You've Had a Birthday p.

(1) You've had a birthday; shout "Hooray!" (2) We want to sing to you today. (3) One year older and wiser, too, (4) Happy birthday to you.

Mother Dear p. 206a
1. Mother dear, I love you so. Your happy, smiling face Is such a joy to look at; It makes home a lovely place.

Mother, Tell Me the Story p. 204

(Child) 1. Mother*, tell me the story that I love to hear. Tell me of heaven and why I came here. Mother, tell how you love me, and gently speak, And then I'll go to sleep.

I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth 150b

1. I want to give the Lord my tenth, For ev'ry time I do It makes me think of all the gifts He gives to me and you.

Stand for the Right p. 159
Our prophet has some words for you, and these are the words: "Be true, be true." At work or at play, in darkness or light, Be true, be true, and stand for the right.

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