The Silvery Moon Beauty is always an opinion of one person or another It's in the eye of the beholder is what we are

all told From anywhere two can share the moon with each other When I was a kid traveling told Mom look up kept her consoled So we would talk at night our eyes could meet at the moon I find solace it makes me forget the world when I star gaze A telescope and binoculars and a connecting camera soon Now there is a telescope camera built in pictures would amaze No matter where you are in the whole world the moon we can share With all the chaos happening it's rather nice for two to be as one One person can make a difference Ronald Reagan did soviet affair I find it fascinating the moon glows to us reflection from the sun Just think in your minds eye no moon n no stars a sky just black n dark What a drag that would be no gazing just darkness tough to swoon My very favorite to see is the moon in the sky with the sun both arc I am both humbled and grateful that we all can share The Silvery Moon ©2013 I.M. Nobody

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