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DataWarehousing Concepts
This instructor-led course provides the basic skills and knowledge towards Datawarehousing concepts. All basic concepts related to Datawarehousing is covered in this course. Pre-requisites: Good working knowledge of SQL Good knowledge of Databases

Trainers' profile: Real time professionals with 8+ years’ experience working extensively in DW/BI field. Course timings: Duration: 20 hours Pre-requisites Thorough working knowledge of SQL required. Who should attend? Developers who wish to go into Datawarehousing Field Beginners who have taken a course on SQL and wish to move into Datawarehousing 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM OR 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

#1, 1st Main, 1st Cross, Ashwini Layout, Off Koramangala Ring Road, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka, India

Facts & Dimensions #1.What is Data Modeling? 19. info@dtech-education.Enterprise Data Warehouse 16.Data Warehouse Architecture 9.Definitions and descriptions 8.What is and OLTP? 2.Star Schema Vs Snow Flake Schema 24. HOLAP 18.Introduction to ETL tools 11.Top Down Vs Bottom Up Approach 13.OLTP Vs Data Warehouse? 4. MOLAP.Data Warehousing Technology 7.Physical Database Design .Data Warehouse – Infrastructure 12. Ashwini Layout.Physical Vs Logical Modeling? 21.Introduction to BI tools 10.Data Warehouse Vs Data Marts 14.Front end architectures—OLAP.What is Data Warehouse? 3.Relational Data Modeling Vs Dimensional Data Modeling? 20. 080 3221 0825.Why do you need Data Warehouse? 5.Reverse Engineering Vs Forward Engineering? 22. India 080 4150 1359. + 91 9741431318.How do you build Data Warehouse? 6. Bangalore 560047.Operational Data Store (ODS) 17. Karnataka. Off Koramangala Ring Road.Topics Covered: 1. 1st Cross. 1st Main. ROLAP. Standalone Data Marts 15.

Data Staging 28. 1st Cross.25. Bangalore 560047. Ashwini Layout.Type 1. Off Koramangala Ring Road. Type 2 and Type 3 Slowly Changing Dimension updates 26. India 080 4150 1359. info@dtech-education. 080 3221 0825. Karnataka. 1st Main. .Basic ETL Techniques Contact us for more details on upcoming batch schedule and course timings #1. + 91 9741431318.Surrogate key Concept.

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