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By Leeza M.

My interpretation of what would happen after ‘Breaking Dawn’

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Chapter 1 Ten years have passed since I became a vampire. As expected, my family and I had to leave Forks several years back. Charlie was devastated, but he manages to come to our new home every so often. Edward and I, the rest of the Cullen’s, and Renesmee and Jacob have moved to a rainy little town called Astoria, in Oregon. Carlisle bought a huge house for all of us to live in, on the outskirts of town, away from humans. Jake has (temporarily) deserted his pack to live with Renesmee in Astoria. Renesmee jokingly calls him the maverick.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 3 Renesmee is now fully grown and what a stunning woman she has become. When she was born, I said she was even more beautiful than Edward; now she is even more beautiful than Rosalie and Edward combined. Surprisingly, Rosalie hasn’t been at all envious of Renesmee’s earth-shattering looks, but maybe this is because she is like a second mother to her. Renesmee accepts animal blood in compensation for human blood, and certain foods, too. Renesmee and Jacob’s wedding is scheduled to be on April 23rd, just short of a month away. Alice is ecstatic at the very idea of having free reign to plan the wedding. She’s already dressed the more than willing Renesmee in a couture wedding design from Russian designer Alavar Kzech. Edward is relatively tolerant of Jacob now, but they still have their moments. He feels it’s his duty to protect Renesmee, and their bond is impenetrable. The rest of the family is the same as always. There is one change, though. Jasper’s built up a stronger immunity to being near human blood.

* * * “Hey guys, who’s up for a little morning hunting?” came the high pitched voice of Alice, who practically flew down the stairs. “I’m up for it if you are.” I said. “Bella! Oh god, what am I going to do with you?” Alice sang. “What?” I retorted defensively. “You are wearing a pair of sweats, that’s what. It’s been a whole decade and you still insist on wearing those things.” “Do you know how many girls would kill for your figure? You should be wearing something to compliment it, not something to hide it.”

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 4 “Hey!” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Someone has to defend these sweats. They are very comfortable and I get a lot of use out of them!” Alice sighed. Alice was about to say something else, but she stopped mid-sentence. “Alice” I rolled my eyes. “Okay okay, but the wedding date is approaching and you will scare everyone in the church if you come walking in wearing one of your sweats.” She continued. “Besides.. You still haven’t gone shopping with Nessie and I yet, like you promised.” A smile crept upon her face. “But you will.” That must have been another one of Alice’s visions. Of course it wasn’t set in stone, but she sounded pretty positive with her last remark. Alice paused, and then continued, “You are – the mother of the bride.” As much as I loved being the mother of Renesmee, I still cringed at being called “mother of the bride”. When you think of mother of the bride, the first thing that comes to mind is a slightly overweight woman in her 50’s, with thinning hair and frumpy apparel. Disgusted at the thought, I said something to Alice I would never in all my existence have thought I would say. “Alice.” I said. “Yes Bella?” Alice said, with an edge of curiosity in her singing-voice. “This is totally out of my character, but would you mind going shopping with me today?” “Oh, why Bella! You do want to improve your fashion sense!” Alice skipped across the kitchen in one fluid movement. “Yes or no will do, Alice” I replied sharply.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 5 “Of course!” There was no hesitation in her voice. “This is going to be so much fun, just wait! I’m sure Nessie will join us after she is finished with the dress” Alice said. I frowned slightly at the thought of my daughter getting the last measurements of her wedding dress without me. “I know what you’re thinking” Alice stated. She arranged a pile of roses from the garden while she spoke. “Oh, what’s that?” I asked with just a bit of smugness in my tone. “That you haven’t seen what Renesmee’s dress looks like yet” Alice said matter-of-factly. Well, she was half right. I didn’t want to spoil all of Alice’s fun, so I decided to keep my lips sealed and just smile at her. “Don’t worry, Bella!” I wouldn’t put Ness in anything that wouldn’t be completely perfect!” Alice said assuredly. “Besides” she replied with a sly smile, “We have been hiding it from you for a reason, at the wedding you will see.” I didn’t have the patience for deciphering Alice’s riddles right now, I was anxious to see what was keeping Edward so long. “I’ll go get Edward” I said. Alice flashed me her pixie-like smile and pranced around the kitchen, tidying up as she did so. I watched in admiration for a quick second as Alice rearranged the silverware on the walls. Every movement of hers could have belonged to a ballerina, so sure and steady. I kissed her on the cheek, and flew up the stairs to retrieve my husband. In less than a second I was in our bedroom, sitting on the chocolate brown comforter Edward had picked out. Edward was sprawled out on the bed, his bronze hair falling in disheveled ripples across his forehead.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 6 “Edward” I said in a soothing tone. Edward was unresponsive. How odd, I thought to myself. “Edward” I said again, this time with a little more command than necessary in my tone. Edward rolled over to face me. He smiled his heart-melting smile that enchanted me over a decade ago. “What was that about” I said, cocking my right eyebrow slightly upwards. “I don’t understand your question, Bella, love.” Edward said. Now stumped, I frowned. “I kept speaking to you but you didn’t reply.” “Hmm, that’s odd” Edward said in a puzzled tone. “Perhaps I was just in deep concentration; you know how my mind wanders.” He replied with a chuckle. “I’m sorry Bella, I wouldn’t purposely try to make you worry, although nothing could happen to me, technically. Bella, did I already tell you that you look look absolutely marvelous today? Edward said grinning.” “You sure do know how to dazzle me, don’t you?” I said, before I went in for a kiss. I let out a sigh. After a long pause, I burst out in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. “What” Edward narrowed his eyes, obviously perplexed. “Nothing, it’s just that I could never get sick of this” I said. “Nor could I Bella,” and with that I laid my head on his warm shoulder, and told him of my plans for the day.

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Chapter 2

This was an odd day, indeed. Sometimes moments flew by so quickly, and sometimes, time would be at a stand-still, and every second seemed to drag on and on. After hunting, I had to get a move on, Alice was growing increasingly impatient. “Bella, we’re going to be late!” Alice persistently called from her Porsche. “Coming!” I said through clenched teeth. I watched her expression from inside the bedroom window. I had to grab my sneakers which Alice hid in her closet, in the hopes of preventing me from wearing them. I knew Alice too well, though, so it wasn’t that hard to figure out where she could be hiding them. I traipsed through Alice and Jasper’s bedroom, knowing that Jasper would probably be out hunting.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 8 To my surprise, Jasper was still in his room. “Oh, hey Jasper” I said. “I came to rescue my sneakers from Alice’s closet.” Jasper grinned. “So you’ve already figured out where she’s put them? I’m impressed.” “Yep. I have agreed to go on a shopping spree with her, on one condition.” “And what might that be?” Jasper already looked amused before the words came out of my mouth. “As long a she doesn’t pick anything out that has feathers or fur.” “Oh Bella, you are so stubborn.” Alice said from inside her gleaming Porsche. Jasper and I laughed simultaneously. Alice and I sat in the front of the car, while Renesmee sat in the back. Renesmee chattered merrily about her wedding plans and out of guilt of my disinterest, I began asking questions about the arrangements. I found myself anticipating the wedding. Jake truly loved her, and she felt the same way about him. Alice pulled me from my reverie with “We’re here, Bella, Ness!”. I looked through the car window with my peripheral vision, and saw a large mall, adjacent to a strip of restaurants. One of the restaurants in particular reminded me vaguely of the times that Charlie and I would order steak and cobbler, during my human life. The parking lot was half the size as the mall, and as far as I could see, there were no spots available. Alice, already knowing what I was thinking, (not literally) said in her chirpy voice, “Look again, Bella.” She winked one of her perfect golden-amber eyes at me, and my gaze fell directly on a spot in the very front, currently unoccupied. A car near us was already eyeing the spot, and began to drive increasingly faster. Alice was speeding to the free spot.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 9 She pulled into the spot swiftly, a perfect two inches from the curb. The man in the driver’s seat was muttering something unpleasant under his breath, but stopped mid-sentence when he saw the three of us in Alice’s car—no doubt the prettiest ladies he’d ever caught sight of before. I chortled to myself as the color drained from his face, and a bright red flushed his cheeks instead. Renesmee and Alice erupted in a chorus of giggles as the man, who was now unaware of his driving, drove over the curb. The three of us linked arms and entered the mall. Soon I was holding at least twenty five different pieces of clothing, from skirts to dresses to blouses. I looked to see Renesmee and Alice with nearly double. The three of us slipped into the fitting room unnoticed. It was still early morning, so humans would primarily be sleeping at this time. I didn’t know how Alice could find a mall that was open these hours, but then again, Alice could do practically anything. I grudgingly agreed to change in the same fitting room as them. “Alice! How many outfits are you carrying?” I said. Alice giggled. “Don’t fret Bella, these are not all for me, some are for Nessie and you to try on.” She flashed her brilliant smile, showing her mouthful of shining teeth. Nearly every ensemble Alice and Ness tried on complimented their figures, perfectly. “You both look absolutely amazing, but which ones are you going to put back?” I asked. Alice, who I assumed was answering for both her and Nessie, said, “None, silly!” I sighed. I should have known Alice would go into a fashion-frenzy. You can’t really blame her though, when she is surrounded by stores of beautiful fashions, it’s almost impossible for her to resist.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 10 Now your turn, Bella.” Alice whirled around and started dressing me in anything from pink summer dresses to silk sleepwear. Renesmee, who never did broke the habit of calling me “Momma” said, “Momma, you look like a Princess, you should wear that one to my wedding.” I looked at my own reflection through the ten-foot-standing-mirror. I saw that Alice had taken out the tie in the back of my hair, and my thick, mahogany hair spilled half-way down my back. I was wearing a strapless, satin gown, the first half clung tightly to my skin, while the lower half fell to the floor. From the waist down, there were four tiers cascading over one another. In the back, the upper part of the dress was held together by criss-crossing lace. “She does look simply divine” Alice murmured. I couldn’t help but smile at the both of them. I actually didn’t mind the shopping, maybe because it was with two of the people I loved. The corners of my mouth drooped slightly as a thought came to my mind. Was this the appropriate ensemble to be wearing to my daughter’s wedding? I know that we’re not a conventional family, but I didn’t want it to look as though I would be trying to outshine the bride, not that I could. “Alice..” I said in a soft voice. “Isn’t the bride the one who is supposed to blow everyone out of the water? Won’t it look a little presumptuous if I’m trying to be the bell-of-theball, when it’s Renesmee’s big day?” “When you see Nessie’s dress, you will be blown away. Don’t worry Bella, it won’t look like you are in competition with Ness.” Renesmee flashed me an encouraging open-mouthed smile. An hour later we arrived back at the Cullen’s place. I glided up the stairs to our bedroom. “Edward, I’m back from my shopping escapade.” I said. Edward, already seeing me come from the small paneled window, was waiting on the Victorian-inspired rose chaise.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 11 “Back already?” He then grinned. I plopped down on the chaise, and Edward embraced me. I placed my arms around his neck as I kissed him. “So, care to put on a fashion show, modeling your new wardrobe?” Edward asked. A slight smile crept upon his face as he said this. “Well.. Only if you don’t laugh.” I replied. “Now, why in the world would I laugh, love?” He hugged me closer. “Because the clothes Renesmee and Alice chose for me are a little.. formal. So consider yourself warned.” I said. “I’ll be quiet, I promise.” Edward said. “Well, ok,” I said and I swept up my bags and closed the door of the bathroom slowly behind me. I came out sporting the black blouse and grey pencil skirt Alice had chosen so tastefully for me. Edwards face was serious. “Very smart-looking, Mrs. Cullen, you would out-snob the snobbiest socialite.” I laughed lightly. “I hope this snobby socialite won’t disappoint you with her next piece of apparel.” I said. “Bella, you could never disappoint me.” Edward replied. I came out of the bathroom wearing my pale mint gown, and twirled around for him to see the detailing on the back. “Bella, you look like you just stepped out of one of those fairy-tales.” he said breathlessly. Gently, he tugged on the price tag, and it fell into his free hand. “Thanks” I told him sheepishly. Leaving the ticket on a new piece of clothing, that seemed like me.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 12 “I didn’t know you would ever agree to spend that much on a gown.” He chuckled. I was so caught up in the fun of the day that I had completely forgotten prices. I glanced at the price tag, and to my astonishment it read “$10,000” even. “Just wait till I see Alice..” My voice trailed off. Edward and I laughed in unison.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 13

Chapter 3 When we went downstairs, the whole family was in the living room. Emmett was sitting on the velvet-mahogany couch, watching a ball game, while Rose was looking over Renesmee’s new apparel with appraisal. Carlisle was discussing something with Esme, speaking in a low, but distinguishable voice. Alice was holding hand with Jasper, who looked to be a little less on edge and a little more relaxed. Jacob’s stare was fixed on Renesmee. He stared at her adoringly. Renesmee caught sight of Jacob’s fixed expression; mouth agape, and eyes wide, obviously absorbed in her exquisiteness. Her alabaster cheeks flushed, and took on a cherry tint. I looked over Jacob more thoroughly now, and noticed a deep gash along his hand. Luckily, it was clean of any trace of blood, but still very evident. “What happened?” My hand automatically pointed to the wound that was already healing on his ample, russet colored hand. It was Renesmee who answered for him. “We were outside, sitting on the grass, and I was trying to break apart a hunk of ice to put in the pitcher.” She paused, collecting her thoughts before she spoke again. “Well, I exerted a little

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 14 more energy than necessary, and the ice pick came crashing down on poor Jake’s hand. It went through the ice and.. sort of through his hand.” I gasped. Renesmee had a pained expression on her face. “Don’t worry, Nessie, baby.” I’m alright.” Jacob said. He chuckled. “You look more anguished than I did.” Renesmee’s shamefaced expression did not change. “But I hurt you.” She said in a persistent tone. It reminded me of myself in my human life. “I hate to see you unhappy, Ness, it really doesn’t feel as bad as it looks; this thing will be better in no time.” Jake said. “I love you Jake.” Renesmee said in her chirpy voice. “Hey, cut that lovey-dovey talk out. I’m trying to watch the game!” came Emmett’s booming voice. Jacob laughed and said, “Fine, but that won’t stop me from doing this.” Jacob gently placed Nessie’s arms around his neck and they swayed without music. Emmet rolled his eyes. Alice was always two steps ahead of everyone else. In less than a second, a slow, soft song was being played on the stereo, and she pulled Jasper to his feet and they began moving to the beat of the music. Edward was now pulling me to the center of the floor, and at the same moment Carlisle and Esme were dancing as well. Since I was a vampire, I didn’t have to worry about having those god-awful dance moves that people would cringe because of in my human life. My movements were fluid and graceful, but not quite as precise as Alice’s. She would give the world’s best dancer a run for their money.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 15 Rosalie was waiting impatiently near the stereo. Emmett, sensing her annoyance, grudgingly dragged himself to the place where Rose waited. All the while she was tapping one of her crocodile-skinned stiletto heels. All of us were dancing to the music, and even I was having a good time. When the song ended, Alice was on cue, as suspected, choosing a lighter upbeat song, before anyone could have the chance to shy away from the “dance floor”. Hours could have passed and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was with my family, which was the only place I wanted to be. Edward said, “Alice, I think Bella and I are going to head up to bed now”. Alice winked. When we were halfway up the stairs, Edward placed his hands around my waist and said in his velvet voice that still made me feel like that unsure, reserved girl in Forks, “When was the last time I swept you off your feet?”. All of a sudden I found myself being carried by Edward into the bedroom.

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Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 17 Chapter 4 I walked with Edward, hand in hand, downstairs. Everything was going so well lately, nothing could put a damper on my positive mood, well almost nothing. Carlisle met us at the bottom of the stairs when we descended them. His expression was tensed, and for a fraction of a second, he resembled the image of a man older than his age, but soon enough his face smoothed out and his movie-star good looks were restored. I started to worry. Whenever Carlisle made such a face, it was never a good sign. Edward also caught sight of Carlisle’s expression and immediately stiffened. “Carlisle, what’s happened?” Edward said, his words coming out slightly jumbled. Carlisle’s expression turned grim as he faced me. “Carlisle, what’s wrong?” I asked, my sing-song voice also sounding garbled. “ It’s your mother’s husband, Phil. He died this morning” This was terrible news, my mother must have been sick with grief; but I couldn’t help but feel a little relieved, nothing was wrong with this family. I loved Renee and will continue to love her through all of my existence, but the memories I have of her are fuzzy, incoherent human ones. I couldn’t exactly remember the sound of her voice, or the look of her face. Edward was the one to break the silence. He said, “I understand if you want to visit with your mother for a week or too, I’ll be right there with you.” “I nearly forgot that Renee hasn’t seen you since before the transformation” Carlisle said. “It’s really up to you, Bella. If you’d prefer to do this over the phone, that’s fine, if you want to see her in person, I’m all for it.” Edward said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 18 No matter what obstacle lay ahead of us, I was certain Edward would support me. He was completely devoted in making me happy. I could trust Edward with anything. This was just one of the reasons why I loved Edward implicitly. “I’ll give her a call and see how that goes. I think the best way to do this is to take one step at a time.” I said. Edward nodded. Ironically enough, the phone rang. Emmet was the one who answer. He said, “Hey, who is this?”. Oh she’s right here, hang on a sec” Bella! Come here, your mothers calling”. I walked to where Emmett was standing, and took the phone from his outstretched hand. “Hello?” I said. A vaguely familiar voice answered me. “Hello, who is this? I thought this was the right phone number for the Cullen’s”. It was the voice of my mother.

“Mom? It’s me, Bella. I know I don’t sound like myself, but I’m fine. I can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in so long. I’m sorry to hear about Phil, Carlisle told me.”I’m here for you.” I said. I took an unnecessary gulp of air and waited for her response. “Bella, it’s really you?” Renee asked doubtfully. “Yes Mom, it’s really me.” I said. “Oh Bella!” She said. Renee’s voice started to shake, and her tears that she was holding back were unleashed. “I know Mom, I know.” I said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 19 “It just happened so fast, it hasn’t even fully sunken in yet. One minute we’re driving to a barbecue, the next our car skids off the road and hits a tree.” Renee said. Her voice broke on the last word. “Wait, Mom, I didn’t know you were injured.” I said, suddenly weary of what she would say next. “I broke three ribs, my nose, and right arm. I’m covered from head to toe in scrapes and cuts, and I really need my daughter.” The daughter that she was so close to for eighteen years, the daughter she had loved more than anything in the universe, had changed. I was still the same inside, but on the outside, I was unfamiliar to the people from my human life. “Mom, my appearance has changed. There isn’t a whole lot I can tell you.” My voice trailed off. “Bella.” Renee said frantically. “Did he hurt you?? I knew he was bad news.” “No Mom, he did not hurt me. I love him more than anyone and I am definitely happy with my life.” “Please, Bella, say you’ll visit” Renee said. “Okay. Only if you promise not to freak out because of the way I look.” I said. “Whatever you want, honey. I just really want to hold my daughter again” Renee said. I then heard her say under her breath, what would have gone unnoticed to the human ear, “And never let her go”.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 20

Chapter 5 “Edward, it looks as if we’re taking a vacation.” I said to him. Edward wrapped his arm around me.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 21 “I’m proud of you Bella. I know you don’t aren’t really ready to do this yet, but you still are doing this, nevertheless. You are such a selfless vampire.” He said. I giggled. Renesmee, whose intense strength had improved over the past few years, leaped down the stairs in one graceful bound. “Jacob!” Renesmee called. She sang his name like it was her most beloved melody. Jake was at Renesmee’s side in less than a second. Gently, Renesmee cupped her hands around his face. I watched as Jacob stared at my daughter. After Jake had seen what Renesmee showed him, he directed his next question towards Edward. “Are you sure this is safe?” Jacob asked, his voice filled with doubt. It was Edward who answered him. “Yes, Jacob, we are sure. Bella needs to be with her mother right now, even if it is just for a short week.” Edward replied. “Okay, but Nessie needs her here for the wedding.” Jacob said. Of course I would be back in time before the wedding, why would Jake think otherwise? This perplexed me. This was the family I chose to live my life with, why would I desert Renesmee when she needed me most? Edward answered for me again. “What a foolish assumption you’ve made, Jacob. His voice was hard. “Completely asinine” He said under his breath.”Dad!” Renesmee said, deeply hurt by his words to her fiancé. Jake didn’t let Edward’s remark go unnoticed, he cast an angry glare his way.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 22 I was slightly annoyed at Edward. He didn’t have to be so rude to Jacob, although Jake did provoke him when he started talking about the families’ safety. I would never put the family in danger, I thought he knew that by now. Of course I couldn’t stay annoyed at Edward for long. Esme, who was fairly quiet during this conversation, piped in with, “Bella, I think it’s good that you are visiting your mother. We trust you and Edward. There is no reason for any of us to worry about you not being discreet.” I shot Esme a grateful glance. She nodded. “Okay, since that’ settled, lets buy two plane tickets to Phoenix” I said to Edward. Six hours later, we were on a plane landing in Phoenix, Arizona, the place I had lived a majority of my human life. Edward and I wore dark, oversized sunglasses, and dressed in unobtrusive browns and blacks. Our main priority was to slip under the radar, the last thing we needed was to draw any attention to ourselves. With our heads bowed low, (in our attempts to avoid the sun) we hauled a cab at the airport and gave him the approximate address of my mother’s house. When we arrived, Edward knocked twice on the big white doors. I held my breath, a human habit I could never seem to break. An old-fashioned nurse answered the door. Are you the Cullen’s? The sharply featured woman with a middle-eastern accent said. I glanced her way for a fraction of a second, and noted that she was at least as old as my mother. From a human’s perspective, I’d assume she would be a bit intimidating. “Hello, I am Bella Cullen, Renee’s daughter. I believe she is expecting us.” I said. I spoke clearly and concisely, slowing down my words so they wouldn’t sound like jibber-jabber to the

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 23 weak human ears of this woman. The woman who’ name was Mrs. Hanvor simply nodded and stepped away from the doorway. Edward and I entered the house. She silently led us up the stairs to Renee’s bedroom. Sheesh, I lived here for eighteen years, I didn’t need an escort. What did she think, I was going to steal one of the big glass vases? I chuckled at my own humor. With my peripheral vision, I glanced over the house. Not that much had changed. I felt a pang of sadness after I stepped into my former bedroom and saw everything the same as had been before I left for Forks. One thing became clear, she had missed me more than she let on to. My blue bed with the sun in the upper right corner was made. The ceilings were white, just the way they always were. Out of mock curiosity, I opened my closet door. If I could have cried, I was absolutely sure I would have. A few pairs of sweat pants were neatly stacked one on top of the other. A plain red dress that I used to wear all the time hung on one of the plastic hangers. A few pairs of sweaters did as well. I looked up to see Edward looking at me empathetically, while Mrs. Hanovor stood rigidly, staring in disbelief at me. The sound that was emanating from me frightened me. I silently cried, my shoulders heaving up and down as I did so, while I whimpered. Just knowing that my mom waited ten years for me to come back to her filled me with guilt. “You may go now” Edward said in a sharp tone, directed towards Mrs. Hanvor. Mrs. Hanvor, grateful for the opportunity of an escape, didn’t seem to notice Edward’s ice cold tone he spoke to her in. She slipped out of the room. Edward showered my face with kisses. His fingers entwined in mine, and we walked together to my mother’s room.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 24

Chapter 6

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 25

Edward pushed the door to my mother’s bedroom open. Renee, who was propped up in an uncomfortable position lay motionless. As her eye skimmed me over though, she began to cry with abandon. My silent, nonexistent tears returned. Together, we cried. We cried for what we had lost, and all the hard times. It is true, misery loves company. All this time, she had some small fragment of hope that I would return to her someday, that mommy’s-little-girl would grow home-sick and come back to her. My once vibrant mother, now looked pale and beaten. Her hair hung limply over her shoulders, the graying raccoon strip more noticeable against her sunken in, angular face. But under all the sorrow and bandages, you could still see a glimpse of a beautiful woman. As her eyes skimmed me over, she began to cry with abandon. My non-existent tears returned. Together, we cried. We wept for what we had lost, we wept for the sacrifices that had been made, and we wept for the sake of weeping. Somehow, forcing myself to participate in this pity-party had made me actually sad. I didn’t try to stop, nor did I think I could at this very moment. All I knew was that for just this moment, drowning ourselves in our lamenting was just what we needed. After Renee’s tears would dry, she would move on, and I would help her. I said, “Mom, it’s really me, you do believe that, don’t you?” My voice filled with doubt. “A mother never forgets who her daughter is, regardless of her appearance,” Renee said. I gently hugged her, forgetting how cold my temperature would be to her human skin. “Oh, I’m sorry Mom, I forgot that I would feel really cold to you when I hugged you” I said. All the while I was biting my full bottom lip, unaware I was doing so, till now.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 26 “You don’t feel cold at all, Bella, actually you feel quite warm.” Renee said. Edward met my stare for a split second, and I saw the confused look that mirrored my own in his eyes. Renee caught this, and said “What’s the matter, Bella, you are alright, aren’t you?” “Yes Mom, I’m perfectly fine, what I’m worried about is you.” I said. “But why would you feel cold, what happened? Renee said. Two impossible questions to answer, not now. “You don’t look at all older from the last time I saw you, Bella. There are many questions that I have for you, can’t you at least give me some explanation?” Renee’s eyes were pleading. I couldn’t just say, “Mom, here’s the deal, I’m a vampire, and so are the Cullen family, they even call themselves a coven. I don’t age, and I live off the blood of animals, although the traditional vampire feeds off human blood. I have a daughter who should be ten years old, but looks slightly younger than me, and she is half-vampire half-human. I can outrun any human, and turn stone to dust with my bare hands. Some friends of mine are werewolves, too.” Like that would blow over well. “I told you on the phone that I can’t tell you much. All I can really say is that I was very ill, near death, actually. Carlisle, Edward’s father cured me, and when I woke up from the procedure, I was changed. It’s still Bella under all this, but it’s sort of like I was polished.” To take the sting out of what I just had said, I laughed lightly.

Renee looked wary. “I have never been happier in my life Mom, there really isn’t any need to worry. All this time I’ve felt like a part of me was missing, but everything’s changed now.” I said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 27 `“We shouldn’t be talking about me, anyway, how are you holding up? I asked her. “Bella, it’s so hard. There is no other word to describe it. Phil was dependable, he always made sure there was something new to do, and my life was finally complete. He helped me cope while you were at Forks, and he made me appreciate what I had. I thought maybe, just maybe you would want to stay here with me for awhile, but that wouldn’t be fair. I’d never guilt you into staying with me. You should live your life the way you want to, the last thing you need is your fragile mother ruining everything.” Renee said. I looked at my mother. What more could I do? I couldn’t just leave her when she needed me most. There was no way I was going to stay here though, I’ve acclimated to the Cullen’s lifestyle better than I could have ever anticipated, and there was no way in hell I was going to sacrifice that. I contemplated over what to do next. Renee shouldn’t have to wallow in her sadness. I know only too well the consequences of absorbing yourself in your misery. I had a momentary flashback of a dim human memory, when Edward estranged me for six months. I shuddered to myself. “Mom, I think you need to get out of this house. There is no need to rub salt in your wounds, and you’d be doing just that if you were to stay here. There are too many memories of Phil here, why make the healing process more painful? Instead of dwelling on the past, you need to pick yourself up and move with the present. Edward and I will book you a hotel room, and stay with you there for a week before we go back home to Astoria.” I said. Before she could have time to intervene, I started packing her suitcase with basic essentials, shirts, pants, underwear, etc. “Mom,” I said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 28 “Yes, Bella?” Renee answered. “I’m sorry I’ve deserted you for this long, it won’t happen again” I said. *** I was already taking action, so there really wasn’t much she could do. After we arrived at the hotel, I helped her with funeral preparations. That week I tried to busy Renee in doing uplifting things, watching some comedy shows with Edward and me, talking about actors and movies, etc. I genuinely enjoyed the company of my mother, but I knew that I could have no permanent place in her life, we were like one island separating, becoming two, still familiar to the other but never quite the same. I planned on visiting her though every so often, and perhaps, if I ever felt ready, I would introduce her to her granddaughter, yes, I would like that. Our plane was taking off in a few minutes, back to Astoria. Tears brimmed in Renee’s eyes, and spilled over. I hugged her, and kissed her on the check, Edward did the same. “Bella!” Renee called when Edward and I began to leave for the plane. “I forgot to give thee to you.” She said. Renee handed me a shopping bag, and inside it contained a few pairs of sweat pants. “Thanks, Mom. These are just what I need. Love you.” I said. I tried to keep my voice as steady as possible, but the burning ache in my throat to cry was overwhelming. I made a choking sound unintentionally, fighting back tears that would never come. Edward slipped his hand in mine and we boarded the plane, together.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 29

Chapter 7 When we arrived back home, we were immediately greeted by Alice, who was expecting our approximate arrival. Alice jumped into my arm, and I didn’t shake her off. It amazed me in just a week’s time how much I missed my eccentric sister.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 30 Renesmee was ecstatic when she saw me. It surprised me that in a week without her, I felt like part of me was lost. It’s showed me how much of an impact she’s made on my life, or rather, existence. “Don’t freak, Bella, and it is not a party, sort of a celebration”. Alice said. I groaned. She pulled me by my hand into the house. The first thing I saw was the big banner reading “Welcome Home Edward & Bella!” that hung from the high-ceilinged wall. There were streamers draped meticulously over the stairwell, and confetti sprinkled everywhere. Esme was so kind as to set up a small table of food so Jacob wouldn’t feel too out of place. The family asked us about Phoenixand how my mother was doing. Jacob included family, now. Without one of us, including Jacob, we would never be the same, but together, it doesn’t get much better than that. *** Two weeks had passed, and the wedding was scheduled for tomorrow. Rosalie must have checked the guest list a thousand times. Only 50 people outside our family were coming. Every single vampire, werewolf, and Charlie, had confirmed that they would come. I told Charlie that Renee doesn’t know much about Renesmee, so she wouldn’t be attending. There would be no reception because of how short notice the wedding was. All the vampires who supported us rather than the Volturi, a decade ago, were coming. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Alice was already on her feet, but Rosalie was opening the door before he had a chance. Alice rolled her eyes. A small package was left right outside the door, directed towards, “Ms. Renesmee Cullen.” “Ness! package for the bride to be!” Rosalie said. “Who is it from, Rose?” Renesmee asked, now intrigued.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 31 “I don’t know, they didn’t leave an address where. Just your name and our address.” Rose said. Renesmee tore open the box rather quickly. A small, jeweled box was inside, decked in rubies, topaz’s and a large diamond in the center. Before opening the little chest, Renesmee read the note that was attached to the top of the box. “Dearest Renesmee, It’s been a long time since I last saw you. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the best of circumstances. I hope you like the gift I have enclosed for you. I would be most grateful if you wore it on the day of your wedding. Best of luck, Aro. I gasped when I heard Renesmee say “Aro”. Are, the Are from the formidable Volturi? Aro, the vampire that had threatened to destroy the ones I love most? Why would he contact any of my family, especially when he knew how opposed we were to having anything to do with the Volturi? Renesmee opened the small chest. Inside, the box contained a hair pin, embellished with diamonds of various cuts. The base was made of gold. “Oh,” Renesmee murmured. Tons of thoughts ran through my head. Could this be an act of kindness? Was Aro using this gift as a way to use us? I had too many questions swirling through my head, so I turned to Alice. “Alice, do you see anything?” I said. Alice concentrated. A minute later she opened her eyes and replied, “No Bella, they won’t be crashing Nessie’s wedding, nor do I see them bothering us in the near future.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “Is it okay for me to wear it on my wedding?” Renesmee asked.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 32 “I don’t see why not” Carlisle said. The sun was beginning to rise outside. In just a few hours, Renesmee Cullen would be a Cullen no longer.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 33

Chapter 8 I knocked on the door to Renesmee’s bedroom. It was Alice who answered. “Bella! It’s time for you to see the blushing bride!” She squealed in delight. Renesmee was standing near the mirror in her wedding dress. Now I understood what Alice meant in the mall. Renesmee’s gown was more stunning that anything I could have ever imagined. It was a strapless V neck gown, made of several different materials. Little diamonds, hundreds, perhaps thousands were sewn on the front and back of the first half of the gown. The dress hugged her figure perfectly. As for the back of the dress, a large silk bow was placed directly under the zipper. Renesmee’s shoes matched precisely with the dress as well. My mouth fell open when I looked over Renesmee’s face. Her bronze-auburn hair was worn down in loose curls. The hair pin Aro had given her was holding back some of them. Renesmee’s alabaster skin seemed to glow. Her cheeks were rosy, and her milk chocolate eyes sparkled. She had just enough make-up on, but not enough for her to look over-done. Her full pink lips separated, showing her mouthful of luminous white teeth.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 34 I swelled with pride. This gorgeous lady, more beautiful than the stars and the moon, was my daughter. Alice giggled at my gaping mouth. “Told you her dress would out-do everyone else’s. Alice said. “She is absolutely flawless!” She clapped her hands. “Renesmee, you truly are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” I said to her. I couldn’t stop staring at her. “Thanks, Momma and Alice, I couldn’t have done this without you.” Renesmee said. She brushed her hand across each of our cheeks, showing us the memories of our shopping trips and conversations about the wedding. I chatted happily with Renesmee. She said how the price of her dress was the price of our house. I made sure she had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Rosalie carried Renesmee to the car, out of fear her dress would get wet from the puddle of this morning’s rain. Alice drove all the females of the Cullen family to the church. At 70 mph, we arrived in less than five minute. Edward was talking to Pastor Liam when we arrived. “Renesmee, you look absolutely spectacular.” Edward said to the bride. Renesmee smiled. “Where’s Jacob?” She asked. “Ness,” Jasper began, “The pack arrived earlier this morning, and they are helping Jacob get ready.”

One by one, the guest began to arrive. Tanya’s coven was first. Even Nahuel, the half vampire half human, came. Benjamin, another one of the gifted vampires, came next.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 35 Billy, , Emily, Paul, Kim, Jared, Claire, Quil, Embry, Seth and Leah arrived with the groom. When Charlie arrived, he hugged both Renesmee and me wholeheartedly, without flinching from the drastic difference of the temperatures of our skin. “No!” Alice said, as Jacob peeked around her to catch a glimpse of Renesmee. “You’re not supposed to see the bride yet!” Jake chuckled. He was literally at a loss for words. Alice announced, in her sweetest voice, “Everyone, please take your places!” I noticed that there were red rose petals scattered all over the church' alter. Alice of course. Edward began playing the organ. Alice took over when it was time for Edward to walk Renesmee down the aisle. A Renesmee linked her arm in Edward’s, a single tear slid down her cheek. Renesmee continued to smile as she approached the alter. The Pastor went through the wedding rather quickly, and it was time for the vows. Both Renesmee and Jacob had written their own. Jacob began: “Literally, from the first time I looked into your eyes, I fell for you. Something in my heart of hearts told me, this girl is the one. As time passed, my love for you bloomed into something so special. There is no one I’d want to spend my life with then you, Nessie. I know you are obviously too good for me, but I will make you happy. I promise to love you throughout eternity. I love you, Nessie. Renesmee mouthed the words, “I love you too” and then began: “Jacob, you were always my big teddy bear, even though you tower over me.” She giggled. “I know you would protect me from anything. You are my perfect match. Nothing could mean

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 36 more to me than you. You have it wrong, Jake, you are too good for me. I love you with all my heart.” She said. When the pastor said, “You may kiss the bride” The crowd broke out in a chorus of applause, whistling, and “Whoo”-ing. Jacob bent down about a foot, and his lips locked around hers.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 37

Chapter 9

Everyone came to our house after the wedding for the party. Alice went all out on this one. There were countless roses in the room, their sweet, fresh scent permeating throughout the entire house. The furniture was pushed to one side of the room, leaving plenty of room for a dance floor. When Renesmee and Jacob walked in the room, confetti fell down on them. Everything was perfect. Edward took the first dance with her. “I love you, Daddy” She whispered in his ear. “I love you too, Renesmee. Your mother and you are the two most important people in my life.” Edward said. There were a variety of hor dourves, and medley of entrée’s to choose from. Jacob ate like he had ten stomachs, as did the rest of the werewolves. Renesmee, on the other hand, consumed very little, but still made the effort. Carlisle rolled out the 50 lb cake, effortlessly. The vampires, who found the cake totally unappealing, hung to the side, while the werewolves and Charlie’s mouths watered. Rosalie snapped many pictures throughout the day, insisting on shooting the couple from different angles. The glare of the camera was barely noticeable. Rose changed the camera’s settings to video recording and taped Renesmee and Jake cutting the first slice of cake. Jacob

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 38 was already on his fourth slice, I was confident this cake would be gone before tomorrow morning, due to the boundless appetite of the wolves. The day drew to a close, and some of the guests began to scatter. This must have been the longest wedding in the history of weddings, but no one grew bored. Charlie, who was less than crazy about parties, even looked like he was enjoying himself. Tanya, the blonde haired beauty who had her eyes out for Edward, was busying herself by interrogating Charlie about human habits. She tossed her hair over her shoulder; it looked purposeful to me.. I listened to their conversation while leaning against the wall from across the room. “So tell me, Charlie,” Tanya said in a seductive voice. “What do you do for.. fun?” she asked. Charlie, who was obviously flustered paused a second before answering. Her scent must have been intoxicating to him, for he inhaled deeply. “Um.. I usually watch the game on TV, or go out to eat with my buds” Charlie pointed to Billy Black, who looked very tense in the presence of vampires. Tanya nodded, looking intrigued. Before doing anything rash, it would be best to see this conversation was going. “Want to know what I do for fun?” Tanya said, almost like a purr. “Sure, I guess” Charlie said, looking slightly uncomfortable. “Well,” came Tanya’s reply. I I held my breath. “I enjoy hanging out with my friend, hunting, fishing, and sometimes I read, as well as participating in other activities.” She said. I wondered if this was true, or if she was just trying to impress Charlie.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 39 “I fish with the guys, sometimes.” Charlie said, oblivious as to where this conversation was going. “So, where do you live?” Charlie asked Tanya. “You don’t really sound like you’re from around here.” Charlie said. “Denali,” Tanya said. “That’s far away, do you like it?” Charlie said. “Yes, but I get bored easily. I like to travel, explore my options.” Tanya aid. I could guess where this was going. At that moment, Edward walked over to the two of them, flashed one of his spell-binding smiles towards Tanya, and pulled Charlie away from her, chatting about different model of cars as they walked away. Charlie looked disappointed. I guess Tanya had never satiated that craving. I giggled to myself. Leah Clearwater, Seth’s sister, looked completely and utterly bored. She sat at a table, alone. I suddenly felt bad for her. I couldn’t even imagine what it would feel like if Edward just stopped loving me. If all his romantic feelings for me disappeared in a puff of smoke and I was left with nothing but memories. In essence, that is exactly what happened with Sam and her. Sam got to go on with his life with his true soul-mate, while he shattered Leah’s. I know it’s involuntary, but this imprinting stuff sure can be frustrating, I know only too well. Nahuel, the half-vampire, half-human went over to where Leah sat, obviously interested. This was the first real time I ever saw Leah give anyone her full attention. From the moment her eyes met his, something changed in both of them. I saw her face soften, the tight pose her eyes were in relaxed, and her face looked years younger. Nahuel smiled shyly. This didn’t look like a fascination, this looked like an immediate attraction. The way Leah stared at him.. Could Leah have imprinted? Was this possible? I wracked my brain for answers, but found none. I walked over to Seth, bringing my theory along.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 40

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 41

Chapter 10 Seth analyzed Leah’s thoughts, while Leah burst into a fit of giggles at something Nahuel said. “Bella, I think you’re right!” Seth said. “I’ve never heard her think like this before!” “Hopefully she won’t be depressing anymore” Seth said with a snicker. Even though she Leah had treated me bad during my pregnancy, I did want her to find what she was looking for. Now, she had finally found the elusive thing she had desperately hungered for, -love. Like any party, the guests began to disperse. The talking dwindled down, and outside the sky turned an electrifying indigo. The silver stars against the deep blue of the sky made for an explosive combination. Renesmee, who was leaning on Jacob’s shoulder, surrendered to the battle of trying to keep her eyes open; and drifted off. Jake smiled. In a low whisper he said, “Nessie is exhausted, and now that I think about it, I am too, we’re heading up to bed.” “Night, Jake.” I said to him. I pressed my lips on Renesmee surrendered to the battle of trying to keep her eyes open; and drifted off. Jake smiled. In a low whisper he said, “Nessie is exhausted, and now that I think about it, I am too, we’re heading up to bed.” “Night, Jake.” I said to him. I pressed my lips on Renesmee’s forehead, and pecked Jacob on the cheek. Edward just nodded Jacob’s way, but also kissed Renesmee good-night. Seth was still talking to Edward about different car models, when I plopped down on the couch and listened. It’s really quite fascinating to listen to how the male mind thinks. The human

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 42 male mind basically revolves around cars, TV, and other activities. The male vampire’s mind is pretty much the same, with the exception of vampires like Edward, who is most certainly a true romantic. Jasper, who was now standing awkwardly beside me, looked stiff. Alice was an expert on making him feel comfortable, but she was busy at the moment, going around the house and in swift movements cleaning the mess. I felt bad for Jasper, he was like a fish out of water. Everyone else was occupying themselves with something to do, apart from Jasper. Esme and Carlisle were conversing with the vampire Eleazer, from Tanya’s coven. Emmet and Rosalie had already headed up to bed. Charlie was now so drunk he nearly bumped into a wall. I would make sure he got home safely, Charlie with any increment of liquor in his system just did not mix with driving a car. I got up from the couch to start up a conversation with Jasper. “Hey Jasper. Alice sure did blow us all away. Renesmee’s more than grateful that she planned the party. Who knows what would have happened if I had.” I said. Jasper’s stiff position slightly loosened. He laughed. “I have a question for you Bella, but it might not be my place to ask it.” Jasper said. So much for the light-heartedness of the evening. “Sure Jasper, go ahead.” I said. “When you went to see your mother in Phoenix, were you at all.. compelled to her scent? I know you’ve been doing exceptionally well with being around humans, but a young vampire can easily lose control, I know from experience” Jasper said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 43 The truth was I didn’t notice her scent in the least bit. I wasn’t paying attention to whether my mother smelled particularly delectable, because I went to Phoenix for a purpose, and that sole purpose was to help my mother to adjust to her new life. “Jasper, to be honest, her scent didn’t appeal to me in the least bit. I went to Phoenix on a mission, which I think I completed. Renee was my number one priority. I had no time to genuinely see how I would react to her scent.” I explained. “But you see, Bella, you can’t make yourself not smell a human, it comes innately. It just puzzles me how you didn’t smell anything.” He said. I could feel Jasper drifting, I had to bring him back on solid ground. I felt it my duty to at least absorb him in conversation, while Alice mingled with the guests. “You’ve been doing considerably better, Jasper. It’s quite noticeable. Your self-control in the presence of humans has really improved. Are you able to handle the scent any better?” I probed. “Unfortunately, not so much. The second a human walks by, it’s like signal lights go off in my head. For however long I have to be in their presence, I try to engage myself in anything that can make me forget their sweet, aromatic scents, but I only become further attracted to their blood. Just hearing their steady heartbeats accelerate when they see me sets me over the edge. The very thought of their warm, wet pulses sends me into a frenzy.” I paused for a second, collecting my thoughts before I spoke. I could see Jasper was slightly ashamed of what he had admitted. In the heat of the moment he let a little too much slip, and his mask of self-control was unveiled, revealing him to be very vulnerable. “Jasper, we all have our moments. I’d be lying if I said human blood never made me a little crazy.” Human blood never looked as good since I’d seen Charlie the first time after the transformation, but I wasn’t about to admit this to him. “Even if you find it hard to resist, the

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 44 point is you are resisting, every time you hold in your breath and thrust the bad thoughts out of your mind. Everyone is very proud of you, especially Carlisle.” I said. “Thanks Bella, I needed that.” Jasper said. I slapped him across the back, in a friendly gesture. He winced. I felt a little superior, I really was the strongest member of the family. Maybe that applied for not only my physical appearance. Maybe the very core of who I was, was stronger than I could have ever imagined. `

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 45

Chapter 11 The next day, Alice woke up Renesmee and Jacob. She was anxious to have them open up their presents. I could see she was disappointed that they hadn’t the night before, but this gave her the opportunity of coordinating something else. “Nessie, this one’s from Tanya and her coven.” Alice said, while handing her a present perfectly wrapped in gold paper, adorned with a large silver bow. Jacob looked amused as he watched his wife’s expression from gift to gift. Rose was video-taping the opening of the presents, while Emmett was spinning a basketball around the tips of his fingers, so fast your head would spin. Jasper was standing next to Alice, blankly staring at the presents Alice had scooped up into her arms. Carlisle was sitting like the traditional human would; his right leg crossed over his left, his hand folded across his lap. Esme was beside me, absently putting her arm around my shoulder. Although I couldn’t have my mother with me, it was very comforting knowing that Esme would always welcome my problems with open arms, ready to help me tackle whatever

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 46 obstacle stretched before me. And of course, the most important one in the room, that vampire that had captured my heart and lever let it go, Edward, was staring straight into my eyes. Hi honey colored eyes seemed to dance as he watched me. The emptiness was no longer, and he seemed to truly be alive. Just then I broke free from his stare. I looked at his clothing he was dressed in. Edward was wearing a fitted charcoal grey shirt, which emphasized his perfectly crafted muscles. His pants were white, and made of cotton. Edward’s hair was shining brilliantly, the light picking up the bronze and honey shades. He literally looked like a God. If I could have blushed, I would have. His expression was so thoughtful. Edward saw my playful grin and he cast me an identical one. Emmett stared at the two of us and shook his head. Renesmee went about opening the gift gingerly. In the plain black box, was a painting of a village. The artists used earthy colors, and the sky was shockingly beautiful, nearly black. The moon was glowing silver. This could only be from one artist. In the bottom right corner of it, it read “Van Gogh.” I gasped. “Is that really..” I said. “Yes, it seems to be.” Carlisle answered my unfinished thought. “Now that’s a generous gift. We definitely have to send a thank our card.” Jacob said. Rose stifled a laugh, and said, “Although you werewolves send thank you cards, we show our appreciation differently. You can’t really help it though, you’re only human.” She chortled to herself. Jacob flexed his muscles. “Then how do you do it, Blondie?” Jacob asked sarcastically. “Well if you must know, we use an object called a phone.” Rose said knowingly. Everyone laughed in unison; even Rose. Just then, Alice dropped the small present from Zafrina, and her stare went blank. “Alice, what did you just see?” Jasper said, concerned.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 47 Just then all the fun and exuberance of the morning was gone, completely vanished. It was though the positive attitude had been sucked from the room. “It’s just, not that clear. I saw Renesmee, and Bella. I felt the vision slipping, so I dug further.” She said. “There was blood, I didn’t see who’s.” Everyone became quiet, except for Jacob. “I won’t let anything happen to Renesmee. She cannot be left alone, I won’t let her be taken away from me!” His voice rose a few octaves higher as he said “She can’t die!” “Do you actually think I would let anyone harm my own daughter? Alice’s visions are not positive, besides, she didn’t say who’s blood she saw.” Edward said. “I’ll get the pack to watch the house. She can’t be left alone one second.” Jacob said. “I actually agree with the dog on this one.” Rose said. Then she faced Renesmee, her face softer than it had been when she was speaking to Jacob, “Don’t worry Nessie, everything will work out, we’re your protectors.” She said. Renesmee’s expression was hopeful, but I could see she was dying inside. “I think it’s best if you postpone the honeymoon. We can keep an eye on you here, and protect you from anyone who may pose as a threat” I said. I suddenly found nine pairs of eyes staring at me. I turned to Alice. “Tell me what else you aw, Alice. I need to know”. My voice trembled as I spoke. “I saw.. you next to Renesmee in an attack position. I don’t know what provoked you or anything though.” Her voice was devoid of any happiness. From the way Alice said attack position led me to believe that I was the danger. I became aware of my own thirst at that very moment, aware that somehow this whole conversation had enabled me to feel my thirst, feel the burning itch that was like a fire enveloping the inside of my throat. Unintentionally, my teeth

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 48 pumped venom, the deadly substance flowing endlessly in my already salivating mouth. What was I doing? There had been no humans in this room, besides Renesmee, who wouldn’t really qualify as one. Why was I behaving as though I had not quenched my thirst for weeks, when the last time I hunted was really just a few days ago? Everyone’s eyes were fixed on me. I heard Alice murmur, “It’s not going to happen here, not now, I’m sure of that.” “Edward” I said. I was surprised at how hoarse my voice was. I didn’t have to say anything else. Edward was at my side and said “Let’s hunt.”

Chapter 12 I left the house as fast as I could. Edward led the way to the forest, and Jasper and Alice followed behind us. The rest of the family, including Renesmee, decided stay. I assumed they were protecting Renesmee. This was like history repeated, once again I had become the threat to my own daughter. Alice must have seen wrong, there was no possible way I would harm my own flesh and blood.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 49 Now that I was away from all of the action, my overwhelming urge to sink my teeth into something that had a beating heart was dulled. In fact, I wasn’t really thirsty at all. Edward had been watching me intently the whole time. He must have been pulling me along, because I barely remember moving. I was ensconced in my own thoughts. Edward said, “This is a good place to stop, Alice, Jasper, scatter out, I’ll be sure to stay close to Bella.” Alice nodded obediently and Jasper followed. “I’m headed east, I smell a herd of elk. I’m not in the mood to go out any further, I’m only doing this to put everyone else at ease”. I said. “That’s fine, I have my eye out for some deer” Edward said. Before I had any time to say anything else, Edward was gone. It was best he left for now. Hunting to me was a private matter. If someone came to survey my performance, I felt especially self-conscious. I hadn’t really mastered how to gracefully ravage a black bear. I listened for the elk, they were hiding behind a massive oak tree. Stealthily, I leaped across the forest, landing on the balls of my feet. The elk were fleeing, or at least trying to escape me. They were no match for me, though. My long legs sped to the other end of the forest, confusing them from my fast pace. I lunged for the first elk’s neck. Soon his desperate attempts to break free of my grasp stopped. His pumping heart beat no more, and I drank the last of his blood. I left his lifeless carcass at my feet, and went to find the elk that had escaped me. After drinking her clean, I stared at my reflection in a nearby pond. Luckily, my clothes were still in shape, except for one tiny tear along the side of my shirt that was microscopic. One drop of crimson blood trickled down the edge of my mouth. I let one of my slender fingers wipe away the evidence of my killing, and sniffed the air. Edward was indeed close by, only about a mile or so north.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 50 I sprinted across the forest towards my destination. I saw Edward casually leaning on a tree trunk, one of his hands beckoning me forth. I joined him, pressing my hands lightly on his rock hard chest. “Do you feel more yourself, Bella?” Edward said. “Yes, I was actually normal before we entered the forest. I don’t know why I behaved so erratically.” I said. “That is one of the downsides of being a vampire, love, we are impulsive, unpredictable creatures who are most certainly instinctive. We were designed to behave this way.” Edward said. “I know, but the very thought of hurting Renesmee, even if is unintentionally.. I couldn’t bare hurting her.” I said. Edward’s hand was patting my back, it felt very soothing. The feel of his warm touch calmed me. I was the first to speak. “I’m okay now, really. Let’s go meet up with Alice and Jazz.” And with that I was flying across the forest, narrowly dodging trees and leaping over streams. Edward was always one step behind me, perhaps it wasn’t even a step, perhaps it was just an inch, but nevertheless, it felt freeing to be the one in front. “Alice, I told you I’m fine” I persisted. “Just stop refusing and stand still for a second Bella, I just want to have some proof that you really are okay so Jake will let you near Nessie. You know how stubborn he is, but he’ll listen to me. I need to make sure that as of this moment you are what you say you are”. Alice mimicked me precisely when she said “Fine”. I couldn’t help but laugh at her impression of me. I noticed that Japer wasn’t hovering near her anymore. “Alice, where did Japer go? He was at your heels the whole time” I asked. “Oh, he started for the house. I told him this might take awhile, and besides, a crowd of drunken humans were stumbling into the forest. Jasper didn’t need that sort of temptation, not now.” She said. I nodded.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 51 After a minute, Alice looked up at me. “The vision slightly changed. It wasn’t in the house, all I could see was a dark narrow street.” She said. “I suppose this is good news, Bella. At least you know that the only place Renesmee and you have to steer clear from is dark streets” Edward said, hopeful. Alice looked as though she had something to say, so I said “Go ahead Alice, you are just itching to say something” “The thing is, I saw you.. angrier. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, but as of this moment, you are going to be really mad.” Alice said. Great, now I knew that something was going to trigger the vampire in me, and that the place was a dark narrow street. Little help that would do. “There is nothing else to do as of now. If Alice sees anything else she’ll let us know. Now let’s back to the house, I’m sure they are all wondering what’s holding us up.” I said. Before Alice could have the chance to protest, I dashed across the forest, Edward and Alice still one step behind me.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 52

Chapter 13 2 weeks later It’s been two weeks since Alice had her last vision about me, in the forest. Jacob and Jasper are less on edge than they were before. I am finally being allowed to be out at night as long as I’m not with Renesmee, and the same goes for her with me.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 53 I decided that I would go rent some movies for the family, tonight. I kissed every member of the family on the cheek, except Edward and Jacob. Jacob was meeting Seth (who had snuck up to Astoria) at the local diner. I awarded Edward a kiss on the lip. Before I departed, I grabbed my denim jacket from the closet. Esme must have washed it, because it looked brand new and smelled of fresh lilies. I smiled at that thought. Esme truly was like a mother figure, in so many ways. It felt good to leave the house. The fresh air blew my hair around, but I didn’t mind. I hopped into my car, checked both way, and picked up on the speed after double checking that no human was in sight. As I broke the speed limit, several thoughts came to mind. I wondered what was happening with Jess and Mike, and Angela and Ben. Was Lauren the same snob as she used to be, or was she wiser? What was happening in Forks? A part of me wanted a human conversation. How nice it would be to just sit down with Angela, and discuss the things we used to. I would tell her that Edward and I had married, and we took in Edward’s brother’s daughter when he passed. I had agreed to give that up though. Although a part of me wanted human company, the more dominant part wanted nothing more than to be with just the Cullen family and Jacob, throughout eternity. I arrived at the video store after a few minutes of driving. I parked my car about one hundred feet from the store. It felt freeing to have a moment to myself, to sort out my thoughts. With my perfect vision, I saw two figures about twenty feet away. There was no question as to who the enchanting brunette was, I’d know those eyes anywhere. Renesmee was yelling at a teenage boy, who seemed to be following her. I watched as Renesmee began to walk to her car, when the teenager put his hand on her waist, and pushed her close, way too close. I knew that Renesmee could defend herself, but she froze in fear. Her voice could not be heard because the scream

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 54 coming from her was silent. I snapped. No one and nothing could stop me from doing what I was about to do. Before I could even think, my vampire instinct kicked in, and I was tackling this boy. My upper lip curled up, showing my pointed teeth, which resembled that of an animal’s rather than a human’s at this moment. My teeth sunk into his golden skin. I heard Renesmee gasp. I felt his warm hot blood in my mouth, and my own venom seeping into his veins. I was in a trance now, I just had to kill this boy. This rotten impulsive boy whose intentions were evil. This boy who tried to hurt my baby. He would have to pay. So this was what human blood tasted like to a vampire. Saying this satisfied my thirst was an understatement. This was the most wonderful taste I could have ever imagined. Somehow sweet yet salty. I inhaled the boy’s scent, it was foody and intoxicating. How thrilling. I heard his screams. I saw him try to release himself from my grip. There was no way in hell I was letting this boy escape this alive. “Mom, Mom! Stop! This is not you, don’t do this, there is still time to save him! Listen to me Mom, you’re not an animal!” Renesmee said. When Renesmee said you’re not an animal, something clicked into place for me. What was I doing? I vowed to never kill a human, and here I was doing just that. I dropped the human boy from my arms and stared at him. He was trembling. The boy was screaming, his expression tortured. I pitied this boy, I didn’t have to go that far, now what was I supposed to do? Was it too late to suck the venom out? Had the transformation process already begun? Renesmee, call Carlisle immediately. Tell him what I’ve done, and ask him if there is still time to reverse it!” I said through clenched teeth.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 55

Chapter 14 I watched as Renesmee’s small fingers frantically dialed the number to the Cullen house. “Carlisle” She said, her voice uneasy. “Yes Nessie, are you alright?” Carlisle asked in a concerned tone. “It’s not me. Bella lost her temper and bit this boy. What should we do? Carlisle’ voice filled with dread. “How long ago before her teeth penetrated his skin?” He questioned.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 56 “I don’t know, five minutes, ten. I’m really not all that sure.” “Tell her to bring him here immediately, I’ll be waiting out front for them” Carlisle said, and hung up. Renesmee delicately placed a hand on my face and showed me the conversation between her and Carlisle just moments ago. I nodded and piled the dying boy in my arms. He was falling unconscious, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he seized. I placed the boy in the back seat of my car, and took off, right before saying to Renesmee “Do you have your car? Go back to the house, I’ll be right behind you.” I zipped across the highway. My car was going too fast for anyone to decipher the license plate or the model. All I knew was that I had to do what I could before it was too late, if it wasn’t already. Shortly after I arrived back at the Cullen’s place. Carlisle, as promised, was waiting by the door, medical bag in hand. “Bring him over here, Bella, I have to clean his wounds before I bring him into the house. They haven’t gone hunting for nearly a week.” I nodded obediently as I scooped up the fragile boy in my arms. I lay him on the porch out front. There was already a towel lining the wood, ready to absorb the blood before it stained the porch floor. I watched as Carlisle expertly listened to the faint heart of this child, watched as he bandaged the bruises, watched as he surveyed the extensive damage I had done to him, and watched as he carried the boy into the house. I disposed of the towels and medical supplies and followed him inside. “Carlisle, there is no chance, is there?” I said to him.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 57 “I’m afraid not. The transformations already commenced.” Carlisle said. He wasn’t staring at me when he said this, he was staring through the paneled window. Carlisle was gazing into space, and I pressed no further. I braced myself as I entered the living room. The walk of shame. I was the good and righteous won who had it easy when it came to restraining from humans, I was Edward’s pride and joy who wouldn’t ever dream of committing this crime. And yet I did. I didn’t bite the boy for my own satisfaction, I bit him because he wanted to hurt Renesmee. There was no possible way I could have restrained, it was though my mind and my body were two separate entities, thinking differently, acting differently, yet interconnected. In some ways I did want to see this boy dead, yet a part of me knew this would only further complicate the situation. My bodies’ instinct was to lunge for his throat, while the other part of me slowed my pace as I approached him. Good, righteous Bella wasn’t so holy anymore. Though I fervently regret what I did, there was no reversing it, my only option was to make a new promise, and I would stick to this one. There was no way I could kill another human being. This time I would mean it. The guilt I felt right now was insurmountable. I could already predict everyone’s expressions when I walked in the room. Emmett would look amused, yet no laugh would erupt from him. Rosalie would look astounded, shocked that I would do such a thing. Esme would want to comfort me, but secretly feel disappointed. Alice would be gaping at me. As for Jasper, he would be proven right, that I would fold under the pressure of being a vampire, as though he expected I would do something like this all along. The one vampires face I dreaded seeing most of all was Edward. Edward, whose trust in me was implicit, Edward, who was proud of me for being unlike the rest. I could just imagine the poignant expression written all over his face, the sparkle of his eyes vanished, into nothing but a swarm of black nothingness.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 58 Just one short step away from my family. For the first time in all of my existence, I just wanted to run. Run far away, where I wouldn’t feel the guilt or the sadness. But they were family, and they would forgive me no matter what. I walked the short distance and entered the living room, my head no longer bowed low, but rather, facing the audience who was awaiting my explanation.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 59

Chapter 15 I received a different reaction from the one than I was expecting. It was Edward who spoke first. “We understand, Bella. No one judges you for what you did. Your intentions were right, you just went about them the wrong way.” Esme placed a comforting arm around the small of my back, and everyone, Jacob included, smiled encouragingly at me. Why were they acting this way? I deserved to be yelled at, to be humiliated for what I had done. Instead, everyone had treated me as if I simply made a mistake, no harm no foul. But there was foul, a life was lost. Wasn’t that what the Cullen’s were firmly against, the spill of human blood? “I saw this boy harassing Renesmee. Something in me exploded, I couldn’t help myself. I know it was a terrible thing to do and I feel horrible, but I did not plan to kill him. Please guys, I’m waiting for your badgering, I am looking forward to it, in fact.” I said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 60 “But you see, Bella, you didn’t want to kill him, like you said it wasn’t planned. We can’t be angry at you for that. Slightly disappointed, yes, but you are our family. We never turn our back on family.” Esme said. I sighed. I guess it was better for them to feel better about this than I did. “Plus, you defended Ness, and that counts for something” Jacob said in a low, husky voice.

Carlisle gave us the 101 on the teenage boy’s condition. He said “He is transforming at an incredible pace. I’ve never seen anything like it. If my predictions are correct, he should awaken sometime tomorrow.” He chuckled. “Of course I wouldn’t be the right one to predict, what do you think, Alice?” Alice concentrated for a moment. Then she giggled. “Yes, it does look as though he is going to awaken tomorrow! Something tells me he is going to be quite special, I’ve never had such a clear vision as this one.” Alice said. “Are we going to keep him?” Rose said. Somehow the way it came out reminded me of someone talking about an abandoned dog. I shuddered. “We must, Rose. What other choice do we have? We will help him adapt to our lifestyle as best we can; as long as he is willing to try.” Carlisle said. Rose’s expression was hard. I could see she didn’t particularly want another addition to the family, but was still tolerating the idea. Especially after Alice said he is going to be “smoking”. Jacob seemed to look even more protective over Renesmee, if that was even possible. “Renesmee, why were you at the movie store?” I said to her. “I, I” She stuttered. “I know this might come off as odd, but I honestly don’t know. It’s as if I had to be there. It frightens me to think about it.” Jacob embraced her. She nestled her head in the nape of his neck.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 61 Renesmee yawned. “Jake, I’m tired, let’s head up to bed.” She said. Jake scooped her up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom. “Love you Mom” Renesmee said. “And Dad!” “Love you too, sweetie” I said. “Good night hunny” Edward said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 62

Chapter 16 Alice ran down the stairs and began talking extremely fast. It was not difficult at all to understand her words, though. “Bella! The boy has awoken! You just have to see him! He is so beautiful I just want to cry! Come, come!” She pulled me up the stairs to one of the medical rooms with the long tables. I wondered if it was bad on my part for being a little excited. I was itching to see him, although I was the person who was responsible for all of this. Alice opened the door quietly. The rest of the family were already there, huddled in two rows, the male vampires in front, the females in the back. I looked at the young man who was sitting up in his bed. Although he looked frightened, petrified was more like it, his beauty was awe-inspiring. This was the first real time I had a chance to examine his looks. His skin was pale, but had a slightly noticeable olive complexion to it. His lips looked as though they were crafted, a perfect molding, too perfect. His eyes were maple colored. How was this possible? Newborn vampires were notoriously known for their reckless crimson eyes, yet his were light and innocent? I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, though. His nose was straight, and his nostrils were flaring as he looked in my direction. I wondered what he would think of me, of what I had done. Would he forever hate me? Would he have no recollection of the previous night’s events, as Alice had not when she underwent the transformation? “What has happened, I do not remember anything at all” Said the no-named immortal teenager. A gasp escaped my mouth as I heard him speak for the first time. His voice was simply

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 63 mesmerizing, it was thick with a slight accent. I couldn’t put my finger on what ethnicity he must have been before he transformed, all I knew was that I was transfixed. His body was so masculine in a gentle way. Carlisle explained to him what he was. “You see, something happened the other night. There was only one way for you to exist, and that was by becoming one of us. We are known as vampires. I know this is a lot being thrust on you all at once, but you need to understand what you are capable of before doing something you might regret.” He paused. “You have unbelievable strength. Your natural instinct will be to survive on human blood, but our family survives off the blood of animals. It can be done, and with practice it becomes easier. Would you like to be a part of our family?” Carlisle ended his little speech with a smile. “Yes, I will. I don’t feel the need to drink human blood at all..” The un-named vampire said. “That is interesting. You also have amber eyes, which is uncommon for a newborn vampire.” Carlisle said, deep in thought. Edward spoke up with “I can’t read his mind.” What did this mean? I was the only person immune to Edward’s infamous mindreading, now this newborn was too? “I’ve never seen anything like him. Even Bella craved human blood after the transformation. There are too many variable to consider than to just rest on the simple fact that he is a vampire, there has to be more.” Jasper said, in a voice that was bordering hysterical. “Maybe he is very lucky, that’s all. Why do some of us have powers, and others do not? Vampirism is a mystery Jasper.” Rose said. I could have sworn I heard the slightest bit of disappointment when she said and others do not. “Do you really believe that, Rose? There are many different factors to consider. This newborn has amber eyes, while every single vampire besides him is born with red. This newborn

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 64 has no desire to drink human blood. And from what Alice saw last night, this won’t be all that is quaint about him, he will have a gift. I am only too curious to see how that unfolds” Jasper said. The young man totally disregarded what Jasper had said. He pointed a finger at me. I stiffened. “I don’t remember who I was, or what my name was. I want you to name me. That may sound like a peculiar request to say the least, but I feel like you have to name me.” He cast me a smile that made me feel woozy. I couldn’t think straight. I was flustered. A low growl emanated from Edward. “Now, now, son, his request is simple enough. I’m sure Bella’s willing to oblige.” Carlisle added. “I. I need a second to think about this. Hmm.. Let’s see.” I said. Did I really have to name this boy? What if I came up with something totally foolish? Everyone was waiting for me. Me, of all people. I wracked my brain for anything that would fit the gorgeousness of his face, to no avail. Then a name popped in my head that was uncommon, and which I thought fit him perfectly. “What about Warren?” I said. I braced myself, expecting the newborn vampire to laugh at the unusual name I came up with, but he didn’t. “I love it, Bella.” Warren said. “It means loyal in German, am I correct?” Warren said. His eyes burned deep into mine, and I had to pull away from his gaze before things got uncomfortable. “Yes, I believe so” I said, my own voice sounding blissful.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 65

Chapter 17 There have only been two creatures I have ever felt attracted to in my existence. Those being Jacob the werewolf, and Edward the vampire. Why was I now drawn to Warren? I’m not the shallow type that goes for people with flawless looks, I was just lucky with Edward. Things were going so well, and although I really liked looking at Warren, I knew that no matter how I felt, I wasn’t going to let it get to me. So what, it was a little crush. Vampires are allowed to find other vampires attractive. What bothered me most though, was that deep in my heart of hearts, I didn’t know if this was merely infatuation. From the way Warren looked at me, I was only too sure he felt the same vibe, the same intensity, the same connection. It was really quite foolish to think so far away. Any girl, vampire, human, and werewolf would gape at him, besides, I wasn’t the only one who had noticed his beauty. Rose looked pretty

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 66 taken away with him as well, and even the normally composed Esme stifled a laugh when Warren would absently scratch his chin. I only spoke a few words with this newborn, and already I thought that we had an instant connection; how stupid of me. I had Edward and my real family, not this newborn vampire who might has well never existed. Warren in the end was just another distraction from Edward, one that I had to steer clear of.

Warren lifted himself off the bed and looked at his reflection in the standing mirror Alice had already prepared for today. He broke into a smile, and then a full-fledged grin. Why did someone this beautiful have to exist! I froze. What I just thought was similar to what I had thought about Edward. I must push these thoughts of Warren out of my head, he is nothing more than a new member of the family. He'll find love when it’s his time. When the time is right. I was about to leave Warren's room when a thick, hypnotizing voice murmured, "Bella, I'd like to speak with you if it’s not too much trouble. Out of everyone I feel most comfortable with you." I slowly turned around and stood three feet away from him. I simply said, "I'm listening". One corner of his mouth raised a little, was he actually smirking? "So Bella, tell me more about vampires with gifts. I heard that you, Edward, Alice and Jasper were special that way. I wonder if I am as well." "I can shield those who I choose to protect from mental attacks. Edward can read any person's mind excluding yours and mine. Jasper can control the emotions of the people around him. Alice can see the future in visions, but they are only positive as of the moment, when a person changes their course, the vision alters." I said. I tried to keep my voice as steady as possible while

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 67 speaking to him, but I found myself catching my breaths. Although I was no longer human, I sure seemed to act like one at moment. I hoped Warren hadn't caught sight of this, though he was quite intuitive. "That is most fascinating. I feel as though I may possess some sort of gift." He paused. "You may call it wishful thinking, but I truly believe this" "You do know that only a fraction of the vampires that exist today are gifted." I said. "Yes, I am aware of that. Carlisle told me a short while ago. I guess we will all find out in due time." He said. "Warren, you don't remember anything from the previous night? I can tell you what happened if you wish to know." "Although it is nice of you to offer, I think it is best left unsaid. I don't want to have a sour taste in my mouth when I am trying to acclimate to something that feels completely foreign to me". I nodded. "Once you explore your strength, you will better understand what you are capable of. This might even help you discover that you have a gift, if you have one." I said. I flashed him a sly smile. How arrogant of him to assume that he was gifted just because he felt he was. This annoyed me further, because he probably was correct. "I'll see you soon Warren." Impulsively, I bent in and kissed Warren on the cheek. What was I doing? The point was I wasn't doing anything. I felt this pull that made me kiss him, as though it was out of my power to resist. "What did you do?" I said to Warren. Warren's face was completely innocent, and a bit surprised. "What do you mean, Bella? I'm sorry, I don't understand." Warren said, a look of disappoint stretching across his face.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 68 "You just made me kiss you, and I had no intention of doing so" I said, fear filling my voice. "I'm afraid I don't understand.

Something very strange was happening here. I was sure I did not plan to kiss Warren on the cheek, yet I felt like I couldn’t help myself. I actually had no desire to do so, but it was though I no longer had control of my bodies’ actions, once again separated yet interconnected. My head told me What are you doing? While my body was leading me to his soft, olive tinted cheek. “Hold on one moment, Warren”. My voice was still a bit shaky but no longer unstable. “Carlisle” I said in a level tone. “I need you to come here for a moment, if you aren’t busy.” In less than a second Carlisle was in Warren’ room, facing me. “Yes Bella, you sounded worried, is there a problem?” He said. “No, well not for me anyway. It’s to do with Warren. I think we’ve discovered his gift” I said. Carlisle’s expression was animated, eager to hear what it was I had to stay. I for one, wasn’t as thrilled about Warren’s gift, but the family would probably be. “It’s sort of a funny thing, Carlisle. I was about to leave the room, when a force that was stronger than my own willed me to.. erm..” I said. I found myself at a loss for words. I didn’t exactly want to tell Carlisle what I had done, although it had been innocent enough, but I forced the words to sentences and began again. Carlisle was patient all the while. “To kiss Warren on the cheek” Truth be told it was more on the lips than the cheek, but I’d be damned if I was going to admit that to anyone. “Excuse me, but it was more on the lips than the cheek.” Warren said. I was astounded and embarrassed at Warren’s unanticipated remark. Astounded because the way he phrased it was

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 69 very similar to how I was thinking, embarrassed because he was telling this to the father of my husband. I interjected before anyone else could continue this conversation. “Warren, one, it was definitely not on the lips, and besides, you willed me too!!” I said. My voice resembled that of a petulant child. I forgot that Warren wasn’t aware of what his gift was. He stared at me, a confused expression causing small wrinkles to crease right above his forehead, but smooth out as fast as they appeared. Carlisle looked perplexed as well, but his expression changed as soon as he realized what this meant. “You mean Warren manipulated you into doing what he wanted you to?” He said. “Yes, unfortunately so.” I replied. “Wow, I never would have expected such a power.” Warren said. “Before we share this new information with the others, let’s see if the same applies to you, Carlisle.” I said. “ Warren, please concentrate on what you want Carlisle to do right now, it can be something simple like picking up a book or writing his name on a sheet of paper”. Warren closed his eyes for a second, and Carlisle went into the bathroom. I wonder where this was going. I thought to myself. A moment later, Carlisle came out of the bathroom with a half empty glass of water. To me it looked as if Carlisle was just carrying out orders. His stare was blank as he approached the bed. Carlisle threw the cup of water in Warren’s face. Then he was his normal self again. “Sorry Warren. Absolutely incredible!” Carlisle said. “Why did you have him through water on your face?” I questioned Warren. “No reason. I just thought it would be a funny story to tell afterwards”.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 70 “I’m going to leave you two to talk for a second, while I inform the rest of the family about this new bit of information” Carlisle said. “Oh, and Warren, I know you may want to further explore your gift, but please bear in mind that as much good you can do with it, you can do equally bad. Warren nodded. It looked as if he genuinely understood Carlisle’s last remark, but another part of him looked superior. He had one of the most ideal powers one could possess, something far greater than the Volturi’s powers combined, even something greater than Edward’s. What if he were to use it for bad rather than good? Not all vampires were born good, some were born to wreck havoc. I fervently hoped that Warren would use his powers for good, despite the fact that if he wanted someone to do anything, they could not resist. Something hit a nerve as I was thinking about Warren’ powers being better than the Volturi. What if the Volturi came here, like they did once before? No, that would be passé. Been there, done that. But they might want to propose a deal to Warren. I would educate Warren on the Volturi, not because I wanted to, only to protect my family. Once again I was left alone with Warren. This just gave me another excuse to stare at his oh so perfect face. “By the way, I don’t want you manipulating me to do things for you. You surely can control your own thoughts. I’d rather have a conversation with you than having you control me.” Warren said, “I can see your point. I shall try to control myself and that’s as best as I can give you for now.” A question still tugged at me. Was Warren able to use his powers to the people in a closer radius to him, or anywhere, anytime? We would need to test this theory later. “How long are you going to stay here?” “For however long before you grow bored of me. Hopefully, through eternity”.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 71 It was as though he tempted me with the forbidden fruit. It looked, smelled, and sounded enticing, but was I willing to take the first bite? “Warren, I think you should be properly introduced to the rest of the family”. I said. The truth was, I was completely undecided.

Chapter 18 Warren followed me downstairs, to the awaiting Cullen’s. Renesmee and Jacob were outside, just in case Warren got thirsty and attacked. Alice pulled Warren by the hand to the center of the room. “Warren, please explain to us your gift”. Warren paused before beginning. “I probably know just as much as you do. Surprisingly enough, I can control people’s actions. All I know is that they are aware of what they do when I make them do it. I think we need to find out if it works from a far distance.” Carlisle addressed Edward. “Son, do you mind making your way to the end of the forest? Warren really is right, it’s best to know how strong his hold over people is.” “Fine” Edward said gruffly. He took off at the speed of light, disappearing before my very eyes before I had a chance

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 72 to notice his absence. “Warren” my tone was urgent. “Yes, Bella?” “Don’t make Edward do anything severe, at all. I don’t know how you think. Remember that we, together, are a family. Family do not torture their family.” My voice was stern. “Well don’t blow up yet, Bells. There is no way I could control what he does that far out.”. I don’t know if I was more startled that Warren had called me Bells, or that this god-like creature had a flaw. Although it seemed impossible, Warren wasn’t perfect. When Edward arrived back, I put my hand in his. I didn’t want to give Warren the wrong impression, I was taken. Edward, noticing my public display of emotion (as I sat on his lap) decided to go along with mine. I kissed him, and he responded in the same way. I was disturbed at how much I wanted to make Warren jealous. This was no forced emotion, this was my own. My own desperate attempt at angering Warren went unnoticed. While I was kissing Edward as passionately as I could in front of everyone, I glanced Warren’s way for a moment. He had started up a conversation with Rose. Anger rose inside me, like a blazing fire. I felt like a petulant teenager hoping for a glance from the popular jock. While kissing Edward, I realized that the conversation between Rose and Warren had ceased, and resounding silence took its place. Warren was looking at me now, but it was in distaste, not possessiveness or envy. I ended the kissing session abruptly, to Edward’s dismay. My last attempt to get Warren’s attention was by making my voice a little hoarse, when I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, everyone. That was rude for us to do that in front of you.” “I thought it was never going to end, Bella. Next time, get a room!” Emmett said. Warren continued to look at me as though I had ten heads. Well now I felt like a complete and utter idiot.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 73 Everyone was clearly distracted by the kissing, so I pushed forth a thought that I had stored in my head. “Carlisle” I said. “I was thinking, what will happen when the Volturi gets wind of Warren? You can’t believe they will stay away.” I said. “Who are the Volturi?” Warren said, addressing his question to Carlisle, and ignoring my presence once again. What, was I not capable of being asked that question? I found myself getting quite irritated. I had to reign in my emotions, before they showed. “Warren, the Volturi are sort of the head of the vampires. They are a family that currently resides in Volterra, Italy. They are extremely dangerous, but their aim is not to kill vampires, they want to protect the secret that creatures like us roam the earth, and that we actually exist. With that being said, they are also infamously known for destroying any vampire that gets in their way, any vampire that poses as a threat to them. They take pride in being the largest coven, and are even more proud of the members. Do not undermine them because they rarely associate with vampires, they are deadly. The Volturi would have destroyed Bella and her daughter had it not been for Bella’s shield, and Alice’s proof that creatures like Renesmee exist as well.” Carlisle responded. “I see. They don’t seem like the sort you want to mess with” Warren said, his tone now grave. “Precisely. Which is why we need to know if you are willing to protect our coven, and I saw our because you are part of it now, if need be.” “I will agree to that. You have shown me nothing but kindness, so I have no reason to doubt you or your coven”. Warren said. “Good, since that’s settled, I think we should no longer post-pone your first hunt. I know you aren’t thirsty, but I have a hunch the thirst will kick in when you catch scent of the animals.” Carlisle said. “For the safety of my grand-daughter Renesmee and her husband Jacob” He added.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 74 “Yes, I understand your concern. Please excuse my technique, as I have not prepared for hunting.”. Warren said. Edward snapped in with “You can’t prepare for hunting. It’s something that comes naturally”. I laughed to myself as Edward said this.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 75

Chapter 19 I thought it best if Jasper and Jasper only went hunting with Warren. The rest of the family had already drunken their fill a couple of days ago, and Edward wasn’t about to engage in the brotherly-bonding-hunting thing. I stayed with the rest of the family. All they could talk about was Warren, and all I could think about was him. Jasper and Warren arrived back in just twenty minutes. I said, “So how did it go”? Even for an advanced vampire I was sure he couldn’t have hunted that well. “He was phenomenal! Exceedingly well. If I hadn’t seen him before, I would have thought he was hunting for hundreds of years. His senses are acute.” Jasper said. Edward and I were the only ones who looked annoyed at another one of Warren’s many feats. Did he really have to excel in practically everything he did? I thought Edward was the one who did that, until now. “Jacob, Renesmee, I think it’s safe for you to meet the newest member of our family”. Esme said. I heard the rumbling of the stairs as Jacob descended them. His broad back concealed Renesmee from view. “You sure?” Jake asked. I was the one who answered him this time. “Jake, he’s harmless”. Little did I know.. Renesmee peeked from behind Jacob’s shoulder to see what the newborn looked like.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 76 “Hello, you must be Renesmee. What a pleasure to meet you for the first real time”. Warren said. What a ladies’ man, he didn’t even acknowledge Jacob, but he made is his duty to be friendly with my daughter. The rest of the day was spent helping Warren cope with being a vampire. He did admit that “Animal blood doesn’t taste right at all” and “I knew something smelled dreadful, I just didn’t know that it was a werewolf”. While the family was chattering happily, I stole away to the privacy of my bedroom. I sat on the bed, thinking solely of Warren. How come when my mind wandered I immediately thought of Warren? Ironically enough, a few seconds later there was a loud rapping on the door. I opened it reflexively, assuming the caller would be Alice or Edward. In stepped Warren, as glorious as ever. He smiled a warm smile. It made me tingle from the inside out. I returned the smile. “All I’ve been thinking about is you, Bella. I’m sorry for before, I just got so frustrated.” “Why is that?” I asked “For a couple of reasons. The firsts being that I did not like the way you acted downstairs. I wouldn’t have thought you to be a stereotypical girl who makes out with her boyfriend in front of people”. I immediately was embarrassed. So he had seen that. “Secondly, I find you extremely attractive and it’ almost impossible to stay away from you.” Warren said. I relaxed a little bit. But why was I, he just admitted to finding me attractive, I couldn’t be interested in him, I’m married.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 77 “You know nothing could become of the two of us” I said, my voice clearly showing my dismay. “What if I wanted you to kiss me, but I didn’t force you to. What if you did what you chose to”. He said in his smooth voice. I bit down on my tongue. I knew what was coming. I turned towards the door and locked it.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 78

Chapter 20 Warren wasn’t making me do anything I didn’t want to. I would have felt that same pull as I did the first time in his room. It was my own desire to kiss him. I leaned close to his face. I felt out of my element. How was I to go about kissing someone who was so skilled in everything? My mediocre kissing skills wouldn’t be very impressive. Perhaps Warren would be turned off by me the minute my lips were to touch his. Surely he couldn’t still be interested in someone who was a boring kisser? Nevertheless, I felt compelled to lock my lips around his, and let them linger. After a few seconds of silence, I took action. I wrapped my arms around his neck, one hand brushing against his cheek. When our lips were touching, a spark ignited. I felt as though I was surrounded by fire crackers, exploding from every which way. His lips were soft, yet a very different feeling from Edward’s. All I knew was that whatever happened, or my case, didn’t happen with Warren, I would always have this moment. I closed my eyes and willed myself to etch this into my mind, there was no way I could let this memory escape me, I had to hold onto it. I wished I could have melted into his arms, and burrow my head in his chests. I couldn’t let my newly discovered feelings for Warren override those for Edward. That was the real thing, the thing people would die for. This was only attraction. A mesmerizing one to say the least, but it couldn’t be more than a crush. For Edward’s sake. As much as I wanted to prolong this moment, I knew that we would have to stop. It was inevitable. Someone would come up to see what’s taking me so long, and see Warren. “Warren”,

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 79 I said, “I have begun to develop a fondness over you. I cannot let it grow into something more. I have all that I want.”. I said. “Except one thing, me”. Warren said tenderly. I winced. My heart was so big, and it had so much love to give, but Edward and Warren together couldn’t’ share a place in it. It was one or the other. Nothing was simple anymore. “Warren, I have known you for just one day. Do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds? I can’t just say I have feelings for you, because I don’t. Actually, I do, but my feelings for Edward take precedence over my feelings for you. The last words caught in my throat. Dry sobs made their way up and out of my mouth, causing a choking sound. “Bella, are you alright? Calm down Bells, everything will be fine, just you wait”. Warren said. How was it possible to feel this much for a person you barely knew? Maybe I was just swept up in his beauty. Several Thoughts flashed through my head. I thought of my time with Edward, and the birth of our child. I thought about our wedding, and my severe depression when he left me. And then I just thought of the look of his face, every line, every feature. Although he was one of the most aesthetically good looking men that ever walked the earth, his look paled in comparison to Warren’s. No! Edward was my soul-mate, the reason I became a vampire. “Bella, as much as I would like to stare at you all day, there are people downstairs who are waiting. If this is just what you think it is, mere infatuation, than you won’t talk to me that often anymore. But you will, I can feel it, I know it. You are a hopeless romantic.”. Warren said in his hypnotizing voice. Why did I crumble whenever Warren spoke? I got weak in the knees every time I stared at him.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 80 “Warren, I don’t know what I am going to do as of now. Go downstairs, I’ll be down in a few. Tell Renesmee I needed some alone time.” Warren walked towards the door and unlocked it. My heart sank, as though a piece of me was disappearing. “Warren! Wait!”. I flung myself at him. I didn’t need to kiss him at this moment, I just needed to hold him in my arms. Warren returned the hug with as much force. After our embrace he smiled at me, and left the room. Torn between two men, one, the love of my existence, the other an obsession. But it might be the start of something that could be more powerful than even Edward’s bond with me. Who to choose?

Chapter 22

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 81 The rest of the day I was despondent. I felt as though my emotions were taking a toll on my actions. Overwhelmed with guilt, I decided to go down stairs and talk with the family. As long as I oculd put up a good front, I could spare others from wondering what was wrong with me. I forced my lips to form a smile. Could I fool Edward, the man who knew me best? I didn’t know if I could be that good of an actress, but I would try. “Hey guys! I just needed a moment alone to think for a second. What’ next on the agenda for the day?” I said. No one seemed to notice that my voice rose an octave higher, as though I was on the verge of tears but silent ones, except Edward. “Bella, something is wrong. It is written all over your face”. A much as I tried to put on a happy face, Edward saw right through it, but would he be able to see a torn heart? “Nothing is, Edward. I’m just thinking ahead. There I go again, being so analytical.”. I forced a chuckle. “Jake and Renesmee still haven’t gone on their honey-moon, and besides, I’m really going to miss them when they do”. “Bella, they will only be gone for two weeks. They aren’t even departing for another week or so”. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist. I placed my hands around his. I truly loved Edward to the full capacity I was able to. This was a solid relationship. Being with Warren would be some wistful fantasy, hardly tangible. Being with Warren would be like being in a house with fake objects, beautiful, yet never real. Out of mock curiousity, I stole a peek at Warren. How well this vampire could reign in his emotions! His face was a blank canvas, hiding any bit of emotion he was feeling. My relationship with Edward was like a solved puzzle. You hardly had to work on anything, things get fit into place, they were destined too. Being with Warren would be like a jigsaw puzzle, extremely hard to solve, yet absolutely enthralling when things fell into place. Then it hit

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 82 me. My own scattered thoughts fell into place, and the thoughts that were clouding my thinking suddenly made sense. Even if my theory was completely insane, there was still a possibility that it was true. Warren and I thought nearly the same. We both craved liberation, the feeling of choosing your destiny. Being with Warren was as if there was a gravitational pull drawing us to each other. Maybe there was a reason I bit him on that chilling night. It felt oddly thrilling to be the one with the power, against a human who was completely powerless. I could have restrained if I wanted to, but I didn’t. Edward couldn’t read my mind or Warren’s. When Warren awoke he was lured to me as I was to him. Considering all these factors, say if a person could have more than one soulmate? It must be possible. What if I was blind to the fact that Warren and I did click into place? My heart sank as I thought But Edward is my soul-mate too. I rarely went on my laptop. As a vampire, these technological inventions didn’t appeal to me in the least bit. Today, I was about to use my laptop, for theory, for purpose. “Edward, I’m going to research something for a second, okay?”. I kissed him lightly before leaving the room. I went on a search engine and typed in “Vampire legacies”. I sifted through the many sites, disregarding the ones that were referring to fake vampire legends. One particular site caught my attention. In bold black letters the headline was “Vampire Prophecies”. I hastily scrolled down, and skimmed the page. All of the vampires characteristics were there, pale skin, stunning features, strength. I knew that this was one of the few reliable sites I would find. Near the bottom of the page there was a quote dating back thousands of years ago. What it said made me gasp. “And when the time comes, two vampires shall walk the earth. Their powers will be greater than any vampire who existed before them, or will exist after. This vampire couple will fulfill the prophecy. They will rule all other vampires in existence. These vampires will eventually be the

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 83 last ones standing. It will be up to their decision whether to create more or be the two sole vampires in existence. They are the Adam and Eve of the vampire world. Beware of them, they are coming”. I nearly fell off my bed while reading this. Could this really happen? Everything in this statement applied to Warren and I, and somehow, someway, I just knew we were the ones.

Chapter 23 I felt drained as I thought of what this could mean. There were so many decisions to be made, but how to go about making them? Should I tell Warren about this, or will he become more

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 84 convinced that we are right for each other? I wasn’t about to give up Edward, nor do I ever intend to. What if it is out of my power to resist? What if something much greater is causing this gravitational pull between Warren and I? These thoughts and many more raced through my head. There was no way I could tell Warren of the prophecy. He has the upperhand, he could let this play out exactly the way he would like it to. Basically, he has me under his thumb. Either way, I’m screwed. Someone will get hurt in the process. How would it be possible to wipe out all vampires in existence? And for Warren and I to be the reasons, possibly take part in this? I couldn’t let my family go, I wouldn’t. There must be some way to defy destiny. I don’t care if it is meant to be! Although I couldn’t bring myself to tell Warren about this new information, I had to tell Edward. Say if what was coming could not be stopped? Edward of all vampires would need to be warned. I walked out of the bathroom much less enthusiastic than when I had walked in. I felt like the life had been sucked out of me, that my energy was used up to the utmost. I took my time descending the stairs. Edward would find out soon enough the havoc that was to come, why should I put another nail in the coffin? I shuddered at my own choice of thoughts. When I entered the living room nothing was the way I had imagined it to be. Emmett wasn’t goofing around and Edward wasn’t smiling, and most importantly, Alice who was always lively, was frowning. I didn’t like the way her face looked as the frown grew when she saw me. “Guys, what’s wrong?” I asked. Nothing could be worse than what I had to tell Edward. “Bella, Alice has had a vision. We are in grave danger, all of us, every vampire that walks the Earth, even the Volturi”. My heart sank again. The last fragment of hope that what I had read online was merely a myth had vanished. For some reason unbeknownst to be at the time, I wasn’t

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 85 afraid. My expression remained impassive as I said “What else is there Alice, you can’t possibly believe you can keep it from me”. “Bella, my last vision was more vivid that any I have ever had. I saw.. a vampire war, much bigger than a war just against the Volturi, I saw a war against vampire existence. Vampires were throwing themselves in flame pits. It was horrible. Bella, there is something else”. Things couldn’t get much worse than they were already. I couldn’t resist to asking Alice what else though, so I said “Alice, just tell me the rest, I can handle it”. My voice sounded strong. I had better take advantage of the sudden surge of strength I had, because later when I would come to grips with the situation, there would be only unequivocal certainty that everything I had fought to have would be wretched away from me, and sadness would be the only feeling I possessed. “Bella, there will be two different vampires who will cause this despair. My mental picture of who the male is, is not clear at all. But I did see the female. I’m so sorry you have to hear it this way, Bella, but you will be the murderess”. I couldn’t fake a gasp. Right now all I wanted to receive was honesty, and give it. “Thank you Alice for telling me, and not making it sound better than the current situation. It was very considerate of you to do so”. I said. My voice sounded almost mechanic. “Bella, we can try to stop this, together. Alice’s visions are only precise at the moment, remember. Every decision you make or change will alter the future. There is still hope, do not lose sight of that. Whatever or whoever will try to make you join their killing spree will have to get past all of us, and they are going to have a pretty hard time doing that”. Edward said. By the tone of his voice I knew that he didn’t have much hope at all, maybe the slightest bit above none, but it was still fading.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 86 “Everyone, please listen. Before anyone interjects, I’d like to say what I know about this situation, because I do know certain things that you all do not”. I said. Everyone looked attentive as I spoke. “There is a legacy that tells of what will happen for the future of vampires. I went researching this, and to my dismay, found some information that tells of the future for our kind. I can’t draw this out any longer, I need to tell you of what’s coming, all that I know, all that I can share, I will tell you. The vampire prophecy states that a vampire couple who are destined to be together will eventually roam the earth being the last vampires standing. It will be up to them whether to create more or to continue to be the only vampires in existence. Nothing can stop them”. I said. I scanned over everyone’s faces, including Warren’s. Some wore shocked expressions, like Rose, while others wore somber ones, like Carlisle. “I will do everything in my power to resist from doing this, everyone. I want you all to know that. I will die for you all to live”. I didn’t care if I was being the martyr, it was true, if dying again meant the freedom for my family, I was willing to. “Bella, we know that you will do everything to protect us. We won’t turn our backs on you, least of all Edward. When everyone said it was impossible to win against the Volturi, we proved them wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is a prophecy, it does not make it final”. Carlisle said. I knew that there was probably no way to change what was coming, but there might be a way to avoid it, for however long I can. I could only see one way to do so. “I have an idea, this may be our only hope”. I said.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 87

Chapter 24 The only possible way I could stay away from Warren and he from I, was if he were to go away, if Warren were to leave our coven, and for him to not tell us where he was going. If he and I were truly meant to be, we would be brought together eventually, but I couldn’t think of that right now, all I had to think about was getting Warren far away.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 88 “The vampire who will commit these murders with me is Warren. This is why he needs to leave here, and never come back. I know this may not last for long, but in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled, I think we need to be together while killing the vampires”. I said. “Bella, I cannot believe this. You knew? Warren needs to leave. Now”. Edward said sternly. “Why didn’t I think of this before! I knew it was very unlike vampires to be hurling themselves at fire, yet I didn’t think it would be Warren behind their actions! Edward is right, he needs to leave”. Alice said. I was aching to run into Warren’s and Edward’s arms, but I restrained myself. I knew that it would be hard being away from Warren, but for my family, I needed to do it. I would sacrifice my own happiness for them. “Okay, I will go. I’m so sorry for all of this, I never wanted anyone to get hurt. Bella and I had no idea of this, so please remember that. I thank you for your hospitality during my stay here. I won’t burden you any longer.”. Warren said, and with that he raced up the stairs. In a very short period of time he was back in the living room, saying goodbye to all of us. I was the last person he would say goodbye to. “Bella, I know you are good at heart. I hope that things will work out the way they are supposed to, and that you don’t suffer at all. He then whispered in my ear “I’ll love you infinitely”. I backed away from him, in fear I wouldn’t be able to let him go. “Goodbye, Warren”. My voice was hard. I wanted to cry with every fiber of my being. I felt completely empty. Even Edward’s warm arm around my neck couldn’t calm me. How long would this depression last? Would the hole in my heart ever heal? I felt as though all was already lost. Life would move on, though. I would force myself to be okay with the current situation, and not hunger for Warren’s company. The more I thought about Warren the more I missed him, so I

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 89 needed to absorb myself in other things. Edward, Renesmee, Esme, Alice, Rose, Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, those who I loved beyond measure.


I found it so hard to enjoy my existence when I would know what might be coming, but time passed, and I began to smile again. Edward was there to help me through the hard days, and rejoice with me in the good ones. The undeniable support of my family was the driving force that kept me from staying in my room all day. Soon the image I had engraved in my head of Warren started to fade. Edward was everything I wanted him to be and more. What a fool I was to test our love like that. I was just glad that things were moving forward, and the past was the past. Two years ago was the last time I saw Warren, and I was grateful for that. Things could progress like they were meant to, they way I wanted them to, at least for now. Edward’s and my twelfth anniversary was approaching. Things were going so well lately. My love for Edward grew. We were just as passionate about one another as we had been that faithful day we became man and wife. The plan was to take a vacation to Barcelona. We wanted some quiet, private time, just the two of us. Our luggage was already packed, thanks to Alice. Everyone waved goodbye as our car drove away from the Cullen’s house, and to the airport. I was excited, I had never been to Barcelona before. It would be just the two of us, in our own little bubble. I was perfectly fine with that scenario.

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 90

Chapter 25 Sooner than I thought, we landed in Barcelona. We would stay at Boutique Hotel for a week. Everything about Barcelona was breath-taking. The buildings were exquisite. Edward and I knew the agenda for the day. We would see the Magic Fountain. I heard it was stunning. Hand in hand, we walked the narrow streets of Barcelona. Nothing felt better or more right than being with Edward. When we arrived at the fountain, I was taken away with it’s beauty. The atmosphere was so romantic. I gazed into Edward’s liquid-gold eyes, and placed my hands around his face. “I love

Author’s Last Name / 1-2 Words from Title / 91 you”. I said. “I love you, Bella”. Edward said. This moment was so perfect, that I forgot about the fountain or the crowd of passerby’s. It was just Edward and me, in nirvana. Something caught me off guard while I was in Edward’s arms. Across the end of the Magic Fountain, I caught sight of a beautiful man. His hair was jet black, and his eyes were the color of maple syrup. He was muscular and had the most flawless face imaginable. I knew who’s face that was, I would never completely forget it. It was as if that gravitational pull that drew us together had never disappeared. he same fire in me rekindled. . I forgot about Edward standing right next to me, or anything else for that matter. All I saw was Warren staring at me from across the fountain. An unstoppable force, one that was way greater than Warren’s ability to manipulate, forced me to take a step forward, and I didn’t fight it, in fact I wanted to. Soon I was walking towards him. I forgot about our attempts to protect vampires, or the consequences of my actions, Warren was face to face with me, and the time had come..

To Be Continued…