Sri Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations
Date Time Venue : : : Sunday, 12th May 2013 6.00 pm Sastri Hall, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

6.00 pm : Veda Parayanam by students of Veda Patasala in Sankaralayam 6.30 pm : Welcome by the President, ASARC 6.35 pm : Release of our publication “In Adoration of Kamakshi” authored by Dr. R. Asha. Release of the book by Dr. Prameela Gurumurthy (Professor and Head,
Dept. of Music, University of Madras)

First copy to be received by Sri V. Jayaraman
Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Retd.)

6.40 pm : Speech by Prof. Prameela Gurumurthy 6.50 pm : Speech by Sri. V. Jayaraman 7.00 pm : Reply to felicitation by Dr. R. Asha 7.05 pm : Talk on "Jivanmukti" by Prof. N. Veezhinathan
(Professor and Head (Retd.), Department of Sanskrit, University of Madras)

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