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1. Introduction 1.

1Description of project
This Project Entitled as INTRANET CHATTING is used basically for chatting purpose with the remote clients or users on Internet or local networks. Here in this project a java client / server combination is used to chat with remote users. When a Client wants to chat with a user on a remote host, he sends a request to the Server with a identification name like chat-id, the server responds to the request by identifying the client-id which is already registered in the server domain and when matched his request is granted and the client can begin to chat with the remote users present on the internet or local network. INTRANETCHATTTING project is supported completely by client/server model. Internet server (web server) - this is a special computer, which is constantly switched on and connected to the Internet so that each Internet user around the world can access your website at all times. This computer is built up with selected high quality components, which can endure incessant work and high load. 2. Background
2.1 Description of existing system 2.2 Circumstances leading to the current new system 2.3 Objective of the project

a. To exchange information & converse with friends & family. b. To participate in group discussions through public news bulletin board. c. For Entertainment. d. Leisure activities. e. Access business while at home. f. Communicate and collaborate through pictures and images. g. At any given point of time, up-to-date information is provided
3 .System Requirement Analysis 3.1 Information Gatherin 3.2 System Feasibility 3.2.1 Economic Feasibility 3.2.2 Technical Feasibility 3.2.3 Behavioral Feasibility 3.3 Technologies Used