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Measuring and encapsulating brand and endorsers personality

The motif behind total branding may be decoded as an attempt to amalgamate diverse activities to win customer preference. To this context, the topic Impact of celebrity endorsement on overall brand is a significant one. The crescendo of celebrities endorsing brands has been steadily increasing over the past years. Marketers overtly acknowledge the power of celebrities in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. It is a ubiquitously accepted fact that celebrity endorsement can bestow special attributes upon a product that it may have lacked otherwise. But everything is not hunky-dory; celebrities are after all mere mortals made of flesh and blood like us. If a celebrity can aggrandize the merits of a brand, he or she can also exacerbate the image of a brand. Since 1997, literature and research on the concept of brand personality have been gaining importance. Advertisers and marketing practitioners have been the first ones to coin the term brand personality, well before the academics studied and accepted the concept. The use of famous people and their personalities helps marketers position their brands and can even seduce consumers who identify themselves with these stars. Today celebrity endorsement has attracted immense debate on whether it really contributes to the brand building process or whether it is just another lazy tool to make brand more visible in the minds of the consumers. It has been observed that the presence of a well known personality helps in solving the problem of over communication that is becoming more prominent these days. In this paper we try to measure and encapsulate the brand and endorsers personality.

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