The Indian Electricity Rules,1956 are framed under Section 37 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910 to regulate

the supply, transmission, generation, and use of electricity. These are primarily necessary measures required to be adopted in construction, installation and maintenance of transmission, distribution, generation and use of electricity and precautions to be observed in carrying out any work in relation to such installations to avoid any sort of electrical accident.

ADMINISTRATIVE MACHINERY:At present there are Ten(10) number of Inspecting Staff headed by the Electrical Inspector with four number of Asstt. Electrical Inspectors and five numbers of Electrical Overseer assisting the Electrical Inspector for carrying out the day to day functioning and to carry out the purposes of Act/Rules.

ENFORCEMENT:Under the provisions of the Rules 5, 46, 47A and 63 of the Indian Electricity Rules,1956 , the Inspecting Staff of Electrical Inspectorate conducts the inspections of electrical installation of industrial units/generating plants/ high voltage/extra high voltage installations of the consumers and suppliers(Transco, Genco, NDPL, BSESRPL and BSES YPL, NDMC, PWD, Delhi Jal Board and DDA etc.). As per provisions of Rule 45, the conditions were framed for issue of licences to Electrical Contractors and Certificate of Competency Class-I/Class-II to the electrical workmen. Under the provisions of rule 63 of the said Rules the inspection of the electrical installation of high voltage/extra high voltage, installation of consumer/supplier is carried out and necessary approval is issued from this office after ascertaining the relevant provisions of the said Rules are being complied with by the owner/occupier of the said installation. The Electrical Inspectorate also carries out enquiries into the electrical accident under section 33 of the Indian Electricity Act,1910 and Rule 44 A of the Indian Electricity Rules,1956 . Under section 26 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910, the Electrical Inspector also takesup the dispute cases regarding correctness of the energy meter between the consumer and supplier on application by either party.

PENALTY:The Rule 141 of the Indian Electricity Rules,1956 prescribes the maximum fine of

Rs.300/- for breach of any of the provisions of the said Rules and Rs. 50/- in case of a continuing breach for every day after the first, during which the breach has continued.

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