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Kelsey Lusk Adam Padgett ENG 1102 13 October 2013 Jealousy In the short story The Ballad of Duane

Juarez tells of a man whose only family is his rich and successful younger brother, Ned and his wife Nina. Although Nina does not care for Duane, Ned helps him in life with housing and work. During the story, one can see Duanes character change from humble and mysterious to insane. Psychological problems can occur in many events during peoples lives. Jealousy started Duanes issues and became his downfall during this passage. Having a younger sibling become more successful than the older sibling can often times trigger jealousy and rage. Most of the time younger siblings look up to their older ones for support and care, but having the relationship where the younger siblings is better than the older will complicate the situation. An example of this for women is when a younger sister gets married before the older. Some women may not find a problem with their younger sister getting married before them, but others will start to feel uncomfortable and feel unsuccessful in their love lives. For men it would be the younger brother becoming more successful in the job field than the older brother, just like in the story. This could be a reason why Duane was so jealous of his brother Ned.

Jealousy if not treated can turn into paranoia. Paranoia refers to the high levels of suspicion and mistrust. It can be seen in a persons belief or delusion that they are the target of other peoples hate, jealousy, or resentment. Jealousy can result in murder or suicide and for Duane Juarez it was the murder of cats. Treatments of counseling are useful and also communicating to the person they are jealous of. Duane should not be holding in his jealousy and hatred towards his brother and if he did not hold it in then he would probably be a different person then he is now. Killing animals to help one-self is not healthy and cats could become something worse such as his brother or Nina. Although, there are many different versions of jealousy, holding onto it can cause psychological issues and also emotional problems, whether it is from being successful in a job, or marriage. Duane kept all his jealousy bottled up from all over the years, and could never let go. Jealousy made Duane insane and drove him to a killing spree of innocent animals. The details in Duanes life from being unsuccessful and broken hearted were bottled up for so long it became his downfall at the end.

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