Nathalie Dagmang 2010-24702 BFA Sculpture The Travelling X (Map on how to get lost) The task given

was to make a 3d map on how to get lost. Personally, i get the feeling of being lost whenever I make goals where I need to arrive at but hesitate when I come close to them, making me change the location of my goals again and again until I get confused and have nowhere to go. To execute this idea in 3d form, I decided to make use of my natural physical surroundings and imagined it to be an actual map. Maps are usually marked with a red X, so, assuming that the map is the 2-dimensional translation of the 3D world, I made use of a 3D version of the map’s X and pl aced it in random places. For each location, I took a picture of the X in its surroundings and then transported it immediately to another location. The red X is built out of wood and cloth, and is constructed in such a way that it becomes collapsible and portable. This implies the collapsible and “portable” nature of goals/destinations that makes changing goals easier for an individual. The photographs serve as documentations of how the X travels along possible destinations, and how it is left there without being conquered. For this plate, I wanted the process to take part in the meaning of the work, not just the work itself. The process of collapsing, transporting, and taking photographs constructed the meaning of the work and illustrated the experience of changing goals/destinations.

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