROBINSON which he was the custodian by virtue of successor. addressed his peers. and the identity of all the theretofore separate Supreme Councils in this territory was completely lost in the process of fusion. Lewis. 1863. 1867. laying upon that Altar. pledging himself henceforth to for Its know but being their direct the one efforts governing Body for this Jurisdiction. Van Rensselaer.'. and to use his best harmony and perpetuity.

when the present Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America was formed by amalgamating the conflicting Supreme Councils theretofore existing. Deputy for the State of New York. for the Rite. Any Freemason become identified with the Scottish Rite in this Jurisdiction.38 . as it would be to go back of the conclusion of peace after the termination Scottish Rite of the civil Confederate war to money justify a in merchant in declining to accept payment for merchandise to=day. will appl}' to any other than the Bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. its contents can not offend any desiring to who desire that right may prevail. To those who Love the Light. or any Freemason now connected with any clandestine rite who does not sever his connection therewith. To those who Seek the Light. THE SCOTTISH RITE said or written about the Whatever may be so-called Cemeau or any Bodies in this territory. after reading this book. other than those acknowledging allegiance to the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of Am. this As I have dedicated work To those who Need the Light. is untrue to the principles of Freemasonry as laid down by the Grand Lodges. and merits the ostracism imposed upon him as a penalty. who. .erica. Yours. it is as unnecessary for us to go back of the Union of 1867.

of Albany. 1779. Masters Lodge. and A. 5). N. Y. 1870.) . W. 1773. 1778. Thrice Potent Grand Master of Ineffable and Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection. 1871. M. N. W. 1769. Worshipful Master. MARCH. James Ten Eyck. 1777. Born 173s. in the possession of M.'.-. died THE FIRST DEPUTY GRAND INSPECTOR APPOINTED IN NORTH AMERICA. Ineffable Thrice Potent Grand Master of of Perfection. Past Grand Master. Y. 33°. 2 (now No. 1769. and 1873.'. Dr. in 1768. 1770 to 1774..Dr.'. 1869.. UNDER WARRANT FROM HENRY ANDREW FRANCKEN. SAMUEL STRINGER. Brother Ten Eyck. and 1780. No. 1770. and Sublime Grand Lodge (From the painting 1774.. of Albany. 1771. 1817. 1872. F. Stringer was the great-grandfather of the wife of M.


New York City. H.. Wedel. Julius D. NiEtgara. Hotchkiss.. Walker. 33° Herbert Consistories. Albany Central City. Utica. 32° John B.Sjracuse Aurora Grata.. Francis S. Ithaca. 32" Loudon. Cheney. Rochester . Coon. 4° to Ineifeblc. " Utica Olean. 32° Martin Southeron.. Corning.Arthur E. Chamberlin.! . Buffalo r John Lloyd Thomas. Dennison. . Theodore P. 33° Clive Crosby. Rochester.. 33° Rollin W. Central City.Rev. Crabbs. Binghamton Rochester.. Rochester. Norwood Olean. 32° Omar A. Buffalo. Corning Delta. Harry C. New York 14°. Jamestown Cliapters of Cantine.. Clean Ogdensburg.. Barber. Francis G. 32' Joseph V. Hungerford Warren J. Moore. Rochester Coming. Davis. Carlisle . Binghamton. Palmoni.Joseph C. Bong. Councils of Princes of Jerusalem. . Yah-Nun-Dah-Sis. 33° 33" 33° 33° 33'* 3a 33 33° . Syracuse New York New John McMillan. Watertown Lawrence. Trov Yah-Nun-D'ah-Sis. Binghamton Rochester. 19" to 33*. Coming Palmoni. Albany. 32° W. T. Niagara Falls.-. Griffith.Shelden B. Warren. Calkin. Henry Dumary. Luscomb. T.. Buffalo. Blecher. 32° . 33* 32* 32" 32° 33* 32" 33* ^a* 32" 32° 32° . Watertown. J. York. 32* . Syracuse Otseningo. William S. WUiam H. 32" John E._. 32° George E. 33* Truman S. -Cental City. Young. Jr.Scottish Rite Bodies in the State of Lodges of Perfection. . 17" and 18°. J. 31* Rose Croix. 32" Wiliiam H. New York City> New York Walter W. 32" . . Cpming. Chamberlin. Corning Aurora Grata. 3a' William H. Buffalo Ogdensburg. Pritchard. Edward B. Hatch. Blackburn." Aurora Grata. 31" Albany. . St. 33" . Brooklyn Otseningo. Central City. Brooklyn Otseningo.John P. Meeker. Brooklyn Otseningo. 33* Gardner J. 32" Albany. 32* George L. 32° William Mathews. Glean Cortland. Syracuse Aurora Grata. New York. George Fobes. William Finder. New York. 33° Joseph McKay. Charles H. Ireland. Theodore M. Troy Yah-Nuu-Dah-Sis. Lewis R. : . City. Henry Dumary. Henry W. Baker. Presiding OfQcers.. Wilmuth E. Albany Sovereign. Buffalo Delta. New York City. Cgming. Farmer. Hahle.George E. Brooklyn Buffalo. Utica Germania. Binghamton Rochester.' Rochester. Lippitt. Smith. Watertown " Lewis Middletpn. Hume. Hine. Troy . Watertown E. 32° Martin H. Jamestown. Delta. . Cortland Ithaca. Albany. Ward. Shaw. Jamestown. 33" Harry W.. Broadhead. 15" and 16". . 32* Luzerne Coville. Mather. 32° Christopher M. Deal.Lewis J. Rochester Corning. 33° . sa" . Jamestown. Grand Council.. .

33° George O. John C. .'. . Captain of Guard. 33° George M. .Deputy for Michigarij.'. C. 33°. Balding. . 33° Deputy for Pennsylvania.. 33°. Marshal-General. 33° Robert Judson Kenworthy._. Master-General of Ceremonies. . Deputy .Gr. 33°. Hutchinson. 33° Solon W. .Gr. . Currier.Deputy for Vermont. 33° George W. E.Deputy for Maine. 33° 33°. 33° Theodore H.'.'. Shirrefs.Deputy for Massachusetts. Barton Smith. Organist. Newton D. 33° . Arnold. Gr. William C. Amos Pettibone.'.Marshal 33". ^ . P. . Gallagher. Charles C. . Balding. the the the Camp. 33°.- .'. of of of of the^Cmnp.\ . New York. 33° 33° Barton Smith. Henry L Palmer. . Gr. Perkins. 33° Charles T.'. 33° Newton D. ^ Nicholas Coulson. . 33°. Hugh McCurdy.\ 33° P. New York Deputy for New York. Camp. Shirrefs. James Isaac Buchanan. Henry L Palmer. . Charles C. William Homan. 33° Gr. Samuel C. Hutchinson. : i: Deputy for Indiana. ...' . 33°.'. Standard-Bearer^ . Codding. MASSACHUSETTS J906-J909 OFFICERS. • . Kenyon. Robert A. 33° . .. . D. Stevens.Deputy for lUinots. 33° Marsh O. Minister of State. Seneschal. 33" Samuel TRUSTEES OF PERMANENT FUND.Gr. > . Prior.:. Lawrence. . Josiah L. William P. Tyler.'. Robert A. Melish. Charles C.'.: Secretary-General H.\ Treasurer-General H. Arnold.\ Keeper of the Archives. Gr. 33° ^ William Geake. Hubbard.. 33° 299 Broadway (Room 617). E. Gr. Gr. Kenny. . 33° . George H.. . 33" Hutchinson. . for Wisconsin. 33°. Almoner.\ Lieutenant Commander. • Marshal Marshal Marshal . Mason.\ Commander. 33° . 33° Thomas E.Deputy for New Jersey. Moulton. 33° Mr. Gr. . Daniel W. 33° Sov.'. Affleck. . Camp.Deputy for New Hampshire. 33° William Geake. .Deputy for Ohio. Emmons Stephen D. . Gr.\ James H.\ Gr. . 33° William B. 33°.D. Master of Transportation.Gr. Seward. Lawrence. ' THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF Sovereign Grand Inspectors-General of the Thirty-third and Last Degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry FOR THE NORTHERN MASONIC : JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GRAND EAST BOSTON.'. West 97th Street. Smith. Gr. Deputy for Connecticut. 33" Deputy for Rhode Island. Rev.'. Gr. Lawrbnce.. Charles L. . Thomas E.

3 1924 030 324 887 oiin.H76 The Scottish Rite and the Cerneau wrong.Cornell University Library HS766 .anx .

X^.j-*'*©' '^i^i-Jk:^ 't^'l^^ ii. .

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