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TH Fall 2012 Syllabus

TH Fall 2012 Syllabus

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BISC 120Lg Syllabus, Fall 2012

General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution

BISC 120Lg 13003 Lecture Syllabus, Fall 2012
General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution

~ Aug 29th version ~
Overview: This 4-unit biology course will present several key topics in evolution, ecology, environment, and the diversity of life. These topics will be covered in two weekly lectures and one weekly laboratory section. Dr. John Heidelberg, AHF 133, jheidelb@usc.edu Dr. Andrew Gracey, AHF 231, 213-740-2288, gracey@usc.edu Gorjana Bezmalinovic, ZHS 362, 213-740-6078, bezmalin@usc.edu Lecture Campbell Biology 9th ed. (with Mastering Biology™), 2011. Laboratory General Biology Laboratory Manual FALL 2012, BISC 120 & BISC 121 Courses, USC. Van de Graaff & Crawley (2009). A Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory, 6th ed. Pechenik. A Short Guide to Writing About Biology. 8th ed. (e-copy included with the USC custom textbook) Website: https://blackboard.usc.edu (site for course materials, lecture notes, quizzes, additional readings, grades etc.) T/TH 2:00 - 3:20pm THH 101 Various times in ZHS 361, 363, 365 and 369 J. Heidelberg: 3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in AHF 231 A. Gracey: 12:00 P.M. – 1 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in AHF 231 TurningPoint Response Card RF Clickers will be used to answer questions during lectures. Detailed information on how to register and use a clicker will be posted on Blackboard (https://blackboard.usc.edu). Each class will generally consist of 1-2 clicker questions per lecture. Clickers will be used in every lecture (1 pt per lecture) to assess in-lecture, intellectual participation (a total of 26 pts towards your final grade). You need to answer all clicker questions in a lecture in order to get the assigned point for that lecture. Please remember that clicker use is specific to the lecture time you are registered to attend. Clickers cannot be used outside of your specific registered section. If you forget to bring a clicker to lecture you cannot get any points. It is a violation of academic integrity to either use someone else’s clicker in the classroom to assist that person in gaining points, or lend your assigned clicker to another student. If caught, all the students involved will get an F for the course. Lecture Quizzes: There will be twelve multiple choice quizzes to be completed on Blackboard (https://blackboard.usc.edu) during the semester. The quizzes will be posted at 4:00

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determined by the total number of points as given below.). To be assigned a final letter grade at the end of the course.M.. While there are multiple sections and days offered for BISC 120 this year.P. B+. Answers to quiz questions will be posted on Monday afternoons. point-grades will be released. a grade might be raised from a B to a B+.g.6 24 25. Final grades that are borderline (for example. 15 22 23 and 25.1. fill-in answers. Any document associated with grading may be photocopied by the instructional staff.6 26 51 55. Exams: The lecture portion of this course will include three midterm examinations and a final examination. etc. The final letter grade for the course will be assigned on a curve.2 TH Sep 20 T Sep 25 TH Sep 27 2 .5 & 25. T/TH grades with not be pooled with grades from the M/W/F class to calculate final grades). All examinations (midterms and final) may include multiple choice questions. B.. B+ to B). After each examination. as follows: Midterm 1 Lecture Examination Midterm 2 Lecture Examination Midterm 3 Lecture Examination Twelve 2-pt quizzes In-Lecture participation (Clickers) Final Lecture Examination Laboratory Reports and Examinations 150 pts 150 pts 150 pts 24 pts 26 pts 200 pts 300 pts Grading: Laboratory scores will be normalized as explained in the laboratory syllabus in order to correct for possible differences in grading between teaching assistants (TAs). if within ± 10 pts of grade cut-off. and quantitative problems. or a B+ to A.M. effort. definitions. B-. or a “0” (borderline grade stays the same). participation in the laboratory etc. the following Monday. on Thursdays and will remain available until 9:00 A. 55. The point system will total 1000 points. There is not an absolute number of points that predetermines a letter grade of A. a student must take at least two mid-term lecture examinations and the final examination and have completed at least 75% of the assigned weekly laboratory activities.e. short answers. A-. or a “–“ (grade might be lowered. e. your grade will only be based on your performance within the T/TH group of students (i.g.. TAs will evaluate the total performance of the students and give students a “+” (e. The final examination will include questions from the last few lectures of the course as well as questions that integrate concepts developed throughout the course.etc. ± 10 pts from a grade cut-off line) will receive a grading decision based on attendance. short and long essays. Schedule of lecture topics (subject to modification of specific topics and reading assignments): Day T TH T TH T TH T Quiz Aug 28 Aug 30 Sep 04 Sep 06 Sep 11 Sep 13 Sep 18 Lecturer Heidelberg Heidelberg Quiz 1 Heidelberg Quiz 2 Heidelberg Quiz 3 Heidelberg Quiz 4 Lecture 1 Introduction and Relevance of BISC120 2 Patterns of Inheritance 3 Decent with Modification 4 Evolutionary Mechanisms 5 Speciation 6 Macroevolution 7 Phylogenetic and Molecular Systematics and the Tree of Life 8 Behavioral and Social Evolution 9 Conservation Genetics/Biology MIDTERM 1 Readings 14.

you need to do the following: 1) Check the answer key with your TA.1-35. 3) Submit your printed statement. Policy on Missed Lecture Exams or Quizzes No make-up examinations (or quizzes) will be given in this course.3 . stated reasons for a grade change must be legitimate (e. Students who wish to miss an examination for observance of a religious holy day should be aware of the University’s policy on such absences.html. Vertebrates 2 Ecology & Biosphere 1 Ecology & Biosphere 2 FINAL EXAM * 2:00-4:00 P. 37 32 & 33 33 33 33 34 34 52 & 53 54 & 55.4 36. 35. or other similar reasons. a conference. 2) Prepare a printed statement explaining why you feel your grade was incorrect.5 Additional readings for specific lectures will be posted on Blackboard during the semester. The excuse cannot be to attend a dental appointment. Course Policies Policy on Re-grading Examinations If you feel that an error was made in the grading of an examination. Fall 2012 General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution T TH T TH T TH T TH T TH T Th T TH T TH T TH T TH TH Oct 02 Oct 04 Oct 09 Oct 11 Oct 16 Oct 18 Oct 23 Oct 25 Oct 30 Nov 01 Nov 06 Nov 08 Nov 13 Nov 15 Nov 20 Nov 22 Nov 27 Nov 29 Dec 04 Dec 06 Dec 13 Heidelberg Quiz 5 Heidelberg Quiz 6 Gracey Quiz 7 Gracey Quiz 8 Gracey Quiz 9 Gracey Quiz 10 Gracey Quiz 11 Gracey Gracey Quiz 12 Gracey 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 The History of Life on Earth Viruses.usc. error in totaling the score). The reason for missing an examination or quiz must be of a medical nature or totally unavoidable (e.edu/religiouslife/holydays/absences. * The final exam is on the same day as CHEM 105a final exam. Invertebrates 3 Animal Diversity. Re-grade Request Form (downloaded from Blackboard) and your original examination to your TA within one week of the time the examination was returned to you. Invertebrates 4 MIDTERM 3 Thanksgiving – NO CLASS Animal Diversity.55.1-4 19 & 27 27 17 28 31 29 30. your grade may increase or decrease from a requested re-grade.g.M. Vertebrates 1 Animal Diversity.. The entire exam will be re-graded and. Bacteria and Archaea Prokaryotes: Structure/Function/Diversity Bacterial Genetics Protists: Origins. 25. If you miss an exam or quiz due to medical illness you must present a valid medical excuse to the Lab Manager within 72h of the missed examination or quiz. No other excuses for missing exams will be accepted.g. Invertebrates 2 Animal Diversity. as a result. Diversity and Ecology The Fungi MIDTERM 2 How the Plants Colonized Land Plant Diversity and Structure Plant Transport and Nutrition Animal Diversity. published at: http://orl. a verified automobile collision on the day and time of 3 .BISC 120Lg Syllabus. Invertebrates 1 Animal Diversity. No frivolous reasons will be accepted for requesting grade changes.. The TA will either handle the re-grade or consult with the professors. You may be excused from an exam only in the event of a documented illness or emergency.

will result in a score of zero for the examination missed. Postings on Blackboard will be an official source for announcements. All students are expected to understand and abide by these principles. to 5:00 p. contains the Student Conduct Code in Section 11.edu/student-affairs/SJACS/.edu/scampus/1100behavior-violating-university-standards-and-appropriate-sanctions/. For any other accommodation. Lecture quizzes will also be completed on Blackboard. An invalid excuse. and 2) a statement authorizing us to discuss with the doctor whether you were too ill to take the examination. Statement on Academic Integrity The instructors in this course strongly support the ethics of academic integrity.usc. The Review process can be found at: http://www. The telephone number of DSP is 213-740-0776. the teaching staff of BISC 120 will provide the accommodation. Remember that the USC Student Health Center does not provide routine medical excuses. your grade for that examination will be pro-rated based on the average of your other comparable examinations and the class average for that particular test.usc. DSP is located in STU 301 and is open from 8:30 a. making sure that you include: 1) the physician’s name and telephone number.usc. preferably by September 7. while the recommended sanctions are located in Appendix A. a final course grade of incomplete (IN) will be recorded and you will be permitted to take a make-up final examination during the following semester.. lecture notes. and the obligations both to protect one’s own academic work from misuse by others as well as to avoid using another’s work as one’s own. or the excuse turned in late. etc. Monday through Friday. Students with Disabilities Students requesting academic accommodations based on a disability are required to register with the Office of Disability Services and Programs (DSP) each semester. translator. students must make prior arrangements with the DSP office 2 weeks before the exam date.00: http://web-app. the expectation that individual work will be submitted unless otherwise allowed by an instructor.the examination).edu/academicsupport/centerprograms/dsp/home_index.m. Scampus. If you miss the final examination and have provided a valid medical excuse to the Lab Manager (ZHS 362) within 72 hours of the examination time. the Student Guidebook. For more information please visit the following website: http://sait. We will contact the physician and decide whether or not you have a valid excuse. You should notify the Lab Manager in writing that you were seen by a physician. grade postings and general discussions. etc. Be sure that the letter is delivered to the Laboratory Manager as early in the semester as possible. Students will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards for further review.m. 4 .. should there be any suspicion of academic dishonesty. Extra Credit No extra credit will be given for special projects. course materials.edu) and checking the course website on a regular basis. If a student’s approved accommodation is limited to extra time on examinations. Note that neither you nor the physician need tell us the nature of your illness. A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP.usc.html. It is a violation of academic integrity to either use someone else’s clicker in the classroom to assist that person in gaining points. Website Students are responsible for logging onto Blackboard (https://blackboard. 2012. or lend your assigned clicker to another student. General principles of academic honesty include the concept of respect for the intellectual property of others. such as a private room. If the excuse is valid.

you must obtain their written agreement to support that claim.. The same applies if changing lecture sections. 5 . as scores may be irrevocably lost from the Blackboard system when students change sections. after two weeks of lab). No changes are allowed after the first three weeks of class (i. If you think that the instructor or TA has granted you any deviation from the policies in this document and associated course syllabus. If a lab section is currently closed you must wait until other students drop before you can switch into that section.BISC 120Lg Syllabus. You are responsible for printing out your grade report from Blackboard before changing sections. Final Comments No exceptions will be made to these policies under most circumstances. Gift Policy No gifts or presents of any kind are permissible to give to any of the instructional staff. Fall 2012 General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution Changes in Lab or Lecture Section During the first three weeks of class you are responsible for changing your laboratory sections by dropping your current section and adding your new choice through OASIS. You can switch into a new lab section only if it is open (if it has less than 20 students).e.

edu/supplemental-instruction once the semester starts. Cornelius Sullivan Dr.usc.edu) under Course Information in your lecture section. Yukai Zhao (E-mail: yukaizha@usc. Karla Heidelberg Lab Manager: Gorjana Bezmalinovic Teaching Assistants (TAs): TBA Supplemental instruction (SI) leaders: Shelby Bachman Karen Lu Joshua Kling Grace Lee (Attending (Attending (Attending (Attending MWF lecture) MWF lecture) TH lecture) TH lecture) SI study session times can be found at http://dornsife. Suzanne Edmands Dr. 6 . Andrew Gracey MWF instructors: Dr.usc.edu) TH instructors: Dr. Answers to students’ frequently asked questions regarding this course can be found on Blackboard (https://blackboard. John Heidelberg Dr. please FIRST CONTACT the Administrative Teaching Assistant.FALL 2012 BISC 120Lg INSTRUCTIONAL TEAM For ANY administrative questions about ANY aspects of the lecture and laboratory portions of this course.

edu Office hours: Open door policy ZHS 362 Tel/Fax: 213-740-6078 Laboratory Schedule: Lab # Date Aug 28 – Aug 31 1 Sep 4 – Sep 7 Laboratory NO LAB THIS WEEK Introduction to BISC 120 labs Laboratory Safety and Skills The Microscope Evolution (Start the Petri plates!) Bacteria* Protists LAB EXAM 1 (Bacteria lab report due) Plant Diversity I Plant Diversity II (Cut the planarians!) Animal Diversity I: Invertebrates* Chapter 1 & Appxs. B Lab Manual 2 3 4 5 Sep 11 – Sep 14 Sep 18 – Sep 21 Sep 25 – Sep 28 Oct 2 – Oct 5 Oct 9 – Oct 12 Chapter 2 & Appx. The Lab Manager reserves the right to make some adjustments to the lab syllabus during the semester. 2. 8. A. 9 & 10) (Lab manuals due!) Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Presentations *Exercise for which 5-7 pages.BISC 120Lg Syllabus. Fall 2012 General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution BISC 120Lg LABORATORY SYLLABUS FALL 2012 Lab Manager: Gorjana Bezmalinovic E-mail: bezmalin@usc. type-written lab report is required. 3. & 5) Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9a 6 7 8 9 10 Oct 16 – Oct 19 Oct 23 – Oct 26 Oct 30 – Nov 2 Nov 6 – Nov 9 Nov 13 – Nov 16 Nov 20 – Nov 23 Nov 27 – Nov 30 Animal Diversity II: Echinoderms and Chordates Chapter 9b Ecological Relationships (Planaria lab report due) NO LAB – THANKSGIVING Chapter 10 11 Dec 4 – Dec 7 LAB EXAM 2 (Chapters 7. 7 . 4. C Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 (Chapters 1.

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology. LAB QUIZZES: Each student will take a quiz during the first 5 minutes of each lab session. LAB WRITE-UPS: During each lab students need to record their results (drawings. 3 will test you on the knowledge of the material you will be covering that day in lab. Check with your instructor before leaving. 2012. 5. and faculty. clean your work area.usc. 3.Required Textbooks available at the USC bookstore: General Biology Laboratory Manual FALL 2012. 4. The format for writing a lab report can be found in the Appendix section of your lab manual and it will be posted on Blackboard (https://blackboard. Any unexcused absences will seriously affect your evaluation. Tables need to be filled and all post-lab questions answered. NO EATING OR DRINKING IS ALLOWED IN THE LABORATORY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Missed Lab Exam: It is your responsibility to be present on the days of the lab practical exams. Lab manuals will be collected for grading at the end of the semester. you must present a valid excuse to the Lab Manager within 48 hours of the missed exam. BISC 120 & BISC 121 Courses.edu/). LABORATORY POINT DISTRIBUTION The laboratory portion (300 points) will count for 30% of your final course grade. while labs 6 – 10 will be covered on the second exam. LAB REPORT: Lab report is due at the beginning of the lab session (within the first 10 minutes). Before you begin the lab exercise. calculations) in their lab manual. You are also to remain for the entire lab session or until excused by your instructor. observations. attendance. USC.) Van de Graaff & Crawley (2009). Out of 5 questions. LAB EXAM: The two lab practical exams will test your understanding of the topics and exercises covered in the laboratory sessions. 2. and slide your chair under the table. (e-copy included with the USC custom textbook). Lab Manager. 8th ed. Don’t make other appointments for the time you are scheduled to be in lab. A valid excuse is considered to be a statement that 8 . At the end of the lab session. 6. and the other 2 will test you on the results from the previous lab. Students who are within 10 points of a grade borderline at the end of the semester will be considered for an upgrade based on the following criteria: class participation. (Available at the USC bookstore after August 15. Pechenik. The first lab exam will cover material covered in labs 1 – 5. coming to office hours. You are required to attend all lab sessions. distributed as follows: Lab Quizzes (10 – 5 points each) Lab Manual (10 – 5 points each) Lab Reports (2 – 35 points each) Lab Exam (2 – 50 points each) Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Presentation 50 pts 50 pts 70 pts 100 pts 30 pts LABORATORY PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES 1. Come to lab on time. Quizzes will consist of multiple choice questions and/or fill-in-the-blanks. make sure that you remove all unnecessary materials from your work area. You will have a written portion and a practical portion (being able to use a microscope to identify different organisms). If you miss a lab practical exam due to a serious illness. Students who come late to lab without a legitimate and verifiable excuse will not be allowed to make up the quiz. 6th ed. Each student is required to show his/her TA the lab manual before leaving the lab and obtain a signature. A Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory. clean and return all supplies to their proper place. and subjective evaluation by the TA.

In this procedure. M-F). LABORATORY SCORE NORMALIZATION: The laboratory scores will be normalized at the end of the semester by the Lab Manager in conjunction with the TAs to correct for differences in grading between TAs. call at 213-740-0776.usc. please contact immediately the Administrative TA Yukai Zhao at yukaizha@usc. Athletes who must miss occasional labs for legitimate reasons should bring documentation to the Lab Manager well in advance. 2012. who your TA is.edu. you can visit the DSP office in STU 301 (8:30-5:00. If the absence is approved. If you do not have a valid excuse or fail to provide it within the allotted time. a reasonable accommodation will be determined. the physician’s name and phone number. students with labs scheduled on Fridays will have little or no alternative should they miss lab unexpectedly. 8. POSTING GRADES: You can find your lecture and lab grades on Blackboard: https://blackboard.BISC 120Lg Syllabus. Thus.edu/academicsupport/centerprograms/dsp/home_index. the mean total score of all students in each TAs labs is compared to the mean total score of the entire class and each student’s score is adjusted.edu. For more information. MISSED LABS: If you miss a scheduled lab exercise due to illness or emergency. and when you want to make up the missed lab (days and times that would work best for you). you will receive zero points for the missed lab practical exam. because few sections have available space. Be sure to check for additional postings on a regular basis. will be provided on Blackboard (https://blackboard. A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP when adequate documentation is filed. For logistical reasons. Fall 2012 General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution you were seen by a physician. BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION BIOLOGY PRESENTATION: Detailed instructions for preparing your presentation. at least 2 weeks. Please tell him what lab section you are in.html.usc. 9 . you will be allowed to take the exam in another lab section that week. Note that neither you nor the physician need tell us the nature of your illness. Only a few requests for alternative labs can be accommodated. which we will do.edu/religiouslife/holydays/absences.usc. Please note that no lab switching will be allowed during the week prior to a holiday.edu to see whether it will be possible to make up the exercise by attending an alternative lab section. Lecture exam scores are posted under LECTURE SECTION. published at: http://orl. to arrange alternatives. preferably by Sep 7.usc. Students who wish to miss a lab for observance of a religious holy day should be aware of the University’s policy on such absences. Requests for such absences should be made by email addressed to the Lab Manager at least 2 weeks in advance of the absence. it is very important for you to attend your scheduled lab section. If you have a valid excuse.html.edu/). so please check your scores on Blackboard weekly. or go to their website: http://sait. Therefore. email at ability@usc. and authorization for us to discuss with the physician whether you were too ill to take the exam. It is the student’s responsibility to notify his/her TA or Lab Manager ASAP in the event of any mistakes. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Students requesting academic accommodations based on a disability are required to register with Disability Services and Programs (DSP) each semester. it will not be possible to make up a missed lab exercise after Friday afternoon of the week in question. 7. The letter needs to be delivered to the Lab Manager as early in the semester as possible. All lab grades are posted under your LAB SECTION. including how points will be assigned.

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