Dear Friend & Subscriber, I never thought I would do such a thing. But I got suckered in.

Last night I went to see the pro wrestling re-debut of one of my students, Ron Reddick, aka Mohammad Stud. Ron is 6’5” and 320 pounds. His skin is 10,000% darker than mine ... and in the hair department, his is kept in a braided mohawk. Ten months ago Ron called and left a message to see if I would train him. I didn’t return his call. He called the next day. And the next. And the next. Each time he left polite messages. Each time I blew him off. Then an angel appeared unto me and said, “Mr. Furey, this man desperately needs your help. He’s sincere. He will work hard. He will not take up too much of your time. He will make you proud.” “But I’m BUSY,” I pleaded. “We know you are,” said the angel. “But this man is a special case.” “What’s so special about him?” I asked. “Call him and find out,” said the angel. Although I don’t normally pay attention to most angels, this one had more credibility because he was the same one that wrestled Jacob back in the book of Genesis. So I called Ron back and agreed to meet with him a few days later. At the first meeting, Ron told me how he had been involved in professional wrestling for several years ... how he was trained by the Great Professor Boris Malenko. Hohum, big hairy deal. Then he told me that he had almost died a year earlier; and that the doctors who examined him said he had better change his evil ways or he wouldn’t be around much longer. They also told him that his heart was only functioning at 20% capacity. “I want to get back into pro wrestling,” said Ron. “But I want to be legit. I want to know the real holds, the real submissions. I saw your article in Black Belt magazine about the real holds and the phony holds and it caught my eye. I think if I learn the real stuff it will give me the angle I need.” “Well, pal,” I said, “before anything else, you need to get into condition.” Ron was 340 pounds at the time. And I mean a sloppy 340. “No problem,” he said. “I’ll do whatever it takes.” We agreed to meet a week later for his first session. It was supposed to be a one-hour lesson. But after 25 freehand squats, 25 regular push-ups and 25 sit-ups, Ron was finished. When I saw him lying in a pond of his own sweat, I figured this was his first and last workout. Wrong. He returned the next week for more. And the next week. And the next.

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He says. I let it go. In fact. “I want to see how long it takes for you to tap me. 25 push-ups gradually became 250. as I used to say back in Iowa. if you can get that many. But at least the dude was savvy enough to buy one so he could train with it at home during his off days. that I had wrestled him before and worked him over. I told Ron that I wanted him to wrestle live with some of my students. Fast forward 45 days: Chad and Ron square off. Then to quote Olympic gold medalist.” The part about him not trying really irked me. I’m a ‘sport’s entertainer. So do your shoulders. I told him the ones he needed and he laid the bills down.Each workout I gave him more to do. saying. He’d keep doing them when I showed up and when it was time to practice some real holds. “No way. It is a big deal because Ron used to get creamed by him. So it kicked Ron’s butt. a Jeet Kune Do instructor who used to manhandle him as well. a 6’1” and 155-pounder.” I said. The next time Ron showed. your forearms ache. it “hogged my load. I ask for more and see it happen again and again. really deep breaths.” So guess what ole Ron did after his first workout? He asked me what tapes he should buy on technique. it was obvious that he had been thinking about what I had said for an entire week. Chad put a whoopin on Ron that he never got in the ring during a “work. No big deal though.” A real big shot.but as the saying goes. when you come in this place. too. I added. Okay. He wouldn’t do it. Thinking it might be a fluke. I’m not a real wrestler.mattfurey. He would show up half an hour before I began the class. he was ready. No way. After a couple months of training. Or. Jose.” I tell him I’d rather not. Then I taught him to skip rope. Dan Gable.” I took a couple really. The next week Ron taps out 190-pound Jeff. He shook his head and said. It is a big deal because I didn’t even expect the guy to make it past his first class. Two pounds doesn’t seem like a lot . you better become a wrestler or get the hell out. 25 squats gradually became 500. Around that time Eugene Robinson’s column appears in GRAPPLING. it’s all how you use it baby. Ron taps him like nothing. He started talking like a “pro wrestler.” “Well. during Super Bowl weekend. I gave him the super heavy duty “green monster” put out by Lifeline USA that weighs two pounds. After 100 straight reps. At the end of the class Eugene challenges me to a dual. “Come on. Not with a regular rope either. Then he does the same to most of the others in the . I’ve got a lot more skill than before because I train at the Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Academy. I noticed something else about him. but only for a day. “There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters. pulled my watch 2 www. Whether his comments were serious or satirical didn’t matter because reality soon followed. that was when I wasn’t really trying. because Ron is twice his size. right? No. And besides. he was going to whomp butt. He was not only going to wrestle. wrong. where he tells about coming to train with me for a day in January. So Ron thinks he’s getting pretty big in the ole britches. really. This rope kicks your butt and wipes your slate clean.” I motioned for Ron to wrestle with Chad. and he’d go through all his calisthenics and rope jumping routines. The good news is this: Within a month Ron was doing 1000 repetitions per workout.

“Oh. he had improved by bounds.” said Ron with a smile. he is a new man. and being that three hot looking women gymnasts were observing. huh? Well let me tell you something. relishing the opportunity at hand. Feeling his new teeth about to be broken. The timekeeper was ready. The Harlem kid has got something going on. a month before Mohammad’s re-debut.” “Join the club. as Rodney Dangerfield did in Caddyshack. kiss ya?” “You know Matt. got behind Ron and put a facelock right across his brand new bridge. His neck cracked like old wood and he screamed. I said. “Keep time.” “Fifteen seconds. you puke.mattfurey. Mohammad Stud and I had a match. “But we can go again if you’d like.” I said. TAP. Imagine that. went to a that. or 17. “Fifteen seconds. for that matter. the doctor’s tell Mohammad his heart is back to normal. I reply. This time I caught him in a face lock in 21 seconds. Ron wasn’t at that workout. But when he read about it in GRAPPLING. “What do you want me to do.” At the next workout Ron and I squared off for the first time. I faked a this. “That bridge cost me two thousand dollars.” Eugene and I took the center of the mat. or 15. yeah. He made me work like a devil with two pitchforks. “SIX SECONDS.” said .” And to those with such limiting ideas. “You may be right.” said Eugene. or 21. he screamed and tapped. but it ain’t gonna be in no fifteen seconds. But then. After nine months of training.” “Sure. would immediately suspend and amend all rules if I got tapped in six seconds. “That wasn’t only fifteen seconds.” I said. we agreed to a third fall.” said Euge.” I said with a shrug. In the meantime. 17 seconds later Eugene tapped to a Farmer Burns step-over toehold.” he said. Hot dawg. Or at all. “Ready . Still not satisfied. 3 www. I took him down and almost snapped his head off with a crooked head scissors.” said the timer “You sonofabitch. BOOM.” “Hey. “My ass. you may beat me. soldiers. Now I realize that there are some dorky girlie-types who read the above and say. It’s not right to tell training stories outside of the gym.out of my gym bag.” “Oh.” I said. The big bastard hung with me for about three minutes when I was giving him all I had.go. “Furey. Well who died and made you Pope of this dump?” Because the truth is: You can bet your sweet ass that the same girlie-dork who makes up idiot rules. laughing. “I don’t like your attitude.” said the timer. he called me and said. Three months after tapping the Big M in six seconds. Onward. yeah. And when the ABC television crew dropped in to do a special on my training program. “TAP. threw it to one of my students and said. leaps and launches.

“Matt.” Meanwhile he has me shaking hands with a promoter and the dude is nodding and going along with the gig. back to the debut. come on Matt. Mohammad was at the gym to train. “This is a setup. too.” I said. As I stood on the sidelines watching. What was it that I got “suckered” into? Well. The ring sucks and I don’t want to take any bumps from the guy I’m supposed to wrestle.” “Yeah. we’ll even do a shoot (a real match). 4 www. “My baby’s mama. Matt.” “Is that right. There hasn’t been a real shoot fight in pro wrestling in decades. trying to smother me. When we were allowed to begin again. Instinctively. He had his hands in my eyes and backed me against the ropes.” “You’re crazy.” The promoter is laughing. Matt. I faked him in a way that he hasn’t seen before. tapped out the college kid three times in a row. Having 320 on you hurts and now he is intimidating people so much that no one wants to attack his legs. But I won’t. This was one of his biggest weaknesses. On the very day of the re-debut.To show my respect. I gotta ask you a favor. I finally agreed to do a match. which is no fun.” When the bell rang Mohammad charged across the ring. Matt. Especially when. I like the challenge.” “Now. enjoying the conversation. catching me a bit off guard. I may have ended up carrying 300+ on my back for awhile. He was out for blood.m. Now. you sure do. And I agreed to carry him for awhile before making him cry uncle. it goes like this: My wife. doing his pro wrestling theatrics with his female sidekick. but also a bit scared that his man might be in for a very unpleasant experience. right?” I replied.” I said. The announcer told the audience that this was going to be a shoot fight and you could see most sit up in their chairs. I was introduced to the crowd as “Matt Burns” and when I got into the ring. Mohammad entered the ring second. I kneed him in the groin and he bounced about eight feet back. “Well. I went into my typical warm up routine. after he traps you.” Mohammad and I argued for the next twenty minutes. “No. Will you do a match with me tonight? We can even make it a shoot if you want. but it ain’t no mo. I’d rather do that because at least with you I have an idea of what’s going to happen. isn’t it?” I said. This makes me think I better cut him off. I didn’t expect any of this as it isn’t the way he trains. You know that ain’t gonna happen. I’m serious. then double-legged him and slammed him to the canvas. but made it clear the crowd was going to see some real material.mattfurey. I teach Mohammad the secret scientific way to defend leg dives. Without the fake. son Frank and I get out of the car at 7 p. “Listen. “You got me all the way out here to watch so that you could lure me into the ring. we’ll just have to see about that. Mohammad comes up to me and says. he knows how to clobber you with knees and elbow. I can hold my own with you now. “You’re going to be screaming in no time . a white girl who calls herself. because I know I’m next on his list. The college wrestler used to whoop him. I wanted to pounce on him right then but the referee kept me away from him until he caught his breath. But those days are over. the same man who could barely do a simple workout ten months ago. He worked out with a college wrestler who trains with us during the summer.

the crab. and it is. Then he fought out of an armbar and reversed me. a small but dedicated one. maybe there is a market . Noah’s Ark • Bear Crawls • Tiger Walk • Crab Walk • Gorilla Walk • Alligator Walk • Kangaroo Jumps • Duck Walk The first exercise is the bear crawl. Exercise number two is the crab walk. You begin on all fours with your butt high in the air. forcing me to tighten the hold even more. just like a bear chasing after a jack rabbit. followed by an explanation of each exercise. Read and weep. Breath naturally as you me the space to move into a crooked head scissors with a far arm hold.. the alligator. anytime the kids dogged it while doing wind sprints.” It sounds like a lot of fun . Your butt is off the floor as you move. The Workout Mohammad Can’t Do Now that Mohammad’s heart is back to normal. then tried to facelock me but I managed to slide from underneath and put a doublewrist lock on him. the tiger.” he said. I have him slated for a workout program that we call “Noah’s Ark. And don’t think for a minute that it’ll be easier if you go slow. From this position you move hands and feet. Suddenly wind sprints weren’t dreaded as much. for this style of wrestling. catch our wind for 20 seconds. At the gym. when I worked wrestling camps around the country in the summer. Anyway. we’ll do bear crawls and you’re welcome to go as sllllooooooowwww as you want. Two laps of this makes the bear crawl much more enjoyable.” “Just doing what comes naturally. With the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. The next day Mohammad called and said he wanted to do it again. We’ll see... He said the crowd was really into it and several people inquired about where they can learn this “UFC Style” of wrestling. within five minutes time. Everytime you run half-ass. Mohammad held out for a few agonizing seconds. the duck. “That’s no problem . we do two laps of the first species. And you imitate the way they move when they go from point A to point B. so I made use of my elbows. He fought the wrist lock with all his might and surprised me when he employed a counter I had taught him a week earlier. You take seven different species of life on earth: the bear. This upset me slightly. In my college days. Then he tapped. “I was supposed to be the heel and you were the one dropping elbows and kneeing to the groin. you push off and move backwards. “But we need to work on you. This softened him up . Believe me.The big guy fought off an early attempt for my patented Farmer Burns step-over toe hold.” I laughed. I’d smile and say. Here’s how it works..mattfurey. that he enjoyed this style much more than the other. Listed below is an outline. then move on to the next species. This method produced an amazing result. the gorilla and the kangaroo. In this exercise you turn your back to the floor. He held me down for a spell. you will have had the workout of your life. 5 www. just not when you’re doing it. Then the bastard left the ring before we could finish our best out of three falls.

if you dare. During the second quarter we switch to part two. Florida. etc. Quacking is optional.carpaltunnelfix. Place your palms on your hips or behind your lower back. Good luck and be sure to let me know how you like it. The first day she did the exercises she was able to go back to the keyboard and begin typing. The testimonials are amazing. for several years. number seven. shoulders and arms that will make cable crossovers seem like blowing out candles at a threeyear old’s birthday party. Product Update My video. This exercise was used the Olympic speed skater Eric Heiden.mattfurey. this one is done on all fours. It is also part of the sumo wrestlers’ training regimen in Japan. When your mitts move forward. From this position you jump forward as far as you can and when your feet hit the ground you take off again. who won five gold medals in the 1980 Winter Olympics. And finally. Now let your feet drag as you move with your arms bent the entire time. I learned it watching the gorillas playing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom right here in Florida. with your wrist bent forward. Noah’s Ark ain’t no picnic. The second part of this exercises requires a sort of jumping motion. then again. This one is great for building explosive jumping power. Your knees are slightly bent. a professional writer. by doing a push-up after each forward movement of each arm. you jump your legs toward your hands.) . If any of you have these problems or know someone who does. instead of your ass being high in the air.S. The sixth exercises is mi favorito. even making a fist as you do or by calling my office at 1 813 994 8267. What a great workout for the chest. you lift the opposite paw several inches off the ground. Break in with the Royal Court and some rope skipping first. as well as elbow tendonitis. from California. Now. There are two parts to this one. wearing braces. from shoulders through the hips is parallel to the ground. You can order the tape on-line at www. Or you can get into a push-up position with partially bent arms. The exercises on the carpal tunnel tape help with normal wrist or hand pain. The main difference is that your fingers are folded inward and the weight of your body is resting on your inner knuckles as well as your thumb. Keep your knees off the ground. You will stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your hands at your sides. One lady was able to sleep without her metal arm bracelets for the first time in eight years!!! And then there is Evelyn Marshall. Number five is the tiger walk. When she ordered my tape she couldn’t type at all as her arms had gone numb. What we like to do is use part one for the first of each lap we’re running. and so on until two laps are done. It’s only $39 plus $6 S&H (U. the kangaroo jumps.Third on the list is the alligator. Like the bear crawl. But. and so on. With each forward movement of your hand. It’s for riding through the toughest of storms. 15 years of . then again. your entire body.. Part one involves you moving your hands and feet almost like you would in the bear crawl. She couldn’t type or sleep without her braces. Recently the program was implemented at Sun Hydraulics in Sarasota. How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days is a godsend to people who’ve had surgeries or who have lived in pain. Squat until your butt is resting on the back of your calves. you can make this one harder than hard. Number four is the duck walk. This is the only exercise in Noah’s Ark in which you are not low to the ground. It hurts. but it’ll make a HE-MAN out of you. She feared that her writing career was over. be sure to take action and get the help needed. Now start waddling. I do not advise you to do this workout if you’re on Day One of your new commitment to getting fit.a mere pittance when 6 www.

It ain’t cheap. To find out more about it. P. at the School of Hard Knocks. The so the next issue of Fitness & Conditioning Tips will chronicle what I learned while visiting. This course is the Rolls Royce of effective catch wrestling and conditioning. How to Eliminate Lower Back Pain Within 30 Days. The second is. How To Eliminate Shoulder Pain Within 30 Days. if you need anything. I have recently come out with two other videos that are related. call my office and speak to my brother Mal. Not only do I teach what Burns taught. He’ll take good care of consider that Sun Hydraulics is looking to save $100. every six weeks. and capture it on video in 12 video lessons. I’d be worried. to advertise the Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Video Course. And the advertising for it has offended a horde of namby-pamby sissified politically correct weenies who don’t have the stones to think for themselves. I‘ll be in China for two weeks in September.000 to $200. What I have done is take Burns’ 1914 mail-order classic.mattfurey. It‘ll be a special or call 1-813-994-8267 and request a FREE report on the course. “World champion rabble-rouser and hell-raiser” P. as well as techniques I picked up on my . Because carpal tunnel is generally symptomatic of the rest of the body needed an overhaul as well. If what I introduced didn’t offend anyone. but I have added material taught to me by Karl Gotch.P. Look for it in October. Call Mal Furey at 1 813 994 8267 to order.S. The course is sent to you two videos at a time.000 per year by implementing the exercises I teach. Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture. In the interim.farmerburns. Kick ass-take names. Each of these can be purchased for $39 each. Matt Matt Furey All for now folks. This is a good sign. In July I launched another website: www.S.farmerburns. go to www. 7 www.

I have many power guys like yourself using the CC exercises. catch your breath. you can do both. As for the Hindu Pushups. I’m up to 310 hindu squats and 27 dips. I can hold the neck bridge for 2:30 minutes. I am 41 years old and an ex-collegiate javelin thrower. Thanks again. Plus the handstand pushups will increase upper body strength a lot. I was a little skeptical if your workout was right for me. Sincerely. Yes. etc. I’d do the bridging after deadlifts or on a day off from lifting. I remember being stuck on 25 for the longest time. This is the key. I can only do 12 or 13 hindu pushups. pushups. Spencer Brainard Darien. Best of luck to you. stay on your hands after you hit 15. Best of luck to you. for example. Thank you!! Just a quick question: Can the excercises be combined with weightlifting? For example can I do bridging in the same workout I do deadlifts or something similar? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.) Why am I so weak on the hindu pushups? I’ve always had decent upperbody strength. Also. then I did at least 150 per day and all of a sudden. Set a goal on certain days for how many you will do. and so on. I purchased your Combat Conditioning book a couple months ago. and even if you need to take breaks and catch your breath. I compete in powerlifting doing only benchpress/deadlift meets. Every week I spend less and less time at the gym and more time doing the exercises in your book Combat Conditioning. does bridging. I received your book a month ago and I'm very impressed with your work. Good progress so far. I have a question. come hell or high water.I am fascinated by your videos and plan to order them soon. ( I’m counting down and back as one. I also really need to get in better shape as far as wind goes. The bridging alone will help you throughout your back and legs and the Hindu squats and pushups will give you great endurance. Matt.Conditioning Mailbag Matt. No nonsense. I recently received your three tapes and they are EXCELLENT!! Brief and full of information. Bud Jeffries. Because I have cerebral palsy. catch your breath. I think you need to do more sets throughout the day until you get a breakthrough. Look at me now! I can touch my nose to the floor for three minutes easily and by the end of August I know I will be able to do 500 hindu squats and 50 hindu pushups. Hello Matt. CT 8 . I guess how and what can i combine with powerlifting to achieve my goals? I know i will have to give up some conditioning while training for powerlifting but would like to try you ideas. However. Sorry for rambling on. I’m not progressing like I am on the other exercises? Mark Steliotes Venetia PA MF: Hi Mark. recently won a drug-free world’s strongest man competition in Florida and he cranks out 500 Hindu squats. Dear Matt. do a few more. because my friends and I are going to start some submission grappling soon and I want to surprise them with my conditioning. Sincerely Richie Sanchez MF: Hi Richie. do a few more. Is there anyway to still do this while using your ideas? I am close to breaking a world record and want to continue powerlifting. do that number. I think Combat Conditioning wil start a revolution. wham. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Austin MF: Austin. I got better.

Since your E-Mail to me I have been on a regular routine of the Circuit Training along with my back exercises and my back is feeling a lot better.S. you’ll do fine. Sometimes I add in Bowing. especially the push ups. This is great news. Thanks for the kind words. While basic physics teach us a bench and bar provide assistance for a lifter.H. Thanks for any thoughts.Table Makers 25. having to search out a local gym/health club! BTW. As for training the back. I have been doing 50 Hindu Squats. the reality of science played out while using free hand exercises! With the Hindu Push Ups.I was proud of the fact a week later I was able to do eight in one set!!! So much for the bench press being the king of strength training. Thank God I didn’t have any of my wrestlers in it at the time of the accident. provide upper back work? (See note below. Great info on your site—I was referred by a former coworker who got tired of injuries from weight training and made the switch after running across your information and subsequently buying a couple of your books. Hindu Push Ups (which appeared to hit the back somewhat?) and Bridging (Wall Walking was literally impossible for me to perform due to lack of flexibility).Pushing. At the time of my E-Mail I had just begun my Physical Therapy and you had suggested doing Back Bridging to help with my back injury. How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days. Fill a couple buckets with sand or water and walk with them until your hands and forearms give out.) Also. I’m not much on chins and use heavy pulldowns and seated cable rows as my back exercises. The only ones that require anything other than your own body are those done with the Power Wheel. after much nagging and cajoling from my friend.No Momentum Situps 20 and Kneeling 10. I couldn’t do more than five or six for three sets. Matt. As for your hand and wrists. in fact. Thank you again for all your help!! 9 . However. bottom flat. you can do the Farmers Walk.V-Ups 10-20.. There are seven.MF: Hello Spencer. You can also do pullups. All three humbled me. I didn’t notice anything that equates to back work in the pages I looked at on the web site. is any equipment required for your “Abs” book? Again. I try to bench with fairly strict form—no bouncing. Parker Reed MF: Hello Parker. but they work. while traveling I’d love to be able to have something more convenient for some ab work other than a using a beaten-down hotel gym or worse.. The Ab book has 55 exercises. if you work the gymnastic bridge it will hit your upper back and shoulders a lot. I will E-Mail you back with my results. Other than that. They are not full body. Dear MattI don’t know if you remember me but I wrote to you about 2 months ago about a back injury I got when a fellow hit me at 55 M.Reverse Pushups 10. I did try your ‘big three’ exercises on a week of vacation while isolated in rural Arkansas recently—Hindu Squats. I’m thrilled to know my program has helped you.The Stretcher and Sideward Leg Lifts along with walking for 1 minute in between circuits. Also.P. 20-35 Hindu Pushups. not to mention your lower back. I’m considering purchasing the books myself—I’m in sales & travel throughout the US quite a bit so the programs appear to be perfect. 385lb x 3 bench). Do the Hindu Pushups.I was wondering if anyone has complained about soreness in their achilles tendon from the Hindu Squats? Scott P. I am going to see a Neuro Surgeon in September and hopefully we get a good report. you can use the exercises in my video.Back Bridging for 10-20 reps. in the rear of our Wrestling Team van while I was stopped behind an Oil Truck.I even have my wife doing the routine. Best of luck. While I currently lift weights (ex. etc.

I NEVER get tired of doing them. This will get you started.. Instead of starting out with bridgeing I was going to start of with wall walking to get me a little more limber. Also.. since my neck is 18 1/2 in. Do the second exercise ten times. . But this is even a real struggle.. I shouldn’t have any problems with this. Mark Munster Philadelphia. . boxing training.. Hold position for five seconds. . once and for all.. After 8 reps. Inhale and lean back as far as you can. I am telling you this because I believed I was in great shape. Keep me posted. Beginning at age 16... & 405lb.100 reps??? What the $%^&*. and 100 hindu pushups without stopping. deadlift. If there is anything and I do mean ANYTHING you can advise it would be helpful. freehand squats and pushups calistenic exercises. x 20reps. squat.... 2001. I believe I’ve put up respectible weights in the gym (565lb. You’re on the way to greatness. . and I have always been a focused and dedicated individual. inhale. and the exercises in that book are so numerous and functional.). PA MF: Thanks Mark. Now I know you hear this all the time but that bridgeing exercise is REALLY going to be tough for me. Exhale and relax. Good morning Matt. I can do 500 freehand squats??? Maybe it’s a fluke? Well. & 540lb... and began imlementing the Royal Court immediately.. I don’t have a training partner or someone who could give me some advice on this. Great job.. that you do not need anything other than your own body and mind to get into fantastic shape! Sincerely...MF: Hi Scott... ... I initially started with the Hindu Squats. Best of luck in the future. but they are secondary in my quest for functional fitness. sprints.WHAT! Less than a minute hold in this position? F*&^%$! What the world is going on? That’s it. Again. If you have achilles pain while doing Hindu squats. I’m gonna rep out on the Hindu pushups and show him he’s full of it.. I am flexible.of muscle. I wanted to add another testimonial to your myriad of success stories. This should be a wake up call to all people. thanks for shedding the misnomer that weights are the ultimate key to fitness.. exhale and relax further..) I thoroughly believed weights were the tools for gaining functional strength. you have shown me the light as far as bodyweight calistenics goes. You can also just lean backward. read it cover to cover in one sitting... until I discovered your Combat Conditioning book..... (ie. Of course... grappling.. I was fried!!!!! Matt. 280 lb. over this course of time using weight training and different cardiovascualr exercises. 10 . ALRIGHT! I’ll kick ass on the back bridge. leaner and physically stronger now than I have ever been! Hindu Squats up to 300/day... .. I purchased Combat Conditioning March. etc. Hey Matt. in this time. I’m gonna show this Furey dude. Begin with a standing back bend. out of shape body. then exhale and lean forward and touch your toes... This is fantastic. Hands on hips. I have been an avid weight trainer for 10 years (I’m 26 now). and I am pleased. I transformed my fat. I still use weights. into 235 lb.. Keep up the fine work. bench press... 8 minutes in the bridge (nose to mat of course!).I never realized carpet tasted so good. I just got your book Combat Conditioning. Thank you Reggie MF: Reggie. here is where my serving of humble pie was eaten with a tall glass of kisk ass juice. . The Magnificant seven is done every morning as prescribed. you can alternate betw/ flat footed and off the heals and see if this helps.” Conversely. I’m as stiff as a board and I can’t even perform one reverse pushup.that is. I have been using the book Combat Conditioning as well as Combat ABS. I’m not pointing this out to “toot my own horn. 350lb.

________ Amount $_________ $29.95 + $6 S&H $24.a monthly newsletter Strength and Physical Conditioning Videos: Set of 3 Combat Conditioning Videos "The Leg & Lung Workout".mattfurey.95 + $6 S&H ________ $_________ $49 + $6 S&H ________ $_________ $99 + $6 S&H $49 + $6 S&H ________ ________ $_________ $_________ 11 www.The Road To China" (The Tape Matt Furey Made Before Winning The World Title in 1997) "Karl Gotch's Conditioning for Combat Athletes" "How To Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" (and wrist and elbow pain) Matt Furey Special Reports "How To Cut Weight For Wrestling Without Losing Strength" Chinese & Mongolian Grappling Videos "Shuai-chiao Takedown Tactics for Grapplers" by Matt Furey "Mongolian Grappling Secrets Revealed" by Matt Furey . ________ $_________ $50 + $6 S&H $39. "The Ab & Back Workout" all by Matt Furey "Combat Training .95 + $6 S&H.95 + $6 S&H Qty.Mail-In Order Form Matt Furey Books: Combat Conditioning: Functional Exercises for Fitness & Combat Sports Combat Abs: 50 Fat Burning Exercises That Build .S.) ________ ________ $59 (foreign) $_________ $_________ $99 + $6 S&H ________ $_________ $49 + $6 S&H $49 + $6 S&H ________ ________ $_________ $_________ $39 plus $6 S&H ________ $_________ $24. "The Pushup Workout".Two Videos "How To Use Your Feet To Score Takedowns" by Matt Furey Price $29.95+ $6 S&H ________ ________ ________ $_________ $_________ $_________ $49 plus $6 S&H (U. Powerful & Punch-Proof Abs Farmer Burns 1914 Mail Order Course "Lessons In Wrestling and Physical Culture" (with a foreword by Matt Furey) The Martial Art of Wrestling How To Achieve What You Want Without Positive Thinking Fitness Newsletter Matt Furey's Fitness & Conditioning Tips .

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