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Functional overview of HR. Difference between ABAP and ABAP-HR. HR-ABAP overview. Infotype. Logical Database. Cluster Tables.

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Infotype Structure. Time Constraints. Infotypes with Subtypes. SAP-HR Components.

Personnel Administration
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Infotype Creation. Creation of Subtypes. Actions, Dynamic Actions. Features. Logical Database. Report Category.

BAPI, Macros & Function Modules in PA
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Retrieval of PA Data. Provide Statement. User Exits in PA. Programs.

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Infotypes related to Recruitment. Logical Database Programs.

Organization Management

Program.y y y y y y y Infotype Creation Objects. For-Period. Payroll driver program. Logical Database (PCH). Payroll y y y y y y y y Payroll Area. Relationships. Function Modules of OM. Macros related to TM. Active. Clusters related to payroll. In-Period. Retro-Active & Off cycle Payroll. Retrieval of OM Data. Introduction to Schemas. Benefits y y y Overview. . Creation of Organization. Program ± inbound and outbound interfaces. Infotypes related to Benefits. Programs. Programs. Introduction to CATS. Storage of Payroll Data. Storage of Time Data. Time Management y y y y y y Infotypes related to TM. User Exits for CATS.

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