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Creating a Hello World page =========================== To create a simple "Hello World" page, you need to first know how

to create a barebones page in HTML. To do this, you can simply do the following: <html> <body> <!-- This is just a comment --> </body> </html> Here, we are specifying that we just want a body, but since it only has a comment in it (denoted by theh <!-- and -->), the page just be blank. In order to fill the page with contents, you need to add more text to the body, as such: <html> <body> Hello World </body> </html> This, of course, just adds simple text to the page. However, it does not provide much structure to the html, and all the text will essentially be of the same font size. As we do not want that, we can use header tags, denote by <hN></hN>, where N can be a number from 1 and above, to specify that the "Hello World" text is a header on the page. This can be done as such: <html> <body> <h1>Hello World</h1> </body> </html> Now, when you see the page, the "Hello World" text will be bolded and be of larger font size. In essence, it looks more like a title of the page.