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Nokia 6220 Classic User Manual

Nokia 6220 Classic User Manual

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User guide for Nokia Mobile (Model 6220 Classic)
User guide for Nokia Mobile (Model 6220 Classic)

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Published by: mugu on Apr 04, 2009
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With geotagging, you can add information about the
geographic location where the image was captured to the
file details of the photograph. You can use this information
in other applications.

To activate geotagging in the camera, select Options >
Settings > Record location > On.

When the location information is added to the image
information, is shown at the bottom of the display. If
no positioning information is available from satellites,
is displayed.

If the location information is not available, GPS stays on in
the background for a few minutes. If a satellite connection
is found within that time, all the images captured during
that time are tagged based on the received GPS positioning
information. See "Still image camera settings", p.54.

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