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History of Fshion Week Story

History of Fshion Week Story

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Published by: Emily Sims on May 07, 2013
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History of SMU fashion week: When: fall 2011 What: Grace Davis heard about fashion week at university

of Pennsylvania and thought abour bringing it to SMU Who: Grace Davis, Prof. Kraeplin and Former Retail Club Pres Shelby Foster How: went to kraeplin, head of fashion media minor, got retail club involved formed committees made connections planning Where: SMU campus Ask many students on the SMU campus and they will tell you that a daily walk down the Boulevard can resemble a walk down the catwalk. With the addition of the Fashion Media Minor in the fall of 2011, it is no secret that SMU students have a passion for fashion. Which is why it was no surprise that the first SMU Fashion Week in the spring of 2012 was a huge success. Now that the 2nd fashion week is around the corner, both the SMU and Dallas fashion communities have high hopes for this year’s event including founder and SMU graduate, Grace Davis. “It is amazing that SMU students can carry on an event like this that really aims to support their dreams,” said Davis. “It looks like they have worked really hard and I am proud to say I am apart of the SMU fashion community.” After hearing about the University of Pennsylvania’s fashion week, Davis decided that an event like this would flourish within the SMU community. Her goal was not only to host a fun weeklong event but to also teach younger SMU students what is possible within the fashion industry. In the fall of 2011, Davis started laying the foundation of what would become SMU Fashion Week. Her first step was getting the director of the fashion media minor, Camille Kraeplin, involved. After Davis came to her, Kraeplin was more than willing to help with the project as she felt it was part of her role as director to support and promote events like this one. “Grace knew that we had a student body with a strong interest in both the art and commerce of fashion,” said Kraeplin. “She believed Fashion Week would work, both here at SMU and in Dallas. And she was right.”

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